What happens to kate in lost?

May 24, 2010 — — Whoa. What a finale.

More than two-and-a-half hours after the epic battle between good and evil on “Lost” squared off for the final showdown, the fate of the Oceanic Flight 815 passengers was revealed.

Spoiler alert: This article contains information included in Sunday night’s “Lost” finale.

As the six-year series closed, along with Jack’s eye — nice book-ending, producers — we learn that the flash-sideways world we’ve delved into throughout most of the final season was a kind of limbo, or purgatory, until the survivors could be reunited one last time.

The general consensus across America in the moments after the credits rolled was a resounding “Wait … what?”

Click HERE to watch the executive producers share their thoughts on the final episode with Diane Sawyer.

The series’ final moments made it clear that Jack Shepherd had died on the island and reunited with his finally proud papa Christian. But the epilogue of the rest of the cast remained up for debate on the Internet this morning.

Some people believe all aboard Oceanic Flight 815 died when the plane broke apart over the Pacific and slammed into the island in pieces.

But faithful watchers will know this — the island was real. Their adventures, the Others, the Dharma initiative, the mythology — it was all real.

Sawyer, Kate and Claire made it off the island for good aboard the Ajira plane (accompanied by Miles, Lapidus and by the finally-aging Richard.) Hurley, Ben and Desmond stayed behind to protect the island.

Their fates will remain hidden, though we learn from the final gathering at the church that everyone eventually died, some before Jack, his father told him, and some a long time after.

Those who had previously died on the island — Sun, Jin, Sayid, Shannon, Boone — never got a second chance except in the afterlife.

And as the group gathered, both buoyed and amazed by the connections they remembered, they moved on together — no longer stuck between worlds, able to finally find peace.

‘Lost’s’ Mysteries: What Got Solved, What Will Remain Forever Hidden?

While dozens of questions about the series remain unanswered, we did get some closure with the characters’ personal lives. Kate chose Jack in the hours before he died. Sawyer found Juliet, his true love, in purgatory. Ben finally accepted his place on the island as No. 2 — a role he took on with honor after decades spent fighting for something more.

Last week, ABCNews.com questioned several longstanding mysteries on the “Lost” island. Below, we go back to find out what was solved and what remains up to the viewer to figure out.

‘Lost’ Numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42

It’s become common theory in the blogosphere that the meaning of the series of numbers, central to so many of the island’s events, was never revealed.

The numbers — used by Hurley to win the lottery and Desmond to keep the hatch from exploding — have popped up dozens, perhaps hundreds, of times over the course of the show.

Producers used them almost as a “Where’s Waldo” type of challenge for devoted Losties, sticking them on sports jerseys and bedside alarm clocks. They even served as the flight number for the doomed plane itself.

But did we really learn their significance? Probably not.

Smoke Monster Death: How to Guide

Sure, we found out how Jacob and the Man in Black (later to become the smoke monster) came to live on the island — shocker, they’re twins! — when a recent episode revealed they had been born to a shipwrecked young mother and raised by an all-knowing woman who bashed the mother’s head in shortly after she gave birth.

But when the young castaway questioned the island woman about where she came from, the woman simply brushed her off, saying, “Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.”

It almost seemed to be a message from “Lost” producers, straight into the living rooms of the show’s fans.

We never found out where Mother — the woman who raised them — wound up on the island or came to possess the power to protect it.

But as “Lost” ended, so did the epic battle between good and evil between Jacob and the Man in Black. Jacob faded as soon as Jack accepted his new role as island protector.

And Jack made good on his promise to kill the Man in Black inhabiting John Locke’s body. Once Desmond extinguished the light, taking the Man in Black’s powers along with it, Kate was able to shoot him in the back, followed by an assist over the cliff with Jack.

The only quibble with the finale? The Man in Black spent centuries trying to make it off the island, killing dozens and inspiring his twin brother to radically alter history for hundreds of people to keep him at bay.

And he’s killed by a gunshot and a fall off the cliff. Seriously?

Desmond and the White Light

We’ve all known Desmond Hume was special from the very moment he came face to face with the survivors back in season one. And not just for his mega-watt grin and swoon-worthy accent.

Once the hatch-keeper, whose sole reason for existence was to push a button every 108 minutes — there are those numbers again — Desmond can withstand enormous quantities of the island’s electromagnetic power even after others have died from the same exposure.

Charles Widmore, you know, before he was casually blown away by Ben, said Desmond was his “last resort.”

And indeed, he was the last resort to saving the island from the Man in Black. It was Desmond’s ability to withstand the electromagnetic energy to disable the island’s powers long enough for the threat of evil to be extinguished.

Thanks, brutha. The universe owes you one.

Deep Sea Adventures

This season’s opener introduced the flash sideways. Because, you know, after years of figuring out flashbacks and flash forwards, viewers needed a little shake-up.

But as we got to see glimpses of a world we don’t yet understand, we were also treated to a very quick flash of the island in a flash-sideways world — deep under the ocean with a Dharma-branded shark circling overhead.

It was referenced several times in the first hour when Fake Locke threatened to sink the island. And after Desmond removed the cork from the well of light, we did indeed see portions of the cliffs plummet into the ocean.

