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When “Trading Spaces” debuted back in 2000, it didn’t compete against a dozen other popular home improvement shows for viewers’ attention. That’s because the design-swap hit was a trailblazer.

But now, after a 10-year hiatus, host Paige Davis, carpenter Ty Pennington and the original interior experts are coming back to prime time and joining a TV landscape filled with flippers, designers and shiplap lovers — and they’re not worried about the competition.

‘Trading Spaces’ stars visit TODAY as show returns after 10 years

April 5, 201805:41

In fact, during a Thursday morning visit to TODAY, the “Trading Spaces” gang explained that they still expect to stand out from the home improvement crowd because no one else does it quite the way they do.

“We kicked off this genre and even though we spawned so many other, frankly, networks and television shows, there’s still nothing like our show,” Davis said. “The level of jeopardy, the level of time constraint and budget constraint — $2,000 in each room.”

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It’s all unique to their original format, which they intend to keep following.

“There’s a lot of fantasy design television out there,” she added. “But people out there don’t have $450,000 of chump change.”

But it’s not just the budget-friendly aspect of the show that’s sure to keep fans tuned in. According to Pennington, it’s also the mystery of each week’s endeavor.

“Here’s the thing about ‘Trading Spaces’ that I think is amazing: The format really, really works,” he said. “It’s such a variety pack of talent and style and tastes, so you really never know what you’re going to get because we have no idea if the people we designed it for are going to like it.”

And as anyone who ever watched the series back in the day can attest, often subjects of the show don’t like the design — and those flops are just as much fun as the fantastic reveals.

To gauge just how excited fans are about the show’s return, look no further than the trailer for the upcoming season, which has been viewed more than 10 million times — so far.

And the stars of the series are just as excited.

Or, as Davis put it, “The band’s getting back together. Let’s go on tour!”

“Trading Spaces” is back Saturday, April 7, on TLC.

Trading Spaces has been off the air for more than 10 years, but ask any viewer which designer they remember best and they’ll likely say one name: Hildi Santo-Tomas — presumably followed by “remember those hay walls?” or “there were so many flowers in that bathroom!”

Hildi made her debut in October 2000 on the second episode and will be making a highly-anticipated return to the series reboot on April 7 (so set your DVR now).

Fans of the show know the most exciting part of every Trading Spaces episode is the big reveal at the end — the thrill of finding out if homeowners love or hate their new room. And let’s face it, with a budget of $2,000 (they’ve doubled it for the new season) it can go either way. But more than anyone else, 56-year-old Hildi had viewers on the edge of their seats during her reveals.

Remember, she was the free-spirited designer who was there to make art, not friends.

She was the one who painted a mural of her face on someone’s dining room wall and the one who decided to fasten all of the furniture in a living to the ceiling. When Hildi had a vision, there was no stopping her, which means she often took some homeowner requests literally (“they wanted an adult retreat, so I gave them a cabana,” Hildi tells But it was her controversial decisions and comfort in straying from safe designs that made the end of her episodes a roller-coaster ride.

Yep, that’s Hildi’s face, which she plastered on someone’s living room wall. Photo: Courtesy of TLC / Illustration: Betsy Farrell

However, Hildi wants to set the record straight: her goal wasn’t to upset homeowners. She views herself as an artist first and foremost, which is why she thought of every room as a blank canvas. “I challenged myself every episode to do something to inspire people across America, and to do something I hadn’t done before,” she says.

And that’s exactly what she did … and so she has zero regrets.

“The criticism I get is wonderful, because it empowers me to do better,” she says. In fact, she’s proud of the aforementioned cabana and the flower bathroom, where she stapled more than 7,000 silk flowers to the wall . “They’re some of my favorites, because they’re original and they’re art,” she says — which just so happens to be her greatest passion in life.

After all, Hildi isn’t just a designer, she’s a true artist.

So it should be no surprise that since the show went off the air, Hildi has been doing what she loves most: experiencing culture, traveling extensively, eating, dancing, and meeting people — along with consulting fellow cast mate Ty Pennington on some of his shows and sitting on the board of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Oh, and she’s been practically living in museums. “I go to one at least two or three times a week,” she says. “Museums and architecture are my inspirations — it doesn’t come from online, it comes from my knowledge.” Boom.

