Why is theresa caputo mother never on her show?

How Theresa Caputo’s Parents Really Feel About the ‘Long Island Medium’s Divorce

There are plenty of reality TV stars, but few are exactly like Theresa Caputo. Thanks to Long Island Medium, TLC introduced us to the star who claims she can connect with spirit and communicate directly with the dead. And while Theresa’s gift over the years continued to amaze and inspire us, we also became deeply involved in her personal life, as got an in-depth look into her family dynamics with her husband, Larry, and two children.

Nowadays, her two kids are all grown up — and she’s divorced Larry. Though we rarely hear from Theresa’s parents, fans are wondering what they have to say about her failed marriage. Here’s what we know.

Theresa and Larry Caputo just finalized their divorce in December 2018

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From the start of Long Island Medium, Larry and Theresa seemed to be the perfect match. Unfortunately, People reports that after 28 years of marriage, the two decided it was best to go their separate ways. Prior to their divorce, fans knew something was amiss when Theresa and Larry appeared to be living on opposite coasts, too. The couple then later announced their separation and noted, “We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family.”

Though they’re no longer together, it appears Larry and Theresa are still on good terms and have seen each other since the split. E! News reports Theresa explained that even though their decision is upsetting, “There is no purpose in being angry and being mad. We have over 30 years together and you just can’t forget about that. You know we still have to honor and treasure that and more importantly, respect that.” She’s also added that she never envisioned she’d get divorced, but she’s managing life on her own now. As for Larry, he’s already reportedly moved on with someone new.

Theresa’s parents are reportedly upset by the split

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We don’t hear too much about Theresa’s parents, but we’ve occasionally gotten glimpses of them and heard about them via Long Island Medium. Veronica and Nicholas J. Brigandi are her parents’ names, Heavy reports. And though her parents seem ultra supportive of her and the show, Theresa has noted in the past that she believes her divorce was hard on them.

Heavy reports she said on the show, “I think as parents, when something is wrong or upsetting our children, we just want to fix it for them — but my dad can’t fix what’s going on between Larry and I.” Theresa also added that everyone in the family is upset by the separation but they’re still being as loving and supportive as they can be.

Aside from her parents, Theresa and Larry’s kids are also having a tough time coping with the split. Theresa told Good Housekeeping that “it’s uncomfortable and it’s hard on my kids. They know that they can come to Larry and I, you know, if they ever want to talk about it. kind of just left it in their hands.”

She seems to have a very close relationship with her parents, too

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While the show doesn’t often focus on Theresa’s relationship with her parents, perhaps we’ll hear more about them in the future since she’s seemingly leaning on them for support during this difficult transition period. On the bio on her website, Theresa mentions her mom and dad by stating, “I’m close to my parents, who are still very much alive.” And though her father is 77, Life & Style reports Theresa was also depending on him to help out with household chores once Larry left. Judging from Theresa’s Instagram, it definitely appears she loves and appreciates her father, as she’s included photos of him many times on the platform.

As for Theresa’s mother, it seems she’s also been a key player in Theresa reaching her full potential as a medium. As she explained on her website, “After suffering from debilitating anxiety and trying to manage it on my own and with a therapist for years, my mom introduced me to a spiritual healer and teacher named Pat Longo.” She then went on to explain that the teacher helped her learn to channel spirit. “I began to heal and come into my own,” she wrote.

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In the midst of Theresa Caputo’s separation from her husband Larry Caputo, she is leaning on her parents for support. The Long Island Medium star opened up about how much she’s been depending on her dad Nicholas J. Brigandi to help out with household chores now that Larry moved to California, and now fans want to know more about Theresa’s mom and dad.

Theresa’s father Nicholas is 77 years old and is from Hicksville, NY which is where he raised Theresa and her brother Michael with his wife, Veronica. In her bio on her official website, Theresa said that she is very close with her parents, which explains why Theresa’s dad was so concerned for her as she struggled with the issues in her marriage.

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“I think as parents, when something is wrong or upsetting our children, we just want to fix it for them — but my dad can’t fix whats going on between Larry and I,” Theresa said in her confessional. “Like everyone else in the family, my parents are sad about what’s going on between Larry and I. So my parents — as sad and as hard it is for them — they are there, just loving and supporting us.”

