What is chips real name on fixer upper?

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The Fixer Upper family is in a year of transition, to say the least. One of Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines‘ TV shows is winding down, one is starting up, and they’re expecting their fifth child. (It’s like they’re renovating their lives!) To mark this pivotal year, we’re focusing on one half of this power couple, rounding up the trivia you should know about Chip and his first 43 years on this planet… including the scoop on his full name!

What is Chip Gaines’ real name?

He’s a Chip off the old block! In 2016, responding to a fan question on Twitter, the HGTV star revealed “Chip” actually isn’t a nickname. “God-given name: Chip Carter Gaines,” he tweeted. So, there you go!

What is Chip Gaines’ birthday?

Chip is 43 years young… and a Scorpio! His birthday is Nov. 14, 1974. By the way, fellow Nov. 14 babies include Prince Charles, Josh Duhamel, Travis Barker, and Condoleezza Rice.

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If you saw last week’s episode, you know I got the raw end of the deal when it comes to #DemoDay.. well, I make up for it tonight!! Watch #fixerupper with us 9/8p CT only on @hgtv.

A post shared by Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) on Feb 27, 2018 at 1:09pm PST

Where is Chip Gaines from?

Chip is originally from Albuquerque, NM, but when he was in third grade, his parents moved his family — which also includes older sister Shannon — to Colleyville, TX, a suburb of Fort Worth. They owned a flooring business in nearby Lewisville, where Chip honed his carpentry skills. And the future TV star also earned money mowing lawns before graduating from Grapevine High School in 1993.

Where did Chip Gaines go to college?

With aspirations of baseball stardom, Chip played for a year for North Lake College in Irving, TX, and then transferred to Baylor College in Waco, TX. But he didn’t make the Baylor baseball team, according to The Dallas Morning News. “It was devastating. We were just all heartbroken,” his mother Gayle Gaines told the newspaper. “I thought we were raising the next great superstar baseball player,” his father Bob Gaines added. “Instead, I raised the next great father, husband, and businessman, and now he’s famous.”

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@U2 tonight – I have a feeling this is going to be a good one. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

A post shared by Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) on May 26, 2017 at 7:24pm PDT

Have Chip and Joanna Gaines ever split up?

As far as we know, this famous couple has been together ever since they met shortly after they both graduated from Baylor. As Chip revealed in his memoir, however, their relationship was once something of a Fixer Upper. When he was in his mid-20s, Chip went to Mexico for a three-month Spanish immersion program so he could better communicate with his employees. Joanna supported him… until two weeks into his vacation, when she realized he’d left her with a business in financial distress. That’s when Joanna laid down an ultimatum, per Today. “You have three days to get back to Texas or this relationship is over,” she told him.

What is Chip Gaines’ net worth?

At the moment, Chip’s net worth is around $9 million, as is Joanna’s, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That nest egg might take a hit now that Fixer Upper ended on April 3. But Joanna already has another HGTV project lined up, a spin-off show titled Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, which premieres on April 10. Plus, the couple has their booming Magnolia business in Waco, including one very sweet bakery.

Chip Gaines has been gracing our televisions alongside his wife, Joanna, on their HGTV show Fixer Upper for over four years. Viewers feel like they are close friends with the couple after tuning in each week, but how well does everyone really know Chip’s backstory? Here are a 13 facts about one-half of our favorite house flippers.


His real name is Chip.

God given name: Chip Carter Gaines https://t.co/0wR1X4gLWQ

— Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) August 24, 2016

“Chip” is a nickname often used for men named Charles or Christopher, but Gaines shared on Twitter that it is his “God given name.”

He is 43 years old.

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Y’all are AWESOME! Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Stick around…I’ve got something up my sleeve. #42

A post shared by Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) on Nov 15, 2016 at 7:16am PST

Chip was born on November 14, 1974 (which also makes him a Scorpio). He is four years older than his wife, who is 39. In the video above, posted in 2016, Chip made a few self-deprecating jokes on his 42nd birthday. “I never thought I was going to even reach 30, and here I am at 42 years old … fatter than ever,” he quipped.

His height is approximately 5’10”.

@Mommy2Doodlebug HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! -love chip.. The guy from #fixerUpper. Chip Gaines. Tall, abt 6’3″.. Handsome! Just forget it.

— Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) March 15, 2016

Although Chip likes to joke that his height is 6 feet 3 inches tall, several websites have reported that he is just under 6 feet. His actual height has not been confirmed.

But we don’t know about his weight.

Although Chip once shared with his followers how upset he felt when he saw himself on television, we’re not sure how much he exactly weighs. “Watching myself on TV is really sad.. cause I look chubby and maybe that’s because I am chubby. But I’m just happier not knowing it, you know,” he wrote on Twitter. Cheer up, Chip. Remember, the camera adds 10 pounds!

He has been married to Joanna for 14 years.

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Ten years with this man. It’s been a fun journey! #stillsmiling

A post shared by Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines) on May 31, 2013 at 9:01pm PDT

The couple wed on March 31, 2003. They met in 2001 at Joanna’s dad’s Firestone Tire store in Texas, where she was working at the time.

He has four kids.

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Father’s Day is the perfect chance for me to brag on my kids. I love that each has their own “thing”—photography, fishing, gymnastics, sports….they never stop making me laugh. I’m so proud of each of them! #FathersDay

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Chip and Joanna have four children together (and one on the way!), including Drake, 12, Ella Rose, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7.

He is co-owner of Magnolia Homes and a reality TV star.

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Taking #Season5isComing to new heights. #FixerUpper

A post shared by Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) on Oct 26, 2017 at 1:58pm PDT

According to his HGTV.com bio, Chip has been flipping houses for 12 years. He manages the construction and real estate division of the company, while his wife oversees interior design. He has starred on Fixer Upper since its premiere in 2013, although it is currently in its last season.

He lives in Waco, Texas.

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The fog certainly makes it tough to see, but all the more exciting to find out what’s just on the other side #farmLife

A post shared by Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) on Oct 8, 2017 at 4:14am PDT

Chip’s HGTV bio also states that the Gaines have lived in Waco for 10 years. Chip is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was raised in Dallas, Texas. He first moved to Waco for college.

