Who made it through on agt last night?

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America’s Got Talent returned Monday night with the second season of The Champions. The reality series pits the best contestants from prior seasons against each other, in an effort to determine who is the best. The winner will receive a grand prize of $25K.

So, how did the contestants fare during the season premiere? Which contestants came up short and which came out on top to win the night? We provided updates and spoilers on who made it through below:

Which Acts Advanced During the Season Premiere?

The four acts who advanced to the semi-finals during the season premiere were trapeze artists Duo Transcend, magician Dania Diaz and singers Angelina Jordan and Hans. The first two advanced on the strength of the superfan votes, but the third spot was decided by the judges, who felt that Hans’ blend of humor and music was a winning combination. Jordan earned the first Golden Buzzer of the season, meaning that she is guaranteed a spot in the finals.

Paddy and Nicko were the first act of the night. They previously competed on season 8 of Britain’s Got Talent, where they received the Golden Buzzer. The duo put on an energetic dance routine set to Jennifer Lopez‘s song “Let’s Get Loud.” 3 of the judges; Alesha Dixon, Hiedi Klum and Howie Mandel, were dazzled by the routine, but Simon Cowell was less than impressed. He said he felt that Nicko was “slower tonight” than he had been in the past.

Mike Yung gave an emotional introduction to his performance. He competed on season 12 of America’s Got Talent, but since then, he’s lost the love of his life to a sudden heart attack. Yung said that he was encouraged to return to the stage by his kids, and proceeded to sing an original song for the judges.

Heidi and Alesha were impressed with Yung’s vocal talents and his emotional transparency. The latter complimented his ability to bring very little ego to his stage. Simon was indifferent, and Howie was not a fan of the performance at all.

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Junior Creative Dance Crew were the next act to take the stage. They gave a colorful performance that told a story through various dance moves, neon lights and shadows. It received generally positive feedback from the judges, but none of them were ecstatic in their praise.

Hans followed up Junior Creative Dance Crew with the oddest performance of the night. The entertainer presented some memorable visuals, as he descended from the rafters on a giant banana while playing the accordion, and he somehow ended the performance by singing and tap-dancing to the song “Juice” by Lizzo. Simon did not like anything about it, and hit his red X. The rest of the panel urged him not to take Hans so seriously, but the praise was largely muted regardless.

Jack Vigden was 14 when he won Australia’s Got Talent, and his voice has gone through several changes. He told the panel that he had to train with an expert before he felt comfortable with his voice again. The judges were generally mixed on his performance. Alesha and Howie felt that Vigden started off shaky, but they did say that he has the potential to improve. Simon felt that Vigden played it too safe, and said he wanted to see him challenge himself.

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Duo Transcend were the next to take the stage and Tyce, one of the performers, told the panel that he was able to stop the progression of his eye disease, and will no longer go blind. The performance itself was a dazzling display of trapeze acrobatics, and the panel responded accordingly. Simon said it was better than anything the duo had done before, but that he feels they still have room to improve.

Dan Naturman returned to the AGT stage after competing during season 9. He did a standup routine about the difficulties of being an uncle, and how Facebook has changed the way reunions work. These jokes did not impress Simon, who hit the red X again. Naturman snapped at Simon and told him that he didn’t know anything about comedy, but instead of cause damage, the exchange seemed to win Simon and the rest of the panel over.

Angelina Jordan won Norway’s Got Talent in 2014 when she was 7. She told the panel that it was her dream to sing in front of Simon, and she made the most of her opportunity, as she delivered a knockout cover of Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The judges and the audience were floored, and Heidi slammed down on her Golden Buzzer. This made Jordan the first official finalist of the season.

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Eddie Williams had the unenviable task of following up a Golden Buzzer performance. The Australian strong man lifted 260 pounds before singing a cover of John Legend’s “Ordinary People.” Howie was not impressed, but the rest of the panel loved. Simon went as far as to commend Williams on the “bonkers” presentation of his act.

Dania Diaz was the final performance of the night. The magician shuffled a deck of cards and used them to reference dates, facts and the names of the people that filled her life story. Alesha praised Diaz for being an inspiring female performer, and for combing magic and personal experience. The rest of the panel agreed.

The superfan votes were tallied up at the end, and host Terry Crews announced that Duo Transcend and Dania Diaz were chosen to advance. The third spot was split between votes from the panel, but Howie broke the tie and sent Hans to the next round.

