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UPDATE: The internet was correct! The Butterfly was revealed to be Michelle Williams! Head below for all the clues that it was her.

Okay, you’re here, so it’s pretty safe to assume you’ve fallen victim to watching The Masked Singer. Don’t worry, it’s okay—I can totally understand why! After working your very stressful 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift, the last thing you wanna do is watch television that will stress you out! And just like that, in comes The Masked Singer, perhaps the most delightfully preposterous competition show to hit television in recent years. The show has blessed us with celebs cosplaying as food, inanimate objects, actual animals…literally anything and everything.

Now, season 2 of The Masked Singer is BACK and better than ever, baby! And with that comes all the bets and predictions on who’s who behind the masks. People have been solidifying their guesses for the Flamingo (Adrienne Bailon, maybe) and the Fox (Jeremy Renner, is that you?), so it’s only natural that theories are coming in about the majestic, glittering Butterfly…who may or may not be Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. I was skeptical at first, but the evidence really adds up. Let’s discuss!

The telling clues

In the Butterfly’s identity teaser, it said, “After achieving success in many stages of life, I found myself terrified by the one place I used to call home.” First of all, awww. Second of all, this totally sounds like Michelle.

The “many stages of life” could very well reference all the years she spent performing onstage with Destiny’s Child before they officially called it quits in 2005!

And when the Butterfly later said it was “terrified by the one place I used to call home,” a picture of London flashed in the clip. This could possibly be referring to when Michelle was living in London while she performed as Roxie Hart in the play Chicago.

Perhaps the most telling clue is when the Butterfly said, “I’m here to take you to church. Can I get an amen?” Michelle is known for her love of gospel, so much so that she released three solo gospel albums.

This ICONIC performance of “Bang Bang”

Literally from the moment the Butterfly opened its mouth to sing, I had a sneaking suspicion it was totally Michelle. Someone with this much agility in their voice MUST be an industry veteran, which Michelle totally is. Being one of three members of Destiny’s Child means you must have talent and skill, amirite?

People in the comments definitely agree and are thoroughly convinced that only Michelle could sound like this. I mean:

“Michelle from Destiny’s Child is killing the game right about now!” “This is Michelle Williams and y’all are going to put some respect on her name.” “On the notion that we all know it’s Michelle Williams, how did a voice like THIS get so much hate when in DC?!” “C’mon, we all know this is Michelle Williams. She sick of being just the third member of Destiny’s Child and not even the most famous Michelle Williams.” “Michelle is HERE! She like, ‘Beyoncé ain’t the only one that can SLAY!’ All three Destiny’s Child women…AMAZING! Michelle is doing her thing…AND the band arrangement is SICK!”

This video showcasing Michelle’s high notes

One fan of Michelle’s was crafty enough to find a video of Michelle singing and SLAYING some high notes in a live performance. The fan then put The Masked Singer performance of “Bang Bang” directly after, and the similarities are striking, to say the least. Michelle and the Butterfly even do the same hand and arm movements when performing! A coincidence? I think not.

@MaskedSingerFOX i cracked the code. I knew that it was @RealMichelleW from the very first promo. #TheMaskedSinger #MaskedSinger #MichelleWilliamsSinger she can sing. Girl i love you and i want you to win💜💜💜💜 #FearlessPerformer

— Espeon The Magician (@Arubaro333) October 12, 2019

That being said, the internet unanimously agrees that Michelle is the Butterfly, and there are tons of tweets to prove it!

@MaskedSingerFOX After watching the first episode here are my guesses for the contestants so far 🤔
🐞Lady bug-Kelly Osborne
👾Thingamajig-Victor oladipo
💀Skeleton-Dan Aykeroyd or Alex Winter
🐶Rottweiler-Chris Daughtry
🌲Tree-Yvette Nicole Brown
🦋Butterfly-Michelle Williams

— sarah Bohannan (@BohannanSarah) October 2, 2019

The #MaskedSinger is on tonight! Here’s my guesses on the remaining masks from last week’s show!
Skeleton: Paul Shaffer
Ladybug: Kelly Osbourne
Butterfly: Michelle Williams
Thingamagig: Victor Oladipo
Tree: Ana Gasteyer
Rottweiler: Chris Daughtry

— Kat (@mamakat115) October 2, 2019 — Bonnie Krueger (@gsxrbon) September 30, 2019

Keep tuned to see my guesses for #maskedsinger
Guesses so far: I’ll update and probably change as the show goes on
Rottweiler: Chris Daughtry
Skeleton: Paul Shaffer
Lady Bug: Kelly Clarkson
Butterfly: Michelle Williams or Kelly Rowland

— ♥Cassie♥ (@CreatureRoseMIW) September 28, 2019

Okay so I am kinda catching up on the masked singer.
I think that the Butterfly is Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child.
The Flamingo is that chick from The Cheetah Girls. Adrienne.
Skeleton I think is Dana Carvey from SNL.
I thought Ladybug might be Kelly Osborne.