But we now know that the ocean floor island was part of the castaways’ purgatory. So did the island sink when they finally moved on? We’ll never know.

Shoes Off Everyone, Who’s Got Four Toes?

Losties first got their glimpse of the giant four-toed statue watching over the island at the end of season two.

The statue in modern times is severed at the ankle, but flashbacks to the early Jacob days have included views of the back of the full statue. It appears to be an Egyptian god, the most popular theory that it’s Sobek, a Nile god with the head of a crocodile.

It was revealed at the end of season five that Jacob lived inside the statue, but it was never revealed where it came from or why it watches over the island.

Where Did They Go? The Walt and Vincent Edition

The show relied heavily on Walt — Michael’s young son who was being brought back to live with his father after years of estrangement. When they crashed on Oceanic 815, they crashed along with Vincent, Walt’s loyal yellow Labrador retriever.

Walt was supposed to have been special, to be able to do things and see things the others couldn’t, including teleporting while being held hostage by the Others. But then his father took him off the island, and we saw little of him after that.

Michael ended blowing up along with Widmore’s freighter — can we call being blown up pulling an Arzt? But Walt hasn’t been seen since a brief meeting with John Locke in season five’s “Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.”

We never again saw Walt or Michael. Not in the flash-sideways world and not in the church. Could it be that Malcolm David Kelly, the actor who began playing young Walt at the tender age of 12, grew so much physically during the show’s run that his character no longer fit — literally — into the story?

But we got lots of Vincent. After a brief appearance in season five under the care of time-traveling Rose and Bernard, we found that’s where Oceanic Flight 815’s only canine survivor has been all this time.

As a mortally wounded Jack crawled into the bamboo to die, the faithful Vincent laid by his side, just as he had in the moments after the plane crash six years ago.

Good boy, Vincent.

Richard Alpert: Smokey’s Toss Can’t Be the End

Oh, Richard. Oh, sweet, loyal, conflicted Richard. Rendered ageless by Jacob back in the days after Black Rock shipwrecked, Richard has formed alliances and dazzled us all with his naturally grown guy-liner.

We found out in the finale that the uber-gladiator toss inflicted by a really ticked off smoke monster didn’t finish the old man off.

But curiously, once both Jacob and the Man in Black had died, Miles noticed a curious change in Richard: a grey hair. We’ll take that to mean that Richard has finally been released from his lifelong sentence, free to leave the island after 150 years.

Not long after being stranded on a super-strange island, Lost‘s Kate Austen found herself drawn to two very different men — do-right Dr. Jack Shephard and a scalawag named “Sawyer” (aka James Ford).

Those who stuck with Lost to the very end know who Kate was with as the ABC series drew to a close, but was that the right choice?

THE CASE FOR JACK | Soon after meeting “cute” in the wake of the plane crash, as Kate received a crash course in suturing, she and Jack were entangled by trust issues — starting with the fact that she hadn’t revealed she had been in custody aboard the flight. And yet, tough as she was, Kate allowed herself to be a bit vulnerable in Jack’s company, as witnessed early on when she pulled him into an impetuous kiss.

Alas, the aforementioned trust issues, coupled with disagreements on survival strategy, always put a tiny wedge between the two. Kate’s caged-up Season 3 hook-up with Sawyer then triggered a sizeable rift, driving Jack to negotiate with Juliet and Ben to get him off the island. Yet Jack would always choose his people over opportunity. When Sawyer eventually paired off with Juliet, Kate and Jack inched closer together, setting the stage for a heartbreaking, love-declaring parting of the ways as Jack stayed behind as the island’s “protector.” But when all was said and done (like, really done), it was Kate who in the flash-sideways helped Jack get where he needed to be, as his island self met his end.

THE CASE FOR SAWYER | Meeting a bit less “cute” than she and Jack did — Sawyer saved Kate’s bacon by stepping in front of her to gun down a charging polar (!) bear — the con man and the fugitive felt an immediate bond in being the two castaways who “just don’t belong.” Similarly, their first kiss wasn’t quite as romantic as the one Kate and Jack shared, seeing as a tied-up Sawyer negotiated the liplock in trade for the 411 on Shannon’s missing inhalers.

These two would be forever drawn to each other, though, and their chemistry combusted during their Season 3 captivity in the cages, where they made love for the first time (amid fish biscuit crumbs, ptooey!). When their consummation did not go unnoticed by Jack, that freed “Freckles” and Sawyer to get even closer, to a degree that their romance even survived their disagreement on choosing Team Locke versus Team Jack at the start of Season 4. Rather, it would take no less than temporal displacement to distance the two, when Sawyer’s brave bailing from an overtaxed getaway helicopter landed him in the past, where he wound up playing house with his true soulmate, Juliet.

What’s your opinion on who Kate should have chosen? Log your vote in the poll below, then slug it out in the comments!