He went to Baylor University.

He graduated from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business with a marketing degree and launched several small businesses afterwards, including a laundry service, a fireworks stand, and multiple landscaping companies.

He is a published author.

“Writing this book got me thinking a lot about the various people who were part of the runway for me and my career, and i want to be that type of inspiration for you—a starting place for your dream to take off,” Chip said on Instagram of his book Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff. The New York Times best-seller was released in October. He also co-wrote a The Magnolia Story with Joanna to give fans a detailed look at their life together.

You can purchase both books here on Amazon.com.

He is a man of faith.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.
By this everyone will know that you are set apart, if you love one another.

— Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) November 12, 2017

Chip and Joanna bonded over their religious beliefs in the beginning of their relationship. He told Fox News that his faith plays a very important role in his daily life. “For me, changed everything,” he said. “It’s a part of who I am. I can’t separate the two.”

He has a great head of hair.

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I was a bit secretive capturing this so I’m sorry @chippergaines but you look good getting gas. 😂 #chipgonewild #hairrrrrrr

A post shared by Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines) on Apr 28, 2017 at 7:27am PDT

He recently donated his red locks to St. Jude and was able to raise $230,092 for kids with cancer. But before chopping it all off, he was so adventurous with his hairdos that HGTV made this timeline of all the different styles he’s rocked on his reality show over the years.

He is head over heels about his wife.

I love watching @joannagaines do her thing. She really is the very best part about #fixerUpper. Come watch with us tonight 9/8 cst only on @hgtv! pic.twitter.com/xDlXTDakHL

— Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) December 19, 2017

Chip doesn’t miss an opportunity to gush over Joanna either on social media or on the show. Hey, that fifth baby didn’t make itself!

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Where’s Shorty? Chip Gaines Provides an Update on His Right-Hand Man Following Fixer Upper

Twitter/Saul Sanchez

If you’ve found yourself wondering what’s become of Saul “Shorty” Sanchez—Fixer Upper’s unsung, diminutive hero—since the HGTV hit came to an end, you’re not alone.

One particularly concerned fan recently reached out to the Gaineses on Twitter to inquire about Shorty.

“I really miss Shorty from Fixer Upper,” Courtney Podgorski wrote. “I hope he’s living his best life. @hgtv @joannagaines @chipgaines he must be protected at all costs.”

A quick scan of Shorty’s Twitter handle reveals that Chip’s right-hand man is still very much involved in the Magnolia empire.

In fact, as Chip explained in his book The Magnolia Story, the two were friends and working together long before Fixer Upper hit the airwaves. Shorty was actually one of Chip and Joanna’s first Magnolia hires.

WATCH: The Rundown on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Post Fixer Upper Plans

“Some of these employees went way back with us, all the way to the beginning,” Chip wrote in the book, according to Good Housekeeping. “Most of the boys who’d helped me with my early flips were still around. You probably know a couple of them — Shorty and Jose — from the show. Without even purposefully trying, we’d created a Magnolia family.”

Chip and Joanna Gaines announce ‘Fixer Upper’ is done

Lorena Blas USA TODAY Life Published 7:54 AM EDT Sep 27, 2017

Shut the front door.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Mireya Acierto, FilmMagic

Chip and Joanna Gaines have finished their last Fixer Upper. Season 5 of their popular HGTV home-renovation series, due in November, will be the final season for the show, according to a blog post on the Texas couple’s website.

Their message to fans reads: “It is with both sadness and expectation that we share the news that season 5 of Fixer Upper will be our last. While we are confident that this is the right choice for us, it has for sure not been an easy one to come to terms with. Our family has grown up alongside yours, and we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen. How bittersweet to say goodbye to the very thing that introduced us all in the first place.”

It continues: “Though our Fixer Upper chapter is coming to a close, we aren’t done with Waco. We aren’t done renovating homes. We aren’t done designing things to make your home your favorite place on earth. … we are just getting started.”

The news comes after a lawsuit, accusing Chip of fraud, was filed in April by John L. Lewis and Richard L. Clark, his former Magnolia Realty partners. The lawsuit accused him of persuading his then-colleagues to sell their ownership stakes at Magnolia Realty before he was prominently featured on Fixer Upper. Lewis and Clark demanded more than $1 million and the return of their ownership stakes. Chip’s response at the time was that he was taken by surprise that friends who had his phone number decided to reach out to him with a lawsuit.

The Gaines’ HGTV series has contributed to the success of their Magnolia brand. They are best-selling authors and have a magazine as well. But don’t worry, fans: They don’t appear to be finished with TV either, their Tuesday message references the Fixer Upper spinoff Behind the Design, which focuses on how Joanna comes up with the designs for the homes they have renovated. Fans got a sneak peek of that show earlier this year. Their statement reads: “There’s so much good, new stuff coming your way!”

MORE: Q&A: Chip Gaines on his new book, future plans and ‘stupid stuff’

MORE: Read an excerpt from Chip Gaines’ ‘Capital Gaines’

HGTV’s statement about the news backs the couple’s decision. “We’ve all been on an incredible journey with Chip and Joanna for five years. It takes a huge amount of time and creative energy to make a phenomenal series like Fixer Upper. We understand their decision to spend more time with their family. Like all of their fans, we want only the best for them and they know they will always have a home at HGTV.”

The couple’s farewell note Tuesday acknowledged their supporters, “We will forever be thankful for HGTV and this opportunity of a lifetime. We are also thankful to our production company, High Noon Entertainment and our amazing producers and crew on the ground here in Waco. We are grateful for them and for you.”

Published 7:54 AM EDT Sep 27, 2017

If Joanna Gaines is not a familiar name to you, then you may not be a great fan of design and decor. She has been a renowned designer for quite some time now. She has featured in the Fixer Upper, an American reality television series. The reality series talks about home design and renovation. Fixer Upper has been running on HGTV for quite a while now. Read on to Know Joanna Gaines Wiki.

