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Toilet paper: rippled, quilted, or triple-ply, it’s (hopefully) in every bathroom you’ll ever use, and certainly every bathroom you’ll ever decorate. While it’s not a staple you would ever want to run out of, toilet paper can also be a hassle to store. Bulky and oddly shaped, those rolls can clutter up the space under the sink, or gather dust sitting on the back of the toilet, but they don’t have to be an eyesore. Whether you’re looking for something subtle that keeps a few extra rolls on hand and out of sight, something that provides storage for other bathroom essentials, or a big statement piece, there are plenty of toilet paper holders that fit your style.

25 Toilet Paper Holders to Finish off Your Bathroom Décor

In cramped spaces, consider using wall-mounted storage baskets to keep a few rolls conveniently nearby, while stashing the rest with other paper goods in a pantry or linen closet. Adding slim cabinets or storage towers might make sense in larger bathrooms, especially those already lacking storage space. If vintage is your style, keep an eye out for unusual containers that you can repurpose, like baskets and buckets, or old hardware that can be put to new uses. There are even DIY options for the crafty decorator. With these 25 toilet paper holder ideas for inspiration, there’s only one question left: how will you roll?

1. Simple Sink-Side Cabinet


Extra storage is always helpful, especially in the bathroom. The handy person in your family can quickly put together this simple sink-side cabinet if you have such a bathroom setup. Reclaimed wood can coordinate with other wooden accessories, for the bathroom and beyond. With a window or proper lighting, this holder can easily display small houseplants to help improve the air.

2. Wall-mounted Wire Storage Baskets


Baskets, especially wire baskets, make a statement when adequately mounted and matched with similar décor. A clean and interesting design provides extra storage and the perfect place to hold the rolls. Add more wire baskets throughout your home, for consistency with your decorating scheme. Alternate items in open storage occasionally to keep your look fresh.

3. Combination of Toilet Paper Dispenser and Storage Basket


There is always a place for baskets in your decorating scheme. Different shapes, styles, and weaves make your home look put together and unique. Effective even in the bathroom, where this basket offers storage and a rolling rod for this necessity. Pair with other baskets of different sizes for bathroom countertop storage. Expand their use into the attached bedroom and beyond.

4. Square Floating Bathroom Shelf


Another DIY project to include storage with the tp dispenser, this floating shelf fits on any wall within your reach. A great way to store reading material or display those favorite trinkets. A creative project with cubicles optional, but not too complicated for the woodworker who’s good with a saw and a hammer.

5. Toilet-Mounted Wire Storage Rack


Seldom moved, this lid is another perfect use for a wire tp holder. Also, a convenient place for other essentials you might need in this private space. Use it for additional storage if your bathroom cabinet room is limited. Add hanging storage on the side, you know it will be used. Coordinate with other wire items in your modern décor.

6. Reclaimed Wood Statement Shelf


The perfect way to display a favorite treasure, and in a spot where you’re guaranteed to see it each day. Add those just cut flowers from the garden in a short vase or display a favorite piece of pottery. Make it sturdy enough to hold a couple of books. Use that odd-shaped piece of reclaimed wood as a backing for this unusual holder.

7. DIY Fabric Spare Toilet Paper Holder


Fabric adds a unique storage spot for that extra roll while coordinating with the walls and even the curtains. Your bathroom is an essential extension of the entire home, keep it matching and organized. Add the same fabric throughout the house in various spots.

8. Industrial Pipe Toilet Paper Dispenser with Spare Roll


This innovative dispenser does double duty as a stay-in-place holder for two rolls. Use a similar industrial pipe fitting for a unique addition to your bathroom. Matchup other accessories in bronze or silver, like your soap dish and glass. Use these colors for light fixture plates to create a consistent look for your décor.

9. Wall Art Toilet Paper Cloud Shelf


Make a cloud in your bathroom w2ith this unusual holder. This one is made from concrete, an artistic design. The experienced crafter can make one from hypertufa if they can find a mold.

10. Upcycled License Plate Rustic Bathroom Shelf


Show off your crafting skills and re-purpose old items, like this license plate built into the holder. Perfect to include with antiques in your rustic or farmhouse décor. The weathered look helps provide tranquility, and perhaps fond memories as you relax in the steaming tub and stress melts away.

