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Whether you’re a sewing master or an all-round crafter, you may be one of the many who have a big collection of buttons stashed away. There’s no way that you’ll be able to use them all up on fixing buttonless shirts, so perhaps it’s time to think outside the box a little. These cute and clever button projects will give you some fantastic inspiration with regards to putting your collection to good use in non-traditional ways.

Table of Contents

Button Bowl

This cute and whimsical button bowl is the perfect way to store your little bits and bobs like jewelry or keys. It uses the same method as the cotton thread balls where you use a balloon to create the shape you want, much like a mold, which is then popped and discarded once everything is set and dried.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DIYnCrafts

Quick Bookmarks

Everything you make doesn’t always have to be grand or complicated; you can make something as simple as a button bookmark with a paperclip that you know will be put to good use. It’s a quick and easy craft that can really help your school-going kids.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – IHeartNaptime

Simple Wall Art

I just love this fleur-de-lis symbol, although, of course you can go with practically any image or monogram as long as it’s not too detailed or finicky. The best part about this project is that you don’t have to sew the buttons – you can cheat and just glue them on!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Makely

Oh Christmas Tree

If you have a good range of sizes among all your forgotten buttons, then you may be able to make yourself a few of these charming Christmas tree ornaments. If you don’t have enough greens, though, you can either spray paint them or simply embrace the non-traditional colors.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ModernMinerals

Beautified Button Shoes

Whether you want to vamp up an old pair of shoes, or you found a plain pair on sale for next to nothing, a really cute way to do so is to add buttons. You’ll have to take the longer sewing route with these; when considering all the movement of your feet in your shoes, the buttons may just pop off if you use hot glue to attach them.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – StarsForStreetlights, ILoveToCreate and Scrapbook&CardsToday

Fridge Magnets

Ok, so here’s a really nice and easy craft that is so simple, yet people don’t seem to think about it – button fridge magnets! It really is as easy as it sounds: glue magnets onto the buttons and you’re good to go! It adds a fun and playful element of whimsy to your kitchen.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BigBoxDetox


There are so many ideas and ways that you can make some really pretty and interesting necklaces, ranging from simple to intricate to chunky, so I’ve found a handful for you to gloss over and get some inspiration for your own creation. Or, you could just make them all!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – YellowBlackbird, Ohoh, TheDrewFamily and LittleMissMomma


As with the necklaces, your button bracelet making possibilities are seemingly endless. There are so many techniques that you can use, so once again, let your own imagination and creativity run wild and see what you can make with the types of buttons that you have.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – OhDearAngie, ResinObsession, HopeStudios and HomesteadRevival

Leather Cuff

I love all things bohemian, so this leather button cuff is right up my alley. If you can get the blank leather cuff with all the hardware on it then you’re already halfway there, otherwise you’ll just have to attach those yourself. This could make a really interesting belt idea, too!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LilBlueBoo

Cupcake Art

This is just too cute! It’ll perfectly adorn something like a nursery or child’s playroom. After seeing the tutorial, it’s clear that you can paint and button just about any image, but the cupcakes are definitely my favorites!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BustedButton


Making a really cute button headband is actually really easy. The toughest part is just deciding on which buttons to use and how to arrange them – you can cover the entire piece of fabric, or you could just make a little accent part on the side.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TheRibbonRetreat

Flower Bouquet

These felt and button flowers are just adorable, and they’re so much fun to make, too! You could get your little ones involved in the project so that they can proudly display them in their rooms, or even give them to their teachers as gifts.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – AmericanCrafts


This Christmassy garland is a real cinch to make if you can do a simple chain stitch. I love the holiday themed colors that can turn your home into a real festive place, but of course, you can just pick any colors for absolutely any time of the year.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BlogALaCart

Fun Frames

Any simple frame can be transformed into something noticeable and pretty with the addition of some buttons. You can keep it simple, or arrange the buttons according to color for a rainbow or ombre theme.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TheRibbonRetreat and PunkProjects

Buttoned-Up Handbag

If you have the patience and the sanity to cover an entire handbag with buttons, then you truly deserve to have something this gorgeous! Sure, this is a big job, but if you don’t think you’ll see it through, then perhaps you could use the same technique on a smaller clutch.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Craftster:Pixeldust

Pretty Gift Bags

Give a plain gift bag a personalized touch by adding some buttons and yarn as embellishments; it’s a great way to use some of your plainer buttons. You can even do this to blank cards as well!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – NorthPole