And she’s using that knowledge to bring her A-game this season.

Given that she’s been living and breathing her main sources of inspiration for the past decade, she has more than enough to pull from for the new season — and she promises her designs won’t disappoint. “One of my favorite rooms is coming up on April 7,” she teased, citing the 10 years she’s had to gain inspiration since the show ended as the reason why. The room is also the smallest space she’s designed on the show.

So stay tuned …

We know, we know, as it if wasn’t hard enough waiting for the big premier. TLC’s Executive Vice President of Development and Production, Howard Lee, also teased that not every episode of the upcoming season has a happy ending and what one designer does with eggshells is “shocking.” If you ask us, that has Hildi’s name written all over it. But we’ll have to watch to find out.

When Does the New Season of ‘Trading Spaces’ Premiere?

The rebooted version of home makeover show Trading Spaces is coming back to TV, but one of its stars will be missing.

TLC brought back the popular show – which originally aired from 2000 to 2008 – in 2018. The network announced in September 2018 that production was underway for a second season of the updated version of the show, where a pair of neighbors redecorates a room in the other family’s home, with the help of one of the show’s designers.

The new season premieres March 16

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It’s a #TradingSpaces Instagram story takeover! Follow along on our stories to get a behind-the-scenes look as the designers run around NYC together to promote the new season, premiering Saturday, March 16th at 8/7c!

A post shared by TLC (@tlc) on Mar 7, 2019 at 6:50am PST

Fans of Trading Spaces were thrilled when TLC revealed that the show was getting a revival. And they don’t need to fear that the reboot was just a one-off. Season 10 of Trading Spaces premieres Saturday, March 16 at 8/7c.

“Viewers were breathless with anticipation of the long-awaited return of Trading Spaces last year and we are equally excited to bring the fun, banter and unexpected transformations back into everyone’s living room this spring,” Howard Lee, president and general manager of TLC, said in a statement. “This season, fans can look forward to seeing accessible design transformations and the unexpected reveals that make our show such a blast to watch.”

The cast member who isn’t returning

The Trading Spaces cast in 2018 | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Last season, Trading Spaces brought back many familiar faces from the show’s first run. Host Paige Davis was there, as were designers and carpenters like Hildi Santo Tomas, Ty Pennington, Genevieve Gorder, Carter Oosterhouse, Vern Yip, Doug Wilson, Laurie Smith, and Frank Bielec. New cast members included designer Sabrino Soto and carpenter Joanie Sprague.

Most of those people will be back for Season 10, but there will be one notable absence. Genevieve Gorder won’t be in the new season. Reality Blurred speculated that she sat out this season because she’s busy with other projects, including her Netflix show Stay Here and a new show for Bravo.

A new designer is also joining the cast. Mikel Welch is an interior designer who has worked as an on-air design expert for Steve Harvey.

The other big change this season

Trading Spaces watchers can expect another big change this season. While in Season 9, designers focused on redoing bedrooms and living rooms, in Season 10, they’ll get to stretch their creative muscles a bit by working on “teachers’ lounges, twin sisters’ homes, attics, basements and even homes of ex-spouses, among others,” according to TLC.

While You Were Out is also getting a reboot

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Some fun Friday news: The reboot of While You Were Out is premiering on March 16 on @tlc AND @hgtv! And, after nearly two decades, Frank Bielic and I share the same episode! Stay tuned for our WYWO episode premiere date! #whileyouwereout #saturdaynightfun

A post shared by Vern Yip (@vernyipdesigns) on Feb 8, 2019 at 5:30pm PST

The success of the rebooted Trading Spaces inspired TLC to bring back another old home design show, While You Were Out. The show, which featured designers giving a person’s home a surprise redecoration, originally aired from 2002 to 2006.