11. Whitewashed Shutter Storage Basket and Toilet Paper Dispenser


Innovative and interesting use for those cast-off shutters. Build them in or hang on the wall and insert your tp holder. Add basket at a convenient level and even a towel bar near the top. There are so many possibilities in your farmhouse décor scheme when using such a piece.

12. Floating Shelf with Built-in Roll Holder


Another floating shelf for wall decor with built-in roll holder. This simple design offers a safe spot to place the phone and a bit of a floral hint to perk up the bath. If you have the space on the wall, make a set of three and stagger them upward. Use your imagination for storage in that small, but necessary, bathroom.

13. Vintage Bucket Repurposed for Storage


Another unusual place to store the paper, and it blends right in with your rustic décor scheme. Find items similar to this vintage bucket for more storage in the attached bedroom, living room, even in the kitchen. Extra storage is usually necessary in all places and these great buckets hold many items.

14. Recessed Wall Niche Roll Holder


Take advantage of a tight space to add this built in holder and magazine rack. Excellent place for those new magazines or even your daily devotional book. Can also be used for extra storage for more tissue when placed in a busy bathroom. Paint to coordinate with other home shelving.

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40+ Cool, Fun & Unique Toilet Paper Holders For Any Bathroom

These Unique toilet paper holders can give your bathroom personality and make them fun. If you are looking to remodel your home or simply give the throne room a facelift, a creative toilet paper holder is a great place to start.

They hold the potential to elicit a chuckle or two and make your guests feel welcome. More importantly, they might be all you need to liven up a dull and drab space.

We have searched through the internet to bring you the ultimate collection of unusual toilet paper holders to add some fun to your life.

Whether you are looking to coordinate all items in your themed powder room space or simply add a touch of creativity, these cool toilet paper holders are all the inspiration you need.

Unique Toilet Paper Holders:

Read on to discover some of the most fun and unique toilet roll holders yet!

#1 Thor Toilet Paper Holder

Give your Avengers themed bathroom a distinctive personality with a Thor hammer toilet roll holder. Complete with the Mjonir inscription, it will empower all bathroom users, at least temporarily. Not only will it help to guard your throne room, but will also be the talk of the neighborhood.

Find it Here

#2 Industrial Double Roll Toilet Paper Holder

Add some serious industrial flair to your powder room with one of these unique toilet paper holders. Designed using rugged steel pipes and a faucet holder, it holds undeniable charm and will create an outstanding focal point. It could make the ultimate housewarming gift for a steampunk enthusiast. Find it Here

#3 Fishing Hook Toilet Paper Holder

Every outdoors lover would needs one of these fish hook tissue holders. Made out of wrought iron, the piece will add rustic charm to the space. Bound to elicit fond memories of adventure, it will turn the loo into your favorite room in the house. Find it Here

#4 Funny Butler Toilet Roll Holder

Looking to add some character to your washroom? Nothing could beat this whimsical butler tissue rack in functionality and visual appeal.

With sufficient capacity to hold four rolls, he ensures you never again have to run out of tissue paper. As a bonus, he will always elicit chuckles from guests and residents alike. Find it Here

#5 Custom Star Wars YODA Toilet Paper Holder

Give your Star Wars home décor theme a makeover by adding a custom YODA toilet paper holder. His light saber provides the perfect holder for your tissue roll. Extremely cool and stylish, this unique toilet paper holder will turn your Star Wars mancave from great to awesome! Find it Here

#6 Free-Standing Magazine Rack Toilet Roll Holder

A modern toilet roll holder is all you need to turn your bathroom into a true sanctuary. With one of these, you can spare everyone the embarrassment of running out of tissue. Moreover, you can always look forward to enjoying an amazing read while on the throne. Find it Here

#7 Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack Toilet Roll holder

This all-inclusive design adds both elegance and function to your powder room. Reading on the can cannot get any better than this, thanks to a spacious magazine rack with space for all your favorites. Taking a dump will never again have to be a hurried affair with one of these. Find it Here

