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After dating entertainment journalist Terri Seymour, Cowell got engaged to Idol makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy in 2010. However, the couple broke off their engagement the following year, with Cowell noting, “We came to the conclusion that I’m a hopeless boyfriend.” He went on to briefly date actress and model Carmen Electra.

By 2013 the famed TV personality was secretly seeing New York City socialite Lauren Silverman, then married to a friend of Cowell’s. When their affair resulted in a pregnancy, Silverman’s husband filed for divorce. Cowell became a father with the birth of son Eric on February 14, 2014.

Despite earlier insisting that he never wanted children, Cowell had changed his tune by the time his own son came into the world. “Eric is absolutely incredible and so funny,” he told the Daily Star. ” is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

In 2019 Cowell revealed that he had adopted a vegan diet as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Early Life & Career

Simon Phillip Cowell was born on October 7, 1959, in London, England. His father, Eric Philip Cowell, was an estate agent developer and music industry executive. His mother, Julie Brett, was a former ballet dancer and socialite.

Cowell attended school at Dover College, but dropped out at 16. He floated in and out of jobs, sabotaging several interviews set up by his father, before landing in the mailroom at his father’s company, EMI Music Publishing. Cowell then earned a position as assistant to an A&R executive at EMI in 1979, after which he became a talent scout.

Cowell left EMI during the early 1980s to form E&S Music with his boss at EMI, Ellis Rich. The company created several hits, but Cowell left by mutual agreement a few years later. In 1985 he and a partner formed the independent label Fanfare Records, which enjoyed short-lived success until folding in 1989. In financial straits, Cowell was forced to move back in with his family.

Undeterred, Cowell signed on as a consultant with BMG Records later that same year. He moved back into his own place, and gradually climbed the corporate ladder at BMG. He managed to sign a string of successful acts for the company, selling more than 150 million records and 70 top-charting singles in the U.K. and United States.

Simon Cowell is proof that you can make a living — a good one, at that — by staying true to yourself. The 59-year-old is the brains behind Syco Entertainment, which is the birthplace of some of your primetime favorites, including America’s Got Talent and The X Factor. Oh, and he’s also the guy who made One Direction a household name.

As you can imagine, every show that Simon worked on brought in millions — and he reaped the rewards. The music and television tycoon is worth an estimated $550 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In 2017, he picked up an annual salary of $95 million, making him one of the highest paid TV personalities.

Humble Beginnings

Simon’s successful music career started when his father Eric, an executive at EMI Music Publishing, got him a job in the record label’s mailroom. He was ambitious from the start: After failing to get promoted, Simon quit EMI to start E&S Music, which he later quit to form Fanfare Records. In 1986, Simon had his first hit song with “So Macho” by Sinitta.

He continued to work his way up in the music industry but things really took off in 1995 when he met Soldier Soldier actors Robson Green and Jerome Flynn and convinced them to record “Unchained Melody.” This song was the first of Simon’s to top the charts — and he’s been there ever since.

American Idol and Beyond

The year 2001 was a game-changer: He was named a judge on the first series of U.K.’s Pop Idol. TV execs now saw Simon as a reality TV star in addition to a well-respected music mogul. This led him to his first claim to fame in the U.S.: American Idol. Here, he charmed viewers for eight years with his signature — and snarky — phrase: “I don’t mean to be rude but…”

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson during the first season of American Idol, 2002. Getty Images

The popularity of American Idol transformed Simon’s appeal in the U.S. and abroad. To follow up, Simon founded Syco Entertainment, a music and television company. Since 2003, Syco Entertainment has sold over 200 million albums and achieved 180 number one singles worldwide. Woah.

As the head of Syco, he launched The X Factor in the U.K. in 2004. He then created and produced Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, and The X Factor USA. Along the way, he’s helped turn everyday folks into superstars that we all know and love — One Direction, Fifth Harmony, Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, to name a few. While The X Factor USA only lasted four seasons, his other shows are some of the most-viewed reality shows on air. At its peak, The X Factor peaked at 19.7 million viewers in the U.K.

Family First

He doesn’t put all of his money back into his business, the doting dad also invests in prime real estate. In addition to his London and Beverly Hills homes, he recently dished out $25 million (!) for a 10,000-square-foot Malibu beachfront property.

