Wedding harry and meghan

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding took place on 29 April 2011 and will forever have a fond place in our hearts.

It was the moment our future King married his future Queen Consort – and the whole nation got to revel in the celebrations as the Queen granted us all a Bank Holiday for the occasion.

Here, we give you a big dose of nostalgia as we take a look back at some of the most memorable moments from the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge’s royal nuptials…

1. Pippa’s bottom

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way – little sister Pippa Middleton risked stealing Kate’s thunder before she’d even hit The High Altar in Westminster Abbey. And it’s all thanks to her shapely behind.

As Pippa emerged from the wedding car and carried sister Kate’s train as the stepped into the Abbey, the world was given the perfect shot of Pippa’s pert bottom in her figure-hugging maid of honour’s outfit.

Pippa’s bottom caused quite a stir (Picture: Ian Gavan/GP/Getty Images)

The Duchess’ sister arrived at Westminster Abbey with Kate’s flower girls (Picture: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Designed by Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen and the same designer behind Kate’s gown, it left nothing to the imagination when it came to Pippa’s rear and she was a firm fixture in the press for weeks thanks to the frenzy it created.

Pippa became the most eligible – but not single – ladies in London, being dubbed ‘her royal hotness’. And it even sparked copycats getting ‘Pippa Middleton bum’ lifts.

Kate flashes Pippa a grin as she enters Westminster Abbey (Picture: Pawel Libera/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Pippa admitted the attention her posterior received was ‘unexpected’ – but she’s still got the dress safely tucked away in her wardrobe in case her children one day wish to see it.

‘It was completely unexpected,’ she admitted in an interview on US TV show Today after the wedding. ‘You know, I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress, really just to sort of blend in with the train.

‘I suppose it’s flattering. It’s actually still in my wardrobe at home. I haven’t worn it since. But I think I’ll just keep it there.

‘I think it’s the sort of thing that I’m sure I’ll bring out if someone wanted to see it or my children one day want to see it. Then I’ll show them. It’s tucked away.’

2. The first glimpse of the bride

Kate and her family stayed at five-star The Goring Hotel the night before the royal wedding.

Situated on a side street a short walk from Buckingham Palace and just over a five-minute drive to Westminster Abbey, Kate only had a short journey to her groom on the morning of her wedding.

Kate and her father Michael wave to crowds as they leave The Goring Hotel and head to Westminster Abbey (Picture: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Screens had been set up surrounding the hotel’s entrance to protect Kate’s privacy as she exited the hotel, but cameras managed to catch a short glimpse of the bride in her veil as she maneuvered her dress into her waiting car before making the journey to her groom.

As the car left The Goring, a beaming Kate and her father, Michael Middleton, waved to crowds who had gathered along the route. It was the perfect way to build the excitement for the special day.

Kate, her mother Carole Middleton and sister Pippa Middleton arrive at The Goring Hotel the night before Kate’s wedding (Picture: Christopher Furlong/GP/Getty Images)

Kate’s arrival at The Goring Hotel the evening before also sparked a great deal of interest too, with media and fans gathered on the street to wish her well.

3. Kate’s Alexander McQueen dress

Catherine Middleton shows her Alexander McQueen dress in full for the first time outside Westminster Abbey (Picture: Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Alexander McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton was the brains behind Kate’s elegant – and stunning – lace bridal gown for her wedding to Prince William.

For months speculation was rife on who would be the designer and Sarah had kept a stealthy silence on the matter.

The stunning dress featured delicate lace (Picture: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

So it was only natural that everyone was clamoring for the first glimpse of Kate in her dress – even it it was shielded in part by the screens at The Goring.

As Kate finally emerged outside Westminster Abbey – with the entire world seeing her dress on TV screens before her husband-to-be had – it was confirmed that Burton was in fact the designer.

Pippa carried Kate’s train as they leave Westminster Abbey (Picture: Kirsty Wigglesworth – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

She was even on hand to neaten the train – which was 9ft long – on the day and ensure every inch of the dress looked perfect as Kate made her way down the aisle.

