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Bernard is an elf and one of the main protagonists from Disney’s 1994 film The Santa Clause and its first sequel.


Bernard is a stickler for getting things done that are necessary. He can tend to be very grumpy, and less cheerful than the other elves, but he acts how he does to keep the other elves working. Being the head-elf (or Arch-elf), he has the responsibility of looking after the workshop and the other elves.


The Santa Clause

Bernard is first seen watching and smiling as Scott Calvin and his son, Charlie, arrive at the North Pole. Introducing himself as the head elf, Bernard explains that Scott has assumed the duties of Santa Claus by putting on Santa’s suit, which he proves by showing a clause written on the former Santa’s business card. Though Scott immediately denies this, Bernard explains that Scott will have until Thanksgiving to get his affairs in order before returning to become Santa full-time. Bernard also bonds with Charlie, giving him a snow globe (while also calling him “sport” as Scott does). Charlie thanks Bernard for the snow globe and promises to take good care of it, and Bernard replies with “Make sure you do”.

During the year, Scott begins transforming into Santa. At some point, Bernard sends Santa’s list to Scott’s home address.

Around Thanksgiving, Bernard arrives at the home of Charlie’s mother and stepfather, Laura and Neil Miller, where Scott is trying to visit Charlie despite the previous suspension of Scott’s visitation rights. By this point, Scott has been inspired by Charlie to become Santa, and Bernard takes them both to the North Pole. Bernard and the other elves help with the preparations for Christmas. However, on Christmas Eve, Scott is arrested on the belief that he kidnapped Charlie. In response, Bernard sends E.L.F.S to rescue him.

After the rescue, Bernard suddenly appears at the Millers, shocking them both, who have accepted Scott as Santa by this time. When Charlie learns he must stay with his mother and stepfather instead of his father, Bernard reveals that the snow globe he gave Charlie will allow him to summon Scott whenever he wants to see him. It is presumed that Bernard returns to the North Pole afterward.

The Santa Clause 2

Eight years after the first film, Bernard and his assistant, Curtis, discover a hidden clause that states that Santa must be married before or within the first eight years of assuming the role. If not, then Santa will lose his power and Christmas will end. Scott returns to his hometown to try to find a wife before the deadline. Meanwhile, Curtis creates a “Toy Santa” to cover for the absence of the real one, much to Bernard’s horror, but he reluctantly plays along and tells the other elves that Santa changed his looks, so the other elves won’t question the different appearance. However, Toy Santa is much more strict and evil and locks up Bernard when he attempts to alert the others that he is fake.

Bernard is eventually freed by a returning Scott and helps Scott, Charlie, and Scott’s girlfriend, Carol, in stopping Toy Santa.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Bernard does not appear in this film, as due to his actor being in a TV series. His absence goes unmentioned and Curtis is head-elf in his place.


The Santa Clause • The Santa Clause 2 • The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

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What Happened To Bernard In The Santa Clause 2 Cast

Bernard is an elf and one of the main protagonists from Disney’s film The Santa Clause and its first sequel. Bernard is a stickler for The Santa Clause 2. When it comes to holiday movies, The Santa Clause is always in my top five. Whatever Happened To Bernard the Elf from ‘The Santa Clause’? David Krumholtz joined the cast of the TBS sitcom as Myron, a boss with an.

David Krumholtz (born May 15, ) is an American actor. He played Charlie Eppes in the CBS drama series Numbers from to He also played Seth Goldstein in the Harold & Kumar film trilogy and Bernard the Elf in the Santa Clause film franchise. Contents. 1 Early life; 2 Career; 3 Personal life; 4 Filmography In , Krumholtz was cast opposite Michael Urie in CBS’ comedy TV.

what-happened-bernard-the-santa-clausejpg The family film cast Home Improvement star Tim as a businessman Though David, 40, put on his pointy ears for The Santa Clause 2, he didn’t make an.

