Video calls with santa

There really are apps for everything… and Santa is no exception. We’ve picked three that spread a little festive cheer and should keep your digital youngsters entertained…

Get a video call from Santa

It looks like Father Christmas has joined the thousands of us with smartphones and embraced video calling. In fact, iPhone users can get their own video call from Santa with the help of the Video Call Santa app (free, iOS app store and Google Play). Just press Call Santa for your call to begin.

Obviously, as Santa is very busy at this time of year, it’s a pre-recorded message, and while we think it’s likely to convince younger children that they’re talking to Santa, the odd pauses in the conversation could cause older children to suspect something’s up. As this is a free app, it’s worth noting that you do have to put up with a handful of adverts for gaming apps, but these never pop up during a call – just before or after – and can be skipped after a few seconds. There’s also a section in the app just for parents (which requires a pin code to enter) where you can see a recording of the video call – just to check the children aren’t telling fibs about how naughty or nice they’ve been!

If you’ve got an Android smartphone, the free Video Santa app offers the same experience (although there’s no recording function), and you can even schedule a time to get Santa to call you.


Santa tracker

When it comes to Christmas Eve, we’re all wondering just when will Santa get here? In years gone by there was no way of knowing, but now, thanks to Google it’s possible to use your smartphone to track St Nick’s progress from the comfort of your armchair.

On Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to see Father Christmas’ location on a 3D map of the world using the Santa Tracker app (free, Google Play) or by visiting the Santa Tracker Dashboard from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Until then, there are games you can play, videos to watch and computer skills to learn.

Capture the Magic

Know someone who doesn’t believe in Father Christmas? Help change their mind with Capture the Magic, a free app for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets that lets you drop a picture of Santa on to a photo of a room in your home. Admittedly, while the app is free, the Santa stickers cost from £2.99 to £4.99 depending on which pack you pick. We think it’s a great way to help those who don’t believe to change their minds.

Video Call Santa – Simulated Video Call from Santa

All Video Calls are not real, but simulations.
The original Video Call Santa – Simulated Video Call from Santa is back with the biggest update!
• Choose your Santa to simulate a call: American or British
• Connect with Santa right away or set up a time you want to simulate a video call
• Choose your Episode
24 Episodes to choose from
• Let Santa greet your child by name when simulated incoming call comes in
Choose from 4900+ most popular names
• Santa asks a series of questions in simulations including, “Have you been naughty or nice?” and ’‘What do you want for Christmas?”
• Each simulated conversation is recorded on video for parents to save to the camera roll and share via Messenger and Facebook
• Parents can check out the video recordings protected by passcodes to find out what their kids want for this Christmas
• Share recordings of your kids and simulated Santa having video chat with the rest of the world on major social sites
Video Call Santa – Simulated Video Call from Santa is free to download and use. Our app is entertaining enough to use without paying, however, some in-app items can be purchased for real money to make your experience a little more personalized. Prices are in USD. Pricing in other countries may vary.
Kids by gemteck1 (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Shared by real users. For full versions, visit

The most downloaded Paid Christmas app of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018!

Featured by Apple in 2017!

Video Call Santa! Voice Call Santa! Message Santa! Track Santa! The only Santa Video Call app with varied and customizable conversation options! Santa actually KNOWS YOUR NAME! On Christmas Eve you can even talk to Santa while he’s on his sleigh!

Welcome to North Pole Command Center! Here at the North Pole Science Department, our Elf Engineers are always looking for ways to modernize Christmas, their latest creation is this hi-tech Santa Tracking/ Santa Calling App!

VIDEO CALL SANTA – For the first time ever, you can now Video Call Santa! This is not a simple video recording of Santa, this is a dynamic, varied, and realistic simulated call. Santa knows your name, he knows things like your favorite color, your favorite sport and tons more. He also knows when you’ve been naughty or nice, and he’s not afraid to bring it up during the call! The call can even be recorded to kept forever or shared!

