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Top 10 Best Paper Plates Review:

Paper Plates are really helpful when it comes to party or group gathering. If we use silver plates means, we need to wash by wasting the water. But you don’t need to wash the paper plates. After you used the plates, you can dispose of it.

Paper Plates are so convenient in many cases. That is why planned to review about Top 10 best paper plates. The paper plates should be reliable for hot foods. Here are our top 10 picks.

10. Dixie HD Paper Plates:

Dixie is the popular paper plates manufacturer in the world. Their plates are used all over the world for parties and events. There are a variety of styles available. These plates are microwavable. The material used for this plates are high quality and 100% recycled material. Take a look at these paper plates for your event parties.

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9. Chinet Paper Plates:

This paper plate was made in the USA. Totally 100 plates are available in one pack. White color fiber molded plates for extra strength.

Many plastic plates are not perfect for heated foods. But this Chinet Plates can handle high heated foods. This is the best plate for family and barbecue parties. Paper plates should be strong and recyclable. Without strong means, we can’t able to carry weighted foods. This should satisfy your all needs. Now, Chinet paper plates are available for sale.

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8. Dixie Paper Plates 480 Pieces:

Another Dixie plates for your awesome party. The material of the plate is very strong. It can’t tear easily. These kind of paper plates are very helpful for Picnic and BBQ. The perfect size plastic plates. We tested by Steak Knives.

We cut the meat by using steak knives. But there is no damage in the plates. These are the good paper plates for steaks. Another cool thing is you can carry sauce and soup in the plate. High durable and cheap plates for everyday use.

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7. Heavy Weight Paper Plate by Dixie:

This is the 10.12″ Diameter paper plates. It contains 4 packs and each pack contains 125 plates. The long lasting heavyweight plate. It can carry heavy foods and large diameter will help to carry a maximum number of foods at one time. The cool leaf designs also look great. The perfect plate for daily use. Hereafter Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be easily done by these sturdy plates. You can reuse these plates.

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6. Ultra Disposable Plates by Dixie:

High rated plates for all kind of foods. You can use burgers and sandwich on the plates. This is enough size paper plates for the busy family. You can place this plate in the microwave without any hesitation. Because this is microwavable and sturdy. No worry about the quality and design. Both are perfect. You can also use steak to cut the meats. It can able to withstand for any hard foods.

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5. White Paper Plates by AJM Packaging – Cheap (Affordable):

This is affordable Paper plates for daily use. Not that much sturdy, but able to handle foods without any leakage. AJM Packaging is the manufacturer of this paper plates. The color of the plates is classic white color. It comes with 12 packs of 100 plates. After bought these plates, you should happy with the quality.

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4. Ultra Disposable Plates by Dixie:

This is another Dixie’s paper plate having a huge number of positive user reviews. People can buy this product from Amazon. It should very helpful for your daily usage, event celebration and snacks. You don’t need to use double plates for sturdy. Because these plates having good weight and quality for all types of foods. This is microwavable paper plate. It is hard and clean. So, you can use this for wedding and birthday parties.

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3. White Paper Dinner Plates by Chinet – best for hot foods:

These are the hard and clean paper plates for festivals like Christmas. These are the premium strength papers. It should very helpful for your dinner. Average size paper plates with microwavable. It also cut resistance. You can use steak knives to cut the foods. It can able to withstand a high volume of heat and weight.

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2. Party Paper Plates:

This is Apple red color paper plate. This comes with a pack of plates. You can buy this plate from Amazon. Cheap and durable paper plates. The plates made with recycling material. So, it is eco-friendly.

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1. Frills & Frosting Paper Plates:

These are the best for small parties and events. Perfect plates for snacks like biscuits, chips, Cakes and other snack items during tea time. You can also use this paper plate for fried foods. It is the oil resistance and heat resistance multi-use paper plate.

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So, This definite review should help many of the people to understand what is the usage of paper plates and best paper plates on the market. You can buy any paper plates from our list. Because these are meets all the standards of best paper plates and also have maximum positive reviews from users. Hope you like this review. Stay tuned with Indreviews.com for more Best product review updates.