Resin Paperweight/Coaster

Resin is freaking fantastic because you can cast pretty much anything in there – buttons included! These make really cute paperweights or coasters, and finding the right mold can be as easy as using a cup or even a jar lid.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LilBlueBoo

Woven Coaster

If you’re not a big fan of the bulky resin coasters then you can try this woven technique instead. And this isn’t just limited to coasters, you could make some gorgeous placemats for your dining table – it’s not too difficult, but it will take some time if you want a set.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Craftylish

Button Tray

As you may have noticed by now, you can add buttons to pretty much anything and it’ll come out looking lovely! Give a plain and cheap tray a whole new look by lining the bottom with buttons for an interesting look.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MelStampz


The addition of some buttons, fabric, trimming and whatever else you have among your craft supplies can totally transform a regular pillow to something unique and adorable. Just make sure to map out your arrangement before you start sewing.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – FiskarsCraft and AllYou

T-Shirt Upgrade

We’re used to buttons on clothing, but they usually serve a function of closing something up. This tutorial shows you how you can add buttons to a regular t-shirt for the sole purpose of decorating or embellishing; doesn’t it look great?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – iCandyHandmade

Bobby Pins

A couple of bobby pins, a touch of glue, and some interesting or vintage buttons are all you need to make some very simple yet striking hair clips. I just love simple projects like these!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ChristinaHomemaker

Embroidery Button Clock

If the hours seem to fly by when you find yourself heading into your craft room, then perhaps it’s time you make yourself a clock to go in there, and what could be more fitting than an embroidery hoop and button clock? If this isn’t quite to your taste, though, have a look at our other DIY clocks.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – OccasionallyCrafty

Gift Wrapping

When it comes to my really close friends and family, I prefer implementing some interesting and unique gift wrapping techniques as opposed to just using regular wrapping paper. This simple little button detail is so cute and it just gives it that little special touch.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftAndCreativity

Button Tree Art

This is such a cute idea – instead of painting leaves on a tree, you can just glue on some buttons! This is also fun to do with the kids, since you can paint the trunk and branches, and then let the little ones choose where they want to place their buttons.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftsByAmanda


This site doesn’t contain a step-by-step tutorial, but I think it’s quite easy to figure out. You can either buy a lampshade frame or just remove the fabric from an existing one, and then thread your buttons through some thin wire. I wonder how it would look with the light on!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LuckyKnitter

Grandma’s button box was always a treasure to play with and explore. I loved the feeling of cool shiny objects sliding through my fingers, and would spend hours matching colors before it was time to put them all back inside again.

Now that I have my own growing collection, I’m constantly on the lookout for projects that use them in brand new ways. Because even though they come in super handy when it’s time fix a pair of Joseph’s jeans {seriously, why do buttons fall off so easily!?}, I love the idea of adding them to cards, jazzing up old frames, creating art, and more.

I thought I would share my absolute favorite projects from the interwebs in hopes that it would inspire a few button DIY’s for yourself….the only problem is, I have no idea which one to try first!

1. Make a Set of Magnets

Bring a cohesive look to your fridge with fabric-covered magnets that go from vintage to modern within minutes. Make one set for yourself, then give the rest as a frugal housewarming gift!

via Urban Comfort

2. Embellish a Napkin

Turn ordinary napkins into pretty statement pieces with these charming Fruit Button Embroidery Napkins. What a fun way to celebrate Summer!

via Martha Stewart

3. Upcycle a Pretty Frame

Buy a cheap frame from the dollar store, then glam it up with buttons of all shapes and sizes. I love the seaside look to this wooden ombre frame!

via Punk Projects

4. Make a Set of Pushpins

DIY Button Thumbtacks add a cute and crafty touch to your home office. Who says accessories have to be boring when you work from home?

via Inspired by Charm

5. Fill a Vase

Flower gems from the craft store can be expensive, so I love the idea of filling a vase with buttons instead! Apothecary jars would look really cute too.

via Martha Stewart

6. Make a Bookmark

It’s no secret I’m a book loving junkie, and these adorable button bookmarks would look absolutely gorgeous peeking out of my pages!

via I Heart Naptime

7. Craft a Pretty Card

This colorful card is going on my card crafting wish list — now I just need to plan a day to make it! For one with more of a Christmas touch, you must see this stunning tree.

via Day Designs

8. Embellish a Tote Bag or Purse

Give your purse a new look with a set of matching buttons. These clutches are so unique and make a fun statement piece for any outfit!