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V. Unbeatable (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Britain’s Got Talent 2017 winner Tokio Myers kicked off the America’s Got Talent results show for the second night of semifinals on Wednesday night with a musical performance.

Then it was back to business as usual with a recap of the artists — Alex Dowis, Luke Islam, Voices of Service, Detroit Youth Choir, Chris Kläfford, Ryan Niemiller, V. Unbeatable, Dom Chambers, Emanne Beasha, Marcin Patrzalek and Lukas and Falco – who competed on Tuesday night.

Simon Cowell Handicaps the America’s Got Talent Semifinals and Reveals an American Idol Reunion

The three acts in danger and eligible for the Dunkin Save were Alex Dowis, Emanne Beasha and Ryan Niemiller.

“Surprised is an understatement,” judge Howie Mandel said on hearing the voting results. “My jaw is on this desk right now. Without being mean, two out of the three of you, I was sure would possibly win this whole thing, so nobody is more surprised than I am.”

Then Terry called to the stage V. Unbeatable, Chris Kläfford, and Dom Chambers. The first act named going through to the finale is V. Unbeatable.

“Congratulations,” Gabrielle Union said. “I never love when my husband is right and they were my husband’s Golden Buzzer. Dwyane Wade, Jr. you were right. You picked an amazing group. Do exactly what you’ve been doing and you have it.”

It was time then for an entertainment break with season 10 AGT finalist Piff the Magic Dragon, who is the resident performer in Las Vegas at The Flamingo.

America’s Got Talent Season 14 Semifinal Recap Night Two

Called next to the stage were Marcin Patrzalek, Detroit Youth Choir and Lukas & Falco. The second act named to the finals was Detroit Youth Choir.

“Commiseration for the two who didn’t make it through,” judge Simon Cowell said. “Detroit Youth Choir you earned this, and now you will be in, in my opinion, the best finale we have ever had.”

The third round of acts to take the stage were Luke Islam and Voices of Service. Voices of Service made it through.

“Seeing both of you up here on this stage, both of you are incredible artists,” Julianne Hough said. “I think you just need to keep doing what you’re doing. Obviously, America loves you, so congratulations.”

Then Alex Dowis, Emanne Beasha and Ryan Niemiller were called back to the stage for the results of the Dunkin save. When the votes were counted, Ryan Niemiller made it through.

America’s Got Talent Season 14: Which Five Acts Made It Into the Finale?

The judges then had to pick between the two remaining acts. Gabrielle voted for Emanne, Julianne also chose Emanne, Howie selected Alex, leaving Simon with the deciding vote. He went with Emanne, who became the final finalist.

Tune in on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC for the America’s Got Talent finale when the five above named artists will join Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Ndlovu Youth Choir, Light Balance Kids, Kodi Lee, and Benicio Bryant.

‘America’s Got Talent’ semifinals part 1 live results: Which acts made it through to the finals?

“America’s Got Talent” aired the live elimination round for part one of the season 13 semifinals last night (Sept. 5) on NBC. After watching such sensational performances this week, it was hard to tell which six of the eleven acts would get cut and which five acts would make it through to the finals. So, how did America vote?

Dunkin’ Three Shocker

So many acts raised the bar this week, it was destined to be a brutal elimination round. It was particularly shocking to see Duo Transcend, Samuel J. Comroe and Voices of Hope Choir all fighting for the Dunkin’ Save. They were all magnificent this week! These acts, though, were ranked in fourth, fifth and sixth places overall. As per the AGT system, they were all in danger of leaving the competition.

Close-Up Magic’s Comin’ Back

Close-up magician Shin Lim and married singing sensations Us The Duo were the first two acts called up for results. We’re thrilled Shin Lim earned the first spot in the finals. However, we hate to see Us The Duo’s journey end. They are multi-talented musicians and dynamic singer-songwriters who have entertained audiences on stages all over the world. And, their lives are about to change even more with the impending birth of their first child –a baby girl. We wish them all the best with their bundle of joy and hope their music dreams don’t stop here!

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Howie Mandel has repeatedly dubbed Shin Lim as one of the best close-up magicians he’s ever seen and we have to agree. We are still wonderstruck by the way he made those signed cards from Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum disappear and reappear in several different places – from his back pocket to his mouth. Simply amazing!