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Elegant Disposable Dinnerware & Party Supplies

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When we’re buying the plates for our daily use, we always look for stainless steel or ceramic plates. Yet, when it comes to buying tons of good quality plates for a party, disposable plates are always the first choice. There are many brands in the market but it’s only a few that offer a reliable service. Today, we have listed down the names of those brands. Read on to find out more about the top 10 best disposable plates for the party in 2020.

List of the 10 Best Disposable Plates for Party in 2020

10. Dixie Everyday Paper Plates, Dinner Size Printed Disposable Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

If you need a bunch of medium-sized plates with a fancy look, consider buying this one. There are an enormous 220 disposable plates in the set. These plates are made of completely paper, so you need to protect them from the water and fire. However, they are designed with the soak proof shield. Given the fact, they are cut-resistant and not easily stretchable. The paper is printed with the different alluring designs which give a beautiful look to the plates.

9. OCCASIONS 120-Piece Pack Premium Disposable Plastic Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

The name of the brand itself says the functionality of these disposable plates. These disposable plates are made for the special occasions. There are 120 in the pack. Given the fact, they would be an ideal fit if you want to throw a small party. They are made of high gloss premium plastic, so they can be used for the single time only. Out of 120 plates, 60 are dinner plates and 60 are dessert plates. The deep bottom and the rounded corners add a stylish design to these plates.

8. Natural Sugarcane Bagasse Bamboo Fibers Disposable Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

If you want a bundle of stylish disposable plates just for a few bucks, look no further than this set of beautiful disposable plates. This set of disposable plates is different from other in many ways. First of all, it is a completely natural product. Made of Bagasse, these plates are natural, eco-friendly, and free from chemical materials. Given the fact, they are well-liked disposable plates in the market. The best thing about these plates is that you can serve anything on them. There is no chance of spilling.

7. OCCASIONS 50-Pack Premium Disposable Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

I must say if you want ultra-stylish disposable plates, the first brand you should look into is ‘Occasions’. Seriously, Occasions disposable plates beat the all when it comes to alluring design. Speaking of this set of Occasions disposable plates, the unmatched combo of white and golden color can make anybody give out money for it. The corners are printed with the gold color and the deep bottom is printed with white color. Since the plates are made of premium plastic, they are easily biodegradable.

6. Elegant Plastic Dinnerware & Cutlery Set Service Disposable Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

Have you read the name carefully? Yes, it is a set of complete dinnerware which includes 25 disposable plates, 25 dinner plates, 25 dessert plates, 25 forks, 25 knives, and 25 spoons. If you’re organizing a small get-together, you can’t find a better disposable dinnerware set than this. Just buy this one and you’re all done. This set of disposable plastic plates is a matchless combo of elegance and style. Their black and white color combination is just unmatched.

5. Earth’s Natural Alternative Wheat Straw Fiber Disposable Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

If you always choose natural products over chemical ones, Earth’s natural alternative disposable plates are made for you. They are made of pure wheat stalk, so they are not only environment-friendly but also easily biodegradable. There is no plastic or any other chemical materials in these plates. Given the fact, they’re extremely user-friendly. They’re also liquid-resistant unlike other disposable plates. This set of 50 disposable plates is the best for those who love eco-friendly stuff.

4. OCCASIONS 50 Piece China Like Wedding Disposable Plastic Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

Another OCCASIONS disposable plates. The best I like about this brand is that it offers an impressive service in such an affordable rate. No matter which pack you buy, it won’t let you down in quality. Made of high gloss premium plastic, these disposable plates would meet your needs perfectly if you’re organizing a small party. Their modern design with an excellent service has made these plates a popular choice in the market. The set includes 25 dinner plates and 25 salad plates.

3. Natural Sugarcane Bagasse Bamboo Fibers Sturdy Seven Inch Disposable Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

Made of Bagasse, Harvest disposable plates are another set of reliable and budget-friendly disposable plates. They are designed to use and toss. Given the fact that they are made of bamboo fibers, these plates are cut-resistant and can hold up even heavy items efficiently. You can hold these plates without any worries since they are sturdy and won’t break down easily. They are also free from any chemicals. In case, you want to heat up the food items, these plates are completely microwavable. They can withstand the normal temperature.

2. Dixie Everyday Paper Plate Disposable, 10 Packs of 48 Disposable Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

If you’re like paper disposable plates, no brand can beat Dixie when it comes to reliable service coupled with an alluring design. This set of disposable plates would be the best fit for the people who’re going to organize a grand party. With its 480 pieces, you can easily take care of your party. With the fact that they are made of paper, they are incredibly stackable in design. They can be stored in just one large container. To ensure a good user experience, the plates are cut-resistant, water shield proof, and microwavable.

