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9 Things That Are Worth Buying at Walmart

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It’s a common practice to be skeptical of Walmart. One of the largest retailers in the United States is also the home to some shady business practices, turmoil amidst store closings and layoffs, and some less-than-stellar products. However, if you’re shopping on a budget and need to save money on household goods, it can also be one of the best places to do so.

We know that Walmart furniture isn’t built to become the next family heirloom, and that you’re better off buying an HDTV online or at Best Buy instead of this big-box store. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the other potential savings the store has to offer. After all, millions of people shop at Walmart everyday. Even if you purchase most of your groceries and clothing at other locations, there are deals to be had if you look in the right places.

We took a look at some of those items, and compared prices with places like Amazon, Target, and other big-box stores. In these nine cases, Walmart comes out on top …

1. Baby products

Diaper bag full of baby supplies |

Having a baby can put a serious strain on your previous budget, thanks to the miniature-sized everything that’s now required. You might not want to purchase everything here, but the reality is that your bundle of joy will be growing at a rapid pace for several years. Your stash of newborn onesies and teensy socks are just going to be misplaced, spit up on, or otherwise put through the wringer, no matter where you buy them from. For the basics, you’ll save some cash if you buy them at Walmart.

According to Cheapism, the store continues to beat out Amazon and, particularly if you buy items like diapers and wipes in bulk. A 216-pack of Pampers infant diapers sells for $39.97 at Walmart, compared to $43.58 on sale at and $58.99 on Amazon.

2. School supplies

School supplies |

Staples might have great back-to-school sales, but Walmart can’t be beat on notepads, pens, and pencils all year round. As The Krazy Coupon Lady documents, this is especially true for supplies geared toward elementary students. One-subject notebooks can be as low as $0.17, while glue sticks sell for just five cents. Folders, composition books, and kid-friendly scissors can all be bought for less than a dollar, as can large bottles of Elmer’s glue and Crayola markers for all those book report projects they’re sure to have throughout the year. For less than $5, you’re likely to cross everything off that dreaded back-to-school list you got in the mail.

3. Name-brand snacks

Cereal aisle | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Does your kid refuse to eat any cereal besides the one that has Mr. Lucky Charm himself on the front? Will he only eat his carrots if bribed with a Fruit Roll-Up? If you’re looking to save money on name-brand foods from brands like General Mills, Quaker, and Kellogg’s, Walmart is still one of your best options. Discount stores like Aldi are great for slashing your grocery bills, but they rely on their store brands to do so. If you’re looking for national brands, Walmart has your back — often for a steeper discount than your regional grocery chain.

4. Legos

Little boy playing with Legos |

It might be a random note, but Walmart consistently beats prices for these popular building blocks compared to other toy retailers,’s Regina Novickis told GO Banking Rates. At Slickdeals, members post deals online, with the best of the bargains getting featured on the home page. “Over the past year, our deal community of 9 million has front-paged more Legos deals from Walmart than any other merchant, including Target and Toys ‘R’ Us,” Novickis said.

For example, a LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box retails at Toys ‘R’ Us for $34.99, while the same product is available at Walmart for $28.97 — a full $6 cheaper.

5. Coffee and tea

Holding a cup of coffee |

As CBS reports, Walmart has increased its efforts over the past several years to bring in more products that are fair-trade and environmentally friendly. You can now find fair-trade options at the retailer for a similar price as big-label brands. While most grocery stores rarely run sales on our caffeine staples, the prices are often cheaper at Walmart than your regional grocery chain. “For example, my favorite brands of coffee and tea are both 27 percent less at Walmart,” Stephanie Nelson, savings expert at, told GO Banking Rates. In addition, Walmart accepts coupons for those items, making them even cheaper.

6. Laundry detergent

Laundry |

Along with its fair-trade efforts, Walmart has also begun to make small strides in reducing its carbon footprint — and helping shoppers to do the same. Several years ago, the chain began only carrying concentrated laundry detergents, which use 50% less packaging and reduces the amount of fuel used for shipping as well. Environmental concerns aside, the prices often can’t be beat, either.

“You’ll find the lowest prices at Walmart for name-brand laundry detergent when comparing prices at both brick-and-mortar and online retailers,” said Jon Lal, CEO of The store will occasionally be beat when Amazon has a sale on detergents, but otherwise you’re likely to save the most money at Walmart — even if you’re splurging for Tide. A mega-size 150 fluid ounces of Tide (for 96 loads) sells for $17.99 at Walmart, compared to $33.99 on Amazon.

