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Season three of Victoria aired in the U.S. in January of 2019, but the show’s fate beyond that last chapter is unclear. Thus far, nothing has been confirmed about future seasons of the ITV and PBS series, but we’re certainly keeping our fingers crossed.

Here’s everything we know about what’s next for Victoria:

In the past, showrunner Daisy Goodwin has said she hopes the show will run for five seasons.

“We couldn’t do it after she dies, so I’ll say there’ll be five series,” she said, according to The Sun.

And she’s already writing season four.

“I am working on series four at the moment and that’s going to be an absolute humdinger, because… well, you can go to Wikipedia to find out!” she told Digital Spy. “Somebody dies and someone new comes on the scene, so there is a lot to play with there. I’ve really got back into it and am really enjoying writing it.”

She’s said it will be the show’s “darkest season yet.”

‘I’m not giving the plot away; anyone can look up the cataclysm to come on Wikipedia,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.

Masterpiece PBS’s Susanne Simpson recently told T&C that the show is on “hiatus.”

It’s on hiatus right now and we don’t have a time period, exactly, when it might go into production. So right now all we can say is it’s on hiatus,” the new executive producer of Masterpiece shared.

“It’s a program, obviously, we loved. Jenna Coleman is absolutely the best and she’s very busy and so we’ll hope that it might come back.”

It’s unclear if Jenna Coleman will continue to play Queen Victoria.

During an interview with Radio Times, the star of the series admitted that there will “come a point” when she can’t play the monarch anymore, as she will be too young for the role. Coleman also revealed that from now on, the powers that be are “deciding on a series-by-series basis.”

“In the next one she’s starting to look a bit more matronly, she’s had six or seven children, so a bit wider, bit more of a bust, the make-up is more drawn,” she explained. “But there will come a point in her story when no amount of prosthetic make-up or me lowering my voice will be convincing enough.”

All that said, fans of Coleman’s performance shouldn’t be too concerned.

“I think we’ve got quite a long way to go before we need to re-cast Jenna; we’re moving quite slowly through the 1840s,” Goodwin reportedly said at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival.

“We haven’t even caught up with her real age,” she said, “so I think Jenna will be on our screens for some time to come.”

But her co-star Tom Hughes would like to finish out the run as Albert.

Given Albert’s lifespan in comparison to Victoria, it’s a bit more realistic that Hughes could plan the royal until his death on the series.

“If there’s an appetite, then it would be really nice to finish the story,” he recently told Collider. “But, that isn’t down to me. That’s up to someone else.”

Season three brings viewers up to the Great Exhibition.

It’s a bit early to start talking plot points for an unconfirmed fourth season, but given that season three highlights the Great Exhibition, it’s safe to say that the events of season four would likely take place after 1851.

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Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in Season 2 episode “The Luxury of Conscience” (Photo: Courtesy of ©ITVStudios2017 for MASTERPIECE)

The highly anticipated third season of period drama Victoria has an official U.S. airdate!
Mark your calendars: Season 3 will begin on Sunday, January 13.
Stars Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes will reprise their roles as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Season 3 will begin in 1848 as the royal couple faces the challenges of their growing family and worries that the riots and revolutions breaking out across Europe will make their way to England’s shores.

“It’s a time when the whole of Europe is falling apart,” creator Daisy Goodwin said during PBS’s session at the biannual Television Critics Association Press Tour. “French kings were getting thrown off the throne, there were riots in Berlin. It’s all going pear-shaped.”
How much of Victoria’s multi-decade reign will Season 3 cover? We’re not sure. But what we do know is that it won’t get to 1861. Goodwin has promised that Albert will be part of the full season, meaning we won’t have to face his death just yet.

This just in: #VictoriaPBS returns January 13, 2019 to MASTERPIECE on @PBS!

— Masterpiece PBS (@masterpiecepbs) July 30, 2018

What will Season 3 have in store for us? Well, actress Kate Fleetwood is joining the cast as Victoria’s sister Theodora, who will create her own fair share of drama in the Royal household. (She’s been married off to a penniless German prince and may or may not experience some jealousy over the fact that her elder sister is living it up as Queen of England.) Other recognizable faces we’ll see in Season 3 include Inspector Lewis star Laurence Fox, who’ll be playing the charismatic Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston.
Fans of the show shouldn’t be too surprised about this Season 3 airdate news. The first two seasons also broadcast in January, taking over the coveted Downton Abbey slot after that series wrapped. It’s a compliment really, and a testament to Victoria’s ratings success Stateside.
However, also like Downton before it, that means we’ll spend a few extra months waiting after our friends across the pond have already seen it. There’s no official ITV broadcast date set as yet, but if past is prologue Season 3 will likely transmit in the early Fall in the U.K.
Are you looking forward to more Victoria? What do you hope to see in Season 3? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Will there be a fourth series of Victoria? Everything we know so far

After the cliffhanger ending to series three, Victoria fans have been wondering whether (and when) the drama will return.