— 🌹🍕 Tracy 🍕 🌹 (@FrickingKaos) September 27, 2019

Okay and on top of all THAT, the Butterfly had a car salesman reference in her clues—and a rudimentary Google search of “Michelle Williams” + “car salesman” brings up the fact that her dad did, in fact, sell cars when she was growing up. I mean…c’mon! Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child is definitely the Butterfly, and if you think otherwise, your ears need cleaning!

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‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals the Identity of the Butterfly

Spoiler Warning: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Dec. 4’s episode of “The Masked Singer,” “Clash of the Masks.”

With seven masked singers left, Wednesday night’s episode of “,” titled “Clash of the Masks,” revealed that the celebrity behind the Butterfly was Michelle Williams.

After four contestants split into duos, the Fox with the Butterfly and the Thingamajig with the Tree, the audience voted for who would remain safe in each pair. The remaining two contestants participated in a face-off challenge. The Butterfly and the Thingamajig sang “Believer” by Imagine Dragons and “Caught Up” by Usher, respectively. But the audience ultimately voted the Butterfly off.

Joel McHale returned to join panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thick and Nicole Scherzinger.

McCarthy, Scherzinger, and Thick correctly thought the Butterfly was Williams, while Jeong thought she was the Spice Girls’ Mel B. McHale guessed Victoria Beckham.

Williams was brought to tears during the reveal.

“It was a beautiful experience,” she said. “Yes, I’ve been on big stages, but for me personally, this was something for me to know, like, ‘No, you got this.’ What a confidence builder. And, um,” she choked up. “You’re right, you know? I haven’t worked all year since December of last year. So this was a way to come back strong, and I’m so glad to share with y’all.”

The remaining contestants, including the Fox, the Thingamajig, the Rottweiler, the Flamingo, the Tree, and the Leopard, will go on to compete next Tuesday, with the final five on Wednesday.

Nine contestants had already been unmasked on Fox’s hit show.

In the season premiere, the Egg was revealed to be Olympic figure skater Jonny Weir, while Ice Cream was unmasked as professional gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The second episode saw the revelation of the Eagle as Dr. Drew Pinsky; none of the panelists guessed his identity, including McCarthy, who worked with him on MTV. Retired heavyweight boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali, was also unmasked as the Panda.

Paul Shaffer turned out to be the Skeleton, though Jeong was sure it was Martin Short. Actress, comedian, and former co-host of “The View” Sherri Shepherd was the Penguin, and Raven-Symone was the Black Widow — though guest judge Anthony Anderson couldn’t figure out her identity despite her guest role on his series, “Black-ish.” “The Talk” host Kelly Osbourne was revealed as the Ladybug, while just two weeks ago the Flower’s recognizable vocals turned out to be Godmother of Soul Patti LaBelle.

“I knew that Nick knew, and I knew you all knew,” LaBelle admitted, speaking of her close relationship with series host and friend Nick Cannon.

Kelly Rowland Denies She’s the Butterfly on The Masked Singer amid Fan Speculation

Looks like fans of The Masked Singer can rule out one potential celebrity performer.

During an appearance on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Kelly Rowland addressed rumors she’s competing on the undercover Fox singing competition series — denying that she’s the Butterfly, as many have suspected.

“I promise I’m not doing The Masked Singer,” the Destiny’s Child alum, 38, told host Andy Cohen.

When Cohen grilled Rowland more about it — pointing out that Patti LaBelle appeared on the show after she had told him otherwise — Rowland doubled down.

“By the way, I have asked people as well because I’ve watched, and I’ve been lied to too,” Rowland said. “So we stand in the same position.”

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Image zoom Kelly Rowland and The Butterfly on The Masked Singer Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Michael Becker/FOX

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A total of 16 celebrities are competing on season 2 of The Masked Singer, which premiered back in September.

So far, figure skating champ Johnny Weir, gamer Ninja, boxer Laila Ali, celebrity doctor Dr. Drew Pinsky, bandleader Paul Shaffer, comedian Sherri Shepherd, actress Raven-Simoné, Fashion Police alum Kelly Osbourne, and Grammy winner Patti LaBelle have all been unmasked.

Meanwhile, judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke have been among those throwing Rowland’s name around as a potential inhabitant of the Butterfly costume.

In her clue video, the Butterfly spoke out about metamorphosis, explaining that “after achieving success in many stages of life” she was ready for a change.

Of course, Rowland’s Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams has also been suggested, as has Leona Lewis — who could be more in line with the Butterfly’s apparent ties to London (she also referenced the phrase “bleeding love,” which would be a callback to her Lewis’ 2007 signature song).

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Fox.

  • By Dave Quinn @NineDaves

Looks like fans of The Masked Singer can rule out one potential celebrity performer.

During an appearance on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Kelly Rowland addressed rumors she’s competing on the undercover Fox singing competition series — denying that she’s the Butterfly, as many have suspected.

“I promise I’m not doing The Masked Singer,” the Destiny’s Child alum, 38, told host Andy Cohen.

When Cohen grilled Rowland more about it — pointing out that Patti LaBelle appeared on the show after she had told him otherwise — Rowland doubled down.

“By the way, I have asked people as well because I’ve watched, and I’ve been lied to too,” Rowland said. “So we stand in the same position.”