PHOTOS The Santa Clause 4 is the 4th and final film of Disney’s The Santa Clause Scott Calvin, as Santa Claus, cannot rest until Krampus has been defeated. . a mailroom clerk, and Edward Joseph Murray II, who sold lumber. He is of Irish descent. Among his siblings are actors Brian Doyle-Murray. Scott Calvin has been a humble Santa Claus for nearly ten years, but it might come to an Photos. Arlen Escarpeta at an event for The Santa Clause 2 () Tim Allen and Elizabeth . Cast overview, first billed only: Bernard: Oh really?. See where the Santa Clause cast is today and get all your burning questions ( Who played Bernard in Santa Clause? 2 of image. Getty. Now: Tim Allen. Around 24 years later, and Tim is still a huge name in the industry.

Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of The Santa Clause 2 with exclusive Cast; Director; Writer; Source; Producer; Exec. David Krumholtz Bernard. The cast of “The Santa Clause” have gone in many different directions, with some Though he was cast as Bernard the Elf in the movie, he found greater. A lot has happened to the cast of the film, ranging from child stars who didn’t make a Let’s take a few minutes and catch up with the stars of The Santa Clause, then the s and early s, including Jungle 2 Jungle, For Richer or Poorer, screen acting career was just beginning when he landed the role of Bernard.

Here’s What The Rest Of The Cast Is Up To tim-allen-santa-clause-2 David Krumholtz – Bernard the Elf Peter Boyle, who played Allen’s boss in The Santa Claus, sadly passed away in after a battle with multiple. 20 Many actors were up for the role of Scott Calvin In The Santa Clause 2, a hidden Minnie doll is placed in the corner of the screen. Keeping. Can you believe it’s been 22 years since The Santa Clause first spirit, click through the gallery below to see the film’s cast then and now! David Krumholtz (Bernard the Elf) 2 Helped Valerie Bertinelli Made Peace With Husband No. 1 . Whatever Happened to the Cast of ‘The Days and Nights of Molly.

Evan Rosengarden. The Santa Clause 2. Bernard. You Stupid Man Owen. See where the Santa Clause cast is today and get all your burning.

The Santa Clause is a heartwarming family classic starring Tim Allen as a . and more age-appropriate Bernard in The Santa Clause 2, and also to become a.

In , Lloyd landed the lead child role in “The Santa Clause,” Paige Tamada and David Krumholtz, who played Bernard, were pretty much with “The Santa Clause 2” in and “The Santa Clause 3: The.

The Santa Clause is utterly undemanding, but it’s firmly rooted in the sort of good series Home Improvement and would team with him again for Jungle 2 Jungle (). Cast. Tim Allen as Scott Calvin. Judge Reinhold as Dr. Neil Miller as Bernard . Now imagine that it happened to one person in the span of a week.

10 Then-and-Now Photos of the Cast of ‘The Santa Clause’. Updated: Dec 1 2 of Tim Allen played Scott Calvin and Santa Claus! Click the arrow to see what he looks like now. David Krumholtz played Bernard the Elf.

All the principal actors from the first film reprise their roles, except for Peter Boyle, who returns Contents. 1 Scott; 2 Bernard; 3 Toy Santa; 4 Mother Nature; 5 Charlie; 6 Easter Bunny; 7 Tracy; 8 Dialogue . Tooth Fairy: Today, I’d like to submit.

cast to find out what they’re all up to twenty Christmases later. 19 PHOTOS After ‘The Santa Clause,’ Eric continued to act, frequently appearing in some rocks and fell face first onto a bolder — knocking out his 2 front teeth! The role of Bernard the Elf was played by the hilarious David Krumholtz. Okay, brief recap: In the first The Santa Clause movie, Tim Allen’s is what happened with American Pie as well and the original actors(minus. “The Santa Clause” provides at least one valuable service: It explains exactly Before Scott quite realizes what has happened, the old Santa has finds a workshop humming along under the leadership of Bernard, the head The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith . Movies by Letter · Cast and Crew.

Read Authors Note/Cast from the story Bernard’s Christmas Story: A Sequel [ON The Santa Clause trilogy is one of my favorite movies of all time, no question about it. I also don’t own any of the photos I post unless I say otherwise, and I don’t own The Santa Clause 1 & 2 movie Own character X Bernard the head elf .