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Evangeline Lilly Details Awful Experiences on the Set of Lost

“In Season 3, I’d had a bad experience on set with being basically cornered into doing a scene partially naked, and I felt had no choice in the matter. I was mortified and I was trembling, and when it finished, I was crying my eyes out and I had to go on do a very formidable, very strong scene immediately thereafter,” the actress recalled. “And so, in Season 4, another scene came up where Kate was undressing, and I fought very hard to have that scene be under my control, and I failed to control it again. And so, I then said, ‘That’s it. No more. You can write whatever you want— I won’t do it. I will never take my clothes off on this show again.’ And I didn’t.”

Lilly added that she would handle the situation differently today. “I’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years, so I kind of know the ropes,” she said. “I’m a little bit better equipped now to not have uncomfortable experiences come up.” Now, when she reads scripts that involve nudity, she passes. “And it’s not because I think there’s anything wrong with doing nudity. It’s because I don’t trust that I can be comfortable and safe,” said Lilly, who currently stars in Ant-Man and the Wasp. “I’m lucky. I’m in a position—a very privileged position—where I’m allowed to be picky. I can be picky. I’ve got enough success under my belt that I can be, and I feel for women who are just struggling to come up in the industry and don’t really know how to navigate that.”

Working on Lost wasn’t all bad, of course, and Lilly particularly enjoyed sharing scenes with Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn. “Their immovability in a scene taught me about not bending to make my co-stars comfortable—which I think is a quintessentially female trait, to always try to accommodate and take care of whoever you’re with,” she said. “But they were never selfish, unkind or egotistical. They were just very strong and talented. They were pros and they weren’t going to apologize for what they needed to do to accomplish their scenes.”

After Lilly’s interview went viral, Lost co-creators and executive producers J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, and executive producers Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse, apologized to the star. “Our response to Evie’s comments this morning in the media was to immediately reach out to her to profoundly apologize for the experience she detailed while working on Lost,” the four men told E! News in a joint statement Thursday night. “We have not yet connected with her, but remain deeply and sincerely sorry. No person should ever feel unsafe at work. Period.”

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Back in the very first episode of Lost, Charlie asked perhaps the central question of this whole series: “Guys… where are we?” Well, if Lost’s sixth season is meant to evoke its first—as the creators have insisted—then last week’s season premiere introduced a new defining question, courtesy of the reincarnated Sayid. “What happened?”


Let’s see if we can work our way towards some answers:

1. What happened to Sayid is that he died, got dipped in some muddy water, and then came back to life, making The Temple Others suspicious that he might be “infected.” So the T.O.’s leader, Dogen, administers a highly ironic test, that has Sayid being tortured in order to prove… something. I initially assumed that they were trying to make sure Sayid wasn’t Smokey in disguise, in which case his screaming in pain and having his flesh burnt would mean he “passed” the test. But then Dogen’s right-hand man and translator, Lennon, says that Sayid in fact didn’t pass. So just what is this “infection?” More in a moment.

2. What happened to Jack is that he felt terribly guilty about Sayid’s death, and so he takes a proprietary interest in what the T.O.’s decide to do with his reanimated body. When he finds out Sayid’s been tortured, he storms into Dogen’s lair with questions he wants answered immediately. Instead, Dogen and Lennon dodge (in a very Lost-y fashion) and spout some mumbo jumbo about how Jack needs to give Sayid a pill to stop the infection, which will thus allow Jack to “redeem himself” for all the mistakes he’s made and the people who’ve died or been hurt because of him. Instead, Jack swallows the pill himself, alarming Dogen, who informs him that the pill contains poison.

3. What happened to Sawyer is that he lost the love his life, and has subsequently lost interest in being drawn into any conflict involving Jack, The Others or Sayid. (Regarding Sayid’s resurrection, Sawyer sarcastically hisses, “He’s an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go-round.”) So he brandishes a gun, threatens his way out of The Temple, and heads back to Dharmaville where he finds his old home with Juliet and the box he once hid there, containing the ring he’d planned to give her.


4. What happened to Kate is that she registered the chaos inside The Temple and saw a way to get herself out of there, by promising to track down Sawyer and bring him back to safety. In fact, she has no intention of returning. Now that she’s in 2007, where she always meant to be, Kate’s planning on finding Claire, preferably with Sawyer’s help. So she treks out into the jungle with Jin (who has his own ulterior motive, to find Sun) and a pair of Temple Others, Aldo and Justin, whom Kate and Jin promptly ditch. Then they go their separate ways.

5. Oh and what also happened to Kate—or Alterna-Kate, if you’d rather—is that she landed safely on Oceanic 815, escaped the authorities, and hijacked a cab with Alterna-Claire in the backseat. After stealing Claire’s purse and suitcase, Kate finds a mechanic who helps her get her cuffs off, but then Kate’s moved by the stuffed killer whale she finds in Claire’s bags, so she returns to Claire, gives her the luggage back, and offers to drive her to meet the couple that’s going to adopt her baby. Only the couple has recently split up, and the ex-wife tearfully turns Claire away at the door, right before Claire begins having contractions. Kate rushes Claire to the hospital, while keeping an eye out for the law.