via Constanca Cabral

9. Create Framable Artwork

Grab a set of coordinating button colors, and create your very own wall art. I think this beauty deserves a prominent place in my craft room stat.

via Torie Jayne

10. Make Your Own Gift Tags

Homemade gift tags become even more precious with bright red holly buttons and green felt leaves. Pretty packaging is definitely my weakness!

via One Dog Woof

11. Give Your Flip Flops a Makeover

Make over an old pair of flip flops (or grab a set on clearance) for funky footwear that is perfect for Summer. I would totally wear these, you?

via Scrapbook and Cards Today Mag

12. Create a Set of New Hair Pins

I know I have a ton of bobby pins lying around, and they would be so cute with a few buttons added to the ends. This tutorial looks super easy.

via Craft & Creativity

13. Jazz Up a Plain Tee

Give a plain white tee a mini makeover with colorful buttons your little girl will love to wear. These newborn onesies are pretty adorable too.

via iCandy Handmade

14. Decorate a Jewelry Box

A plain wooden box from the craft store can be turned into a stunning jewelry box. Hmmm… thinks this would make a pretty good Mother’s Day gift.

via All About You

15. Sew Napkin Rings

These shabby chic napkin rings bring a hint of vintage to any bridal shower, baby shower, or girls lunch in. The heart button is my favorite!

via Boho Weddings

16. Make Your Own Coasters

All you need is a circle mold and clear resin to make these cuties. Use them as coasters OR paperweights!

via Little Boo Blue

17. Add Pizzazz to a Pillow

I love anything monogrammed, and this decorative pillow takes the cake. Wouldn’t this look pretty in a nursery?

via Dreaming of the Country

18. Create a Button Ring

I don’t know a little girl that doesn’t love play jewelry, and these button rings are perfect for mini fingers. Mix and match buttons for different looks!

via Craft and Creativity

19. Craft a Christmas Ornament

It’s not even Christmas yet and I’m dying to make these festive button ornaments. They would look darling on our little tree!

via Hopeful Honey

20. Make a Pretty Pair of Earrings

A set of button earrings to match every outfit is a definite necessity. The possibilities and color options are endless!

via Lines Across

21. Add a Pop of Color to a Headband

Make over plain elastic headbands with colorful buttons for your daughters and their friends. You can also add buttons to these DIY Flower Hair Bows for a different look.

via Sugar Bee Crafts

Need even more uses for old buttons?

Visit my post on Organizing Junkie, How to Organize Your Button Collection. A must-read to keep these little baubles contained, organized, and put away!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hoarding spare buttons for years from sewing projects that you over-purchased for in the past or clothing you bought that came with spare buttons you haven’t needed yet. Our collection has built up so impressively, in fact, that we’re almost proud of it! If you don’t need buttons often, however, what can you do with all those buttons instead of letting them sit around in a drawer?

Check out these 15 awesome projects that put spare buttons to good use in all kinds of super creative ways!

1. Statement button rings

Perhaps you’d absolutely love to jazz up your style a little bit in the accessory category but your jewelry making skills aren’t quite up to the challenge of making something very complicated? Then make it easy by using fun, big, decorative buttons as the centre piece of a ring! We love the way Miss Kris used eye catching vintage buttons to create fantastic finger decorations in all shapes and sizes!

2. Cute as a button hairband

We simply adore making our own headbands because there are so many unending designs and styles that you can create to match an outfit or your personality, so we’re always on the lookout for new supplies that we can use to make unconventional, cool hair accessories. That’s why we were so excited about finding these awesome button bands by Tip Junkie! When you wrap them around your head, they look like kitschy little fascinators.

3. Clothespin button racers

Perhaps you’ve been trying to find ways to upcycle household items in order to make your kids some fun little trinket toys, or even to help them make toys themselves? This is an activity that teaches creativity, thriftiness, and an ability to keep themselves busy in many different ways with whatever they have available. These fun little cars, made of buttons and clothes pins, are a perfect example! See how they’re made on Almost Unschoolers.

4. Kids’ fine motor games

One of the reasons we love saving and crafting with buttons is that they’re useful in so many small and unexpected ways, and many of those things are very easy to make happen. This kids’ activity featured on Cheerios and Lattes, for example, makes a great fine motor activity for little kids who are working on hand-eye coordination and love to get their little fingers into new sensations and concepts. Let your kids string some of your old buttons along some uncooked spaghetti noodles and they’ll be busy with their simple new game for hours!