Sarah Burton arranges Kate’s dress just before she walked down the aisle (Picture: Jon Bond – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

The dress designer also created Pippa’s gown (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

It later emerged that Kate and Sarah had been having secret meetings at Hampton Court Palace to discuss the dress – the location chosen due to its proximity to The Royal School Of Needlework, who created the lace for the gown.

It was so hush-hush that staff there were told that the lace they were creating was actually for a period drama.

Prince William and Kate Middleton emerge from Westminster Abbey after their wedding ceremony (Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

4. Harry whispers during the ceremony

Those who watched the ceremony will remember the moment in which Prince Harry, stood next to William at the altar, turns to take a look at Kate who is walking down the aisle hand with her father.

As he does, he then turns and whispers something – with a mischievous grin – in William’s ear.

It’s not known exactly what he said, but expert lip readers have suggested he whispered: ‘Right, here she is now’, perhaps making a little quip at the fact the music had suddenly gone up a notch and it was quite clear already that she was walking down the aisle.

But that’s just one lip reader’s interpretation – we quite like the thought of Harry saying something more along the lines of, ‘Cor! She looks stunning’.

5. William whispers to Kate at the altar

He had just been reunited with his beautiful bride for the first time, so it’s understandable William might want to say hello.

What jokers those Princes are.

6. Not one but TWO royal kisses

The royal balcony moment after the ceremony has taken place and the carriages have escorted the family to Buckingham Palace is one of the most anticipated moments of a royal wedding in London.

And the bride and groom gave the public not one but TWO royal kisses on the balcony.

Thanks to lip readers, we know that it was William’s suggestion too.

‘Go on, a little kiss, go on,’ is what William is thought to have said to Kate on the balcony. This was followed with a very quick peck.

Kate and William kiss on the balcony (Picture: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Kate takes one last look at the crowds as the pair leave the balcony (Picture: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

But then he wanted another, turning to Kate and saying: ‘Let’s give them another one. I love you.’ It was as the flypast then began that he said again: ‘One more kiss, one more kiss. OK?’

And then we got the second kiss.

7. The fed up flower girl

She was the star of the royal balcony scene – the Duke of Cambridge’s three-year-old goddaughter and the couple’s flower girl Grace Van Cutsem.

Grace was clearly so helplessly fed up with the loud, cheering crowds – either that, or she was bored – that she covered her ears and gave an almighty frown as she stood on the royal balcony in front of the world.

Kate points out the planes to Grace Van Cutsem during the flypast – but she doesn’t appear to like it (Picture: George Pimentel/WireImage)

Grace didn’t seem to like the noise on the day (Picture: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Grace didn’t cover her ears for the entire balcony moment (Picture: Georges De Keerle/GP/Getty Images)

It became an iconic moment of the wedding day.

Now aged 10, she’s pracitised her smile for the camera, as her mother Rose Astor’s Instagram account shows:

8. A royal day off

Thanks to Queen Elizabeth II, we all got a public holiday on Kate and William’s wedding day (Picture: George Pimentel/WireImage)

The last memorable moment in our list – but a very important one. The Queen granted us all a public holiday for Kate and William’s big day.

We haven’t been given one for Harry and Meghan’s nuptials, which fall on a Saturday unlike William and Kate’s wedding which were on a Friday.

It meant the country erupted into garden parties, street feasts, all-day pub binges or sofa days as we all tuned in to enjoy the royal wedding.

Here’s what William said to Harry before Meghan walked down the aisle

Isn’t this lovely?!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding happened two days ago but there’s no denying that they’re going to be the centre of public attention for some time yet.

The royal wedding is still being talked about by major news outlets and on social media, it continues to trend.

Everyone wants to know everything about the day itself and all the minor details including various ‘lip readings’.

While the ceremony was broadcast far and wide, there was no way of hearing what the newlyweds said to each other and of course, that means people really want to know.

A touching moment between Prince Harry and Prince William was picked up on and according to one lipreader, the brothers were remembering their mother, Princess Diana.

As those watching on Saturday will remember, they were at the altar waiting for Meghan to arrive and according to Metro, that’s when the heartwarming exchange happened.

