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Sally Field: Hollywood star’s age, films, net worth and husband revealed

17 October 2018, 17:24 | Updated: 17 October 2018, 17:51

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By Sofia Rizzi

Sally Field is one of the most successful Hollywood actresses of all time.

She has starred in many classic films, including Forrest Gump, Smokey and the Bandit, Steel Magnolias and Mrs Doubtfire.

Now she has written her life story in her new autobiography In Pieces, here are all the big and important facts you need to know about the stage and screen legend:

  1. Sally Field age: How old is she?

    Sally Field was born on 6th November 1946. She celebrates her 72nd birthday this year.

    She was born in Pasadena, California, to Margaret Field (née Morlan), an actress, and Richard Dryden Field, an army officer.

    After her parents’ divorce in 1950, her mother married actor and stuntman Jock Mahoney. In 2018, Field alleged that she was sexually abused by Mahoney during her childhood.

  2. Her relationship with Burt Reynolds: what happened?

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    Sally Field and Burt Reynolds were together for five years. In an interview, Reynolds told the Daily Mail: “She was the love of my life and I screwed the relationship up. That sense of loss never goes away.”

    Before he passed away in 2018, Reynolds mentioned that he would like to talk to Sally again. She has also recently opened up about their relationship, noting that it was an “instantaneous attraction” and “a match of flaws”.

  3. Her book: An intimate memoir

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    Sally has written a very open memoir that addresses traumatic issues from her childhood and challenges she faced in Hollywood.

    She sheds light on the sexual abuse she had from her stepfather, and later in life the infamous ‘casting couch’ where Harvey Weinstein made advances at her.

    Sally waited until her mother had passed away to write openly about her step father’s sexual abuse.

  4. What is Sally Field’s net worth?

    It is rumoured that she is worth approximately $55 million.

  • Name: Sally Field
  • Age: 73 years old
  • Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm)
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Net Worth: US $55 Million
  • Status: Alive

Sally Field is an award winning television and movie actress. She’s best known for roles in The Flying Nun, Sybil and Smokey and the Bandit. She was born to Margaret and Richard Field on November 6, 1946 in Pasadena, California. Growing up, she attended Portola Middle School followed by Birmingham High School. Field did cheer-leading and showed early interest in drama. She studied acting at the Actors Studio under Lee Strasberg.

Field made her television debut on the ABC sitcom, Gidget (1965-1966). The show was cancelled after the first season due to low ratings. Field made her comeback a year later playing the character “Sister Bertrille” on the series, The Flying Nun (1967-1970). She was cast as “Sybil Dorsett” in the 1976 mystery drama film, Sybil. Her performance earned her an Emmy Award for best dramatic actress. Field star opposite Burt Reynolds in the action comedy film, Smokey and the Bandit (1977). Other notable film appearances include ‘Norma Rae’, ‘Absence of Malice’, ‘Kiss Me Goodbye’, ‘Places in the Heart’ and ‘Forrest Gump’. Fields has won several awards over the years including two Academy Awards, two Golden Globes and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Her star was added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014.

Sally Field is 5ft 3in tall and has a net worth of $55 million. She was married to first husband “Steven Craig” from 1968-1975 and second husband “Alan Greisman” from 1984-1983. She also dated actor “Burt Reynolds” for five years but they never got married. Field has three children, Peter Craig, Elijah Craig and Samuel Greisman.

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Sally Field Real Name, Birthday, Salary, Wiki

  • Real Name: Sally Margaret Field
  • Birthday: November 6, 1946
  • How Old : Age: 73 years old
  • Place of Birth: Pasadena, California, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • How Tall : Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm)
  • Occupation: Actress, Film Director
  • Years Active: 1962-present
  • Net Worth & Salary: US $55 Million
  • Marriage(s): Steven Craig, Alan Greisman
  • Death-O-Meter: Alive

What Is Sally Field’s Net Worth?

Learn more about actress Sally Field ahead.

How old is Sally Field?

Sally Field is 72 years old. Her birthdate is Nov. 6, 1946, according to Biography. Pasadena, Calif., is where Field was born and raised.

Her mother, Margaret Field, made money as an actress, and her father, Richard Dryden Field, had a job as a salesman.

Sally Field | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

At the age of four, Field’s parents split up. Her mother married stuntman Jock Mahoney and had a daughter with him named Princess O’Mahoney. In addition to her half-sister, Field has a brother, Richard Field.

How did Sally Field begin her acting career?

Field’s acting career began in 1965 when she landed the starring role in the television series, Gidget, playing Frances Elizabeth ‘Gidget’ Lawrence. Although the show got canceled after only one season the role launched her career.