Currently, the show boasts over 79 episodes on the channel. This adds up to 5 seasons on HGTV. The episodes have been running for 43 minutes. Fixer Upper is spearheaded by High Noon Entertainment, a renowned production company in the United States. Joanna Gaines has been working closely with her husband Chip Gaines, that is right up until season five. The couple announced they would not be airing any more episodes on Fixer Upper.

Why did Joanna Gaines leave Fixer Upper?

After over five years of being on the renowned reality TV show, Joanna and Chip Gaines quit featuring in Fixer Upper. The couple had various reasons for making this tough decision. Some of them include

Joanna Gaines with her husband Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper show

  • The couple needed a break

Working for over five years on a TV series may be too long for them. The couple also has several business ventures besides starring in the reality show. This may have led them to quit and take a break so as to avoid burning up. They have always worked tirelessly on the TV show. They have been consistent for the past five years without any breaks. This is enough reason for them to want to take a break.

  • The Gaines had their hands completely tied

Chip and Joanna Gaines have many business ventures. They have collaborated with various organizations relating to their line of work. Recently, they collaborated with the target for a lifestyle collection Hearth and hand with Magnolia.

They also have a real estate company which is doing very well. In addition to that, they are opening a restaurant and releasing a cookbook. These are some of the many ventures which the Gains are embarking on. Doing all these projects and appearing on TV may have been too tiresome for them.

  • Many of Fixer Upper homes are now rentals

Fixer Upper aims at transforming homes for their clients to live in. Instead of people living in those homes, some clients decide to rent them as vacation rentals. This was a great disappointment to Joanna Gains and her husband.

The couple aimed at renovating homes for families to live in and enjoy the new design. This also proves that Joanna Gaines does a very good job because for a client to rent his or her house as a vacation home, the house must be in good condition. Gaines was not impressed by what clients were doing.

They did not want the houses, which were turned into vacation homes. Recently Brock Murphy, who is a spokesperson for Magnolia addressed the issue. He said the issue on renting had been a concern to them and they look forward to finding a lasting solution.

  • Their children have been on the spotlight

Another major reason is that they do not want their children to be in the spotlight. Gaines’ children have been featured on TV for quite a while. They have also posted pictures on Instagram about how they do their designs.

Joanna Gaines said her children have been in the limelight for quite a while, and from a very young age too. She also added that they are being followed by paparazzi and are tired of living that kind of life.

  • The Gaines have security and privacy concerns

Joanna and Chip had some great concerns about their security. They said that people would drive by and stop next to their house. The Gaines family considered this a great security threat. Joanna said they were mostly concerned with the wellbeing of their children.

People would drive by and request them to take pictures. This was something very uncomfortable for them, and so they had to leave the TV series to live a normal life.

  • Spending more time with the family

This is one of the unique reasons why many celebrities leave the limelight of TV. The Gaines had to say goodbye to the TV series to have a stronger bond with their family. They were also involved in some other projects.

These projects are related to their home designs. The projects will not have a large impact on the family’s bonding compared to the show. Chip’s mother, Gayle Gaines, confirmed that the couple wanted to spend more time with their children during an interview with Closer weekly. She explained that having more time with her grandchildren is very important.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Joanna Gaines nationality is American. Joanna is not a Native American. His father is half Lebanese/half German. Her mother is full Korean. Joanna is proud of her ethnicity. Her heritage has shaped her into the person she is today and at no point has she regretted not having been a Native American.

Joanna Gaines siblings

Joanna has two sisters. The oldest one is Teresa Criswell, and the youngest one is Mary Kay McCall. Mary Kay is known to have the coolest nickname, as Joanna would put it. Joanna has referred her as “Mikey” in her media posts. All three sisters are lovers of plants. In Mary Kay’s Fixer Upper reveal, there were many plants in her home.

Joanna Gaines with her sister and mom Nan Stevens

The sisters have also been spotted grabbing trees from both Joanna’s garden and Magnolia Market. When they have a get-together, the sisters are known to behave like kids. They behave in a silly good way, which is fun for them. Teresa runs an inspirational YouTube show.

Criswell posts about healthy mother-daughter relationships on Instagram. She also writes faith-based posts and lifestyle on her blog triumphant, victorious reminders. A unique fun fact is that Joanna and Mary Kay were both pregnant at the same time.

The McCall’s told Joanna and Chip that they were expecting a child before the house reveals of Mary on the episode. After the episode aired, The Gaineses announced their pregnancy. This proves that both Joanna and Mary Kay were both pregnant at the same time.

The sisters, Mary and Joanna, are considered lovers of big families. Joanna has currently five kids while Mary has six children. The sisters are the real definition of real beauty. Teresa posted pictures of them at a very young age, and when you read the captions that come with them, they are admirable.

Another fun fact is that Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines designed Mary Kay’s home on one of the show’s episode. Mary was moving back to her hometown after nine years of being away. The new house was designed perfectly for the growing McCall family who recently welcomed a new child. Joanna said that the house that she designed was her all-time favorite.

She wrote in her post that she was very excited for their return to Waco after nine years. Joanna was also greatly honored for having the chance to design and feature her sister’s house on the TV series. All in all, the three sisters have a deep love for each other. This is despite the fact that people often think she undermines her siblings.

Joanna Gaines furniture and designs

The design patterns for Joanna’s furniture are unique and of high quality. You may ask yourself where the furniture comes from. The furniture is most likely made in China and Vietnam.

It is then shipped to the standard furniture manufacturing distribution facility in Bay Minette, Alabama. Joanna has the showcase in silos at the Magnolia market. Her approach to design furniture and homes is of high cognitive.

No one can deny that the designer’s art piece in furniture shines in every detail. Back in 2012, Chip and Joanna bought a farmhouse which was far too small for the large family. The attic was completely unfurnished, but the couple did not care that much about it.

Joanna Gaines and husband Chip loved the land that came with it, plus the surrounding nature. It took them 18 months to fully design the farmhouse. The exterior of the house has remained traditional with a white finish that perfectly flows with the wooden beams.

The entrance of the farmhouse has stunning double doors which lead into an airy hall that has been wonderfully decorated in grays and whites.