His ex thinks he’s crazy and tries to have him arrested. The second is The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause () in which Scott discovers that in order to The toy Santa in the second film doesn’t get Bernard’s name right. .. Rotten Robotic Replacement: When Scott is temporarily cast away from the North Pole until he.

He found a solid TV gig in , when he was cast as math genius Charlie Eppes on Numbers, .. The Santa Clause ()—Bernard The Elf. There he meets Bernard the head elf, who tells him about the clause, a contract stating that whoever puts on the santa suit Cast & Crew describing what is happening on screen to provide context for those who are blind or have low vision. Viewers Also Bought. See All · Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Claus. Given that it’s a generically family/holiday film, The Santa Clause 2 has Cast: Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Lloyd, David Krumholtz.

Like its boffo predecessor from , Santa Clause 2 is an amiable, As the film opens, head elves Bernard (Krumholtz) and Curtis The supporting cast is pleasant, with De Niroesque strongman Art TODAY’S EVENTS.

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It’s hard to believe that the original The Santa Clause came out in 1994—almost 25 years ago. Since then, two sequels have come out, and if there’s ever going to be another installment in the film series, this year would be the perfect time to announce it. Imagine that. The Santa Clause 4: The Anniversary Clause. Of course, that could never be a working title, but it seems some fans have wanted to see a fourth movie for so long that they’ve been coming up with various “clause” titles. The Adventure Clause, The Krumpus Clause, and The Substitute Clause were just a few of the suggestions we found online. The last time we saw Tim Allen all dressed up as the generous man with the white beard, it was 2006. That’s a staggering 13 years ago. Some have said that it might have been too long already, that the story is now forgotten. But let’s just see. made a ranked list of the best Christmas movies there ever were. The classics were all on the list. It’s a Wonderful Life, The Christmas Story, Home Alone, Elf, and of course, the original The Santa Clause. We know that everyone’s got their own favorite Christmas movies, but it’s really difficult to argue against a Santa movie. And once you’ve seen The Santa Clause, it’s only natural to want to see the second and third parts. So the desire to see these films actually renew each year.

Allen even tweeted a picture back in 2017 that ignited The Santa Clause question even more. As you can see from this article from, the actor said he was growing a beard for a movie role. The short white beard is definitely slightly reminiscent of Santa’s beard, but it was far from being a confirmation for a movie part 4. Still, fans from everywhere overwhelmed Allen with responses about another Santa movie. As it turns out, the beard was actually for a Christmas movie—only it wasn’t for Santa Clause 4. The beard was for 2017’s El Camino Christmas.

With all that said, this movie franchise is likely not to see a fourth installment. We love Santa and all, and Tim Allen was great as Santa, but we believe the third movie killed all future generations of The Santa Clause—including the future of Scott Calvin’s son, Buddy Claus. It’s true; we might never see Buddy Claus grow up, and the reason why that’s the case is going to be largely financial. When it comes to franchises, it’s almost always impossible to top the first film in any series. There are a few exceptions to that rule, but Santa Clause is not one of them. According to, the entire series made roughly $500 million in worldwide box office sales. However, the profits got lower after each installment. By the time the third movie was out, The Santa Clause film was earning way less than what the 2nd film made.

Those are disappointing numbers, to say the least, but to be bombarded by critics at that is just as disappointing. Not many people enjoyed the third installment much (maybe it was just Martin Short and his Jack Frost character take), proven by its low grossing numbers. Why make a movie that might tank in the theaters again? You just don’t, especially if there are so many outstanding classic holiday films to choose from already.

In addition, the fact that the movie was never announced probably means that it just won’t happen at this point (13 years, remember?). When you lose momentum on a project, it’s difficult to get back on track. Would Tim Allen even agree to another film? He’s already busy with the Toy Story franchise, and this franchise happens to be highly successful just as this article talks about. He’s also busy with his sitcom, Last Man Standing, which has been going strong since 2011 despite a short break back in 2017. There really is no room for Allen to be jumping backwards. He’s got a couple of strong projects going on right now, and there’s absolutely no need for him to mess that up. Anyone would probably advise him against doing another Santa Clause film, and that’s probably why it won’t happen.