A Dad’s Dream Lives On

Three Golden Buzzer acts were called forward and only one would make it through: Makayla Phillips, Michael Ketterer and Amanda Mena. Michael’s name was called and his Golden Buzzer granter Simon Cowell was thrilled, noting he still hasn’t heard from Garth Brooks on his request for him to write Michael a song to sing at the finals. The beaming father and husband said “That would be a dream.” Are you listening, Garth?

Amanda and Makayla delivered brilliant semifinals performances. The competition was just so strong this season. They both have amazing vocal gifts and we hope they use their AGT journeys as a fantastic learning experience as they push forward with their music goals and dreams.

Howie’s Comic Relief

There were a couple of tension-breaking segments in which Tyra and the AGT judges tried to decipher past contender and other AGT names (like Simon Cowell) from a string of emojis and another in which Howie pranked potential contestants by pretending to be a quirky contestant himself. He tried to freak the hopefuls out by saying he was sick and contagious and hugging one man and locking a girl’s bag to a chair and leaving. He was hilarious – in his signature Howie sort of way – and it was nice to have some comic relief during such intense results. (You can watch some of his tricks in the video above).

Zurcaroh Seals a Finals Spot

The last two acts called forward to learn their fate were Junior New System and Zurcaroh. The high-heel-wearing dance troupe did their best routine to date this week. But, Zurcaroh totally owned the night with their Egyptian-themed closing number. Ultimately, Tyra’s Golden Buzzer theatrical act went through and Junior New System’s journey ended.

Dunkin’ Save Nail-Biter

Samuel J. Comroe will be doing his stand-up routine in the finals as the winner of the night’s Dunkin’ Save vote. This left Voices of Hope Choir battling Duo Transcend. The vote reached a deadlock with Simon and Heidi for Voices of Hope and Howie and Mel B for Duo Transcend. Based on America’s vote, Duo Transcend snagged the last spot in the finals. Voices of Hope’s bright smiles and sweet spirits will be dearly missed. One thing is certain, the joy these kids project is infectious and we hope a talent scout somewhere books them on a nationwide “hope” and “happy” tour as soon as possible.

Part two of “America’s Got Talent” season 13 semifinals air next Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC. And, chart-topping K-pop boyband BTS will perform their new single “Idol” during the AGT live results show on Sept. 12, also at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Stay tuned to AXS for “America’s Got Talent’ updates.

As the grand finale of Season 14 inches ever closer, Wednesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent said goodbye to six deserving acts, sending five more through to the finals.

The 11 acts that performed on Tuesday — the Ndlovu Youth Choir, Ansley Burns, the Messoudi Brothers, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Greg Morton, Kodi Lee, Jackie Fabulous, Robert Finley, Eric Chien, Light Balance Kids and Benicio Bryant — returned to the AGT stage on Wednesday to learn their fates. Ready, set, results:

ACTS SENT THROUGH: Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Kodi Lee, Benicio Bryant, Light Balance Kids and Ndlovu Youth Choir

ACTS ELIMINATED: Ansley Burns, Messoudi Brothers, Greg Morton, Jackie Fabulous, Eric Chien and Robert Finley

To lighten the mood, AGT also welcomed back a pair of familiar faces: Season 12 winner Darci Lynne Farmer and Season 12 finalist Preacher Lawson.

Next Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 8/7c) will give the remaining semifinalists one last chance to earn America’s votes and make it to the finals. Those hopeful acts include: Alex Dowis, Chris Klafford, the Detroit Youth Choir, Dom Chambers, Emanne Beasha, Luke Islam, Marcin Patrzalek, Ryan Niemiller, V. Unbeatable and Voices of Service.

Which of these finalists will you be rooting for in the next round? And which of the eliminations above did America get totally wrong? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the Season 14 finalists below.

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The first round of AGT semifinals for Season 14 came to a close with Wednesday night’s results. Five of Tuesday’s acts moved on to the finals, with six acts going home.

Read on to find out which acts were voted through by America, and which were saved by the Dunkin’ Save and judges’ choice. Then tune in next Tuesday at 8/7c for the second week of semifinals.

America’s Got Talent Semifinals results

‘AGT’ Results: The Top 3

These acts were sent straight through to the finals, having received the most votes from America’s viewers.