In the new version of the show, which will also air on HGTV, the budget is upped from $2,000 to $10,000. Ananda Lewis hosts, and a familiar crew of designers and carpenters will appear. Most of the Trading Spaces cast will be on the show, as will HGTV and DIY Network stars Bristol and Aubrey Marunde, David Visentin, Hilary Farr, Vanilla Ice, and Nicole Curtis.

Trading Spaces Season 10 premieres Saturday, March 16 at 8/7c, followed by the premiere of While You Were Out at 9/8c.

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–Host Paige Davis and Full Cast of Designers and Carpenters Return for Season Ten–

(Los Angeles, CA) Find your smocks and grab your toolboxes DIY fans! After a successful return season, TRADING SPACES has started production on new episodes that will air in 2019.

Join host Paige Davis as she keeps each team of homeowners, designers and carpenters on time and budget as they tackle their greatest makeovers yet. Returning for the new season are Brett Tutor, Carter Oosterhouse, Doug Wilson, Frank Bielec, Genevieve Gorder, Hildi Santo Tomas, Joanie Sprague, John Gidding, Kahi Lee, Laurie Smith, Sabrina Soto, Ty Pennington and Vern Yip, as they put their creative minds to work for bigger challenges and more design fun.

TRADING SPACES was the first home makeover series of its kind and launched a generation of shows to follow in the television home design genre. Two sets of neighbors trade rooms for two days and, with the help of a designer and carpenter, makeover a room with a budget of $2000.

The TLC GO Original Series Trading Spaces: Training Spaces will also return in 2019. This season, new designers will learn from and compete for the chance to be a design assistant for designer Frank Bielec. Binge the first season now on

Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #TradingSpaces, ‘Like’ the

Trading Spaces Facebook page, and watch more video

Trading Spaces is produced by Authentic Entertainment, a subsidiary of Endemol Shine North America.


Offering remarkable real-life stories without judgment, TLC shares everyday heart, humor, hope, and human connection with programming genres that include fascinating families, heartwarming transformations, and life’s milestone moments. TLC is a top 10 network across key female demos.

TLC is a global brand available in more than 86 million homes in the US and 279 million households around the world. Viewers can enjoy their favorite shows anytime, anywhere through TLC GO – the network’s TVE offering featuring live and on demand access to complete seasons. A destination online, offers in-depth fan sites and exclusive original video content. Fans can also interact with TLC on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. TLC is part of Discovery (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), reaching 3 billion cumulative viewers in more than 220 countries and territories to satisfy curiosity and captivate superfans with a portfolio of premium nonfiction, lifestyle, sports and kids content brands.

TLC is ready for some spring cleaning. Today, the network announced season 10 of Trading Spaces will debut in March.

The popular home makeover series returned last year after 10 years off the air. The revival features original host Paige Davis as well as carpenter Ty Pennington and designers Vern Yip, Laurie Smith, Doug Wilson, Frank Bielec, and Hildi Santo Tomas.

Season 10 of Trading Spaces premieres on TLC on March 16th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Read more info below:

Following up on the much-anticipated relaunch after a ten-year hiatus, TLC’s hit home makeover series “Trading Spaces” will return for its tenth season on Saturday, March 16th at 8:00p.m. ET/PT. Hosted by Paige Davis, this season includes 12 episodes filmed across the country, where the designers tackle new challenges as varied as teachers’ lounges, twin sisters’ homes, attics, basements and even homes of ex-spouses, among others.

“Viewers were breathless with anticipation of the long-awaited return of TRADING SPACES last year and we are equally excited to bring the fun, banter and unexpected transformations back into everyone’s living room this spring,” said Howard Lee, President and General Manager of TLC. “This season, fans can look forward to seeing accessible design transformations and the unexpected reveals that make our show such a blast to watch.”

Giving eager home owners the opportunity to hand over their keys and entrust their neighbors and designers to re-imagine a room for them, there is never a shortage of fun, anticipation, hijinks and of course nerves that paint each episode differently. TRADING SPACES designers and carpenters appearing this season are: Brett Tutor, Carter Oosterhouse, Doug Wilson, Frank Bielec, Hildi Santo Tomas, Joanie Sprague, John Gidding, Kahi Lee, Laurie Smith, Mikel Welch, Sabrina Soto, Ty Pennington and Vern Yip.