7. Photo prints

Photo prints |

Printing out memories on 4×6 photo prints is consistently the cheapest at Walmart. If you order online and have them shipped to your home, prints are as cheap as $0.09 each. Even ordering prints for the one-hour pick-up option are often cheaper than at Walgreens, CVS, and other drugstores. You might have more options for your holiday cards at online sites like Shutterfly, but basic prints on those sites start at $0.15 or more. When you start ordering photos from a big trip or special event, a large number of prints can equal significant savings if you order them at Walmart.

8. Disposable razors

Close-up of man shaving |

Did you forget your razor at home while on vacation? Find the nearest Walmart for a pack of name-brand disposable razors at the best price. In some cases, Walmart’s deals can be 50% less than drugstore prices,’s Jeannette Pavini reports. Amazon is able to match the price of Gillette’s 4-pack of disposable women’s razors of $5.37 at Walmart, but it’s significantly cheaper than CVS’s price of $7.99.

Cheapism reports that you can also find other shaving supplies for less at Walmart, including blades or electric razors.

9. Some beauty products

Beauty supplies |

It’s safe to say that stores like Sephora and Lush are going to have several tiers of beauty products above what Walmart offers. However, if you’re looking to try contouring for the first time or pick a daring shade of eyeshadow without spending a fortune first, the store provides quality products that won’t break the bank. Walmart offers products designed by model Kate Moss and actress Drew Barrymore, along with Kim Kardashian’s hairspray — minus the tab at one of the Kardashian’s Dash boutiques. If you’re itching to try a new look, Glamour provides the details on some of the items you can purchase from the retailer.

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Number of Walmart Stores and an analysis of related Store Data

How many Walmart stores are there in the US?

4,676 stores (as of December 25, 2019)
You can download this dataset and more from our Data Store

Walmart is a giant in the brick and mortar store arena with an increasing presence in the online world that is largely dominated by Amazon.

Looking at the increasing sales for online retailers, one would think that it is the end of brick and mortar stores. However, if you look at the numbers closely, you’ll see that e-commerce does not come close to materially affecting brick-and-mortar sales.

Based on that we gathered store location data from to gain insight on stores and services provided by them across the United States.

Stores by State

Walmart stores are located in 2,658 cities.

Texas leads with the 516 stores and is followed by Florida and California.

The chart below shows the top 20 states with the highest number of stores.

Cities with the most stores

Out of the top 20 cities that have the highest number of Walmart stores, 5 of them are from Texas.

San Antonio has the highest number of stores – 29 stores, followed by Houston, Jacksonville, and Orlando.

(The rest of this article is based on the number of Walmart stores on April 4, 2018)

Store Types

Walmart offers 6 different types of stores

  1. Walmart Discount Stores
  2. Walmart Supercenter
  3. Walmart Express
  4. Walmart Neighborhood Market
  5. Walmart Pharmacy
  6. Walmart Fuel Store

Types of stores by State

The interactive chart below shows the number of store types in each state.

The backbone of the Walmart empire is the Supercenter, with a total of 3,302 of them. Walmart’s Supercenters rely on regular traffic from consumers to carry over to its other retail department’s. Supercenters consist of 70.3% of total Walmart store locations while Neighborhood Markets comprise of 15.06%.

Neighborhood markets, which have the same size as Whole Foods markets, are successful because they are almost entirely grocery stores along with household supplies and health items.

Express stores (a smaller version of a typical Walmart) have a similar focus on grocery. But with the declining sales in 2016, Walmart decided to stop Express store locations, concentrating more on Neighborhood Markets and bolstering its Supercenters.

The interactive pie chart below shows the percentage of Walmart Store Types in each state:

The 4,000-square-foot Walmart convenience stores, called Walmart Pickup and Fuel, is a new kind of gas station that offers more than just coffee, snacks, and fuel. Currently, there are only two, one in Colorado and Alabama.

Walmart is looking for new ways to help customers cut down on time and money. The service Walmart Pickup enables you to order items online and pick those items up at any Walmart store, completely free. Walmart even delivers groceries at your doorstep, using 800 store locations to fulfill orders.

Since the launch of AmazonFresh pickup service and Whole Foods expanding nationwide, Amazon can dominate online grocery soon enough. But Walmart is focusing more on its e-commerce business and adding more Pickup services. If Walmart expands its grocery pickup service it can be serious competition with other major retailers such as Target and Kroger.