Simon with his family at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in 2016. Getty Images

But even though he has half a billion dollars to his name, Simon still believes it’s important that his son Eric works hard for his money. When discussing the likelihood that his 4-year-old will take over his music empire one day, Simon said he’ll start out just like he did — as an intern. “Not that anyone should have anything for nothing because I would do what my dad did. I would have him start as intern and learn the job,” he told extra.

Our guess is that little Eric will be jusssssst fine (same with Simon).

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Simon Cowell is beefing up his legal team amid NBC’s investigation into Gabrielle Union’s complaints of a “toxic” workplace culture at America’s Got Talent.

Cowell — who created the series and serves as an executive producer — retained Los Angeles-based litigator Larry Stein late last week, a source close to the matter confirmed to Deadline Saturday.

This latest development comes after Union said Wednesday on Twitter that she had a “productive” five-hour meeting with NBC brass over her firing from the series.

“I was able to, again, express my unfiltered truth. I led with transparency and my desire and hope for real change,” she announced in a statement on Twitter.

Following the meeting, Deadline exclusively reported that NBC was launching a “further investigation to get a deeper understanding of the facts.” According to a show insider, a significant portion of Union’s meeting with the network revolved around what was described as Cowell’s acerbic behavior.

“The ball is in NBC’s court to see if they can get Cowell to agree to make some changes to the way things are done on the show,” the insider said.

SAG-AFTRA has also launched an investigation into the environment at AGT.

Union’s contract was terminated last month after she served as a judge on the series for one season. The Being Mary Jane actress had spoken out about “problematic” and racially insensitive segments on the show before she was let go. Fellow judge Julianne Hough was dropped after one season as well, although the actress and dancer said in a statement that she had “a wonderful time” on the show and will continue her “working relationship with NBC.”

As the drama surrounding AGT continued to make headlines this week, former judges Sharon Osbourne and Howard Stern chimed in.

Stern posed a question on his SiriusXM radio show Monday about Union’s firing, asking: “How is it that that freak Simon Cowell has orchestrated this?” He then charged the show and Cowell with sexist double-standards.

“He has set it up that the men stay,” Stern added, “no matter how old they are, no matter how fat they are, no matter how ugly they are, no matter how talentless they are. But what he manages to do on all his shows is he constantly replaces the hot chicks with hotter chicks and younger chicks. Which is so obvious.”

Meanwhile, Osbourne – who spent six years as a judge on the series — said AGT is run like a “boys club.”

“It is a boys club, okay, it is,” Osbourne said Tuesday on The Talk. “And the boys take care of each other, and the women are not paid as much as the men.”

Variety first reported details on Cowell’s new legal team.


I saw someone else post this so i thought i would too. This may not be 100% right but this is what i think. I went to an Agt auditions taping for season 13 and there are 3 things that i think are fake.

DANGER ACTS: When i went to the taping there was this guy named Luis who was an escape artist. He was handcuffed behind his back. Tied to the handcuffs was a rope. The other end of the rope was tied to a car. He had 20 seconds to escape or else the car would draf him down the road. Half walk through his performance he lost dropped his key.(i forgot to mention he was blindfolded.) Of course he starts feeling around for the key and at the last minute he finds it and he escapes. Just like what happened to Lord Nil. I think they made him drop his key for suspense.(He was never shown on the show.)

SIMON STOPPING PEOPLE: There was this one singer on the show named Jackie Romeo. When everybody was walking into the theater they were still doing dress rehearsals. All the singers i saw during rehearsals sang one song, except for Jackie. When the actual show started all the singers i saw during rehearsals went on stags and sang 1 song. Jackie went up to sing and she sang her first song. Aftet she was done Simon said he wanted to hear her sing another song. I thought it was odd how she sang two songs during rehearsals and the actual show but no one else did. This leads me to think that Noah, Hunter, joseph, and Daniel were all planned too. (Jackie was never show)

SADLY GOLDEN BUZZER: I ended up seeing Coutney Hadwin. I saw her get the golden buzzer, but i didnt see her perform. The producers told us they were filming a golden buzzer scene. They then proceeded to coach us on what to due when howie hit the golden buzzer. The producer would hit the buzzer and everyone would jump up and scream.(they didnt add confetti until after.) Courtney then walked out on stage and didnt say a word.(That part wasnt put on tv but she was very nervous and shy walking out so i think she is actually shy in real life.) Howie then hit the golden buzzer, Courtney got emotional, Howie went on stags and gave her a hug, her dad ran out, and Tyra came out and said “Your going straight to the live shows.” Then that was it. There was a producer standing next to me and he was telling us that Courtney performed on friday. I saw the show on a sunday. This leads me to believe that Zurcaroh, Makayla, Amanda, Michael, Voices of Hope, Angel City, Quin and Misha, and Flaujae were all fake. That shows why the Golden Buzzer is always a singer with a sob story cause the producers choose it.