Kodi Lee
Benicio Bryant
Tyler Butler-Figueroa

Talent Recap predicted these three acts would be at the top of the pack. They received rave reviews from the judges last night, and are clearly beloved by viewers. We can’t wait to see what they do in the finals.

‘AGT’ Results: The Bottom 5 Are Eliminated!

These acts received the least amount of votes from AGT viewers, immediately eliminating them from the competition without the chance at a live save or the judges’ choice.

Greg Morton
Eric Chien
Ansley Burns
Messoudi Brothers
Jackie Fabulous

These results aren’t too surprising, considering most of the acts in the bottom received mixed reviews from the judges on last night’s show. The competition is getting fierce, and only the best of the best can make it through to the finals.

‘AGT’ Results: The Dunkin’ Save

These three acts came in 4th, 5th, and 6th place in last night’s vote. They were put up for a half-hour vote, and one act was saved by viewers.

Light Balance Kids
Ndlovu Youth Choir
Robert Finley

At the end of the night, America voted to send Light Balance Kids through to the finals. This was Ndlovu Youth Choir’s second time in the Dunkin’ Save, and they ended up being saved by the judges’ choice. (Julianne, Gabrielle, and Simon all voted for them, while Howie voted for Robert Finley.)

Preacher Lawson Is Back!

Preacher, who was a runner-up in Season 12 of AGT and finished in the Top 5 of Champions, returned to perform his stand-up comedy. He made plenty of jokes about losing to Darci Lynne in his season.

Darci Lynne Farmer Performs!

The Season 12 winner was back with her puppet Petunia to perform “It’s a Man’s World” in honor of Preacher Lawson. Petunia hit some pretty high notes! Afterward, Darci Lynne told host Terry Crews that she felt like she was going to “puke” during every results show in her season.

What do you think of tonight’s results? Did your favorites make it to the finals? Who did you vote for in the Dunkin’ Save? Let us know in the comments.

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America’s Got Talent aired the season 14 live finals last night on ABC. The episode featured talented finalists like Benicio Bryant, Kodi Lee, and countless others as they took the stage and tried their hand at winning the $1 million grand prize. It’s anyone’s guess as to which finalist will win. So, before the live results finale airs tonight, catch up on what happened last night:

BEWARE of SPOILERS below. Stop reading if you are not caught up on the live finals episode of America’s Got Talent.

The episode opened with a recap of the entire season, and highlights of some of the best performances. After the recap, V. Unbeatable took the stage and performed arguably their best routine to date. “My adrenaline is out of this world,” said judge Gabrielle Union. “That was frigging unbelievable. You guys killed that performance.” The other judges were similarly impressed, stating that V. Unbeatable had set the bar high for the night.

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Detroit Youth Choir were the next act to take the stage. They performed a powerhouse rendition of “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and by the time they wrapped up, the audience was going wild. “I don’t see a choir, I see a group of individuals who throughout this competition have done everything with enthusiasm, talent, friendship, and personality,” gushed Simon Cowell. “You mean so much to us. This is going to be such a tough competition tonight.”

The third act of the night was Emanne Beasha, and she somehow managed to outshine those that preceded her. “Last week we said you were from another planet, tonight you took us to another planet,” said Julianne Hough. “That was otherworldly. You are an angel. You are perfect. The stars are aligned for you right now. Own it.” Simon praised her “incredible voice,” and Gabrielle called it “perfection.” Emanne is definitely a finalist to watch.

Ryan Niemiller keeps the momentum going with a charming and hilarious stand-up routine. He has the judges in stitches, and they have nothing but kind words to bestow upon him when he finishes. “You are so deserving,” Howie Mandel said. “You are so funny and deserving. I love you, I laughed at you, you are a star.” Simon was similarly enthusiastic, going as far as to say that Niemiller should be cast in Hollywood comedies as soon as possible.

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If you’re handsome and you know it clap your hands. @cripplethreat8 #AGTFinale

A post shared by America’s Got Talent – AGT (@agt) on Sep 17, 2019 at 5:54pm PDT

Voices of Service were next, and they gave a subdued performance of “Footprints in the Sand” by Leona Lewis. While the praise was not as ecstatic as it was for some of the previous finalists, the judges were still impressed with what they saw. “You are changing lives,” Howie explained. “It is so powerful. I hope America votes. We need you.”