5. Felt and button Christmas tree crafts

Okay, we know we’re nowhere near Christmas right now, but we couldn’t help putting this adorable Christmas tree idea on the list just because we liked it so much. Cutting out felt shapes and embellishing them with buttons is an easy crafting idea for your kids. Olives and Pickles made a Christmas tree here, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t help your kids cut out other shapes and decorate them for any holiday or season!

6. Preschooler learning activities

Are you sensing a theme yet? Buttons are great tools for kids’ crafts! While there are plenty of creative things you can do with them, there are also many different learning activities you can use buttons for so you don’t have to fall into the trap of buying flashcards, counting tiles, or less fun things that your kid might not want to use. Tip Junkie, for example, suggests creating little jars made of paper and using old buttons to “fill” the jars, letting your kids play counting games or visualize simple math with them.

7. Little apple journal

Sometimes the cutest button crafts are the ones that actually only use a few buttons rather than many of them at once, making them like a cute novelty detail. Something like this adorable journal, which uses buttons as decorative apples, makes a great project for people who only have a few matching buttons in small, uneven quantities. The Split Stitch shows you how they made this adorable cover.

8. Pretty button ornament

Crafts n’ Coffee guides you through the process of making an adorable ornament out of decorative foam balls, buttons in different sizes, and pins, with a little bit of ribbon for embellishment. Their colour scheme suggests that their ornament is a Christmas one, but we think this concept is so cute that, in other colours, similar ones could be made as regular décor or hanging ornaments for other holidays too.

9. Button stud earrings

Have you found a matching set of tiny, decorative buttons that are so decorative and dainty that you just want to wear them all the time, but you only have two so there aren’t many garments you can sew them to? Try turning them into earrings instead so you can wear them even if you only have two! Tip Junkie shows you how to attach the button to earring stud posts in a very simple way.

10. Vintage button calendar

Have you ever made yourself a reusable dry erase calendar before? If so, then you already know how great they are and might be ready for different designs than the ones you’ve made previously. If you haven’t, here’s an adorable design to start with! Northern Cottage shows you how to put the dry erase sheet inside an old empty picture frame and decorate the frame with cute pieces from your spare button selection.

11. Button wall monogram

Have you always been a huge fan of monogrammed decorative pieces because they really make a space feel at home thanks to a little customization? Well, My Blessed Life shows you how to merge that décor love with your awesome button collection in a really useful and quite pretty way. The more colours and styles of buttons you use, the more interesting the piece will look!

12. Reclaimed button magnets

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little bit different and simpler than some of the more complicated décor pieces you’ve seen on our list so far? Then check out how Big Box Detox made easy little fridge magnets out of buttons! Grab a package of simple magnetic pieces from the crafting or dollar store, pick out the buttons you like most, and simply glue them on!

13. Cottage chic button checkerboard

Did you love the idea of making projects with buttons that your kids can play with, but you haven’t seen one quite yet that has kept your attention, so you’re not sure it will keep your kids’ either? Perhaps your kids are a little bit older and won’t be interested in some of the simpler ideas? Then check out how Little Miss Momma made this absolutely adorable checkerboard using buttons as the playing pieces. As long as the pieces on each side have something in common, like shape, they’ll work for the game!

14. Button frame art

We already talked about making a frame project that involves using your spare button collection to decorate the actual frame itself, but you’ve done that before and now you’re looking for something else? Are some of the buttons in your collection stand-alone ones that are incredibly pretty and it feels like you’re wasting them just letting them sit in a box? Then harness their kitschy beauty and make them into décor just for the sake of décor! Torie Jayne suggests affixing the buttons to a canvas base inside a pretty frame.

15. DIY button clock

We’ve always had a thing for clocks that involve other novelty things in the place of where the numbers should be. Fab DIY suggests putting your buttons in place of the numbers on a DIY clock, but they take it once step further in terms of décor and novelty appeal too. Check out how they stretched some burlap through an embroidery hoop or a cute, rustic chic book that puts your buttons to good use.

Have you created other DIY projects that repurpose buttons in creative ways but you don’t see anything similar to what you made on our list? Tell us how you made it or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!


How to make buttons for homemade gifts, wall decor, homemade cards, edible buttons, and even button activities for kids. These button tutorials include button art, monograms, checkerboard, magnets, jewelry and edible buttons.

Tip Junkie has hundreds of button crafts to make all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make. You can always search there if you’re looking for more things to make from buttons with step-by-step instructions. {wink}


1. Button Art ~ A fun and easy way to make simple art! You can use up your spare buttons or spray paint them if you are using a certain color palette. Adhere the buttons with double sided tape, hot glue or E-6000 glue.