William: “Do you remember when Mum used to say…?”

Harry: “Yeah, I know”.

Now, while we don’t know exactly what they were chatting about, we do know that it was something very special and it’s so lovely to think that they were thinking of their mum all along the way.

Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997 and her sons were aged 15 and 12 at the time.

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Remember that super cute moment at Will and Kate’s wedding when Prince Harry whispered “wait until you see her” to his brother as Kate Middleton made her way down the aisle to her future husband?


That might have been back in 2011, but the two brothers shared another sweet, gif-able moment today when Meghan Markle walked down the aisle toward Prince Harry. Prince William, who stood beside his brother in front of the altar, seemed to say “ready?” and Harry gave a little head nod back and tried to collect himself (emotions!).

So sweet and very royal bros-y. The two shared a few teasing asides throughout the morning as they waited for the ceremony to kick off:

And Harry had a little comment of his own when he saw his bride. He can be seen telling Meghan “you look amazing” in this adorable clip:


So many congratulations to the happy royal couple!

Sally Holmes Digital Director Sally is the Digital Director of where she oversees coverage of all the things the Marie Claire reader wants to know about, including politics, beauty, fashion, celebs, and Prince Harry’s facial hair.

PRINCE Charles tried to help Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton make amends twice amid the growing rift between them, it has been reported.

It has been said that Charles was trying to act as a peacemaker between his two sons’ other halves when he walked Meghan down the aisle at the Royal Wedding in May.

4 Prince Charles may have walked Meghan Markle down the aisle in an effort to simmer tensions within the familyCredit: PA:Press Association

Tensions between the sisters-in-law have been brewing for around a year – but the Prince of Wales has reportedly made a few attempts to smooth things over.

He requested the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge invite Prince Harry and Meghan to their countryside home Anmer Hall near Sandringham in hopes to make Meghan feel like a welcomed member of the family.

However, the meeting was spoiled by a “ghastly row”.

A senior Royal aide told The Mail on Sunday that Meghan was judged to be “downright rude” upon arrival.

4 Kate Middleton and Meghan have reportedly been embroiled in a series of rowsCredit: Getty – Contributor Meghan Markle ‘left Kate Middleton in tears’ over her strict demands for Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid outfit

The aide added: “Kate had a quite word with Meghan. It escalated rapidly after Meghan complained to Harry that she had been ‘told off’.”
By the week of the wedding things appeared to have reached a boiling point.

It was reported that the tension between Meghan and Kate was at fever-pitch after the Duchess of Cambridge was reduced to tears over a dress fitting for bridesmaid Princess Charlotte.

At the same time Meghan’s father Thomas Markle pulled out of the wedding, which left an important role to be filled.

Within hours it had emerged Meghan asked Prince Charles to step in and walk her down the aisle for her big day.

4 Kate and Meghan are said to have had a ‘ghastly row’ over the Christmas period last yearCredit: Getty – Contributor

At the time Kensington Palace stressed he was “pleased to welcome Ms Markle to the Royal Family this way”.

This is the latest claim in the saga about the Duchess’ frosty relationship that appears to escalating.

After last year’s row at Anmer Hall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be spending Christmas with the Middleton clan at Buckleberry Manor in Berkshire to avoid repeating the experience.

Pregnant Meghan and Prince Harry will spend the big day with the Queen in Sandringham.

4 Thomas Markle pulled out of walking Meghan down the aisle at the last minuteCredit: James Breeden – The Sun

Kensington Palace has started a “mole hunt” to find whoever is responsible for a number of unfavourable leaks about the frostiness between Kate and Meghan, according to The Mail on Sunday.

It comes after a series of potentially damaging stories have appeared in the UK press focusing on the growing tensions between the sister-in-laws.