1. Party Pack of 150 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware – 50 Disposable Palm Leaf Plates

Get it now on Amazon.com

This beautiful set of disposable plates by Ecodesign Disposables topped the list and there are a number of reasons for that. First, it is a complete dinnerware set including 50 disposable plates, 50 forks, and 50 knives. Other than this, the thing that makes it stand apart from the others is its eye-catching design. The square-palm shaped plates are not only attractive but can also hold relatively much quantity. This set costs a bit expensive but after looking at this, you won’t mind spending the money.


Organizing a party is really a hectic task especially when, you’re the only one to handle all. Thanks to these disposable plates that are particularly designed for the parties. They not only lessen your work but also keep the environment neat and clean.

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Disposable Plates are really useful when it comes to a group gathering, wedding or any other corporate event. They are beautifully designed to add flair to your table and comes with an affordable price. If you do not want to wash the plates after use, you can easily dispose of them. Besides that, they are convenient in many cases. In this article, we have done some research and come up with the top 10 best Disposable Plates for you.

Factor to Consider When Purchasing the Best Disposable Plates

  • Pieces Per Place Setting: are you looking for Disposable Plates for a small gathering or extended family or big events? Look for Disposable Plates that comes with enough Pieces to serve all people in your party or gathering.
  • Elegance: the Disposable plate is usually is one of the focal points besides the meal; with that, you need to choose plates that are very attractive, chic and stylish.
  • User Friendliness: the Top picks are sets that are easy to wash and are made using BPA-free and food-grade safe plastic. Other essential features that you should look are weight, shape, color, and cost.

Best Sellers

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Best Disposable Plates in 2020


10. Posh Setting 100 Piece Royal Gold Plastic Disposable Plates

By: Posh Setting

Check price on Amazon

Are you searching for high-quality disposable silverware that will add elegance and sophistication in your party event, then Posh Setting Gold Plastic Plates are great for you. They are complete Event and party Placements with 20 spoons, 20 knives, 20 forks, 20 dessert plates and 20 dinner plates making it ideal for large family, gathering or corporate event. Ideally, these Disposable silverware features Gold and Black design to give a classic sophistication great look.

This disposable silverware is made using food-grade safe plastic that is BPA-free and recyclable too. Cleaning up this silverware is also very easy and will make mealtime more fun.


  • High-class disposable dinnerware set
  • Stunning textured adornments
  • BPA-free and food-grade safe
  • Great for any event or special occasion

9. NERVURE 102 Premium Heavyweight 51PCS Disposable Plastic Plates


Check price on Amazon

Next on our list is this Disposable Plastic Plates from NERVURE. They are plates that are made using BPA-free, non-toxic and 100% food grade plastic making sure that they are safe to use. They come with beautiful colorful gold glitter making them amazing. In addition to that, each collection comes with 51 pcs thus suitable to serve a total of 51 people.

Consider it for your weddings, engagement parties, bachelorette, bridal shower, lunch, Easter, and Christmas. They are 100 percent recyclable plastics plates and you can wash them whenever you want to use them for the next event.


  • Stylish and elegant
  • Made of non-toxic and BPA-free plastic
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Can be washed by hand and re-used
  • Durable and lightweight plastic

8. Stock Your Home 200 Piece Disposable Dinnerware Set (Black & White)

By: Stock Your Home

Check price on Amazon

Stock Your Home Dinnerware Set is an elegant set that includes 25 guest towels, 25 9-ounce rimmed cups, 25 knives, 25 spoons, 50 forks, 25 dessert, and 25 dinner plates. They are going to impress your guests while elevating your table’s décor. This set is perfect for your dinners, luncheons, baby showers, parties, weddings, and all other occasions. In addition to that, this set is made of food grade plastic that is toxic and BPA free.

While these pieces are lightweight, they are made with high-quality plastics that make to have more durability and strength. After using the set, they are easy to clean or you can dispose of them if you are not planning to use them again.