The only thing we can picture for The Santa Clause franchise is either a reboot or a revisit later on. Maybe at this point, someone else could take the reins to the sleigh. Buddy Claus would be a good candidate, and we can certainly picture a few actors that would play a good older Buddy. The story at this point has the chance of starting from scratch and completely disconnected from the previous Santa Clause movies. We couldn’t tell you if that would be a good move or not, but it’s definitely a chance to make the plotline better. If we’re going to follow the timeline completely, Buddy would only be a teenager at this point. That can be a totally different point of view, and it could be quite interesting for a family movie.

The other option is a total reboot. We can have the same storyline but with a different Scott Calvin. There are plenty of actors today that can breathe a new life into that charming Santa character. We could totally picture Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, Dax Shephard, Chris Pine, or even Ryan Reynolds in those shoes. There are plenty of talents to choose from.

But even then, it just won’t happen. Sometimes, it’s better to just leave things the way they are. There’s a reason why A Christmas Story was never rebooted. It’s a true film classic. As mediocre as the two sequels were, the original The Santa Clause film has been considered a classic for a long time now. No matter how many films are redone and rebooted today, there are just some movies that should just be left alone. So we’re going to say no to Santa Clause 4, and so should you.

10. David Huddleston in Santa Claus: The Movie (1985)

For the veteran supporting actor – who would go on to play a certain big Lebowski – this must have seemed like a welcome headlining role, even if the plot revolves round Dudley Moore’s wide-eyed elf being seduced by capitalism. Still, Huddleston brings bags of earthy jollity.

9. Jim Broadbent in Get Santa (2014)

In this plucky but overlooked Britcom, a crash-landed Santa gets banged up by mistake. Can ex-con Rafe Spall break him out in time to save Christmas? A never-cuddlier Broadbent twinkles in both full red-and-white regalia and drab prison denims.

8. Tim Allen in The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

In the best of the contract-focused festive franchise, Santa must leave the north pole to find a wife – long story – so clones himself to keep toy production ticking over. It’s a double role for Allen who gets to show his range and, when the pair fall out, punch himself in the face.

David Huddleston in Santa Claus: The Movie. Photograph: Allstar/Tristar

7. Richard Riehle in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas (2011)

The perma-stoned H&K movies have a very loose grasp on reality so when a jovial but sly Santa turns up – in the form of stocky character actor Riehle – it seems perfectly plausible that he made it his mission to reunite these estranged buddies via a giant spliff.

6. Alec Baldwin in Rise of the Guardians (2012)

In this animated fantasy, Saint Nick assembles an Avengers-style superteam of childhood icons to battle a nightmare king. A likeable festive berserker, this Santa boasts “Naughty” and “Nice” sleeve tattoos, wields dual sabres and has Baldwin doing a truly go-for-broke Russian accent.

5. Gene Hackman in The French Connection (1971)

So, have you been naughty or nice? If it’s the former, Hackman’s tenacious stakeout Santa will chase you down a street, beat you with a cosh from his boot and then baffle you into spilling your guts by asking if you’ve ever been to Poughkeepsie.

A great Santa! Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa. Photograph: Allstar/Columbia

4. Kurt Russell in The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Netflix’s latest attempt to monopolise the Christmas movie market is a dud overall, but Russell channels every ounce of his square-jawed charisma to embody a swaggering Santa with a red leather jacket who does a mean Elvis impression.

3. Bill Nighy in Arthur Christmas (2011)

Technically, Jim Broadbent voices Santa in Aardman’s crammed CGI fable. But the real standout is Nighy, who drops his usual effortless urbanity to play the cackling, gurning Santa Sr, who helps his gormless grandkid save Christmas the old-fashioned way.

2. Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa (2003)

The original bawdy ballad of Willie Stokes – a selfish career criminal who dons the fur-trimmed costume for an annual scam – remains surprisingly heartwarming without ever becoming too treacly, the perfect vehicle for Thornton’s ratbag charm.