Joanna Gaines furniture and design

The Gaines ensured that the house looked great. They did so without having to change a lot. They restructured the layout. The kitchen is no exception. The white tiles flow with the black fixtures and fittings and the painted wooden ceilings.

On the other side of the house, you will find the diner and lounge. The dining room is large enough to accommodate the Gainers. The lounge has a perfectly designed couch that they can all fit on. Every accessory has been perfectly made to flow with everything else in the room; hence nothing seems out of place.

This is one of the major reasons the Magnolia market is a very popular place. Joanna sells similar furniture and accessories. The lounge of the farmhouse is both beautiful and functional. Chip ensures that the house flows in terms of structures while Joanna is the beauty behind the designs.

Final touches of the house are just admirable. Ornate lamps, the vase of flowers brightening up the room just make the home to die for. These are some of the accessories found in the Magnolia market both online and offline.

Her home is the perfect advertisement for the design structures of furniture and accessories. I would say that the house was designed out of love. This is seen in Joanna’s Instagram page where the Gaines’ family post pictures of the white and black photos of the family. These are just some of the many unique designs that Joanna has made.

Joanna Gaines business venture

The Gaines’ business venture began back in 2003. This was years before Chip and Joanna hit the television show. The first business venture was called Magnolia market nicknamed as the “little shop on Bosque”. The shop had very humble beginnings.

It is where Joanna’s career began. Here she harnessed and developed her skills on design. With time, she gained much confidence in herself and the Magnolia market. Magnolia store stated in 2003. The store focused on selling decor, houseware and clothing accessories. The venture was thriving up but the couple had to close down the business.

Chip and Joana Gaines wanted to raise their children right, and without several commitments holding them back. The Gaines wanted to build their construction business, Magnolia homes.

Joanna Gaines Magolina homes

The couple faced criticism for having placed their family first. But they were just prioritizing their children’s needs, and this is something every parent should do. In 2014 after about 10 years of amicable experience at Waco where they changed homes, Fixer Upper came to be.

Fixer Upper the inspiration to Magnolia’s return. The same year the couple reopened that little shop in Bosque. Joanna had a scribbled business plan which later made the small venture become an empire. The empire came to be when they moved Magnolia from the Bosque location to a larger location in Waco known as The silos. In 2015 Magnolia market was born.

The silos are more than a single shop. The open ground has been converted into an open area for families to play and gather. The shop has employee offices and serves as a mall for all modern farmhouses.

There is also a massive stage where Magnolia massive stage where annual parties are hosted. In 2018 Gaines opened Magnolia table which serves as a breakfast restaurant and also one can have lunch and dinner. This was the place where Joanna celebrated her 40th birthday.

Joanna Gaines skin care

Rumors have been speculating that Joanna has recently opened a skin care business. These rumors were dropped down by the Magnolia official page. On 5th November 2018, an article was published by Magnolia.

The article said that people should only receive information about Joanna Gaines’s ventures from their official page. The rumors about Joanna skin care was false. The page also added that they were working closely with FBI to track down people who spread the rumors.

Relationship life. Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Divorce Rumor.

Joanna and Chip Gaines’s got married in 2003. Chip has recalled numerous times of how he met Joanna. Chip used to visit Joanna’s father Firestone tire store. There he saw Joanna’s photo and said to himself that he would marry her. He frequently went back to the shop hoping to find her.

Joanna Gaines with her husband Chip Gaines

His dreams came true and at first encounter, they gained interest in each other. After approximately six months of dating, they got married to each other. Speculations have it that Chip and Joanna wanted a divorce. This was a past thing even before they began a business venture. It is obvious for a couple to have twist and turns.

The rumors were dismissed by Chip, and he added that paparazzi wanted to ruin their reputation. Their marriage is perfectly fine, and they are living in good terms. Over the years they have had four children — two sons Duke aged 9 and Drake aged 13. Two daughters also came to be. They are Emmie Kay, 8, and Ella Rose, 11.

Height, weight, and body measurements

Joanna Gains has a height of 5 feet 7 inch. She weights 55kg unique for a woman quite her age.

Joanna Gaines height is 5 feet 7 inches

Net worth

Joanna Gaines’ Net Worth is $4.5 Million. She has been doing quite well in her business ventures. She also has other activities she does. People always love it when they get to hear about designs especially in their homes. When you call Joanna to give a talk on design, you will have to pay her roughly $150,000 per hour.

TV Personality, Joanna Gaines net worth is $4.5 million

The good thing is the price is fixed and many people would always love to attend the events. In the Fixer Upper show, $30,000 was paid for each episode. So far they have done many episodes to make them earn millions of dollars.

Joanna Gaines Wiki-Bio

Joanna Gaines was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1978. Joanna’s parents met in Korea where her father, Jerry was serving overseas during Vietnam. This is according to The Magnolia story. Jerry fell in love with Nan, Joanna’s mother and later came to America where they got married.

The couple had different beliefs in terms of religion. Jerry had been raised Catholic while Nan was brought up in Buddhist Korean. Despite their differences in religion, Joanna was brought up in one faith. The parents lived in harmony and at no single time did they engage in arguments, as Joanna would put it. The couple moved into Jerry’s hometown, Wichita.

There the couple welcomed three daughters who were each a quarter Lebanese, a quarter German and a half Korean. The family kept moving from one town to another due to Jerry’s job. Jerry worked with Firestone at that time. The moving was difficult for Joanna.

It led to transfers to different schools. This led to kids starting to notice that she did not look like them due to her biological background. Most people concluded that she was half Korean by just looking at her and this led to kids to start picking on her because of it.

Joanna Gaines with her husband Chip and with their kids

She was a victim of lunchtime bullying. Bullying was so intense for her that she started hiding and eating in another room with a smaller group of kids. Eventually, things got sustainable for her. Later on, another move saw Joanna attend a larger public school. The same fears that plagued her resurfaced. It was so intense that Joanna ended up hiding in the bathroom stall most of the time.