2. Cottage Chic Button Checkerboard ~ This checkerboard would be a great birthday gift for an older child, or a fun little something for them to keep at grandma’s house for when they visit. I love the bright, cheery colors.

3. Button Magnets ~ These cute little buttons may just be the easiest craft project ever. They use minimal supplies and only take 5 minutes to make. I must say this is my kind of craft. Packaged nicely I think these button magnets would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

Edible Buttons

4. How to Make Buttons from Rolled Fondant ~ Learn how to make edible buttons out of rolled fondant. It’s easy to create realistic looking buttons out of rolled fondant with this step-by-step video tutorial from veteran cake sculptor, Jenn Erickson of Rook No. 17.

5. Edible Button {how-to} ~ Learn how to make these adorable edible buttons from gum paste. Piping tips work great for cutting out the buttons.

6. Homemade Candy Buttons ~ If these little buttons are half as fun to make as they are to eat, you and the kiddos are in for a treat. Plus, it’s a great way to use up your extra icing!

7. Button Cookie Bouquet ~ These cute pink, white, and red cookie bouquets are a fun treat to make for Valentine’s Day. Your kid can help create bake the cookies and create the arrangement to give to their teachers as a sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

Button Wall Art

8. Vintage Button Christmas Tree Art ~ Here is a great craft idea using vintage buttons, if you have them, or just regular buttons from your local craft store. Find the complete tutorial and supply list on this great post! This lovely framed art will look great as a part of your holiday decor!

9. DIY Button Monogram ~ Monograms are hot right now! Learn how to make an adorable and affordable piece of monogrammed art for your child’s bedroom or playroom.

10. Vintage Button Calendar Frame ~ Embellish a plain magnetic calendar board by trimming with vintage buttons to give it a wonderful softness – cute as a button!! Pick the button colors to fit the person or the room. A great addition to any craft room or shabby chic decor.

DIY Button Crafts

11. Button Christmas Tree & Ornament Tutorial ~ How to make a button Christmas tree and ornament for gifts or for decorating your Christmas tree. This tutorial has pictures and step-by-step instructions. Makes a fun DIY gift or decoration that can be completely customized to your favorite colors or to match your decor!

12. Button Christmas Ornament in 5 Minutes ~ A fast, 5-minute video shows how to make 5 popular ornaments. The ornaments use many materials most crafters already have on hand — paper, ribbon, fabric and buttons. They’re easy & fun, great for yourself or to give as gifts.

13. Apple Journals ~ If you’re looking for a last minute teacher’s gift this simple craft with paper is perfect and easy to make. You can easily change the buttons to vary the theme to fit a variety of occasions.

Button Games for Kids

14. Preschool Learning Activities DIY ~ This post has two great ideas for preschool learning activities you can make with or for your kids. Both are easy to make and with the free jar printable all you’ll have to do is print and glue the buttons on! Your kids will have fun and you’ll feel great because they are learning all at the same time!

15. Felt and Button Christmas Tree ~ This felt and button Christmas tree craft project is great because it will not only be fun for your preschooler, but also education! A win win! All you’ll need is felt, buttons and glue!

16. Teaching Fine Motor Skills with Buttons ~ Using buttons and long spaghetti noodles you’ll create a game and a lesson in fine motor skills thanks to this great post! A great way to make learning skills like gentleness fun. Perfect for toddlers to preschoolers!

17. Clothespin Button Racer ~ Create this cool craft as a simple boredom buster on the next rainy day. Perfect for boys and girls alike, little ones will love to participate in making their own cars that they can race.

Button Accessories

18. DIY Stud Earrings ~ Even if you are not a sewer, have you even just walked through the button section at your local craft store? There are a lot of really cute buttons out there! This tutorial walks you through the steps to take those stylish buttons and turning them into earrings! Super simple!

19. Button Necklace Tutorial ~ If you are looking for a great way to put all those extra buttons to use, you might try this button necklace tutorial using buttons and a bit of crochet!

20. Cute as a Button Hairband ~ Make a “cute as a button” hairband using items you already have!

21. DIY Statement Rings ~ This DIY uses some pretty fun supplies to create beautiful statement rings. From ring pops plus a little spray paint to large pretty buttons this DIY project is sure to dress up your fingers!