#8 Wiping is Coming – Wooden Toilet Paper

Looking for a way to add some fun to your throne room? How about this hilarious Game of Thrones toilet paper holder? Made using pine wood, the “Wiping is Coming” holder is all you need to claim the porcelain throne. It is all you require to become a noble in your moments of glory. Find it Here

#9 Free-standing Rabbit Toilet Paper Holder

Want to get a young one excited about potty training? Well, an adorable animal toilet paper holder like this one is a great place to start. Simple, with a touch of whimsy, the bunny rabbit is a cheerful choice for young and old alike. She would make a charming addition to any nature-themed home. Find it Here

#10 Rustic Industrial Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf

Your rustic house décor is not complete until you add one of these cool toilet paper holders. A blend of unfinished iron pipe fittings and wood provides equal amounts of function and style. And you can finally say goodbye to dropping your phone in the loo. Find it Here

#11 Nautical Rope Toilet Paper Holder

If you are looking for a fun alternative to the conventional toilet roll holder design, you just found it. As a quirky alternative to the all too common static fixtures, this nautical themed style is unique and eye catching. And the best part about it is that it looks just as great in a nautical themed décor as it does in any other. Find it Here

#12 Funny Freestanding 3 Monkeys Toilet Paper Holder

Funny toilet paper holders like this one would be perfect for your guest bathroom. A hilarious deviation from the see, hear and speak no evil concept, these monkeys do not smell any evil either! What a way to keep your guests relaxed on the can knowing their secret is safe! Find it Here

#13 Industrial Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf, Mouse and Deodorant Spray

Brighten up your washroom with one of these incredibly detailed industrial designs. This ingenious mouse has taken matters into his own hands to make his little world better smelling. At least now you can do your thing in all comfort knowing he is here to take care of the emissions. Find it Here

#14 Triple Pipe Industrial Toilet Roll Holder

Toilet paper is the one thing you should never ever run out of! With this unique and creative storage rack, you can leave that in the past once for all time. The triple pipe gives you lots of room for up to five toilet rolls. Find it Here

#15 Cloud Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder

I bet you did not know you could use toilet paper to add charm and intrigue to your space. Well, now you know! This creative toilet paper holder creates a floating cloud of toilet rolls. What a perfect combination of function and visual appeal! Find it Here

#16 Steampunk Industrial Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

Refurbishing your boring old bathroom space? How about a steampunk makeover with one of these industrial toilet paper holders? In addition to holding your toilet roll, it has a sturdy shelf on the top. Add your favorite scented candle or even a succulent to complete the effect. Find it Here

#17 Free-Standing Superman Toilet Roll Holder

For anyone who prefers super strength toilet rolls, a Superman toilet roll holder is the ideal choice. Fine craftsmanship and great attention to detail make this a great replica of the Man of Steel. It is a great gift choice for his fans young and old. Find it Here

#18 Cowboy Boots Toilet Paper Holder

Unique free standing toilet paper holders cannot get any more creative than this! A pair of cowboy boots with fine detailing will go a long way in brightening up that boring washroom. What an amazing way to complete your Western bathroom décor. Find it Here

#19 Storm Trooper Toilet Tissue Holder

Geek out all your Star Wars loving friends with one of the most fun toilet roll holders yet! They do not have to come from a galaxy far, far away to appreciate its ingenuity. If the force is as strong with them as it is with you, everyone will love the stormtrooper tissue holder. Find it Here

#20 Old World Lion Face Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder

Intricate detailing and meticulous craftsmanship makes this king of the jungle TP holder an elegant addition to the throne room. Three-dimensional detailing makes it a genuinely stunning bathroom accessory. Together with its high functional value, this piece adds some serious old world appeal to the loo. Find it Here

#21 Industrial Steel Pipe & Metal Mesh Floating Shelf Toilet Holder

Unique toilet paper holders with multiple functions are a great way to save on space. With this industrial themed piece for instance, there is no end to its storage potential. The mesh shelf and three hooks can hold tissue paper, an air freshener, a small potted plant and so much more. Find it Here

#22 Reclaimed Wood Plant Shelf Toilet Roll Holder

Industrial themes create popular interior décor motifs due to their simplicity. With this holder, you have room for more than just a tissue roll. The top shelf offers extra storage space for a phone, a plant or even a scented candle. Your imagination is the only limit to its potential. Find it Here

