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Keven Undergaro and Maria Menounos dated for two decades before getting engaged in 2017. They tied the knot on live on television during New Year’s Eve festivities, kicking off 2018 with a bang.

Not long after getting engaged, Menounos, 39, revealed that she and Undergaro were trying to start a family. They wanted to do so before getting married because that was “more time-pressing and most important.”

However, not long after that announcement, Menounos shared that she underwent surgery for a benign brain tumor. On July 3, 2017, she announced that she would be leaving E! News. Undergaro has remained by her side through the bad and the good times.

“And to , the best nurse in the world. You never left the hospital and slept by my side there. you are my everything and I’m so thankful to you. You and dad have really been incredible to mom and me. You both have inspired me. I’ve never been more excited about life. I see so much so clearly,” Menounos posted on Instagram after People Magazine reported her diagnosis.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Undergaro Has Been a Huge Supporter of His Wife

Undergaro has been nothing but supportive of his wife over the past two decades.

Aside from the normal ups and downs that every relationship goes through, Undergaro and Menounos have been forced to deal with other unforeseen circumstances that has not only tried the strength of their relationship but brought them closer together.

In August 2016, Menounos revealed that her mom, Litsa, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Undergaro and Menounos put everything on hold to be there for Litsa and to take care of her as she underwent surgery and treatment. At this time, Litsa’s cancer is said to be “stable.”

This past February, Menounos learned that she had a brain tumor and needed surgery. Undergaro stayed by her side through it all and continues to be the rock in her life. Menounos’ tumor was not cancerous and she has been in good health since.

2. Undergaro Proposed to Menounos on ‘Howard Stern’ & They Had 2 Weddings

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A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Mar 9, 2016 at 11:46am PST

Menounos was completely shocked when her boyfriend of over 19 years got down on one knee during her interview with Howard Stern on March 9, 2016.

“Although I said that this isn’t a proposal I want to ask you something, Maria. Will you make me the happiest man on Earth?” Undergaro asked while down on one knee holding a ring box. Menounos’ initial reaction was absolutely priceless.

“Are you freaking kidding me right now?” she exclaimed. You can see the proposal in the video below.

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#proposalreaction caption this for me would u guys?:)

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Mar 9, 2016 at 3:18pm PST

Undergaro proposed with an impressive bauble created by jewelry designer Jean Dousset.

“ and I first spoke on the phone and I consulted on what I thought Maria’s ring should be (about her!) and shouldn’t be. We then met to begin the design process, one month total. We had a limited amount of time and worked together closely to create the perfect ring for Maria,” Dousset previously told PeopleStyle.

The ring is described as an “Ideal round cut brilliant stone” surrounded by a “seamless halo.”

The couple tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 2017, exchanging vows on live television with Steve Harvey officiating, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A few months later, Menounos and Undergaro traveled to Greece for a second wedding. The two exchanged vows in front of family and friends in Menounos’ dad’s hometown of Akovos.

“It was the most special day of my life. We were so chill about everything, and I think, you know, Greece is our home and everyone there just came together for one purpose, and that was love,” Menounos told People Magazine after spending about a month overseas.

3. Undergaro & Menounos Struggled With When to Start a Family


Starting a family was something that was discussed by Undergaro and Menounos as it never seemed like an immediate want for the former E! News host. Menounos was focused on her career and didn’t want to settle down with a family. However, as she got older, she realized that she’d have to make a decision. She decided to freeze a few embryos so that she could try to conceive later in life.

Last year, Menounos started IVF treatments. However, she didn’t get pregnant.

“Last November, I had three embryos made, and we put them in the freezer. Then we did inseminations—IUI—because I was like, ‘Listen, I think we could probably have done this naturally, but what was happening before is that the ovulation kits weren’t working for me.’ Last month, I did another egg retrieval, and I got two eggs—so we tested all five embryos. Afterward, I had the craziest conversation with my doctor I ever thought I’d have in my life. She said, ‘OK, so here’s the news: We tested the five embryos. Two were bad quality, one was fair quality, and two were good quality.’ She told me the sex of these children, so now I’m realizing I have kids in a freezer. It makes it real when you know the sex. I was like, ‘What is happening?!’ So I called my mom and said, ‘Mom, you’re a grandma! Here’s what we’ve got in the freezer—don’t tell anybody. Isn’t this weird?’ It was the strangest call ever. Then I realized I have to do another IVF round because if I want two kids, the two good-quality ones could only end up yielding one baby, and I keep hearing stories about all these women who keep implanting embryos and they don’t take. I was so upset about the idea of another round, because it’s exhausting, physically and mentally,” Menounos told Health Magazine back in June 2016.

She posted the following on Instagram in June after months of trying to get pregnant.

“After months & months of IVF treatments and not feeling myself… I am happy to be able to post this picture & say I feel like me again. It takes its toll on you physically&emotionally. Hell, I spent an entire episode of my @siriusxmstars show crying one day bc of it all! After a few weeks of @piyoworkout & achieving my step count of 10,000 steps a day(most days going way above that) I feel back to normal! Anyone going through IVF knows what I’m talking about. This vacation was soo necessary & I feel blessed I was able to take it! #nofilter hahaha oh and ps this is place is heaven have I mentioned that?” Menounos wrote, along with a photo of herself on the beach.