Then it was Light Balance Kids. The dance group gave a playful, energetic performance that received generally warm reception from the judges and audience. Simon admitted that he wasn’t blown away by the performance, but that it was fun. “I am going to be completely honest,” he said. “I haven’t been supportive, but when it matters, tonight, you pulled it out. It was fun, it was cool, it was relevant.”

Following on the heels of Light Balance Kids was Benicio Bryant. The fan favorite gave a soaring vocal performance that floored the judges, and they struggled to find the words to describe it. “You have my absolutely respect,” Simon affirmed. “All you did was bring yourself. You also gave yourself a real shot.” Howie added that Bryant took a “big gamble” by doing an original, and that he would’ve likely guaranteed a win if he had chosen a popular cover.

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You know @tylerbutlerfigueroaviolinist is a survivor. 🙌 #AGTFinale

A post shared by America’s Got Talent – AGT (@agt) on Sep 17, 2019 at 6:37pm PDT

Then we have Tyler Butler-Figueroa, who performs “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child on his violin. The mix of R&B and pop with Tyler’s head-spinning violin made for a hypnotic experience, and the judges couldn’t have been prouder. “I am busting with pride for you,” Simon exclaimed. “It says way more than I can say for you, the impact you have had. Beyoncé okayed that song for you.”

Kodi Lee, who has been pegged as a frontrunner since his audition, performed a cover of “Lost Without You” by Freya Ridings. The judges, and Howie in particular, were so impressed they said he had the best shot at winning the grand prize. “The words that come to me are, ‘Heck, yah,’” Howie stated. “I think season 14 is the season of Kodi Lee. I think you are worth more than a million dollars, but I think you are going to walk out of here with a million.”

Ndlovu Youth Choir closed out the night with a cover of the song “Africa” by Toto. The performance goes over like gangbusters, and the judges tell them that they are now in a position to win the entire thing. “I pray that this show can change people’s lives,” Simon explained. “I think that performance may have done it. With that performance, the best finale I have ever sat through in my life.”

Can Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel please be the next two judges booted from America’s Got Talent? After Monday’s episode of The Champions, which set the stage for next week’s semifinals, I’m not sure either one of them knows the meaning of the word anymore.

My frustration — which I imagine will be shared by many — comes from the final elimination of the night, the dreaded “judges’ choice.” This week, the panel’s options included Brian King Joseph, an exceptional violinist whose neuropathy will someday leave him paralyzed; Christian and Percy, a human-dog act that exemplifies strength, dedication and companionship; and JJ Pantano, a 7-year-old child whose “comedy” routine was basically just a roast of the judges. (His sick burns included ripping on Alesha Dixon for not being as successful as Alicia Keys, and belittling host Terry Crews for only playing 32 games in his NFL career.)

Talking amongst themselves, the judges concluded that this was not going to be an easy decision, and I agreed. I couldn’t imagine having to choose between the inspirational musician or the incredible athlete/animal trainer. With all respect to the child standing between them, BKJ and Christian might as well have been the only people standing on that stage. (Boy, did I misjudge the situation.)

Mandel, for reasons I will never comprehend, cast the first vote for Pantano. (My Spidey sense immediately began tingling.) Dixon and Heidi Klum threw their respective votes behind the other two acts, which resulted in a tie, leaving the contestants’ collective fate in Cowell’s hands, and he… I can’t believe I’m even about to type these words… chose the kid.

I’m honestly at a loss here. Cowell stealing Mandel’s Golden Buzzer a few weeks ago was one thing, but this is a whole other level of crazy. For a show that prides itself on spreading inspiration and positivity, it’s kind of mind-blowing that AGT would promote a little roaster — no matter how precocious — over the other two. And I know it’s ridiculous to get worked up over the results of a reality show, but let’s be honest, we crossed that line weeks ago.

Fortunately, the night’s other seven acts ended up exactly where they belonged. Dixon gave her Golden Buzzer to Silhouettes, a dance group whose beautiful story illustrated the enduring relationship between a girl and her dog throughout their lives together. And the super-fans sent through Strauss Serpent, a jaw-dropping contortionist, and Sandou Trio Russian Bar, whose ocean-themed acrobatic routine had everyone in the audience gasping.

