Troll dolls for sale

Oh yes, the Troll Dolls are very different beasts nowadays, which makes the originals even more desirable – particularly as millennials everywhere are attempting to explain what a real Troll looks like to the nieces, nephews and other small children in their lives. They need visual aids, people.

But collectors all over the world are desperate to get their mitts on your dusty old childhood relics, so that they can neatly store them away in glass cases and marvel at them for the years to come. And they’re willing to part with a nice chunk of money to do so – enough to buy you a Eurostar ticket, or something off of our Style List, or a cool new designer bag, at least.

If you reckon you have a Troll worth some big bucks, be sure to find out how much your toy is worth to a collector by checking the same or similar trolls under “sold listings”. Next, compare it to other higher selling auctions and ask yourself if it’s in a similar condition? Is your toy authentic? Does it still have the labels on? Is it still in it’s original packaging?

If it’s in mint condition then it might be worth selling it through an auction house or directly to a collectibles website. If it’s not, it’s probably worth sticking it on eBay for a moderate sum.

Anyone who was a child during the 1990s will most probably remember the wild-haired troll dolls. These were one of the biggest trends in the toy market at that time. Over the years, these dolls have come back in and out of fashion as new generations of children have enjoyed a variety of merchandise based on the trolls. They are now set to make any other return, so here are ten fun facts about the toll dolls.

1. They Were Originally Wooden

The very first troll dolls were crafted from wood and were made by a Danish fisherman called Thomas Dam. When his workload was low, he would create the dolls and sell them door-to-door and this led to him creating a Christmas display for a local department store. People asked to buy the troll dolls from the display, so he set up in business and was selling 10,00 dolls a year in Denmark by the end of the 1950s.

2. They Are Inspired by Scandinavian Folklore

The idea behind the troll dolls is from Scandinavian folklore, in which many of the tales involve trolls. Although the size and appearance of these differs from one story to the next, their ugliness is a feature that always remains the same. Dam was able to take this ugliness and make it look cute.

3. They Have Always Had Crazy Hair

Right from the start, the hair of the troll dolls has always been crazy. The first dolls that were made had sheep’s wool hair in either black, white, or orange. The more modern range of troll dolls that were sold had hair made of synthetic materials and boasted a wide range of shocking colored hairstyles.

4. Their Creator Had a Sense of Humor

With a name like Dam, the creator of the dolls knew it made sense to capitalize on his name by making his business name funny. He called it Dam Things and his best collection of dolls were called Dam Dolls.

5. Most Dolls Weren’t Made by Dam Things

Although Dam created the first dolls, he did not copyright them. This was a mistake on his part because countries from around the globe were already copying his idea by the time they became an international trend.

6. Betty Miller Took a Troll Doll to Meet the President

When Betty Miller became the first woman to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean, her only companion on the trip was a troll doll. When she later had an audience with President Kennedy, she took her troll doll with her for the occasion.

7. Some Troll Dolls Are Valuable

Troll dolls were so popular that people began collecting them. They remain a popular collector’s item to this day and some of them are now worth considerably more than their original price. For example, a vintage Viking toll has sold for $175, while a stuffed Dam doll from the 1950s attracted a buyer who was willing to pay $225.

8. There is a Troll Museum in Ohio

In the town of Alliance, Ohio, a woman has opened her own troll museum called The Troll Hole. Although the woman’s real name is Sigrid, she is now known as the Troll Queen. She actually believes that she is a huldra troll. This is a type of troll that pretends it is human. Her museum boasts a collection of 3,000 unique trolls.

9. Troll Dolls Do Police Work in Florida

Following the release of a film called ‘Trolls on Patrol’, the police department in Tarpon Springs, Florida, decided that trolls could help them to connect with children. In 2003, they bought 5,000 troll dolls so they could interact better with younger visitors to their police station. They felt that the use of these toys would make the police seem more approachable to children and young people.

10. The Dam Things Company Finally Has the Patent

Although troll creator Thomas Dam saw his creation become a trend belonging to the public domain due to his failure to copyright the dolls, the company does now own the patent. Unfortunately, this did not happen until 1994 when new laws were passed. They won the worldwide rights to the troll doll image and have the right to sue copyright manufacturers. Sadly, Thomas Dam did not live to see this happen as he passed away in 1989.