• Santa’s List knows the following things about your kids:
– Their Name
– Their Age
– Their Month of Birth
– Where They Live
– Their Favourite Colour
– Their Favourite Fruit
– Their Favourite Vegetable
– Their Favourite Sport
– If they’ve been learning a Musical Instrument
– Recent Life Events

• There are so many call options. Here are a few:
– Santa knows what gift your kid wants!
– Child has been Naughty: Santa even says what they’ve done thats naughty!
– Child has been Nice: Santa knows when you’ve been nice!
– Tips for getting on the nice list
– Santa checks his list to see if they are on the nice of naughty list!
– And so many more

TRACK SANTA – Using the very latest is Elfish satellite technology, this app can pinpoint Santa’s location anywhere on the planet to within an Elfish Micrometer (which is a lot smaller than a regular micrometer!)
The app also allows you to run test flights with Santa’s sleigh in the lead-up to the big day. Then when the big day arrives it accurately tracks Santa’s journey across the globe!

• Fully 3D Globe that you can rotate and zoom in or out on!
• Sleigh data such as km/h and percentage of presents delivered sent dynamically to the app as Santa makes his journey!
• Send Santa on test runs where you can control the speed of his sleigh!
• Countdown timer to the big day!
• Reindeer data! See what Rudolph and the gang are up to!

CALL SANTA – Talk to Santa! Give him a call or have him call you! On Christmas Eve you can even talk to Santa while he’s on his sleigh! *Parents can use the Santa Call functionality to keep children well behaved! REQUIRES PARENTAL SETUP*

• High-quality voices!
• Thousands of possible call setups!

MESSAGE SANTA – Send Santa messages! Receive messages from Santa! *Parents can use the Message Santa functionality to keep children well behaved! REQUIRES PARENTAL SETUP*

ELFBOOK – The latest craze sweeping the North Pole. This is THE social networking site for Elves and Reindeer!

SANTA’S BLOG – Santa’s blog is currently in its fourth year! All years are included so if you’re new to the party you’ve got plenty to catch up on!

SANTA’S LIST – Santa’s Naughty/Nice List has finally gone digital! Check out where you are on THE LIST!

NORTH POLE NEWS – Brand new Digital News Feed straight from the North Pole! Now in its fourth year!

ELFBALL – The latest mobile gaming craze taking over the North Pole!

BEARDIFIER – Want a beard like Santa’s but haven’t got the time to grow one? WORRY NOT! The Beardifier adds a beard automatically to anyone you take a photo of!

ELFIFIER – Add elf ears and hats to your pics!

NAUGHTY NICE SCANNER – Want to know if you’ve been naughty or nice? Simply take a photo of yourself and the naughty nice scanner will check it against the North Pole Database!

Basically, this is THE Christmas app for you!


Get the App!

This website is based on the super popular mobile App! The app is now available on ALL APP STORES! GET IT NOW! BEAT THE RUSH!

++No 1 Overall in the US, UK, Ireland, and Australia++
The original Video Call Santa is back with the biggest update!
“This Genius Video Call Santa app will keep the Christmas magic alive.”
– GoodtoKnow
“Get your child to behave over the festive period by scheduling an interactive video call from Father Christmas.”
– The Sun
“Video Call Santa is a free app that offers a ton of options for creating a personalized call from him.”
– NBC News
“Video Call Santa is a special app that will give you a direct line to Santa whenever you need it.”
– ABC Action News
“Santa? Is that you? Believe it or not Santa has gotten pretty tech-savvy over the years. He does it all and now he can video chat.”
“Santa asks your child their name, if they have been good and what’s on their wish list. This is a must-try as you watch your child’s face light up.”
– News 6 at Nine, WKMG-TV CBS
“Want to call Santa? There’s an app for that. Video Call Santa lets your kids chat with Santa on your iPhone, and you can save a video of the conversation.”
– The Mac Observer
“Wouldn’t it be great knowing what your children or grandchildren want for Christmas without having to ask them directly?”
– Kim Komando
“In the smartphone age, kids can now have a quick video chat with jolly old St. Nick with the Video Call Santa app.”
“Instead of writing a letter to Santa your kids can actually talk to him through a video call through this new app called Video Call Santa”
– Cambridgeshire Live
“Do you want me to ring Santa about that? … He knows who I am. You can set it up for the kids!”
– Today
“Thank heavens this app popped up, and not only was it adorable, it worked like a charm. Thanks, Santa!”
– Southshore Moms
“iPhone users can get their own video call from Santa with the help of the Video Call Santa app.”
– Good Housekeeping
“A great tool to have in your back pocket when the little one begins to act up. Santa is always at your fingertips.”
– Hot 107.9
“He wasn’t listening to me so I asked him if he wanted me to call Santa. Now he’s being an angel #ThankMeLater”
– Julia, a makeup artist mom
Check out how our app has been delivering happiness to our users:

• Choose your Santa: American or British
• Connect with Santa right away or set up a time you want to receive a video call
• Choose your Episode
24 Episodes to choose from
• Let Santa greet your child by name
Choose from 5000+ popular names (in-app purchases)
• Santa asks a series of questions including, “Have you been naughty or nice?” and “What do you want for Christmas?”
• Each conversation is recorded on video for parents to save to the camera roll and share via iMessage and Facebook
• Parents can check out the video recordings protected by passcodes to find out what their kids want this Christmas
• Share recordings of your kids and Santa having video chat with the rest of the world on major social sites
• Use Face ID or Touch ID for Parents Only page
• Siri Shortcuts
Connect with Santa or check your call reservation status without even opening the app
• Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone
Check your reservations and recordings at a glance
• Offers iMessage App for iOS
Share your video recordings with just one click
Video Call Santa is free to download and use. Our app is entertaining enough to use without paying, however, some in-app items can be purchased for real money to make your experience a little more personalized. You can disable in-app purchases in your device settings. Prices are in USD. Pricing in other countries may vary.
Kids by gemteck1 (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Shared by real users. For full versions, visit

Ho, ho, ho, holy crap — your kid just won’t shut up about how excited they are to see Santa this Christmas. And as always, the line for mall Santa is too long, and dressing up as Santa is just … a lot of work.

Good thing there’s the internet. Here are five ways for your kid to video chat with Santa:

1. Welcome Santa

They say seeing is believing. A live video call with Santa this Christmas might just do the trick. For $29.99, your kid can go on a live video chat with Santa for 5-10 minutes. This particular Santa workshop is working extra hard to make it magical for your child. Santa’s little helpers will reach out to you ahead of the video chat to gather information about your kids so that they can tailor the experience to them.

You can schedule the call on their website. And all you have to do is log into your account on the day of the chat, and you’ll see a button for you to start the chat room. Santa will be waiting for your kid right there. After the call, you’ll be able to download the video to keep forever.

2. Talk to Santa

This website will convince your kids they’re on Santa’s nice list. You can get your kid a nice list certificate and a live video call with Santa for $29.95. Once you schedule a time and date, Santa’s little elves will send your child an invitation for the call.

It will let you spread the holiday cheer, too. You can invite up to six children or relatives from four different locations to join in on your call. Plus, you can download the video afterwards to relive the moment. On a budget? You can get a 5-8 minute recorded video call for $19.95 instead. You can just tell your kids they missed Santa’s call and that he left them a video voicemail, i guess.

3. Video Call Santa

The video call is pre-recorded, but the app claims that your kids won’t be able to tell the difference.

Image: screenshot/Video Call Santa

This app doesn’t offer live video chats, but it claims its pre-recorded videos are so believable that your kids “can’t tell at all.” The app is great for busy parents who need a last-minute solution, since it doesn’t require you to schedule a call time ahead of the chat. If your kid somehow believes that Santa is British, this app’s got you too. You can choose between British Santa and American Santa.

The app itself is free, but there are plenty of in-app purchases for you to up your Christmas game. Want Santa to greet your child by name? A $0.99 in-app purchase will allow you to pick from a list of more than 5,000 names. You can purchase “naughty” video calls for $1.99, too, if your kids are giving you a headache — no judgement, it’s one way to get them on their best behavior.

Video Call Santa is free on the App Store and Google Play.

4. Santa Video Call and Tracker

Track Santa’s progress in real-time.