Theresa is definitely super close with both of her parents though, and even though fans haven’t seen much of Theresa’s mom on the show, Veronica makes an occasional appearance on her daughter’s Instagram. Back in January, the mother-daughter duo spent some quaility time during a “girl’s night out” to see Kinky Boots on Broadway.

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It’s safe to say that Theresa’s parents have always been super supportive of her and her profession as a medium. In her bio, Theresa revealed that her mom was the one who introduced her Pat Longo, who is a spiritual healer and teacher, and Pat is the person who actually helped Theresa hone in on her gift.

“After just one session, she told me that I was suppressing Spirit’s energy, which caused a lot of my anxiety, and helped me learn to channel Spirit through my chakras and release it with my words,” Theresa wrote. “I began to heal and come into my own.”


It is uncommon for them to get any feedback from those family members afterwards.

Unlike many who handle loved ones’ final arrangements, NYSFDA member Karen Heppner got a chance to hear her mother’s reaction to the funeral she conducted for her.

Heppner and her husband Mark were on Cable-TV recently, hosting a visit from reality-TV personality Theresa Caputo – star of TLC’s program “Long Island Medium.”

The family drew some prime time exposure to the funeral profession and put on a demonstration on presenting preplanning options to couples with widely-different visions of their final disposition.

The “Long Island Medium” program has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers – enough for a sixth season that’s currently underway.

The show’s star, Theresa Caputo, meets up with people who are living with unresolved issues after the death of a loved one, and she opens up communication between them.

“I talk to the dead,” Caputo states in the show’s introduction.

Although she’s a regular viewer, Heppner wasn’t on the program because she sought input from the afterlife – getting it was an added benefit.

During a recent episode that will air twice again in May, Theresa Caputo and her husband Larry Caputo stop by the Coster-Heppner Funeral Home to learn about preplanning their own funeral services.

That meeting opened up an opportunity to bring up an important idea for TV viewers who may have considered preplanning but were hesitant.

It also exposed the fact that some couples, despite believing they know their husband or wife to a “T,” might be surprised to learn about the other person’s end-of-life plans.

Heppner’s husband Mark, also a funeral director, sent an e-mail inviting Caputo to the funeral home for a future show. The show’s producers took them up on the offer, sending a note back in February.

A month later, the crew simply showed up at the funeral home.

“They didn’t want any preparing, they wanted it to be real life. They were customers coming in to talk about preplanning their funeral,” Karen said.

The film crew was in and out in a single day, and Heppner said it wasn’t difficult to operate while filming was underway.

She said she didn’t notice the film crew once she began talking with the Caputos about their final arrangements.

“We didn’t even know the cameras were there,” she said, noting that funeral directors have to pour all their attention into the customer to get an accurate understanding of their needs.

The television program gave the Heppners a good opportunity to try out some remodeling they completed in the funeral home recently too.

A new wall separates the “casket room” from the main office interview room where the Heppners decided to establish a display of urns, jewelry, and other cremation supplies.

As it turns out, both rooms were needed for the Caputo family, and Heppner said it serves as a good example of the divergent tastes of couples in modern days.

“A lot of directors, their theory is to get them into the casket room,” Heppner said.

But many customers, she said, “don’t want to go into a casket room, they don’t want to see, touch, or go near the room.”

So the family funeral home conducts its conferencing in the office with the urns – which actually look decorative sitting on the wall.

Caputo’s husband was clearly among those uncomfortable around the coffins: you can hear him say “this is a little creepy,” as the couple follows the Heppners into the coffin display room.

The Long Island Medium was eyeing coffins for a traditional funeral service – but she wants one with a special flair: encrusted with Swarovski Crystals.

“Anything can be customized,” Karen Heppner told her.

Larry Caputo, on the other hand, is working on a different project with his final remains in mind – one that entails filling glass objects with layers of brightly-colored ashes from cremation.

So for Larry, the conference room works out fine – he’s obviously comfortable looking over the urns and jewelry.

Larry’s wife Theresa, clearly a “traditional” lady accustomed to a funeral service and burial, depicts her husband’s idea as “completely ridiculous.”

“I just want to be laid to rest tastefully,” Theresa Caputo says on the show.

But despite the Long Island Medium’s opinion, her husband “is not off the mark at all,” Karen told Sympathynotes.org.

