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Nine Bucks Season 3 Episode 1 Editor’s Rating 3 stars *** Photo: NBC/Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Immaculate Reception is a famous football play in which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw threw a pass that bounced off the helmet of a player on the opposing team and ended up in the hands of Steelers fullback Franco Harris, who ran the ball into the endzone to score the game-winning touchdown in the last 30 seconds of the 1972 AFC divisional playoff game. All hope had been lost, but then a miracle happened and a comeback was made. And with that, I’ve reached my quota for the amount of sports I’m able to write about for the rest of the year. What gives, This Is Us? First you make me cry on a weekly basis over fictional people and now you’re forcing me to look up FACTS about SPORTS. Haven’t I given you enough?

But the Immaculate Reception, as we discover during the season-three premiere (can you believe we’re already in season three? It feels like just yesterday I was crying over a speech about lemonade!), is part of the always expanding Pearson mythology. That historic football game happens to take place on the same day that Jack and Rebecca meet. It’s the perfect story to attach to the Pearsons because that family, in all timelines, is riddled with people who get knocked down and against all odds, make their own comebacks.

Take Jack in this very episode, for instance. We begin with that familiar scene of the night young Jack was going to rob a bar but sees Rebecca singing “Moonshadow” up onstage an instantly falls for her. We move past the knowing smiles Jack and Rebecca give each other when they make eye contact and find out what happens next. Surprise! It’s an extremely bad first date.

Rebecca can’t stop blabbering about her dreams to be a singer and Jack, inventor of inspiring speeches, has nothing to say. He gets her out of that bar and takes her to a carnival (strike two, dude), with just nine dollars in his pocket. On the plus side, Rebecca is wearing a beret and if they’re already giving us Hats in the premiere, I cannot wait to see what the rest of this season holds. But then Rebecca goes and requests hot chocolate and a candy apple. A candy apple! Do you know how hard it is to eat apple covered in sticky stuff on a stick? Somehow, miraculously, Jack is still interested. From there, the conversation takes a turn. Rebecca asks questions that force Jack to talk about the Vietnam War and his dead brother — two things that Jack absolutely does not want to talk about as well as two things a person should generally avoid as conversation topics on a date. Thoughts of what happened in Vietnam turn our boy very morose and the only way Rebecca can think to save the evening is with a quick compatibility quiz about pets and pizza toppings. That also fails. And then it starts raining.

Jack doesn’t want to spend his remaining two dollars on an umbrella and after awkwardly standing in the pouring rain for a little bit, Rebecca wants to call it quits. Finally, finally the Jack we know and love makes an appearance when he drops Bec off at her place. He explains the money situation and the dead brother situation and the “I’m a Sad Person now” situation. Then he tells Rebecca that he “likes talking to her” because she “feels like home” and he’s never felt that before.

RECORD SCRATCH. Okay, all of that sounds nice and swoony coming out of a face that looks like Milo Ventimiglia’s, but if a man ever tells you that you feel like home on your first date please run away. Fast! Yes, Jack is always A Lot, but that is possibly Too Much. Of course Rebecca is into it. She gets very flirty with a big ol’ kiss and by telling him that she’s leaving her coat in the car so that he’ll have to bring it back tomorrow. He dutifully obliges, only he pulls up to her house the next day at the exact moment another dude (not as handsome) arrives at Rebecca’s door and plants a kiss on her. Sadly, his bouquet of flowers is much bigger than Jack’s. Looks like Papa Pearson has some work cut out for him before he makes his big comeback.

The present-day Pearsons have a lot on their plates as well. Everyone’s story lines from the end of season two get a nice push forward in “Nine Bucks.” The most moving one is certainly the conclusion of “How Do We Solve a Problem Like Deja?”

Since finding their foster daughter taking a bat to their windshield, Randall and Beth have been tip-toeing around Deja and letting Zoe and a therapist help deal with her. But on his 38th birthday, Randall has a plan.

He takes Deja to William’s apartment building and gives her a big speech about how being adopted defined him and that he hated how this huge decision was made about his life without him knowing. He and Beth want to formally adopt Deja, but only if Deja wants them to.

Deja astutely points out that her life is nothing like Randall’s. He grew up in the same family his entire life and ended up with two dads who loved him very much. Deja’s mom just left her and her dad never wanted anything to do with her. Randall is apologetic, but he also wants Deja to know that he thinks she is “exceptional,” and he and Beth want to give her a good life. You guys, Randall misses talking to her! A teenager! Randall is too good for this world.

Deja is moved by this word, “exceptional,” and does something drastic. She tracks down her dad at the shoe store where he works and tells him off — she doesn’t need him, she’s going to do great things with her life, she found a family who really wants her. She also asks him for a pair of fancy Nike running shoes — a birthday gift for Randall. But it’s not the only gift: She also tells Randall and Beth that they can start the paperwork to formally adopt her. She’s very much in.

In case you weren’t paying attention: In the flashback to Deja’s hearing in which her mother gave up all of her parental rights, Deja’s mother tells the judge that Deja’s father has never been a part of their lives and there’s no way he’d object to giving up his rights. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that this won’t be the case and that we’ll be seeing more of Deja’s father? Maybe the Deja problem isn’t quite solved just yet.

This Is the Rest

• We flash forward once again to Old Randall and Adult Tess mysteriously going to see a woman that Tess is not ready to see. The scene plays out further and Old Randall makes a phone call to … Old Toby. Old Toby is supposed to be going to “see her” too, but doesn’t think he should. Old Randall tells him that “she wants you to be there.” Old Toby is also alone in a bed that looks very much untouched by another person. This reveal was an honest surprise. What does this mean? Please discuss!

• Kevin and Zoe are dating! Or, as Beth would put it: Kevin and Zoe are “knocking boots” and also “doing it.” They are very cute together! Once Beth figures it out, she’s angry — but it’s not because she wants to protect her baby cousin. She wants to protect Kevin. She loves him (!!) and Zoe will destroy him. Whatever gives us more Kevin and Beth scenes is all right with me.

Pro tip: Never invite Kate Pearson to a birthday party, even/especially if it is her own. Right before the party she gets the terrible news that the fancy fertility doctor won’t take her on as a patient because of her weight, but does that mean she needs to unload right there at her birthday brunch in front of everyone? Here’s hoping there was some last-minute rando invited who was standing in the background like “Excuse me, what is this?” Um, This Is Us, buddy. This. Is. Us.

• Just as Kate and Toby are telling IVF to screw itself, the fertility doctor calls back and wants to take them on — making the impossible possible is her job, after all. Toby is scared by the extremely low odds and decides to secretly go off his antidepressants in order to increase his sperm count and help Kate get the baby she wants so badly. As we know from our trip to the future, this is a very bad idea.

• Beth swears on Oprah that she won’t get involved in the Kevin/Zoe stuff. When she breaks that promise, she donates money to Oprah’s foundation in order to appease the goddess herself. Just your friendly reminder that Beth is the best.

• Randall dancing while wearing a birthday hat. I guess a Birthday Dad is a Hot Dad, too, huh?