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Kelly Rowland and The Butterfly on The Masked Singer | Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Michael Becker/FOXMore

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A total of 16 celebrities are competing on season 2 of The Masked Singer, which premiered back in September.

So far, figure skating champ Johnny Weir, gamer Ninja, boxer Laila Ali, celebrity doctor Dr. Drew Pinsky, bandleader Paul Shaffer, comedian Sherri Shepherd, actress Raven-Simoné, Fashion Police alum Kelly Osbourne, and Grammy winner Patti LaBelle have all been unmasked.

Meanwhile, judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke have been among those throwing Rowland’s name around as a potential inhabitant of the Butterfly costume.

In her clue video, the Butterfly spoke out about metamorphosis, explaining that “after achieving success in many stages of life” she was ready for a change.

Of course, Rowland’s Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams has also been suggested, as has Leona Lewis — who could be more in line with the Butterfly’s apparent ties to London (she also referenced the phrase “bleeding love,” which would be a callback to her Lewis’ 2007 signature song).

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Fox.

Michelle Williams opened up about being electrocuted on the set of The Masked Singer. Audiences weren’t aware it was her when the incident happened, but she can finally speak out.

Williams’ journey on The Masked Singer wasn’t easy. After being unmasked, the Destiny’s Child singer revealed that she struggled with her mental health before she joined the show. She even broke down on stage on her last night and said she did not know for the longest time if she was actually talented. Then, as she gave it her all and stood out as a serious contender on the competition show, her physical health was put into harm’s way following a technical slip-up on the set of the show. Now Williams is opening up about her dangerous experience.


After making it far in season 2 of The Masked Singer, Williams is now sharing what it felt like to be electrocuted while performing on stage. According to Us Weekly, the incident occurred during a dress rehearsal, and she said that she was standing on a platform singing while the crew was trying to make C02 emit around her. While singing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” the smoke machine short-circuited and electrocuted her. Williams said that she then looked down at her shoe, and it had been split in two. When originally interviewed about the accident – before her identity was revealed – Williams laughed the incident off, saying she was fine, but did not want to be “dead on a prayer.” Thankfully, Williams was not seriously hurt from the electrocution.


Williams also went on to discuss what it was like dressing up as a giant butterfly. She revealed that her costume was actually fairly easy to put on, taking her only ten minutes. The Grammy winner explained that her costume was one piece – aside from the wings and, of course, the mask. That said, if there was one issue with the costume, it was the headpiece. The antennas wouldn’t fit through doorways, so she had to walk sideways.

Even though Williams/Butterfly was eliminated on December 4, the singer said the show helped her immensely when it came to her feeling insecure about her voice. Naturally, her talent speaks (or singers, rather) for itself – especially given the fact that she is one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, opposite Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland. That said, even though her exposure on the show is likely to stir up Destiny’s Child reunion rumors, Williams confirmed that fan’s shouldn’t get too excited.


The Masked Singer air on Wednesday at 8 PM EST on Fox

Source: Us Weekly

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The Masked Singer‘s Butterfly has kept herself in a cocoon of sorts for the past year. A split from a fiancé, the resurgence of depression and a medically mandated withdrawal from a Broadway show will do that to a person. But with Wednesday’s unmasking — and the revelation that the Winged One was former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams —the singer says she’s feeling good and ready to go… albeit slowly.

“A new start for me is a new start that includes pacing myself, not people-pleasing and saying yes to everything. Or trying to meet somebody else’s deadlines at the expense of my health. I’m not doing that anymore,” Williams tells TVLine. “The new start is saying no to things, no matter what it is. If I feel like it’s gonna drain me, I don’t want to do it. I’ve been in that place, and it’s been feeling good to say no.” She laughs. “When you’ve been running around for two years straight, you can take a year of no.”

Read on for more of Williams’ thoughts on her reality-show metamorphosis (and why she feels really bad about lying to a bunch of elves). (And read a full recap of the episode here.)

TVLINE | Everyone who performs on the show says how hot and cumbersome the outfits are. Can you remember a moment when that all fell away, and it was just you and the music? When you weren’t conscious of being in a giant butterfly costume?
Oh no no no. To me, once I get past the first two or three seconds and I see that I’m still alive on stage, then you just go for it. It’s amazing what adrenaline can do. You can have the worst sinus headache or not feel well, and once you perform, you’re like, “Oh, I’m OK!” That’s what adrenaline does. You just go out there and you do what you’re taught. You do what you practiced. Go out there and have as much fun as you can.

TVLINE | You mentioned that the show was a comeback for you. You’ve laid low the past year, living in Atlanta. Are you still based there?
I am, actually. I didn’t think I’d ever want to live in Atlanta, but when I tell you, it’s been good for me. A great tribe of support is down there for me, and that’s where I’m going to stay for right now.

TVLINE | What did the last year look like for you? You were resting a bit and taking care of yourself.
A lot of therapy. I was with my trainer every day working out. There’s an amazing retreat that I would go to in a little town called Hiddenite called Living Waters and that’s just been my safe place.