22. DIY Chunky Vintage Bracelet ~ This is another great project to use up any old broken jewelry you’ve got laying around. But if you don’t have any, you can fin lots of fun brooches and buttons from the local craft store. She also made a neutral colored version, but I’m diggin’ the bright colors.

How to Make Buttons

23. Buttons from Shrink Plastic ~ This tutorial is for making buttons for clothing but can you imagine the possibilities on a scrapbook page? Turning this clothing idea into a scrapbooking idea is sure to make any layout pop!

24. Clay Flower Buttons ~ Look at these lovely dainty flower buttons. The tutorial shows you how you can turn a ball of oven hardening clay into flower petals. You can add holes to the flowers to turn them into buttons and attach them to the free button holder printables. I think they would also be perfect as earrings or attached to bobby pins.

More Winter Table Tutorials

  • How to Make a Ring {15 Ring Tutorials}
  • 30 Do It Yourself Favor Tutorials
  • 9 Ways to Embellish A Paper Sack {treat bags}

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Thanks Ladies. I just adore these tutorials! Feel free to grab my “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it! {knuckle bumps}

Also, don’t forget to check out the Tip Junkie Facebook page for even more crafts, activities for kids, creative ideas, and free tutorials. It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials that you are looking for. I’ll be happy to find them for ya!

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What You Can Do with Buttons8 Activities You’ll Splash with Color

Here are some fun, fabulous activities and uses for those old buttons.


  1. 1

    Sock Puppets

    Making puppets out of old odd socks and buttons is as easy as pie. Students choose two buttons for the eyes, some yarn for the hair and draw a mouth and nose. Now, the best part about the sock puppets is how you’ll be able to use them for role plays and speaking activities. Some children are self-conscious about speaking in front of the class, but any group with a bunch of puppets is a pretty chatty group!

  2. 2

    Colorful Button Jewelry

    By simply stringing buttons, your class will be able to make rings, bracelets, necklaces and all sorts of pretty jewelry. These make lovely Mother’s Day gifts, but why not also use the fresh batch of jewelry for a shopping lesson? Divide students into pairs and have them practice different shopping scenarios. They may even wish to bargain and trade with their classmates!

  3. 3

    Button Barnyard

    Have your students work together for this fun collage. Give them a large piece of poster board and tell them they will create a barnyard full of animals. Give them plenty of buttons to use of varying sizes – if you’ve got big ones, so much the better. Show then how they can create a cat by placing a small round button on top of a large one. Or a chick with the same two buttons, only the smaller one is placed to side for the chick’s head. Try creating different animals with buttons and glue them all onto the poster board for a fun, colorful barnyard your little ones will love. Don’t forget to draw ears, beaks and tails to complete your animals.

  4. 4

    Button Bookmark

    Students often need sheets with the past and past participles of irregular verbs to study till they can get them all straight. So, with your help, and your colorful buttons, they can make bright bookmarks they can use in their English books. Hand out rectangular pieces of poster board and have students divide each into three columns. They must copy a list of irregular verbs and then proceed to complete the other two columns with the past and past participle for each. When they’re done they may decorate their new bookmark with a large button at the very top that will help mark a page in their books. But make sure they’re not around when you take a test!


  1. 5

    Button Bingo

    When you create your own fabulous Bingo cards, what do you have your students use as markers? Little pieces of paper you’ve torn or cut up? Doesn’t sound very fabulous. Use your supply of buttons and hand out enough for each student!

  2. 6

    Game Pieces

    You’ve designed your own colorful board game from scratch for guaranteed hours of fun. Now, all you need are some pieces your students will be able to move around the board. What will you use? How about some of your most fantastic and colorful buttons? If all you’ve got is some old boring ones, then ask your students to help you give them some pizzazz – decorate them with sequins or beads. Each student may even have his/her own to keep.

  3. 7

    Counting Song

    Teach your young learners the “Ten Little Indians” song, but with buttons: “One little two, little three, little buttons…” Buttons are also great for helping them learn to add and subtract in English.

  4. 8

    Button Toss

    Take a large piece of cardboard and divide it into as many cells as you’d like. Each cell must include a new vocabulary word, a question in English, a verb – or all three! You can make your board as fancy or as simple as you like. Hand out buttons to each of your students. Students toss one at a time and depending on where the button lands, they must use the word in a sentence, answer a question or say the verb in past, future, etc… You may also choose to make a board based on a theme, for example, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

If you’re running out of buttons, ask your students to bring some. And don’t forget to raid your mother’s or grandmother’s sewing basket! There are surely lots of buttons there.

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