Store Timings

Most Walmart stores are open all day long, with a good amount opening between 6 am and 8 am.

There are 3,002 Walmart stores open all day long from Monday to Friday.

64% of Walmart Stores are open 24 hours and 27% of their stores open at 6 am.

The chart below shows the opening timings of Walmart on Monday to Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Services provided at the Stores

Walmart provides a numerous amount of services for customers, including retail goods, pharmacy, financial, wireless and photo lab services.

The chart below shows the top 10 services based on the number of stores:

Walmart is the country’s largest retailer, with four out of ten Americans shopping there every week. Now the retail giant is eyeing health services as it does not want to be left behind.

Walmart is developing closer ties with health insurer Humana Inc, offering basic medical services to Walmart stores. It’s a great way to boost Walmart’s brick-and-mortar sales with the increasing pressure from Inc. By deepening its existing partnership with Humana, or even acquiring the company, Walmart stores can turn into health care centers and attract more customers. Walmart is the world’s largest grocer, which means it could use Humana’s data to prompt customers to buy certain groceries at its stores.

To get more information on store locations or any data from retail sites, feel free to get in touch with us by filling up the form below.

We can help with your data or automation needs

Turn the Internet into meaningful, structured and usable data

Walmart leads NRF’s top 100 retailers

Dive Brief:

  • Walmart tops the National Retail Federation’s measure of the top 100 retailers, in a list that the organization itself said reflects “stability.”

  • While Amazon comes in at number two, its $120.9 billion in retail sales last year pale in comparison to Walmart’s $387.6 billion, according to the list published in the organization’s “Stores” magazine.

  • Rounding out the top 10 are, in order, Kroger, Costco, Walgreens, The Home Depot, CVS, Target, Lowe’s and Albertson’s.

Dive Insight:

In raw retail sales numbers, not much has changed this year from last. As Stores magazine notes, the retailers in the top 10 are the same ones as last year, with some movement up or down the list.

As Amazon celebrates its 25th anniversary and announces its fifth-ever Prime Day, the NRF’s accounting serves as a reminder that in a quarter century of disruption, the e-commerce giant has failed to catch up to the world’s largest retailer. Still, the NRF’s story suggests that, along with Walmart’s dominance, Amazon’s disruption is hardly over.

“No. 2’s retail business is nowhere near as large as No. 1 Walmart’s, but Amazon is easily the most disruptive and influential force in the retail industry,” the story reads. “The company sells merchandise from all manner of vendors and suppliers, via both online commerce and through a variety of physical stores. Amazon also provides a digital marketplace for unaffiliated retailers to sell their wares.”

But Walmart is proving to be a worthy rival to Amazon in e-commerce as well, according to Profitero Senior Vice President of Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson. “Walmart really has emerged as a credible alternative choice to Amazon,” he told Retail Dive in an interview.

Not all analysts believe that will serve Walmart’s interests, however. Some maintain that, while the brick-and-mortar giant has pivoted to invest in e-commerce startups and grow its digital sales, Amazon isn’t necessarily its biggest problem.

“There are a whopping 30,000 dollar stores in America now, and the category is growing at a rate of 8 – 10% annually,” Nick Egelanian, president of retail development consultants Siteworks, told Retail Dive in an email. “Add to that growing market share for Aldi (and Lidl), and you can see a real competitive threat growing for Walmart while it has its eye off the ball.”

The 10 States With the Most Wal-Mart Stores

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) has 4,953 locations in the United States. Of those, 563 are in Texas, the state with the most locations. A look at Wal-Mart store locations shows just how regional the company, which employs over 1.3 million Americans, is. According to a recent 24/7 Wall St. analysis, Wal-Mart is the largest employer in 20 states.

The 10 states with the most Wal-Mart locations are as follows:

1. Texas has 563 locations, which employ 156,195 people. The state also has 19 distribution centers that feed Wal-Mart stores with merchandise. Texas is the leader among all states by this measure. The stores represent 11% of all Wal-Mart locations

2. Florida has 343 locations, which employ 94,822 people. The state has eight distribution centers. The store count is 7% of the Wal-Mart total.

3. California has 296 Wal-Mart locations, which employ 81,326 people. The state also has 14 distribution centers. California has 6% of the total Wal-Mart stores.