Ten years ago, people in and around Heppner’s community didn’t think much of cremation – now as many as 60 percent of them are choosing this option, she said.

With that growth comes the need for urns and containers and jewelry funeral directors have to stock.

Despite how well people know their significant others, Heppner said the show points out the need for couples to consider having the discussion.

After seeing a program about a lady donating her body to science, Karen Heppner said she mentioned to her husband she wanted to consider doing the same with herself, with cremation to follow.

Her idea surprised him, she said.

“He looked at me like `you’ve got to be kidding,’” Heppner said.

Though the Long Island Medium can be seen as somewhat lighthearted compared to ghost-hunting programs and scary movies, it delves deeply into difficult issues some people carry with them for years after the death of a loved one.

The first guest on the Heppners’ episode lost several family members before being diagnosed with a deadly illness and carried the inability to say goodbye with her.

Another guest lost her mother unexpectedly and sought to make contact with her.

It’s clearly not an isolated issue.

People often wish they said something to, heard something from or did something with their loved one before they died.

And that includes Karen Heppner and her husband Mark. During their encounter, Caputo described making contact with Heppner’s deceased mother. She described Heppner’s mother as being pleased with how her own funeral turned out.

And Heppner’s mother, according to Caputo, noticed her daughter wears her jewelry every day. Both were topics Heppner said she never shared with Caputo.

Heppner said she was relieved to hear her mom was happy with the funeral because the preparation was complicated.

A member of her mother’s same church and Rosary society died the day before Heppner’s mother and their family came into the funeral home with the exact same dress Heppner’s mother had picked out for herself earlier.

Heppner and her sister decided they couldn’t dress their mother in the same dress, so they went and got another.

It wasn’t until the TV show when Heppner said she finally felt at ease knowing her mother was pleased with the different dress.

“We went overboard and got her a really good one that nobody would have,” Heppner said.

Her mother noticed the jewelry Karen Heppner had been wearing each day since she died, too – which wasn’t a surprise.

“There’s a lot of people who wear things of their loved ones. It’s a sign of comfort,” Heppner said.

Heppner said a scene that didn’t make it into the program included Caputo’s discussion with Mark Heppner who Caputo declared wasn’t able to see his sister before she died.

“He looked at her, his face went white,” Karen Heppner said.

She and Mark were en-route to visit his sister when she died, Karen Heppner said.

“We gave her no background info, no prep, nothing. They pulled up, she came in the door and the cameras rolled,” Heppner said.

The Real Reason We Never See Theresa Caputo’s Kids on ‘Long Island Medium’ Anymore

There are plenty of TLC stars we love to watch, but Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is definitely a favorite. Her thick Long Island accent, big hair and nails, and special gift make her as endearing as they come — and that’s not even to mention her special gift. Theresa has claimed before that she can speak with dead spirits, and time and time again, she’s shocked the public by showcasing her special gift to those who make appointments with her (or even to those she meets randomly on the streets).

When the show first started, we got a glimpse into Theresa’s home life, which included time with her son, daughter, and husband. But family dynamics have since changed, as Theresa’s filed for divorce and her kids are all grown up. Here’s why we barely ever see her children on the show anymore.

Victoria now works in New York City at a hair salon

Victoria Caputo with Theresa Caputo | Victoria Caputo via Instagram

When Long Island Medium first began in 2011, Victoria Caputo was just 17 years old and still living under her parent’s roof. And while Theresa is still totally gung-ho about the series, both of her children are in their 20s and establishing lives of their own. Good Housekeeping notes Theresa said on the show more recently, “In all fairness, I mean, look our lives are all so different.” And in regards to her kids, she added, “You know, they’re growing up. Larry lives in the city now. Victoria too.”

Not only does Victoria being out of the house make it difficult for her to stay on the show, but she’s been working hard on her career in hair and makeup. Life & Style notes in early 2017, Victoria wrote on Instagram that she would begin taking clients at Salon Entourage in Oyster Bay, and she also has her own business called Hair by Victoria Caputo.

It seems the fame of being on reality TV may have lost its luster for the young Caputo as well. Heavy notes she said while she was eating out or shopping in public that people would approach her — and not everyone had nice things to say about her family.