Scotland Yard officers protecting Harry & Meghan ‘treated like skivvies’


Mum, 33, vanishes with her baby & three kids aged 4, 12 and 13 in Reading Latest


Student is UK’s first coronavirus victim as uni moves to calm ‘anxiety’


Hundreds of travellers gather for funeral of dad-of-12 who had 140 grandkids Exclusive


Meghan ‘furious’ at ‘desperate’ Thomas Markle for dragging Doria into public row Exclusive


Son of OAP, 80, says romps with toyboy nearly ripped family apart

One includes Meghan Markle reportedly being sharp with her staff, including reducing her PA, Melissa Toubati, 39, to tears and ultimately leading to her handing in her resignation.

And a furious Duchess of Cambridge recently slapped down Meghan after she spoke rudely to a member of Kate’s staff telling her doing so was “unacceptable”.

There has also been speculation the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are moving out of Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage in the grounds of Windsor Castle due to tensions between the two households.

Prince Harry looks lovingly at Meghan Markle as he sees her for the first time walking down the aisle as the mother of the bride wells up with happiness

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Royal wedding: Kate Middleton makes history as she walks down the aisle


Catherine Middleton is the first modern “commoner” to marry a likely heir to the British throne in more than three centuries. She broke a high jump record at school, and she sports an art history degree from St. Andrews University. Since meeting Prince William at the college dorm in 2000, she has leaped many other hurdles en route to her wedding day tomorrow, including a break up with William in 2007.

As a young British woman of 29 likely to one day be queen, Ms. Middleton is making history.

She is described variously as independent, classy, quiet, confident, and poised. Professionally she’s been a clothing accessory buyer with the fashion chain Jigsaw, and a photographer. She’s made several best dressed lists. Her mother started as an air hostess; one grandmother was a coal miner’s granddaughter and lived in a condemned public housing for a season.

Middleton, having already lived with William, is often called the opposite of Princess Diana, William’s famous mother. Lady Diana Spencer was 19 when she married Prince Charles, whom she had dated only six months. She called him “sir” until a day before the two said “I do,” in 1981.

Middleton lived in Amman, Jordan, between ages 2 and 4, where her parents were posted with British Airways. Her sister, Pippa, two years younger, will be her maid of honor; she has a brother four years younger. The Middleton family fortunes turned for the better when they started a highly successful party supply company.

Yet Middleton’s middle-class family has not been an impediment to a royal match; it rather appears to be an important strength for Catherine, and a sanctuary for William, raised in a public and dysfunctional royal milieu.

“She’s got a stable family and that is one thing that William loves about her, and it seems to be something that keeps Kate grounded,” says Jasmine Birtles, a London-based observer and media commentator. Middleton is said to be quite attuned to William’s moods, and genuinely loves him.

Middleton earned the nickname “Waity Katy” from the British media when, after several years dating William, he still had not asked for her hand. Early in 2007, the couple broke up. William was 24, just graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and about to enter tank commander school, and he appeared to briefly play the field. Middleton countered by showing up on British fashion pages, sporting a tan, and emerging from limousines and elite clubs. The couple was found to be back “on” about five months later. They’ve been living in a farmhouse on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales, where he trains as a helicopter pilot.

Middleton does have a small cluster of detractors, of course. But Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson says Britain is fortunate to have a woman like Middleton marrying into the royal family, calling her authentic, experienced, and with the kind of depth and dignity needed but not always found in royals.

She also notes what a record leap Middleton and her family are making: “To go from a condemned council flat to Buckingham Palace in two generations makes Elizabeth Bennet’s bagging of Mr. Darcy look like a doddle.”

— — Meghan Markle has arrived with Prince Harry as his date to this evening’s reception celebrating the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews.

Markle 35, joined Harry, 32, at the private reception at the Bucklebury home of Middleton’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton. The couple, who began dating last summer, joined nearly 300 other guests at the evening reception, including Middleton’s sister Princess Kate and Prince William.

Markle’s attendance with Harry at such a high-profile event has left many wondering whether wedding bells are not too far off for the couple.

The invitation is also particularly notable because it is the first time Harry has invited Markle to join him at an event with William and Kate and their two children, Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 2.

Markle did not join Harry, William and Kate at the reception in Englefield House, where guests went following the ceremony at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire, near the Middletons’ Bucklebury home.