So, three states have a quarter of all Wal-Mart locations.

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4. North Carolina has 210 Wal-Mart stores, which employ 49,084 people. The retailer has four distribution centers in the state. North Carolina has 4% of all Wal-Mart locations.

5. Georgia has 206 Wal-Mart locations, which is 4% of the national total, that employ 50,928 people. There are also seven distribution centers in the state.

So, five states have almost a third of Wal-Mart locations.

6. Illinois has 197 locations, which employ 51,137 people. The state has seven distribution centers. Nearly 4% of all Wal-Mart stores are in Illinois.

7. Ohio has 175 locations and five distribution centers, which among them employ 46,974. The Ohio stores are 3.5% of the Wal-Mart total.

8. Pennsylvania has 160 locations and seven distribution centers. These Wal-Mart locations employ 47,054 people and are just above 3% of the national total.

9. Missouri has 154 locations, four distribution centers and 40,316 employees. The state has 3% of all Wal-Mart locations.

10. Tennessee has 141 Wal-Mart locations and three distribution centers, which employ 38,569 workers. The state has just under 3% of all Wal-Mart workers in America.

So, among them these 10 states have half of all Wal-Mart locations.

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By Douglas A. McIntyre

This post is sponsored by Walmart, but as always the reviews and opinions are my own and 100% honest. Thank you for supporting the brands that make A House With Books possible.

I’m a firm believer that kids need a happy, safe space where they can find rest, express their creativity and just be themselves. Big or small, shared or solo – I think it’s so important and the Flower Kids line available at Walmart delivers just that kind of space!

My daughter and I were so excited when Walmart reached out to me about refreshing a space with Drew Barrymore’s Flower Kids home line because her room needed a facelift in a big way. She has a playful, creative spirit so this happy line was a perfect fit! Also, for a girl who often questions why we have so much white and gray in our house the rainbow pieces were a must, lol!

This was my daughter’s room before:

Cute little space, but her personality warrants more pop and color!

It was a little too momma and not enough of my girl and I’m so glad Flower Kids helped us fix that…

Much better, right?? I love this space now and it perfectly fits with my little artist’s love of color and whimsy.

There are a ton of fun options available with Flower Kids, but she chose the rainbow headboard right away and we decided to go full rainbow after that! I mean, if you can’t do it in a five year old’s room where else can you do it??

There’s a strong possibility momma might incorporate some huge, painted rainbow wall murals soon, but let’s keep that between us okay? 🤫 I haven’t told her yet😉

The rainbow headboard is such a statement maker and the quality is amazing. It has a really great throwback feel to it and my daughter just loves the colors.

The Flower Kids pillows are a great pop on the bed and that sweet little rainbow art blends so well with the headboard while inviting some muted, rainbow colors to the party.

One of my favorite things about this line is all the bookshelves! This purple book ledge with a beautiful, scalloped edge is perfect for my girl’s space because she reads books in bed and is always sleeping with a big stack of them. Now she can keep her books on deck on this pretty shelf and there’s even room for her little flashlight😉

Aren’t these pieces just the cutest?? Beyond the Flower Kid pieces everything you see here is available on I’ve said it before, but Walmart has seriously stepped up their game the last couple of years and it is by far my favorite place to shop for our kids – home, toys and clothing. The options are always cute and affordable.

So, what do you guys think?? Don’t all of these colors just make you want to re-do all the kids rooms?? I’m so appreciative that you guys took time to stop by and check out my girl’s refresh. Huge thanks to Walmart and Flower Kids for sponsoring this post and for putting all of these joyful pieces out into the world! Have a great weekend, lovelies!

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Wondering how to save money at Walmart? These are the tricks I use when I shop that save me hundreds a month!

Walmart Shopping Tips

Curious how Walmart prices really stack up? Print your FREE Aldi, Target & Walmart Comparison Cheat Sheet – you’ll be surprised at how the prices stack up!

As you may have figured out, I’m not a big Walmart shopper… but this week when I hurried there in the wee hours of the morning for some last minute back-to-school items, it brought to mind a few important shopping secrets that I don’t want you to miss.

While Walmart is usually kind of a last resort for me (read through to the bottom to see why), I realized there are some deals I’ve completely missed the boat on, and you may be missing too. So, here are my top 15 secrets you need to know before shopping Walmart. (Also check out our 10 Target Shopping Secrets here!)