Kate fights tears as they leave, but she rallies to head to a birthday brunch Madison has organized. And she holds it together until it’s time to blow out the candles, when she says that her wish is for a baby, but she knows it’s not going to come true. “It’s like this black cloud follows me around. Every time I get away from it, it catches up to me,” she tells her friends as they watch, silent. “When is the universe going to give me a damn break?”

Back at home, Toby reminds Kate that “there are other ways to have children” and they admit that they’d both had mixed feelings about the cost and danger involved in in-vitro fertilization. He offers to pull back on his antidepressants in order to get his sperm count back up, but she vetoes that, hard.

But the fertility doc has regrets about making Kate and Toby feel bad, so she calls them back to say that she will help them — even though IVF in their case has about a 90 percent failure rate — and take them on as patients. Kate tears up and runs around the desk to hug the doc, thanking her. Back at home, Toby flushes his meds. (Noooooooo!)

WANNA MAKE IT OFFICIAL? | Randall and Beth discover Deja’s smash-up job just after she does it. We see her running with Randall, undergoing therapy, and sitting in a judge’s office as Shauna gives up her parental rights. The judge wonders whether Deja’s father is going to be OK with that. “He’s not gonna object,” Shauna says, as Randall and Beth look on. “He made it clear he wants no part.”

Kevin gets an apartment in New York City, an event he celebrates by sending Zoe a text that says, “I’m officially bi… coastal.” They’re totally together now, but keeping it a secret from everyone, especially Beth. That’s tough, given that Zoe is staying with Randall, Beth and the girls while she’s working on a documentary. She thinks she’s keeping their relationship a secret, but the way that Zoe freaks out when she learns that Kevin is coming over for birthday dinner makes her cousin insanely suspicious. (Side note: Did you hear about Zoe’s big episode?)

“Your brother and my cousin are knocking boots,” Beth says to Randall, who reminds her that they have no proof and who forbids her from going postal by making her swear on Oprah. “Fine,” she says reluctantly, “I will swear on Oprah.”

But the minute she sees them together, she forgets about her promise to Randall and Ms. Winfrey. “You two are knocking boots,” she declares. While the cousins argue loudly downstairs, Kevin sits with his nieces and muses about how he’s probably not dating Zoe, because they haven’t talked about anything of substance… yet he dated Jennifer Love-Hewitt for a while, and they didn’t talk about anything important, either. Just then, Beth yells at Zoe, “Do you know that he dated the woman from Party of Five?!” Beth yells. (Ha!) “I love Neve Campbell!” Zoe shoots back. (HA!)

Later, Beth gets Kevin alone and confesses that she loves him a lot — though she doesn’t say it often, because it ruins her shtick — and that she’s worried that Zoe “will break you.” She alludes to Zoe’s “complicated” background and warns him that her cousin eats men up and spits them out.

MAKING A CHOICE |Randall brings Deja to show her the apartment building they bought last year, and he tells her about how he found William there. “I found him, and then I lost him all over again. Then I bought his building. Guess you don’t have to drop a hundo an hour on a therapist to crack that case, huh?” He adds that being adopted has defined his life: “This big, giant thing happened to me, and I didn’t have any say in it.”

That’s when he tells Deja that he and Beth want to formally adopt her, but they don’t want it to happen if she doesn’t want it. She gently says that she and Randall aren’t the same; he had a loving family his whole life, but she has a dad who doesn’t want her and a mom who just signed away her rights. “Don’t tell me I have a choice in anything,” she says just before she asks him to take her home.

Back at the house, Randall apologizes for screwing up the adoption conversation and admits he’d had it planned for weeks. “It was lame of me to compare our situations, but it’s only because I really want all of this to work out,” he says, calling her “exceptional” and saying that he missed talking to her when she wasn’t around. “Sorry I screwed up your birthday, Randall,” she says, walking out of the kitchen.

That’s when Beth enters, sympathetic to Randall’s sadness but feeling she needs to tell him that “Zoe and Kevin are doin’ it.” And while they discuss, Deja sneaks out of her window and takes the bus to go visit her father, who works at a bike shop near her old apartment.

At the bike shop, Deja has a speech of her own that makes it clear how much she values the Pearsons and how much they love her. “I just came here to say, I’m gonna do something really great with my life, and you’re gonna miss it,” she says as he stands there, speechless. “My mom’s gonna miss it, too.” Then she adds that she’s got only one thing to ask him.

When she returns, she admits that she snuck out. Randall is all Stern Dad until she pulls a brightly wrapped present out of her backpack, which makes him melt like a Popsicle in July. And when he opens the box at dinner, it’s a gorgeous pair of Nikes. “Oh, and you can sign those papers if you want,” she says, which makes Randall and Beth beam.

CARNIVAL PRIDE | At the open mic night, Rebecca sings “Moonshadow” and Jack watches, rapt. “Look at this guy, he’s done for,” two onlookers comment. From the stage, Rebecca smiles at her future husband. Afterward, they sit at a table and she talks a LOT about her nascent music career. He doesn’t seem to mind. “Please tell me something about you,” she says. “Well, my name’s Jack,” he responds. (Heh.) They decide to go somewhere else.

They wind up at a carnival, where Jack buys his date a candy apple and a hot chocolate, then they flirt their way through him wiping a piece of the sticky redness off her face. It’s cute. Rebecca is quite a chatty Cathy throughout the evening, but she pauses long enough for Jack to mention that he got back from Vietnam not that long ago (cue flashback to him cradling someone who’s bleeding, I’m guessing it’s his brother?) and that he was a mechanic. She asks if he has any siblings, and he mentions that his brother died in the war. It’s awkward for a minute, and then it starts raining and things get even more awkward.

Jack drives Rebecca home, and it seems like the entire evening might have been a total dud. But as she’s bidding him a formal and passionless goodnight, he admits that the weirdness began because he couldn’t afford an umbrella and games, and he wanted to be able to buy her a few turns at those crappy midway amusements if she wanted them. But he tells her she feels like home, “and I’ve never really felt that before.” Then he apologizes for their lousy date, and she agrees that it was bad. “But the way that you look at me…” And then she kisses him, right there in the car, before she slips out and says goodnight.

But when Jack goes to return the jacket Rebecca left in his car, he sees another man holding a bouquet and kissing her on her front steps. (For the record, Rebecca looks rather horrified before this happens.)

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The season premiere of This Is Us kicked off in usual fashion, with the start of a new year for the Big 3. They’re celebrating their 38th birthday, and as usual, the day is not without its share of drama. As they deal with new dilemmas and embrace a few pleasant surprises, we also revisit the starting point of Rebecca and Jack’s relationship, and learn that the perfect couple didn’t exactly get off on the right foot.

Zoe and Kevin’s relationship is already causing a whole lot of drama.

It was something that caught us off guard at the end of last season. After Kevin battled a serious drug addiction, confronting his demons as well as the trauma of his father’s death, he found a new romance with Zoe, Beth’s cousin, at Kate and Toby’s wedding. While it’s great to see Kevin is in a new place—as well as a better look at Beth’s family on the show—I do wonder how Kevin’s white privilege will come into play in their relationship. I want these two to work because they seem super cute together, but that question remains in the back of my mind.