Larry Jr. graduated college back in 2012 and now has a totally new life of his own

Larry Caputo Jr. with Theresa Caputo and his girlfriend | Lawrence Caputo via Instagram

As for Larry Jr., Theresa noted that he had just graduated from college when the show started filming, so he’s been starting his adult life ever since. As for what he’s up to now, he also moved to the city, making it difficult to participate in any of the filming. And Heavy notes his LinkedIn profile states he works Madison Square Garden Networks as a manager of studio operations.

Aside from Larry Jr.’s professional life, he’s also got his hands full with his very serious relationship with girlfriend Leah Munch. Heavy reminds us there was talk on Long Island Medium about Larry potentially proposing to Leah — so if that’s in the works, planning a wedding is another commitment that would make appearances on the show even more difficult to attain.

Fans do miss Larry Jr.’s commentary on the show, however. We remember when he talked about how embarrassed he used to feel when his mother would approach strangers on the street because a spirit told her to do so.

Theresa and Larry’s divorce may also have something to do with it

Theresa and Larry Caputo from Long Island Medium | Theresa Caputo via Instagram

As for other reasons we don’t see much of Larry Jr. and Victoria on the show, the divorce of their parents may have something to do with it. Distractify notes Theresa has talked about her split from husband Larry and how it’s affected the entire family. “Especially with this, it’s uncomfortable and it’s hard for my kids,” she said. “They don’t want to even talk about it with me, period. They know that they can come to Larry and I, you know, if they ever want to talk about it. kind of just left it in their hands.”

We’re willing to bet questions about the divorce arise when Larry Jr. and Victoria step on the set of the show, too. Perhaps when the dust settles we’ll see more of Theresa’s children in the future.

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“Extra” Special Correspondent and O Creative Director Adam Glassman sat down with “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo to talk about her daughter Victoria’s upcoming wedding, ex-husband Larry, dating apps, reading with Kim Kardashian, and touring.

Victoria Caputo and boyfriend Michael Mastrandrea just got engaged in February, and Theresa confirmed, “The wedding planning has begun… Victoria just knows what she wants and it always works out. Nothing crazy, very laid back…. I have taken such a back seat. I said whatever she wants, within reason… and she is sticking to it.”

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How are things with Larry after finalizing their divorce in December? “Fantastic,” she said. “We are great, we are planning. Our little girl is getting married.”

As for dating, Theresa said she’s not sure about using dating apps. “How do you find someone on an app? I know that is the way it is today… I’m just enjoying my family and friends, so I’m just enjoying going out with all them and having a good time.”

Caputo also opened up about her recent reading with Kim K, saying, “It really was an honor to be able to share my gift with Kim Kardashian, and have no cameras, and just have it be so authentic with just her and I. It meant a lot for me to be able to do that for her… this is something so sacred and so special.”

For celebrity readings, she said she would love to sit down with Blake Shelton, Pharrell and Keith Urban. Theresa said reading celebrities is “actually harder,” because usually spirit shares information that nobody else would know, and stars feel like “their whole life is public.” She added, “Once we get started, it is like anyone else.”

Theresa will be doing plenty of readings on the road when she launches her tour June 4. Click here for info, and watch the video above to learn more!

The best way to interview Theresa Caputo may be by phone because in person, there could be complications, or shall we say, eavesdroppers. One can’t be certain if “Spirit” has arrived unannounced, along with some other soul, too.

Caputo admits that she feels nothing, sees nothing, about any person she talks to by phone. She seems almost dejected by the idea that Spirit, her famous consort, is silent during those encounters.

Caputo, naturally, is not.

In a recent phone interview, she said, “I went a whole day without turning Spirit off” for an episode of the new season of “Long Island Medium” launching Oct. 18 at 9 p.m. on TLC. “So from the second I got up, my crew was there, and everywhere I went, every time Spirit interrupted, I said ‘mind your own business.’ … When I wrapped up my day, I was meeting Victoria for dinner and walked into a restaurant and ‘What happened to you!’ I didn’t realize that a lot of my physical appearance had changed.”

She doesn’t elaborate further, but she does laugh — the famous Caputo laugh that’s part honk, part howl. Had her hair gone from “big” to flat? Had she lost those epic Caputo fingernails? Had the sparkling Christian Louboutin pumps been replaced with a pair of Doc Martens?

