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These ‘House Bunny’ Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Anna Faris Are So, So Hilarious

A world where we barely knew who Anna Faris and Emma Stone were seems like such a strange one, but it’s officially been 10 years since the two women first came onto our radar in the 2008 comedy The House Bunny. The story of Faris’ aspiring Playboy girl Shelley helping a sorority of shy and awkward girls gain confidence is an understated classic, and the leading lady has definitely reminded us of that. These House Bunny behind-the-scenes secrets from Anna Faris are hilarious, and you’re definitely long overdue for a re-watch of this movie ASAP.

Promptly dismissed from her glamorous life in the Playboy Mansion, Shelley finds herself at the rundown sorority house for the Zeta Alpha Zetas in The House Bunny. Although the socially awkward girls are initially turned off by Shelley’s persona, they take her in when they see how easily she captures the attention of guys. As their new house mother, Shelley begins to teach the girls how to be popular and and tries to recruit enough new members for their sorority to remain active. While hanging out with young women so different from herself, Shelley also falls for Colin Hanks’ Oliver, a smart guy who definitely isn’t the same as men she’s dated in the past.

Cute clothes, female friendships, and essentially a young Tom Hanks clone as a love interest? Why isn’t this movie talked about more often?

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In honor of The House Bunny’s anniversary, Faris posted some behind-the-scenes secrets about the film on Twitter. As expected from the funny Faris, some tweets veered more on the humorous side, but I wouldn’t necessarily complain if she decides to work on a House Bunny sequel about Shelley’s dark path to meth addiction.

Taking a more serious note, Faris then revealed that it took 24 times for the House Bunny team to sell the movie pitch and that in order to gauge such an intense reaction from other actresses when Shelley meets the sorority girls, Faris spoke in a surprise funny voice.

As with any movie involving fashion in some way, Faris pulled a Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde and kept several pieces of Shelley’s wardrobe. After suspecting that she had more than 70 costume changes throughout the film, Faris also tweeted that five pairs of Shelley’s shoes essentially sat unused in her house because she’s “forgotten how to walk in them.” Same, girl, same.

In The House Bunny, Faris joined a cast that also included Stone, American Idol alum Katharine McPhee, Kat Dennings, Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams, and Rumer Willis. Also celebrating the movie’s milestone, McPhee quoted what’s inarguably the best line in cinematic history on her Twitter, while Dennings shared an alternate title for the movie on Instagram. Kudos to this film’s casting department, because it managed to find stars whose careers have only skyrocketed since The House Bunny premiered.

Since The House Bunny, Faris’ presence in comedy has only increased. She has starred on the CBS sitcom Mom since 2013 and headlined several blockbuster comedies such as Overboard and Take Me Home Tonight. The actress also shares portions of her personal life with fans through her podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified. Who would’ve thought that the bubbly blonde at the center of The House Bunny would be such a household name today?

Happy birthday, The House Bunny! Thanks for helping us discover a love for the word “manhole” and an appreciation of our eyes as the nipples of the face.

Anna Faris originally pitched her character in ‘The House Bunny’ as a crystal meth addict.

The beloved 2008 comedy saw Faris play former Playboy bunny Shelley Darlingson who becomes the house mother of an unpopular university sorority when she’s kicked out of the Playboy Mansion and this week is the movie’s tenth anniversary.

To mark the momentous date, the 41-year-old actress has taken to her Twitter account to share an array of facts about the film, including her pitch to the writers.

She tweeted: “The House Bunny is 10 years old today – fun fact – I originally pitched to the writers that my character was a meth addict- they nodded their heads and said, “or… she can be a house mom at a sorority! (sic)”

Faris also revealed that the scene in which she shocks her co-stars, Emma Stone, Katherine McPhee, Rumer Willis and Kat Dennings, with a deep scary voice – was totally improvised.

She said: “Another fun fact – at the last minute, the director told me to do a funny voice as I was introduced to the sorority girls and that’s what came out of my mouth – the shock on the girl’s faces is very real.”

The ‘What’s Your Number’ star also revealed she still owns several pairs of shoes she had to wear in the film as Shelley.

She said: “I still have 5 pairs of Shelley’s shoes – but I’ve forgotten how to walk in them – and I’m afraid I’ll fall if I try. I think I had over 70 costume changes – if anyone wants to do the math for me please do.”

Anna Faris and Katharine McPhee Celebrate The House Bunny’s 10th Anniversary in Sweet Instagrams

Anna Faris in The House Bunny.

Happy birthday to The House Bunny!