And as it turns out, Kevin isn’t the only one carrying baggage. In a rare sentimental moment between Beth and Kevin, after effectively chewing out the couple for “knocking boots,” she tells him Zoe doesn’t have the best dating track record, going so far to say she “chews men up and spits them out.” Already, these two make for a toxic combination. We’ll see how this works out.


Deja and Randall may finally be seeing eye to eye.

It took a long time to reach this point, but Deja is finally warming up to Randall. After numerous attempts to win her over through corny jokes and commiserations over their shared childhood pain, Randall took a step back and let her come to him. Deja had recently been in court, where her mother gave up all rights and reaffirmed that her dad wanted no part in raising her, so she was understandably very bitter. It wasn’t until Randall called her “exceptional” in passing when Deja actually believed him, even going so far to seek out her estranged father and make amends. She tells him she’s doing fine and the only thing she asks of him is to give her a new pair of sneakers to give Randall for his birthday. At first upset that Deja snuck out of the house, Randall instantly recovers when he realizes she’s toting a gift for him. He does a little dance and everything.

Kate’s storyline may bring much needed attention to women with PCOS.

As someone who personally suffers from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), I was really moved to see this very common issue highlighted through Kate’s story. In this episode, she is diagnosed with the condition, then receives the news that because of the disorder and her weight, she is not an ideal candidate for IVF treatments. It’s yet another medical issue Kate must confront (so far, she’s dealt with obesity, a miscarriage, and self-esteem issues), and at this point, she’s tired. Since this fateful doctor’s visit occurs on her birthday, she must then go to her party feeling shell-shocked. She eventually lashes out about her misfortune right after blowing out the candles on her cake. Ultimately, Kate and Toby later go home and convince themselves that IVF was never a good idea and maybe this is a blessing in disguise.


But in a surprising turn of events, there may be hope for Kate and Toby having a baby after all.

Just when they seem to come to terms with the reality of their situation, Kate’s doctor calls back. She tells them that despite their low chances of conceiving, she will try them for IVF and see what happens. And just like that, Kate’s faith is renewed. However, Toby was legitimately relieved to not have to go through IVF, and now, he’s silently panicking. Knowing that his antidepressant meds deplete his sperm, he decides to flush them down the toilet and presumably devote his full attention to getting Kate pregnant again. But as we know from the brief preview at the end of last season, this decision takes a devastating toll on him.

Rebecca and Jack weren’t always the perfect couple.

In fact, their first date was terrible. In the flashback scenes we see more about the night Rebecca and Jack met: she’s singing in a bar and he is absolutely smitten. He convinces her to go out with him.

But as we learn throughout their night, Jack is just recently home from the Vietnam War, where he lost his brother, and he has no money. A low-key amusement park date seems like the perfect compromise—until it starts raining and he doesn’t have enough money for an umbrella. Rebecca suggests playing a get-to-know-you game that also goes horribly awry when the two realize they have very different tastes. She ultimately calls it a night and he reluctantly drives her home. In the car, he confesses the war had a much greater effect on him and he doesn’t have a job. He lays out all his cards and Rebecca, against her better judgement, leans in to kiss him. Though Jack found a way to save this date, quick flashbacks through these scenes with Rebecca hint he may be suffering from PTSD.


Older Randall and Tess remain a mystery.

The end of last season saw a cryptic sequence depicting an older Randall and Tess discussing going to see a mysterious “her.” We come back to this scene in this episode, but we’re no closer to finding out who “her” is—except that she does, in fact, have a connection to Toby, who’s currently in bed, alone, when Randall calls him. The call makes it sound like Kate might be the one who’s in the hospital, which would make for an interesting turn of events, as fans think it might be Beth or Annie who’s sick. Still, the reason for “her” being in the hospital—if that’s even where she is—remains a mystery for now.

Candice Frederick Contributor Candice Frederick is a freelance TV/film critic living in New York City.

Home Alone Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

When you are alone at your home, a little creaking noise will send shivers down your spine. Imagine you are alone in your home all comfortable, and you notice that you are not the only one. Home Alone takes that thought and projects it on the screen. This series is about real life experiences of crazy stalkers, robbery victim, etc. portrayed dramatically on Investigation Discovery’s Home Alone. Created by Ali Naushahi (Forbidden: Dying for Love fame) and Stuart Jones, the show first premiered on October 12, 2017.

Home Alone Cast: Who is in it?

Each episode of season one and two had different stories, involving different people playing different roles. The series is narrative type, where people who had these experiences narrate their stories. There is an ensemble of cast of several actors, each playing their character with dedication.

Home Alone Plot: What is it about?

In this nerve-wracking series, a home becomes the setting for unimaginable horror. Scenes of unbearable tension grab the audience and take them along for a chilling ride into true, unbridled crime. This series shows the experiences which have had a lasting effect on a person or a family. The series follows interactive method, where the incident has been dramatised names changed as the person narrates the incident in detail.

Each episode features a new story, a new spine chilling experience, making you stay on the edge of the seat thinking what will happen next.

To give you a little taste of how the show works, here’s a brief synopsis of the final episode of season 2.

In Beaumont, Texas, John II and Yei live with their sons, John III and Jerome. On Nov 4, 2009, Yei and John leave for a concert, leaving their sons at Yei’s friend Erica’s home, only to return to find their home was broken into. Some money and a gun were missing. This makes Yei makes her house theft proof by installing an alarm.

On Dec 29, 2009, John leave house to meet his brother for some quick work, due to which Yei does not activate the alarm. Five minutes later, there is a knock on the door, Yei answers it, to find her husband being held hostage at gun point and the intruders entering the home to loot them of money and jewelry. John is stabbed in the leg, by one of them. Yei described them, one being short and another taller. The shorter one was impatient and the taller was more calm type. The taller one had stabbed John in the leg. Yei gets up and hands them the money from the closet, around $30,000 in cash from settlement. Yei thinks they will leave after this, however, they demand more. Yei hands them her jewellery as well. The intruder ties the family with duck tape.

After some time they leave the house to check John’s car. Yei cuts herself lose and tries to runs to find help. While running, Yei is shot in the back by the taller intruder. Scared, the intruders leave the house. Sometime later, John comes to help and calls an ambulance. Actual footage of the crime is shown. Later the police found a finger print of the taller intruder on the duck tape and identified the man as Brock Jimone McNeil. Later, it is shown Yei was shot in the lumbar members L2 and L3, in the spine, making her paralyze waist down, unable to walk.

Brock was sentenced to life imprisonment in April, 2016 on charges of aggravated robbery. Brock did not disclose any information about his accomplice in crime. The first was another incident and Brock was not related to that. Throughout the episode, actual footage of crime scene is shown, and interviews from the Yei, Erica, and Yei’s Mother Patricia is delivered.

Home Alone Season 3 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

Home Alone season 2 premiered on October 9, 2018 and ended on Nov 28, 2018. No official announcement for season 3 has been made by Discovery Channel till now. But going by the pattern of releases of previous seasons, if the show does get renewed, Home Alone Season 3 is expected to release in October 2019.

Home Alone Trailer:

You can watch the trailer of one of the previous seasons below. You can watch the entire series on Investigation Discovery’s official website and app ID GO.