For the first half of “What Kate Does,” I confess to being a little antsy. Beyond my usual anxiety over “Kate episodes”—which tend to be among Lost’s weakest—I worried that Lost was falling back into multiple bad habits. In the second half hour, a lot of my fears were allayed. Cases in point:

-Kate telling Dogen that she could bring Sawyer back had me concerned that Lost was setting up another multi-episode game of Island Chutes & Ladders, where characters make dramatic exits and walk off purposefully to places, just so they can turn around a few days later and walk back. Instead though, Kate, Jin and Sawyer appear to be off on their own journeys now, with no plans to return to The Temple.


(As an aside, I have to hand it to Josh Holloway and the writers for making Sawyer’s grief over Juliet so palpable. Lost has never been all that good at lingering emotional responses, but Sawyer’s desperate need to get the hell out of The Temple and get back to the last place he and Juliet were happy was about as believable a motivation for action as I’ve ever seen on this show. His scene with Kate on the dock, making apologies and plans, went a long way to making me feel better about “What Kate Does.”)

-The revelation that “the nice couple in Los Angeles who want to adopt your baby” were a couple of nobodies smacked a little of last year’s “This Place Is Death,” an episode which seemed largely designed to prove to fans that a Rousseau flashback wouldn’t be as revelatory as they’d hoped. One of the minor mysteries that Lost hadn’t solved prior to tonight was just who was planning to take Aaron off Claire’s hands. And in the Alterna-815 reality at least, it appears that this was a mystery with a mundane, insignificant answer. But as if to compensate, “What Kate Does” gives us a tingly moment at the hospital, as Claire’s doctor is revealed as none other than Ethan Goodspeed! (Now if I ask for more background on how he ended up in L.A., will I be disappointed in the reply?)


-The whole business between Jack, Dogen, Lennon and Sayid started out as Lost at its worst. Jack demands answers, then backs off when Dogen hands him a pill? Jack’s going to give Sayid this pill, without even finding out what’s in it, to “redeem” himself? Jack’s done some stupid stuff on this show, and for some stupid reasons, but if he’d convinced Sayid to take the pill, I think I would’ve thrown in the towel on “What Kate Does” and regrouped for next week. But hey, whaddaya know? Jack doesn’t give Sayid the pill. Instead they talk! They actually talk! And then he returns to Dogen’s lair and they talk! And then he forces answers out of Dogen and Lennon by saying, insightfully, “I don’t trust myself. How am I supposed to trust you?” before swallowing the pill himself. I’m in favor of all of this.

I’m also in favor of the way this episode ends, with Dogen telling Jack more about “the infection” that will blacken Sayid’s heart and how, “It happened to your sister.” Then, as if on cue, Jack’s sister Claire emerges from the jungle, rifle in hand, and shoots Aldo and Justin just before Aldo can kill Jin.


That ending is exciting enough, but even more exciting is what we can extrapolate from this. Follow me here: Sayid was dead, but now he’s alive, revived by something “dark.” Claire was (probably) dead, but she’s up and about now, and according to Dogen she’s taken a turn as well. Christian arrived on The Island as a corpse, but has been seen alive several times. Is he dark? Is the phenomenon at work here different from Smokey taking the form of Locke? If so, is it possible that The Corpse Of Locke will eventually rise, and stand in opposition to—or in concert with—Not-Locke?

I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued.

Grade: B

Stray Observations:

-Record-keeping alert: Because “LA X” was officially listed as a two-parter, I’m calling this Episode Three, and will proceed accordingly this season.


-I’m still not used to the “flash-sideways” sound. It’s disorienting me.

-I’m also still withholding judgment on the effectiveness of “flash-sideways” storytelling technique. In the previous seasons, the “flashbacks” and “flash-forwards” have provided us with information we needed to know, while—at their best, anyway—infusing the present-day action with an extra note of poignancy. I thought the flashes in “LA X, Part 1” accomplished both of those goals, but I haven’t quite felt that with “LA X, Part 2” or “What Kate Does.”


-Hurley, asking a fanboyish question of Sayid: “You’re not a zombie, right?”

-“As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position.”

-One byproduct of the split realities is that I have to keep reminding myself who remembers what. When Aldo showed up, I briefly wondered whether the encounter between him and Kate in Season Three actually happened. (The answer? Oh yeah. Kate may not have remembered, but Aldo sure did.) I also have to remind myself that Jack and Kate and Hurley also retain the memories of getting off The Island. Which means that this Jack knows about his half-sister, Claire.


-Dogen “doesn’t really have a sense of humor.” What Other does?

-Actually, there was some comic relief from The Other camp tonight, courtesy of Aldo and Justin. Aldo, played by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Rob McElhenney, gets in some good lines, whether he’ describing the dangers in the jungle (“Ever see a big pillar of black smoke, makes a tikka-tikka sound, gets real pissed off?”) or griping at Justin for being too chatty.


-I have to say that the preview for the Jimmy Fallon Lost parody that starts airing this Friday looks pretty clever.

Clues, coincidences and crazy-ass theories:

-There was one other fairly tingly moment at the hospital with Claire and Kate: when Claire spontaneously decides to name her baby “Aaron,” and Kate has a weird look on her face akin to the one that crossed Jack’s face on 815 last week. Deja vu?