  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Elegant disposable dinnerware set
  • BPA free and recyclable
  • Elevate your table décor
  • Affordable set

7. IOOOOO 102 Pieces Silver White Disposable Plates Plastic Plates


Check price on Amazon

IOOOOO is the popular Disposable plate’s manufacturer in the world. They have made for you this high-quality silver disposable plates that are made 100% food grade plastic that does not have any harmful substances and is BPA free. In addition to that, these plastic plates are perfect for fancy or formal parties, even birthday parties or outdoor weddings.

One great thing about these plastic plates is that they are healthy, reusable and sturdy for everyday use. What’s more, they are suitable for big events and you can enjoy your dinner or lunch with your friends or family without any qualms.


  • Made of 100% food grade plastic
  • Silver disposable plates
  • Have an authentic look and feel
  • Sturdy and healthy for everyday use
  • Suitable for big occasions

6. Stock Your Home 125 Piece Rimmed Disposable Plates (Blue/Gold)

By: Stock Your Home

Check price on Amazon

With a total of 125 Piece, these Disposable Plates from Stock Your Home are perfect for your picnics, informal events, dinner parties as well as everyday mealtime. The set includes 25 spoons, 25 forks, 25 knives, 25 dessert plates, and 25 dinner plates and is going to serve your guests or family multiple courses. Moreover, this set is made with reusable, disposable and BPA free and it is durable and sturdy.

The pieces have an elegant gold sheen that provides an elegant feel and will look great in your serving table. Besides, washing these plates is very easy if you are planning to use them at the next event.


  • All-inclusive dinnerware set
  • Elegant gold cutlery
  • Disposable and reusable plastic
  • 125-piece set
  • Made of BPA free materials

5. WDF 150PCS Silver Rim Disposable Plastic Plates


Check price on Amazon

WDF 150PCS is another Disposable Plastic Plates for your awesome party. The set is made with a beautiful design as well as sturdy construction to resist snapping, bending or breakage. Ideally, this set has 150 pieces including 25 Hand Napkins, 25 Spoons, 25 Forks, 25 Salad Plates, and 25 Dinner Plates. They are ideal for serving 25 guests and are perfect for any occasion including catering event, banquet dinner, children’s party or weddings.

The set will add a modern and posh touch to your party. They are easy to clean and the silver plastic silverware will not break or scratch easily.


  • Solid and durable plastic silverware
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Has a beautiful design
  • Sturdy construction resists breakage
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free plastic

4. WDF 125PCS Silver Plastic Diamond Square Plastic Plates


Check price on Amazon

This is a 125PCS set that has a gorgeous and amazing look on your table setting. They are safe for your family and guests as they are made of BPA-free, non-toxic and 100% food grade plastic. In addition to that, with its elegant diamond design, they will not break or scratch easily thus perfect for your daily life dinner, baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and so on.

They set of great value and are disposable, recyclable and hand washable for a quick after bash clean up or you can also dispose of them on the trash. Get them today and you will never worry again on plates to serve your guests.


  • Easy to clean up
  • Made of non-toxic and BPA-free plastic
  • Look amazing and gorgeous
  • Won’t scratch or break easily
  • Has a beautiful diamond design

3. OCCASIONS 240 Pack Heavyweight Blue/Gold Premium Disposable Plastic Plates Set

By: OCCASIONS Finest Plastic Tableware

Check price on Amazon

OCCASIONS Disposable Plastic Set are high rated plates for all kind of foods. They are long lasting plated that you can use them to carry heavy foods and features a large diameter; thus, they can carry a lot of meals at one time. Ordinarily, the pack includes 120 pcs 7.5 inches Appetizer dessert plates and 120 pcs 10.5 inches Dinner Plates that are BPA free and recyclable.

They are perfect to use them in your birthday parties, wedding, family gathering and more. Furthermore, they come with a Louvre in White with Gold and Blue color making it look elegant in your table setting.


  • Recyclable and BPA free
  • Have a beautiful design and color
  • Made of heavyweight disposable plastic plates
  • Comes with a total 240 pack

2. Posh Setting Imperial Collection White/Gold Plastic Plates

By: Posh Setting

Check price on Amazon

If you are planning to host a Wedding or a party, then Posh Setting Imperial Plastic Plates is a set to have. They include 40 7.25 inches Salad Plates, 40 10.25′. Dinner Plates making it a total of 80 Plates. They have an elegant look and are going to change the look of your table. Besides that, they are going to bring your event or party to the next level. This plates are made with premium quality heavyweight plastic and will support your food without breaking.