1. Shop Walmart early in the morning (or late at night)

Folks, this may seem ridiculous to as my very first tip, but it. is. so. important. I rarely shop Walmart, but when I do I make sure to go bright and early. I try to shop between 5 and 6AM (I know, crazy, but it works!) but really think as long as you’re there before 9 AM you should be fine.

Curious why? Since many Walmart stores are open overnight, the entire store is cleaned out and shelves are restocked at that time of day. There’s no waiting in checkout lines, store employees are everywhere as they re-set the store for the day, and you can easily navigate the store in literally half the time it would take later in the day.

Now I know this may not work for everyone, but if you know you have a Walmart trip ahead of you, try planning a time early in the morning (or if you have to late at night, but things won’t be as clean as they were first thing!) I promise this will completely change your Walmart shopping experience, and you might just find it your favorite place to shop.

2. Shop “Great Value” or “Equate” brands.

While I don’t think you’ll save all that much on most name brand items at Walmart (keep reading for more), you can save a bundle if you’re willing to shop the Walmart store brands. Their Great Value products in the grocery section are offered on just about everything. On plastic storage bags the Hefty bags are 10¢ per bag compared to Great Value brands priced at 5¢ per bag ~ just by choosing the store brand you’ll save 50%, no coupon clipping or sale shopping required!

I’ve used the “Equate” version of Olay for years, and saving over $5 on that alone is a huge savings! The ingredients are exactly the same, and you can easily save on Equate brand without a single coupon. Success!

3. Walmart has Clearance sections all over the stores

Make sure to check out all the store clearance. Usually there is a few aisles located all over the store with clearance items. This makes for some great deals on household items, grocery items and school supplies and tons more!

You can also get some great online clearance deals at – sometimes they have a different selection that the store near you!

3. Take advantage of Cash Back App savings at Walmart

If you learn anything from this post it is you must use Ibotta if you shop Walmart! Ibotta offers a ton (seriously folks, a ton) of cash-back rebates via their app. Such an easy way to save if you’re purchasing these items already!

My BIGGEST secret to maximizing your Ibotta savings is Rolling Your Rewards: When you cash out your Ibotta earnings for a $20 Walmart Gift Card (for instance) you can turn around and buy items that are FREE in the Ibotta App. By free, I mean Ibotta has offers that are “Free after rebate” but sometimes you don’t want to spend money out of pocket to GET these freebies. If you have a Walmart giftcard you’ve earned by DOING Ibotta, you can use it to avoid spending your own money for these Free After Rebate items!

Rolling your rewards into earning more rewards is like a game I play each week at Walmart – and it’s saved me hundreds!

Here are Rebate Apps you can use to really save a ton:

  • Ibotta Rebate
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Shopkicks
  • Checkout51 Rebate

4 . Use Coupons!

This is an easy one – using online printed coupons or coupons from the Sunday paper can save you big bucks at Walmart. As long as it scans and follows the guidelines here – Walmart should accept it without problems.

Sometimes Walmart can be a pain when it comes to accepting coupons, but it has more to do with a coupon not scanning properly and the stress of a line of people waiting behind you…..

5. Price check against the Amazon App

I love, love, love my Amazon App to make sure I’m always really getting a deal. Especially on merchandise other than groceries, it’s a great way to quickly make sure that the Walmart price is best, and never pay too much.

I use it just about any time we shop (it’s great to have on hand at Kohl’s, Lowe’s, and Home Depot) as well. Just as an example, those Coleman water jugs are over $15 now on Amazon but just $7 at Walmart. Without the app I would have thought that was a decent price but there was no way to know for sure, so having my Amazon virtual “cheat sheet” helps me to double check my savings.

6. Walmart price matches online prices

Some Walmarts will price match those Amazon prices if you can show proof of the pricing in store. To learn more, go HERE (you may want to have in hand when you’re price matching in store.) This can depend on your store and the manager on duty – but it’s definitely worth a shot!

7. Walmart has fantastic prices on party supplies

I’ve always shopped the Dollar Tree for most of our party supplies (Michaels has a great selection occasionally as well), but when I was at Walmart this week I realized their 97¢ party supply selection might just have the Dollar Tree beat!

Their stuff is so cute (I was surprised?) and many of the items are larger count quantities than you’d find at the Dollar Tree. And birthday cards for 47¢? Love that!