Field went on to play the lead role in The Flying Nun, which proved to be more successful than Gidget and ran for three seasons. The same year she started The Flying Nun Field landed her first film role in The Way West (1967) opposite Kirk Douglas.

What is Sally Field’s net worth?

Field’s estimated net worth is $55 million.

Is Sally Field married?

Currently, Sally Field is not married, although she has been married twice in her life.

First, to her high school sweetheart, Steven Craig (the two divorced after seven years of marriage when Field was 29 years old, according to Oprah.com).

After dating fellow actor Burt Reynolds on and off for five years she married Alan Greisman, whom Field divorced nine years later.

Even though Field isn’t married, she’s still open to the possibility of marrying again. “If I knew anyone I wanted to be with, I would hope I would have the gumption to bang on his door,” she told People in 2016. “I just don’t know who that is.”

Has Sally Field won an Oscar?

Yes, Field has won two Academy Awards. She won an Oscar for her role in the 1979 film, Norma Rae.

Sally Field accepting her Oscar for Best Actress in 1985.|ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Five years later she won another Oscar for her performance in Places in the Heart.

Field became the subject of many jokes for her acceptance speech following her second Oscar win. During her speech, she said, “You like me…right now, you like me!” but it’s often misquoted. Jim Carrey made fun of her acceptance speech in the film, The Mask.

Does Sally Field have any children?

Field has three children; Peter Craig, Eli Craig, and Sam Greisman. Even now, as a parent whose children have grown up, when Field goes out to dinner, she keeps her phone on the table so she doesn’t miss a call from any of her sons, according to an interview she did with AARP.

“I mean, my children and my grandchildren, they are my existence,” she told Oprah.com. “I’m not married; I’m not the kind of person that has a life separate from them. That’s my family. That’s my everything.”

Field’s most well-known acting roles

Throughout her acting career Field has played many memorable roles. Some of them include playing the mother of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) in Forest Gump.

Sally Field in ‘Norma Rae.’

And, of course, her Oscar-winning performances in Norma Rae and Places in the Heart are among her most well-known roles. Others include Mrs. Doubtfire, Lincoln, Steel Magnolias, and Smokey and the Bandit.

She has been on our screens for over five decades, but while she’s been very busy with her career, Sally Field has also focused on her personal life — she’s been married twice and had a longterm relationship with Burt Reynolds — learn about it now!

The actress, now 72, has tied the knot twice in her life — she said I do to her first husband, Steven Craig, in 1968, and walked down the aisle again in 1984 to her second love, Alan Greisman. During those two relationships, the Oscar winner welcomed three sons — Peter, Eli and Sam. However, while these marriages weren’t very high-profile, Sally did find herself with the famous actor in the ’70s.

Two years after calling it quits from her first husband, the A-lister and her Smokey and the Bandit costar began dating. Their rocky relationship would last for five years. “He was an important part of my life for a very long period of time,” the star confessed in a Live Talks LA Q&A for her memoir In Pieces. “He was a catalyst for me in a lot of ways, and I probably was for him.” Today, don’t expect Sally to get tangled up in another relationship.


“I’m really happy with how I am, and I really don’t want to pick up your underwear in the morning, you know?” Sally joked during the event.

Scroll on down below to learn more about Sally’s relationships!

To the public, Sally Field is Gidget and the Flying Nun. She’s union organizer Norma Rae. She’s the occasionally single, usually exasperated mother in Steel Magnolias, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Forrest Gump. She famously proclaimed, “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!” while accepting an Oscar for Places in the Heart. Field has remained a relatively wholesome and wholly American star, but in a new interview with The New York Times, she spoke about her new memoir, In Pieces—and the stories in it that will complicate that first descriptor, stories that are heartbreakingly in line with what it has meant to be a woman, and particularly one in Hollywood.

As the Times reveals, Field writes extensively about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather, which continued until she turned 14. (She first spoke publicly about it in 2012.) Her mother married Jock Mahoney, a stuntman and actor who went by Jocko, in 1952 when Field was about five. As she writes in her memoir, “It would have been so much easier if I’d only felt one thing, if Jocko had been nothing but cruel and frightening. But he wasn’t. He could be magical, the Pied Piper with our family as his entranced followers.” (Mahoney died in 1989, and divorced her mother almost two decades prior.) She writes about an abortion in Tijuana at 17, and about compromising situations she found herself in with certain men in the industry (with some denying the stories she tells).