Approximately 100 guests were invited to the more intimate and exclusive church service. Middleton reportedly had a “no ring no bring” policy for the intimate ceremony inside St Marks Church.

However, Markle’s no-show at the church was understood to be a decision driven by a hope that her appearance wouldn’t be a distraction at the ceremony and a desire that it remain Middleton’s big day. Middleton, 33, wore a gown custom designed by Giles Deacon in her wedding to Matthews, 41, a millionaire financier.

The fact that Harry was invited to the evening reception with his girlfriend is a clear endorsement of just how important Markle is to Harry.

Middleton and Matthews hired international event planning company Fait Accompli to oversee the logistics of their wedding celebration. The reception is catered by Table Talk, a high end firm where Middleton worked before Kate married William in 2011

The Middletons’ mansion, dubbed “Bucklebury Manor,” boasts seven bedrooms and sits on 18 acres of property with stunning gardens, fish ponds and a tennis court and pool. A large glass tent structure, estimated to cost more than $100,000 was erected on the property for the reception.

Today’s event is the second wedding that Markle has attended with Harry in as many months. In March, she accompanied Harry to Jamaica for the wedding of a childhood pal from Eton, the school he attended as a teenager.

Earlier this month, Harry was photographed kissing Markle at a charity polo match at Coworth Park in Ascot, a significant step in the couple’s relationship and the first time they attended a public event together as a couple.

Harry also joined Markle in Toronto, where she films the TV show “Suits,” for Easter instead of spending the holiday at Windsor with Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family, indicating just how serious the relationship has become.

Harry and Markle met last summer after being introduced by mutual friends. The couple kept their relationship under wraps for several months. They were photographed together for the first time last November attending a play and leaving the private members’ club Soho in February holding hands.

Harry and Markle have been nearly inseparable, with the two jetting back and forth across the Atlantic to spend time together. The couple took a romantic vacation together after the New Year to view the northern lights in Norway.

The couple will be celebrating their one-year anniversary this summer and an engagement is expected shortly thereafter. Kensington Palace recently announced that Harry is embarking on an overseas tour in June to Singapore and then to Sydney, which will host the 2018 Invictus Games, the international sporting competition founded by Harry for wounded servicemen and women.

This fall, the Invictus Games will be held in Toronto, where Markle lives most of the year. It’s expected that Markle will attend the Invictus Games to show support for Harry.

The actress recently shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig, and gave up her fashion line at Canadian clothing chain store Reitmans, two more indications that an engagement may be imminent. The royal family fiercely guards their privacy so Markle reducing her public profile would be necessary if she is to join the royal family.

Markle, born to a white father and an African-American mother, would be the first biracial princess to join the the Windsor family if Harry were to propose.

Harry, fifth-in-line to the British throne, would still need to get permission to marry Markle, who is divorced. Royal experts do not see this, however, as an impediment to a marriage for Markle and Harry because the monarchy has modernized since Edward VIII abdicated the throne for a divorced Wallis Simpson.

Harry’s father, Prince Charles, married his longtime love, Camilla, who was also divorced, in 2005.

Well, well, well. Ever since Meghan Markle announced that she was shutting down her lifestyle blog, The Tig, the world (O.K., not necessarily the entire world, but a whole lot of us) has been waiting expectantly for an engagement announcement for Markle and her boyfriend, Prince Harry. When Harry was spotted visiting Markle in Toronto a few days before Easter, you could practically hear the British tabloid editors taking a deep breath.

Over the weekend, there were two further developments that seem to indicate that Harry and Markle might be making things official very, very soon. First, Markle has reportedly cut ties with the Canadian clothing brand Reitmans, for which she has modeled and designed two collections, which, again, could perhaps be seen as a sign that she is trying to get her affairs in order before a potential move to London.