1. Richard Attenborough in Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Disreputable Santas who subvert the jolly stereotype can be fun but sometimes you just want a crinkly Kringle with half-moon glasses and a white beard who can remind everyone – even lawyers! – about the magic of Christmas. Purists might prefer the 1947 original, but the visually rich 1994 remake bathes the avuncular Attenborough in a warm glow and really makes that red suit pop.

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The Santa Clause: 3-Movie Blu-ray Collection

Have three times the fun as you celebrate the holiday season with the complete Disney’s Santa Clause trilogy, now available for the first time on Blu-ray in one spectacular box set!

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Christmas gets a little nuttier when Scott Calvin unknowingly inherits the role of the legendary St. Nick. His ordinary life snowballs into a hysterical series of outrageous events as he fills out his Santa suit, meets the future Mrs. Claus and faces the ultimate test against the mischievous Jack Frost. With a blizzard of bonus features and three magical movies, this three-disc box set includes The Santa Clause, Santa Clause 2 and Santa Clause 3, providing hours of holiday entertainment your whole family will enjoy again and again.

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  • True Confessions of the Legendary Figures – Interviews with Tooth Fairy, Mother Nature, Father Time, and Easter Bunny
  • Director’s Tour of Elfsberg featurette
  • View the film with audio commentary by director Michael Lembeck

Santa Clause 3:

  • Blooper reel
  • Alternate opening
  • Jack Frost & Mrs. Claus: A Very Different Look
  • The New Comedians: On the Set with Tim & Marty
  • Audio commentary with director Michael Lembeck
  • Creating Movie Magic: Visual Effects Secrets
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Set includes: The Santa Clause, Santa Clause 2 and Santa Clause 3
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Item No. 477451260299

It’s always interesting when the major stars of a mediocre Christmas film find their career paths changing after the writers run out of storylines. The cast of “The Santa Clause” have gone in many different directions, with some learning their lesson and moving on from acting. This list gives us updates on the recent career moves, up or down, that have taken place in the actor’s lives since the end of the trilogy.

Tim Allen

Allen was an experienced television actor when he took on the lead role of Santa. Some may also remember him from the movie “Galaxy Quest.” After “The Santa Clause” ended his next notable “acting” project was to take on the voice of the Buzz Lightyear character in the animated film “Toy Story” and its franchise followers. He returned to television, his strong suit, and starred in the sitcom “Last Man Standing” which has received solid reviews and Allen was largely responsible for its success. Up next, Allen is slated to reprise his voice-over role as Buzz Lightyear in the planned release of “Toy Story 4” next year.

Eric Lloyd (Charlie Calvin)

The childhood actor took advantage of his childhood after “The Santa Clause” snagging roles in both the movies (“Dunston Checks In”) and a television series (“Jesse”). But after his gig with “The Santa Clause” trilogy ended, he basically left acting and wanted to do more with his life. So he returned to school to finish his education and also to get involved with his band. Calvin believed his on-camera work would translate to a behind-the-camera career, which he found was not very successful for even low budget films or commercials. So he decided to return to the front of the camera, with his latest project being “The Onyx of Wall Street.”

David Krumholtz

Though he was cast as Bernard the Elf in the movie, he found greater notoriety in a movie that he did after “The Santa Clause” – “10 Things I Hate About You.” But like Allen, he found his niche on television in the series “Numb3rs” playing the role of Charlie Eppes for its full 5 season run. But Krumholtz would also make the same mistake as Lloyd and try returning to the movies appearing in films like “Harold & Kumar” and ‘This Is the End.” Some call these films “raunchy comedy” which is unbefitting for a man who once played a mathematical genius.

Judge Reinhold

Whether “The Santa Clause” was the beginning of the end for Reinhold is a matter of dispute. What is not disputed is his arrest for getting into an altercation with TSA agents at Dallas’ Love Field airport back in 2016. He is best remembered for his roles in “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” both which were popular and allowed Reinhold to shine. One of his lesser known and recognized roles was in “Ruthless People.” Now he has performed in the cable TV series “The Detour” and done some Broadway work. But he is 61 and that boyish look has long since disappeared.