Field later dated the late Burt Reynolds, who starred with her in Smokey and the Bandit, and who died just last week. Field told the Times that she saw her romance with Reynolds as a means of re-creating her relationship with Mahoney. “I was somehow exorcising something that needed to be exorcised,” she said. “I was trying to make it work this time.”

She writes about Reynolds’s prescription drug use and his controlling nature, and said that one salve to his death is that he won’t get the opportunity to read the book. “This would hurt him,” she said. “I felt glad that he wasn’t going to read it, he wasn’t going to be asked about it, and he wasn’t going to have to defend himself or lash out, which he probably would have. I did not want to hurt him any further.”

In Pieces will be released on September 18, and is now available for pre-order.

Oprah Talks to Sally Field

She’s gone from the embarrassment of Sister Bertrille (“a pregnant flying nun…. I was a walking sight gag”) to the triumph of Brothers & Sisters (with a string of awards along the way). Now the amazingly resilient actress talks about growing up in the shadow of violence, using anger as a survival tool, hiding herself in Gidget, finding herself in Sybil, and how, at 61, she’s finally found a measure of peace.
Listen In She’s gone from the embarrassment of Sister Bertrille (“a pregnant flying nun…. I was a walking sight gag”) to the triumph of Brothers & Sisters (with a string of awards along the way). Now the amazingly resilient actress talks about growing up in the shadow of violence, using anger as a survival tool, hiding herself in Gidget, finding herself in Sybil, and how, at 61, she’s finally found a measure of peace.
In the den in Sally Field’s Malibu home, two Oscars, a few Emmys, and a couple of Golden Globes stand in full salute aside a framed cartoon drawing of Sally as Gidget, the 1965 TV character that launched her career. The hallways and shelves are filled with photos that span four decades of Sally’s life. In one shot, she beams as her eldest son, Peter Craig, then a toddler, sits on her shoulders; another frame holds the TV Guide cover of Sally in The Flying Nun, a comedy beloved by viewers but the cause of much angst for its star. Looking at the photos, it’s incredible to realize that Sally had her own TV series before she was 20 and two kids before she was 25.
For a child born in Pasadena, California, to an actress, Hollywood might not seem a large leap. Sally’s success, though, was hard won. Her mother, Margaret Field, divorced Sally’s father, U.S. Army captain Richard Dryden Field, when Sally was 4; Margaret then married stuntman Jock Mahoney (his stage name, changed from O’Mahoney), a volatile stepfather whom Sally feared yet whom she credits for forcing her to learn to survive. Once Sally got beyond the perky characters of her early TV career, her childhood struggles to stand up for herself became something to draw on for deeper, sometimes darker roles. She played a student with multiple personality disorder in the 1976 TV movie Sybil, a resolute union organizer in Norma Rae, for which she won her first Oscar, and a desperate Southern widow in Places in the Heart (which brought her Oscar number two). Most recently, she won an Emmy for playing the matriarch Nora Walker on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters.
As her roles became more complex, so did her relationships. At 29 she divorced her high school sweetheart, Steven Craig, after seven years of marriage. She spent five on-and-off years with Burt Reynolds before marrying Alan Greisman, whom she divorced after nine years. The constants in her life have been her sons: Peter Craig, 38, a novelist; Elijah Craig, 35, an actor, writer, and director; and Samuel Greisman, 20, a sophomore in college.
Sally’s house was in the path of last October’s devastating California wildfires, but somehow it was spared. More than a home, it’s a retreat for Sally, now 61 and single, and her mother, who lives with Sally. We share a scrumptious lunch of sirloin steak, peas, rice, and some of the finest shrimp gumbo I’ve ever tasted, and then talk in the upstairs master suite, an enormous haven that encompasses a bathroom, a dressing-room-size closet (with a floor-to-ceiling column of hats), an office with a writing desk, and a sitting area where Sally knits. She is incredibly honest and very different from the woman you may think she is. I leave with a feeling of gratitude for our time together, as well as a heaping helping of Sally’s leftovers in Tupperware containers.
Start reading Oprah’s interview with Sally Field
Note: This interview appeared in the March 2008 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

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Her film debut was in Williams’s “Baby Doll” in 1956, directed by Kazan. She also appeared in Otto Preminger’s “Hurry, Sundown” in 1969 and “The Changeling” in 1980 as well as on the soap operas “As the World Turns,” “One Life to Live” and “The Guiding Light.”

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Interviewed on a 2003 PBS “American Masters” documentary, Ms. Sherwood was asked whether she would have testified if she had been summoned.