TVLINE | You’ve mentioned that some famous people guessed you were Butterfly, but what about the people in your day-to-day life?
Oh of course. I was getting text messages from my first cousins, and they were like, “We know that’s you!” I just called my aunt one day, just to check on her and see how she was doing, and somehow she threw it in. I thought we were getting ready to say goodbye, and she was like, “All right now, Miss Butterfly!” I was like, “Aunt Jackie, what are you talking about?!” I did a lot of lying, September to now.

TVLINE | I know lying can be a necessary evil. But my parents were big on not lying growing up.
Mmm-hmm. Yup. Yup.

TVLINE | And we all lie every now and then. But it eats me up when I do it!
It does. I’ve been in this Christmas musical, it’s called A Snow White Christmas, and there are two sets of dwarves… I hated lying to those kids. They would run up to me, “Michelle! Michelle! Is that you on The Masked Singer?” And I would say, “Honey, how could that be me when I’m here with you?”

TVLINE | You try to evade rather than outright lie.
Yeah! They were like, “OK, I guess that makes sense.” Because in their mind, it’s live. In their mind, it’s happening right then and there. It’s funny, because even today, at the matinee, a young girl was like, “So, were you there last night?” And I was like, “No, I was here last night.” Oh my God, I’ve had to lie to the children!

TVLINE | Last December marked your lowest point. Would you have ever thought then that, by this December, you’d be up on stage in a big butterfly outfit?
You know what’s so crazy? My cousin mentioned the fact that this time last year, in two days it’ll mark about a year that I had to be medically called out of . And here I am a year later, like you said, getting rave reviews for performances on The Masked Singer. I’m in another stage production. Either this is rewriting my story, or this is a new chapter in the story.

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“The Masked Singer” now has just seven celebrities still in the hunt to win season 2. Four of these — disguised as the Butterfly, Flamingo, Thingamajig and Tree — took to the stage on December 4. They sang for the audience votes and hoped to avoid being the one contestant sent home by the four judges (Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke).

Of this quartet, the strongest singer is the Butterfly. She first wowed us with her talent back in week 1 when she covered “Bang Bang,” the hit dance tune by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. She returned in week 4 with a toe-tapping version of “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. She was back the following week and floored us with her cover of “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones.

We’ve watched these three performances over and over again. And we’ve scoured her clues video to try and figure out just who is hiding inside the Butterfly costume. Keeping reading for the first of this week’s “The Masked Singer” spoilers.

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We are convinced that the Butterfly is Michelle Williams, who is best known for being in Destiny’s Child alongside Beyonce. Don’t believe us? Well consider the following:

On her clues video, the Butterfly says, “I’m here to take you to church”; Michelle has recorded a slew of gospel songs, and had a huge hit in 2014 with “Say Yes.”

The clues video includes a photo of the London skyline; Michelle got rave reviews for starring in the West End production of the musical “Chicago.”

Besides that stint in the London production, Williams also starred in the Broadway version of “Chicago.” And she headlined two other Broadway musicals:”Aida” and “Once on This Island”: as a group, “The Masked Singer” contestants have been on Broadway 22 times.

Destiny’s Child enjoyed huge success with five platinum albums, of which three went multi-platinum. As a group, the 16 contestants on “The Masked Singer” have earned 20 platinum and 6 multi-platinum discs.

Destiny’s Child won three Grammys and racked up 14 nominations. Collectively, “The Masked Singer” contenders took home 10 Grammys from 42 nominations.

The Butterfly admits to being concerned that her costume could be her literal downfall. Michelle took a tumble when she and Destiny’s Child were performing on BET back in 2004.

We won’t know if we are correct about Williams being the Butterfly until she is eliminated or wins “The Masked Singer” season 2. Do you think we’ve guessed right? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts.

Before the second season of The Masked Singer premiered on September 25, fans of the guessing game / singing competition were already trying to uncover the identity of the show’s costumed competitors. One creature that immediately caught people’s attention — both for its ensemble and vocals — was the Butterfly. Although guesses on the singers’ identities tend to be pretty varied, fans were in agreement all season about who the Butterfly was on The Masked Singer. And the judges finally caught on by the end too.

Who Is the Butterfly on The Masked Singer?

Throughout the whole season the fans and eventually the judges thought the Butterfly was former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams. When her identity was revealed in the Dec. 4 episode, it turned out we’d all been right all along.

The Butterfly’s performance has many believing they are a trained singer. Gary Gershoff

From the start, the clues immediately pointed at Williams. One clue package said that the Butterfly “achieved success in many stages of life.” Although Williams is mainly known for sharing a stage with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, she also spent some time on the Broadway stage. According to Playbill, Williams made her Broadway debut in 2003 as the title role of Aidia. Since then, she has starred in several other plays, including The Color Purple and Once on This Island. A Playbill was also recently featured in one of her clue packages, further pointing to Williams.

The Butterfly also promised that she would, “take you to church,” implying they are religious or, at the very least, strong in their faith. Throughout her career, Williams has released four solo gospel albums and spoke openly about her faith.

Once the clue videos started to hint that the Butterfly was a former girl band member, there was basically no one to guess but Williams. One of the clues hinted at her being part of a girl band break up, which she said led to herself having break downs. Williams used to be part of the group Destiny’s Child and she has been public about her struggle with depression. She also said she has a butterfly tattoo, which eagle-eyed fans know Williams has.