Image: Screenshot

This app will let your child experience the North Pole from miles away. Not only does the app promise a “dynamic, varied, and realistic” simulated, pre-recorded calls based on information you offer them, it also gives your child the option to message Santa. It come with a Santa tracker that shows your child the sleigh’s speed and Santa’s progress, too.

Looking to stay updated on all things Christmas? The app lets you read Santa’s blog and North Pole news from its digital newsfeed. There’s even a social networking site for elves and reindeers for your child look at. The fun part? You can freak your kid out by putting them on the naughty list. If you enter a photo of them in the North Pole database, the naughty/nice face scanner will work its magic.

The app is available on the App Store and on Google Play for $6.99. You can also opt for the free lite version.

5. Portable North Pole

Santa can probably convince your kids not to fight — no child wants to be on the naughty list.

Image: screenshot

Santa from Portable North Pole will let you set the topic of the video call. All you have to do is sign up, fill in a short form, upload of photo of your child, and pick a “scenario” that guides the topic of Santa’s conversation with your kid: “Keep up the good work,” “Santa is real proud of you,”and “Elves are making your gift.” Within just seconds, Santa will call your kid bearing a fully personalized, cinematic video.

The app also includes free games, an advent calendar, and bedtime stories. The app is free on the App Store and Google Play, but you’ll need to make in-app purchases for the video calls and to unlock extra scenarios.

Want your kid to behave this Christmas? There’s an app for that


Watch Avery Guidry, 3, get her first call from Santa Claus thanks to a free app called Message from Santa. There are lots of apps to help get your kids excited about Santa and encourage them to behave this season.


Did you know Santa can call your phone? And you can scan your kid to see if she has been naughty or nice. You can even track his Christmas Eve flight and FaceTime him.

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids more excited about the holidays — or just get them to behave better — type “Santa” into the App Store or Google Play.

You’ll find Video Call Santa Christmas, Message from Santa!, Naughty or Nice Finger Scanner, and Santa FaceTime, Tracker & Call — and those are just a few of the top results.

I tried some for you, testing them first on myself and my coworkers (so far no one is on the Naughty List) and then on my 3-year-old daughter. She was so excited Santa called her that we had to call and tell her grandparents.


Here are my thoughts on the ones I’ve tried. I use an iPhone, but you can find versions for other phones as well.

Message from Santa! lets you text the jolly old man, who texts back. You can get voicemails and voicecalls from a British-sounding Santa Claus. The ringer sounds like jingle bells.

We started with an introductory call to remind my daughter to “be good for goodness sake.” But there are a whole slew of reasons you can give Santa to call your kids — from wishing them a happy birthday to warning them about the Naughty List.

That option takes you to another long list of reasons like not being nice to parents or throwing a tantrum. You can be sure Santa will be calling my daughter for some of these by the time we get to Dec. 25.

Santa Video Call & Tracker is very interactive and good for older kids who like to do things themselves.

But be mindful of the “parents only” section. That’s where you fill out the details about your kid that Santa will use later. You don’t want your kids to happen upon that if they read well.

The Santa looks real enough, but note that he does not sound British like the Message from Santa! one. That could be a problem if you use one to call your child and the other to FaceTime and they sound like different people.

The tracker part of the app looks great with a globe and a sleigh. There also are games like Elfball and a countdown to Christmas.

My only complaints are that this app is loud — Christmas music plays in the background the whole time — and there are tons of ads.

All the free apps are going to have ads, of course, but it’s overly cumbersome in this one.

If you want to really enjoy this one, you might upgrade to the $4.99 “pro” version of Santa Video Call & Tracker. It advertises that he “even calls from his sleigh on Christmas Eve!”

The Naughty or Nice Finger Scanner takes your fingerprint and tells the percentage of nice you are. Turn the sound on and be reminded of ’90s video games as it scans you.

I downloaded another free scanner, Naughty or Nice Scan Free, but could only get it to work once. I liked the graphics and how you held it to a forehead for the scan, but like I said, it was hit-or-miss.

Do you have any Christmas apps you love? Let me know on social media or at [email protected] I’ve got two little girls who need to know!