And then, on Monday, multiple outlets reported that Markle will be attending Pippa Middleton’s wedding on May 20 with Harry. However, there is a minor wrinkle. Due to stringent royal protocols, Markle will not be allowed to attend the actual ceremony, which will be held at St. Mark’s Church, as she is not yet engaged or married to Harry. (Though they have a few weeks to change that, we suppose! Can you imagine a surprise quickie Harry-Markle wedding? The Queen might actually throw an entire tea set through a window.) Markle will reportedly be allowed to attend the reception, in the evening, though, which is not under the same rules. Hello magazine said that Markle has asked for a week off of work from filming Suits, from May 15 to 22, in order to attend the wedding. (When reached, the palace had no comment, and a source told Vanity Fair that Suits is on hiatus that week.)

Oh, and on top of all of this, as if it were not enough Meghan-and-Harry-related excitement to work through, Harry said in an interview with the Telegraph, released over the weekend, “I, of course, I would love to have kids.”

The question now is really just whether they will get engaged before or after Pippa’s wedding. Or, if they do get engaged before, will they wait to announce until after the wedding so as to not in any way steal her thunder? And then the other equally as pressing question is: Will we get any sleep until they’re actually engaged, knowing any morning we could wake up and that will be the morning? (All of this seems totally normal, non-obsessive behavior, right?)

Video: Meghan Markle’s Life Is Changing . . .

Prince Harry dated actress Meghan Markle for more than two years before they announced an engagement in November 2017. Married May 19, 2018, the royal couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy in May 2019.

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Here is a timeline of the couple’s relationship:

July 2016

Markle would later reveal in an October 2017 interview Vanity Fair that she and Harry met in London in July 2016.

Nov. 8, 2016

Kensington Palace confirms Harry is dating Markle by issuing a statement calling for an end to sexist and racist harassment of Markle on social media. Markle is referred to as Harry’s girlfriend in the Nov. 8 statement from his communications secretary.

Kensington Palace has issued a statement this morning about the harassment currently being experienced by Meghan Markle and her family.

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) November 8, 2016

“His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment. Some of this has been very public—the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments,” part of the statement said.

The statement went on to say Harry is worried about Markle’s safety and is “deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her.”

Prince Harry (L) and actress Meghan Markle have reportedly been dating since 2016. Photo: Nigel Roddis/Getty Images and Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Nov. 26, 2016

Prince Harry’s brother, Prince William, issues a statement of his own supporting Harry and Markle.

“The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him,” William said in a statement to The Daily Telegraph.

Dec. 14, 2016

The first photos emerge of Harry and Markle as a couple, according to a claim from British tabloid The Sun. Wearing winter coats and beanies, the couple was reportedly going to the Gielud Theatre in London. The day before, the tabloid said the two picked out a Christmas tree together.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle have been pictured together

— The Sun (@TheSun) December 15, 2016

Jan. 15, 2017

The Sun reports that Markle has met Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte.

“It went really well and Meghan was very excited about meeting her,” an unnamed friend told the paper.

Feb. 2, 2017

The Sun once again publishes photos of the couple together, this time after a dinner date at Soho House in London. An unnamed person who saw the two told the tabloid the couple “tried to keep as low-key as possible.”

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March 3, 2017

Harry and Markle were photographed in Montego Bay, Jamaica, for the wedding of one of Harry’s college friends, Tom “Skippy” Inskip. The Telegraph reported that the two were affectionate during the three-day wedding event.

May 20, 2017

Markle accompanies Harry to Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception, according to UsWeekly. Earlier that month, on May 7, People reports that the two were photographed kissing in the Coworth Park Polo Club parking lot in Ascot, England. Markle had been cheering Harry on during a charity polo match with William.

August 2017

Markle and Harry are photographed at a Botswana airport in Africa for Markle’s 36th birthday. E! News reported they stayed with close friends of Harry, who met Markle for the first time.

Tomorrow’s front page: Besotted Prince Harry wraps an arm around girlfriend Meghan Markle on romantic holiday for her 36th birthday

— The Sun (@TheSun) August 4, 2017

Sept. 5, 2017

Markle speaks publicly for the first time about her relationship with Harry in an interview with Vanity Fair. She expressed the support she has from her boyfriend after the media attention since they began dating.

October cover star Meghan Markle may be just the perfect woman for Britain’s iconoclastic royal

— VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) September 5, 2017

“(T)he only thing that changed was people’s perception,” she told the publication. “Nothing about me changed. I’m still the same person that I am, and I’ve never defined myself by my relationship.”