TRADING SPACES was the first home makeover series of its kind and launched a generation of shows to follow in the television home design genre. Two sets of neighbor’s trade rooms for two days and, with the help of a designer and carpenter, makeover a room with a budget of $2000.

Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #TradingSpaces, ‘Like’ the Trading Spaces Facebook page, and watch more video on

Trading Spaces is produced by Authentic Entertainment, a subsidiary of Endemol Shine North America.”

What do you think? Are you a fan of Trading Spaces? Will you watch the new episodes?

Trading Spaces Is Bringing Back All the Original Designers You Were Hoping for — and Some Intriguing New Faces

Go ahead, call it a comeback!

Any Trading Spaces aficionado will tell you the hit TLC show, which aired from 2000 to 2008, was just as much about the rotating cast of designers’ big personalities as it was about redecorating on a budget.

On Wednesday, TLC announced the lineup for the show’s forthcoming reboot after a 10-year hiatus, and almost every fan favorite from the original series is making a return. Joining host Paige Davis, who signed on in July, will be Doug Wilson, Genevieve Gorder, Hildi Santo-Tomas, Vern Yip, Frank Bielic, and Laurie Smith. Beloved carpenters Ty Pennington and Carter Oosterhouse will also be back.

TLC confirmed to PEOPLE that Doug and Hildi will be designers, but no details have been released about the roles the other original cast members will fill in the new season. There will be no “mentors,” according to a representative for the network.

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Image zoom Some of Trading Spaces’ regulars. A. Smith & Co. Productions/Everett Collection

Fans of Bielic, (above, bottom right) known for his love of country style and wall murals on the show, may be surprised to see the designer on the reboot’s roster. He made some disparaging remarks about the show after his departure, while his castmates showed nothing but love for the series.

WATCH THIS: Do You Remember These Spectacular ‘Trading Spaces’ Fails?

RELATED: Paige Davis On Her Official Return to Trading Spaces: ‘I Screamed’

Several fresh faces will also be joining the TLC show’s cast, and HGTV viewers will likely recognize more than one.

Image zoom

Sabrina Soto, John Gidding and Kahi Lee will all be designers on the series, and each has a ton of experience both in the home design world and on TV. Soto has appeared on The High Low Project, Get it Sold and House Hunters, among others, served as a judge on HGTV Star, and hosted ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight. Her California home was also recently featured in PEOPLE.

Image zoom

John Gidding was the host of HGTV’s Curb Appeal, but only after modeling for Gucci, getting a degree from Harvard and working internationally as a landscape architect.

Image zoom

Kahi Lee has designed spaces for celebs including Nick Jonas, Chris Brown, and Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece. She’s also popped up on several home shows including Design on a Dime.

Two new carpenters, Brett Tutor and Joanie Sprague, have signed on as well.

Image zoom

Tutor is a former MMA fighter, adventure guide, stuntman and member of the U.S. Air Force. The jack of all trades is also a singer-songwriter and humanitarian.

Image zoom

Sprague was the runner up on cycle six of America’s Next Top Model’s and has appeared on DIY Network’s Run My Renovation and Man Caves.

RELATED: Where Are They Now? Catch Up with the Original Stars of Trading Spaces

The announcement leaves us with a few burning questions: Will the new kids on the block hold their own against the show’s OGs? Will Doug and Hildi continue their showmance? Where is Amy Wynn? And most importantly, what will Hildi glue to the walls of a homeowner who, at this point, should really know better?

We’ll have to wait for the new season, coming to TLC in spring 2018, to find out!

‘Trading Spaces’: Paige Davis, Ty Pennington on the revival, and home-improvement rivalries


The TLC show’s host and carpenter recall how one disappointed homeowner choked their neighbor over a room gone wrong.


NEW YORK – Are you ready to trade spaces again?

Ten years after it went off the air, TLC has revived its hit home-improvement show Trading Spaces, with perky host Paige Davis and hunky carpenter Ty Pennington. The premise of the series remains the same: two sets of neighbors swap houses and redo a room in two days with the help of designers and carpenters. Ahead of its return Saturday (8 ET/PT), Davis, 48, and Pennington, 53, chat all things Spaces with USA TODAY.