Personalized Call from Santa (Simulated)

Updated for this season!
Imagine your loved one’s face when they receive their Personalized phone call from Santa Claus! Santa has a special message for your loved one! Whether they have been Naughty, or Nice… Santa can offer great words of encouragement!
The easiest way to make Christmas extra special this year!
Celebrate the holiday season with our North Pole inspired Personalized Phone Call from Santa technology. The call from Santa Claus is guaranteed to amaze your child!
The must have FREE app of the Christmas season! Easy to use, fun and effective!
Personalized Santa calls for YOUR child!
Choose the date/time of the call!
Unique Santa messages to choose from! Such as Before Christmas, Christmas Eve, After Christmas, Naughty List, Birthday, Accomplishment, Apology and more!
Your child’s photo will appear on the call screen! (optional)
Mentions your child’s age, state/country, and more!
28 Greetings to choose from, with custom call screens!
FREE app for a limited time! (Includes 1 free call. Additional calls may be purchased)
From the creators of
Your child is going to jump thru the roof when they receive their Christmas Eve call from Santa in his sleigh! 🙂
Has your child been Naughty? A special call from the ‘Big Guy’ will shape them up!
Note: This is a simulated call.

Want to FaceTime Santa? There’s an app for that. A new video chat app called “Hello Santa” offers you and your child a one-on-one with the jolly ol’ elf himself, and for once, it’s not a pre-recorded video. For those who are sick of standing in half-hour or longer lines only to have their kid freeze up, balk or cry when it’s finally their turn to sit on Santa’s knee, Hello Santa can be a great alternative. There’s no time limit on the call itself, allowing mom and/or dad a chance to aid in conversation, instead of shouting at their kid from next to the elf manning Santa’s photography station.

This live visit from Santa does not come cheap, however, as some early, frustrated App Store reviews point out. “$14.99 a call not worth it,” writes someone who signed their review “Don’t waste your time…”

I think that’s a little unfair.

Because the app also offers you a keepsake video of your child’s call to Santa, you have to think of it as being something that’s more along the lines with those yearly photos of your child with Santa that you order at the time of an in-person visit at the mall. With those price points in mind, a $15 call makes a little more sense.

But that’s not a price everyone will be able to afford, especially during the holidays where priority number one are the gifts to buy, and, after all, an in-person visit with Santa is still free if you forgo the professional snapshots.

The Team

The Hello Santa app is the first product from a company called “Make Believe Labs,” which was started by a team that’s worked together for years at Deesea, a consulting firm they founded which has done work for Universal Music, Public Storage, Booz Digital and others. The full team includes enterprise tech consultant Dorian Collier (CEO), Founders Institute grad Jordan Lyall (COO), Sri Lankan entrepreneur Sam Dassanayake (CTO), former CMO and Chief Evangelist from Viddy Evan White (CMO), and MySpace alum (and X Games judge!) Robert McKinley as Creative Director.

Oh, and of course, Ed Taylor, a Santa who has appeared in television, parades and magazines since 2004, and who has played Santa for Microsoft and Mattel in the past. (And yes, his beard is real. He looks legit.)

As Collier explains, the idea for the app came naturally: his kid kind of suggested it, in fact. “Jordan and I both have kids in the Santa believer age,” he says. “My son is used to using FaceTime with family, and a few months ago he asked ‘Daddy, can I call Santa?’ After not finding a good company offering this service at scale we decided to jump in with both feet,” he says.

I can also confirm that Hello Santa is one of the better “call Santa” apps on the App Store, as many offer only static images, pre-recorded clips, or just have really fake-looking Santa’s on staff. Before “Hello Santa,” I had been using “Video Calls with Santa,” which gets the job done for just $1.99. But there are only so many times you can call the “naughty line” before your kid will begin to wonder why Santa always says the same thing.

The Experience

Using the Hello Santa app was fairly simple. If Santa’s around, you can call him immediately, but you’re more likely going to have to schedule your call for a particular date and time. Here, you can fill in some information about your child to “prep” Santa for their visit, including name, age range, and any other special notes you want to include. When Santa calls, he will greet your child by their name, which adds to “magical-ness” of the experience. And if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can make the “Hello Santa” call from your Mac or PC instead.