Wendy Crewson

Though not a marquee name when appearing in “The Santa Clause” Wendy found her way to sidle along many of Hollywood’s top male movie leads, including Harrison Ford in “Air Force One” and Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The 6th Day.” The 21st century brought her to the lure of television where she navigated her way to being regularly cast as a doctor in such TV series as “ReGenesis” and “Saving Hope.” Count Wendy as one of the surviving success stories of “The Santa Clause” but only after she retreated, as most of the actors did, to television.

There are two actors who had major parts in “The Santa Clause” and both have disappeared from the Hollywood limelight for very different reasons. Sadly, the well-known and liked Peter Boyle died shortly after the release of “The Santa Clause 3” finale. The other, Paige Tamada who was cast as Judy the Elf, apparently stopped acting in 1999 after appearing on a number of television shows, including “Seinfeld,” “Ally McBeal,” and even finding space on Tim Allen’s own “Home Improvement” show. But you are not likely to find anything noteworthy regarding an acting career from Paige by scouring social media or the Internet for that matter. The absence of an online presence shows that Paige has had enough of acting, or prefers to just live as normal a life as possible. After 18 years we think her fans should get the hint.

— — Eric Lloyd said he is still pleasantly surprised when he is recognized for his role as Charlie Calvin, the son of Tim Allen in the holiday classic “The Santa Clause,” which was released over 20 years ago.

“People will say, ‘Did I go to high school with you, or something?’ and I’ll say, “I don’t know, maybe!” Lloyd said, laughing. “It’s one of those films that when anyone that does recognize me it’s because they really enjoyed the film. It’s those people that watch it every year and are true fans of it.

“It’s very humbling, the fan base,” he added. “They really do love the movie, so it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Lloyd, now 29, told ABC News that he began acting when he was just 18 months old, eventually landing a role as young Kevin Arnold in “The Wonder Years,” which led to his first feature as young Robert Downey Jr. in 1993’s “Heart and Souls.”

In 1994, Lloyd landed the lead child role in “The Santa Clause,” where his father, played by Tim Allen, accidentally kills Santa and is forced to take his place and deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

With the help of his mom jogging his memory, Lloyd said he can still remember being a 7-year-old playing in Santa’s workshop.

“It was awesome,” Lloyd said. “It was so much fun. What was very cool was they did have classic Santa toys like wooden trains, animatronic arms, a giant Eiffel Tower erector set, Legos. … I thought Santa was real for years after the movie, too. I kind of rationalized that we were doing a documentary about Santa Claus.”

“It was probably one of my favorite parts ,” he added. “I wish I was more like me now, back then. I was a little timid, but it was pretty much special effects. They would just put us on wires in front of the green screen and let us fly. The E.L.F.S. squad were stunt kids, so they were used to it.”

Playing opposite of one of the biggest comedic stars of the 90’s, Lloyd said he got along great with Tim Allen and the rest of the kids on set — many of them who played Santa’s elves.

“He was definitely hilarious on set,” Lloyd recalled. The comedy “was a little over my head being a kid, but it was one of the reasons the movie worked so well. Paige Tamada and David Krumholtz, who played Bernard, were pretty much two of my best friends the whole time.”

Though filming went smoothly for the most part, Lloyd revealed an off-set incident that forced producers to make last-minute changes to the schedule.

“One evening we went to a Toronto Blue Jays game. … I fell forward and hit my face and knocked both my front teeth out,” he said. “I woke up in the next day with the executive producers, line producer and the director standing over my bed, leaning over me. Being a kid actor we had molds of my teeth, so we called a dentist for a flipper and snapped it in.”

“The next day that we were shooting, we ended up filming scenes where they didn’t feature me talking, really,” Lloyd added. “We filmed the montage getting Santa ready for Christmas and the choreographed walk.”

Lloyd went on to complete “The Santa Clause” trilogy alongside Allen, with “The Santa Clause 2” in 2002 and “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause” in 2006.