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The 2019-20 TV season is past the winter midway point, so with a new year and a new decade upon us, here’s our annual list of midseason premiere dates for new and returning series.

The list covers more than 250 broadcast, cable and streaming programs debuting from today through March 31 and includes shows that were on hiatus and some one-off specials such as awards shows.

Please send any additions or adjustments to [email protected] We’ll update the list regularly as more dates are revealed.

January 1:
Flirty Dancing (Fox, new competition series; time slot premiere)
Almost Family (Fox, Season 1B)
Messiah (Netflix, new drama series)
Spinning Out (Netflix, new drama series)
Doctor Who (BBC America, Season 11)
My 600-lb Life (TLC, Season 8)
1,000-lb Sisters (TLC, new docuseries)
Alaska PD (A&E, new docuseries)
The Real Housewives of Dallas (Bravo, new reunion miniseries)
Impossible Engineering (Science Channel, Season 5)
The Explosion Show (Science Channel, new docuseries)
Delicious Destinations (Cooking Channel, Season 9)
To Catch a Smuggler (National Geographic Channel, Season 2)

January 4:
Sesame Street (HBO, Season 50B)
Say Yes to the Dress America (TLC, Season 2)
Say Yes to the Dress England (TLC, new docuseries)
Pit Bulls & Parolees (Animal Planet, Season 15)
Ghost Loop (Travel Channel, new docuseries)

January 10:
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector (NBC, new drama series)
AJ and the Queen (Netflix, new comedy series)
Medical Police (Netflix, new comedy series)
The Owl House (Disney Channel, new animated kids series)
How to Survive a Murder (Reelz, new miniseries)

January 11:
Family or Fiancé (OWN, Season 2)

January 12:
The 25th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards (The CW, live special)
The Outsider (HBO, new drama series)
Howards End on Masterpiece (PBS, new drama series)
Sanditon on Masterpiece (PBS, new drama series)
Mira Quién Baila All Stars (Univision, Season 2)
All Access with Miami Women’s Basketball (ACC Network, new docuseries)

January 17:
American Housewife (ABC, Season 4B)
Fresh Off the Boat (ABC, Season 6B; final season)
Charmed (The CW, Season 2B)
Dynasty (The CW, Season 3B)
Sex Education (Netflix, Season 2)
Little America (Apple TV+, new anthology comedy series)
Real Time with Bill Maher HBO, Season 17)
Diary of a Future President (Disney+, new comedy series)
Just Add Magic: Mystery City (Amazon Prime, new children’s series)
Bald Men on Campus (ACC Network, new basketball talk show series)

January 18:
Seven Worlds, One Planet (BBC America, new nature documentary series)
It’s Pony (Nickelodeon, new animated kids series)
Aaron Hernandez’s Killing Fields (Reelz, new miniseries)

January 20:
Prodigal Son (Fox, Season 1B)
All American (The CW, Season 2B)
Black Lightning (The CW, Season 3B)
Carter (WGN America, Season 2)
Street Outlaws: Fastest in America (Discovery Channel, new competition series)
Brain Games (National Geographic Channel, new game show revival; moved from December 1)
Home Town (HGTV, Season 4)
Erin’spired (, new Home Town companion series)
One of a Kind (HGTV, Season 2)
Independent Lens (PBS, Season 18)
Resistance (PBS, French drama series; U.S. premiere)
No Passport Required (PBS, Season 2)
The Adventures of Paddington (Nickelodeon, new animated kids series)
Spy Games (Bravo, new competition series)
AfroPop (World Channel, Season 12)

January 22:
Riverdale (The CW, Season 4B)
Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens (Comedy Central, new comedy series)

January 24:
Rise of Empires: Ottoman (Netflix, new drama series)
The Ranch (Netflix, Season 4B, final season; aka Part 8)
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix, Season 3)
Shrill (Hulu, Season 2)
The Forgotten Army (Amazon Prime, new Indian drama series)
The Crystal Maze (Nickelodeon, new game show series)

January 25:
Saturday Night Live (NBC, Season 45B)
Heartland Docs, DVM (Nat Geo Wild, new docuseries; fka Homestead Vets)

January 26:
The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards (CBS, live special)
The Circus (Showtime, Season 5)
Our Cartoon President (Showtime, Season 3)
The Lost Unabomber Tapes (Reelz, new miniseries)

January 27:
NASCAR Race Hub (FS1, Season 11)
Justin Bieber: Seasons (YouTube, new docuseries)

January 28:
Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (TBS, Season 2)
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO, Season 25)
I Am Jazz (TLC, Season 6)
The Biggest Loser (USA, new competition series revival)

January 29:
Night on Earth (Netflix, new documentary series)

January 30:
Vick: 30 for 30 (ESPN, new documentary miniseries)

January 31:
Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer (Amazon Prime, new documentary miniseries)
All Or Nothing: CBF (Amazon Prime, new docuseries)

February 1:
Fire Masters (Cooking Channel, Season 12)

February 2:
Super Bowl LIV (Fox, live sports special)
The Masked Singer (Fox, Season 3)
Puppy Bowl XVI (Animal Planet, annual special)

February 3:
McMillion$ (HBO, new documentary limited series)
Girl Scout Cookie Championship (Food Network, new cooking competition series)
Twisted Love (Investigation Discovery, new docuseries)
Nos Cayó La Noche (EstrellaTV, new late-night talk show)
The 1900 Island (Acorn, British documentary miniseries; U.S. premiere)

February 4:
The Flash (The CW, Season 6B)
Unsellable Houses (HGTV, new docuseries)

February 5:
The Masked Singer (Fox, Season 3; time slot premiere)
Lego Masters (Fox, new competition series)
Expedition Unknown (Discovery, Season 8)
The Cowboy Way (INSP, Season 6)

February 8:
The Witnesses (Oxygen, new miniseries)

February 9:
The 92nd Annual Academy Awards (ABC, live special)
Homeland (Showtime, Season 8; final season)
Kidding (Showtime, Season 2; moved from November 3)
The Alaska Triangle (Travel Channel, new docuseries)
These Woods Are Haunted (Travel Channel, Season 4)
Curse of the Bermuda Triangle (Science Channel, new docuseries)

February 10:
Agatha Raisin (Acorn, Season 3; U.S. premiere)

February 11:
For Life (ABC, new drama series)
Cherish the Day (OWN, new drama series)

February 12:
Survivor (CBS, Season 40)
The Soup (E!, new comedy roundup series revival)
Expedition X (Discovery, new docuseries)

February 13:
Narcos: Mexico (Netflix, Season 2)
Love Is Blind (Netflix, new competition series)
Wife Swap (Paramount Network, Season 2)
In Ice Cold Blood OWN, Season 3)
On Point (Crackle, new docuseries)

February 14:
High Fidelity (Hulu, new comedy series)
Utopia (Hulu, new drama series)
Strike Back (Cinemax, Season 7; final season)
Visible: Out on Television (Apple TV+, new documentary miniseries)
The Real Bros of Simi Valley (Facebook Watch, Season 3)

February 15:
Up and Vanished (Oxygen, Season 2)