Other times, she would go home at lunchtime to avoid further interactions with her classmates. A lasting solution was found when the family finally settled in Waco, where Joanna was able to make some good friends. Surprisingly, Joanna was voted as her high school’s homecoming queen.

The same year she started to embrace and accept her culture. Joanna Gaines began to see how beautiful her mother was. At times she wanted to people to know that her mother was different and unique. This meant that she was not embarrassed about her ethnicity.

Joanna’s challenges and her moving to New York eventually helped her find her purpose in life. She gained confidence purposed to help women who were looking for guidance and were lonely. She felt that she can help people who had undergone the same pain she went through as a child of different ethnics.

Currently, she is a big inspiration to women through her designs and her words. Joanna Gaines has also urged her children to reach out to other kids who seem to have low- self-esteem and are in need of friends to help them push through.

Birthplace Kansas, USA
Born 19th April 1978
Age 40 years
Nationality American with a mixed background in Korea, Lebanese and German
Spouse Chip Gaines
Children Rose Gaines, Drake Gaines, Ella, Duke Gaines, Emmie Kay Gaines, Crew Gaines,
Residence Crawford, Texas, Waco suburb
Occupation Interior designer
Books We are the Gardeners, Magnolia Table: A collection of Recipes from Joanna, Capital Gaines: Chip looks back on his business career
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Siblings Teresa Criswell, Mary Kay McCall

Education life

Fixe Upper Joanna Gaines enrolled at Baylor University. She had a degree in communications. This is the opposite of her current profession. She then moved to New York. There she gained knowledge in design. This created a platform to do what she loves and has a passion for doing.

Final thoughts

Over the years, Joanna Gaines has grown to be more than a businessperson. Her thought and ideas when put in mind, they may help people to start a business venture. It is also important to notice how Joanna has helped in empowering women across the globe.

Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines is also a true definition of correct parenthood. How Joanna raises her children to have good relations and in the right manner is just perfect. She is a leading example of what people should embrace.

Hope you liked this article about Joanna Gaines Wiki.

Chip Gaines Wiki, Married, Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth

Quick Information

Date of Birth

November 14, 1974


45 Years 2 Month(s)





Marital Status



Joanna Gaines


Not Yet



Net Worth

$9 Million Dollars




Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie Kay


6 feet 0 Inches(183 cm)


Hankamer School of Business


Bob Gaines (Father), Gayle Gaines (Mother)


Shannon Gaines (Sister)

Social Media

Twitter, Instagram

If there’s anything better than enjoying a very lucrative career running a successful business, that could be getting an own show for demonstrating that. Chip Gains is a businessman and a reality television personality best known for the HGTV series Fixer Upper. He is not the only one into the business, though, as his wife has been by his side since the time they started the company. They are the owners of the Magnolia Homes in Waco, Texas.

Chip’s Personal Life; Father Of Five!

The most important thing of all above the successful life and career is his wife, Joanna, a partner and inspiration all along his run towards the beautiful future. The couple has been together since the college days. He and his spouse, Joanna, met each other in Waco, Texas.

Although he had been running different businesses at the time, it was after his marriage with his girlfriend that he focused on the personal life side-by-side. The actual date when they got married is unknown.

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Of course, they walked through the ups and downs, and there were times when they realized they’re getting off track and had to regroup. Working alongside can be difficult sometimes, but they manage it well too.

Chip and his spouse are the parents of five young children Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie Kay and youngest son Crew Gaines. On 23 June 2018, he confirmed the happy news of having fifth, the youngest kid, Crew, via Twitter. Also, his wifey, Joanna, shared few snaps of herself with a newly-born baby on an Instagram and wrote in a caption that her baby boy finally arrived. The baby was born two and a half weeks earlier than the due date.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have welcomed a new son, Crew Gaines (Photo: Instagram)

The love-duo alongside their five children are savoring warm relationship. They often give glimpses of their charismatic relationships in social media. On the occasion of the Thanksgiving day, she took the family photo on Instagram and wished her admirers.

As of now, Chip and his family live in a 100-year-old farmhouse sitting on 40 acres of land.

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Emphasis On Sowing The Seeds Of Kindness

Recently, in August 2019, Chip Gaines, along with his wife, Joanna Gaines, launched a kindness campaign where they created four different downloadable and printable flyers. The two of those flyers contain general acts of kindness. Also, the longterm married couple mentioned that every day they try to teach their kids to be kind to themselves, to each other, to neighbors and especially to those who look like they are alone.

Imitating the incident of his school life when he got the company of a girl during his initial phase, he tries to dip the flaws of kindness to his five children.

Family Business

Chip and his wife, Joanna Gaines, currently works on their business of a boutique hotel, Magnolia brand business, out of Waco. The couple also bought a place downtown in Waco and launched their complex named The Silos, which has the facility of eponymous market and bakery as well. Similarly, they host several events and occasions at The Silos, including the Christmas celebration, concerts, and many more.

Currently, people can spend their two nights at The Magnolia House for nearly $1,400.

With the achievement, the duo is in the hike of their career earnings. As per the sources, they reportedly make $30,000 per episode for hosting the HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

How Much is Chip’s Net Worth?

He is a natural in-home business and has been doing the flipping house business for a long time now. He has a reported net worth of $10 million from his prolific stint in his work. Remodeling houses and selling them on the market has been proving very fruitful to them. As confirmed by Business Insiders, Chip and his wife receive a salary of $30,000 per episode. Also, the pair has amassed the combined net worth of $18 million from the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.”

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His passion and talent for fixing and creating the best homes are so intense that it’s hard even to think he could have different hopes and dreams as a child. But the fact is that he wanted to pursue a career in baseball, but after failing to put up a name in the college team, he chose to continue and follow the passion for construction.

It wasn’t the easy road for him either, and for the first two years, his wife’s parents kept asking him if he was going to get a job. As a man of passion and willingness to take a risk, he continued his journey. His construction ability, combined with the natural design gifts of Joanna, the business rose to a new level.

Short Bio:

Chip Gains was born on 14th November 1974. According to a wiki, he was born in a white family in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S. He is a graduate of Baylor University. The American national belongs to white ethnicity. The father of four still has a perfect and healthy body and has a height of 6 feet.