“I think I was not well known or important enough, but people have said to me, ‘What would you have done if you had been called up?’” she said. “I don’t know. I don’t think anybody knows what they would do if they were not in that position.

“It’s all very well to say of Kazan, Why give him a lifetime achievement award? But the name of this documentary is ‘Not Without Sin.’ You have to look inside and question yourself. And it’s not easy to do.”

Sally Field was flooded with a confusing mix of “feelings and nostalgia” for her one-time boyfriend Burt Reynolds, after learning that he had died last week of a sudden heart attack at age 82, according to the New York Times.

Sally Field at the 2017 Tony Awards Meet the Nominees press day in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

But then Field’s feelings about Reynolds, including when they were Hollywood’s golden couple in the late 1970s, were always “complicated,” as she explains in her new memoir, “In Pieces.”

Following Reynolds’ death on Sept. 6, Field issued a statement saying, “There are times in your life that are so indelible, they never fade away. They stay alive, even forty years later. My years with Burt never leave my mind. He will be in my history and my heart, for as long as I live.”

In recent years, Reynolds had said in multiple interviews that Field was the “love of his life.” While promoting his 2015 autobiography, “But Enough About Me,” Reynolds expressed regret that things didn’t work out between them. They broke up in 1982.

“I think we would have been very happy,” Reynolds said at the time.

Field apparently feels differently, telling People in 2016 that they had not stayed in contact. She also explained to the New York Times, in a story published Tuesday, that their relationship was “loving” but “really complicated and hurtful to me.”

Sally Field as as the 90-pound nun Sister Bertrille in TV’s ‘The Flying Nun’ in March 1967. (AP Photo

In her memoir to be released Sept. 18, Field portrays Reynolds as charismatic and swaggering. She fell for him quickly when he cast her as his romantic lead in his 1977 hit action comedy “Smokey and the Bandit.”

In an interview on the “Today Show” in March, Reynolds said he admired Field’s talent, finding it sexy.

Their connection was “intense,” according to Field’s memoir. In other interviews, Field said it thrilled her that Reynolds, then one of Hollywood’s reigning sex symbols, thought her attractive enough to be his love interest in “Smokey and the Bandit.”

The actress, at the time known for being a perky brunette and the star of wholesome TV shows like “Gidget” and “The Flying Nun,” admitted in interviews that she had always been self-conscious about her looks.

“He gave me a feeling that I was sexy, and I wanted to be everything he ever wanted,” said Field. “(But) that was terrible, because what happened is that I stopped existing. I dressed for him, looked for him, walked for him.”

According to her memoir, Field eventually found that Reynolds could be controlling. He accepted certain aspects of her life and personality, but disapproved of others, the New York Times wrote.

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field in 1977.(AP Photo/Ray Stubblebine)

Field added that Reynolds regularly used Percodan, Valium and barbiturates during the making of “Smokey and the Bandit.” He also sometimes received mysterious injections to his chest. Whatever was going on with Reynolds, Field was concerned enough about his physical and mental health that she repeatedly tried to get him to seek therapy for his stress and anxiety.

But he refused, finding therapy to be “self-delusional poppycock,” she wrote.

Field later came to realize that there were ways she might have been using her relationship with Reynolds to work out her much more complicated — and traumatizing — relationship with her stepfather, whom she said sexually abused her when she was a pre-teenager.

“I was somehow exorcising something that needed to be exorcised,” she said. “I was trying to make it work this time.”

Field grew up in the Los Angeles area. Her stepfather was Jock Mahoney, a stuntman and actor her mother Margaret Field married in 1952. Field wrote in her memoir that Mahoney also was charismatic and could be loving and “magical.” But he also began to summon her to his bedroom alone. Field wrote that the abuse continued until she turned 14; her mother divorced Mahoney in 1968, and he died in 1989.

In an interview with the New York Times, Field expressed relief that Reynolds would never read her memoir, including the way she described him as controlling and compared him to her abusive stepfather.

“This would hurt him,” she said. “I felt glad that he wasn’t going to read it, he wasn’t going to be asked about it, and he wasn’t going to have to defend himself or lash out, which he probably would have. I did not want to hurt him any further.”