  • Victoria will “take a break” following series 3 finale says Jenna Coleman
  • Victoria on ITV: How and when did Prince Albert die?

Here’s what we know so far…

Will Victoria return for series 4?

It sounds like a fourth series is on the cards – but don’t expect it to hit our screens any time soon.

According to Jenna Coleman, the period drama will take a “bit of a breather” before a potential series four as the team decides where to take the story next.

Speaking to Graham Norton on his BBC Radio 2 show, the actress said: “ is definitely going to take a break, bit of a breather and then we’re working out .”

She added: “There’s a lot of conversations: do you start at the Crimean War, or do you start later? I mean there’s too much story, unless I literally did commit until I am 63.”

When is Victoria back on TV?

According to ITV, there is no further news on whether Victoria will get a fourth season or not. We’ll let you know as soon as we have any updates.

What would happen in Victoria series 4?

  • Meet the cast of Victoria series 3

The door for another series of Victoria has been left wide open, seeing as series three ended with (spoiler alert!) Prince Albert’s dramatic collapse to the floor of Buckingham Palace.

Desperately, Queen Victoria cried out his name again and again – but there was no answer.

But unless writer Daisy Goodwin is seriously deviating from real-life history, Prince Albert will survive this alarming health scare. By the end of series three we had reached the year 1851 and the Great Exhibition, so he has another ten years to live before his death in 1861.

The years after 1851 saw the birth of Queen Victoria’s final two children, Prince Leopold and Princess Beatrice. They also saw the rise of Lord Palmerston to become Prime Minister, and the outbreak of the Crimean War.

That said, Coleman’s comments do indicate that Victoria may skip forward in time. There is also the looming possibility that both Coleman and Tom Hughes (Prince Albert) will abdicate their roles and hand on the characters to older actors…

Will Jenna Coleman be re-cast?

  • Jenna Coleman says it will be “hard” to leave Victoria – but reveals who she wants to replace her

“I’ve currently got seven children in the show, so there’s definitely a point where it becomes not realistic anymore,” Coleman told Graham Norton. “I’ve just caught up with her age and my age.”

The actress had previously considered the question, saying: “There’s going to come a point where I have to . The idea I’ll be playing Victoria meeting Abdul is not really possible.

“But it’s going to be a hard thing to give over, especially as she gets older. She’s becoming much more like everything that she’s kind of known for – her impatience and straightness and inability to hide how she feels.

“ brings a lot of challenges and it’s hard as an actor – when you’ve taken it so far it’s hard to give it up.”

Writer Daisy Goodwin has told that she already knows what she would like to cover in series four, adding that she would not to re-cast Coleman and co-star Tom Hughes just yet.


“I know where the series is going, it’s all there,” she said. “I think series four is going to be amazing. At some point we will have to recast, but hopefully not yet.”

GOOD news for fans of ITV’s Victoria – it WILL be back for a fourth series.

But it looks like tragedy will strike the royal household and someone WILL die – here’s the lowdown on season 4.

4 ITV’s Victoria will reign on for another seriesCredit: ITV

WARNING: Contains spoilers from the final episode of Victoria season three

What spoilers has Victoria writer Daisy Goodwin let slip about season 4?

Writer Daisy Goodwin has spoken excitedly about the return of the show for a fourth series, but she has revealed there will be a death.

Many are speculating that it will be Prince Albert, as iN real-life he didn’t live past the age of 42, and in season 3 he is aged around 30 to 31.

Daisy told Digital Spy said: “I am working on series four at the moment and that’s going to be an absolute humdinger, because… well, you can go to Wikipedia to find out!”

Revealing tragedy will strike she added: “Somebody might die in it – spoiler! So, that is going be a great challenge and is going to be an amazing, really good story.

“Somebody dies and someone new comes on the scene, so there is a lot to play with there. I’ve really got back into it and am really enjoying writing it.”

As well as ramping up the excitement for the coming episodes, Daisy also talked about Victoria’s longevity as a TV show: “There is so much more to tell, and even deathbed was the most fantastic drama of all time,”

4 The show will be back for a fourth seasonCredit: ITV

When will Victoria season 4 start?

The show has traditionally started in August but in 2019, it broke that trend by starting in March.

With this in mind, the new series will return to our TV screens in March 2020.

