Tom brady kissing kid

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is telling the world where he stands on the debate surrounding David Beckham kissing his daughter, Harper.

The backlash began after David posted a photo of him and his 7-year-old daughter having fun at an ice skating rink and giving each other a small peck on the lips (back in 2017, David was blasted by critics for sharing a similar picture).

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Christmas is coming 🎅🏼 Let’s go skate ♥️

A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on Nov 26, 2018 at 1:35pm PST

Some commenters immediately said it was “wrong” of the soccer star to kiss his child on the mouth. “I feel like a kiss on the cheek is better than that on the lips. The lips is just weird,” one remarked. Another simply declared that it “was not appropriate” behavior.

Of course, not all the comments were all negative — the majority, in fact, found the photo to be nothing but precious. Among those positive commenters was Tom, who wrote “Dad and daughter. So sweet!”

It’s not too surprising that Tom would show David support. In February 2018, the father-of-three sparked outraged when he kissed his 11-year-old son Jack on the lips on his Facebook show Tom vs. Time.


Besides Tom, David’s wife, Victoria, has been attacked for posting a photo of her and Harper kissing on the mouth in the past. Clearly, the practice is customary in the Beckham household.

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Happy Birthday baby girl 🙏🏻💕 We all love you so much 💜💜💜 X @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham kisses from mummy X

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on Jul 10, 2016 at 1:27am PDT

David has not responded to the backlash and has kept the photo up on his Instagram feed. Regardless of the controversy, the picture was meant to be nothing more than a snapshot of a sweet moment between father and daughter. Let’s just call it that, shall we?

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke out in defense of former soccer star David Beckham’s controversial Instagram post in which he kisses his 7-year-old daughter Harper on the lips, reported the Daily Mail.

The other day, Beckham ruffled a few feathers after posting a photo of himself and Harper at an ice skating rink. In the snap, Beckham and Harper are featured in front of an ice skating rink illuminated with purple and blue lights and surrounded by trees decorated with Christmas lights. Beckham has his profile turned towards the camera, showing off his trimmed facial hair, an orange scarf, brown cap, and a Bluetooth earbud in his right ear. He has his lips pursed together as Harper, dressed in a red jacket with her hair pulled back in a half ponytail, leans forward to give him a kiss on the lips.

Beckham captioned the image with “Christmas is coming Let’s go skate,” including a Santa Claus and black heart emoji.

The soccer star’s 52.2 million followers had some mixed reactions to the photo, with many commenting that it was wrong for a father to kiss his daughter on the lips, while others defended Beckham, saying that it was a sweet and innocent moment.

Brady, who is dad to 11-year-old sons Jack and Ben and 5-year-old daughter Vivian, was one of the many who came to Beckham’s defense against the online trolls, confirming that he also kisses his children on the lips.

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Christmas is coming ???????? Let’s go skate ♥️

A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on Nov 26, 2018 at 1:35pm PST

The New England football player left a comment on Beckham’s photo that read, “Dad and daughter. So sweet!”

In fact, the NFL star received backlash of his own after the release of his Facebook Watch documentary Tom Vs Time, in which he’s shown giving Jack a kiss on the lips. He has also been seen kissing his own father on the lips after games.

Brady wasn’t the only one who came to Beckham’s defense after Instagram users left negative comments including, “I don’t care what anyone says if a dad kisses a child on the lips it’s completely wrong smd.”

Other defenders left comments including, “It’s a beautiful photo of a loving father. Why do people have to ruin something so innocent” and “There is nothing wrong, if you think there is then go get some help because you have mental health issues, seriously.”

Last year, after coming under fire for posting a different photo of himself kissing Harper on the lips, Beckham defended his actions, revealing that both he and his wife Victoria are very affectionate with their kids and that he kisses all of their kids on the lips.

“We want to show our kids love and we protect them, look after them and support them.”

Tom Brady is the sporting superstar who won the lottery that never stopped paying out. He is married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, stands 6ft 4in tall, is polite, deferential, has perfect teeth and hair, and is almost ridiculously good-looking. He also has a $60m , six-year contract with the New England Patriots, has three Super Bowl rings and is considered one of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL, if not of all time.

It is therefore no surprise that the NFL is tremendously excited that he will be showcasing his skills when the Patriots take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley on Sunday, the third regular-season game to be played in London as the league tries to broaden its horizons beyond the United States.