The spirit of Spaces remains intact. Aside from a budget hike (from $1,000 to $2,000 per family) due to inflation, the format remains unchanged, which Davis thinks is an asset. In 2005, she was fired from the show when TLC wanted to try it with no host, upsetting many fans. “I don’t think they were underestimating me personally, but I do think that the show suffered when tentpole elements of it were changed,” Davis says. “Because we started this new genre of television and suddenly we created competition for ourselves, the network was always trying to keep the show fresh. But at a certain point, if you try to be like everybody else, too often you’re no longer like yourself.”

There’s no bad blood with other home-improvement series. Although Spaces inspired many imitators, including Flip or Flop, Design on a Dime, and the just-shuttered Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, “there’s no rivalry between any of the shows — there’s room for everybody,” Davis says. In fact, “I would love for Chip and Joanna to be guest designers on our show.”

New and old faces.Spaces welcomes three new designers and two new carpenters this season, as well as several returning cast members, including Hildi Santo-Tomas, Doug Wilson and Carter Oosterhouse. Oosterhouse was accused of sexual misconduct in December, which he has denied, and TLC investigated. “He’s never been anything but beyond professional and kind,” Davis says. “Everybody in our cast and at the network is really happy that he is a part of the new season.”

Viewers are more decor-savvy, which is a blessing and a curse. Thanks to social media, led by Instagram and Pinterest, as well as TV shows and magazines about interior design, “people have been able to see so many more visual images and get more ideas that way, so we’re hoping they have more open minds,” Pennington says. “At the same time, it’s a bit more challenging for designers to be original, because you have to come up with something that has never been done.”

The bad reactions are often the most memorable. While they love to see happy homeowners, Pennington admits that some of his favorite episodes come when rooms didn’t meet expectations, leading to dramatic reveals. In one of Spaces’ most infamous episodes, “the neighbor actually wrestled her friend, blaming her for the (wall) color choice,” Davis remembers. “I’m not proud of how I handled that reveal because I stood there doing nothing, primarily because I thought she was kidding. And then it dawned on me: ‘Is she kidding, or am I about to become an accessory to murder?’ ” Jokes Pennington: “That just shows that color can have a very strong impact on your mood.”

Ty, the designer? After years of lending his carpentry skills to shows including Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and American Diner Revival, Pennington is trying on a new hat this season: designing a room in an upcoming episode. “I won’t give away whether the homeowners liked it or not, but in my opinion, you knocked it out of the park,” Davis says. Adds Pennington: “I enjoy being a carpenter. What was nice was I had no responsibility — I could just be out in the backyard making whatever the designer has requested be made for the $30 they put into the budget. But as a designer, you really have to take the homeowners through every step of what you’re doing, and make them believe you have an end goal.”

Would they ever room-swap? Davis admits that she’s “too OCD to trade spaces. I’d need to have a very detail-oriented person in my house.” If Pennington designed her room, he’d draw inspiration from her Broadway past: “In your room, I would do silhouettes of shadows backstage, almost behind-a-curtain kind of thing. Not cheesy.” Quips Davis: “And then would you paint your image peeking from behind a curtain, to haunt me in my dreams?”


Paige Davis and Ty Pennington say they’d love Chip and Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” to be guest designers on their returning home-improvement show.

Long before reality television was most often associated with vain celebrities, ridiculous dating scenarios, and generally exploitative and invasive behavior, the world was captivated by reality series that focused on design and renovation. Arguably one of the most popular and most well-executed of these series was the TLC hit Trading Spaces, which was itself an adaptation of the British series Changing Rooms.

Originally airing for eight seasons between 2000 and 2008, the series followed two pairs of friends, family members, or neighbors who swapped homes and renovated a room in each other’s places, along with the guidance of a designer and a carpenter. Whether you loved or hated the rooms that were created, there’s no denying that the series had some personalities who were truly larger than life and out of this world. We’re catching up with where some of the series’ most memorable cast members are today.