Related: Photos: Prince Harry through the years

“We’re in love. I’m sure there will be a time when we will have to come forward and present ourselves and have stories to tell, but I hope what people will understand is that this is our time. This is for us. It’s part of what makes it so special, that it’s just ours. But we’re happy. Personally, I love a great love story.”

Sept. 13, 2017

UsWeekly reported that Merkle has met Prince Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, Sept. 3.

“It went well. It’ll no doubt be the first of many encounters,” an unnamed source told the magazine.

Related: Photos: Meghan Markle through the years

The report comes as engagement rumors continue. UsWeekly claims Harry has already created an engagement ring.

November 2017

Harry proposes to Markle earlier in the month. Weeks later, on Nov. 27, the royal engagement is announced. At a photo call the same day, Markle debuts her three-diamond engagement ring, which includes two diamonds from Diana, Princess of Wales’s personal collection. When asked if the proposal was romantic, Harry responded, “Of course it was.”

May 19, 2018

Nearly two years after they first met, Harry and Markle marry at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in London. Before the ceremony, Queen Elizabeth conferred the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Prince Harry and Markle.

The Duke and Duchess would like to thank everyone who took part in the celebrations of their Wedding.
They feel so lucky to have been able to share their day with all those gathered in Windsor and those who watched on television across the UK, Commonwealth, and around the world.

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) May 21, 2018

Oct. 15, 2018

Less than five months after their May wedding, Markle and Harry announce they are expecting their first child. Kensington Palace announced that the baby is due in Spring 2019.

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019.

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) October 15, 2018

Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all of the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in May and are delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public.

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) October 15, 2018

People reported that a Kensington Palace statement also included a reaction from Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland.

“Ms. Ragland is very happy about this lovely news and she looks forward to welcoming her first grandchild,” the statement read.

May 2019

Markle and Harry welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

“We are pleased to announce that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their firstborn child in the early morning on May 6th, 2019,” the royal couple said in a statement. “Their Royal Highnesses’ son weighs 7lbs. 3oz. The Duchess and baby are both healthy and well, and the couple thank members of the public for their shared excitement and support during this very special time in their lives. More details will be shared in the forthcoming days.”

October 1, 2019

Prince Harry issues a personally-written statement blasting the British tabloids for its reporting on the Duchess of Sussex. At the same time, Sussex Royal releases a statement saying Meghan Markle has filed a lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday and Associated Newspapers, its parent company, “over the intrusive and unlawful publication of a private letter written by the Duchess of Sussex, which is part of a campaign by this media group to publish false and deliberately derogatory stories about her, as well as her husband.”

“I have been a silent witness to her private suffering for too long,” Harry said in the statement. “To stand back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have marked their first wedding anniversary by releasing a series of photos.

Harry and Meghan shared a compilation of 14 wedding pictures, including some that had previously not been seen, on Instagram.

Meghan and Prince Charles at the wedding. Photograph: @sussexroyal/PA

The couple, who welcomed their first child, Archie, this month, have had a momentous 12 months since they married at St George’s chapel in Windsor Castle in a glittering ceremony attended by royalty, celebrities and the public.

Meghan with her mother, Doria Ragland. Photograph: Chris Allerton/@SussexRoyal

In a message, the couple said: “Thank you for all of the love and support from so many of you around the world. Each of you made this day even more meaningful.”

The pictures are a series of black and white images by Chris Allerton, including one that appears to show Harry thumbing a lift and another of Meghan holding hands with her mother, Doria Ragland.

A picture of the couple sharing a kiss on the steps, by the Press Association photographer Danny Lawson, is also among the images shared.

Harry and Meghan. Photograph: Chris Allerton/@SussexRoyal Prince Harry appears to thumb a lift. Photograph: Chris Allerton/@SussexRoyal Meghan and Harry kiss after getting married. Photograph: Chris Allerton/@SussexRoyal The couple on the steps at Windsor Castle. Photograph: @SussexRoyal Prince Harry and Prince William. Photograph: @sussexroyal/PA

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a no-kissing rule during their wedding and engagement photos.
  • Their photographer Alexi Lubomirski just gave the most fun interview about working with the royals.