The 2008 comedy starring Anna Faris, Katharine McPhee, Emma Stone, Kat Dennings and Rumer Willis turns ten years old today and three of the stars took to Instagram to celebrate.

The movie starred Faris as a Playboy bunny who gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion when she is deemed too old to be a model. After leaving the mansion, she joins a college sorority as its house mom, teaching a group of geeky, awkward girls how to gain confidence and live their best lives.

In order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the release date of the movie, the stars took to social media. McPhee posted a picture on Instagram of her, Willis, Stone and Faris at the MTV Movie Awards in 2008.

McPhee called the movie “ICONIC, if I do say so myself” in her Instagram post, adding, “Today marks the 10 year anniversary of The House Bunny.” She also added the hashtag #WhereMyZetasAt, in reference to the sorority featured in the film.

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Faris joined in on the fun, posting a shot of her character from the movie on Instagram.

Faris captioned the post, “Ten years ago- I couldn’t believe I was wandering around the Playboy Mansion wearing this – I love you guys and thank you for your love”.

But the iconic film may have ended up with a different look and a different title. Dennings also took to Instagram, posting an alternate movie poster for the film, which also included an alternate title, I Know What Boys Like.

Dennings captioned the post, “IMPORTANT ALTERNATE TITLE/POSTERS”.

Since then, the stars of The House Bunny have continued to shine in Hollywood. Most notably, Stone won the Best Actress Oscar in 2017 for her role in La La Land.

Faris, who recently separated from husband Chris Pratt, stars in the television show Mom, about to begin airing its sixth season on CBS. Dennings starred on another CBS sitcom, 2 Broke Girls.

McPhee recently announced her engagement to musician David Foster and just ended a run on Broadway in the musical Waitress.

Anna Faris is a household name for so many reasons, but her one movie we’ll never stop talking about is The House Bunny. caught up with the 42-year-old while she was promoting Klondike’s new “What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar?” campaign, and she told us that she still thinks about Shelley Darlingson and all of her Zeta sisters, too.

In fact, Anna revealed that she would love to do a House Bunny sequel, and even has Shelley’s storyline picked. “I was thinking maybe Shelley becomes a country singer, although, I can’t sing. But I bet Shelley could,” she says.

We got our hopes up even higher when we heard her share the same idea earlier this month, during an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Before you get too excited, Anna said there aren’t any official conversations happening, but she’s so happy for all the love that remains for the film today.

“We pitched that movie 24 times and we didn’t sell it ‘til the 24th time,” she says. “I thought there was a world where the innocent with a good heart wasn’t quite as innocent as one would think. And female friendship and all that corny stuff, but I believed in it.”

It’s clear that she remains friends with several of her costars from the film. Over the past year and a half, she’s hosted Katharine McPhee, Kat Dennings, and Colin Hanks on her podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified.

And while we can’t speak for the rest of The House Bunny stars, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the film, Katharine took to Instagram to gush about it, making us believe she would also be on board for another movie.

View this post on Instagram

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of The House Bunny. ICONIC, if I do say so myself. (*not pictured @katdenningsss, but I love you queen) #WhereMyZetasAt

A post shared by Katharine McPhee Foster (@katharinefoster) on Aug 22, 2018 at 10:32am PDT

“Today marks the 10 year anniversary of The House Bunny,” she captioned a photo with Rumer Willis, Emma Stone, and Anna. “ICONIC, if I do say so myself.”

We agree, Katharine. Until then, we’re anxiously awaiting promos showing Shelley in a cowboy hat.

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Anna Faris has played a load of memorable comedic roles, from her breakout performance as Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie franchise and current role as Christy Plunkett in CBS’ sitcom Mom. One of those beloved roles is also as Playboy Playmate, Shelley Darlington in the 2008 movie, The House Bunny. Faris’ Shelley was a model ousted from the Playboy Mansion who took refuge in a sorority house as their house mother. She whipped the uncool group of sorority sisters (Emma Stone, Kat Dennings and Katherine McPhee, among others) into the most popular girls on campus. recently chatted with the 42-year-old actress via phone about her partnership with Clorox and, and took a second to ask if she would ever be up to return for a sequel to The House Bunny. She said she’s totally in and even has an idea for what Shelley is up to nowadays.

“Oh, man. I would love to (make a new House Bunny movie),” Faris said. “It’s such a huge compliment to me that that movie has found sort of this afterlife. I get people in a grocery store like coming up to me and speaking to me in a gravelly voice. I mean, that movie was such a passion project for me, and I can’t believe that we made it, and I can’t believe that people still really love it.”