The two absolutely love dogs and are parents to quite a few four-legged loves.

4. Menounos’ Dad Didn’t Like Undergaro at First

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Happy Father’s Day baba! I ❤️you so much!

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Jun 18, 2017 at 11:47am PDT

When the couple started dating, a then 19-year-old Menounos was disowned by her traditional Greek family because she was dating a non-Greek.

“It wasn’t an easy situation. He wasn’t Greek so my dad was very upset, pretty much disowned me, took my education away… I was now pretty much homeless, no education, no degree, but I had Keven,” Menounos told AOL back in 2014.

Menounos and Undergaro moved into a woman’s unfinished basement in Boston before moving to Los Angeles. Once she got hired as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, her parents headed to Los Angeles and Menounos’ dad, Constantinos, had a bit of a heart to heart with Undergaro.

“My parents came out to visit. My dad apologized to Keven which I think is such a sign of, I don’t know. I don’t know a lot of men that can actually say they’re sorry… It’s so hard to give the whole story but it was really tragic and really, really hard. We spent so many nights clinging to each other crying and it was terrible,” she said.

5. Undergaro & Menounos Had Their Own Reality Show & Survived ‘the Curse’

GettyMaria Menounos and Keven Undergaro with her parents.

Undergaro and Menounos starred on Chasing Maria Menounos along with her parents, Constantinos and Litsa. The show aired on Oxygen back in 2014. Although there was only one season (it consisted of 10 episodes), people absolutely loved watching the couple navigate life.

Despite the well-known curse of couples splitting up after doing reality television, Menounos and Undergaro survived just fine.

Who Is Keven Undergaro? New Details About Maria Menounos’ Husband — And Their Big Wedding In Greece

They’ve been together forever.

Maria Menounos had a big fat Greek wedding over the weekend in Arcadia, Greece and frankly, it looked like a blast? Who was the groom? Well, none other than her long time love Keven Undergaro. The two initially wed in a surprise ceremony during Fox’s New Year’s Eve broadcast. Steve Harvey conducted the impromptu ceremony. Now, the couple has had an epic redo in a fairy tale ceremony. Maria, 40, and Keven, 50, have been together for more 20 years. Who is Keven Undergaro?

1. Two decades

Maria and Keven have been dating since April 1998. Undergaro proposed to Menounos on March 9, 2016 on The Howard Stern Show.

A post shared by Keven Undergaro (@undergaro) on Mar 19, 2018 at 10:43pm PDT

2. His background

Undergaro is the founder of the online broadcast network AfterBuzz TV, a writer and producer for film and television. He is from Massachusetts and an graduate of Saint Anselm College. After college, he wanted to head to Hollywood and worked as 20 hours a day, seven days a week at a carnival during the summer so that he could afford to go to Hollywood in the winter and work as a television writer. Eventually he became the head writer of MTV’s Singled Out. He co-created the ABC show America’s Dance Battle with Maria and Julianne Hough. He is the executive producer of SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria. He is also a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show.

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Aug 20, 2018 at 12:48pm PDT

3. How did they meet?

After Undergaro’s stinty at MYV, he decided to make an independent film. The film was a flop. He was bankrupt, homeless, and a pariah in Hollywood. And then he met a beautiful 19-year-old girl named Maria Menounos. She was also from Massachusetts and had big Hollywood aspirations of her own. Undergaro saw more than just a bubbly, pretty, teenager. He believed in her talents and decided it was time to grow up, get serious and throw himself into her career. He committed to developing Maria’s career.

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Oct 5, 2018 at 11:50am PDT

4. Through thick and thin

Undergaro has stood by Maria as her career exploded, as her mother battles stage 4 brain cancer and through Maria’s own cancer scare. While her mother Litsa battled brain cancer, Maria was found to have a brain tumor of her own. It was benign, thankfully. Undergaro, along with Maria’s father Costas, stood by the Menounos women during this trying time.

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Sep 7, 2018 at 6:17pm PDT

5. Big Fat Greek wedding

It was a family affair in Greece as Maria and Keven’s families joined them in the fairytale celebration. Maria took to her social media to share photos of her stunning wedding and admit that it was planned in less than a month. The ceremony was in Akovos Village. Maria’s parents are from Greece. Maria’s dad Costas organized it. He wasn’t at Maria and Keven’s Times Square New Years Eve ceremony. She posted the photo of her wedding cake below with the caption, ‘Truly a magical fairytale. Huge Thanks to @catering.dipnosofistirion @dimitrisskarmoutsos for the most amazing food and for making every dream come true. Everything I had hoped for you took to a level I couldn’t even imagine. Thank you to both Dimitris!’

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Oct 7, 2018 at 10:18am PDT

6. 1500 lemons

Maria and Keven’s wedding featured a lemon theme. The centerpieces were lemon trees. There was yellow lighting and lemony accents. Menounos’ wedding planner said 1500 lemons were used to decorate the event. Maria even changed into a lemon yellow dress for her after party.