8. Walmart has great seasonal prices on produce.

Walmart deeply discounts produce if you watch for their special values, and you can stock up pretty easily at great prices. I noticed grapes for as low as 88¢ per pound this week (my stock up price), strawberries for $1, great prices on pre-cut apple slices (thanks to reader Jennifer for commenting about that for me), and you can also price match your weekly Aldi sales ad to save even more. (Just remember – this varies by store/manager!)

I know produce at Walmart can be hit or miss, but by shopping early in the morning you’ll get the best picks. The last few times I’ve shopped Walmart I’ve been pretty pleased with their produce, so it may be worth giving it a try if you tend to shy away from produce when you’re there.

9. Walmart has great prices on crafting supplies

If you’re in a hurry and need something that’s not on sale at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s this week, Walmart may be your best bet. They have excellent deals on fabric, hot glue, yarn, glassware, wreaths and more. Plus the clearance section often has a selection of crafty items!

10. Don’t miss the container section at Walmart.

Similar to the Dollar Tree, Walmart carries a large selection of small storage bins for $1 or less. I’ve always picked up my shoebox sized bins for Operation Christmas Child at the Dollar Tree, but they’re actually cheaper to purchase in 5 packs at Walmart ~ who knew?!

11. BEST Paper Deals Around

Unless you’re taking advantage of free paper after rebate at Staples (which comes around pretty frequently), Walmart has the best price on copy paper that you’ll normally find.

They also have great pricing on most office supplies including tape, envelopes, pens, pencils and more, so it’s often worth a trip to Walmart before hitting the office supply stores.

12. Walmart offers $10 off a $50 grocery pick up order

Try Walmart Grocery pick up and get $10 off your $50 order when you use the code LA9ARAAC at checkout! You can see if your location offers Grocery Pickup HERE. Here are a few other codes if the first one doesn’t work for you:

13. Watch Walmart for clothing basics.

Walmart has very good every day prices on those very basic clothing items your family needs. If you need to stock up on t-shirts, tank top basics, socks and more, Walmart will usually offer the best price.

Items You Should Skip at Walmart

14. Don’t pay for diapers at Walmart.

I know it’s hard to believe, but Walmart just doesn’t offer the best prices on diapers. The drug stores offer great sales as well as Amazon, and you can usually stock up for less at other retailers.

For example, currently the Huggies at Walmart come out to $.27 each for size two, compared to 19¢ per diaper at Amazon when you clip the $2 off coupon in the middle of the page and choose to subscribe and save. That’s a savings of 8¢ on every single diaper, plus you’ll save shopping at Walmart with tiny kids in tow!

15. Avoid buying toiletries at Walmart unless you know they’re a good price.

Pricing at Walmart on toiletries (and most other groceries?) always seems so high to me, because I watch deals at other stores. This week for example you can pick up Old Spice for $1.59 at Amazon, Colgate for $.46 at Walgreens, Herbal Essences for $.72 at Target, and Pantene for $1.63 at CVS.

While it does take a little more research to score these deals, you can save a bundle even by simply shopping the sales ads at other stores. And if you’re willing to clip a coupon or two, you’ll save even more!

16. Walmart offers Holiday Layaway

Walmart offers layaway with no opening fees beginning August 30th. Down payment is $20 or 20% off the items. (If you cancel this will be refunded)

Not sure how to find those crazy good deals at other stores? If there’s a specific item you’re looking to stock up on, enter it in over HERE and see if a store in your area has it on sale this week.

Curious how Walmart prices really stack up? Go HERE to print your FREE Aldi, Target, and Walmart Comparison Cheat Sheet – my bet is you’ll be surprised at how the prices stack up!

So, there you have it!

Ready for my one frustration though with Walmart shoppers? (Hopefully not stepping on too many toes here, but here goes . . . )

So many folks think it’s always cheaper to buy everything at Walmart, but it’s just not the case. Walmart does have very good every day low prices (especially on their store brands.) However, other grocery stores usually offer better sales especially on name brands, so it’s often worth taking a few minutes to do your research, and always know your stock up price before you head out to shop.)

If you love shopping Walmart, be sure to check out the Walmart updates here on PPP, and don’t miss tons of Walmart deals over at I Heart the Mart as well. I’d love to hear what other tricks you use when shopping Walmart ~ leave a comment to share!

Update: Thanks so much to PPP reader (and friend!) Kristen for reminding me in the PPP Facebook group that 5 select areas of the country can also take advantage of curbside delivery. Learn more HERE.

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