Who is matt roloff dating?

As the new season of the TLC reality series Little People, Big World starts, Matt Roloff’s relationship with his girlfriend Caryn will continue to be explored. They first went public with their relationship two seasons back, and have been growing stronger ever since.

In case you’re unfamiliar with their relationship, here’s what we know so far about Caryn so far:

She was a long-time employee at Roloff Farms.

Caryn and Matt worked together for many years before starting a relationship. Caryn was “instrumental in running pumpkin season,” according to Matt, and had done it for 10 years.

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Caryn and I out for dinner last night with zach, Tori, Jackson and Caryn’s daughter Brittany. Good times — we all got to take turns playing with Jackson. :))).

A post shared by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff) on Feb 4, 2018 at 12:09pm PST

However, in 2018, Matt confirmed to GoodHousekeeping.com that Caryn was no longer an employee at Roloff Farms. The real reason why Caryn left has yet to be revealed.

She gets along well with Matt and Amy’s kids.

Their relationship (as well Amy and Chris’s) took time for Zach, Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly to get used to, but now, it’s all good. Matt’s kids frequently spend time with Caryn, and she even helps babysit Matt’s grandkids Jackson and Ember.

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Love All these people !! A very very happy birthday to my sweet girlfriend Caryn. ….today we wrapped filming the season of LPBW. .. tomorrow it’s off to Arizona for a few weeks!

A post shared by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff) on Mar 15, 2019 at 9:56pm PDT

“I’m not really used to my parents dating other people, it’s just what it is, but I’m not going to sit there all bitter and pissed off that him and my mom didn’t work out,” Zach previously said. “Caryn and my dad seem really happy together, and no matter what, I want to see both of my parents happy.”

She has a daughter and son of her own.

Caryn is very close to her daughter Brittany and her son Connor. While we don’t know too much about them, we do know that Brittany recently graduated from Oklahoma State University. It looks like Connor frequently visits with his mom and Matt when they go to Arizona together.

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Picked the perfect pumpkins 🎃 with my kiddos & @mattroloff .. What a great night @ the farm 🧡

A post shared by Caryn Chandler (@carynchandler1) on Sep 27, 2018 at 7:19pm PDT

“I care about her time with her kids, and she cares about my time with my kids, and it’s one of the strengths of Caryn and relationship,” Matt has said.

Speaking of Arizona .. that’s where Caryn is originally from.

Matt and Caryn are big on spending the winter months in the Grand Canyon State, where Caryn was born.

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Thankful for spending Thanksgiving in Arizona w these beautiful souls. 💛 Wherever u find yourself today … I wish you love & happiness. If u have a chance, enjoy some dutch apple pie. My fav. 😉 #thanksgiving #surprise #arizona #family

A post shared by Caryn Chandler (@carynchandler1) on Nov 22, 2018 at 4:57pm PST

While there, the duo will hang out with Caryn’s family from time to time. In fact, Matt revealed in July of 2018 that he had bought a house down there which happened to be formerly owned by Caryn’s parents — safe to say, they get along just fine.

He can never win. Matt Roloff shared a photo of himself and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, and for once the focus of fan criticism isn’t Caryn or their relationship. This time, people had something to say about the Little People, Big World star’s grammar.

“Today was a great day!” Matt, 57, began the caption on the post. “Got to hang out with Jackson earlier this afternoon and then this evening @carynchandler1 and me had a wonderful time at our dear friend’s daughter’s wedding.” Nothing particular controversial about that, right? But Matt still got critical comments. “*Karen and I. You look nice,” one person wrote. Another said, “Proper English is ‘I’ NOT ‘me’.” Ugh.

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Today was a great day! Got to hang out with Jackson earlier this afternoon and then this evening @carynchandler1 and me had a wonderful time at our dear friends Daughters wedding.