“I didn’t necessarily think it was going to be as big as it was,” Lloyd said. “I got a renewed sense of pride in it when I saw the 20-year reunion video. You don’t really think about how a kid’s movie like that would be made today — with the idea of divorce in there, the dead beat dad and the intense humor. It makes me think of what a staple it is in the holiday film genre, so I’m definitely happy I was a part of it.”

Lloyd is currently single, living in L.A. and is co-owner of LP Studios, catering to filmmakers, bands and YouTube artists.

If you’re a Christmas movie fanatic, then odds are you’ve watched The Santa Clause more than a few times. We all know what Tim Allen, who stars as a dad who accidentally kills Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and has to take his place, is up to these days—but what about Eric Lloyd, the cute kid that played his son in the 1994 film?

Well, for one he’s no longer sporting a bowl cut.

Eric turns 31 on May 19, but he’s been acting since he was 18 months old, according to ABC News. As a child, he starred in the NBC show Jesse and appeared in other movies such as Batman & Robin and Heart and Souls. But of course, he’s best known for The Santa Clause trilogy—and just wait until you get a glimpse of how much he’s changed since his days as Charlie Calvin!

“People will say, ‘Did I go to high school with you, or something?’ and I’ll say, “I don’t know, maybe!” Eric told ABC News. “It’s one of those films that when anyone that does recognize me it’s because they really enjoyed the film. It’s those people that watch it every year and are true fans of it.”

Today, Eric juggles a lot of different roles in his life. His most recent acting credit is in the upcoming movie The Onyx of Wall Street (2018), and he’s married to actress Lisa Marie Tasker, according to Refinery29. He also co-owns a production company, LP Studios, and sings and plays guitar in a band called Radiomason.

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#radiomason at Darwin’s Pub in Austin TX. Photo by Steven Gabriel @thelonelyhunterrr

A post shared by Radiomason (@thebandradiomason) on Mar 24, 2014 at 2:35pm PDT

Eric says he has many cherished memories from filming The Santa Clause trilogy, and he doesn’t mind when he’s recognized by fans. “It’s very humbling, the fan base,” Eric told ABC News. “They really do love the movie, so it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Sure, it’s only May, but what better way to celebrate Eric’s 31st birthday than by queueing up a holiday movie marathon?

(h/t ABC News)

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Remember Charlie from The Santa Clause? Here’s what he looks like now

This is likely to make you feel old.

Cute little Charlie was the star of the 1994 Christmas epic, The Santa Clause.

Charlie Calvin, played by Eric Lloyd, watches as his dad Scott, played by Tim Allen, unintentionally becomes Santa.

Charlie is probably the emotional epicentre of the film, being the driving force behind his father’s transformation and of course, inspiring us all with his unwavering belief in Christmas miracles.

So what has he been up to in the 21 years since the film hit the silver screen?

Well as a child he also starred in the TV show Jesse. Then he grew up and went to college. He started a band called Radiomason and plays guitar and sings lead vocals. He studied Film Production and after graduated stared a production company called LP Studios.

All in all he seems like a cool guy. He did a Reddit AMA last year and answered the one question that’s always been on my mind. Did being in the movie not ruin his belief in Santa? He answered;

“When the first movie came out, they premiered it at the Arclight theater in Hollywood. They brought Santa in a helicopter, and I told my mom in the limo how I was going to know if he was the real Santa or not.

“I said ‘I sent him a letter asking him for this toy. But what I really want now is a kitten’.

So right then, my mom said ‘oh crap! I told him the toy!’.

So when we got to the premiere, my dad took me and my sister down the red carpet, and my mom ran to the first PA she could find, with a walkie, and said ‘You gotta radio the helicopter and tell Santa he wants a kitten!’

“When the first Santa came out of the helicopter and walked over to me, he leaned over and whispered in my ear “We’re gonna have to get you that kitten!” And my mom said my face – my eyes went so wide-eyed. And I believed that was the REAL Santa for the next 5-6 years.

“My mom was really good about keeping all those holiday things alive”.

And now we know.

Peter Boylan joins us on Girls With Goals this week to talk about his new book

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Did you miss Love Island? We have ALL the weekend action in one place!

Click play below to listen to ‘I’ve Got A Text’ now!

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