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Oct 7, 2018 at 4:39am PDT

7. And baby makes three?

Maria told Us Weekly that she and Keven want to start a family. She has reportedly looked into surrogacy and talked to her friend Kim Kardashian West about it.

A post shared by Keven Undergaro (@undergaro) on Dec 14, 2017 at 8:50am PST

Amy Lamare is a Los Angeles based freelance writer covering entertainment, pop culture, beauty, fashion, fitness, technology, and the intersection of technology, business, and philanthropy. She is deeply devoted to her chocolate Labrador and an avid long distance runner. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

What is Maria Menounos looking forward to most in 2019? “My goal is to have children,” she exclusively told Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. “This is definitely the year!” And when it comes to achieving her goals, Maria should never be underestimated.

“When I was in the Miss Teen USA pageant , I remember telling Bob Goen that I wanted to work with him at Entertainment Tonight, and then a minute later I was knocking on his dressing room door, saying, ‘Hi Bob, it’s me. I’m here!’” the 40-year-old star recalled.

Along the way, she’s also been a correspondent for Today, Access Hollywood, Extra and NBC Nightly News, starred on One Tree Hill and wrestled in the WWE. And just months after surviving a scary brain surgery in June 2017, she married her longtime beau, producer Keven Undergaro, 51, on live television as a part of Fox’s New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey.

Closer recently caught up with the star to talk about her marriage, motherhood and where she gets her incredible strength — scroll down for our exclusive Q&A with Maria!

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Happy Saturday 😊

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Feb 9, 2019 at 1:41pm PST

You’ve interviewed so many stars over the years. Any favorite memories?

I remember doing some really fun interviews with Jim Carrey. Memorable interviews with Vin Diesel that led to our 20-year friendship. I’ve been able to make such great friends with so many people, whether it’s the Kardashians or the Stallones or whoever.

Which celeb wowed you the most?

I’ll never forget when did Rocky Balboa and I started gushing about how much I loved it, and we both got so emotional. We were at his house this Christmas Eve talking about that. When I came out of brain surgery, I was quoting Rocky Balboa.

What’s been your favorite gig ever?

My work at NBC Nightly News — to be part of the most prestigious half-hour in journalism was an absolute dream, and I got to do stories that really made an impact. And one of the biggest interviews I’ve ever done was the Obama family. I just found out that Michelle Obama thought — that was pretty cool.

Getty Images

It’s a 17-year Thanksgiving Day tradition Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation’s Pets and Vets program. It pairs vets with shelter dogs, but the unique part is that the vets actually train them to be their service dogs. It’s a really amazing program.

And you got married on Fox’s New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey. What was it like saying “I do” in Times Square?

That was an amazing moment. Steve officiated and we surprised my parents. At the time, we didn’t really know what was going to happen with my mom .

How is she doing today?

She’s doing amazing, thank God. She has another MRI soon, so we’re hoping for continued good news. But at that time, it was really scary. In October, we went for and had a big ceremony and reception in Greece. We ended 2018 with some amazing wedding memories. Now every day is just a blessing.

So do you celebrate your anniversary on New Year’s Eve or in October?

I’m going to be super smart about this. I get two anniversaries now. Why wouldn’t I ask him for two gifts?

Getty Images

How is your health doing nowadays?

Great! Thank God.

Has your perspective on life changed since your brain surgery in 2017?

So much! I realized that my health has to be first, that life is really short and so many things have changed.

What do you do to stay healthy?

I feel like I wasn’t able to do much for a long time, so I’ve taken up Pilates because it’s pretty easy on my body. I’m really passionate about getting my green juices on, because I’ve been anemic and it really helps with my energy. And I’m just trying to eat as clean as I can, and eliminate sugar as much as possible … although I did have my JetBlue Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookie yesterday — just too good of a combo.

How else is your perspective different?

My views on success have changed — just my perspective on what I will and won’t do. Now I really just pursue the things that I feel passionate about. I was so career-oriented. I’m trying to enjoy friends and family more.

You’ve been open about wanting to conceive via a surrogate. How many kids do you want?

That’s the thing — that many. We kind of want to do the twin thing and get it over with, but everyone’s against that because it’s really difficult for both to take … although you see so many people end up with triplets and more, so we’ll see.

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Lovin’ Atlanta…the hospitality…and the weather!

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Feb 2, 2019 at 9:11am PST

That could be a handful!

I have to talk to the doctor more, but it would be great to knock it all out at once. We were at Adam Carolla’s holiday party and he said, “Twins don’t mean double the work — it’s more like quadruple the work.” So I thought, Oh boy, maybe I’ll rethink this.

Keven was your boyfriend for 20 years before you wed. Anything feel different?

I think we’re more bonded than ever because you never think that anything will change. You think you’re already super grounded and there’s nothing more, and it’s hard to explain but there just was, and we really are enjoying it. It’s been a lot of fun.

What’s the most recent romantic thing he’s done for you?

He does things literally all the time! For him, it’s service: gassing and washing my car, grabbing food for me on the way home, driving me to get my nails done. He’s always there to fill in the gaps and help me in any way possible.