February 16:
American Idol (ABC, Season 3)
Duncanville (Fox, new animated comedy series)
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC, new drama series; time slot premiere)
Good Girls (NBC, Season 3)
NCIS: New Orleans (Season 6B)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO, Season 7)
Outlander (Starz, Season 5)
Slow Burn (Epix, new docuseries)
War of the Worlds (Epix, U.S. premiere of British drama series)
Race for the White House (CNN, Season 2)
The Windsors: Inside the Royal Family (CNN, new documentary series)
NASCAR’s Daytona 500 (Fox, Season 20 of NASCAR coverage)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (HGTV, new docuseries)
100 Day Dream Home (HGTV, new docuseries)
From Scratch (FYI, new cooking series)

February 17:
Odd Squad (PBS Kids, Season 3)

February 18:
Washington (History, new documentary miniseries)
Hot Ones: The Game Show (TruTV, new unscripted series)

February 19:
Year of the Rabbit (IFC, new drama series)

February 20:
Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones (Facebook Watch, Season 2)
Playing for Keeps (Acorn, Season 1; U.S. premiere)

February 21:
Hunters (Amazon Prime, new drama series)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Disney+, Season 7; final season)
Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, Season 2)
Haunting in the Heartland (Travel Channel, new docuseries)

February 22:
The Hidden Kingdoms of China (National Geographic Channel, new documentary miniseries)

February 23:
The Rookie (ABC, Season 2B)
The Walking Dead (AMC, Season 10B)
Better Call Saul (AMC, Season 5)
Forensic Files II (HLN, new docuseries revival)
90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (TLC, Season 4)
Disney Fam Jam (Disney Channel, new competition series)
Critter Fixers: Country Vets (Nat Geo Wild, new docuseries)

February 24:
The Voice (NBC, Season 18)

February 25:
Man v. Food (Cooking Channel, Season 9)

February 26:
SEAL Team (CBS, Season 3B)
It’s Personal with Amy Hoggart (TruTV, new comedy series)

February 28:
RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1, Season 12)

March 1:
Dispatches from Elsewhere (AMC, new anthology drama series)

March 2:
Breeders (FX, new comedy series)

March 4:
Dave (FXX, new comedy series)
Tournament of Champions (Food Network, new competition series)

March 5:
Devs (FX on Hulu, new drama limited series)
Better Things (FX, Season 4)
Cake (FXX, Season 2)
Vegas Chef Prizefight (Food Network, new cooking competition series)
Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa (HGTV, new docuseries)

March 6:
The Trade (Showtime, Season 2)
The Most Dangerous Animal of All (FX, new docuseries)

March 8:
Ride with Norman Reedus (AMC, Season 4)
Family Karma (Bravo, new docuseries)
Rob Riggle: Global Investigator (Discovery Channel, new docuseries)

March 11:
Boomerang (BET, Season 2)

March 11:
Flack (Pop TV, Season 2)
Eating History (History, new docuseries)

March 13:
Agatha Christie: The Pale Horse (Amazon Prime, new miniseries)

March 15:
Westworld (HBO, Season 3)
Black Monday (Showtime, Season 2)

March 16:
Supernatural (The CW, Season 15B; final season)
Roswell, New Mexico (The CW, Season 2)
The Plot Against America (HBO, new drama limited series)
My Brilliant Friend: The Story of a New Name (HBO, new drama miniseries)

March 18:
Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu, new drama series)
Brockmire (IFC, Season 4; final season)
Motherland: Fort Salem (Freeform, new drama series)
True Terror with Robert Englund (Travel Channel, new docuseries)

March 24:
One Day at a Time (Pop TV, Season 4; new network)

March 26:
Tacoma FD (TruTV, Season 2)
Major League Baseball Opening Night (ESPN, new season)

March 27:
Ozark (Netflix, Season 3)
Making the Cut (Amazon Prime, new competition series)

March 29:
Vice (Showtime, Season 8; new network)

March 30:
Pinkalicious & Peterrific (PBS Kids, Season 2)

Here are some higher-profile shows that are eyed for midseason or spring but don’t have a premiere date:

Ever since word got out that ABC would be further blending the Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 universes under dual showrunner Krista Vernoff, fans have been wondering the following: How will both series be able to maintain parallel timelines considering that Grey’s kicks off Season 16 in September — months before Station 19 Season 3 launches in early 2020?

Calling the task of fusing Grey’s and Station 19 “a massive Rubik’s Cube” crossed with a “game of speed chess” that “required months of planning from two writers’ rooms,” Vernoff shares the somewhat simple solution at which she arrived to solve the scheduling-born continuity issue. “We are using Grey’s to mark time on both shows.” In other words, “When Station 19 premieres , we’ll do a little bit of flashing back to cover the time lapse.”

Until then, fans can keep tabs on some of their Station 19 faves — Jason George’s Ben and beyond — as they orbit Grey’s throughout the fall. But Vernoff, echoing comments made earlier this month by ABC president Karey Burke, maintains that the two shows will continue to stand on their own. “The challenge that was presented to me was this: How do you create a more unified universe and a little bit more in the way of crossovers but also allow for the fact that these shows don’t air back-to-back in many other countries?” the EP says. “You can’t write it as a two-hour movie. They need to be completely satisfying if you’re only watching one show, and exciting and illuminating if you are watching both. And so far, I feel really good about what we’re doing.

“If you only watch one show, you’re satisfied,” she adds. “And if you watch both shows, you get some information or some cool pieces that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t watch both shows.”

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On the third season premiere of This Is Us, most of the focus is on the Pearson clan in the past, the present day, and (briefly and mysteriously) the future. But that’s not how the episode begins. Instead, the Sept. 26 episode kicks off (pun intended) with a random football player in the 1970s, whose uniform reveals his name to be “Harris.” If you’re one of the viewers who was a bit baffled when the character doesn’t turn out to be some significant person in the Pearsons’ circle, well, wonder no more. We’ve got all the info on Franco Harris, the real-life Pittsburgh Steelers player who’s a downright sports legend.

As every This Is Us fan knows well, football — and the Steelers specifically — is very important to the Pearson family, so it seems only fitting that a real-life football reference has finally made its way into the series. Although some viewers initially suspected that “Harris” is a younger version of a character we already knew — maybe a young Miguel or Deja’s dad — the football fans in the audience knew immediately who he really is.

In the 1970s, Harris was a fullback for the Steelers. He gained instant fame in December 1972 for an incredible, improbable play that became known as the “Immaculate Reception”: when the ball ricocheted off another player’s helmet, Harris grabbed it and ran it all the way for a game-winning touchdown. It was one of those moments so unlikely that some say it had to be luck — or fate, just like Jack and Rebecca.


The symbolism is pretty hard to miss. Jack and Rebecca’s relationship starts and ends with a football game: Jack dies on a Super Bowl Sunday, and we know now that their first date was on the same day as an iconic game. Historical references have been scattered through the series so far, but mostly just to establish setting. This Is Us has already revealed that it’ll be using history as a major plot point this season, as the story tackles Jack’s experiences in Vietnam. While the Harris reference might just be a fun Easter egg and a cute way of tying together the Pearsons’ love of the Steelers to Jack and Rebecca’s backstory, it also might herald more real-life history ties to come.