With Bundchen, Brady forms America’s gilded couple, a more understated Stateside version of David and Victoria Beckham. And, as with the former England captain, the boy from San Mateo in California spends each day hoping to balance celebrity against the need for privacy. “I’m aware of it. It’s hard not to be aware of it,” Brady says when asked if he is conscious of the comparison with Beckham and his wife. “But I don’t see much of a comparison. He’s older, he’s got a lot more kids. But he’s certainly a great player.”

Brady, who has a son from his relationship with the actor Bridget Moynahan, has met Beckham and talked about shared experiences of living their lives through an ever-present lens. “He’s a very nice guy and he loves playing soccer,” Brady says in his quiet drawl. “He obviously makes a big commitment, to travel as much as he has, to play both here and in Europe at a highly competitive level. I think that’s what drives all of us, to be the best that we can possibly be.”

The NFL provides the perfect arena for this quest. This is a sport that focuses on the quarterback and his ability to produce comic-book heroics in a position more celebrated than any other in American sport. Last weekend Brady set a record for throwing the most touchdowns, five, in a quarter in a 59-0 slaughtering of the Tennessee Titans.

“To continue to find ways to challenge yourself. That’s a big part of my life,” Brady says. The past 12 months certainly offered him an opportunity to test his character. Brady’s 2008 season was ended after 10 minutes of the opening game when a tackle by Kansas City Chiefs’ Bernard ­ Pollard tore his knee ligaments. This potentially career-ending injury was the cruellest follow-up to the previous competitive outing in his famous No12 shirt.

That had ended with the New York Giants defeating the team from Boston 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII to record one of the sport’s seismic shocks. Brady had taken his team to a fourth Super Bowl in seven years with a perfect 17-0 record, only to fall to the Giants and their defence, which sacked the golden boy five times.

The knee injury against Kansas forced him to stew on that disappointment for a further year. A stuttering start to this campaign, in which the Patriots lost two of their first five games, invoked the inevitable questions over whether Brady would ever rediscover the form that garnered him those three Super Bowl rings and a string of NFL records. Last Sunday he ended those doubts with his record-breaking performance against the Titans. “It was fun to be a part of it … this is football, this is how it should be,” was Brady’s typically laconic verdict on that evening’s work.

Yet his life is not always so understated. Having quietly married Bundchen in February in Santa Monica, the couple had a more lavish ceremony for friends and family on a secluded Costa Rican beach. This was ambushed by the paparazzi and two photographers later alleged they had been shot at by Brady’s security. “Absolute bullshit,” Brady said later. “We found two guys on our property and we told them to get out. Our security guys didn’t even have guns. There were no shots fired.”

The episode illustrates that Brady, who was inspired by watching the great San Francisco 49ers team of the 1980s and their supreme quarterback Joe Montana, may always have the glitter and unwanted trappings that accompany stellar fame. He admits this can trouble him. “Life is not living in the suburbs with a white picket fence,” he says. “Somehow, our American culture has made it out that that’s what life needs to be – and that if it’s not that, it’s all screwed up. It’s not. You go through life and you try the best you can.”

On Sunday against a Buccaneers team that has lost all of its first six games, Brady will hope to do just that.

Sky Sports shows two live NFL games every Sunday evening, including high definition coverage of New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 4.30pm this Sunday from Wembley

It was the father-son smooch seen round the world.

During an episode of his new Facebook Watch docuseries, Tom vs Time, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is seen kissing his 11-year-old son on the mouth. That in and of itself isn’t a revelation—the 40-year-old NFL star was photographed last February kissing his father on the mouth during a celebration. But this kiss comes with context that makes it feel even weirder.

Tom Brady won’t eat a tomato or sleep without his kale pajamas but he’ll kiss his germ spreading kid for 8.5 seconds

— Ben Murphy (@BenMurphyTV) February 2, 2018

In the episode, Brady is pictured getting a massage in his Brookline, Massachusetts, home. Jack, his son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, enters the room and asks his father to let him check his fantasy football scores. Brady laughingly asks what he’ll get in return if he lets Jack use the computer, and Jack kisses him and tries to walk away.

“That was, like, a peck,” Brady says from the massage table. Jack turns around and kisses him again, this time on his mouth. He stays in place for about three seconds before standing up straight and walking out again while wiping his mouth with his T-shirt.

Now, it’s entirely possible that the kiss felt normal to both people involved. But on camera, the exchange feels entirely too long. It doesn’t help that it’s also kind of reminiscent of the second beat of Saturday Night Live’s “Kissing Family” sketch, the one that happens between father and son just when the audience is beginning to realize something weird is afoot.