Butterfly is def. Michelle Williams. #SayMyName #TheMaskedSinger

— M. Fernanda🌵🌹 (@amourverde) October 17, 2019

Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child has butterfly tattoos. Again…thanks Google. #TheMaskedSinger

— Laura Adams Stiansen (@AdamsStiansen) October 17, 2019

Some of the judges and fans had briefly tossed around the idea that the Butterfly could have been a Spice Girl thanks to a clue package where she said the line, “If you want my future, forget my past.” That’s a lyric from the Spice Girls song “Wannabe,” so some fans on Twitter thought the Butterfly could be someone like “Scary Spice” aka Mel B. Like Williams, Mel B. also once performed on Broadway in Chicago where she even sang a bit of “Wannabe” during a performance. The Dec. 4 clue package also showed a teapot labeled “Hot” which is the name of one of Mel B.’s solo albums. But it turned out that the Hot 100 clue was actually in reference to Williams’ Billboard charting songs. As for the random Spice Girls reference? Williams once said the Spice Girls were a huge influence on Destiny’s Child.

After she was unmasked, Williams teared up as she explained how much this show has meant to her. “It was a beautiful experience,” she said. “This was something for me to know ‘no, you got this!’ What a confidence builder.”

Williams has long been lumped together with or overshadowed by her fellow Destiny’s Child members, but this was a chance for Williams to shine all on her own. It was so much fun hearing her sing each week. And, it doesn’t hurt that we now have the satisfaction of knowing we were totally right about her identity the whole time. Take that Ken Jeong!

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The Butterfly knows you recognized her on The Masked Singer, and she blames herself


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Warning: This article contains spoilers about Wednesday’s episode of The Masked Singer.

Time to fly away home, Butterfly: the great Michelle Williams — the songstress, not the actress — was the latest contestant to de-robe on Fox music competition The Masked Singer. Here, the 40-year-old member of Destiny’s Child confesses that she probably should have taken some of the soul out of her music because it was just too easy for viewers to guess her identity.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you consider for a second that maybe you should try to disguise your voice? The minute you sang “Bang Bang,” your fans had you pegged.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS: I know! First of all, I’m a church girl, and I come from the church of great music and singing. I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me to try to disguise my voice, but mainstream hasn’t really heard my voice. I mean I sang in a group where I didn’t do a lot of the lead vocals, so I was like, “They might think they know, but they don’t know my voice! They’re not going to pick up on it. And they’ll be like, Michelle wouldn’t do the show!” But then the music director’s arrangements were so amazing and they hit my soul. I was like, what am I supposed to do with these arrangements? I’ve got to go out here and kill it! It was a mixture of that and then the song I did from Norah Jones, “Don’t Know Why,” they’re definitely not going pick up that it’s me because it’s a different kind of song. Although it is my favorite type of jazz that my voice does good in. I was excited because they weren’t going to know it’s me. I don’t know. Apparently my high register gives it away. That’s what I was told. “Bang Bang” is like gospel to me. I probably should have chosen songs total opposite of anything I’m known for, which is gospel. I should have done some rappin’ or something.

After you sang “Bang Bang,” someone wrote on a YouTube that you ‘almost caught the Holy Ghost toward the end’ and how you did the old church shuffle.
That’s why I’m telling you music keeps me in a different way. And this whole year I was kind of in a shell, just kind of, um, I took some time off this year and music hits you different when you are in a different place like spiritually. I was meditating and working on my heart, my soul, and my mind this entire year. So when I grabbed that mic, it just hit me in a different way. So I don’t know, sorry to the show. I barely worked this year. In 20 years, I had never taken pretty much the year off. When they asked me about The Masked Singer, I said I’d love to do it. No one’s gonna know it’s me. I didn’t care about how I looked when I showed up to the studio because no one knew. I also did it this year because last year people thought I was on the show.

Robin thought you were on the show last year!
Yes, definitely. I’ll tell you, first of all, my social media feeds started blowing up. I’d go, “Oh Lord, what happened now? Who said I said something? What in the world happened?” I started seeing me tagged in a lot of Masked Singer stuff and I was like, oh no, no, that’s not me. This year I’m getting the same thing, of course. And I’ve had to lie. I’ve been lying since September. I’ve been lying, lying, lying. But this is what I do, especially when I had to not tell people like about when Destiny’s Child was going to make a surprise appearance together. People would say, “Hey, are y’all doing the Super Bowl?’ Nope, I don’t know what you’re talking about, knowing full well I was on a plane headed to rehearsals. So I knew how to kind of keep a secret. I’m in this Christmas musical now and a lot of the kids are running up to me saying, “Hey, are you on The Masked Singer?” And I was like, “No, I’m here in North Carolina with you guys!” They have been asking me to come into their rooms and watch The Masked Singer. It’s because they know it’s me. So they just want to see my reaction while watching the show with them. I’m not that good of a liar.