Had Spirit, in other words, exacted revenge?

As readers of her three bestselling books and viewers of her long-running series well know, Spirit is Caputo’s self-described “gift,” and her self-described direct link to the dead. Spirit is also the cash cow because without Spirit, there is no show, no books, no jewelry line, no national tour, no renown and certainly no controversy.

Fourteen seasons and nearly 10 years in, Caputo is easily Long Island’s most famous television personality, and Long Island’s TV ambassador to the world, albeit a complicated one. She’s a natural-born performer full of charm and warmth, with an accent that could come from only one place on earth (hometown Hicksville). She’s also been turned into a near-classic Kate McKinnon impression on “Saturday Night Live,” and there have been many others.

Then, there’s that controversy and Spirit has to shoulder some of the blame there as well. Critics have long charged mediums like Caputo with fakery — using tricks like “cold reads” (picking up obvious clues) and “hot reads” (doing research) on their subjects. In a brutal takedown of TV psychics and mediums, including Caputo, on “Last Week Tonight” in February — which was based on a Pew Research Poll that found 40 percent of Americans believe in them — host John Oliver said “at best, it’s reckless for people to take a stab at ventriloquizing the dead.” He then added, “when psychic abilities are presented as authentic, it emboldens a vast underworld of unscrupulous vultures more than happy to make money.”


It’s easy to imagine what critics would have to say about the reading Caputo conducts with the Schillizzi family of Massapequa Park in the 14th season-opener. Their daughter, Brooke, 4, and her grandmother, Maria Karpinski, 68, died in a New Hyde Park house fire on Dec. 30. While the family is convulsed in tears, the Long Island Medium maintains her composure. All of which leads to this: Who exactly is Theresa Caputo and how could anyone possibly do this for a job? For “money” and “TV fame” seem almost too cynical under these circumstances.

Born Theresa Brigandi in Hicksville in 1967, daughter of Veronica and Nicholas Brigandi — he was elected Nassau County water commissioner in 1980 and both parents still live next door — she suffered from anxiety as a child and young adult. For help, she sought out Pat Longo, a Long Island-based spiritual healer and family friend from Hicksville, in 2001.

Longo said in a phone interview that when Caputo first approached her, “she was afraid of everything. She couldn’t drive in the backseat of a car, couldn’t go into an elevator, or airplane, wouldn’t eat in restaurants. Her anxiety was very strong, not my worst case, but one of my worst cases of anxiety and fear.” When Caputo eventually went to one of Longo’s classes, another medium told her “‘this is going to happen.'”

“This” would be her professed ability to talk to the dead.

Caputo began readings at the family home when a friend suggested she meet Jonathan Partridge, a former MTV producer from Wantagh who would go on to create “Long Island Medium.” Partridge recalled in a 2018 podcast that he was sceptical before meeting her, but then she “read” him — accurately — and he was sold.

Both show and host were hits on launch in 2011, with Partridge saying the “secret sauce was you laugh one minute and cry the next.” Celebrities came on the show and so did family members, who are the other big part of the secret sauce. She and her husband, Larry, split in 2018, but he remains part of the new season, via cellphone.

In an email, Partridge — who co-developed the show with Courtney Mullin — said, “I do believe in mediums and I believe that our loved ones are still with us when they die. Sure there are a few ‘bad apples’ out there but Theresa has a gift and is the real deal. The validations in her readings are so specific that they must be coming from spirit and there’s no way you can make this stuff up.”

In the podcast he said that “one of the things that drove me nuts” was when critics said she had been prepped before readings. “There is no way I would let that happen — ever, ever ever.”

As she always has, Caputo says she welcomes her many skeptics and critics, and has ready-made rebuttals, beginning with, she’s “not out to convince anyone,” or “Cold reading? I don’t even know how that works.” A lifelong Catholic who still attends Holy Family Church on Fordham Avenue in Hicksville, the church also frowns on mediums.

She laughs when asked about that: “Listen, they’re taking my money every week, aren’t they?”

“I’m not here to put my own personal views on this,” she says. “I share my own community with Spirit and what I’ve learned. I am a practicing Catholic and it took a long time to incorporate my gift with my faith, but as long as we believe in something — whether someone is Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist — it doesn’t matter, as long as we believe in something. What I’ve learned is that when someone loses someone, sometimes they lose their faith in God, or in the afterlife, and what Spirit does is to restore that faith.”