Feel free to ask any other questions in the comments.

‘America’s Got Talent’: Courtney Hadwin, Zurcaroh fans not happy about winner Shin Lim

“America’s Got Talent” crowned its Season 13 winner Wednesday night, but not everyone is excited about it.

Card magician Shin Lim, 26, won the $1 million prize and a headlining spot in a Las Vegas show after receiving the most fan votes following Tuesday’s live performance show. He survived against nine other finalists in the finale, coming out ahead of runner-up acrobatic dance group Zurcaroh and violinist Brian King Joseph, who finished third.

While some on Twitter echoed the congratulatory sentiments of those in America who voted for Lim to win, others weren’t as happy that he beat out some of the other contestants on the show.

More: ‘America’s Got Talent’: What did Simon Cowell say that helped Shin Lim win Season 13?

One fan called him the “best magician on the planet.”

Another Twitter user said that “y’all are crazy if you think Shin Lim didn’t deserve that win.”

“Shin Lim is an extremely talented magician who truly deserved to win,” someone else on Twitter wrote.

Someone else equated Lim’s win with a win for Asian representation overall.

Another Twitter user said that “Shin Lim’s sleight-of-hand is beyond anything I’ve seen. No one knows the amount of work it takes to be that fast.”

Others weren’t as impressed by Lim’s act.

“Shin Lim is not a good magician, you can literally see how he does his tricks, and he has no showmanship,” one user said. “Just saying.”

Another Twitter user accused “America’s Got Talent” of being “rigged.” He continued: “Shin Lim is boring. I am sick of magicians.”

Another person said “sorry not sorry” but Lim isn’t impressive.

Fans of runner-up Zurcaroh weren’t happy that Lim took the top spot.

One fan said she was “shook” that Lim won when Zurcaroh “100% deserved it.”

Another fan said: “I’m sorry but if Shin wins I’m gonna be questioning I LOVE HIM BUT ZURCAROH DESERVES IT.”

Someone else said she’s not sure if she’ll tune into the show again after this season. “Did no one vote? How in the hell did Zurcaroh not win? I’m sorry but Shin Lim isn’t Las Vegas ready,” she wrote.

Teen singer Courtney Hadwin’s fans also bemoaned the finale outcome.

One fan said that Hadwin was the “only reason I watched this season” and that she “should have won it all.”

There were more complaints of the competition being “rigged,” with one fan writing: “So disappointed @CourtneyHadwin did not win – or least make the top five!”

‘America’s Got Talent’: Magician Shin Lim wins Season 13

‘AGT’: What did Simon Cowell say that helped Shin Lim win Season 13?

Ever since America’s Got Talent: The Champions premiered earlier this year, one question has baffled and intrigued viewers: Who are the mysterious “superfans” voting on which acts will make it to the finals?

Since AGT: Champions was pre-taped, viewers at home are not able to vote for their favorites acts. But the show also didn’t call on its live studio audience to decide which performers should move on. Instead, the show chooses its finalists in two ways. One act each episode receives the Golden Buzzer from one of the judges. Then a panel of so-called “superfans,” who supposedly represent all 50 states, vote on who should take the second spot. These superfans are never shown.

Although the show is vague about how these superfans were chosen, if you do a little digging, you can find some answers — and a few more questions.

What The Show Says

In the first episode, host Terry Crews explained that one act would be “put through by our panel of superfans from all 50 states of America.” As he told the viewers at home, “They’re representing you.”

Once the top three contestants are announced in each episode, Crews shares some information about which demographics each of them were most popular with. For instance, he told Courtney Hadwin that most of her votes came from people age 18 to 34. Cristina Ramos apparently won the Midwest, while Darci Lynne won the South.

These superfans are never shown. Crews merely says their “votes are locked” when it’s time to share the results. He also doesn’t give much information about how they were chosen, except to say that they represent the 50 states.

What NBC Says

The network gave a little more explanation in an interview with Gold Derby earlier this month. A rep told the site that this method was meant to “empower our fans” even if they couldn’t vote from home.