He completed his graduation from Hankamer School of Business in 1998.

Chip Gaines, a name that usually comes on with Joanna Gaines is HGTV’s Fixer Upper show host who has been flipping, remodeling and fixing up homes as the couples have been doing it together for almost 12 years now. In this blog posts, people searching for Chip Gaines Wikipedia and Chip Gaines net worth will get a proper value because throughout the post, we will try to discuss more about the HGTV show host.

Chip Gaines Wikipedia

The internet is full of surprises and one of the surprise is Wikipedia has not got its page for Chip Gaines. Many people search for Chip Gaines Wikipedia, however we will be discussing more about Chip Gaines Wiki further in this section.

Chip Gaines was born on November 14, 1974 in New Mexico. He married Joanna back in 2003 and the couples have been actively involved in their business ever since. He graduated with a marketing degree from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business and his degree has been very much helpful to pursues his career.

He and Joanna has four children together and the reality star couple sit in 100 years old farmhouse which exists in 40 acres of land. Joanna has expressed about her interest to add up a new member in the family. She said she would love to give birth to one more children, however Chip is not very much positive about the idea.

The name of the Children are Drake, Ella, Duke and Emmie. Drake is the eldest in the family, while Emmie is the youngest one.

The famous entrepreneur might looked perfect, but he always had a flaw while he was a rookie parent. Chip usually forgot about his elder children Drake, as he has reportedly left him alone for almost three times when he was young.

Joanna recalls about an incident when she left Drake with Chip as she wanted half an hour break for a walk. Drake was six weeks then when Joanna came back from walk to notice Drake only with a diaper, and breakfast all ready for her. She then asked Chip if he forgot to dress Drake and took him at the grocery to buy the breakfast stuff only with a diaper. Chip then realized that he completely forget that he had a son to look after and went on to the store leaving his eldest child alone. He admitted that Drake was so quite, he forget that he had a son.

Another similar instance Joanna shared was when she was on a long jogging. She found Chip in a Truck who was on his way to office. He waved his hand and said Joanna that she was doing good with her work out. Joanna later realized that the baby seat at the back was missing, only to notice that he left Drake again. Later Joanna admitted that she did not go out for a run or jog until Drake completed his first year on his life.

Chip and Joanna have a Magnolia market business in Texas together which he promotes through the HGTV show. He has established more successful small business than a normal people could count on their two hands.

Chip admitted that he lacked experience when he first started to flip homes, even more he met Joanna. He says his success is because he placed importance to family and home more than money.

Chip Gaines Net Worth

When it comes about the estimated value and Chip Gaines Net Worth, the property could be equally evaluated. Chip and Joanna have a business together, so the net worth would be added one. Chip is of entrepreneurial nature and he has numerous successful small businesses including Magnolia Market in Texas which is their most successful business. Their business value has been increasing with the course of time.

The business that started as flipping houses has turned into different business including a colony and real estate business. At 2016, the estimated Chip Gaines net worth would be somewhere around $10 Million.

Chip Gaines Facts

Surprisingly, both Chip and Joanna studied in Baylor University, but the couples did not meet there. It was matter of fate that the couple met after three years of graduation.

Chip admitted that he flipped his first house back when studying at Baylor University. His success was because of that first sell where he learned how an undervalued product could be bought, added value to it and sold for huge profits.

They have four children, two boys and two girls. The eldest one in the family, Drake is a boy while the youngest one is a girl.

They live in a farm house which is 100 years old and it has spread in 40 acres of land. There are 60 + animals in the farms which they take care of themselves.

His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million which has improved a lot in couple of years. His business has added services as a real estate business which makes him good income.

HGTV approached the couple after they saw one of the flipped house. Both Chip Gaines and Joanna agreed and rest is the history.

Although they are TV starts, they do not have a TV in their house where they live. Their children have watched few of their parent’s show in neighbor’s, however they were not much impressed.

The lesson learned from Chip Gaines

The life of the reality show host Chip Gaines could earn you a great lesson. He started his flipping business while at University and he did not have much experience when he first flipped a house. So this may count as one lesson, as you do not need to be expert in some works in order to succeed. Experience comes with time and with hard work and dedication, you could be able to achieve your goals.

Chip always said that he would value family first ahead of business and the business comes on itself. When he redesigns the house and resells it, he makes sure the buying party gets homely environment. So you make take a lesson that if you provide good service, your business will ultimately prosper.

Additionally Chip, Joanna and the family is a lovable family. They take care of each other and considers family to be the best part in their life. Once you have love and support from the family, you could always work out with a free mind. As Chip and Joanna are husband and wife working together, sharing similar passion, they have a bond that keeps them successful.

Chip Gaines Shaves Off His Signature Long Hair (for a Good Cause!)

Chip Gaines‘ long red locks are gone.

As promised the Fixer Upper star, 42, cut off his signature mane and opted for a buzz cut after generous fans donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for nearly a week.

Wife Joanna Gaines shared a photo of her husband’s newly bald head on Instagram Wednesday when the couple visited the Target House with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

In the photo, young patients can be seen rubbing the top of Chip’s head as the father of four showed off a bright smile.

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The haircut comes a week after Gaines pledged he would trim his tresses.

“Donate to St. Jude through the link in my profile, and the more money we raise over the next FOUR days, the shorter my hair goes. That’s a promise. And, who knows, maybe if you really exceed my expectations…I’ll buzz it all off,” he announced.

Image zoom Joanna Gaines/Instagram

In addition to saying farewell to his long locks, the Waco natives recently wrapped the final episode of their breakout HGTV series.

“Today was the final reveal…We definitely felt the emotion behind each of those steps leading up to the big canvas,” Joanna wrote on Instagram on Nov. 2 along with a photo of the couple walking toward one of the show’s huge rolling screens used to reveal the house they’ve made over at the end of each episode.

In September, Chip and Joanna announced that they would end the show.