10 Hildi Santo-Tomas

In a series filled with larger than life personalities and quirky behavior, designer Hildi Santo-Tomas was by far the most unique and boldest of all the designers. Hildi was known for shocking design choices, and it was common for contestants to not exactly love the rooms she created for them.

Since the original Trading Spaces wrapped production in 2008, Hildi has continued to live her life of luxury, photography, and travel, residing for years in France. She is one of the legacy cast members to continue on with the series in its revival, and she’s still shocking a whole new generation of homeowners with her daring style choices.

9 Doug Wilson

While Hildi may hold the title as the loudest and proudest of Trading Spaces’ designer crew, fellow ambitious designer Doug Wilson was never far behind. Doug’s intense commitment to his own style could lead to just as many unexpected scenarios and reactions as Hildi’s bold choices could.

In addition to his time on Trading Spaces, Doug hosted another TLC series, Moving Up, from 2005 to 2009. After both series wrapped, he briefly dabbled in running a restaurant in Illinois and continued working in design, before returning to the Trading Spaces series with its newly launched revival.

8 Edward Walker

Before he became one of the most lovable members of the series’ cast of designers, Edward Walker worked behind the scenes, coordinating fabrics and textiles for the designers on the series. As soon as he stepped in front of the camera, however, the always ponytail sporting designer quickly showed just what he was capable of, and earned a spot in the series’ history as a beloved cast member.

Although Edward sadly didn’t return to the series for its 2018 revival, he has been keeping busy in the world of design, operating the design firm aptly named Edward Walker Designs.

7 Amy Wynn Pastor

For the most part on the TLC design series of the past, carpentry was a boys’ club. Thankfully, Amy Wynn Pastor would go on to join the series as its first full-time female carpenter, proving that girls could totally kick butt at carpentry, too.

In addition to her time on Trading Spaces, Amy worked as a carpenter on the 2007 series Backyard Stadiums with Michael Strahan; published a book on carpentry in 2005; and briefly returned to the Trading Spaces revival series in 2018 to take part in the reunion episode with the series’ legacy cast members.

6 Genevieve Gorder

The resident flower child of Trading Spaces, Genevieve Gorder was far and away one of the true stars of the original series’ run. With a sweet and bubbly personality that never felt cloying or annoying, Genevieve brought her optimism and bohemian styles to each and every design she was responsible for.

Since Trading Spaces wrapped in 2008, Genevieve has kept busy, with a long list of television series under her belt, including HGTV Design Star from 2009-2012, Dear Genevieve from 2009-2013, Genevieve’s Renovation in 2014, Netflix’s Stay Here in 2018, and, of course, the ongoing Trading Spaces revival on TLC.

5 Carter Oosterhouse

Carter Oosterhouse was a late addition to the series, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to forget the dreamy carpenter, no matter how briefly they tuned in to Trading Spaces. Carter was with the original series from 2003-2007, and he has since rejoined the cast for the revival on TLC.

During the years between versions of Trading Spaces, Carter also kept himself plenty busy, serving as host, judge, or special guest star on Million Dollar Rooms in 2012, Rowhouse Showdown in 2014, The Great Christmas Light Fight from 2015-2018, and many, many appearances on Rachael Ray’s talk show.

4 Vern Yip

Best known for his elegant and refined designs, Vern Yip was one of the strongest designers in the early days of Trading Spaces’ original run on TLC. He’s since returned to the series in its revival run, and his style is just as impeccable as it ever was.

After leaving the original Trading Spaces series following the series’ first four seasons, Vern continued to establish himself as a true talent in the world of television design competitions, with major roles and hosting or judging duties on the series Deserving Design, Bang for Your Buck, and HGTV Design Star.

3 Frank Bielec

When it comes to picking the most lovable and adorable member of Trading Spaces’ often massive cast of characters, people truly don’t get any more adorable or lovable than the almost Santa-esque Frank Bielec. Best known for his folksy charm, belly laughs, and love of all things chickens related, Frank is one of the biggest and best personalities on the series, and we’re more than thrilled whenever he drops by on the revival.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Frank described his post Trading Spaces career: “I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing followed by a nap.” Among that whole lot of nothing, he’s run a business with his wife called Mosey ‘N Me, a business specializing in all things arts and crafts.