How would you describe this time in your life?

I’m a little bit more enlightened than before. Life’s a little slower-paced by choice, because I’m focusing more on my emotional health as well as my physical and spiritual health. I’ve just been in a much calmer, happier place.

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Celery juice makes my liver happy! Try it! I’ve been doing it everyday since I heard about it! Check out my podcast to hear all the benefits! #conversationswithmariamenounos on @applepodcasts

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Dec 1, 2018 at 9:13am PST

Do you have any regrets?

No. Everything’s been great or a lesson.

It’s like you’ve already had it all!

Yeah! I need to make some new dreams!

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Maria Menounos’ Wedding Dress Revealed! See the Romantic Gown Covered with Hand-Painted Flowers

Celia Kritharioti/Instagram

While saying “I do” for a second time to husband Keven Undergaro, Maria Menounos wore a wedding dress plucked straight out of a fairy tale.

Before the TV journalist, 40, celebrated with her longtime love, 50, in her family’s homeland of Greece on Saturday, her wedding dress designer shared the first snap of the bride’s elegant gown.

“First fitting in LA for @mariamenounos,” designer Celia Kritharioti wrote alongside an image of Menounos wearing the lace-covered, off-the-shoulder gown.

“Our warmest wishes to @mariamenounosand @undergaro for a lifetime of love and happiness!” the designer continued. “Maria is wearing Celia Kritharioti off the shoulder wedding creation made from silk organza with hand-painted flowers and veil made from silk tulle.“

RELATED: Maria Menounos on Her New Year’s Eve Wedding Dress: ‘It Took My Breath Away’

Image zoom Willi Grieser/SplashNews.com

Following the ceremony, Menounos showed off the dress in front of the church where they exchanged vows. Family and friends watched on with smiles as the husband and wife kissed.

Image zoom Willi Grieser/SplashNews.com

Ahead of the wedding, Menounos also gave her fans a preview of the hair and makeup looks she’d wear on her special day.

“Trying to figure out what we’re going to do with our hair,” she said, while getting her hair styled on her big day. Giving her seal of approval to the elegant up-do her stylist put together, Menounos added, “I kinda love it.”

Image zoom Maria Menounos Maria Menounos/Instagram Image zoom Maria Menounos Maria Menounos/Instagram

Before leaving for the ceremony, Menounos also took a moment to share just how excited and thankful she felt.

“I’ve been planning this for maybe a month but really been planning this for a long time in my heart because I always wanted to return to Greece and do our wedding here,” she shared. “Greece means so much to us and our village and our roots and i’m so beyond thankful to all of our friends who put this together.”

“Honestly, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” she continued. “I have the best husband, I have the best family, nothing is without its problems and nothing’s perfect but I am so blessed and so so happy today that we get to do this amazing wedding in this beautiful village that I want to move to although I think Keven may divorce me and that would kind of suck.”

Ten months earlier, Menounos exchanged vows with her longtime love Undergaro during an impromptu New Year’s Eve ceremony as she hosted Fox’s New Year’s Eve broadcast.

The host had to choose her Pronovias gown strategically for her actual nuptials since she got married in the frigid New York City end-of-December weather.

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“You have to think you’re outside in Times Square, it’s freezing, you need something beautiful but appropriate,” Menounos told PEOPLE exclusively.

So she started the dress search where every bride does — on Pinterest. “I quickly went onto Pinterest and started looking at wedding gowns. I’ve never really been that girl that’s done that,” she explained. “I never really envisioned that day.”

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Menounos ended up choosing Pronovias’ strapless lace “Randala” design with a mermaid silhouette, sweetheart neckline and mesh detail on the bodice to add “just a touch” of sexy. The gown also comes with a matching lace detachable coat featuring a dramatic train (perfect for the freezing temperatures in Times Square!).

The wedding kicked a fresh new year for Menounos, who faced a challenging 2017. After caring for her mother who has stage 4 brain cancer, she discovered that she had a golf-ball-size meningioma brain tumor herself. She later had a successful surgery that removed 99.9 percent of the tumor, which was benign.

RELATED VIDEO: Maria Menounos Gets Married on Live TV

Maria Menounos isn’t afraid to buck wedding traditions. First, the television host got engaged to her now-husband, Keven Undergaro, in March 2016 after 19 years together on air during Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show. Then on Sunday night, they said “I do” in the middle of Times Square on live television as part of Fox’s New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey special.


Since the wedding took place outside, with the record-breaking low temperature of nine degrees Fahrenheit to boot, finding the perfect dress was a challenge. But Menounos did her research the same way most brides do: on Pinterest. “You have to think you’re outside in Times Square, it’s freezing, you need something beautiful but appropriate,” she told PEOPLE.

That’s why the first Pronovias gown she picked out didn’t work. “I had to think production-wise, I may have one or two minutes to get into this thing, I’m getting dressed in a storage container in Times Square in the freezing cold, and I can’t have something that had a little lining underneath. If you didn’t do it just right, your underwear lines messed up or you’re going to see them. I was like, ‘This is not the dress,'” she told PEOPLE.