“It is with both sadness and expectation that we share the news that season 5 of Fixer Upper will be our last,” they wrote on their blog. “While we are confident that this is the right choice for us, it has for sure not been an easy one to come to terms with. Our family has grown up alongside yours, and we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen. How bittersweet to say goodbye to the very thing that introduced us all in the first place.”

Who is Chip Gaines?

Chip Gaines was born on 14 November 1974, in Waco, Texas USA, and is a reality television personality, businessman, construction expert and designer, but best known for being one of the stars of the reality television show “Fixer Upper”, in which he appeared alongside his wife. The two have worked together in their real estate business since the start of their respective careers.

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Finally met one of my heroes, Aaron. He inspired me to wear my toolbelt on my 1st ever marathon. Thankful for the men & women who have served & sacrificed so much for our country. #VeteransDay

A post shared by Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) on Nov 11, 2018 at 2:04pm PST

The Riches of Chip Gaines

How rich is Chip Gaines? As of late-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $7.6 million, earned through success in business and on television. His wife has also helped elevate their net worth, thanks to them being business partners and working on projects together. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

While little is known about his childhood, Chip did grow up with his parents and a sister in a Christian household, and his life was mostly out of the spotlight during this time. He developed an interest in business early, and after matriculating from high school enrolled into Baylor University – Hankamer School of Business. He graduated with a degree in business in 1998, and was then set on establishing his own business.

Posted by Chip Gaines Quotes on Friday, February 16, 2018

Business Beginnings

Gaines along with his future wife Joanna, started investing in properties located in the Baylor area and he established his own company called Trinity Properties, constructing and designing houses based on their clients’ preferences. Eventually, he decided to leave his company to start working for his wife’s company called Magnolia Homes, which began as a store selling various home accessories, before focusing more on design and construction. Their focus then went to helping clients locating dream homes, using undervalued properties to help maximize the budget. The couple themselves then started house flipping, which is the act of buying houses at a low price, renovating them, and selling them for a profit. Their popularity in construction and design attracted attention, and the couple decided that one of the next steps to help promote their business was through television.

— Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) September 12, 2017

Fixer Upper

In 2013, the couple aired the pilot of their reality television series entitled “Fixer Upper”, which focuses on home design and renovation. The show’s pilot proved very successful, and they began their first full season the following year. The show would run for a total of five seasons until 2017, produced by High Noon Entertainment, also responsible for the cooking show “Cake Boss”. The couple is seen working with clients in terms of buying and remodeling homes, working on over 100 homes in the series. Usually they couple three potential homes to choose from in central Texas, each requiring repair or renovation. Once a home is chosen, Joanna focuses on the design while Chip works as the lead contractor. They usually have an overall budget of $200,000 with $30,000 that will be spent on renovations. The show became highly successful and gained the couple a lot of popularity. However, in 2017 the couple decided to end the show, as they wanted to focus more on their children as the show was taking-up too much of their time. Still, in 2018 they launched a spin-off series entitled “Fixer Upper: Behind the Design”, which features Joanna and how she comes up with the designs seen in “Fixer Upper”.


In 2017, with the popularity of “Fixer Upper” at its peak, former business partners of the couple filed a fraud lawsuit alleging that the couple persuaded them to sell their business interests in Magnolia Realty without disclosing plans that they were working on a television show, therefore monopolizing its gains. Chip’s attorney Jordan Mayfield appeared on air at the CBS television station KWTX-TV and stated that the lawsuit was meritless, saying that it was disappointing to see people trying to take advantage of hard working people and the success of others, referring to the Gaines’ success.

Prior to the couple ending “Fixer Upper”, reports were floating around that there was tension with the family and that they were heading to divorce, mainly due to the pressure mounting from the show and their ever increasing business empire. They also had their fifth child, meaning that they had to give some time to raise the baby. They also had issues with the US Environmental Protection Agency, after allegedly breaking guidelines for remodeling on “Fixer Upper”. With all of these issues around them, Chip and Joanna decided that the best thing to do to move forward was to let go of the television show, to give more time for everything else.

Image source

Personal Life

For his personal life, it is known that Chip married Joanna Gaines in 2003, and they have five children together. According to reports, both of them enrolled at Baylor University, but never met each other during their time there. Later on, when Chip’s car was being repaired at the automobile shop owned by Joanna’s father, he saw a picture of Joanna and became interested in dating her. He found a way for them to meet and start dating, which began their relationship. The couple is associated with the Antioch Community Church, which has been criticized due to the pastor’s stance on conversion therapy and homosexuality.

Chip Gaines Wiki (Joanna Gaines’ Husband) Biography, Age, Net worth, Wife, Height, Weight, Kids, Ethnicity, Facts, Social Media Profile, Parents, Siblings and Family: Chip Gaines (born November 14, 1974) is an American Television Personality, Author, Business Person involved in construction and designing of houses.

In addition to this, he has appeared in HGTV because of his innovative designing of houses. Chip Gaines has married to “Joanna Gaines (Television Presenter)”.

Soon, the couple is expecting their fifth child seems to be a baby boy by the month of may 2018. Joanna is active on Instagram with 3.5 million followers and 841k followers on Twitter.


Chip Gaines Biography, Age, Wiki, Profile, Family and Birthday

Chip Gaines was born on 14th of November 1974 at Waco, Texas (United States of America, USA). Therefore, the age of Joanna Gaines’ Husband is around forty four, (44) years old as on 2018. Gayle Gaines is the father and Bob Gaines is the mother of Chip Gaines.

In addition to this, he has a sister named Shannon Gaines. Furthermore, he has completed his schooling High School, Wacos. Later on, he went to Hankamer School of Business (Baylor University) to complete his Bachelor in Business Management (BBA).

Who is Chip Gaines? Facts about Joanna Gaines Husband/Spouse

Gaines has interest in business so he studied business management. After completed his graduation he has move forward to achieve his dream of setting up his own business. In fact, Gaines has invested in properties of Baylor area.

Then, Chip has started a company name “Trinity Properties.”Moreover, he owns “Magnolia Homes” with his wife Joanna. Magnolia Homes is a store that consists of accessories related to home decor and designing.

