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Sugar-crafted bride and groom wedding cake toppers continue to be hugely popular with young couples getting married and go really well with novelty style wedding cakes or funky designs. Aside from the classic sugar-crafted style cake toppers, “peg-style” cake toppers are also very much on-trend at the moment for the more alternative or boho bride. We have a great example above right from the brilliant Eat Cake Be Merry who have published a tutorial to make this peg style cake topper here: Bride & Groom Cake Topper Tutorial.

Sugar modelling expert, Verusca Walker has put together one of her hugely popular picture tutorials (below) of all the elements needed to create her stunning bride & groom,pictured above right.

Next, we have a wonderful example of vintage style bride & groom topper sculpted by one of the world’s leading sugar artists, Carlos Lischetti. You’ll find the full instructions to recreate this cake topper in his first book, Animation in Sugar: Take 1.

For a more “alternative” couple, you’ll find the instructions for the funky bride and groom cake topper (below right) here: Bride & Groom Cake Topper Tutorial.

You’ll find another great tutorial for a bride and groom topper here. For bridal hairstyles (and grooms’ hair too) Lovely Tutorials have a selection here: bride and groom topper hairstyles tutorials.

As you practice creating bride and groom toppers more and more, you’ll eventually start to develop your own style. In the meantime, we have some fabulous sugar models to inspire you.

The two beautiful sets of toppers below are from sugar model supremos Sugar High Inc. in the US (below left) and by UK cake topper experts, Feats of Clay, below right. (You can now learn to make the exact bride and groom below left from Sugar High’s Brenda Walton in her Craftsy class here: Custom Cake Toppers Step-by-Step.)

Sugar Couture Cupcakes and Cakes crafted the beautiful family wedding cake topper (below left) including the wedding cake designed to complement the brides ruffle wedding gown. A second wonderful example below right, in a cartoon style also (image via Tumblr).

Author Lindy Smith created the fabulous bride and groom wedding cake toppers below and you’ll find more details on Lindy’s cake topper classes here. Lindy also sells perspex discs in her online shop to which you can afix your cake topper so it can be kept as a souvenir by the wedding couple long after their wedding.

If you’re Sydney based, Handi Mulyana of the renowned Handi’s Cakes teaches cake topper classes, including his bride and groom models below left.

Author Karen Davies created the beautiful bride and groom models (below right) and has instructions for a similar standing bride and groom in her book, A Cake for a Wedding. If you struggle to create nice faces for your models, Karen has very useful face mould available to buy through her website and at all good sugarcraft stores.

Brazil’s wonderful Arte da Ka designed the two beautiful sets of wedding cake toppers below in their signature style.

World renowned sugar artist, Israel’s Tal Tsafrir creates wonderful cartoon-style cake toppers including the lovely bride and groom cake topper, below right.

To the left, we have a fabulous bride topper by Sharon Wee Creations in a customised couture gown.

Sharon has a tutorial for the super cute bride and groom cake topper below available to buy through her website: Sharon Wee cake topper tutorial.

A beautiful bride with her bump and a groom in morning suit by Alessandra Frisoni (below left) and a super happy newly-married couple below right by Sharon Wee Creations.

Penney Pang Designer Cakes created the cute cartoon wedding cake topper below which shows what a terrific addition a topper can make to the wedding album!

Don’t forget to think about the placement of your bride and groom models too – a cake topper doesn’t always have to be on top of the cake. Below, we have two examples from the wonderful Bella Cupcakes, NZ.

And while they’re not quite edible, the handpainted “peg-style” cake toppers below are enormously popular at the moment. The wooden pegs are available to buy online, including from Goose Grease on Etsy, who also have a tutorial showing you how to paint your bride and groom here: diy bride and groom cake topper tutorial (wooden peg dolls).

More peg doll inspiration below, including a tutorial from the Elephantine blog: diy cake topper tutorial (wooden pegs).

Just remember to set your cake topper on a circle of clear acetate when placing on top of the wedding cake – craft paints aren’t food safe!

For more cake topper tutorials and design inspiration, see our features:

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  • Sugar Models with Character
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Yener’s Way teach the selection of bride and groom cake toppers below in various poses in their online class here: Bride & Groom Cake Topper Tutorials. (Prices in Australian dollars – US equivalent $34 approx, UK equivalent £26 approx.)