“We compiled a group of Superfans for each show taping that is reflective and as diverse as our nationwide viewing audience,” they said, adding that their “research team sourced delegates from all 50 states who have been longtime and dedicated viewers of ‘AGT.’”

They went on to explain that superfans were not in the audience, but instead watched the show “off-camera in a controlled environment within the show’s venue.” After viewing all the acts each episode, they voted for their favorites on “electronic keypads.” While the judges get to share their thoughts and push the Golden Buzzer, NBC says that “the final decision comes down to our loyal viewers,” implying that the superfans will choose the winner.

So how many superfans are there? The rep didn’t say, although they did share that it was “not necessarily the exact same group of individuals voting for each episode, but there was some cross-over from week-to-week, similar to what you would find with any voting show.”

What The Internet Says

Although NBC makes it sound like the show hand-picked hardcore fans of the show from each of the 50 states, the internet tells a slightly different story. A page still exists on the America’s Got Talent audition website which once included a form for viewers to apply to be superfans.

While the form itself is no longer on the page, it still includes a casting call of sorts. “If you live in the Los Angeles area and consider yourself an AGT superfan, we have an amazing opportunity for you,” the page reads. “Simon Cowell wants you to help him judge!”

You probably noticed something interesting about the above quote. It says the show is looking for people who live in Los Angeles. It goes on to describe their desire for “a diverse panel,” but doesn’t mention 50 states. Talent Recap’s Julia Delbel recalls the form asking potential superfans to share which state they most identified with, and which tapings they could attend.

@marcusdixon Interesting article on AGT Superfans. Your article contains the quote “a ‘research team sourced delegates from all 50 states’ ” and yet this link to an AGT Superfans application form starts with “If you live in the LA area…” https://t.co/W6BIJhVUup So which is it?

— Gil Sery (@gilsery) January 22, 2019

A Reddit user also claimed they received an email from the show about being a superfan, but were “instructed to send an email to another address” rather than fill out the aforementioned application. It’s possible this isn’t true, but could it be that the show also reached out to specific people as well as putting out a call for LA residents?

Does It Even Matter?

If the superfans were actually sourced from Los Angeles and didn’t come directly from all 50 states, that doesn’t necessarily mean they were all born and raised in California. But it still may not make things quite as “diverse” as the show claims. Reddit user reubal summed things up pretty well.


But do viewers really care who’s voting? Well, some of them do — especially if the superfans don’t choose their favorite acts to move forward. Some Twitter users have even accused the show of being “rigged,” and called for the show to provide more information about how they chose these superfans in the first place.

Y’all, let’s be honest. Where did @AGT find these superfans? At the local supermarket? They can be idiots sometimes. How can they not see how awesome it would be to have a unique act like @TapeFaceBoy in the finals! smh

— Conor Heggarty (@ConorHeggarty) January 29, 2019

How can you call it America’s vote when not all of America is voting? What about voters from other countries? How did the “superfans” even become super fans? All these unanswered questions make the show sound rigged ?

— Hayli Brown (@brown_hayli) January 29, 2019

However, the ratings haven’t suffered just because at-home viewers don’t have a say in who moves forward. AGT: The Champions, along with other current talent show The Masked Singer, have still captured America’s attention even if we can’t directly participate. In fact, this week’s Champions episode drew more viewers than any before it, so people aren’t exactly leaving in droves.

We’re Still Entertained

It would be nice if the show could be a little more transparent about how these finalists are chosen. But it’s not the only questionable aspect of the Champions season, considering winners and losers are competing together, and the judges already know certain acts and not others. And at the end of the day, it’s not a presidential election. The stakes are also lower than they are during a regular season — bragging rights rather than a million bucks.

We may not be happy with the results, but we still get to see some really entertaining acts each week. And is that really much different from shows where we can vote?

NEW YORK – Japanese dancer Kenichi Ebina won the season finale of the U.S. TV show “America’s Got Talent,” taking home the top prize of $1 million.

He is the first Japanese to win the long-running and popular show, which features a competition among singers and other performers judged by a panel of celebrities.

The 39-year-old Ebina, known by the nickname Ebiken, performed on the season-ending episode along with the other finalists, including a group of three tenors and a magician.

The show, which debuted in 2006, airs in prime time on NBC.