The new season of “Long Island Medium” will be much like the past 13, absent her longtime foil, Larry, who now lives full time in California. “It’s easy for people to assume or blame things on but in life this is what we do — we change, we grow and sometimes a couple grows together and sometimes separately. I’m proud of how Larry and I handled it.” Victoria is getting married, so expect countless segues to wedding preparations.

Meanwhile, the vertiginous shtick of “LI Medium” — that laughter one minute, tears the next — isn’t going anywhere either. “I may be playing to cliche and stereotype and so be it,” says Howard Lee, TLC president who developed “Medium” for the network, “but people who are Long Islanders have a knack for being brash and honest, and that’s what she is. You can’t fight the words ‘Long Island’ in the title. That’s a big part of what this is, living her life out loud.”

But in the end what remains so complicated, so fraught, is the question that has dogged show and star from the beginning. Is it all just another circus act that plays to the credulity of desperate people?

During that brutal read with the Schillizzi family, Caputo begins by saying she knows nothing about them. (Lee adds that “when she goes in for readings with individuals we do not prep her, nor do the producers prep her.”) Later, by phone, Caputo says “I don’t know how people . They will say ‘I look up to you’ and I will say to them, ‘You are my idol. I don’t know what it feels like. I don’t know how this is going to help you. I know it’s not going to take away your pain in some small way you’ll find some peace in knowing that your child is still with you.'”

Says Longo: “She’s a good person and she tries really hard to keep her integrity intact. There are always going to be naysayers, and people trying to tear you down. That’s something we’ve both accepted.”

But, Longo adds, “does she talk to the dead? She sure as hell does.”

By Verne Gay [email protected]

Discover Larry Caputo Jr. Net Worth, Salary, Biography, Height, Dating, Wiki. Scroll below to learn details information about Larry Caputo Jr.’s salary, estimated earning, lifestyle, and Income reports.


Larry Caputo Jr. is best known as a Reality Star. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies at Colllege of Mount Saint Vincent in 2012. While there, he served as a the captain of the lacrosse team. Larry Caputo Jr. was born on October 3, 1990 in New York. His father, Larry, and his sister Victoria, appear alongside him and his mother on Long Island Medium.

On TRENDCELEBSNOW.COM, Larry Caputo Jr. is one of the successful Reality Star. Larry has ranked on the list of those famous people who were born on October 3, 1990. Larry Caputo Jr. is one of the Richest Reality Star who was born in New York.

First Name Larry
Last Name Jr.
Profession Reality Star
Age 29 years old
Birthday & Zodiac
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Date October 3, 1990
Birthday October 3
Birth Place New York
Country New York
Height & Weight
Height (Approx.) in centimeters – N/A
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Dress Size Not Known
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Family & Relatives
Father Not Known
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Both he and William Klein are the sons of popular TLC reality stars.

Larry Caputo Jr. Net Worth

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Noted, Currently We don’t have enough information about Cars, Monthly/Yearly Salary etc. We will update soon.

Does Larry Dead or Alive?

As per our current Database, Larry Caputo Jr. is still alive (as per Wikipedia, Last update: September 20, 2019).


Larry Caputo Jr. is 29 years old old.

has no children.

had at least 1 relationship in the past.

This information is not available.

is now 29 years old. Noted, was born on October 3, 1990.

Larry Caputo Jr. become popular for being a successful Reality Star.

Marital status not available right now.

Reference: Wikipedia, IMDb, Onthisday. Last update: 2019-08-29 12:00

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Larry Caputo Jr. Wiki, Age, Family, Engaged, Is He Married?

If you have watched the TLC series, Long Island Medium, then you must know about Larry Caputo Jr.

He is an American reality star best known for his appearance alongside his family members on the show.

Well, find out all about his personal life, relationship status, and family through this article below!

Is Larry Caputo Jr Engaged Or Married?

Speaking of his personal life, Larry Caputo Jr is neither engaged nor married. However, he is undoubtedly committed to his girlfriend, Leah Munch, and it may not be a surprise if they announce their engagement sooner or later.

Person With Same Second Name: Tim Caputo Age, Married, Family, Salary

In 2019, the duo spent the vacations on places like The Ryland Inn and Paradise Palms.