Washing these plates is hassle-free or you can dispose of them to the bin if you are planning not to use them anymore. Moreover, they are great for your family gathering, holiday, Receptions, weddings or any Catered special event.


  • Includes 8 packs of 10 premium plates
  • Great for every occasion
  • Premium quality heavyweight plastic plates
  • Easy to wash

1. Stock Your Home 125 Piece Gold Rimmed Elegant Disposable Plastic Silverware Plates

By: Stock Your Home

Check price on Amazon

We finalize our review with this Elegant Disposable Silverware Plates from Stock Your Home. This plate comes with a gold sheen giving it an elegant look thus you can use it for formal dinner parties and banquets as well as everyday mealtime, informal events, and picnics. Moreover, this Silverware are made of disposable, of BPA free and reusable plastic that is durable and sturdy.

This set include 125-piece that includes 25 spoons, 25 forks, 25 knives, 25 salad, and 25 dinner plates; therefore, it has plenty to serve your multiple guests and your family. The set is easy to clean up and is dishwasher safe. Order yours today!


  • Perfect for weddings and lavish parties
  • Elegant gold cutlery
  • Made of BPA free and reusable plastic
  • Sturdy and durable plates


The list above is some of the Disposable plates that you can find on the market. All of them are recyclable and BPA free plastic; thus, they are safe to use. In addition to that, they look elegant and will elevate your table décor. Therefore, Get one set today and will never disappoint you.


 Are White plates and Hefty Basics Plates Biodegradable?

The claim. Chinet Classic White plates and Hefty Basics Plates are claimed to be “biodegradable in home composting” yet strong and durable. Chinet says its plates are made from recycled material; Hefty says its plates, which are tan, have no inks or coatings.
The check. We put the plates in a compost pile at our Yonkers, N.Y., facility, using no special effort to help them break down. (To keep tabs on their condition, we placed them inside individual containers of compost and periodically checked for decomposition.) To test the plates’ strength in use, we used them at a picnic, and to hold hot chili. And we used a machine to test how easy it was to bend the plates. We also ran all of those tests on two paper plates that aren’t claimed to be compostable: Dixie Ultra and America’s Choice.
Bottom line. Poof! The Hefty disintegrated completely in three weeks; the Chinet in five weeks. The other plates disintegrated, too. The process took longer, but when we checked at three months, they were gone. Dixie was strongest, followed by Chinet, Hefty, and the clear loser—America’s Choice, which worked best if our picnickers nestled two or three plates. No plates leaked chili, but they all let some steam seep through from top to bottom. The Dixie stayed driest. Going green could cost slightly more green: Per plate, Hefty Basic and Chinet cost about 13 to 15 cents; Dixie Ultra, 9 to 20 cents, depending on the deal we found; and America’s Choice, about 10 cents.

The first single-use food service item was the paper plate, invented in 1904. Paper cups followed soon after. Over the next century, disposable cups, utensils and plates were developed in increasingly durable—and environmentally unfriendly—materials. The low point, as far as the planet’s health is concerned, was probably the original Styrofoam cup. It was durable, lightweight and kept people from burning their hands while holding a hot cup of coffee, but it was also made using chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which break down ozone in the atmosphere. CFCs were phased out in the late 1980s, but that didn’t eliminate the problem of polystyrene, like other plastics, hanging around landfills for centuries after being used just once.

According to Time magazine, Americans throw away an estimated trillion disposable plates and utensils per year. The best option, of course, would be if everyone stopped using disposable products altogether. That’s probably never going to happen—it’s just too convenient to be able to grab a cup of coffee on your way to work. But some ingenious new products have come out in recent years that might be able to reduce the damage, including disposable cups and utensils made from a material derived from corn. They look just like plastic, but can be composted by a commercial composter so they don’t end up in landfills. Even more interesting—not to mention seasonally appropriate—is a line of plates made from fallen leaves, which can be naturally home-composted after use.

In the natural order of things, leaves fall from trees and eventually disintegrate, their nutrients enriching the soil to help the next generation of leaves and other plants grow. If those leaves happen to be in someone’s yard or a public place, they are usually picked up. Gardeners and other environmentally conscious people will add the leaves to a compost pile to become a natural fertilizer. But more often than not, the fallen leaves are incinerated or taken to the dump, where they will still disintegrate over time, but the plastic bags that were used to collect them will stick around for a good, long while.