Be aware that “Hello Santa” was not without its glitches at first, which is harder to digest at a $15 price point. The app crashed on me once during the call scheduling process (not the live call) and one of two test calls failed to include the video. For what it’s worth, this is a product that’s barely two weeks old and problems are to be expected. And in the case of the missing video, the company provided users with a second call and video for free, which is really the best they could do. As someone used to testing early stage apps, the glitches aren’t surprising – but the mainstream market the company is pitching will not be so tolerant, so the team needs to get their, um….servers…together fast.

I should note, however, that the second time around, everything worked as expected.

Collier says they’ve sold hundreds of calls already since their launch in late November.

And as the name “Make Believe Labs” implies, the company has a vision that extends beyond the Christmas holiday season.

“The plan is for Make Believe Labs to use the platform – scheduling, calling, recording, etc. – with other characters, as well as license the platform to companies that want to create one-on-one connections between their characters and their audiences,” says Collier.

The L.A.-based team raised a small (under $200K, ongoing) seed round in convertible notes to get through its first season and prove the business model.

It’s the question parents dread hearing at Christmas time: Is there really a Santa Claus?

As a child gets older, comments from classmates who know too much can plant a seed of holiday doubt in their mind. But, for parents, a visit to the app store or a bit of Photoshop creativity can be just the thing to help restore their little one’s belief in the man in the red suit.

With advice from crafty parents, enterprising app creators and professional Santa trackers, TODAY Parents discovered the best ways to keep Christmas magic going in your home for years to come.

1. NORAD Santa Tracker

For more than 60 years, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve using a myriad of data collection tools, ranging from satellites to jet fighters. The 2019 NORAD Tracks Santa website and app each offer a Christmas countdown, games and other activities, in addition to NORAD’s iconic reports on Santa’s travels come December 24.

According to Lieutenant Marco Chouinard, the NORAD Tracks Santa spokesperson, more than 1,500 volunteers help NORAD track Santa over a 23-hour period on Christmas Eve.

More than 1,500 volunteers gather on Christmas Eve to help with NORAD’s tracking of Santa’s flight each year.NORAD Tracks Santa

Chouinard says NORAD is often asked how Santa manages to deliver gifts to the entire world in a 24-hour time period — his answer involves a bit of Christmas time travel.

“NORAD intelligence reports indicate that Santa does not experience time the way we do,” Chouinard told TODAY Parents. “Santa would not want to rush the important job of delivering presents to children and spreading joy to everyone, so the only logical conclusion is that Santa somehow functions within his own time-space continuum.”

The NORAD Santa Tracker website shows kids where Santa is traveling to on Christmas Eve.NORAD Tracks Santa

2. Portable North Pole

Through the Portable North Pole (PNP) app and website, parents can send their kids personalized videos direct from the North Pole. Video messages are free, but for an additional fee parents can buy their child more detailed personalizations, views of Santa’s village and news of whether they are on the naughty or nice list this year.

Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY. With the Portable North Pole (PNP) app, parents can send their kids personalized videos from Santa.Portable North Pole

3. Catch A Character

Show your kids proof that Santa was in their home with Catch A Character — an app that allows parents to create free photos using images of their own home, along with stock images of Santa Claus. Santa can be shown placing presents beneath the Christmas tree, checking his list, or even looking shocked to be caught on camera. To help parents keep holiday magic going year-round, the app also offers similar photos of the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Catch A Character allows parents to add Santa to photos taken in their own homes.Terri Peters|

4. Naughty or Nice Certificates

A simple search on Etsy will provide parents with the tool they need to prove to their kids that Santa is always watching. Certificates stating whether a particular child has been deemed “naughty” or “nice” can be purchased, personalized and printed from home.

Simona Kebakovski, a mom from Australia who sells a version of the certificates in her Etsy shop, created her certificate a few Christmases ago for her then-4-year-old daughter, after she wrote a letter to Santa telling him what she wanted for Christmas and promising to be nice.

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“I printed the certificate and popped it into our letter box when she was sleeping,” Kebakovski told TODAY Parents in an email. “In the morning, she was so excited — running to the letter box to see if Santa had written to her. When she saw the certificate she was so excited.”