#23 Free Standing Seahorse Toilet Paper Holder

Any nature-themed bathroom décor could use one of these cool toilet roll holders. Designed in the shape of a sea horse and a cool blue hue reminiscent of the ocean, its beauty is unmatched. It offers a simple way to give your washroom a facelift. Find it Here

#24 QuirkHub Twin Copper Toilet Roll Holder

With this modern toilet paper holder design, you can say goodbye to running out of tissue paper. Hand made using pure copper, it is perfectly suited for a bathroom with a refined décor theme. Show off your tastes for the fine things in life with this exquisite piece. Find it Here

#25 Dolphin Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

Apart from its high visual appeal, this freestanding toilet paper holder offers remarkable convenience. Its design means you can easily change out rolls without having to remove any parts. Save yourself the time you waste fighting with family members who don’t replace the roll when they should.

Find it Here

#26 Free-Standing Funky Steampunk Style Copper Toilet Roll Holder

A striking industrial design with a high polish finish makes this one of the most striking holders yet. Made using copper pipes in a bespoke handcrafted style, the piece will instantly become a focal point. Thanks to its clean look, it fits perfectly in any trendy bathroom. Find it Here

#27 Cat Licking Paw Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

What makes this cat-themed holder fascinating is that the feline still manages to be indifferent, even in the powder room. She does not seem to care one bit about her surroundings, just like a regular cat. Being oblivious to your existence, she will let you go about your business in peace. Find it Here

#28 Hand Forged Hammered Double Toilet Paper Holder

Adding an antique feel to your throne room is as easy as getting one of these rustic pieces. Made from hand forged, hammered wrought iron, they ooze antiquity from every pore. Easy paper replacement and availability in numerous colors are among their strong points. Find it Here

#29 Freestanding Fish Toilet Paper Holder

Bring some tropical flair to your powder room with one of these novelty toilet roll holders. Apart from its obvious functional value, it makes a great accent piece to brighten up your space. Whether it’s for your beach house bathroom or the regular one, the allure is hard to beat. Find it Here

#30 Cyborg Toilet Paper Holder

The Cyborg TP holder makes a great choice for a robot-themed décor. For every superhero lover in the house, this provides the ultimate addition to your sanctuary. So much more than a mere holder, it will add a touch of fun and spice up the loo. Find it Here

#31 Lion Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Who better to guard your throne than the king of the jungle! This is among the most unique free standing toilet paper holders. Impeccable detailing and a noble golden finish have what it takes to transform an ordinary washroom into a symbol of refinement. Find it Here

#32 Classic Wonder Woman Toilet Paper Holder

Celebrate girl power with a Wonder Woman themed toilet paper roll. It might be a great place to get started on turning your home into a superwoman haven. She will light up your washroom and let the world see your geeky side. Find it Here

#33 Wall Mounted Commode Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Are you or someone in your life obsessed with dragons? If so, one of these cool toilet paper holders is an excuse to share your passion with those around you. Intricate detailing brings the fixture to life and will delight every fantasy world lover. Find it Here

#34 Sheep Decal Wall Shelf Toilet Paper Holder

Picking out a housewarming gift for someone who has everything just got a whole lot easier. The sheep decal wall shelf is a picture of simplicity at its finest. A spacious shelf that can accommodate up to 30 rolls of toilet papers and a touch of creativity go a long way in making this piece special.

Find it Here

#35 Free Standing Westie Dog Toilet Paper Holder

Fun toilet paper holders do not come any cuter than this! A West Highland white terrier balancing a roll of tissue on his head is the epitome of adorableness. When you think it cannot get any better, exquisite detailing complete with a tongue hanging out takes the appeal a notch higher.