There is also likely to be a festive edition of the show which, if it goes ahead, will air on Christmas Day 2019.

4 Writer Daisy Goodwin (seen here left, with Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes) has teased what will happen in season 4Credit: PA

What has happened so far in Victoria season 3?

Starting in 1848, the third instalment of the lavish drama depicted a turbulent and uncertain time for both Europe and the monarchy.

With revolutions on the continent and the Chartist movement reaching its peak in London, Victoria was under pressure from the government to leave London for her own safety and headed to Cornwall.

Upon their return, and with the arrival of Victoria’s estranged sister Feodora Victoria and her husband Prince Albert saw their marriage put under pressure, and started to drift apart.

Luckily they pulled through with Victoria supporting Albert’s project to build the Great Exhibtion in Hyde Park.

This series also saw an outbreak of cholera sweep across London killing thousands, including the Queen’s beloved Head Dresser and confidant Nancy Skerret.

Another arrival to series three was Lord Palmerston, who has spent the entire series trying to undermine the Queen.

4 This could be Tom Hughes’ last series as Prince Albert could meet his untimely death in season 4

Will Jenna Coleman continue to play Victoria?

Jenna WILL be back for season four – but this could be her last series.

While the actress says she would love to portray an older Victoria, the chances are she will be recast.

Jenna told Digital Spy: “You see me on screen now with seven children but she is only 30, so I’m only just playing 30, 31, now.”

“But obviously there’s definitely going to be a point where four hours in make-up. That’s going to be a really heartbreaking thing.”

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Who else will be in the cast of Victoria?

Although the cast hasn’t been confirmed, here’s who is likely to be joining Jenna:

  • Tom Hughes – Prince Albert. The role of Prince Albert is played by Tom Hughes. His character becomes ill in the finale of season 3, so will season four be his last? he continues to battle with his position as the Queen’s spouse.
  • Laurence Fox – Lord Palmerston. Laurence could return as the “charismatic and wayward” Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston.
  • Kate Fleetwood – Feodora (Queen Victoria’s sister). Kate was new to series three and plays Victoria’s sister Feodora. In season 3 she stirred up a lot of trouble.
  • John Sessions – Prime Minister John Russell. John was also new to season three as well. Before filming the show he starred in The Loch.

The Queen and Prince Albert share a tender moment in final episode of ITV’s Victoria

It’s a great time to be a fan of ITV’s Victoria right now – if you’re American, that is. Season three of the hit show starring Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes is currently airing on channel PBS in the states.

While the series began on 13 January for US fans, there’s no release date scheduled for the UK. Given the series is UK-made and has previously aired on ITV before anywhere else, British fans are less than impressed with the change.

In fact, they’re having to unfollow Victoria’s Twitter account because of spoilers being posted but images being geo-blocked in the UK.

Spoiler warning: These posts contain content from Victoria season 3

Too many spoilers, have to unfollow, until you can decide when to give the UK fans a date.

— Tracey (@Sparklyeyedone) January 21, 2019

Will have to unfollow due to spoilers and so many posts where I can’t see the content. Sorry 😐

— Trudy Macklin (@TrudyMacklin) January 21, 2019

“No spoilers please” Yeah, no spoilers please. One is not amused that UK fans of this show have been left high and dry whilst America gets to see series 3 first. What are you playing at @ITV ????

— Catherine Plant (@Catherine_Plant) January 16, 2019

Fans first showed their disapproval of the show being aired in the US first when the news was initially announced earlier this year.

We’re so close! #VictoriaPBS premieres in 6 days… are you ready?

— MASTERPIECE | PBS (@masterpiecepbs) January 7, 2019

“Does it premiere in the UK too? Because its just unfair otherwise” one viewer said in reaction to a PBS Twitter post.

“Us Brits haven’t even seen yet! What a joke airing in America before the UK, sort it out very insulting!” another added.

Yeah even I’m irritated about this @ITV. America getting series 3 of #Victoria within a week and you haven’t even issued an air date in the UK. Disappointed.

— Sarah-E (@SarahES01) January 8, 2019

@DaisyGoodwin I think the British public need some answers about why the US are getting to see the new series of #Victoria first? It’s a british show about our history!!! @ITV sort it out!! #itv #victoriaS3 #victoriaseries3

— kane (@kane27760242) January 8, 2019

I honestly domt get how USA is getting Victoria series 3 before us?! Its a British show?! Seriously this is awful scheduling @ITV @VictoriaSeries

— Rickneys Girl ❤ (@NikkiABoleyn) January 7, 2019

ITV hasn’t confirmed an air date for the series in the UK, however it will be this year.