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Remember that time we gave you ideas for a quirky wedding? Well, we thought we would revisit the topic and mainly focus on that ever-so-special wedding cake. Wedding cake toppers, to be even more exact. The cake topper is one of those wedding items that never fails to attract all the Instagram attention (after the bride of course), but they all tend to be… well, the same. If you want yours to really hit the quirky-unique-whoa-that’s-awesome spot.

We get it and we’re here to help.

We scoured the world of Pinterest and compiled this list of 22 Awesome Quirky & Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers to get your wedding inspiration juices flowing! Enjoy.

1. A field of daisies topper

The hippy wedding cake topper of all hippy wedding cake toppers! If you’re into the whole lying in a field of Daisies thing this cake topper is for you.


2. Cartoon versions of you

Because the real version is just not as fun!


3. Branches of a heart

The cake topper that says “We’re earthy, lovely & in love.”


4. Cacti topper

Earthy with a tinge of edge… Have you ever pricked your finger on one of these bad boys? This unusual wedding cake topper will pretty much take over your wedding feed on Instagram. So cool!


5. Mischief Managed!

The wedding cake topper for those all-too-awesome Harry Potter fans. The gold scripted font is also quite lovely.


6. Quirky balloon cake topper

Well, we did say quirky. How fun!? Tiny balloons for a wedding cake topper – fun & budget friendly!


7. Hitched

Chic and to the point.


8. The entire solar system!

OK, so maybe this is more for the groom’s cake, but how cool!? For the couple that can name all the planets in our solar system AND their accompanying moons. Talk about unusual wedding cake toppers!


9. Funky shapes cake topper

If you’re cool enough to have this geometric looking thing sit atop your wedding cake, you should just go ahead and wear a black leather jacket with that white wedding dress. #toocoolforschool


10. Puppy love cake topper

Is your pup walking you down the aisle? Or is little Jimmy carrying the rings in the ceremony? If your puppy and your soulmate’s puppy is part of your ‘how we met’ story… this may just be the cake topper for your big day!


11. Best day ever!

Um, how cute?!?!!!!


12. A whimsical banner wedding cake topper

This cake may not be simple, but the wedding cake topper certainly is… If you’re going for an elaborate wedding cake decor, sticking with something simple like a few colorful tiny banners is a great idea to balance it out.


13. For the paleo lovers

DINOS! Perfect for the Ross-types.


14. Funny eat me wedding cake topper

Want something elegant, but with a touch of humor? A giant ‘eat me’ sign will cover the humor part. Use a scripted font and you’ve got yourself the elegant part covered too!


15. High five!

Perfect for the high energy couple who love a good time.


16. Star-Wars-Loves

Have you both seen Star Wars more times than you can remember? Maybe you spent those first few special dates of your relationship with nightly Star Wars movie nights?


17. Donut wedding cake topper.

Yes, that’s exactly what that looks like. Because you want doughnuts everywhere, including the top of your wedding cake!


18. A romance bridge?

Who says a wedding cake topper must be on top?! Stray from the crowd!!


19. Polaroid hipster wedding cake topper

So cute. So simple. So budget friendly!


20. Popcorn & soda

For the movie buffs!


21. Horses’ heads?

If you have to ask, it’s not for you.


22. Crochet & bunnies!

The wedding cake topper your granny will be proud of!


Have you saved your date yet?

Now that you’ve been inspired to have the quirkiest cake topper of them all, have you saved your date yet? Take a look at these delightful wedding save the dates that you can mail without ever leaving your home.

There’s quirky and not so quirky and everything in-between.

Let’s face it: As classic as traditional wedding cake toppers are, they’re not exactly the definition of cool. Unless they’re used ironically (and, c’mon, your wedding isn’t really the time for irony) the typical stiff figurines showcasing a pouffy-dressed bride and tuxedoed dude just don’t resonate these days with modern couples. Still, it’s hard to deny that putting something atop you cake holds some charm.

Luckily, some wedding vendors and crafty sites like Etsy have caught on, and stated created cool, funny, and just plain modern cake toppers—most of which don’t cost very much, and add a lovely touch to any type of cake.

Here, we’ve found 11 to get you thinking about ways to ditch the dated bride and groom, and replace them with something a little more fun on your big day.