Bizarrely enough, kissing one’s kids on the mouth (and in view of cameras) seems to run in the Patriots family. In 2015, Brady’s coach, Bill Belichick, gave his adult daughter a very public kiss that also met with some controversy.

Part of the reason that kisses like these stir up uncomfortable conversations is that Americans haven’t really decided what’s a normal amount of affection between parents and children.

In 2010, the Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at UCLA told parenting website CafeMom that allowing one’s kids to kiss you on the mouth is a dangerous road. “As a child gets to 4 or 5 or 6 and their sexual awareness comes about (and some kids have an awareness earlier—as when we notice they start masturbating at 2 or 3 sometimes—they just discover their private parts and it feels good),” Dr. Reznick explained, “the kiss on the lips can be stimulating to them.”

Brady kisses his younger son, Ben, during a Super Bowl celebration in 2015. Getty Images / Billie Weiss

But parenting blogs have published op-eds on both sides of the kissing controversy.

“Parents do loads of things with kids that sexual partners will later do, e.g. backrub, bath, hugging, laying with them in their bed, holding them close and cuddling, and, yes, kissing them on the lips,” Dr. Psych Mom wrote in 2014. “Why is a backrub or a bath or a cuddle okay and a kiss is not?”

Arguing for the other side, a columnist for The New York Post’s living section wrote in 2017, “One of my friends tells her son that no one in the world will ever love him more than she does. She thinks it’s sweet; I think it’s a terrifying worldview for her son to have.”

A great many Reddit threads have explored the concept too, and people on opposite sides of the argument tend to cite the same feelings.

To people who kiss their children on their mouths, the move is cultural, and it’s just a sign that their family is a little more comfortable with physical intimacy than others. To parents who find a kiss like Brady and his son’s bizarre, avoiding mouth kisses is a way for them to discuss romantic and familial affection, and boundaries, with their children. Some think mouth-kissing should stop once a kid reaches a certain age, while others believe the act should stay between parents and children of the same gender.

It’s clear a consensus opinion on kissing one’s kids on their mouth is not at hand. But regardless of what you believe, we can probably all agree that this particular kiss looks pretty unusual.

Photo: Stephan Savoia (AP)

The Patriots winning the Super Bowl objectively sucks for all of America that isn’t Boston and the surrounding, even more racist areas of New England, but one good thing that might happen as a result is that Tom Brady now has one more chance to kiss Donald Trump on the mouth.

Here is why I think this could happen: Brady has been linked to Trump repeatedly over his career, including keeping a red MAGA hat in his locker. And if, as tradition holds, the Super Bowl champions visit the White House, then Tom Brady, a man who lives to throw footballs inflated with varying amounts of air and also to kiss his loved ones on the mouth, will have an opportunity to kiss Trump (on the mouth).


However, this is not certain: The controversy over who will and will not go to the White House has already started. Patriots safety Duron Harmon said on Monday that he wouldn’t visit Trump, but that meeting Obama “would be dope.” (For the record, Harmon also didn’t visit Trump after the Patriots’ 2017 win because he is a man of principle.)

Brady also did not visit the White House in 2017, citing “family matters.” This year he has the opportunity to clear the air once and for all by going to the White House and kissing Donald Trump’s face (specifically his mouth).

For reference, here is a list of people Tom Brady has already kissed on the mouth.

1) His son, (definitely):

2) Patriots Owner Robert Kraft (arguably):

Bob Kraft is a repulsive billionaire that Brady is very close with because Brady has made him a staggering amount of money. Last night they (almost) kissed on the mouth. The ruling on the field was that they kissed on the mouth but instant replay shows that they perhaps did not kiss on the mouth but instant replay makes football slow and boring as hell so in my opinion the ruling on the field should stand.


3) His wife Gisele Bündchen (probably?)

Tom Brady is married to Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen who is also extremely rich and has assumedly been kissed on the mouth by him.


4) Donald Trump (potentially!)

This year is Tom Brady’s chance to kiss Donald Trump on the mouth.


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made headlines before Super Bowl LII last week when the Internet got hold of a video showing the NFL MVP kissing his son on the lips.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller responded on Snapchat by kissing his dad and stating, “Tom Brady ain’t the only one that kisses their daddy on the mouth.”

Here’s video, courtesy of Ryan Koenigsberg of BSN Denver:

“Tom Brady ain’t the only one that kisses their daddy on the mouth.”

— Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg) February 8, 2018

Miller clearly amused himself:


— Von Miller (@VonMiller) February 9, 2018

Much like the Broncos and Patriots, Brady and Miller have a rivalry that dates back to when Miller entered the NFL in 2011.

Before Denver and New England played in the 2016 season, both Brady and Miller shared images on social media of themselves looking at each other from across the line of scrimmage. That wasn’t the first or the last time Miller and Brady have interacted on social media.

At a Super Bowl event last year, Miller brought a cardboard cutout of Tom Brady from the 2000 NFL combine. After the Broncos defeated the Patriots 20-18 in the 2015 AFC Championship game, Miller posted a video on Snapchat with a football and said, “Man, this ball feels a little flat to me.”

It’s safe to say Miller enjoys laughing at Brady’s expense.

Tom Brady Kisses His Son, And People Can’t Seem to Forget It

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is many things. Obviously, he is a Hall-of-Fame lock with multiple Super Bowls and nearly every record imaginable in the NFL. He’s an incredible businessman who lives and promotes a healthy lifestyle through meditation, yoga and an incredibly strict diet. On top of all that, Brady is a husband to Gisele Bündchen and father to three children; Brady and Bündchen have two kids — son Benjamin Rein and daughter Vivian Lake — and Brady had his oldest son Jack while dating actress Bridget Moynahanback in 2007.

For all of Brady’s undeniable greatness, people still try to dismiss his legacy with every weapon in their arsenal. Every NFL Sunday, without fail, people bring up a scene from last year’s documentary series Tom vs. Time, which is still making people uncomfortable.

While getting a massage, Brady’s then-11-year-old son Jack asks his dad if he can check his fantasy football team, to which Brady replies, “What do I get?”

“That was like a peck,” Brady urges after a quick kiss. That’s when Jack comes back, and an awkwardly long kiss on the mouth begins with the massage therapist just doing his thing.

Tom Brady Kissing His Son

Brady kissing his oldest son on the lips doesn’t seem weird at the surface. The debate surrounding whether or not parents should kiss their kids at all rages all over the world, and I’m sure many parents give quick pecks to their kids all the time. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, Brady’s longer kiss, which lasted several awkward seconds, is exactly where people drew the line. Jack even wiped that smooch off before leaving, and social media never lets the future Hall of Famer forget it.

Here’s a small sampling of tweets, and you can dig even deeper anytime Brady takes the field.

“Kiss my son on the lips or do not kiss my son on the lips. There is no try.”

– Adult Tom Brady

— J_CRUZ (@Kvng_Jeramyah) November 21, 2019

Tom Brady kisses his son on the mouth #GoBirds


— Sara Peretti (@sara33157) November 17, 2019

When you ask tom brady how many seconds he kisses his son for #PatsNation

— Michael Hunton (@MichaelHunton) February 1, 2018

Tom Brady’s son knowing he’s gonna get a big goodnight kiss tonight

— Reverse Hulk (@MikeMartinoSux) February 4, 2019

“if u were my son id kiss you rn” – tom brady (probably)

— tall hobbit (@lolscuttlebutt) November 5, 2018

Jealousy is a disease, and misery loves company. Those are expressions you’ve likely heard before, and they are the reason people continually bring up this scene. Brady’s a loving father, there’s no doubt about that, but the “Kiss Heard ‘Round the World” opened the floodgates surrounding Brady’s whole kissing family.

Brady lip-smacked his dad after winning the Super Bowl. He laid a smooch on Patriots owner Robert Kraft two years later on that same stage. Brady is obviously an affectionate guy with his family members, but mouth kisses with everyone in sight?


I don’t think any amount of Super Bowls will ever allow this iconic docuseries moment to die.

Patriots star Tom Brady and owner Robert Kraft share passionate celebratory kiss

A 13-3 win over the LA Rams in Monday’s Super Bowl was the team’s sixth as the Patriots incredible dynasty continued.

But moments after creating history, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady didn’t seek out his supermodel wife, rather planting a wet one on New England owner Robert Kraft.

They’re an affectionate bunch in New England with the kiss going down as the latest in the long line of awkward kiss moments the Patriots have given the world.

The internet erupted at the Patriots legend’s choice of celebrations.

Are Tom Brady and Robert Kraft making out?

— Benstonium (@Benstonium) February 4, 2019

That looked like a lips on lips kiss to me.