Ebina, born in Kawasaki, amazed the audience in Radio City Music Hall with an interactive robotic performance featuring Matrix-style moves. He changed costumes several times, including dressing as a clown and a woman.

The final show is a face-off among those who have avoided elimination in earlier rounds.

The winner is determined in a voting system that includes the celebrity judges and viewers.

Ebina, who is self-taught, beat out competitors that all together numbered about 75,000 singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other hopefuls.

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A Japanese magician amazed ‘America’s Got Talent’ with a trick involving swords and fire

America’s Got Talent

It’s not always easy to impress people with magic tricks anymore. The audience is always trying to find the hidden lever or the place where the body was sawed in half.

However, if you add some danger, like swords and fire, then you’ll have the audience on their feet. Hiroki Hara, a magician from Japan, stepped onto the “America’s Got Talent” stage Tuesday night and left with a whole lot of believers.

First, he appeared on stage wearing a mask with flames in hand.

“Oh my god,” one of the judges can be heard saying.

America’s Got Talent

Hara then took his mask off and chained himself up in a box. The box was topped with swords attached to a rope on fire. If he didn’t escape before the rope burned, things would have gotten grizzly.

When his assistants opened the box, he was nowhere to be found:

America’s Got Talent

To nobody’s surprise, he made it out on time.

Now that’s real magic.

Watch the grand illusion below:

‘America’s Got Talent’: Simon Cowell Has a Softer Side the Cameras Don’t Catch

Simon Cowell is one of the original American Idol judges, and now, in his new role as a judge on America’s Got Talent, a whole new generation is discovering his acerbic wit.

Cowell, who achieved great success in the record industry before turning his attention to the judge’s seat, is well-known for his seemingly brutal takedowns of acts or performances that he doesn’t like, and many viewers have described his style as mean and even cruel.

However, it seems as though there’s more to Cowell than meets the eye. Cowell’s co-star on America’s Got Talent recently opened up about Cowell’s multifaceted personality.

How did Simon Cowell get famous?

Simon Cowell from America’s Got Talent | Art Streiber/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cowell was born in 1959 to an upper-class family in London. Following a series of menial jobs, which Cowell reportedly did not succeed in, he began a career in the record industry. He formed Fanfare Records and started signing a wide variety of acts all throughout the ’80s. Following his stint at the record company, he became a talent scout and consultant, creating a respected reputation for himself.

Of course, most viewers first became aware of Cowell when he was cast as a judge in the first season of American Idol, which debuted in 2002. Fans both loved and hated Simon Cowell — while his humor and originality was very appealing, his harsh criticism of contestants, which frequently included commentary on physical appearance, was off-putting to some. Regardless of how many people liked his personality, the show was hugely successful and is widely considered to be the gold standard of singing competition shows.

How long was Simon Cowell on ‘American Idol’?

View this post on Instagram

BRITs 2017

A post shared by @ simoncowell on Feb 23, 2017 at 6:50am PST

Although Cowell stayed on American Idol throughout its initial popularity and into the show’s “golden years,” he officially announced his retirement from the show in 2010. While the news disappointed many fans (even those who didn’t really enjoy Cowell’s style of judging), he wasn’t quite done with the world of competition shows just yet.

In 2011, Cowell began appearing on the UK-spinoff show The X Factor. He was a fixture on The X Factor for several years, skyrocketing the show to national popularity. By this time, singing competition shows were all the rage, with viewers tuning in on a regular basis to interact and vote for their favorite performers. Following the success of The X Factor, Cowell became an executive producer of a brand-new show called America’s Got Talent.

Is Simon Cowell really nice when the cameras aren’t on him?

View this post on Instagram

I hope everyone is enjoying #BGT this year. I want to congratulate the team on winning a BAFTA Award. What an incredible achievement. And thank you to the fans who always support us.

A post shared by @ simoncowell on May 17, 2019 at 1:18pm PDT

Fans were pleased to see that Cowell’s judging style hadn’t changed much in the years since American Idol. His signature sarcasm continued to entertain viewers as a wide variety of contestants, all displaying various skills, paraded across the stage. Of course, Cowell does sometimes get negative feedback for his often-blunt criticisms of those that appear on America’s Got Talent. His fellow judge, Howie Mandel, opened up to Mario Lopez and revealed that Cowell is much more sensitive than he appears on television.