-By the way, way back in “Pilot,” Claire also worried that her baby wasn’t moving, just like what happened in this episode. And she had a sudden intuition that the baby would be a boy, just as she had a sudden impulse to call him “Aaron” tonight.

-I know Damon and Carlton have said they don’t like the use of the word “alternative” for the reality where Oceanic 815 landed safely, because they feel that implies that it’s somehow not “real.” (When in fact it’s “Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary tale!”) But I’m using “alternative” in the sense of “other,” and am going to keep on with that for now. When Juliet hit Jughead, two things happened. Our heroes materializing in 2007 is one. Their flight landing safely in 2004 is the “other.”


-I had some wild Lost dreams last night, mostly involving theories both implausible and plausible. Implausible? All our heroes are actually microscopic. (In my dream, this explains the significance of Kate’s tiny plane.) Plausible? The reality of these characters is like software, receiving regular upgrades and reinstallations. The safe landing of 815 is like one of those upgrades; the 2007 story is like an older, archived version. (I promise, it all made sense in my dream.)

-I invite you to check out regular commenter Barefoot Jim’s theory about how the two realities might merge this season, which has some similarities to the time-travel nosebleeds of last year. No indication tonight that Jim’s right, aside from Alterna-Kate finding the name “Aaron” familiar. Anyway, if Jim’s theory holds, Sawyer should be the next one to start “bleeding” between the two realities, right?


-Justin says that Aldo can’t kill Jin because Jin’s “one of them.” To which Aldo replies, “He may be one of them.” Who are “them?” People on Jacob’s List?

-Aldo and Justin know about Rousseau. And they know she’s been “dead for years.”

-I think we’re starting to understand a little more about how it is that Mikhail could keep coming back. Either Temple Bath or Reanimation.


-Any significance to the objects we see Dogen fiddling with tonight? A manual typewiter? A baseball?

-Dogen claims that he prefers not to speak English because it allows him to remain separate from his people, so that he can make decisions that affect them with some measure of emotional distance. That’s an entirely different model of leadership than we’ve seen from Jack, Ben, Locke or Sawyer. I like that Lost keeps offering up alternate examples of how to be a hero.


-Dogen says to Jack that he was “brought here, like everyone else,” and claims that Jack will know what that means. But when? And from where? And is anyone on The Island a native?


-I loved last week’s episode, and so did most Lost fans it seems, but I’ve read a few complaints here and there—in our comments section, on other entertainment sites, etc.—that the Season Six premiere was “confusing” or “frustrating” or even “boring.” I confess to being a little perplexed by the “confusing” criticism. Once you realize that there are two realities at work, what’s there to be confused about? It’s not like it’s difficult to tell which reality is which. (Here’s a hint: One’s on The Island, one’s in L.A.) “Frustrating” I can accept, because people are ready for Lost to start winding down, and the introduction of new mysteries and new characters means that we’ve now got a lot more hallways to walk through before we get to The Magic Answer Door. I fully expect that a lot of the viewers who flocked back to Lost last week—bumping the ratings back up to Season Two levels—will flock away again for a while, until the final episodes. But honestly, I couldn’t imagine a Lost where we get a lot of answers in the first episode of a season. What would happen in the next 16 hours or so? Just action? Would a show like that really be Lost? As for “boring,” we’ll just have to agree to disagree there. I thought it was an uncommonly strong season-opener, with the action and the acting already up to midseason form. The hiatuses between TV seasons can be real momentum-killers, both for the creative teams behind a show (who have to find the rhythm of the characters’ dialogue again) and for fans (who have months to let their memories of the show and their expectations for the future grow out of proportion to reality). The highest compliment I can pay to “LA X” is that to me it felt like a seamless transition from “The Incident,” which I’d watched a couple of weeks prior. And “What Kate Does” felt like a typical “next” episode for Lost, transitioning out of the premiere and into the meat of the season. And by the end of this week’s episode, that meat was starting to look pretty juicy.


Can you believe it has almost been 10 years since the season 6 finale of LOST? It seems like yesterday we were all sitting around our TV screens, watching in anticipation to see if our favorite castaways had made it off The Island and evaded capture from those pesky Others.

When the show first aired, it was a huge success with fans. However, one aspect they hated was the ambiguity and random storylines that left them with more questions than answers. Especially when it came to the former fugitive, Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly), whose story was left unresolved. Here are 10 unanswered questions fans would like to know.

10 What’s with the horse?

We’re still waiting on an explanation for the black horse that kept haunting Kate. The only time it was seen was in the episode “What Kate Did” when the animal helped Kate to escape as the Marshal crashed his car, trying to avoid it. The horse then reappeared on the Island whilst she is picking fruit for the survivors.

The writers have neither confirmed or denied what the horse means, which has led to the frustration of fans. Some have theorized that the equine was a manifestation of the Smoke Monster, while others have suggested that Jacob had used the animal to keep her available for candidacy. Either way, it seemed like a pointless fact to include when it amounted to nothing.