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Courtesy of Dam Corporation

Target has broken the Internet this week a couple times, but people went especially wild over last night’s big announcement: The retailer will bring back Troll dolls. You probably haven’t seen these little dudes since 2003 when they were sold as Trollz (and, welp, that didn’t last long). But word is that they’re getting their own movie in 2016, so get ready to see a whole lot more gemstone belly buttons around again.

The return of Troll dolls got us thinking about other retro toys we’d love to see in stores one more time. Here are just a few:

1. Teddy Ruxpin

The talking bear that played tapes for kids (and probably freaked a few out, too) was the most popular toy of 1985, but sadly called it a day in 2010.

Getty/James Keyser

2. Slinky Dog (and not the “Toy Story” version)

The original 1950s toy that sits up, wags its tail, and begs was the inspiration behind Disney Pixar’s character — and if you ask us, is the real deal.


3. Popples

Who could forget the plush stuffed animal that looked like both a bear and a rabbit?


4. Littlest Pet Shop

We know they’re still around, but Hasbro rebranded our favorite mini animals back in 2004. Let’s start a campaign to bring back the original!


5. Talkboy

What kid didn’t want to be just like king prankster Kevin, from Home Alone? Though, we suppose today’s youth probably have an app for that sort of thing.

6. Flatsy Dolls

These were basically Barbie’s less cool best friend in the ’60s — but we love to root for an underdog. Etsy/SparklyGoldMermaid

7. Stretch Armstrong

Is it just us, or does this gel-filled action figure look a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his hay day? Coined the “unbreakable toy,” his stretchiness still kind of amazes us.


8. Chatty Cathy

Sure, this famed mid-century doll was a little creepy, but she’s a classic.

9. Girl Talk

The board game was a required activity at all teenage girl sleepovers in the ’90s. It was basically truth or dare, but with zit sticker punishments if you didn’t complete your task. Way harsh.


10. Lady Love Locks

The name kind of says it all. Every little girl (cough, or her mother, cough) went crazy for this doll with gorgeous, flowing hair.


11. Frosty Sno Man

This icy dude was a hit with kids trying to impress their friends with their dessert-making skills in the ’60s and ’70s. Frosty is out of vogue these days, but at least we have Olaf to stand in for him.

Lauren Smith McDonough Senior Editor Lauren is a senior editor at Hearst.

REMEMBER the ugly Troll Dolls with their wild hair and often stark naked bodies from our childhood?

There were so many different styles of the bonkers looking creatures, from tiny trolls standing about three inches tall, to large ones the size of a small child.

15 Vintage Troll Dolls are selling on eBay for nearly £200 depending on their condition

You could even get small versions to stick on top of your pencils, not to mention the minuscule trolls given away in boxes of Weetos.

There were so many of them, we didn’t care when we practised our hairdressing skills on them or when we perfected our Biro tattooing on their plastic bellies.

We had no idea that one day they might be worth a small fortune.

Thanks to the variety of materials trolls have been made from over the years, like wood, vinyl and porcelain, some of them are just waiting to be snapped up by collectors.

Through the decades, Trolls have been made by a handful of different toy makers, with the original Dam trolls being the most valuable to collectors.

Dam Troll Large Monkey Boy Sailor £190

15 The Monkey Boy in a Sailor outfit sold for nearly £200Credit: Ebay 15 The sailor monkeyCredit: EBay

Troll Dolls didn’t just come in human form but Dam took on the Animal Kingdom too.

This large monkey figurine dressed in a blue and white stripey all-in-one swimwear sold early September for £190 from a seller in Devon.

Other sailor troll dolls from different eras are currently listed for considerably less, at between £5 and £10.

Troll Doll Gonk Tree Swamp Monster £180

15 There is very little information on the rare monster troll but it attracted 17 bidsCredit: Ebay 15 Even though there isn’t much information out there on this troll, it still attractedCredit: EBay

The particularly rare – and ugly – Troll Doll Gonk Tree Swamp Monster from 1993 sold for £180, attracting 17 bids.