VerTerra, a company founded in 2007, just adds another step to the leaves’ natural life cycle: dinner. The idea for plates made from fallen leaves came to VerTerra founder and CEO, Michael Dwork, when he was traveling in rural India. He saw a woman soaking palm leaves and then pressing them in a kind of waffle iron. She then served food on the pressed leaves. When he returned to the United States and business school, he experimented with adapting this simple and resourceful concept to make a line of attractive, durable and environmentally friendly single-use plates and bowls. (Not as cheap as paper or plastic, though; they can cost up to about a dollar per piece.) After they’re used, they can be thrown in the compost pile, where they will naturally compost within two months. The company website even includes a tutorial on composting at home, whether you live in the country or in a tiny apartment.

According to the company, the plates are made from leaves in India because no American leaves would produce the right effect. Only fallen leaves are used; steam, heat and pressure are applied to form the plates. Since nothing but leaves and water are added, they’re nontoxic and can be safely added to the compost pile.

That means the plate you eat your food on can help grow your next meal. Pretty cool.

An Interesting Brief History of Disposable Objects [That You Don’t Know]

Do you know what the first disposable object was?
It is something you might not have heard of, just yet.

Disposable items are ingrained in our everyday life, so ingrained that we don’t even realise their existence. For example, do you ever think of toilet paper as a disposable product?

In this article, we would like to tell you briefly the history of the first disposable items and also their implications in the throw-away society.

The etymology of the word disposable

The word disposable is clearly an adjective, but unlike many common words, its origin is relatively recent.

Disposable made its appearance in the 1640s, its meaning was similar to not indispensable, something that you can live without.
Only in 1943, disposable assumed the meaning of single use, of something that can be discarded after use, replacing the adjective throw-away. At the time, it was referring mainly to diapers, but later it started to be used for anything.

The first disposable objects

As we mentioned earlier: do you know what the first ever-invented disposable object is?

We will tell you in a minute before let’s see the reason behind this invention.

We are in America, in the 19th century, men needed clean and ironed shirts for work, in fact, the office jobs available were so defined “white-collar”.

Housewives would have to wash shirts every day, this was a much-hated chore because it was time-consuming and tiring. Hannah Montague was one of them, she was married to Orlando. They lived in Troy, New York. And she would wash his husband’s shirts only when the collar was dirty.

She was so frustrated by this task that one day she cut off the collar of a shirt, washed it and then sew it back in its original place. In this way, the first ever DETACHABLE COLLAR was created, in 1827.
Orlando foresaw in this a great business idea, so he opened a factory producing detachable collars, dickeys and cuffs. Later on, they started to produce these items in paper too.
In 1872, 150 million paper collars and cuffs were produced, this marked the advent of the first disposable item. Troy is still called “Collar city” for this reason.

Other people consider the first disposable item the paper plate, this was invented in 1867 by the German bookbinder Hermann Henschel.

Later on, in 1908, the first disposable cup was invented. The motive of this invention is far from being related to coffee.
At the time, Samuel J. Crumbine, a health officer, noticed that sharing the same dipper and bucket of water, in public places, was not hygienic, as some people affected by tuberculosis might have spread the illness. So he supported the ban of this type of practice.

Two businessmen took this opportunity to develop an object: the paper cup was invented, its name was “Health Cup” and later became “Dixie Cup”.

Soon after the Dixie Cup, more disposable tableware was invented, which became available already in 1930.

Despite disposable items being created for real purposes and to improve our existence, their nature has been exploited for commercial reasons and always more disposable items are invented.
The boom of disposable objects started at the end of the 1800s when companies saw in disposable items a great way to sell more. The key was to promote these products to housewives: they were very receptive because disposables save time and were hygienic to use.

Nowadays, we are more conscious towards disposable items and we aim at reusing and recycling as much as we can.

Why do we like disposable objects?

Apparently, we like disposable because we are fascinated by the next new thing.

This culture was brought by the Americans who were the inventors of disposable items, such as diapers, cameras, lenses and so on.