9 Did she go to prison?

One of the biggest mysteries that remained unsolved is if Kate spent any time in prison post-season 6. In the episode “Eggtown”, Kate was offered the deal of time served plus 10 years of in-state probation for the crimes she committed. Kate agrees to these terms, saying she wants to put all of this behind her.

However, Kate is seen to break these conditions when she boards the flight to Guam in order to return to the Island. Since Kate disappears for three weeks, wouldn’t her parole officer realize she was missing? How did the airport not pick her up on the cameras? Surely someone in the airport would have recognized her since she featured on the news several times.

8 What happened after Jack died?

When the flash-sideways was revealed to be a purgatorial existence for the Islanders, it was a surprising twist. For Jack (and fans), he realized that he and everyone else in the church were dead. Although Kate remembered her life in the last few moments, fans are led to believe she lived a long time after returning to the mainland for a second time.

However, it would have been nice to know what happened in these missing years. Did Kate help Claire with Aaron’s upbringing? Did she decide to start afresh? What did she do after her probation ended? A lot of questions remain unanswered.

7 Was she a candidate?

There was an ambiguity surrounding the question of whether Kate was considered to be a candidate or not. We are led to believe that Kate is a candidate after Jacob visited her as a child. Her name also featured in the cave, meaning that she was considered to be the protector of the Island.

However, many other characters have insisted that she isn’t. For instance, Mikhail insists that she isn’t a candidate because she is flawed (“Par Avion”) but this contradicted by Jacob when he insists that he crossed her name off because she was a mother. He then offers the job to Kate, telling her she could have it if she wanted. If finding the protector was as easy as this, why did he wait six years to ask?

6 Tom’s toy airplane

In season 1, the writers left us all in suspense as fans waited to see Kate’s origin story. Fans got a brief insight into her past when she asked Jack to help get the briefcase back from Sawyer (“Wherever The Case May Be”). Inside was a little toy airplane, which belonged to Tom – her childhood best friend who died trying to help her escape.

Considering how persistent Kate was to have it, the object mysteriously disappeared after this. It also raised questions as to whether Kate tried to make amends with Tom’s widow after she returned from the Island. Since she felt deep remorse for Tom’s death, it seemed likely that she would. It’s just another chapter of Kate’s life unclosed.

5 Her purpose in the flash-sideways

In the final episode of LOST, Christian revealed to Jack that the flash-sideways was a sort of purgatory for the survivors. They all created it with the purpose of moving on to the afterlife together, whilst also trying to get closure on some personal issues.

Some examples of this include Jack’s with his father issues, Sawyer’s over his shady past and Hurley over the numbers. Yet, Kate’s story proved to be no different than her real one. The implication remains that she has killed someone and regrets doing it, which fans saw she did while on the Island. Kate doesn’t even get her closure as Desmond forces her to remember. So what was the lesson Kate was meant to learn?

4 The meaning of ‘Sawyer’s favor’?

In the season 4 finale, Sawyer jumped from the helicopter to ensure the Oceanic Six would be able to make it to the freighter. Before he departed, Sawyer whispered a favor in Kate’s ear, asking her to make sure Cassidy and his daughter were taken care of.

This secret was the main reason Jack and Kate broke up in season 4 – but questions have to be raised here too? Why did Kate become evasive about her whereabouts when Cassidy was a friend? How come it’s taken three years to do this ‘favor’? Did she intentionally bring up Sawyer as an excuse to sabotage the relationship because she was scared or because she was hiding a bigger secret?

3 What happened to Kevin?

After Kate had killed Wayne and before the plane crash, the fugitive tried to stop running and settled down in Miami. Here, she met Kevin, a police officer who she would go on to marry under the alias ‘Monica’. However, Kate ends up drugging the policeman when she realized they couldn’t have a life with her secret hanging over them.

Again, it is implied that Kevin doesn’t seem to care about Kate’s survival as he only appears in one episode. Yet, there are so many questions unanswered. Wouldn’t he like to have got closure? Would Kevin have understood Kate’s crime or turned her in? It would have been nice to see a scene between Kate and Kevin so this chapter of her life could be closed.

2 Is David her son?

Several theories that had been circulating the fan forums are about the existence of David. Some have argued that he could be Aaron as he vanishes when the child is born. Others have said he is an extension of Jack himself. Yet one theory Jate fans might like to hear is that David is actually Kate and Jack’s son.

Fans may recall that Jack and Kate slept together the night they were set to return to the Island. According to the official timeline, the events of season 5 and 6 were spread three weeks, meaning Kate could have been pregnant when she left and Jack died. If this is true, then the afterlife had allowed David the opportunity to bond with his father before he moved on.

1 Why didn’t Sam visit her?

Before Kate ended up killing Wayne and discovered the truth about her real parentage, she was led to believe that Sam was her father. Kate adored the army sergeant, fondly talking about how he taught her how to hunt and track. Sam proved to love her just as much and gave Kate a head-start on the authorities as she began living on the run.

However, after the Oceanic Six return to the mainland, why is he not there to show his support for Kate? Even after Kate has been arrested and put on probation, he doesn’t even contact her to make sure she is okay. Or is it more tragic than that and Sam died while she was on the Island? We need to know.