1 of 11

Best Day Ever Wedding Cake Topper, $39; at Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Free Spirit Personalized Clear Acrylic Block Cake Topper, $40; at The Knot

Gold Mylar Lette Topper, $35; at Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Leaning In For A Kiss Balloon Wedding Cake Topper, $60; at The Knot

Horray Topper, $29; at Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Cell Phone Fanatic Bride And Groom Mix & Match Cake Toppers, $33; at The Knot

Monique Lhuillier Waterford Modern Love Bride & Groom Cake Topper, $100; at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Pom Pom Topper, at Etsy

Love Topper, starts at $15; at Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Custom Name Topper, $59; at Etsy

Custom Edible Wedding White Peony Flower Cake Topper, $65; at Etsy

Wedding Cake

20 Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

After looking at some of the biggest wedding cake trends for this year: black beauties, single tier confections and some tasty alternatives to the traditional; today I’ve rounded up some of the most fabulous finishing touches! I am of course talking about the topper, the cherry of the wedding world. You see if these other trends aren’t for you, a sure fire way to wow your guests with your cake, is to finish it off with a creative topper! So I have rounded up 20 of the most fabulous ideas….

Glorious Crowns

If you are a regular visitor to these pages, then you will no doubt have stumbled across my crush on all things crown! Whether they’re to sit atop your head or your cake, there is no doubt these sparkling beauties add a touch of luxury to proceedings. And with the current modern-vintage and Victoriana trends they have seen a real resurgence in popularity. So for the bride who wants to infuse her day with the romance of eras past – or just unleash her inner princess, they make the perfect wedding cake topper…..

Windsor Lace Crown ~ My Paper Romance // Photography ~ Caroline Tran via Chic Vintage Brides

Santos Crown ~ Queen of Crowns // Photography ~ Lindsey Pantaleo via Glamour & Grace

Whimsical Woodland Creatures

Or add a touch of woodland magic or whimsy to your celebration with some sweet animal wedding cake toppers. Gold, ceramic, wood or clay, these duos will look sweet atop your cake…..

Gold Deers ~ Fairyfolk Weddings // Photography ~ Onelove Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

Cake Topper ~ MelaboWed // Photography ~ Marie-Michèle Hayeur via Chic Vintage Brides

Love Birds

Or staying with the animal theme, a pair of love birds couldn’t look cuter perched on the top tier or your chosen confection! They come in all sorts of types, styles, colours and sizes and have long been a favourite of mine (you can see my original post here)

Bird Cake Toppers ~ Cotton Bird Designs // Photography ~ Melissa Mills via Hello May

Flamingo Wedding Cake Toppers // Photography ~ Pixie Rouge Photography via Chic Vintage Brides


If I had my time again, this is the type of topper I would choose! I just love the idea of hand painted miniatures of you and your beloved gracing the top of your wedding cake! Best of all, you get to keep and cherish them after the big day – some even come with beautiful Victorian style glass cloches to protect them. And I would definitely get one that included our pup Bodie!

Painted Peg Topper (Goosegrease have similar) // Photography ~ Hunter Ryan Photo via Artfully Wed

Painted Peg Bride & Groom Topper ~ Lollipop Workshop // Photography ~ Daniel Stark Photography via SMP


Create a fair feel for your party and match your cake topper to your decor with a delightful little bunting cake topper. You can even personalise it with your names and the date, or some heartfelt words to add a dash of romance…… Oh, and if you’d like to give creating one a go, there’s a great DIY tutorial over on Something Turquoise.

Bunting Wedding Cake Topper (Friendly Events have similar) // Photography ~ LM Weddings via Love My Dress

Bunting Wedding Cake Topper // Photography ~ Becky Ryan Photography via Want That Wedding

Laser Cut Outs

A little more modern, than bunting or birds, these laser cuts can be understated and chic with a simple Mr & Mrs, or some heartfelt words or even works of art like the beauty that topped bridal designer Anna Campbell’s wedding cake…..

Lasercut Cake Topper ~ Glistening Occasions // Photography ~ Brown Paper Parcel via Chic Vintage Brides

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper ~ Alexis Mattox Design // Photography ~ Cat Lane Weddings via Love My Dress

Vintage Treasures

A treasure from an era past makes the perfect topper for the vintage bride. Especially if its a family heirloom! If you’re not lucky enough to have a family member with one hidden away somewhere, allow plenty of time to find the right one – as it isn’t so easy to find one in good condition nowadays.

Vintage Wedding Cake Topper (Gulden Brown Gowns have similar) // Photography ~ Michael + Anna Costa via SMP

Vintage Wedding Cake Topper // Photography ~ Mike Reed Photo via Chic Vintage Brides

Beautiful Berries

For something more subtle and understated, vibrant fresh berries make a gorgeous, and not to mention delicious, alternative cake topper. Especially for the naked wedding cake lover and the DIY bride. Simply add a touch of greenery, perhaps a dusting of icing sugar… and voila!