Mandel claimed that in between takes, on commercial breaks, Cowell would go up to contestants who were overwhelmed, or who hadn’t performed well and console them. “He’s everyone’s dad,” Mandel said, which caused Lopez to break into a disbelieving grin.

It is possible that becoming a father for the first time in February 2014 has changed Cowell for the better, and caused him to become a much more empathetic human being. It could also be that Cowell has always had a softer side, but only chooses to reveal it when not on camera, in order to keep things interesting for viewers. Whatever the case, Cowell will no doubt continue to be a fan favorite for years to come, in spite of his grumpy persona.

Simon Cowell on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” is a far cry from the Simon Cowell that America first met back on “American Idol.” The media mogul has fully embraced his softer side by heaping praise on heart-warming acts while not being too harsh on some of the rougher acts. And we’re not sure we’re okay with that. Do you like the new, nicer Cowell? Let us know by voting down in our poll below.

Cowell hosted “American Idol” from 2002 to 2010 and gained a reputation of being a little too honest while judging talent competitions. He helped build “American Idol” to widespread success through his brutal critiques of young singers, and while American viewers were shocked at first, they grew to appreciate his frankness. Even when he moved to “The X Factor” he wasn’t afraid to tell prospective talent that they simply didn’t have what it took to excel in show business.

Now, Cowell is on his second season judging “AGT” and viewers have witnessed a very different side to the old curmudgeon. He fiercely defended young Sara Carson and her dog Hero, getting upset when fellow judges Howie Mandel and Mel B gave negative critiques. He did not press his buzzer when 73-year-old singer Big Benji was performing off-key and even allowed her to kiss him. He often praises young singers, proclaiming that some of them could be big stars. Is this the same grumpy judge fans remember from the old “Idol” days?

Of course, the old Cowell does sneak through now and again. Some acts he simply does not enjoy, like child dancing duo Artyon and Paige and the Dancing Pumpkin Man, and the crowd predictably boos when he hits his buzzer, much like the old days of “American Idol.” Yet, in many auditions Cowell is seen grinning genuinely and giving standing ovations, which he very rarely gave on his previous shows.

So why is Cowell embracing a more sensitive side on “America’s Got Talent”? The judge is also an executive producer on the show, so he probably wants to maintain the positive tone the series has set since its debut in 2006. It’s possible that he doesn’t want to be too mean when there are so many young ones auditioning, who might not take negative criticism as well as adults. He is a father now, so he may be more sympathetic toward young kids looking to pursue their dreams.

Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum frequently heap loads of praise on auditioning acts, so why not have Cowell to balance things out with a dose of reality? While Cowell’s nicer critiques are in keeping with the overall vibe of “Americas Got Talent,” it would be fun to see him embrace his nastier side a little more, the side that made him such a reality TV icon in the first place.

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Simon Cowell’s new diet gives him new lease of life as he celebrates turning 60

As he turns 60 tomorrow, Simon Cowell really is the man who has it all with fame, a £325million fortune and a newfound sense of wellbeing.

But unfortunately he cannot have his cake and eat it on his birthday – as the diet he has used to lose 20lb forbids sweet treats.

Still, at least the strict regime he calls the Simon Diet lets him enjoy a few beers.

And he can console himself further with his extravagant present to himself – plans for his very own theatre in Las Vegas.

Simon said: “No birthday cake. There will not be a birthday cake but I can still drink beer, so I am happy.”

Louis Walsh has poked fun at Simon’s new lifestyle, saying his transformation was kick-started by him looking like ‘Desperate Dan’ (Image: ITV)

Missing out on the cake will be worth it as he insists his new diet has given him more energy and he now feels better than ever.

Simon said: “I went on this diet and it has worked and I feel better. It hasn’t been difficult for me but the difference I feel in 12 months is unbelievable – mentally as well.

“Memory, my clarity, sleeping better, feeling better. I mean, it ­actually genuinely does work and then you become very aware of what you are putting in your body. So it is positive.”

His health drive also boosted his already strong bond with his mini-me son, Eric.

Simon said: “Eric was a big part of it ­because he is five and I was conscious his energy, the minute he wakes up and right before bed, he is all over the place.

“You want to be able to be with him in the day time and play sports with him and that was a big part of it as well. And yes, it is the best thing I have done in years. I am going to call it the Simon Diet. Definitely.”

Louis has called for Simon to be given a knighthood for his birthday (Image: REX/)

But while Eric has been life-changing for Simon, he and girlfriend Lauren Silverman, 42, do not plan on giving him a sibling.