Has anyone huge or famous called you in the last month asking if it’s you?
Yeah, yeah. I’m getting lots of phone calls. I even saw a tweet and I saved it. Donnie Osmond said that I was his favorite character on The Masked Singer this year. Now I can tweet him back and say “Thank you. I love you too!”

So tell me about that head-dress. Could you see anything?
I could barely see anything. I would have to lift my head at a certain angle to kind of see. I could barely breathe. But the costume was so fierce! I said “Listen…” — I almost passed out from the heat one time — I said, “you know what? I’ll be fierce laying on this floor.” It was definitely heavy but it was well worth it. The Butterfly just spoke to me. That’s what I am in this moment.

There were some people who thought you kind of looked like a moth. Those buggy eyes.
Wait a minute? That’s what people are saying? Okay. Okay. I hadn’t picked that up. What are butterfly eyes? I got an A in zoology. Now you got me looking at moth eyes. Oh well. It was cute, who cares.

Image zoom Michael Becker/FOX

What is the show you are doing right now?
It’s called A Snow White Christmas. The Lythgoe family produces it. It’s panto-style theater where the audience can boo and cheer. I’m playing the wicked queen. The audience is told, “When the wicked queen comes out, boo her!” Most of the time in theater, kids and everybody are told to be real quiet. Here, you’re encouraged to interact. So it’s really cool. I’ve never done this style of theater before, though I’ve done lots of Broadway. We’re in North Carolina until Dec. 8 and then we open at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on Dec. 13.

Well, I’m sad to see the Butterfly go.
Me too. Me too. But when I look back, the judges could no longer act like they didn’t know who I was. I’ll tell you this, when I was backstage, I heard a playback of myself and I scared myself cause I was like, that’s Michelle, dummy! I did that to myself. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done in entertainment, though.

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The Masked Singer’s Butterfly Revealed as Destiny’s Child Singer Michelle Williams

With two episodes left before the finale, four of the Masked Singer semifinalists sang for a chance at the Golden Mask on Wednesday night.

Butterfly and Fox paired off for the first showdown, and following both performances, the studio audience decided Fox’s take on “Haven’t Met You Yet” earned him the right to move on in the competition. Guest judge Joel McHale praised it as the “best performance I’ve ever seen on this show.”

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Then Thingamajig and Tree went head-to-head. Flirting with judge Nicole Scherzinger in his clue package and again on stage couldn’t keep Thingamajig safe, though. Tree jingled her way to the next round with a rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” leaving Butterfly and Thingamajig to battle it out in the showdown round.

Ultimately judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and McHale picked Thingamajig to stick around for another week, sending Butterfly home.

Image zoom Butterfly; Michelle Williams Michael Becker/FOX; Dia Dipasupil/Getty

Host Nick Cannon gave Butterfly a hand taking off her mask, and once they both managed to remove the bug head, Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams was exposed. “I knew it!” Cannon gasped after Williams’ unmasking. McCarthy, Scherzinger and Thicke had guessed Williams, 40, as well.

“It was a beautiful experience,” the former girl group member, who appeared in Aida, Chicago and Once on This Island on Broadway, said of her time on The Masked Singer. “Yes I’ve been on big stages, but for me personally, this was something for me to know like, ‘No, you got this!’ What a confidence builder. And you’re right, you know, I haven’t worked all year, since December of last year, so this was a way to come back strong.”

Williams’ participation in the Fox singing competition comes the year after she opened up about her battle with depression and broke off her engagement to pastor Chad Johnson.

Read on for the clues that helped the judges suspect Williams was under the Butterfly disguise, plus the additional clue each contestant gave following their performance.

Faceoff No. 1: Butterfly vs. Fox

Image zoom Butterfly; Fox Michael Becker / FOX


Clues: a football, a teapot with a “Hot, 100 degrees” tag; a Playbill; “I’m used to sharing the stage with giants, only here I can feel myself becoming something stronger than I ever was before.”; “This metamorphosis has allowed me to tackle some of my deepest insecurities.”; “If you want my future, forget my past.”; “I’m done apologizing for who I used to be.”
Song: “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato
Judges’ guesses: Leona Lewis, Monica, Michelle Williams, Kerry Washington
Additional clue: “Hearing all of your compliments, I am brought to tears after every performance because you guys have helped take away the securities I have about my voice.”


Clues: the Fox playing piano with a younger fox; four men dressed in white Morphsuits; a chalkboard with the words “Yes, and” written on it; “a true blue superhero”
Song: “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton
Judges’ guesses: Taye Diggs, Jamie Foxx, AJ McLean
Additional clue: “I am so glad that I’m getting the chance to work with my friends even though my friends don’t know they’re working with me.”

Winner: Fox

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Faceoff No. 2: Thingamajig vs. Tree

Image zoom Thingamajig; Tree Michael Becker / FOX.


Clues: Thingamajig marrying himself; a single silver ring; an envelope addressed to “My love Maryland”; “In my line of work, I’m used to hustling every day.”; “My can-do attitude is what’s gotten me this far in the competition; “I’ve got to be my own No. 1 right now.” “second pick”; “S suffered a setback recently.”; “Now that I got my groove back, I’m more laser-focused than ever to make it to the end.”
Song: “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Bublé
Judges’ guesses: Montell Jordan, Brian McKnight, Dennis Rodman
Additional clue: “Nicole, what’s your perfect date? Because I want to start planning ahead.”