The concept of throw-away living was first advertised on Life Magazine, August 1, 1955 (pg 43). In the article, showing a very liberating picture, it was said that the society of the time loved using disposable items because they save time when doing household chores, for example.

Again, another advertisement of the time, it is showing Disposa-pan, an easy way to cook without the need to wash the pan after use.

Also, the shift to materialism, where goods are seen as a source of happiness contributed to the appreciation for disposables.

Disposable items are not all evil, as we have seen in the case of the Dixie cup. Sometimes they bring good changes in our lives, this applies to the medical sector, for example.
We are now 60 years after the throw-away society magazine article, so it is our choice to understand when disposable is necessary and when it is not.

At Jupiter, we sell disposable cutlery, as it is truly necessary for some occasions, but our cutlery range is efficient, reusable and biodegradable too.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about our products.

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      Critical consumers appreciate paperplates which are sustainably produced and can easily be disposed of. So we focus on sustainable production and the use of environmentally-friendly material.

      Paperplates are better than their reputation as their natural raw material can easily be recycled. This environmentally- friendly advantage is less known than the generally known advantages of disposable dishes such as hygiene, multi-purpose use and convenience.

      Latest surveys show very clearly that disposable tableware has got a positive ecobalance from production to disposal. For ecological comparisons- paperplates versus traditional tableware- we can consult studies which focus on water consumption for dish washing and the rate of broken dishware.

      This means your upcoming party or event will always be a success from the ecological point of view.

      What are paperplates made of? … mehr

      Virgin fibres paperplates are made of renewable raw material. Approved for direct contact with dry and greasy food- 100% compostable.

      Recycled material is made of environmentally friendly paperboard. Approved for contact with dry and non-greasy food- 100% compostable.

      Recycled material laminated is made of environmentally friendly recycled paperboard. Laminated and recycable.

      Recycled material with compostable coating is made of environmentally friendly recycled paperboard- 100% compostable.

      The 100% compostable coating is made from renewable resources and is degraded within a few weeks only. Compostability according to EN 13432.

      Environmentally friendly disposal of paperplates … mehr

      Virgin fibres paperplates are 100% compostable, so they can simply be collected with non-coated wastepaper as during the paper recycling process any foreign matter such as PP and PE will be removed, and will be collected and re-used or re-sold by the cardboard producer to guarantee a perfect environmentally friendly cycle.

      What are renewable materials? … mehr

      Paper plates, paper bowls, tart plates from HOSTI’S Greenline Production are made from virgin fibres from fast growing woods such as European spruce ,- pine ,-or birchwood. The designated woodlands are subjected to permanent supervision and re-forestation.

      Sustainability means that we make sure that for any cut tree three to four new ones will be planted, the permanent thinning of the tress impoves and increases the tree population additionally. (source: Association of German paper plants).

      Where does the shape of the paper plate actually come from? … mehr

      70 years ago our company founder, Emil Stickel, had a simple but brilliant business idea – the production of paper plates. Back in 1949 he manufactured his first real paper plate in a fire resistant hot pot. It was a rectangular shaped plate.

      Even though a lot of things have changed since then, this basic idea of production lives successfully on in our family owned company. State-of- the-art machines shape paper plates by applying pressure and heat.

      Today Hosti produces more than 2 billion eco-friendly paper plates a year by using renewable raw materials. Our own solar plant- the biggest one in our area- supplies us exclusively with ecological electricity.

      In 2015 we introduced hygiene management according to the BRC standards.

      You will find further info on the page „Quality and Environment“ and an overview of our variety of shapes of Hosti paper plates and bowls on the page „ The Hosti paper plate and its shapes“.

      Is the HOSTI paper plate microwaveable ? … mehr

      Paperplate paperboard is per se not microwaveable. When used in microwave devices partial overheating can occur this is why we do not provide any guarantee for the usage of our products in microwave devices.

      HOSTI offers specially produced microwaveable disposable dishes mades from sugarcane with greaseproof barrier which serves as a fat and oil repellent.

      Products made from polypropelene and other plastics are only partly usable for microwave devices. Please note any special information on „microwaveability“ or „ preparation in microwave devices“. The decisive factor is sufficient material thickness of the products in use.

      In case there is no such info or hint please refrain form using microwave devices as there can be be local overheating and this is why we can not assume any guarantee for such products when used in microwave devices