But the second Pronovias dress she tried on was the one. It was the strapless lace “Randala” design, with a mermaid silhouette, and sweetheart neckline. She added a matching lace detachable coat with a train to help her stay warm (or as warm as possible!). “It took my breath away,” she said. “When I started crying, I was like, ‘This is clearly the dress.'”


As for why Menounos decided to surprise everyone with her wedding, one of the most famous momagers in the game had something to do with it. “Kris Jenner told me on Christmas Eve the other night ‘tomorrow’s never promised’ and she’s right,” Menounos told her parents on air when she revealed her big surprise. She also told her mom she loves her and wants her to be at her wedding, so that’s why she doesn’t want to wait any longer.

After a challenging 2017, in which Menounos cared for her mother who has stage 4 brain cancer, while having a golf-ball-size menigioma brain tumor surgically removed herself, it’s clear she wanted to start 2018 on a happy foot.

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Finally some good news for mom! We are getting married tonight in Times Square! I will be the coldest bride ever but the happiest! Seeing my parents happy means everything! #nye #foxnewyearseve

A post shared by MARIA MENOUNOS (@mariamenounos) on Dec 31, 2017 at 7:18pm PST

Her parents were thrilled by the news — and so were all the viewers. Cheers to the happy couple!

Getty Lauren Smith McDonough Senior Editor Lauren is a senior editor at Hearst.

Maria Menounos just said ‘I do’ for the second time with husband Keven Undergaro! See her stunning traditional gown for the Greek ceremony.

Maria Menounos looked like she stepped right out of a fairy tale for her wedding ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 6. The TV journalist, 40, and husband Keven Undergaro said “I do” for the second time in her family’s home country of Greece after officially tying the knot 10 months ago. Menounos wore a gorgeous off-the-shoulder traditional gown covered in hand-painted flowers for the Greek nuptials.

The TV host’s wedding dress designer shared the first look at the stunning gown on Instagram. “First fitting in LA for @mariamenounos,” designer Celia Kritharioti captioned an image of Menounos wearing the lacy gown.

“Our warmest wishes to @mariamenounosand @undergaro for a lifetime of love and happiness!” the designer added. “Maria is wearing Celia Kritharioti off the shoulder wedding creation made from silk organza with hand-painted flowers and veil made from silk tulle.“


Photos from the ceremony were shared later on, with one picture showing Menounos sweetly kissing her longtime beau, 50. The pair’s Greek wedding comes nearly a year after they got married in Time’s Square after 20 years of dating. The surprising nuptials took place while Menounos co-hosted New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey on FOX, and Steve Harvey even officiated!

“Honestly it’s a dream come true knowing that they got to see this,” Menounos said, referring to her parents, before exchanging vows with the TV producer. Her parents, including Menounos’ mom, Litsa, who is battling stage-4 brain cancer, watched nearby. “Your hands are so frozen, I can’t even get it on, you poor thing,” Undergaro said as he tried putting the ring on the bride’s hand.

Last year was tough for Menounos. She battled a brain tumor while her mother battled brain cancer, so we’re glad she got not one, but two amazing weddings. Congrats to the happy couple!

Maria Menounos knew that Keven Undergaro was the one when she met the Hollywood writer and producer as a 19-year-old college student, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that “it was love at first sight.” Still, the pair would go through nearly two decades of hardship together before even getting engaged.

“When I first met Maria, I had never met anyone like her,” Undergaro says about the short time he spent making a film in Boston, where he worked alongside Menounos. “When we said goodbye it was very emotional, even though we had only known each other for a few days. We both wanted to cry, and we didn’t know why.”

Except Menounos had already known that it was likely because they were meant to be. At the time she admits that she was ready to make Undergaro fall in love with her because she was so sure that he was the one for her. Her strict father, however, wouldn’t agree, which only seemed to bring the unlikely couple closer together.

“ both had family dramas. We definitely clung to each other and became closer,” Menounos explains, saying that her father had disowned her for being with a man who wasn’t Greek. “I think we realized very quickly we had each other’s backs.”

It was during that time that Menounos and Undergaro lived in an unfinished basement, sharing the space with three other people and living on minimal funds. But Undergaro was determined to have others see the star that he knew Menounos was and believed that making their dreams come true in Hollywood would be their only way out.

“I knew you were a star; I knew you were something special,” Undergaro assures his wife. “And I said, ‘We’ll get out of this. We’ll go make in Hollywood and then all will be well.’”

The risk was worth it for Menounos, who says she “wasn’t going to let anybody tell her who to love and who not to love.” And after facing lots of adversity, including her mother’s stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis and later her own brain tumor, having Undergaro by her side was worth it.

“We knew we were married in our hearts,” Undergaro says of not proposing until 19 years into their relationship. “We didn’t need any of that stuff to solidify it.” Menounos adds, “We were Kurt and Goldie-ing it.”

Finally in 2016, when the couple made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show during a press tour for Menounos’s book The Every Girl’s Guide to Cooking, Undergaro got down on one knee.