Clues: a framed embroidery sign reading, “What is a friend?”; burning dynamite; soup cans; a witch hat; Tree jumping on the bed; “smelly cat”; “I feel like I’ve finally come into my own.”; “I need to remember to simmer down and save some energy for the stage.”
Song: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler
Judges’ guesses: Ana Gasteyer, Lisa Kudrow, Megan Mullally, Molly Shannon, Nia Vardalos
Additional clue: “Being the tree is so much fun. I love it. It’s all-consuming though and I’ve let my other responsibilities fall to the wayside while I’m doing this.”

Winner: Tree

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Smackdown: Butterfly vs.Thingamajig

Though McCarthy thought Thingamajig wouldn’t hit any bumps on his road to the finals, he had to sing his way there with a booty-shaking version of “Caught Up” by Usher. Butterfly gave a forceful performance of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, but the judges picked Thingamajig to move forward — and continue his pursuit of Scherzinger.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Fox.

  • By Dana Rose Falcone

The Masked Singer – Who is Butterfly? Patsy Palmer is unmasked in episode one

ITV’s new entertainment hit The Masked Singer revealed the identity of its first disguised celebrity last night… with ‘Butterfly’ being unmasked as ex-EastEnders star and DJ Patsy Palmer.


As ‘Butterfly’, Palmer performed Florence + the Machine’s version of ‘You Got the Love’, going up against ‘Unicorn’, who sang Kate Bush’s ‘Babooshka’.

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‘Butterfly’ found herself in the bottom three alongside ‘Duck’ and ‘Chameleon’, with the show’s panel – Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Ken Jeong – ultimately deciding to send ‘Butterfly’ home and umask her.

“I love singing in general – not that I’m any good, but it’s an extremely uplifting thing to do,” Palmer said, post-reveal. “I love music, it’s a total passion of mine – I DJ – so I’m constantly playing music. To be able to get on a stage that size was a dream too although I must say I was really nervous.”

Though Palmer admitted that the toughest part of the Masked Singer process was “going off”, saying “The minute I went the nerves left me and I thought I could’ve done a few more numbers.

“I’m so grateful for the experience, truly it was wonderful.”

Though a few viewers at home twigged that it was Palmer behind the mask, the Masked Singer panel failed to identity Butterfly.

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“The feedback was amazing for me,” Palmer said. “Joss Stone! Charlotte Church! At one point I thought, ‘Hang on, I’m in the wrong job!’ – I was taking all the good from the experience as I loved it.”

An average of 5.5 million viewers tuned in to watch The Masked Singer and speculate as to who might be behind those masks – is Chameleon really John Barrowman, and could Hedgehog be Jason Manford?


The series continues tonight (Sunday 5th January) at 8pm on ITV.

“The midges in Scotland are fierce – they destroyed us!” Daniel Tompkins laughs as he reveals one of the menaces of the beautiful British countryside, where he was being filmed for his experimental project White Moth Black Butterfly.

“Our director had 130 bites on his body!” he adds, his voice lifting in amazement.

It’s a warm and dry afternoon when the TesseracT vocalist lets Prog in on the secrets behind the rain-soaked sets in the mock medieval village of Duncarron, near the lush Loch Lomond. Not only did the videos for Tempest and Evelyn result in him working with the team at Dark Fable Media – they’ve previously filmed the likes of Devin Townsend and Ihsahn – but they also mark a new multimedia era for the project. And fans are already referring to the diptych as a cross between Game Of Thrones and The OA.

“Me and Jordan did a performance inside the longhouse,” he says. “There were three braziers burning within this confined space so we were getting choked for at least three or four hours – it was quite hardcore. We had to break every few minutes to dry our eyes because we were crying from the smoke. We were filming on the land, in the forest, by the rivers – doing anything we could to get the right shots. My and Jordan’s feet were sodden after an hour and we were there for two days, but we got some amazing footage. The last shot we did was this epic fight scene. There was a break in the rain and a big rainbow came out. It was unbelievable.”

The two-part storyline follows Tompkins and Bethany through their quest to save the soul of a fictional village, which results in their on-screen deaths. The prog-friendly productions are far bigger and more ambitious than anything the pair have done before, so to suggest the singer is excited would be a massive understatement.

The battle scenes and interpretative dance rituals they filmed are a far cry from his other band’s very modern videos, but then again, the free-spirited White Moth Black Butterfly are very different from TesseracT.

Tompkins has enjoyed an eclectic career so far. Before becoming a full-time singer and vocal coach, he was a police officer, and it was during this period that he first started dabbling in the solo project that became WMBB. Back in 2009, it was little more than a light-hearted creative outlet, albeit one that would allow him to experiment musically and learn how to use music production software.

WMBB also filled the creative void between him leaving post-hardcore band First Signs Of Frost and first joining djent newcomers TesseracT. But the project soon evolved into a collaborative effort when he began writing with Indian musician Keshav Dhar. (Tompkins was also in Dhar’s own band Skyharbor for several years.)