Image Source: Getty / Bob Grieser / Allsport

This Is Us’ Super Bowl Episode: Everything We Know About Jack’s Death

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

In the Jan. 23 episode titled, “That’ll Be The Day,” This Is Us fans learned that a faulty slow-cooker in the Pearson kitchen sparked flames that quickly became a massive house fire, partly due to the battery-less smoke detector that was first teased in the Jan. 16 episode, titled “Clooney.”

From the season 2 premiere, fans were given hints about the aftermath of the fire. The carefully constructed clues: Kate holding a dog, Randall with a red-headed girlfriend Allison by his side, and Kevin nursing a broken leg leading up to the big monumental event. Also, Rebecca wearing a Steelers jersey, representing her husband’s favorite football team.

Let’s start from the very beginning as PEOPLE rewinds back to season 1 of This Is Us to catch fans up on all the clues and story lines uncovered about Jack’s death thus far.

Image zoom Milo Ventimiglia Ron Batzdorff/NBC

In season 1, episode 5, adult Kate, portrayed by Chrissy Metz, confirmed the major plot line that Jack has in fact passed already as she introduced then-boyfriend Toby (Chris Sullivan) to her favorite sports pastime of watching Pittsburgh Steelers games with her father, whose ashes were kept in a gold urn on her mantle.

While it is clear that Kate had the closest relationship with Jack, in season 1, episode 6, adult Kevin, played by Justin Hartley, revealed that he bonded with his father by building model planes and boats. While he later shared that he had since trashed all his father-son memorabilia, the one item he cherishes to this day is a necklace from Jack. (That piece of jewelry becomes a very important relic and holds much deeper meaning in season 2, episode 8 titled “Number One.”)

The first funeral flashbacks pop up in season 1, episode 13, titled “Three Sentences,” when viewers see Mandy Moore’s matriarchal character Rebecca Pearson consoling teenage Kate (Hannah Zeile), Kevin (Logan Shroyer) and Randall (Niles Fitch) at the service. All four of them were dressed in head-to-toe black, and the mortuary surroundings are decorated with a portrait of Jack, that same gold urn and the booklet from the funeral.

Image zoom Kate and Jack’s urn Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Before there was any sign of a deadly house fire, fans were led to speculate that Jack died while driving intoxicated to Rebecca’s out-of-town singing gig after young Kate encouraged him to surprise her mother — until he made it safely home.

The season 2 premiere was chock full of clues and seemingly set the tone for what to expect and what questions would finally be revealed about Jack’s death. The final minutes of the episode, titled “A Father’s Advice,” showed heartbreaking moments of Rebecca tearfully yelling and beating the steering wheel of the Jeep Wagoneer while wearing a Steelers jersey as the camera panned to a plastic bag on the passenger seat that contained Jack’s personal effects, including a watch and his wedding band. Firefighters and first responders surveyed the damage of the charred Pearson house while Kate and Randall (and his red-headed girlfriend) grieved at a house owned by close family friend and future Mr. Rebecca Pearson, Miguel. Fans also discovered that Kevin was elsewhere with girlfriend Sophie.

RELATED VIDEO: This Is Us Star Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause Are Married

And we’re back to season 2, episode 12, when viewers remembered that Rebecca asked Jack to remind her to buy batteries at the mall, where Jack helped pick out a tuxedo for Kevin’s winter formal and Rebecca delightedly attempted to assist Kate with dress shopping. While all seemed well at the end of their excursion, Rebecca’s memory of buying batteries was cloudy as she asked Jack if they forgot to purchase anything. Jack responded, “I don’t think so,” as the camera zeroed in on the smoke detector in need of fresh batteries.

Now, the dreaded, used Crock-Pot.

Image zoom The Crockpot and Jack NBC

While Miguel was the frontrunner for most hated character throughout the two seasons, Rebecca and Jack’s former neighbor George arguably replaced him. In typical This Is Us fashion, fans discovered in a flashback that George offered the slow cooker to the Pearsons when Rebecca was still pregnant with the triplets (including Kyle, who was stillborn, thus leading to the adoption of Randall.) In attempt to clean out his garage, George gave away the kitchen appliance for free, though he warned the couple that “you gotta fiddle with the switch, but it works.”

Those were words to live by as viewers saw Jack cleaning up the kitchen after an uneventful (and his final) Super Bowl Sunday. After wiping up and taping a note for Kevin, the beloved patriarch shut off the slow cooker. Just moments later, tragically, the switch shorted out and caught fire, quickly spreading to the family’s favorite red dish towel that Rebecca received as a Christmas gift from Jack.

And then, there’s the dog: Also in that episode, Kate expressed her “issues” with man’s best friend but ultimately adopted a puppy with Tobey. The most popular theory? That during the blaze, Jack returned to the smoky home to save young Kate’s pet — and died.

Whatever happened, we’ll find out Sunday, when the episode airs after the Super Bowl on NBC.

‘This Is Us’: Kevin Mourns & Opens a New Chapter in ‘A Hell of a Week: Part Two’ (RECAP)

The second part of the Season 4 This Is Us trilogy has finally arrived, and while it raises some questions, there were also a few answers like who’s in bed with Kevin (Justin Hartley), which was teased last week in Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) episode.

Focusing on Kevin in this installment, “A Hell of a Week: Part Two” features his own trials and tribulations, although it has nothing to do with a home invader, and nearly everything to do with Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge). His childhood sweetheart returns for a moving hour of TV and we’re breaking it all down below, but beware of major spoilers.

‘This Is Us’: It’s All About Kevin & Sophie in ‘A Hell of a Week: Part Two’ (PHOTOS)

Will the former couple be pushed back together?

Looking in All the Wrong Places

(Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Like the episode prior, the past serves as a framing device for the story as Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) continues to wrangle up his little tykes one-by-one. Last week it was Randall, and this week it’s little Kevin who can’t settle down. When Jack asks why, Kevin tells him he wants sheep, referring to a mobile that used to be over his crib.

Looking around and finding nothing, Jack is forced to wake a sleepy and sick Rebecca (Mandy Moore) to ask where the hanging toy is. When she tells him it’s gone, Jack has to think quickly and comes up with an alternative way of comforting his son. Essentially, the idea is that Kevin’s looking for something he thinks he needs, but there’s another thing to serve the same purpose right in front of him. This concept carries through to his present day storyline of looking for love and stability, but not necessarily in the right places.

‘This Is Us’ Bosses Preview Randall’s Mental State Going Forward

EPs Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker also shared what’s ahead for the Kate and Kevin-focused episodes.

This timeline ends with young Kate waking up and finding Jack, which implies what’s to come in the third installment, which will focus on the third member of the Big 3.

Memories Good and Bad

(Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Throughout the episode, which focuses on Kevin and Sophie’s relationship, plots from the past are peppered in. One of the timelines includes the night where Kevin (Logan Shroyer) learns Jack has died, while the other parallels the evening of Rebecca’s impending birthday dinner.