In 2009, again Chip has opened a company name “Magnolia Reality” that helps the clients for their dreams homes and undervalued property. This company purchases old houses and sells them after renovating them at a good price.

Chip Gaines Wikipedia & Biography Description
Full Name/Birth Name Chip Gaines.
Nick name Chip.
Working As Television Personality, Author, Celebrity and Business executive.
Age Forty Four (44) years old, As on 2018.
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday 14th of November 1974.
Birthplace/Hometown Wacos, Texas (USA).
Nationality American.
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign) Scorpio.
Religion Christianity.
Current Location Wacos, Texas (USA).
Ethnicity White Caucasian American.
Famous for Married to Joanna Gains (American TV Host) on 31st of March 2003. Expecting their fifth child this may 2018.
Chip Gaines Height, Weight & Body Measurements
Height in Centimeters 178 cm
Height in meters 1.78 meters
Height in Feet/Inches 5 Feet 10 inches
Weight in Kilograms 78 KG
Weight in Pounds 171 Pounds
Body Measurements 42-36-38
Shoe Size 8
Eye Color Greenish Blue.
Hair Color Light Brown.
Chip Gaines (Joanna Gaines’ Spouse) Father, Mother, Family and Relatives
Father Name Gayle Gaines.
Mother Name Bob Gaines.
Brother Name Will Update soon.
Sister Name Shannon Gaines.
Any Famous Relatives Not Known.
Chip Gaines Wife, Affairs, Girlfriends and Marital Status
Marital Status Married in 2003
Girlfriend Name Joanna Gaines (Television Personality).
Wife/Spouse Name Joanna Gaines.
Sexuality Heterosexuality.
Children (Son/Daughter) Drake Gaines (Boy), Duke Gaines (Girl), Ella Rose Gaines (Daughter) and Emmie Kay Gaines (Daughter).
Chip Gaines Education and School, College
Educational Qualification Bachelor in Business Management (BBA).
School High School.
College/ University Hankamer School of Business (Baylor University)
Chip Gaines (Joanna Gaines’ Wife) Favorites Things and Like & Dislike
Favorite Actor Brad Pitt
Favorite Actress Alyson Hannigan
Favorite Color Blue and Black.
Favorite Food Italian Food
Favorite Place Paris
Hobbies Swimming, Traveling and Playing Sports.
Chip Gaines Net worth & Earnings
Net Worth Approx $7.6 Million US dollars (As of 2018).
Salary Will Update soon.
Office Address Not Known
Home Address Not Known
Mobile Number Not Known
Email Address Will update soon.
Official Website Not available.
Chip Gaines Social Media Profile Links
Facebook Link Not Known.
Instagram Link
Twitter Link

Chip Gaines Net worth, Wealth, House, Car and Business

Chip Gaines is a business executive and television personality. Furthermore, he owns three companies along with his wife Joanna “Trinity Properties”, “Magnolia Reality” and “Magnolia Homes.”

In fact, Chip has co-hosted a television show along with his wife Joanna name “Fixed Upper” that has ended by March 2018. Therefore, net worth of Chip Gaines is around $7.6 Million US dollars as on 2018.

Joanna Gaines & Chip Gaines’ Marriage, Affair, Personal Life & Relationship

Joanna and Chip have married on 31st of March, 2003. Chip and Joanna have met each other in Baylor University. Soon, they have dated and married to each other.

Presently, Chip and Joanna Gains are parents of four kids Drake Gaines (Boy), Duke Gaines (Girl), Ella Rose Gaines (Daughter) and Emmie Kay Gaines (Daughter). Presently, the couple is expecting their fifth child by May 2018. In fact, the couple looks very excited and waiting for their fifth child.

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Short Guide of Chip Gaines

Chip Gaines is a American television personality. Together with his own wifeJoanna, he’s a victory to conduct this small enterprise. Additionally, He’s the proprietor of Magnolia Homes at Waco, Texas, Magnolia Truth and Magnolia Market. He began after becoming married in 2003, this estate shows.

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If you saw last week’s episode, you know I got the raw end of the deal when it comes to #DemoDay.. well, I make up for it tonight!! Watch #fixerupper with us 9/8p CT only on @hgtv.

A post shared by Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) on Feb 27, 2018 at 1:09pm PST

The famed entrepreneur Chip Gaines was created on November 14, 1974,at Albuquerque, New Mexico. He had been brought up in Texas. When he was little, his parents moved from New Mexico into Texas. He’s got a sister. He graduated from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business with an advertising diploma. He really loves playing baseball because his early childhood times.


Processor Gainesis known. His wife Joanna affirms on this series . He’s the proprietor of Magnolia Homes at Magnolia Truth, Texas, Waco and Magnolia Market.

You gotta take a break every once in a while.. #meAndDrakeTD! pic.twitter.com/bwOtSHwObT

— Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) July 19, 2018

The famous entrepreneur, Chip Gaines is a happily married guy. He fulfilled Joanna first on grocery store office. Afterward their love . The few dated each other for a few years and eventually tied the knot. Lately they’re living in the farmhouse of 40 acres lands. The two of these appears to be pleased with each other and there are not any rumors in their divorce and extramarital affairs too.


There was a rumor the famed character, Chip Gaines isHomophobic. Individuals even claim him to be against same-sex union. However, the information is yetto be verified. In addition, he fought together with his spouse as he travelled to Mexico to get Spanish immersion program along with complete the company was managed by his spouse . He also didn’t return for three weeks and Joanna was immature to manage all of the organization enterprise.

Sure! @AssistingChip you mind helping??

— Chip Gaines (@chipgaines) July 16, 2018

Numbers and Net Worth

The handsome hunk, Chip Gaines has been able to keep herself healthy and also he appears to be overly appealing also. He is5 ft 10 inch in height and weighs about 78 kg. He’s got green coloured eyes with blonde coloured hair. As he’s living a lavish lifestyle, his net worth can be estimated to be approximately $7.6 million using a salary of $ 7.6 million. He’s busy on Twitter and also 1.1 million followers around Instagram.