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Lost Flashback: “What Kate Did” Review

So what did Kate do? Well, the flashback tells us that Kate killed her stepfather, Wayne Janssen (James Horan), when she blew up his house after he returned home drunk. It’s implied that Wayne abused Kate’s mother and it’s also apparent that he was sexually attracted to Kate herself. Whatever drove Kate over the edge to that point that she would commit murder is never explicitly implied but a scene with Sgt. Sam Austen (Lindsey Ginter) may hold the answer. It’s revealed that Wayne was in fact her real father, even though he may have never known this fact himself and that Diane Janssen was truly in love with this despicable man. We really aren’t given enough to put two and two together but Kate discovering that Wayne was her real father appears to be what drove her over the edge.

Kate’s sordid relationship with her step/real father manifests itself on the island in her relationship with Sawyer and Jack. The love triangle present between the three can be a bit clichéd at times but there are some really strong emotional moments that exemplify Kate’s struggles with men. She’s torn between Jack, someone that she feels is too good for her and Sawyer, someone she cares for but reminds her too much of her father. Give the Lost crew credit for giving this love triangle some real depth and I appreciate Jack’s reaction to the situation. He’s left confused by Kate’s kiss and her obvious attraction to Sawyer so his next step is to just walk away from it and have a drink with Ana Lucia.

As for Sawyer, he spends most of the episode on his back recovering from the gunshot wound. In one scene it appears as if he channels Wayne when he wakes and attempts to strangle Kate asking, “Why did you kill me?” Over the years, I’ve never really known how to interpret this scene. Was Kate hallucinating due to fatigue and guilt? Later, there’s a great moment when Sawyer finally wakes up in the Swan station and genuinely believes they’ve been rescued only to discover once he steps outside that they’re still stuck on the island. His patented “Son of a bitch” fit the moment perfectly.
Shannon’s funeral felt like a hurried attempt to get her story out of the way. Sayid’s speech brought some emotional impact to the proceedings. The problem is, their relationship was never that compelling to begin with so I had a hard time believing Sayid’s emphatic “I loved her” to the group. Naveen Andrews tried his hardest to make it sound genuine but I simply never found their relationship all that intriguing. There was never a moment that led me to believe that these two were in love. When I think of Sayid’s love interest I’m always going to think of Nadia.
In the Swan station, Michael and Mr. Eko are shown the infamous orientation film. I find it a little odd that Michael seems so calm this week. His desperation to find his own son appears to have subsided, which is odd to see in any father. The writers don’t go out of their way to at least give us a sense that Michael is angry or frustrated that he doesn’t know where Walt might be. This reminds me a lot of the situation with Claire in the first season. After a couple of episodes, her disappearance at the hand of the Others was barely discussed until it was relevant to the plot again. Thankfully, Michael is thrust right back into the search for his son at the end of this episode.
Meanwhile, Mr. Eko and Locke continue to get acquainted and Eko reveals that he has a missing piece of the orientation film. Nothing too exciting is revealed in this once missing excerpt but it is emphasized that the computer should not be used to speak with the outside world – it could lead to another incident!

Kate and Toby are going through it on This Is Us, and their growing distance has us worried about the future of their relationship. Toby has been missing in action lately, both physically and emotionally, and Kate is finding comfort and solace with her new neighbor. Their marriage isn’t doing so well, and we’re pretty sure their issues will ultimately lead Kate to cheat on Toby. With all the twists This Is Us throws at us, it’s hard to predict anything, but here are four reasons why Kate might step out on her husband.

  1. Toby’s weight loss is changing their dynamic. Both Kate and Toby have confronted their issues with weight, and for the most part, it was something they could relate to. But this season, after suffering a life-threatening heart attack, Toby is working much harder to get healthy. In episode three, “Unhinged,” Toby confesses to Kate that he’s been hitting the gym regularly so he can get healthy for their son. Kate feels hurt by his secretiveness, and when she admits that she’s gained 10 pounds from her pregnancy, he insensitively responds that he’s starting to look like a “Vin Diesel body double.”
  2. They’re overworked, exhausted new parents. With the arrival of baby Jack, Kate and Toby’s priorities have changed, and the hustle and bustle of parenthood is really testing them. Taking care of a newborn, especially one with special needs, isn’t always easy, and the stress is starting to catch up. While Toby is taking fatherhood as a reason to get healthy, in episode two, he tells Rebecca he believes the stress of the baby is causing Kate to overeat. This clearly shows a lack of communication between the two, and possibly some form of resentment on Toby’s side. If revealed, his sentiments could hurt Kate, driving her further away from him: perhaps into the arms of someone more accepting and compassionate.
  1. Toby is always busy with work. With the growing tension between them, it doesn’t help that Toby is constantly running off to work, leaving Kate at home alone to take care of the baby. In episode eight, “Sorry,” when Toby and Kate are trying to feed baby Jack his first solid food, Toby must leave for work. Feeling bad that he’s missed so many milestones already because of work, Toby asks Kate not to try to feed Jack again until he returns. But while he’s gone, Kate’s neighbor, Gregory, successfully feeds Jack fresh avocado. When Toby returns, he feeds Jack avocado as well, proudly declaring it as the baby’s first solid food milestone, but Kate doesn’t fess up about the earlier interaction with Gregory. If Toby keeps missing out on this time with Kate and Jack, Kate may decide it’s time to find someone who’s more available.
  2. Kate has chemistry with her neighbor. Kate’s first encounter with her neighbor Gregory isn’t exactly pleasant, but since then the two have become good friends. After Gregory complained about Toby’s car blocking the sidewalk, he revealed to Kate that he just survived a stroke, and needs to walk around the block for his recovery. Kate decides to join him on his walks, and in episode eight, when he doesn’t show up at the curb, she goes to his house. When he tells her he isn’t feeling well, she offers to come inside and help out. The two seem to have a growing chemistry, which could easily develop into a romance if Kate and Toby’s relationship continues to go downhill.