Faris adds she would “love to play Shelley again” and shared what the Playmate with a heart of gold is up to more than 10 years later.

“I always imagined that Shelley was like a country singer — like not a great country singer — in Nashville working at a bar,” she said.

While this might rev up fans’ hopes for The House Bunny 2, Faris did note that she doesn’t “know if anybody’s putting up the money” for a sequel.

Aside form dreaming up a House Bunny movie set in Music City, Faris has been focusing on Mom, mothering her 7-year-old son Jack Pratt, her podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified and charitable efforts such as the Clorox/ campaign.

“I wanted to partner up with Clorox for this back to school season, for a couple of reasons. One, I feel like I’m a sanitary person, but I’m not the tidiest person. So, I use Clorox wipes all the time because they’re so easy and they kill 99.9 percent of germs,” Faris said.

(Photo: Diane Bondareff/Invision for Clorox/AP Images)

Of the efforts made with the campaign, Faris shares Clorox has donated $150,000 to, which she touts is amazing.

” a fantastic organization that allows teachers to submit projects they need for the classroom so they can help create safe creative work spaces and that means a lot to me,” she said. “I have three family members that are educators, so I understand that resources get stretched, so it’s really important to me.”


Mom returns to CBS on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET. The House Bunny is available physically or digitally on all major platforms, and it is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Anna Faris is her generation’s Goldie Hawn, except Hollywood has taken its sweet time realizing what a comedy genius they have on their collective hands. Whether you’re talking her bread and butter, the Scary Movie franchise, or her scene-stealing turns in flicks like Just Friends, Waiting…, and even Lost in Translation (in which she unwittingly parodied Cameron Diaz), Faris consistently manages to make the movies around her better and, most often, funnier. Finally, after years of hard work, it looks like she’s about to get her due with The House Bunny, a movie she conceived after wondering what happens to a sheltered Playboy mansion fixture, like any of the “girls next door,” when she’s forced to reenter the real world. In Faris’s imagination, the girl becomes a sorority mother to a house full of campus’s geekiest chicks. Here’s what she had to say to me on the subject …

Cole Haddon: How did you prepare for playing a spacey aspiring Playboy bunny, and to what extent could you, you know, relate to a spacey aspiring Playboy bunny?

Anna Faris: Um, I would like to say that I slept with Hef, but I’ll dispel that rumor right now . No, I was thinking about three years ago about what happens when it’s time for the next phase of life for some of these girls who have lived in the Playboy mansion? I pitched the character … and, the next thing you know, we’re shooting at the Playboy mansion. I have to admit, I did very little to emotionally prepare to play Shelly Darlington. I guess she’s always been in there somewhere.

CH: You had to sit through three hours of make-up every day. But those shoes’ heels looked a lot more daunting.

AF: Shelly, y’know, she’s got a lot of hair. She likes a lot of makeup. We had to do a lot of body make-up and make-up to make my cleavage look bigger. But, yeah, the shoes … strapping in. It was like, yeah, it was a challenge. The shoes I loved. As I think everyone knows, I kept them all. I still will put them on at night and trot around.

CH: Has Hef seen the movie yet?

AF: Yes, yes … he loves it. He’s been an incredible support system. His girls are in it . It definitely was thrilling to see him act in a movie we conceived.

CH: You came up with the idea behind The House Bunny and ended up an executive producer on it. Can you discuss in contrast the satisfaction you get from actually generating a movie and working on it all the way to the premiere?

AF: It was amazing. Very inspiring and empowering, and also eye opening because I had no idea how difficult it was to make a movie and to put all the pieces together. We thankfully had the support of my writers, would still be twiddling my thumbs thinking, “Where would that Playboy bunny go?” I’ve got to say I wasn’t getting a chance to play the roles that I really wanted to and so this felt like, “Oh, so maybe I can do this and maybe I can continue to do this.” Which would be amazing.

CH: In the end Shelly doesn’t end up doing the centerfold. What does that say about empowerment and a publication like Playboy?

AF: I don’t think it’s a stand against not being a model. I think Shelly will always be a little vain, and love her wardrobe, and her curves or whatever. But, I think it’s more about finding her real family and that she realized that she doesn’t belong in that world anymore. But I don’t think it’s necessarily a judgment against that world.

CH: Considering Hef’s and Playboy’s involvement, I’m curious if he offered you a chance to pose in those hallowed pages?

AF: Just keep your eye out for maybe the September issue . I have to cryptic about these things, I’m instructed to be.