A post shared by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff) on Aug 24, 2019 at 9:33pm PDT

By now, Matt is pretty used to fans coming after him on social media. For instance, he once fired back at a troll on Instagram after they commented saying his girlfriend “was dating Matt when he was still married to Amy and she’s there for the money.” The reality TV star responded, “You couldn’t be further the truth.”

Another time, Matt posted a sweet picture of himself and his partner on Instagram on July 14, and captioned the shot, “113-degree date night with this cutie and @thehughjackman.” Fans took to the comments that time to accuse Caryn of being a backstabber. “I can’t stand the backstabbing Karen !” one person wrote. Another replied, “She’s using you for money! is fine if you find happiness in that!! ” And another follower wrote, “Oh come on they have been in lust even when he was married … I understand now why Amy was devastated …”

This time around, the TV personality had some defenders. “Good manners would dictate you not correct his grammar,” one person replied to the “proper English” comment. “Really? I mean really? So friggin’ petty!!!!! All of this happiness and that’s all you can post????😡” another said. What can we say? Haters gonna hate.

Things just got a little awkward on Instagram between Little People, Big World stars Amy Roloff and Caryn Chandler. After Chandler posted a photo with boyfriend Matt Roloff, a fan chimed in with a comment about Matt’s ex-wife Ami, with Chandler’s response raising a few eyebrows.

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A post shared by Caryn Chandler (@carynchandler1) on Aug 10, 2019 at 8:48pm PDT

In the photo, Chandler and Matt smile as they sit at dinner together. “Dinner in Bend, Oregon on a quick road trip and getaway,” she wrote in the caption. “Never mind those pesky summer thunderstorms.”

“Watch out I see Amy looking through the window,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments.

While it’s certainly not the first time someone has poked fun at Amy, this time Chandler responded with a blushing emoji featuring wide-set eyes.

Fans took notice to the response. “Yikes, no response to that would have been a classy move,” one person wrote.

Matt, 57, and Amy, 54, don’t always get along following their divorce. In fact, back when Amy learned that Matt was bringing Chandler to their daughter-in-law Tori Roloff’s gender reveal party, she said, “Seeing Caryn here threw me for a loop more than I would have liked. I think coming here to this particular event is an intimate family thing … It just throws a whole different dynamic to my life here on the farm.”

More recently, in a Facebook Live video recorded on March 31st, Amy implied that Matt got involved with Chandler while she and him were still married. “I think that’s what hurt and unfortunately may have — through an edited show — caused me to be a little bitter, may have come across as me being a little more angry. I’ll be honest,” she said at the time. “I’ll be frank, it was tough.”

But Amy has also moved on with her love life; she’s been dating boyfriend Chris Marek for more than two years now, and told Us Weekly that she’s not ruling out walking down the aisle again.

“I would definitely love to get married one day,” she told Us Weekly earlier this year. “But it’s not something that I’m intentionally pursuing.”

“If I say yes, then that means my whole heart, everything is into it,” she explained. “I do think is forever.”


Marek added of the possibility of marriage, “I’ve seen a lot of failed marriages, a lot of divorces, in my family. All my siblings, my mother. I mean, I saw a lot of examples of people that loved each other but could not live with each other. But I’m certainly not against marriage — I never thought I’d be this age and still single.”

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Amy Roloff Biography

Amy Knight, better known by the name Amy Roloff is an American television personality. She is best known for her appearances in TLC reality series, Little People, Big World. She has dwarfism along with her husband, Matt and one of her son, Zach. The show has aired for 13 seasons. and TLC renewed the show for a 14th season. The 14th season of the show premiered in April 2019. She is also an active philanthropist. She has over 837k followers on her Instagram.

What is Amy Roloff Famous For?

– She has Dwarfism.

– Starring along with her family in TLC reality series, Little People Big World.

source: @sheknows.com

Where was Amy Roloff Born?

Amy Roloff was born on 17 September 1964. Her birth name is Amy Knight. She was born to a father, Gordon Knight, and a mother, Patricia Knight. Her birth place is in Michigan in the United States. She holds American nationality. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

She is a graduate of Central Michigan University.