Plus, we’ve noticed that Kate and Toby aren’t seen together in any of the flash-forward scenes, which could hint that they aren’t together in the future. Of course this is just speculation, and considering all the misdirection and shockers that come with This Is Us, literally anything could happen. We have no choice but to wait and see how things play out as this season progresses.

Image Source: NBC

Kate and Toby fans, I’m not going to lie to you: the couple’s future on This Is Us is looking grim. They’ve been suffering a major disconnect since baby Jack was born, and that midseason finale ending was totally brutal. Still, there’s a chance that Toby and Kate could stay together…and honestly, the show has thrown us way crazier plot twists than that.

First, let’s lay out the facts. The show last left off with Kate catching Toby seemingly texting his CrossFit friends about how unsupportive she is of his new, healthy lifestyle. In the flash-forward to the triplets’ 40th birthday, Toby wasn’t there—at least, not in that scene. Plus, the promo for the upcoming episode is full of plenty of clips of the struggling couple. Like I said, it’s not looking great.

But that definitely doesn’t mean all hope is lost. After all, this is Kate and Toby we’re talking about, and their relationship is way stronger than a silly little group chat. It’s also important to note that at that flash-forward, Kate was still wearing her wedding ring. This is a very good sign!

NBCGetty Images

Sure, their marriage in a super rough spot. Kate’s obviously feeling overwhelmed after having a baby with special needs (following her infertility struggle). She’s also stuck at home with Jack every day while Toby is off getting fit in his life outside of their family. She’s also turning to her neighbor to get what Toby’s not giving her, and it seems like it could all implode at any moment.

— woohoneychild (@woohoneychild) January 15, 2020

Toby makes me so mad and Kate makes me so sad but it’s incredible how emotionally realistic their storyline is. #ThisIsUs

— Joss (@jacesjoss) January 15, 2020

But as This Is Us (and, you know, real life) has shown us in the past, it’s possible to struggle in a marriage and come back stronger than ever. We’ve seen Beth and Randall do it, and we’ve even seen Jack and Rebecca—The Most Legendary Couple of All Time—do it too. There’s no reason Kate and Toby can’t pull through and stay together, especially since their current stressors aren’t going to last forever.

With the curveballs This Is Us is known for throwing fans, it’s hard to say where Kate and Toby will go from here. But Katoby fans should not be throwing in the towel just yet! After all, that emotional fight they’re shown having in the previews could be exactly what they need to start rebuilding their relationship, piece by piece.

Related Story Nicole Pomarico Nicole Pomarico is an entertainment writer who’s obsessed with Kate Middleton, Chrissy Teigen, and takes Riverdale way too seriously.

This Is Us Season 1 Spoilers: Does Kate Cheat On Toby? (VIDEO)

We were left with so many questions at the end of This Is Us Season 1 last week and I am beyond excited for this week’s episode, maybe! I feel we could be taken down a very scary and emotional road on This Is Us on NBC 2017 this week, what with Kate possibly cheating on Toby with Duke, both Randall and William’s health and Jack & Rebecca’s marriage! Check out a sneak peek look at Episode 15 of This Is Us Season 1 below in our This Is Us on NBC spoilers!

Well, here is the official synopsis from NBC for Episode 15, which is titled “Jack Pearson’s Son”:

As Kevin stresses about the premiere of his play, he receives support from an unexpected source. Randall struggles under the pressure of both his work and ailing father. Rebecca and Jack’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t go as planned. Toby and Kate decide to dig deep and get to know each other’s biggest secrets.”

To start, let’s look at the promo video for this week’s episode here:

We see Kate at the beginning knocking on Duke’s door and he is surprised to see her so quick. The look on Kate’s face, to me, shows she looks almost pissed off at Duke! Like, why would he invite her over and why do this to her? I am hoping this is the case and from the photo above, it looks like Kate & Toby go to the opening of Kevin’s play together, so would she do that if she cheated? I don’t think so, so I don’t think she does anything!

Do you think Kate cheats on Toby on This Is Us Season 1?

Join us tomorrow night on Gossip & Gab for our This Is Us Season 1 Recap! Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for all our latest updates. Want to see more from Editor-in-Chief Todd Betzold? Follow along with him over on Twitter!

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