“We’ll be working to ensure that any content on social media and/or from US press will be geo-blocked to avoid any spoilers for UK viewers,” a spokesperson told

Series two premiered on ITV in August 2017, ending in October and coming back at Christmas for a festive special. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting season three and missed out on a Christmas Day special at the end of last year.

It looks like they’ve got a while longer to wait before they can enjoy Victoria being back on their screens. In the meantime, here’s everything we know about season three.

‘Victoria’ to Return to PBS, ITV for Season 3

U.K. TV giant ITV said Tuesday that it and PBS have renewed royal drama Victoria for a third season.

The series, from ITV-owned U.K. production firm Mammoth Screen and PBS’s Masterpiece in the U.S., stars Jenna Colman (Doctor Who) as Queen Victoria.

The first two seasons chronicled her accession to the throne at 18 through to her courtship with and marriage to Prince Albert.

The third season is expected to start shooting next year and will continue into the mid-19th century, a time of political upheavals across Europe. Colman will reprise her role as Victoria, while Tom Hughes will return as Prince Albert.

Victoria is distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Tweeted ITV Studios on Tuesday: “Victoria will be back after the Christmas Special for Series 3!”

Creator Daisy Goodwin in a press announcement revealed that season three “will start in 1848, which was a hugely dramatic and eventful time for both the royal family and Europe, with revolutions on the continent and uncertainty around the monarchy.” She added: “Viewers can expect more drama than ever before.”

Added Mammoth managing director Damien Timmer: “Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes shine as Victoria and Albert, and it’s an honor to have them back for a third series, which covers a tumultuous period in our country’s history, filled to the brim with royal scandals, political skirmishes and constitutional crises, as new historical figures enter the saga to challenge Victoria and Albert as never before.”

TV review: ‘Victoria’ season 2 fails to live up to the first season

“VICTORIA,” season two — PBS, Sundays, 8 p.m.

There was more natural drama in season one of “Victoria,” the British drama series written by novelist Daisy Goodwin that airs its second season on PBS Jan. 14.

In season one, Queen Victoria ascended to the throne and fought for her right to rule as an 18-year-old young woman; met, fell in love with and married Prince Albert and gave birth to her first child. It’s the same content encapsulated in the 2009 movie “Young Victoria,” starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend.

And that’s likely the difference between season one and two. The story of a princess, practically locked away in a castle, ascending to become queen and finding herself a prince instead of the other way around is more gripping onscreen than the next stage of Victoria’s life.

Jenna Coleman stars as Victoria and Tom Hughes as Albert in the Masterpiece series “Victoria.” Season two starts Sunday, Jan. 14, on PBS. Billy & Hells

Thus, it seems Goodwin defaulted to inventing a good portion of the drama for season two. She emphasizes the birth of the Prince of Wales, future King Edward VII, and perhaps over-emphasizes the queen’s postpartum depression, that, while relevant in modern society, is only conjectural at best when it comes to historical facts.

Goodwin also, apparently for the sake of modern audiences, adds in a homosexual relationship between two of the queen’s attendants. Considering how it ends, this relationship appears to be completely invented, although it did give more ongoing tension to the season than other plot details. Another invented side story, one regarding Prince Albert’s parentage, feels over-the-top and kind of tacky.

This second season continues the servant-drama subplots, possibly trying to take a page from “Downton Abbey’s” upstairs-downstairs format. But, just as with “Downton Abbey,” this kind of drama can only be stretched out so far before it starts to feel tired and contrived.

Jenna Coleman stars as Victoria and Tom Hughes as Albert in the Masterpiece series “Victoria.” Season two starts Sunday, Jan. 14, on PBS. Gareth Gatrell, ITV Plc for MASTERPIECE

Speaking of comparisons, it’s hard not to compare “Victoria’s” soap-opera drama with the higher quality writing found in Netflix’s “The Crown.”

The main theme of the second season of “Victoria” seems to be Victoria and Albert’s relationship as they try to balance traditional marriage and gender roles of the time with Victoria’s status as queen. Perhaps if the show had delved into this with more depth and nuance (such as the more poignant way it was handled in “The Crown”), it would have improved the season a little more. As it was, their marital tension felt minimized to episodic drama that was wrapped up every hour, only to come up again in a new form later in the series.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth’s story is more modern, but it would be interesting to see someone take on Victoria’s story in a manner similar as “The Crown” does for Queen Elizabeth II.

All that being said, the costumes continue to be gorgeous, the music striking and the acting is pretty decent too. It remains an enjoyable period drama — but just don’t go in expecting anything more than that.