Little People, Big World

The first season of Little People, Big World premiered in March 2006. The series chronicles the lives of the Roloff family farm near Portland, Oregon.

The series mostly focuses on the parents and one of their son, Zach. All three have dwarfism.

The series has run for 13 seasons.

The 14th season of the series premiered in April 2019.

Several specials such as “Conquering Mount St. Helens”, “Breaking Down the Walls”, and “Welcome to the Jungle” were aired in 2010.

TLC also created and premiered its spin-off series, Little People Big World: Wedding Farm in 2012. The spin-off chronicled their new wedding business on the farm.

Amy Roloff Charity Foundation

Amy Roloff is also one of the known philanthropists. She has established the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. The foundation focuses on benefitting the needs of kids, at-risk youths, and disability groups.

She has also contributed to the Dwarf Athletic Association of America.

She also helped fund an organization for foster care parents and the kids they have adopted and supported low-income senior housing and a homeless shelter focusing on keeping family units together.

Source: @dailymail.co.uk

Who is Amy Roloff Married to?

Amy Roloff was previously married to Matthew “Matt” Roloff. The couple first met at Little People of America convention in 1987. They quickly got engaged and later tied a knot to each other on 12 September 1987. The couple shares 4 children together, fraternal twins Jeremy and Zachary, Molly, and Jacob. Her son Zach also has achondroplasia, while the other three children have average height. The couple announced in June 2015 that they would be divorcing. Their divorce was finalized in May 2016.

How Tall is Amy Roloff?

Amy Roloff has dwarfism. Her type of dwarfism is achondroplasia. She has a height of 1.32 m i.e. 4 feet and 2 inches tall. She has an average body build.

What is Amy Roloff Net Worth?

Amy Roloff is one of the popular television personalities. She earns from her television career starring in the television reality series, Little People Big World. Her family also runs a farming business popular by the name Roloff Farm. As of 2019, her net worth is estimated at $4.5 million.

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is a grandfather again now that his son Jeremy Roloff and wife Audrey Roloff gave birth to son Bode James Roloff. So, now that Bode’s home, Matt, of course, wants nothing more to meet and hold this newest Roloff.

Bode was born less than a week ago on his actually due date of January 8. Audrey expected baby Bode to arrive late as she was eleven days overdue with her first child Ember Jean Roloff. But Bode was right on time and a welcome relief to the new parents. Now LPBW fans are curious if baby Bode James is a little person like so many other of his family members.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Meets Bode James Roloff

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff is back in Oregon after spending Christmas and New Years in his Arizona home with longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler. Of course, he had to make sure he was local to Audrey and Jeremy as the due date loomed. Looks like Matt made it home in time. So, now he’s the proud grandpa of a four now that Bode James is here. Matt shared an adorable picture of himself holding his new grandson. He captioned the picture, “This little fella is definitely a muffin man!”

Matt Roloff certainly got the cool grandpa gig down pat on Little People, Big World. He’s a pro these last few months since his two oldest sons both blessed the family with new additions. Plus, he gets the kids the best Christmas presents. It will be wonderful to see how Matt tops himself after this years over the top gifts for both Ember and Jackson.

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This little fella is definitely a muffin man! #grandpaloveshisgrandkids

A post shared by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff) on Jan 12, 2020 at 9:16pm PST

LPBW: Is Baby Bode James A Little Person?

Little People, Big World fans are curious whether baby Bode James is a little person like his paternal grandparents, uncle and first cousins. So far the new parents have yet to share if Bode has dwarfism. However, statistically it is more than likely he will be of average size,

Audrey and Jeremy learned around week 36 of her pregnancy if their son would be a little person. Since they didn’t share that news with fans, one could assume he will be average height like both his parents and big sister, Regardless this baby will be more than well-loved and spoiled beyond measure.