— Brayton J. Wilson (@BJWilsonWGR) February 4, 2019

y’all are really mocking Tom Brady and acting like you’ve never kissed the owner of your football team on the mouth after winning a championship

— Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) February 4, 2019

Did the owner just kiss Tom Brady on the lips 🤦🏽‍♂️😂#Superbowl #Patriots

— Yalee “HollyHood” 🎵🎥 OUT NOW (@YaleeWorld) February 4, 2019

Brady does have some form with the kiss on the lips.

The superstar quarterback sparked a furore ahead of last year’s Super Bowl, when he shared a kiss on the mouth with his 10-year-old son John “Jack” Edward Thomas.

It led to a discussion about the appropriateness of the gesture.

Tom Brady’s son kisses him on the mouth.Source:Facebook

Back in 2015, after a Super Bowl XLIX victory over the Seattle Seahawks, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was thrilled with his victory and let everyone know it.

The normally gruff coach may have kicked off the kiss trend, planting a huge kiss on his daughter Amanda.

Bill Belichick gets in on the kissing actionSource:Twitter

The Patriots’ Super Bowl LIII victory will be remembered for a lot of things with the ageless Brady putting in another huge performance.

The 41-year-old broke a ton of records, including becoming the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl and the winner of the most Super Bowls of any player of all-time, adding to the imposing mountain of records he already holds.

Tom Brady (41) and Bill Belichick (66) are now the oldest QB and head coach to win a Super Bowl.
Brady passes Charles Haley for the most Super Bowl titles by a player (6).
Belichick ties George Halas and Curly Lambeau for the most NFL championships by a head coach (6).

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) February 4, 2019

The Patriots did not allow any 1st half points for the 2nd straight game…
Their 2 opponents?
The #1 (Chiefs) and #2 (Rams) scoring offenses in the NFL this season
The Patriots are 40-1 when shutting out opponents in the 1st half in the Belichick/Brady era, including playoffs

— NFL Research (@NFLResearch) February 4, 2019

Brady was pumped after the game, immediately saying he’ll be back again next year, in a statement sure to send chills down the spines of every other team in the NFL.

“How could this not motivate you, this is what it’s all about,” Brady said to raucous cheers.

Belichick said the win was especially sweet after they were “counted out all year”.

“This is just a great day for our football team,” Belichick said. “Mr Kraft put this all together but it’s all about the players. These guys work so hard all year, they competed every week and they competed again today. They played like champions.”

Tom Brady adds more records to his incredible tally.Source:AFP

It is a stunning result in the context of records but fans may have needed to be woken up after social media erupted over the “most boring” Super Bowl in history.

The match was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history with Sony Michel’s two-yard score after piggybacking down the field on the back of two passes to Rob Gronkowski.

No Super Bowl had previously gone into the fourth quarter without a touchdown.

Even the commentators found it difficult to put a positive spin on the game calling the game “offensively challenged”.

Fans savaged the dour match on social media.

What a boring, anti-climactic Super Bowl. One of the worst I can remember when you consider the whole package.

— Jason Patt (@Bulls_Jay) February 4, 2019

Don’t ever tell me baseball is boring again. #superbowl

— Steven C Miller (@stevencmiller) February 4, 2019

the super bowl is so boring my tv wants to turn off

— Tim Marcin (@TimMarcin) February 4, 2019

It was a horrendously boring game but at least we got the feel good story of those long suffering Patriots fans finally getting a Championship. #SuperBowl

— Titus O’Reily (@TitusOReily) February 4, 2019

The commentators had their work cut out trying to make the game interesting calling it a defensive win.

“That was the formula Bill Belichick had,” ESPN commentator Jason Witten said.

“He knew if he made Jared Goff one-dimensional and took away that play-action attack, he felt confident in his team.

“This is how he expected to win this football game. Just play really good defence and if we score one touchdown, we’re going to win this.”

Some fans backed the defensive game.

Hot take artists will tell you that this game was boring and sloppy. Don’t believe them. This was an all-time Super Bowl performance by the #Patriots defense.

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) February 4, 2019

Rams quarterback Jared Goff, 24, was outplayed on the day. “He’s a young quarterback who’s dependant on the running game and the play-action game to have success,” Booger McFarland said. “He hasn’t quite graduated to the level of Tom Brady.”

Witten added: “Every young player, there’s a time where you have to make a jump as a quarterback, but he wasn’t ready to make that jump.

“When Bill Belichick takes away what you do best, you have to put the team on your back as a quarterback and Jared Goff wasn’t ready to do that.”

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