“We had so many special memories watching Howard Stern when we were in that basement,” he says. “It was such a milestone for us to come together on that show.”

Menounos didn’t think it was a milestone though. Instead, she thought it was a joke, until Stern chimed in to tell her that it was time to cry.

Just over a year and a half later, the couple would hit their next milestone moment in front of the world yet again, in Fox’s live New Years Eve broadcast.

“We ended up getting married on Fox NYE,” Menounos says. “Steve Harvey was officiating our wedding. Everybody was invited, and everybody got to be a part of it.”

Now as Menounos gears up to co-host the special New Year’s event once again on Monday night, she and Undergaro are reflecting on the past unforgettable year.

“I think that if we had done this 17 years ago,” Undergaro says, “I don’t think it would be as special.”

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Maria Menounos Marries Keven Undergaro (Again!) in Greece — See the Stunning Photos

Willi Grieser/SplashNews.com

Maria Menounos has tied the knot with Keven Undergaro again!

After saying “I do” in an impromptu New Year’s Eve ceremony last year, Menounos, 40, and Undergaro, 50, celebrated their love in another ceremony on Saturday, PEOPLE has confirmed.

For her second ceremony, the TV journalist swapped the couple’s first wedding‘s Times Square venue for her family’s homeland of Greece.

Leading up to the big day, Menounos told Us Weekly — which first reported the wedding news — that her father was planning the nuptials, jokingly calling him a “bridezilla.”

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The happy bride has yet to share snaps from the ceremony, but her wedding dress designer on Saturday shared the first photo of the bride’s elegant gown.

“First fitting in LA for @mariamenounos,” designer Celia Kritharioti wrote alongside an image of Menounos wearing the lace-covered, off-the-shoulder dress.

“Our warmest wishes to @mariamenounosand @undergaro for a lifetime of love and happiness!” the designer continued. “Maria is wearing Celia Kritharioti off the shoulder wedding creation made from silk organza with hand-painted flowers and veil made from silk tulle.“

After 20 years together, just before midnight on Dec. 31, 2017, the pair first tied the knot as Steve Harvey officiated.

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Before leaving for the ceremony on Saturday, Menounos also took a moment to share just how excited and thankful she felt.

“I’ve been planning this for maybe a month but really been planning this for a long time in my heart because I always wanted to return to Greece and do our wedding here,” she shared. “Greece means so much to us and our village and our roots and i’m so beyond thankful to all of our friends who put this together.”

“Honestly i feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” she continued. “I have the best husband, I have the best family, nothing is without its problems and nothing’s perfect but I am so blessed and so so happy today that we get to do this amazing wedding in this beautiful village that I want to move to although I think Keven may divorce me and that would kind of suck.”

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For Menounos’ first wedding, the bride wore a Pronovias strapless lace “Randala”-designed gown with a matching lace detachable coat, while Undergaro opted for a Ralph Lauren tux. The two exchanged their own vows with rings by Jean Doussett while their parents, including Menounos’ mom, Litsa, who is battling stage-4 brain cancer, watched nearby.

“I really truly believe that it’s taken us this long because of the pressures of putting a wedding together,” Menounos, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in summer 2017, told PEOPLE at the time. “I’ve always wanted it to be super intimate and even though this is the opposite, we can only invite our immediate family, so the pressure of who to invite is gone. This was just so perfect.”

  • By Michele Corriston

Maria Menounos Believes Healing Should Be A Group Activity

Maria Menounos isn’t one to go it alone.

When she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017, she wasn’t introverted about the experience — the entertainment reporter and New York Times bestselling author made headlines by bringing the world along for the ride, opening up to reporters about her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. The same thing happens when she interviews others. On her Sirius XM radio show, Conversations With Menounos, guests like talk show host Ricki Lake or Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown didn’t visit to talk about the red carpet — they were there to connect on real issues, like addiction and mental health.

With her new podcast and YouTube series, Better Together, Menounos is still connecting, this time through a family-style approach to podcasting. So it was no surprise that, when Maria showed up for our interview at a workspace in Los Angeles, she didn’t come alone — she brought the staff of Better Together along with her. But since the conference room was a bit tight, Keven Undergaro — Menounos’ husband and co-founder of AfterBuzz TV — and producer Stephen Lemieux opted to wait outside during my interview with Maria and show producer Stephanie Sabraw.

Hannah Hart in conversation with Maria Menounos at Patreon Assembly.

“I feel like the first incarnation of (Better Together) was on my Sirius XM radio show,” said Menounos, after interviewing Hannah Hart onstage at Patreon Assembly. “I started veering into health and wellness after my brain tumor experience. And I decided to just shift it into an entire podcast where I would bring the best of the best in every field to help us get better at everything.”

From her penchant to share the mic — most episodes are co-hosted by Undergaro, Sabraw, and Lemieux — to the experts she brings on the show, Menounos is on a two-part mission: to pull illness out of the Jungian shadows and into the bright light of community, and to inform people on the most cutting ways of bettering their lives in all areas.

Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMVceV3SOkc&t=513s

The podcast, which is being powered by membership through Patreon, brings Menounos together with guests that range the wellness gamut, from memory guru Jim Kwik to nutritionist, author, and cancer survivor, Elissa Goodman. And while the podcast is the most focused work she’s produced in the health and medical spectrum, helping audiences learn and grow has been a passion of hers since the beginning of her career.

“Whenever I did stories for The Today Show or Nightly News, or even my entertainment news segments, like whatever I could do, it’s always about the takeaway,” said Menounos before listing the kind of questions that motivate the content she makes. “What are you going to get? Are you going to get inspiration? Are you going to get motivation? Are you going to get tangible tips that will help you?”

From left to right: Stephen Lemieux, Keven Undergaro, Maria Menounos, and Stephanie Sabraw

The idea for Better Together came from a place of real trauma for the TV personality. In 2017, while she was helping her mother, Litsa Menounos, recover from an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma, she started experiencing strange symptoms of her own, including slurred speech, headaches, and light-headedness, she told People Magazine. A couple months later, while recovering from brain surgery, she was inspired to start Better Together.

“I love learning,” said Menounos. “I’m on an endless journey to learn and grow. And before my brain tumor, my mom had her brain tumor — so I was seeking knowledge and solutions for a long time and from there, Better Together was born.”

While Menounos’ tumor was successfully removed and diagnosed as benign, her mother continues to battle cancer. On the show, Menounos shares updates on her mother’s treatment and recovery, and by sharing her family’s journey with cancer, she’s providing a space for viewers dealing with their own issues to be exposed to new treatments, ideas, and to feel less alone.

“I’m sharing my journey right alongside everyone else,” said Menounos. “I’m being honest about where I am. And as embarrassing as it can be at times to admit certain things, I’m putting my stuff out there too because I know if I do, it will be easier for you as the listener to do so as well.”

Sabraw said the show’s audience ranges from teenagers — “girls on Instagram who are like 15 reached out to me about how they listen to it at the gym” — to those that are much older. And, every week, she and Menounos receive stories from listeners of all ages, many of whom deal with long term illnesses, about how their lives have been improved by something they learned on the show.

When I asked Menounos why she thinks the show is affecting so many people, she got choked up thinking about it.

“I think that people want to be better,” said Menounos. “I think life is so hard; I could cry. Okay, I kind of am. Life is hard, and we need help.”

As the interview wrapped, we opened the door to a pleasant surprise, Undergaro and Lemieux waiting with plates of food for a gracious Sabraw and Menounos, who’d been so busy that day they’d forgotten to eat. As I said my goodbyes and glanced back at the team behind Better Together sharing a meal, it looked a lot less like a business lunch and a whole lot more like a family dinner.

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All the Details on Maria Menounos’ ‘Bright and Chic’ (and Huge!) Diamond Engagement Ring!

Maria Menounos is just as in awe of her engagement ring as we are.

The E! TV host and her boyfriend of nearly 20 years Keven Undergaro became engaged on Wednesday after he popped the question on-air during Howard Stern‘s SiriusXM radio show.

So naturally, the star had to follow up that very public proposal by flaunting her new rock (which Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers assured listeners is “big”) on social media!

Image zoom

The Howard Stern Show; Inset: Slaven Vlasic/Getty

She showed off the sizeable ring on her Snapchat as she declared, “I just got engaged on the Howard Stern show! I am still in shock. My jaw is dropped,” the star said in another Snap. “I can’t even believe this!”

Image zoom

Maria Menounos Snapchat

The ring was custom-created for the star by jeweler Jean Dousset, who worked with Undergaro to come up with the perfect ring for his longtime love. “ one month total. We had a limited amount of time and worked together closely to create the perfect ring for Maria.”

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And despite the length of the couple’s relationship, Undergaro was starting from scratch when it came to the design. “The first question I asked Keven was, ‘Has Maria ever said anything about what she would like her diamond cut and ring design to be?’ Every girl does!,” Dousset says. “‘Never in 19 years’,” he replied. That was a first for me. So we imagined what the ring should be based on her personality and style. Bright and chic.”

Dousset showed Undergaro two styles and the two landed on the “Seamless Halo,” set with “an Ideal round cut brilliant stone I picked amongst a few other stones for its unique beauty,” Dousset says. And even though a beautiful finished product was a given, “to see his excitement as it all became real and the ring was being made particularly touching given how long they have been together,” Dousset says. “Maria is a beautiful ambassador. I don’t know of any other profession that includes anyone in a more joyous turning point of one’s life!”

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Menounos was visiting Howard Stern to promote her new cookbook, The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking and her Snapchat chronicled the hours leading up to her appearance on the show. It seems the proposal caught her completely by surprise. “Although I said that this isn’t a proposal, I want to ask you something,” Undergaro told the stunned star, who wondered if it was a joke (and was assured otherwise). “Will you make me the happiest man on Earth?”

She and Undergaro have been dating since 1998 and regularly work together on AfterBuzz TV, their joint online network. They also costarred on her reality show,
Chasing Maria Menounos
, which portrayed the couple living with her parents.

–Char Adams

Maria Menounos Is Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Keven Undergaro

E! News host Maria Menounos is engaged!