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‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff’s Girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, Just Proved Once Again How Close She Is With Jackson Roloff

We remember when Matt and Amy Roloff were happily together on Little People, Big World, but a lot has changed since then. Fans have watched the couple go through their divorce, struggle to figure out what to do with Roloff Farms, and bicker frequently, especially in the last season of the show. And if there’s anything alarming we’ve noticed, it’s how much Amy and Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, seem to dislike each other.

In Amy’s recent memoir, A Little Me, she wrote about how Matt and Caryn seemed to have an intimate relationship while she was still married. And fans have suspected Amy’s jealous of Chandler for the good relationships she has with the Roloff grandchildren. It seems Chandler is proving once again how much the grandkids, especially Zach Roloff’s son, Jackson, love her, too.

Amy Roloff hasn’t always responded well to Caryn Chandler interacting with her family

Matt and Amy Roloff | Stacie McChesney/NBCU Photo Bank

Before Amy shared her thoughts and feelings regarding Chandler and Matt’s relationship in A Little Me, she’s told the cameras how uncomfortable she feels around Chandler during family events. On Little People, Big World, Amy even once said on the show, “Caryn has been part of pumpkin season and managing it for a long time and does a great job. But knowing the relationship between Matt and Caryn, and to know that they’re dating … You know, to work beside Caryn, it’s not healthy for me.” And Amy’s dislike was even more apparent during Tori Roloff’s gender reveal party.

During Tori’s pregnancy with her son, Jackson, Chandler attended the event while Amy’s boyfriend, Chris Marek, did not. And Amy made it known how she felt about Chandler being there. “I think coming here to this particular event is an intimate family thing… It just throws a whole different dynamic to my life here on the farm,” Amy said at the time.

Chandler was just out spending time with Jackson Roloff

Jackson Roloff and Caryn Chandler on Matt Roloff’s Instagram Story | Matt Roloff via Instagram Story

Despite Amy being uncomfortable with Chandler at private family events, it hasn’t stopped Chandler from spending time with the Roloff grandchildren one bit. Matt is frequently posting photos of himself, Chandler, and Zach and Tori’s son, Jackson, or Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter, Ember, to Instagram. And on Matt’s Instagram story, it’s clear that Chandler and Jackson have an ultra-sweet bond.

“Look at the berry monster, Caryn,” Matt says in his Instagram Story as he pans to Jackson. Jackson is sitting alongside Matt in the tractor and chomping on blackberries that Chandler is picking on the farm. And Chandler cackles with laughter as Jackson takes a fist-full of berries right out of her hand and eats them. “Don’t worry, Tori, we’ll clean him up,” Matt adds as Chandler continues to bring berries to Jackson for consumption. And it seems everyone’s having a great time, as Chandler can’t stop laughing.

Fans think Chandler makes an excellent step-grandmother

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Smile alert! Summer is here & it’s warming up quick in Portland – hooray ☀️☀️

A post shared by Caryn Chandler (@carynchandler1) on Jun 10, 2019 at 6:08pm PDT

This is far from the first time Chandler has spent quality time with the Roloff grandkids. Not only does she frequently comment on Tori’s adorable photos of Jackson, but Matt often posts candid moments of Chandler actively playing with the kids to his Instagram. “Once again totally 110% engaged in her babysitting duties,” Matt captioned this sweet photo of Chandler playing with Ember and Jackson.

While fans remain divided on how they really feel about Chandler, many have warmed up to her due to how good she is with the kids. Love it, Caryn has a special grandma place in Jackson’s heart you can tell,” a fan commented on this video of Chandler playing with Jackson on a slide. And another wrote, “Cha cha, I like that nickname for Caryn. that’s probably what the grandkids will call her. she is so good with them.”

It seems Jackson and Chandler have a special bond that can’t be broken. And we’re excited to see how that bond progresses as Jackson grows out of his toddler years, too.

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