Remember the harrowing day you woke up at 4 a.m. to watch the royal wedding? Exhausting, but worth it to see Suits legend Meghan Markle transform into a duchess and marry Prince Harry. Obviously, photos from the wedding itself were glorious, but the couple also partook in a wedding shoot with photographer Alexi Lubomirski.

Alexi just chatted about the experience during an interview with Evening Standard and said there were some ~royal rules~ he had to keep in mind. For starters: no kissing. “There are definitely boundaries,” he said. “You can’t have them kissing, you can’t have them screaming and running through the garden, and obviously you have to see the ring. But I think it’s within those guidelines that the creativity happens.”

Alexi said he wanted to keep the photos—of both the couple’s wedding and engagement—“authentic to Harry and Meghan,” and I think we can all agree he succeeded:

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A post shared by Alexi Lubomirski (@alexilubomirski) on Nov 27, 2019 at 12:14pm PST

“They are a very modern couple and they have an authenticity to them, so I knew I wanted to break how they were seated,” he continued. “Instead of having the rugby team photo as it were, I wanted to have this sort of random rhythm, like waves.”

Also, in case you’re wondering what Meghan and Harry are like behind the scenes, Alexi says they had an amazing connection. “He would be talking and she would look at him, she’d be smiling at what he said, and then he’d look at her and there’d be this spark between them. I get tingles just thinking about it. They were a young couple in love and it was so cute.”

And as for that instantly iconic pic of them sitting on the steps? It happened in mere minutes. “The Palace official was looking at me saying, ‘We’re going to have to turn around soon,’ and I was like, okay, okay, ‘Just sit down on these stairs.’ And they literally just sort of slumped down, laughing. Sort of looking at each other going, Oh my god, we’re married.”

Excuse me as I melt into a puddle of feels anon! Also, just gonna put this right here:

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Harry and Meghan mark anniversary with new wedding photos

Image copyright @sussexroyal / Chris Allerton

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released new photos from their wedding to mark their first anniversary.

Harry and Meghan posted a compilation of 14 images, including some unseen pictures, on Instagram.

The photo montage is accompanied by the song This Little Light Of Mine, which played as they left St George’s Chapel, Windsor, on their wedding day.

In the post, the couple thanked their followers for “all of the love and support from so many”.

They added: “Each of you made this day even more meaningful.”

Image copyright @sussexroyal / Chris Allerton / Joe Short Image caption Meghan is pictured in an unguarded moment with her mother Doria Ragland

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The pictures include a number of black and white images taken by photographers Chris Allerton and Joe Short, including one in which Meghan is holding hands with her mother Doria Ragland.

A picture of the couple sharing a kiss on the steps as they left St George’s Chapel – taken by Press Association photographer Danny Lawson – is also among the images shared.

Image copyright @sussexroyal / PA

In one black and white shot, Prince Harry appears to be thumbing a lift while another snap seems to have captured him in a pensive moment.

Image copyright @sussexroyal / Chris Allerton / Joe Short Image copyright @sussexroyal / Chris Allerton / Joe Short

The Duchess of Sussex wore a white boat-neck dress by British designer Clare Waight Keller for French fashion house Givenchy on the day.

She was walked down the aisle by Prince Charles after her father was unable to attend for health reasons.

Image copyright @sussexroyal / Chris Allerton / Joe Short

The birth of Harry and Meghan’s son came less than a year after the royal nuptials in the grounds of Windsor Castle, a wedding attended by celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and Priyanka Chopra.

The Sussexes have used their Instagram account to share images of private moments in their first year of marriage, including pictures of their baby son Archie’s feet.

The birth of the couple’s baby earlier this month was also announced on Instagram.

Shortly after a photocall to introduce Archie to the public, Harry and Meghan shared a more personal image on social media, showing the Queen and Prince Philip meeting their newest great-grandchild.

The moment was once again captured by photographer Chris Allerton.

Image copyright PA