There are people who have become important not only because of what they do but also because they know what they do and have become masters of their cards. Sally Field can be considered one of those who has been honored with many awards over the years for her widely acclaimed roles in film and television. She is a celebrity on three levels: actress, director, and screenwriter who was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014. She was indeed born to act. Her roles can be recognized in movies and television shows such as Lincoln, Sybil, Brothers & Sisters, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Sally Field’s Bio, Age

Sally was born Sally Margaret Field on November 6, 1946, the second child in Pasadena, California, to an actress, Margaret Field (née Morlan) and Richard Dryden Field, an army officer. Her parents divorced in 1950, after which her mother remarried Jack Mahoney, actor and stuntman. Her brother is Richard Field, a physicist, and she has a half-sister, Princess O’Mahoney. She is of English, Irish, German and Dutch origin, and her mother died of cancer in 2011 at the age of 89.

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Sally went to middle school in Portola and went to Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, where she was a cheerleader. Her classmates included financier Michael Milken who was the head cheerleader, actress Cindy Williams, and talent agent Michael Ovitz who later became her agent.

Sally didn’t want to be mistaken for an unserious actress who only makes comedy movies, so she almost refused a role in The Flying Nun. But thanks to her stepfather who advised her to take the part as it might have been her only chance, she did. She had the chance to play in movies with the movie Stay Hungry which allayed her fears. Since taking on this role, she has not looked back and has moved on to appear in many other great blockbusters that have won her many awards.

Sally Field attended a theatre workshop at Columbia Studios after high school, which helped to launch her acting career. Her first acting role was in Gidget (1965), which was canceled after her first season, but not without announcing Sally on television. She then played Sister Bertrille in The Flying Nun from 1967 to 1970, which made her more appealing to fans. She also performed in the ephemeral sitcom The Girl with Something Extra in 1973. After the show ended, Sally studied drama at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg, a teacher who became a major force in her career.

1976 has become a good year for Sally. She got a role alongside Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1976 bodybuilding movie Stay Hungry where she played a party girl. A new phase of her career began with the TV film Sybil, which won her first Emmy Award.

Over the course of her career, she has won numerous roles, nominations, and awards. Her other films and television works include Punchline (1988), Steel Magnolias (1989), Forest Gump (1994), Smokey and the Bandit (1977), Hooper (1978), Smokey and the Bandit II, which won her her first Oscar for best actress, Norma Rae (1979), and praise for her role.

She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in Kiss Me Goodbye in 1982. Sally won her second Oscar as the best actress in the film Places in the Heart, which was nominated for seven Oscars. The list is endless. She has worked with leading actors such as Dolly Parton, Tom Hanks, Julie Harris, Paul Newman. Working behind the scenes, she produced the 1991 drama, Dying Young, directed the 1996 Christmas TV movie, The Christmas Tree, and the 2000 film Beautiful.

Outside Acting

Like her mother, Sally was diagnosed with osteoporosis and became a spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company that markets Boniva, a drug to treat the disease. She has also worked with young actors in the Sundance Institute’s summer programs and served on their boards of directors.

Sally Field is a woman of opinion. Her acceptance speech in 2007 was highly criticized and considered controversial. She does not like Donald Trump, but she was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the 2008 presidential election as a Democrat. People’s aversion to celebrities who talk about politics does not bother her at all. She is an advocate for people and women’s rights. She also defends the rights of homosexuals and won the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award in 2012.

Is Sally Field Married? Husband and Children

Sally Field married twice, but unfortunately, her unions were not to last forever, as both ended in divorce. Her first marriage took place in 1968 with Steven Craig, her high school sweetheart, and they had two sons, Peter, born in 1969 and Eli, born in 1972.

Burt Reynolds and Sally FieldImage source

After her divorce from Steven, she dated Burt Reynolds for five years, but they never married. They have appeared in several films together, including Smokey and the Bandit, Smokey and the Bandit II, The End and Hooper. Sally married her second husband, Alan Greisman in 1984 and they had a son, Sam, in 1987. However, their marriage did not last forever, as they made their way after a divorce in 1993.

She has three children from her marriages who are also in the entertainment business. Peter Craig is a novelist and screenwriter who is twice married like his mother. His first marriage was with Amy Scattergood with whom he had 2 daughters. Jennifer DeFransisco is his second wife with whom he is currently living and they have a son.

Eli Craig is an actor and director. He is married to his beloved, Sasha Williams, an actress and former member of the Yellow Power Ranger. Together, they have two children. Sally’s third son, Sam, is an openly gay writer and producer. He is known for Dinner with Jeffrey (2016), After School (2015) and Playing Men (2014).

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Sally Field’s Death, Height, Net Worth

Sally is one of the countless celebrities killed early by the Internet death hoax. However, the actress is alive and well.

Her weight is 1.59m (5’2 ) with a bodyweight of 132 lbs (59.9 kg). Considering a career spanning more than three decades, Sally Field has earned an estimated net worth of $55 million.