Keven Undergaro, her boyfriend of almost 19 years, popped the big question shortly after the New York Times bestseller’s interview on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show today. The 37-year-old has been in the middle of a book tour for her third book, The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking, which was released Tuesday.

Before Keven came on, Howard asked Maria whether she ever wanted to date anyone else. She said no, explaining, “At the end of the day, Keven and I are partners in life.” But, when they first began dating, Maria said her dad “was a little upset” since Keven “wasn’t Greek.” It didn’t take long for Maria’s parents—who were in another room during the interview—to embrace the love of her life.

“Let me bring in Keven,” Howard said.

“It’s time for me to suffer,” Maria joked.

After some chatter about their home life and Dancing With the Stars, Howard asked Maria why she hadn’t pressured Keven to propose. “Howard, I’m the one who’s telling him now, ‘We have to do this,'” she said. “He’s like, ‘No! I want a big affair. Kris Jenner says she’s going to be the godmother and throw the big party.'” Howard responded, “I think Keven should marry you.”

When Keven was handed the microphone, Maria got suspicious. “Are you about to propose to me? I’m going to die,” she said. “Oh my God, it felt like he was about to propose right now.”

And then, the time came for Keven to pop the question. “It was so emotional to hear you say everything, because listening to everything you said there, back when were in the green room talking about what you’ve been through, I’ve been through, too…when we wanted to be together, we couldn’t because people didn’t want us together. And then it was literally like the last 17 or 18 years of us fighting together, and me defending her as best I could…It reminds me just how much I do love you, and although I said that this isn’t a proposal, I want to ask you something,” he said. “Would you make me the happiest man on earth and would you marry me?”

Maria was taken aback. “Are you friggin’ kidding me right now?” she asked. “Is this a joke?”

Robin Quivers noted, “It’s a big ring!”

Who Is Keven Undergaro? Maria Menounos’ Fiance Is A Jack Of All Trades

Maria Menounos has been on TV in some form or another since 2002, so it feels like we’ve known her forever. She started as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight in 2002, and her career has steadily blossomed in the years since, making her a familiar face on TV thanks to regular appearances on Access Hollywood, Today, and Extra, among others. But Menounos has had one important mainstay in her life as her career trajectory has risen: her now-fiancé Keven Undergaro. Undergaro and Menounos have been together for nearly 19 years, which is an eternity in celebrity years, so I set out to find out who Undergaro is and what he’s all about.

The couple, who have been dating since 1998 (seriously!), got engaged in a very unique way: Undergaro proposed while Menounos was promoting her new book, The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking, on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show. Stern was clearly in on it, asking Menounos just prior to Undergaro popping the question if she wanted to marry him, setting the stage for an epic live proposal. Then, Undergaro came out, and said, “Although I said that this isn’t a proposal I want to ask you something, Maria,” then got down on one knee. “Will you make me the happiest man on Earth?”

Menounos, at first, seemed confused, but excitedly said yes. So now that she and her longtime beau are headed for wedded bliss, I can’t help but want to know more about him.

1. He’s In The Entertainment Industry

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Undergaro is a TV/film producer and director. He’s worked on short comedy films, full-feature films, and he and Menounos created AfterBuzz TV , which is a podcast that features TV recaps. He also served as executive producer for their short-lived Bravo reality series Chasing Maria Menounos in 2014.

2. He’s Not Big On The Spotlight

Despite his brief stint on reality TV, Menounos has been open about the fact that Undergaro is happy letting her stay in the spotlight. She told HollywoodLife in 2014, “Keven has been comfortable being the man behind the woman for so many years, and that’s such a great example for men that it is OK.” She also told Parade in 2014,

Keven has not been in the public eye ever. He’s never walked red carpets with me. He doesn’t go to events. People think he’s a ghost in this town. I’ve had many male celebrities come up to me, and they’re like, “Come on, he’s like the Snuffleupagus. He doesn’t exist.” I’m like, “Yes, he does. He just doesn’t like coming out here.” It’s been really hard for him, because he loves his anonymity, and he really just loves being behind the scenes. But you can’t tell the story of our family without Keven.

3. Her Family Initially Didn’t Approve Of Their Relationship

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Menounos is of Greek Orthodox descent, and she has said her parents were not pleased with her dating someone of a different background. She told AOL, “He wasn’t Greek so my dad was very upset, pretty much disowned me, took my education away… I was now pretty much homeless, no education, no degree, but I had Keven.” Undergaro called the beginning of their relationship “Romeo and Juliet without ending in full tragedy.” Yikes. Luckily, her parents seem to be on board now. They happened to be celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary and joined the newly engaged couple on Stern’s show.

Several years ago, Menounos came public with the admission that she had been sexually abused multiple times by doctors, and now she routinely takes him with her to appointments, where he sits with her in the exam room.

Undergaro and Menounos do not have children together, but they do have a full house: They’ve adopted three Bichon Frises named Benjamin, Winnie, and Baby, who enjoy plenty of fame on Undergaro’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Aw!

What a beautiful couple these two make. I have a feeling the future will bring nothing but happiness to both of them!