Photography ~ Josh Gruetzmacher via Once Wed

Photography ~ Chadwick & Jenika of Gantes Co. via Chic Vintage Brides

Seasonal Blooms

Or you can’t go wrong with asking your florist for a few additional blooms. Have them create a little something that co-ordinates with your bouquet for a sophisticated look, or choose one contrasting flower for a more whimsical, just picked feel…..

Photography ~ Elizabeth Fogarty via Chic Vintage Brides

Photography ~ Whiskers and Willow Photography via Wedding Sparrow

No Topper

Or how about no topper at all? Let the icing shine and wow with a cake stand instead! Its perfect for this trend of elegant tall cakes that we’re seeing…..

Gold Cake Stand // Photography ~ Adam Barnes via Ruffled

Metal Cake Stand (Pepperberry Market sells similar) // Photography ~ Kayla Barker via Wedding Sparrow

You will find lots more wedding cake topper ideas over on CVB’s Wedding Cake Toppers Pinterest board. Or for more wedding cake ideas inspired by the seasons, take a look at these delicious delights just perfect for Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.



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When we got married, we didn’t really consider looking at wedding cake toppers. At the time, there was nothing out there that I thought was super cute, and it seemed easier to slap some flowers on the cake and call it a day. The weird thing is, in the years since our wedding, I’ve become sort of obsessed with wedding cake toppers. Given that I run a wedding media company, I’m able to enjoy this minor obsession without veering too hard into Miss Havisham territory. (Though also: Does anyone know a cool way to display an ever-growing display of vintage cake toppers, and how many is too many?)

The absurdity of my personal buying habits aside, collecting wedding cake toppers has made me fall in love with the tradition. I have cake toppers dating back to the 1920s (not to mention some super hip ones from the early 1990s), and each one is such a delightful and specific way to commemorate a particular wedding and moment in time.

We all know that the world of weddings is whitewashed (in pretty much every possible way), but the cool thing about wedding cake toppers is that it is the only corner of weddings I’ve ever researched that is somewhat diverse. If you’re ordering a realistic-style cake topper, you can usually pick skin color, hair color, dress color, and often even add tattoos. If you’re looking for a more minimalist modern take on the wedding cake topper, you can find wooden dolls with painted saris. And coolest of all, if you’re falling down the rabbit hole of vintage cake toppers on Etsy (and let’s not forget eBay), you can find diversity in cake toppers going way, way back. Turns out that for a hundred years couples have found ways to make those little markers on top of a cake reflective of who they are.

(Fun fact: My favorite vintage cake topper in my collection has a bonkers huge real lace skirt, and I recently realized that it was glued on top of a far simpler painted skirt. Some unknown bride in the 1950s looked at that tiny ceramic bride and was like, “Girl, my dress is five times this extra, and I have glue.”)

So with that in mind, we were delighted to dive into the world of cake toppers and find you this collection of dessert decorations that fit every style and taste. They range from modern to vintage, with a few great DIY ideas thrown in. And remember, after the wedding is over, these make a perfect addition to your bookshelf. And one day, a grandchild or great niece or nephew my swoon over your old wedding cake toppers.

Just Married Cake Topper via BHLDN ($12)

Just Married: This just married cake topper is light as lace, while still feeling modern and fresh.

Flamingos Cake Topper by Annwood via Esty ($108)

Flamingos in Love: It’s hard to top (pun intended) these two flamingos in love. Not only would they be great on a wedding cake, but they’d be adorable home decor forever after.

Hell Yeah Cake Topper via The Roc Shop ($16)

Hell Yeah: Keeping it clean, modern, and to the (effing) point. Say how you feel, after tying that knot.

Pressed Salt Wedding Cake Topper restored by GuldenBrownGowns via Etsy ($169)

Sleek and Vintage: Sleek 1930s style wedding dresses are back, and if you’re wearing one, you might want to consider getting a vintage cake topper to reflect your style. This particular cake topper is made of pressed salt, a Depression-era tradition, and is in rare beautiful condition.

Just Married via Madeline Trait ($50)

Just Married: This wooden flower arch is modern, a little femme, and unique.

Double Happiness Cake Topper by EkaDantaTop via Etsy ($10.80)

Chinese Wedding: For when you really want a double happiness cake topper for your Chinese wedding.

Custom Cake Banner Kraft by ReadyGo via Etsy ($35)

Paper Dolls: This artist creates one of a kind paper drawings to represent you and your partner. The only question is, how will you display it ever after?