In the timeline recounting the night of Jack’s death, Kevin visits Sophie (Amanda Leighton) at her house, where her mother Claire (Jennifer Westfeldt) dotes over him. When she notes that he’ll do great things in life despite not being able to play football anymore, the affection in his eyes suggests a kindred bond between the two. In an effort to forget the fight he had with his dad on Super Bowl night, he and Sophie attend the party in the woods, but when it’s too boring, they ditch for the movies, where they decide to see Good Will Hunting.

‘This Is Us’: Randall’s Coping Methods & Anxiety Take Center Stage in ‘One Hell of a Week’ (RECAP)

The episode is the beginning of a ‘Big 3’-centric trilogy.

Just as the film is nearing its end, the screen goes black after a technical difficulty, so they leave the theater and go back to the woods, never knowing the film’s end. The situation leads to a long-term inside joke in which they come up with various endings for the film and vow never to watch it because Good Will Hunting’s ending could never live up to the greatness of the film’s beginning that they saw.

The timeline is ultimately a reminder of Kevin’s worst night as it ends with him being approached by Kate (Hannah Zeile), who delivers the devastating news. Kevin uses the memory to remind Sophie in the present that not all things from the past are easy, but we can overcome.

Meanwhile, in the timeline where they’re newlyweds, we revisit the new Pearson home, where Kevin asks Rebecca if she saw his first soap TV gig. But she didn’t, and the situation is juxtaposed with when he and Sophie visit Claire, who praises Kevin and gushes about seeing him on TV. When they decide to eat dinner, Claire gives a toast with prosecco, and Fresca reveals she’s bought tickets for her and Sophie to take a trip, but Sophie gets upset since the money was saved up to fix pipes in the house.

(Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Storming off, Kevin takes the opportunity to ask Claire for Sophie’s grandmother’s ring because he’d like to give it to her. When they take a seat together, Claire illustrates the importance of the family heirloom, and then denies him the ring, saying that his and Sophie’s marriage is too young. But she professes her faith in Kevin’s promising future, and tells him great things are to come. She tells him to never settle, and it’s a sentiment that resurfaces in the future.

Eventually, the past timeline ends with Rebecca revealing her birthday dinner is canceled, because something’s wrong with Kate. Apparently, she had a fight with Rebecca before leaving for the cabin with Marc (Austin Abrams) but called her mom crying later on. Rebecca tells Kevin she thinks Kate’s in trouble, and that’s when he rings up Randall.

Making Peace with the Past

(Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Things in the present pick up where they left off as Kevin continues reshoots on his M. Night Shyamalan movie. As he talks to the director (who returns as a guest star), his phone rings again and again with Sophie’s caller ID. When the PA he handed his phone to walks over, Kevin sees that it’s urgent, and he calls her back, only to learn about the passing of her mother.

He can hear the pain in her voice, and he offers his condolences, before adding, “I’ve got one for you, are you ready?” When she says yes, he offers, “He starts a cider brewing company and he calls it, ‘How Do You Like Them Apples?” While odd when first stated, the reveal that it’s part of their Good Will Hunting inside joke gives it some clarity.

Sterling K. Brown & Susan Kelechi Watson on What’s Next in ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 (VIDEO)

The two reflect ahead of a big episode for Randall and Beth and shout out costar Justin Hartley for his first episode as director.

After hanging up, Kevin decides to attend the funeral and flies out to Pennsylvania. When he arrives, he recalls memories from the past of Sophie and himself. Upon arriving, he gets the call we saw before from Randall when he reveals the news about the break-in. Next we see him at the funeral, where Sophie talks about her mother and a coffee shop they enjoyed going to when she moved to New York. She tells attendees that’s where she was when she learned about her mother’s passing, and for that reason she’ll never go back.

Once the ceremony is finished, Kevin picks up some donuts from a shop they used to go together as kids and arrives at the reception, but he calls Sophie before approaching the door. When she says it’s better if he doesn’t come in, she grabs her coat and asks him to get her out of there. The pair drive off, and he comforts Sophie, who talks about almost losing it at the funeral.

(Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

He asks if he can drive her somewhere and she agrees. When he comes to a stop in the woods, he points out that they’re in the same spot as when they learned about Jack’s death. He tells her he used to be afraid of the place, and while it still haunts him, he’s not scared anymore. He then tells her she’ll go back to that coffee shop one day, the one in New York, and the pair share a quiet moment together.

Eventually, they bring up Good Will Hunting, and when they learn they’ve each still never seen the ending, they watch it. The moment serves as a bit of an ending to their own story as Kevin leaves her at the curb of the house where they first began their meeting. Before she lets him drive off, she tells him to wait, and she returns with an old headshot of Kevin’s. The photo is signed and addressed to Claire, who Sophie says was Kevin’s biggest fan. The former loves part with tears and understanding.

Who Is Kevin’s Fiancée on ‘This Is Us’? 5 Theories (PHOTOS)

The hopeless romantic is looking for a wife, and it seems like we’ll meet her soon — or have we met her already?

After this reveal, Kevin goes to the cemetery to bid Claire farewell, thanking her for believing in him and talking candidly about her refusing to give him the family ring for Sophie. He believes she knew he’d mess up, and says he understands, he does all this with Fresca and prosecco (that he doesn’t drink) to honor his former in-law. Meanwhile, Sophie finds the ring Kevin wanted to give her stored away in her mother’s belongings, finally in her possession. When Kevin’s on his way home, he calls Kate (Chrissy Metz), telling her he’s coming to see baby Jack.

When he arrives at Kate’s door, though, it’s Madison (Caitlin Thompson) who answers, and she tells him she’s dog-sitting as Kate and Jack are away at a retreat while Toby (Chris Sullivan) is at work. When he looks disappointed, she invites him in for tea, to which he agrees. Chatting, he learns that she’s recently been dumped, and when she wonders aloud what she’s done wrong, Kevin commends her for being someone who stays in a relationship when he’s unable to commit to most partnerships he’s had.

(Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

We can assume you know where this is going, but it doesn’t take long for it to be revealed that the woman in bed with Kevin is in fact Madison. While we don’t see much interaction between the pair, we end the episode with Randall’s phone call to Kevin where he’s panicking in the bathroom. When Kevin suggests taking a trip to the family cabin as a means of relaxation, Kevin connects Kate into the call and learns her marriage is on the brink of breaking when they invite her.

Could the impending sibling drama take place at that fated Pearson abode? Fans will have to wait until February 11 to find out.

This Is Us, Returns Tuesday, February 11, 9/8c, NBC

What Happened to Kevin Pearson in ‘This Is Us’ Season 3?

When Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) found love in season 3 of NBC’s critically acclaimed show, This Is Us, fans rejoiced. We loved the relationship between Zoe (Melanie Liburd) and Kevin — particularly how she accompanied him to Vietnam to find out more about his father. It seemed like things were about to move to the next level, until the final episode when they split.

In the flash-forward during the season finale, we found out that Kevin eventually has a son. Let’s take a look at everything that happened to Kevin on season 3 of This Is Us and how things might go for him in the future.

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When it was announced we’d have those additional 3 seasons, I knew we’d be in for a wild ride. Cheers to the start of season 4. #ThisIsUs

A post shared by Justin Hartley (@justinhartley) on Aug 31, 2019 at 9:50am PDT

Kevin and Zoe traveled to Vietnam and eventually found Uncle Nicky

When season 3 of This Is Us opened, Zoe (Beth’s sister) and Kevin were just a casual thing. Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) warned Kevin that Zoe would break his heart, but he did not listen.