Larry Caputo Jr. with his girlfriend Leah Munch at Jardin du Luxembourg on 4 October 2019 (Photo: Leah Munch’s Instagram)

Well, it seems as if the pair started their love life from their college days as Leah attended the same college which Larry attended.

Now, Leah is the Director for Public Relations, Marketing, and Program Development at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.


The New York native actor was born in 1990. He cuts his birthday cake on the 3rd of October every year. He goes by the birth name of Lawrence Caputo and has a zodiac sign, Libra.

About his physical attributes, his height and body weight is yet to be disclosed.

Family Details Plus Education

The American star was born to parents Larry Caputo and Theresa Caputo. His father is a former hockey team coach and also a cast of a reality show, whereas his mother is the host of a reality show.

He has a younger sister named Victoria Caputo (b. 27 September 1994).

Unfortunately, his mother filed for divorce to his father due to some unspecified reasons. After nearly 29 years of marriage, his parents separated on 16 April 2018. However, they only announced their separation in December 2018.

Nonetheless, he and his sister always got support from their parents.

Speaking of Larry’s education, he got enrolled to College of Mount Saint Vincent in 2012, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies. Moreover, during his college days, he also assisted as the captain of the Lacrosse team.

Net Worth

Not only Larry Caputo Jr is the cast of the TLC series, Long Island Medium, but also he is the Manager of Studio Operations at the famous Madison Square Garden (MSG) Network.

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Before serving as the manager, he was appointed as the Visiting Scheduling Supervisor in MSG Network.

However, proving his worth and showcasing dedication towards work, he was promoted to the post of Manager of Studio Operations. With such talent, we can assume that he has made some handsome amount to his name.

However, his net worth is still to be revealed. Nevertheless, his mother and father have an equal net worth of $3 million each to their name.


Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo’s fans hope her son, Lawrence “Larry” Caputo Jr. recovers quickly from his ACL surgery. Caputo revealed on Friday that her son was hospitalized and fans have continued to flood her Instagram page with well-wishes. The news comes just a few weeks before the new season of Long Island Medium debuts.

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A post shared by theresacaputo (@theresacaputo) on Sep 20, 2019 at 3:28pm PDT

“Just like his Momma my poor baby had to have ACL surgery this week,” Caputo wrote in the caption. She included the hashtags “my son,” “ouch” and “ACL surgery is no joke.”

Long Island Medium viewers sent their thoughts and prayers to Larry.

“God’s circle of love around you,” one person wrote.

“Hope you feel better soon,” another added.

“Oh I am sorry to hear that. Wishing you a speedy recovery,” another wrote.

“Speedy Recovery,” another fan simply wrote.

Caputo, 53, and her ex-husband, Larry Caputo Sr., also share daughter Victoria Caputo. The former couple are getting ready for Victoria’s wedding, as she got engaged to Michael Mastrandrea in February.

Long Island Medium’s new season kicks off in October, and the show has continued to focus more on the Caputos’ life than her predictions for clients.

“The thing that I love about Long Island Medium is that it’s my life. I am still reading … the people on Long Island Medium, they’re still my clients, they’re on my waiting list – the people that have requested to see me,” Caputo told The Morning Call last year. “And it’s my life. It’s what’s going on in my life at this exact moment, and I’m very blessed.”

In another interview with The Morning Call this year, Caputo said she was still adjusting to being single after almost 30 years of marriage.

“It’s different. It’s still an adjustment of getting used to being on my own,” Caputo said in February. “And, you know, I’ve had my work, which keeps me very busy. And, um, you know, like Larry and I both said – we were so proud on how we were able to say to each other, ‘We’re not happy.'”

Caputo also said she sees no end to the show, as long as TLC keeps renewing it.

“Listen, I will always do this, whether I have a television show or not,” Caputo explained. “This is who I am, this is my life. And I am blessed to help millions of people each week in their living rooms through Long Island Medium, and also through my live shows touring all over the country. You know, it’s so, it’s so amazing to be able to interact with my fans. And they say, you know, they say it all the time: ‘Oh my God, you’re real, you’re so real. You’re really like my next-door neighbor.'”


Long Island Medium Season 14 debuts on Friday, Oct. 18 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Extra