The result was WMBB’s self-released One Thousand Wings in 2013. It was an album that fused trip-hop, experimental electronica and shoegaze, and won the pair a new fan base. They played three intimate shows that autumn, and released the single Rising Sun via Bandcamp the following spring. But after Tompkins rejoined TesseracT in 2015, the project seemed to flutter away.

Four years on from their acclaimed debut, WMBB are back with the cinematic Atone. This second album finds Tompkins and Dhar reconnecting with guest vocalist Bethany, and teaming up with Devin Townsend Project/Casualties Of Cool producer Randy Slaugh. Across 11 tracks, the studio-based quartet explore themes of faith, hope, forgiveness and loss, although the vocalist avoids divulging the exact meanings of specific songs.

“I wouldn’t say the themes are a reflection of how I was feeling,” says Tompkins from his home studio in Nottinghamshire. “I wasn’t in a sad or dark place – I’m feeling very happy actually – but the music I create has an element of sadness to it. Music is a powerful tool – I’ve always liked material that has an underpinning of hope and takes you on a journey, and when I listen to Atone now, there’s a feeling of nostalgia throughout it.

“With technology and politics, how people interact with each other is quite apathetic, and I think back to how things were when we had very little and perhaps cared a bit more about each other. I think that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do a historic music video, so I could dip into that a bit more. But there are also a lot of love songs on the album too…

“I haven’t got anything negative to sing about now, but I used to. In my younger days, I was a very bitter person. I think on the first TesseracT album , you could hear I had a lot of issues I wanted to get off my chest, but now it’s very hard to write anything other than happy music.”

Recorded across India, the USA and the UK, Atone moves WMBB’s sound away from their synthetic-sounding debut and into a much grander space. Inspired by the likes of Sigur Rós, Tool, North Atlantic Oscillation and Enigma, it takes the listener on a journey, ebbing and flowing through folkish elements and trip-hop nuances. It’s thoughtful with a melancholic edge, enhanced by the addition of elegant harps, cellos, a French horn and even a pipa, a type of Chinese lute. There are additional guest vocals from classical singer and fellow voice coach Amanda Munton, and dramatic samples that send the project soaring to even more dynamic heights.

“One of the songs, II: Penitence, has a very folky, soft vocal,” Tompkins reveals. “But at the end of the string part there’s a soundscape from World War II, with the sounds of people marching and weapons being fired. It’s a very evocative song and there’s a lot of that about the album. There are very low, brooding moments that blossom into colourful vocal‑led songs.

“I know it sounds cheesy but it’s like a dreamscape. I want people to plug in, listen from the start and go off on a journey right the way through, rather than just have an album of songs. I think we’ve achieved that and I think we’ve found our sound in Atone. It’s not an album you’ll get bored listening to. It’s experimental but it’s also very accessible in areas – the balance was hard to find but I think we’ve got it.”

Although he cites Enigma’s New Age-influenced MCMXC aD as a major inspiration, Tompkins’ and Dhar’s musical vision feels far more organic and contemporary. Add Randy Slaugh’s instrumental arrangements and the results are seriously impressive.

The project’s new deal with Kscope, the same label that TesseracT are on, has given them further excuses to think big. Outside their work in the progressive world, both Slaugh and Dhar score films, and that’s a direction Tompkins would like to see WMBB move in. He confirms that the two promotional extravaganzas released so far are just a glimpse of his hopes and dreams.

“I’d like to have an album that’s accompanied by a film in the future,” he says. “The music really does lend itself to that type of thing. Because White Moth is a studio project, one of its strengths is the visuals, and I think it’s an exciting prospect to have an album accompanied by visuals. I’ve always had a big plan for us and in the next five years I would like to have released another couple of albums and played in the live arena with a proper production. We’ll see where this takes us.”

Now Atone is finally out, Tompkins has turned his attention back towards TesseracT. The progressive metal five-piece are currently working on the follow-up to 2015’s Polaris, which is tipped for release early next year. With the singer also involved in the synth‑pop studio project Zeta – their self‑titled debut was released in June – there’s a risk he could be spreading himself a little thin. However, he says, that’s something he’s making sure doesn’t happen.

“Before I rejoined TesseracT and on the second Skyharbor album , I felt like I had diluted myself a little bit so I began to rein things back,” he admits. “When I initially left TesseracT , I felt like I had a very uncertain future. I took a big leap of faith in leaving the police force and doing music full-time so I lent my voice to as many projects as possible to keep a presence.

“In the last eight years, I think I’ve released 14 albums with various different bands… but now I have one progressive metal project, one experimental and another outlet for pop. I would never do more than that and, to be honest, I feel like I’m a bit stretched anyway.”

If Atone is anything to go by, perhaps a little stretching is a good conductor of Tompkins’ creativity. But will it be another four years before White Moth Black Butterfly take flight again? And can they really achieve Tompkins’ big dreams? Only time can tell.

Atone is out now via Kscope. See

White Moth Black Butterfly – Atone album review

Worlds Apart: What happened when Tesseract went to South Africa

White Moth Black Butterfly prepare for battle in new video