Photo by Nirav Patel via Martha Stewart Weddings

New Year’s Eve: This cake topper comes via a real wedding that took place on New Year’s Eve. A vintage cake topper was modified with fireworks (and a tiny party hat). This goes to show, if you find the perfect vintage cake topper, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making it modern. (And check out the bonkers cake this topper crowned.)

Gold Glitter Star Cake Topper via When It Rains Paper Co. ($8)

Fireworks: If you’re in for replicating the DIY fireworks display above, but don’t quite know how, we got you this.

Lilly and Purcell by Annwood via Esty ($252)

Love Birds: It just doesn’t get any better than Ann Wood’s handmade formal birds. These are the new classic for a reason.

Motorcycle “Get-Away” Wedding Cake Topper by Wedding Collectibles ($59.95)

Motorcycle Couple: Riding off into the sunset on a motorcycle? Yes please.

Photo by Kathryn Bernard via Martha Stewart Weddings

Custom Cake Toppers: These cake toppers from a real wedding are startlingly cool and amazingly simple. Their engagement photos were put on card stock and cut out.

Rose Topper via Madeline Trait ($50)

Flower Arch: Sometimes you just need a wooden flower arch. (Pro-tip: What if you used the above photo cut out DIY, and put that duo right under this arch?)

Mid-Century Wedding Cake Topper by Blast From Past Toys via Etsy ($39.99)

Kitschy and Classic: If you’re going to go with a vintage cake topper, sometimes you have to go for the whole kitschy classic thing, and this cake topper is a perfect version of that.

Photo via Brit + Co

Shooting Star: This gold star just married cake topper is art, and you could frame it and keep it with you always.

Photo by M. Felt Photography via Burnett’s Board

Cactus: When you’re getting married in the desert, sometimes you just have to put a cactus on it.

Happily Ever After’ Paper Flower Cake Topper by May Contain Glitter UK via Etsy ($44.83)

Paper Flowers: These laser cut cake toppers are all the rage right now, but this version with the paper flowers is the prettiest we’ve seen.

DIY Mini Paper Lanterns Cake Topper via Oh Happy Day

Paper Lanterns: Make your cake match your wedding decor with these tiny DIY paper lanterns.

Custom Tattooed Wedding Cake Topper by To Hell in A Handbag via Etsy ($300)

Tattoed Newlyweds: For when you want your cake topper to show off your tattoos. (These cake toppers can be made to match, well, you and your love.)

Acrylic Laser Cut “LOVE” Topper via The Roc Shop ($16)

Graphic Love: This love cake topper is graphic, modern, and minimal.

Custom Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Toppers by Painted Parade via Etsy ($56)

Dinosaurs: Do you ever feel like two dinosaurs in love?

DIY Message Cake Topper via Paper & Stitch

YUM: This DIY cake topper is shockingly easy (paper straws FTW), and you can spell out whatever your heart desires.

White Anemone Flower Cake Topper by Sweet Idea Flowers via Etsy ($65)

Sugar Flowers: Why did we put a flower on this list? Because it’s 100 percent edible and made out of sugar. Guaranteed not to die before your wedding day, plus you can put it in your mouth.

Calligraphy Cake Topper via Oh Happy Day

Twisty Calligraphy Topper: This DIY cake topper is a showstopper, and the crazy thing is that it’s made out of… wait for it… twist ties.

DIY Mini Mini Mylar Letter Balloons via A Joyful Riot

Mini Mylar: Balloons: the new frontier. This DIY topper couldn’t be cuter (or easier).

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper by AntomArts via Etsy ($24)

Rustic Wire: When you just want to say it (and be able to keep it forever). These wedding cake toppers are totally customizable and unique AF.

Honeycomb Paper Cake Topper DIY via Oh Happy Day

HONEYCOMB: Bring the party to your cake with this simple DIY topper.

Photo by Ryan Nicole Photography via A Day To Cherish Weddings

Classy Cacti: Sometimes you just need your cactus to be formal, right?

Children Cake Toppers via Little Things Favors (29.99)

Modern Family: When your wedding is a celebration of blending two families. (Pro-tip: Six kids not required.)

Custom Doctor Who Cake Topper by Anna Crafts via Etsy ($230)

Doctor Who: When you need to tie in Doctor Who, Star Wars, and your blue dress into one little cake topper. (Spoiler alert: you’ll keep this forever.)