There is very little information about this type of doll and no similar dolls have gone on sale before or since.

Vintage Viking Dam Troll Doll £169

15 There are a few different versions of the Viking troll on eBay but only some of them are selling for more than £100Credit: Ebay 15 The Viking Troll Dolls still in their bags are worth almost £170 eachCredit: eBay

Vintage Viking Dam Troll Dolls are selling for anything between £10 and £170 on eBay depending on the condition and whether or not they are still in their bag.

The Viking dolls from the 1960s are pretty rare, even though they come in a number of slightly different designs, some more popular than others.

Giant Henry Groom £128

15 Dressed for a wedding, this Dam doll fetched £128 at auctionCredit: Ebay 15 Dress to impress, this groom trollCredit: EBay

The Giant Henry Groom is dressed for a wedding, stands at 17 inches tall and is made by Scandinavian toy makers, Dam.

The doll is made in China and is brand new, unused and undamaged and sold for £128.

Original Giant Henry 1979

15 The Giant Henry was made in 1979 and still has the tag on, adding to its valueCredit: Ebay 15 The troll doll sold for $195 but came with a hefty postage fee of $61Credit: EBay

This grey haired troll is 17 inches tall and sold for $195 – approximately £143 – back at the beginning of August.

Again, this doll is in mint condition which can only add to its value.

Nascar/Motorcross Racer Russ Troll Doll £47

15 The Nascar Troll Doll was made by Russ and is more common than the original Dam dollsCredit: Ebay 15 The flamming pink haired doll is made by Russ and is worth nearly £50Credit: EBay

This doll with it’s bright pink hair is a more common doll but it still fetches around £47 on the auction site.

This type of doll was produced by US toy giant Russ Berrie, who poached the idea off their original designer, Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam.

One seller is auctioning four of these dolls for $65 US dollars each – which converts to around £47.81.

All of the toys are still in their original, individual packaging, adding to their value.

Collections of Troll Dolls from different decades £51

15 Collection of Troll Dolls from various different eras are selling for around the £50 mark on eBayCredit: Ebay 15 Does your collection look more like this? Then they might still be worth somethingCredit: EBay

Don’t worry if you don’t own a vintage doll because the little dolls are worth something too.

Collections of around 20 to 40 dolls from all eras are selling for anything from around £20 to £50.

What should you do if you have a valuable Troll Doll?

IF you think you’ve got a Troll Doll that’s worth a bit extra then you should start by doing your research

Find out how much your toy is worth to a collector by checking the same or similar trolls under “sold listings”.

Compare your Troll Doll to other higher selling auctions and ask yourself if it’s in a similar condition? Is your toy authentic? Does it still have the labels on? Is it still in it’s original packaging?

If it’s in mint condition then it might be worth selling it through an auction house or directly to a collectibles website. If it’s not, it’s probably worth sticking it on eBay for a moderate sum.

On eBay, collectors are more likely to come from the United States so if you do decide to put your collection for sale on the site, make sure you list them with international shipping.

PLUSH PAYOUT Do you have one of these rare and valuable Beanie Babies? You could be holding on to a small fortune

Needless to say, the better the condition the more valuable it is so if you’ve got one of the little monsters still in it’s packaging then you may be in luck.

And now that trolls seem to be back in fashion thanks to DreamWorks Trolls film, it may be time you checked your old toyboxes.

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These adorable little Ace Novelty troll dolls are in great condition and will make great Christmas presents for someone or even for your own collection!2 of the troll dolls are about 4 inches tall from head to toe (not including their hair). One has yellow hair with green eyes and a yellow heart-shaped jewel in the belly button. The other has sort of blue-green hair, blue eyes, and a blue-green diamond-shaped jewel in the belly button.4 of the troll dolls are about 3 inches tall from head to toe (not including their hair). One has pink hair, pink eyes, and a pink round jewel in the belly button. One has orange hair, orange eyes, and an orange star-shaped jewel in the belly button. One has blue hair, blue eyes, and a blue heart-shaped jewel in the belly button. The last has purple hair, purple eyes, and a purple diamond-shaped jewel in the belly button. Check out the pictures and be sure to ask me any questions you might have before purchasing it, as returns are not accepted.