Find it Here

#36 Retro Steam Gauge Toilet Roll Holder

One way to improve the overall appearance of your powder room and give it personality is using functional wall art. And this is the ultimate example of that! Taking the shape of a retro steam gauge, this is one of the most unique toilet roll holders ever. Find it Here

#37 Labrador Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Make your home stand out from the rest with one of these fanciful toilet roll holders. An adorable add-on for the canine lover, this standing Labrador is the ultimate exhibit of creativity. Its high decorative appeal will instantly brighten up your house and your life. Find it Here

#38 Railway Cast Iron Toilet Roll Holder

Finding a great housewarming gift for the vintage style enthusiast in your life can be a walk in the park. All you need is this rustic GWR piece and their lives will never be the same again. Full of old Victorian charm, it will always take them on a trip back into time with every bathroom visit.

Find it Here

#39 The Sisyphus Toilet Paper Wall Shelf

This Toilet paper shelf is perfect for anyone with a sense of humour, similar to the Floating superhero shelf it depicts a superhero figure stopping all the toilet rolls from rolling down the shelf.

Buy One Here

#40 Wall Mounted Flush Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue Holder

Keep your toilet roll out of harm’s way with this ferocious gargoyle holder. Intricate detailing brings him to life and will scare unsuspecting intruders out of their wits. It might be a fun way to keep guests from getting too comfortable in the loo. Find it Here.

#41 Funny Dog Toilet Paper Holder

Have you finally had it with the complaints about leaving the toilet seat up? Well, you have that in common with the dogs on these whimsical toilet paper holders. A tribute to all the men in the house, this quirky piece is bound to add some years to your life. Find it Here

#42 Horse Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Introduce a rustic touch to your drab cabin with the amusing freestanding horse toilet paper holder. The expression on this horse’s face is simply priceless. He has definitely seen things, but fortunately, he is too stunned to tell. So do what you must and trust him to keep silent. Find it Here

#43 Industrial Style Freestanding 4 Roll Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

Just when you thought your steampunk home could not get any better, then you discover this piece! Made to hold a total of four rolls and your phone on the top shelf, it is an industrial home owner’s dream come true. Find it Here

As you might have noticed, you do not necessarily need paint to add some color to your living space. You might start by transforming your bathroom with a creative toilet paper holder design and the rest will fall into place. Whether your main focus is on ease of use, functional value, a sense of humor or sheer artistry, we are sure you found a unique toilet paper holder for your bathroom.

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These funny toilet paper holders are a sight to be seen…and hopefully not smell!
From parrots to maids and butlers and giraffe’s, it seems people love a funny toilet paper holder. And really, who can blame them?
While most of these funny toilet paper holders are more for show, it seems like some people really do use them (or can). We’re guessing they’re better off in a guest bathroom where other people can enjoy them more than you. And who wouldn’t? I would love to go to a party and use the bathroom only to find a frog holding his nose while I did my business. Or what about a Batman figurine holding a roll of toilet paper? Or a weird horse or two that look like they have no idea what a toilet paper holder is (or toilet paper for that matter).
Even though these funny toilet paper holders are super weird, we kind of like them. They seem like something you would buy from that Sky Mall catalogue on an airplane. Practical yet funny and will always make a funny conversation starter when you’re with your friends. Hopefully they have a sense of humor! Whoever invented these certainly does!

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Novelty Sheep Toilet Roll Holder

Sheep can be found in various habitats and this little sheep would love to be a part of yours as it seems to enjoy aiding us human types out in our time of need! This Black powder-coated metal Sheep shaped bathroom tissue holder happily hangs out in your bathroom, completely free standing and portable with the capacity to hold 7 standard rolls of toilet paper. This adorable novelty toilet roll holder can also be fixed onto the wall. Very clever and cute way to store your toilet paper. Measuring in at W50cm x H34cm x D10cm (approx) this sheep is the perfect size to fit right into your bathroom. Extremely easy assembly required. * CLEVER SHEEP DECOR – Make holding reserve toilet paper rolls cute with this Sheep Toilet Paper Holder. * HOLDS SEVEN ROLLS – You can even push it to eight if you want a “camel” sheep. Measuring in at W50cm x H34cm x D10cm (approx) * STURDY AND DURABLE – Stand is made of attractive black powder-coated metal. Extremely easy assembly required. * STANDS UPRIGHT OR HANGS ON THE WALL – Looks great on your floor, or easily hang it out of the way on your wall. * A GREAT GIFT – Get one for anybody who likes fun and unique home decor.