2 Ty Pennington

Even if you’ve never seen a single episode of Trading Spaces, odds are pretty good that you know Ty Pennington somehow. During his brief run on the original series, Ty served as one of the main carpenters, best known for his childish sense of humor and boyish antics, in addition to his talent at carpentry.

Following his time on the series, Ty would go on to host the successful home renovation series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition from 2003 to 2012, the 2014 series On the Menu, and the 2015-2016 series American Diner Revival, before rejoining the core cast of Trading Spaces in the ongoing revival series.

1 Paige Davis

As hard as it might be to imagine, Paige Davis wasn’t the original host of Trading Spaces. Only joining the series a year after its premiere, Paige would soon become completely synonymous with the series itself. Her zany sense of humor and warm personality gave every episode of the show a comfortable, inviting, enjoyable atmosphere – no matter what bizarre antics might have been going on in any given episode.

In addition to her work on both the original and revived Trading Spaces, Paige has hosted short-lived series including Home Made Simple, and maintained an active theatre career, both on and off Broadway.

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The original Trading Spaces designers, ranked

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Are you ready to trade spaces?

It was just 10 years ago, when TLC’s hit home-swap-interior-design show aired the final episode of its original run. For eight years, pairs of neighbors had switched houses for two days at a time and made over one room in each other’s homes with the help of an interior designer and $1,000. The couples were nice and all, but the real stars were the inventive artists who came in to dream up the traded spaces. We’ve ranked the original eight designers (many of whom returned for the 2018 reboot) in honor of the finale’s 10th anniversary — see if your favorite landed on top.

7. OR 8. Doug Wilson

Doug’s track record was the only one to rival Hildi’s for strange choices, though his misses weren’t usually as interesting as hers — no, not even the “prisoner of love” bedroom. But worse than that was how defiantly the Trading Spaces villain disregarded the wishes of his clients. How could we ever forget that covered fireplace?

6. OR 7. Kia Steave-Dickerson

There are three rules on Trading Spaces: Two couples. Forty-eight hours. One thousand dollars each. May we suggest a fourth rule: No graveyard rooms.

5. OR 6. Edward Walker

Edward was very pleasant. Nothing bad to say about Edward. But do you have a strong memory of any of his designs? Didn’t think so.

4. OR 5. Frank Bielec

It’s hard not to love sweet Frank, no matter how you feel about chicken décor. That said… We can’t just totally overlook all the chicken décor.

3. OR 4. Laurie Smith

Laurie was a welcome ray of Southern sunshine whenever she appeared on the show. Her designs were always tasteful, if a little safe.

2. OR 3. Genevieve Gorder

Yes, she once put moss on the wall. But even Genevieve’s missteps were creative and ambitious, and she always thought about the client in an original way.

1. OR 2. Vern Yip

Whenever Vern showed up, you knew you were going to see something elegant and classy. He was talented, he was efficient, he was always thoughtful. Faultless Vern! Of course he nabs first place! Unless…

***1. OR 8. Hildi Santo-Tomas

The worst part of making this list was, without a doubt, the question of where to put Hildi. On the one hand, yes, of course, Hildi has to be no. 8. Think of the hay stapled to the wall, the upside-down room, the mosaic of her own face — if these things don’t merit a last-placement, what on earth does? But then on the other hand, try questioning everything you know about the quality (doesn’t Hildi always?) and consider: What are really the criteria here? If the only thing that matters is which designer had the highest number of happy homeowners, then frankly, you can just watch the last five minutes of every episode and take a tally. Also, respectfully, who cares? Didn’t we all watch Trading Spaces for the thrill? For the imagination? For the 3-D fake-flowered bathroom walls and the avant-garde horror kitchens? Yes we did! And who delivered those things more than anyone else? Hildi is certainly superlative, but you’ll have to take your pick in exactly which way. Use that Trading Spaces DIY spirit!

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