As for the acts that didn’t make it to the semifinals, we said goodbye to gospel quartet Voices of Service, dancer Emil Rengle (who was totally paying homage to Britney Spears in that “Oops!…I Did It Again” bodysuit), musical duo Bars and Melody, and young songstress Connie Talbot.

Following tonight’s results, we now know the 16 acts competing in next week’s semifinals: Alexa Lauenburger, Angelina Jordan, Boogie Storm, Dania Diaz, Duo Destiny, Duo Transcend, Hans, JJ Pantano, Marc Spelmann, Marcelito Pomoy, Ryan Niemiller, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Silhouettes, Strauss Serpent, Tyler Butler-Figueroa and V. Unbeatable. ( for a closer look at each of those acts.)

OK, let’s talk: Am I overreacting here, or do Cowell and Mandel need to take a step back and reevaluate their life choices? Vote for your favorite acts in our poll below, then drop a comment with your thoughts about Monday’s episode. Plus, which semifinalists will you be rooting for next week?

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Tonight was the third live results show for the America’s Got Talent 2019 quarterfinals and only 7 acts move on in the competition and into the semi-finals. Last night, 12 acts performed part 3 of the quarterfinals for season 14 and fans were waiting to see who would move on in the competition. The acts who performed last night were Singer Benicio Bryant, Beatboxing group Berywam, Detroit Youth Choir, Magician Dom Chambers, Opera Singer Emanne Beasha, Magician Eric Chien, Tambourinist Gonzo, Comedienne Jackie Fabulous, Dog Act Lukas & Falco, Singer MacKenzie, Guitarist Marcin Patrzalek, and Aerialist Matthew Richardson.

During tonight’s results show, fates are revealed and performers hoped to keep their spot on the show.

Read on below for a rundown on tonight’s results in our live recap. See who made it through, who was eliminated, and who competed for tonight’s live Dunkin Save vote. We will continue to update you with the results as they air live.

AGT 2019 Results Live Recap – Quarterfinals Part 3

At the start of the live episode, a video package was shown, revealing some of the preparation the acts have gone through for last night’s show. A brief highlights video of last night’s performances was also shown. And then it was time for host Terry Crews to check in with the judges.

Then, the three acts in danger were revealed to be Jackie Fabulous, Lukas & Falco, and Marcin Patrzalek. This meant that each of them were up for the Dunkin Save. Only one could be saved by America. When the live voting was shown across the screen, Jackie Fabulous was in the lead with the most votes.

You have 30 minutes to VOTE! #AGT https://t.co/c88cS4uRX0

— Howie Mandel (@howiemandel) August 29, 2019

More results were then revealed. It was between Gonzo and the Detroit Youth Choir, but the choir made it through. It’s no wonder they were golden buzzer winners earlier in the season.

And, before getting into a big performance, host Terry Crews touched base with the three acts up for the Dunkin Save and urged viewers to vote. The cast of “Celestia” then took the stage to perform.

And the next results were given to Emanne Beasha and Berywam. But, which of them made it through? Emanne Beasha. Up next were Dom Chambers and Eric Chien, both magicians. It was then revealed that Chien would be moving forward to the semi-finals.

Chambers was then kept on stage and Matthew Richardson was brought up beside him for more results. Chambers was revealed as moving on in the competition, while Richardson was eliminated. Judge Simon Cowell then said that Chambers is a “great guy” and he’s thrilled for him.

Singers Benicio Bryant and MacKenzie were the final artists to find out their results, besides the Dunkin Save contenders. And, Bryant was put through to the next round. Judge Gabrielle Union let Bryant know that he is one of her favorite acts of the season, upon hearing the results.

Finally, it was time to hear who earned the Dunkin Save tonight. And the winner of the Dunkin Save was … Jackie Fabulous. This meant that Lukas & Falco and Marcin Patrzalek were up for a possible save from the judges. Only one of them could be voted through.

But, before making their decisions, the judges, along with America, were shown highlights of both acts’ performances from last night. Howie Mandel’s vote tonight was for Patrzalek, while Gabrielle Union went with Patrzalek as well. Simon Cowell’s pick was next and he chose Patrzalek, which meant that he had the majority of the votes, even though Julianne Hough didn’t get to weigh in.