Simon said: “I think he is quite happy as the only son right now and we have a very close relationship, we are like buddies.

“I tease him that he should audition for the show. He is actually a really good dancer and impressionist and not a bad singer.

“He does a pretty good me and a good Terry Seymour. Naturally, he is funny. But I would love for him to be in my side of the stage and behind the desk.

“I couldn’t imagine my life now without him, life is so much easier with him. I don’t get stressed about anything any more.

I want him to be happy and I see the show through different eyes. I have changed my diet and waking hours so I can do all the things he likes.”

Simon Cowell and his mother Julie Brett who passed away in 2016

If Eric does join him at the desk,it may be in Sin City. Simon is eyeing a theatre of his own to expand his business empire. He has confirmed that he is working with investors to create his own site in Las Vegas, built specifically for acts from America’s Got Talent to perform in.

The bold move would see his acts competing with star residencies like Aerosmith, Lady Gaga and Cher.

Simon, currently filming AGT in LA, said: “Yeah, 100 per cent, at some stage it will happen.

“I think it all gears up to that but it is all about if last year’s show works, if this year’s show works… what year’s work. But when it comes to this final, it feels like a great final. We haven’t had this kind of final in years, so if we could get the talent ­consistent in Vegas, we would be crazy not to.” AGT has been the top primetime show in the US for the past four years.

Currently, winners get short-term residencies in Las Vegas – but this would guarantee a long-term venue.

Simon with his partner Lauren Silverman and their son Eric, who he says has given him more energy (Image: FilmMagic)

One of Simon’s biggest stars is impressionist and ­ventriloquist Terry Fator, who won AGT and landed his own slot at the Mirage. London magician and comic Piff the Magic Dragon also has his own spot at the Flamingo. Next week, Simon returns to the UK for the launch of Celebrity X Factor – with the likes of Vinnie Jones and ex-Strictly star Brendan Cole competing.

And he insists reality shows are still ­relevant, saying: “You have to remind ­yourself it’s more than a competition, right? We get paid a lot of money to do this. For these guys, sometimes it’s a one-shot. And the money actually is important.

“It would be depressing if nobody did anything after winning one of these shows.

“You always pray people go on and have a successful career and the track record is good. You are going to see a lot of good things happening over the next few years for these peopl. The cream rises to the top.”

Meanwhile, Simon’s pal Louis Walsh poked fun at his new lifestyle – saying his transformation was kick-started by him looking like “Desperate Dan”.

Louis, 67, said: “He looked at last year’s X Factor and realised he had a fat face when he only wants a fat bank balance. Last year, he was Desperate Dan. Now he’s a different person. I don’t think Simon minds getting old but I don’t think he wants to look old. That Carly Simon song You’re So Vain was made for him. Now he looks like he did in the 80s – and still dresses like that too.”

Louis also said plans for his 60th bash sound toned down compared with his 40th and 50th. Guests at the lavish party for Simon’s 50th at Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire, included Kate Moss, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

Louis said: “It was quite over the top but Philip Green had organised it. This year will be nothing as pretentious.

“Lauren is organising it and it will be more normal with family and friends. I’ve been to all his ­parties and I’ll be at his 100th. We will both be there because Simon has found the secret of eternal youth!”

Simon axed Louis from X Factor last year, along with Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne, drafting in One Direction star Louis Tomlinson and Robbie Williams with wife Ayda Field.

Simon’s pal Louis Walsh says Simon’s new healthy lifestyle means ‘he looks like he did in the 80s, and still dresses like that too.’ (Image: Alpha Press)

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The show’s viewing figures have declined over the years, from 14 million at its peak to five million last year. But Louis is ­convinced this year’s celebrity version will put it back on top.

Louis, who managed boy band Westlife, remains close to Simon despite his sacking. “Simon has been good to me,” he says. “He’s given me loads of advice and a job and he’s always loyal. We always have a laugh.

“We’ll be walking on to the X Factor set and he’ll say, ‘Darling, try to be interesting tonight.’ He makes me laugh so much.”

And Louis has underlined his loyalty to his pal by calling for Simon to be given a knighthood for his birthday. He said: “I can’t believe he’s not a Sir.

“He would love the title. He deserves it. Simon might be 60 but he won’t grow old gracefully. He loves life too much.”