DIY Balloon Garland Cake Topper via Sugar & Cloth

Balloon Garland: This DIY topper is modern, bright, and fun. Something we could all use more of in weddings.

A Kiss and We’re Off Cake Topper via Couples on a Cake ($41.99)

The Leg Pop: This cake topper has a retro touch and is perfect if you’re wearing a short dress.

When it comes to your wedding cake topper, you don’t have to go the route of the traditional bride and groom. There are plenty of options that are more fun, more creative, can match your wedding theme better, and reflect your personalities more.

Remember, your wedding day is all about you as a couple, and everything from the dress to the music to the wedding cake topper should be exactly what you want!

Here 15 great ideas for unique wedding cake toppers.

Two States

Are you and your fiancé from different countries or states? You can have a specific wedding cake topper that represents your background. This is a particularly romantic topper, since it makes people happy that you found each other.

Image: Etsy | AmazingWoodCraft

Customized Name

One of the biggest wedding cake topper trends of the last few years, a topper featuring the couple’s last name is now a classic. There are thousands of styles, fonts, materials, and colors you can choose from for this to match your wedding.

Image: Pinterest

Your Kids

Many couples who already have children (or a pet!) want to include them on their wedding cake topper to signify that they are all a unit. There are many kinds of wedding cake toppers to choose from, from silhouettes to hand-made dolls to animals.

Image: littlethingsfavors.com


A charming vintage wedding cake topper will always make a great impression. There’s just something so romantic and timeless about them. It will make everyone think about how long-lasting your love will be—and besides, vintage things are always so beautiful.

Image: Etsy | Jolie En Rose Vintage


A beautiful pair of fish make a sweet and unique wedding cake topper, since it goes with the theme of “two less fish in the sea”. There are many fish toppers to select from that can match the tone of your wedding, from vintage to whimsical to chic.

Image: marthastewartweddings.com


Whether you choose it because you love the outdoors or you’re simply having a rustic-style wedding, nature-inspired wedding cake toppers are always unique and pretty. You can go with shells, flowers, ivy, wood, or even beautiful small stones.

Image: goldminejournal.com

Puzzle Pieces

You fit each other perfectly, right? Why not say that with puzzle piece wedding toppers? This cute idea has been seen at some of the trendiest celebrity weddings.

Image: Etsy | Wooden Heart Buttons


Simple, classy, and significant, an ampersand wedding cake topper says a lot for such a small symbol. These come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and fonts to go with your wedding theme.

Image: bhldn.com

Custom Couple

From vintage-inspired figurines to hand-painted wooden dolls to silly bobble heads, many couples want their wedding cake topper to look like them. It’s up to your tastes and the tone of your wedding what style to go with, but have fun with it!

Image: jaredwilsonphotography.com

Fairytale Animals

Bring out your inner Cinderella with a unique wedding cake topper that features fairytale-like animals “helping out”. A big trend that began with baby showers, these cute toppers have made their way into the world of weddings!

Image: Jennifer Fuj Photography


Simple and pretty, a rustic-style wedding cake topper is perfect for bohemian and country-style weddings, beachside ceremonies, or low-key affairs. Add a touch of ivy around the cake with this one, and you’ll have a magical-looking cake.

Image: Douglas Benedict Photography


There is a wide variety of animal wedding cake toppers that you can find, but a few have special meanings. Penguins are a popular choice, since they choose a mate and stay with that mate for their entire lifetime.

Image: Jacquelynn Buck


Romantic and colorful, an assembly of butterflies can make a truly beautiful wedding cake topper. They can be all on top, or placed around different layers of the cake. This is a particularly great choice for young couples, since butterflies represent youth, and also the perfect choice for a spring wedding.

Image: rock-cafe.info

Glass Toppers

A huge trend in the 1970s and 1980s, glass wedding cake toppers are making a big comeback. Whether it’s glass birds, a glass heart, glass roses, or glass anything, this is a pretty wedding cake topper that makes a beautiful keepsake to display in your home together.

Image: favorsandflowers.com


Two great things about a lettered wedding cake topper? It’s unqiue, and you can have it tailor-made to say anything you want! Many people will be traditional with theirs, but other couples can make their wedding cake topper say something specifically meaningful to their relationship.

Image: Julie Anne Photography

No matter what wedding cake topper you decide to go with, make sure it’s exactly what you want! On your wedding day, everything should be just as you like. If you’re currently looking for the perfect wedding venue for your big day, take a minute to look at our photo gallery to see our beautiful Los Angeles wedding venue. You can also see our availability. Or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!