Kevin’s movie premiered and everyone loved it, except Zoe who skipped the premiere. We should have taken the hint that this relationship wasn’t going to last, but then Zoe encouraged Kevin to look into his father’s military service. She supported him and even traveled with him to Vietnam.

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Shout out to the fam for somehow still finding a way to give Kevin and Zoe a seat at the table. And to Toby, for feeding them. Thankful. #ThisIsUs

A post shared by Justin Hartley (@justinhartley) on Nov 20, 2018 at 6:01pm PST

The couple grew closer on the trip, but then broke up when they returned. They have a very on-again, off-again relationship throughout the season and eventually go to couples therapy.

Meanwhile, Kevin traveled with his siblings to meet Uncle Nicky who tells them a story and then sends them away. Kevin refuses to leave his uncle and instead goes back for him.

Kevin began drinking again and even brought a water bottle full of vodka to the hospital while he was waiting with his family for Kate to have the baby.

Kevin realizes he wants children — Zoe breaks up with him

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Spoiler alert: We already know @justinhartley is a great dad. ❤️ #BBMAs

A post shared by This Is Us (@nbcthisisus) on May 1, 2019 at 4:02pm PDT

While in couples therapy, Kevin found out that Zoe does not ever want to have children. Kevin thought he wanted to have a child, but decided to stay with Zoe instead. He chose her over the desire to have a family.

However, just a few episodes later, Zoe sees that Kevin is truly meant to have children. The couple babysits Kevin’s nieces, Tess, and Annie when Zoe notices how amazing Kevin is with them.

Zoe breaks up with Kevin in the season 3 finale, leaving a stunned and single Kevin for season 4.

What does the future hold for Kevin Pearson?

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Who’s ready for more Tuesday nights with the Pearsons? #ThisIsUs

A post shared by This Is Us (@nbcthisisus) on Sep 17, 2019 at 5:30am PDT

Luckily for fans, we were not upset about the break up with Zoe for very long when we found out that Kevin eventually has a child of his own in a season 3 finale flash-forward.

We also saw that he does well for himself with a large, beautiful home,and that he takes care of his mother in it. Hartley told EW regarding this flash-forward that “Obviously everyone has stress and everyone has things that they wish were a little better, and everyone has regrets. But he seems to be at peace.”

It looks like things work out for the best for Kevin Pearson, although fans truly want to know who it is that he has this child with. We will just have to wait and see.

Kevin Pearson | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Also in the interview with EW, Hartley revealed that there will be more moments with Uncle Nicky, “That’s another story that we’re going to dive pretty deep into this year — that whole Kevin-Nicky dynamic thing. We’ll see a lot of that this year as well.”

There are so many things to look forward to on This Is Us Season 4 when it premieres on Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

The following story contains a major This Is Us season finale spoiler — proceed at your own peril

In the wake of Kevin and Zoe’s breakup in This Is Us‘ season finale, TVLine can confirm that the latter’s portrayer, Melanie Liburd, will not be returning to the NBC drama in Season 4 as a series regular. The actress debuted as Beth’s cousin in the Season 2 finale and was upgraded to a series regular last summer, ahead of Season 3.

As exec producer Isaac Aptaker explains, it would have been unfair to lock Liburd in contractually for another year given the direction Kevin’s story is headed. “We don’t want to hold on to her and then not have the real estate for her,” he tells TVLine. “She’s an amazing actress and she has a ton of opportunities… We don’t want to stop her from .”

That said, Aptaker hints that it is highly unlikely viewers have seen the last of Zoe. “Whenever there are opportunities for Zoe to come back — which pretty organic because she touches on Kevin’s life as well as, of course, Beth and Randall’s life — we’re eager to have her back… We love Melanie so much. She’s a friend of the show and she did an amazing job for us; we love her both as an actor and as a person.”

Adds fellow EP Elizabeth Berger: “She is a Pearson family member and we love her, so I think it’s safe to say you will be seeing her again.”

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Sophie Called Kevin On ‘This Is Us’ & It Could Lead To His Grand Love Story

Spoilers ahead for This Is Us Season 4, Episode 10. Just when you think a door is closed on This Is Us, it opens back up. It’s been almost a year since fans have seen Kevin’s ex-wife on the show, but now Sophie called Kevin on This Is Us. The call is even more notable because it came right after Kevin declared that maybe he was never going to have the grand love story that his parents had. Then, cue phone ring.

Viewers didn’t get to see Kevin’s reaction to the phone call, because just seconds earlier he’d handed the device to a production assistant so he could go film a scene on his movie. But given how much Kevin wants a storybook love and how his feelings for Sophie don’t seem to have really gone away, he’ll likely be thrilled that his high school love is reaching back out to him.

Of course, Sophie may not have called for romantic reasons. Last viewers saw her, she was engaged to a man named Grant who proposed after six months and liked Billy Joel a lot. For all intents and purposes, she seemed happy. But, during that reunion, Kevin told her that he was about to give up having children to be with Zoe, so maybe Sophie didn’t consider it an option that Kevin would be available for dating again. Maybe she’s only just now heard that Kevin and Zoe broke up — and perhaps her own quick engagement failed — and she’s looking for comfort in the familiar with Kevin.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Right before he gave the producer his phone, Kevin said, “I’m so desperate to have this crazy love story like what my parents had, but maybe it’s just not in the cards for me.” Jack and Rebecca did a real disservice to their kids by not being more honest about the struggles of the start of their relationship. Kevin wants the rom-com relationship he thinks his parents had. But they had to work for their relationship and it wasn’t always easy — as we see now in flashbacks.

Kevin thinks he’s just going to lock eyes with Sophia Bush in a cafe, take her to a private John Legend concert, and fall in love forever. He’s so focused on that whirlwind romance of it all that he has never put in the real day-to-day effort. As Rebecca’s mom told her in a flashback, true love is not always about the flashy moments, it’s also about the small everyday acts that show you care about your partner. Sophie probably got big romantic gesture Kevin when he proposed as a teenager, but she deserved small-daily-action Kevin, too.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

However it unfolds with what Sophie had to say on the phone call, Kevin does eventually find his grand love story, either with her or someone else. Is anyone surprised? As Sophie told him during her last meetup, “Decide what you want. You always get it.” And he does. Flash-forwards have shown us that Kevin gets engaged and has a child not long from now. It’s around January on the This Is Us timeline right now, and one of the flash-forwards shows that he’s engaged and his fiancée is pregnant by August. That quick timeline would make sense if his fiancée was Sophie. They’ve already laid the groundwork for their relationship years ago. They’ve already been married. They don’t need a long second engagement.

The bumps along the way of Sophie and Kevin’s relationship help make it the great love story he wants. His parents didn’t have the most perfect start to their love story, either, but it all worked out in the end. Perhaps that’s how it will be for Sophie and Kevin as well, now that they’ve maybe finally got their timing right — minus the couple of hours it would have taken for Kevin to finish on set, get his phone back and return her call.