Greg Morton, Tyler Butler-Figuroa, Ansley Burns, Robert Finley, Eric Chien, Jackie Fabulous, Benicio Bryant, Light Balance Kids, Kodi Lee, Messouri Brothers, and a choir will all return next week for the start of the 2019 semi-finals.

The third and final quarterfinal for season 14 of “America’s Got Talent” aired on Tuesday (August 27) with a dozen more acts taking to the stage over the course of this two-hour episode. “AGT” viewers voted by the millions overnight for their favorites from quarterfinal 3. The results are to be revealed during a one-hour episode on August 28.

Only seven of the acts will make it through to the semifinals, which start next week. The five who brought in the most votes will automatically advance to the semis while the bottom four will be eliminated. Host Terry Crews will reveal the three acts that landed in sixth, seventh and eighth place in the popular vote. They are eligible for the Dunkin’ Save, a live vote to take place during the results show. The biggest vote-getter will earn the sixth slot. The judges will then choose between the other two for the final spot.

SEE ‘America’s Got Talent’ live show 1 results: Which of the 7 acts to advance is likeliest to win ‘AGT’?

These seven acts will join the 14 that were put through to the semifinals from the first two quarterfinals. The Week 1 winners were: Ansley Burns, Alex Dowis, Luke Islam, Kodi Lee, Messoudi Brothers, Greg Morton and Voices of Service. The Week 2 winners were: Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Robert Finley, Chris Kläfford, Light Balance Kids, Ndlovu Youth Choir, Ryan Niemiller and V.Unbeatable.

SEE ‘America’s Got Talent’ live show 2 results: Which of the 7 acts to advance is likeliest to win ‘AGT’?

So which acts earned enough votes to continue on in the competition? Follow along with our live blog as we recap this results show, which is episode 15 of season 14 of “AGT.” Who are you rooting for and who would you be happy to see sent on their way? Be sure to sound off in the comments about the night’s most shocking snubs.

8:11 p.m. – After a behind the scenes recap of last night’s performances, the judges and Terry prepared for the first set of results–the name of the three acts that would compete throughout the hour for the Dunkin’ Save. Those three acts that placed in the 6th, 7th and 8th places in overnight votes were: Jackie Fabulous, Lukas & Falco and Marcin Patrzalek. Wow, shocker? I think I predicted at least two of them to advance!

8:13 p.m. – As we broke to commercial we got a glimpse of the initial votes for the Dunkin’ Save. Jackie took a quick lead polling 46% of the votes while both Lukas and Marcin hovered in the 20s.

8:16 p.m. – Next Terry dropped us the names of the first act to automatically advance to the semifinals. Between Gonzo and Detroit Youth Choir it was the good ol’ DYC! That means we say goodbye to Gonzo and his tambourine.

8:23 p.m. – Before the next set of results we were treated to a special performance featuring a cast of AGT all stars called Celestia. The daredevil and acrobatic groupe includes Sergey and Sasha, Deadly Games and the Sandou Trio Russian Bar, among others.

8:36 p.m. – With six spots left to fill, Terry brought Berywam and Emmane Beasha forward for their results. In no surprise, it was Emmane that advanced and Berywam that was instantly eliminated.

8:38 p.m. – Next it was Matthew Richardson, Dom Chambers and Eric Chien to learn their fate. Of the three, the only one eliminated was Matthew, meaning that both magic acts, Dom and Eric, will be seen again in the semifinals!

8:47 p.m. – With Benicio Bryant and Mackenzie both on stage, Terry broke the news that Benicio is the only one to advance to the next round.

8:50 p.m. – Then based on the Dunkin’ Save votes it was Jackie that became the sixth act to advance, leaving the judges with the decision to save only one of Lukas & Falco or Marcin Patrzalek to become the seventh.

8:58 p.m. – So, with a tough choice in front of them it came down to four votes to see who would advance: Howie voted for Marcin, Gabrielle voted for Marcin and Simon voted for Marcin as well. All three judges seemed to believe that Marcin was the one with the chance to win as well as being a “once in a lifetime talent” as Gabrielle put it.

9:00 p.m. – Do you agree with the results from tonight? If not, which act would you replace in the semifinals and with which eliminated act? Make your voice heard in the comments!

SEVEN ACTS TO ADVANCE: Detroit Youth Choir, Emmane Beasha, Eric Chien, Dom Chambers, Benicio Bryant, Jackie Fabulous, Marcin Patrzalek.

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