Kebakovski created a certificate, sold in her Etsy shop, that lets kids know whether they’ve landed on the naughty list or the nice list.

5. Message from Santa

Parents who download the Magic from Santa app get unlimited personalized calls from Santa and can surprise their child with video messages straight from the North Pole. Kids can also leave Santa special voicemail messages or hold a text conversation with him.

This creative app allows kids to leave Santa voicemail messages, text with the man in red and receive calls directly from the North Pole. First Class Media B.V. / Apple

6. Santa Cam Ornament

Hanging a “Santa Cam” ornament on your Christmas tree is a great way to convince kids of all ages that they’re being watched by the North Pole. There’s tons of different handmade versions of this type of ornament on Etsy, from flashy silver baubles to ones that come with a cute note from Santa himself.

Hanging a “Santa Cam” ornament on your Christmas tree is one way to convince kids they’re being watched by Santa Claus.Etsy/ShaysOhLaLaCreations

7. Santa’s License

Convince your kids that Santa dropped his sleigh-operating license in your home while delivering gifts on Christmas eve with these creative and realistic-looking driver’s licenses from Santa’s License, featuring the official seal of the North Pole Department of Public Safety, along with all of Mr. Claus’ identifying information.

This license for sled-driving can be dropped on the floor in your home, making kids think Santa lost his I.D. while delivering gifts.Santa’s License

8. Find the Scout Elves App

If your house gets taken over by red-suited scout elves during the holidays, there’s a chance your kids have questioned whether or not their Elf on the Shelf really heads back to the North Pole every night to visit with Santa Claus. Get kids involved playing games with scout elves, earning certificates for their hard work and, most importantly, watching a video message from Santa about how he trains his elves with the Find the Scout Elves app.

Kids can learn about their Elf on the Shelf’s training and play games with scout elves using the Find the Scout Elf app. Elf on the Shelf

9. Get Creative

Many parents told TODAY Parents of their own creative ways of using technology to keep kids believing in Santa. Jonathan Murray, who vlogs with his family on YouTube, says wife Danielle recently saved his phone number in her cell phone along with a photo of Santa. When their daughters misbehave, Danielle calls her husband, pretending to be speaking with Santa about their poor behavior.

“She usually only uses it when they’re not listening,” said Murray. “They get so upset when she calls it.”

Brenna Jennings, who blogs at Suburban Snapshots, put her Photoshop skills to good use a few years ago, when she created a Santa “selfie” on her daughter’s iPad, leading her then-eight-year-old daughter to think Santa had snapped a quick photo while delivering presents.

Brenna Jennings created a “Santa selfie” using Photoshop, leading her daughter to think Santa stopped to snap a photo while delivering gifts.Brenna Jennings

Jennings says her daughter wrote a letter to Santa, asking that he take a selfie while visiting her home. Since she has always embraced technology in her parenting, Jennings was happy to oblige.

“It was either spend ten minutes making a fake note from Santa explaining why he couldn’t leave a selfie, or just make it in Photoshop,” said Jennings. “She loved it and texted it to all three people in her contacts list.”

THE countdown to Christmas has begun, which means kids will soon be out of school for their winter break.

While spending the festive season with the family is great, the excitement can get a bit much for the children.

2 Kids giving you hell… why not get Santa to give them a bell?Credit: Photodisc – Getty

Thankfully, parents now have a way to bargain with their little ones ahead of the big day.

All kids want presents, so they wouldn’t want to hear that Santa knows they are misbehaving.

With the help of phone app, Message from Santa, mums and dads can now request a special message from Father Christmas himself.

Via a personalised text, phone-call or voicemail, you can get St Nick to deliver a warning.

2 He knows if you’ve been bad or good – so be good for goodness sake!Credit: Alamy

You can add names, as well as your children’s hobbies and interests, to make the message feel specially tailored to your kids.

Alternatively, you could achieve the same success by asking one of your mates to ring up pretending to be Santa.

Sadly, we don’t think this trick will work with any moody teenagers, so you may need to use an alternate form of bribery for them!

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