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Zippered Vinyl Mattress Protector – Heavy Duty

Manufactured by Dry Defender, our heavy duty 6-gauge vinyl covers are waterproof, soft and durable. Our zippered vinyl covers encase the entire mattress – top, bottom and all four sides – protecting it from food spills, stains, bedwetting, pet accidents, bed bugs, dustmites and more. The seams have been electronically welded to prevent moisture leaks, and are certified bedbug-proof. The antimicrobial treatment slows the growth of mildew, mold and fungi.

These heavy duty covers feature the patented Bugstop Seal, an impenetrable rust-proof zipper enclosure that effectively keeps bedbugs, dust mites and other allergens from infesting your mattress or box spring. The Bugstop Seal is a piece of sewn tape that keeps the zipper locked in place, ensuring that your mattress is well-encased and protected.

These vinyl mattress covers are very durable and are available in three different depths for a custom fit on any mattress or box spring. They are available in standard depth (9 inch), deep (12 inch) or extra-deep (16 inch), and available in all bed sizes from Twin to Cal King. Make sure to measure your mattress depth to order the right sized cover for your mattresses and box spring. If between sizes, be sure to measure up as these covers do not stretch.

Cleaning is simple! Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit the Prop 65 website.

Keep in mind that vinyl isn’t breathable, which may make these covers uncomfortable for some people to sleep on. However, the great thing about vinyl is that you can easily wipe it clean without having to completely remove it from the bed.

Heavy duty vinyl mattress covers are the perfect wholesale waterproof mattress covers for schools, camps, dorms, and health care facilities because they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Zippered covers also help prevent mattresses from becoming home to bedbugs, dustmites and other allergens.

Spending a few more dollars for these thicker, heavy-duty zippered vinyl covers is a good investment. They are quite durable and last through a family’s normal wear and tear.

Source: Made in China

Care Instructions: Wipe clean or use spray disinfectant. Not machine washable.

Color: White.


  • Twin – 39 x 75 in
  • Twin XL – 39 x 80 in
  • Hospital Twin – 36 x 84 in
  • Full – 54 x 75 in
  • Queen – 60 x 80 in
  • King – 78 x 80 in
  • California King – 73 x 84 in

Shipping Weight:

  • W6TO – Twin – 3 lbs.
  • W6XO – Twin XL – 4 lbs.
  • W6FO – Full – 4 lbs.
  • W6QO – Queen – 4 lbs.
  • W6KO – King – 5 lbs.
  • W6CO – California King – 5 lbs.

Note: All vinyl emits a petroleum gas that may be an allergen to those who are hyper allergic. The petroleum gas is necessary for vinyl to be pliable.

Do I Need a Mattress Protector?

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What does a mattress protector do?

A mattress protector accomplishes four things:

  • Keeps the mattress clean. Human bodies are pretty gross. We all perspire at night. We all produce oil from our skins. Some of us wear makeup. We all also shed dead skin cells. There are other activities that can produce a “wet spot” on the bed. All of this can soak through your sheets and into the mattress. Once a little gets into your mattress, it’s almost impossible to get it out of your mattress. A mattress protector prevents any of that from getting into the mattress and can be taken off and washed.
  • Keeps the mattress feeling in “like new” condition for longer. Perspiration (or any moisture, like spilling a drink) will wear down the foams in the mattress, shortening the comfort life. It’s a similar effect to a kitchen sponge after too many uses. Even if only a little moisture gets through, after years of every night use that adds up. You will need to replace your mattress more quickly without the protector.
  • Helps prevent dust mite allergies from acting up. Dust mite allergies are very common and can lead to issues such as sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Dust mites eat dead skin cells, and there will be dead skin cells in your mattress if you don’t use a protector.
  • Helps protect the warranty. As I mentioned in my warranty post, a stain will void the warranty. Even if the stain has nothing to do with the warranty issue, it still voids the warranty.

For all those reasons, everybody needs a mattress protector.

A mattress protector is different than a mattress pad. Mattress pads generally add some level of padding to the mattress (hence the name,) and is not generally waterproof. Mattress protectors are thin, won’t change the feel of the mattress, and are waterproof. If you buy the correct mattress, you won’t need any extra padding on the mattress, and you get to use the thin, waterproof mattress protector instead.

There are also mattress toppers, which are even thicker than mattress pads. If you use a foam topper, I’d recommend using the mattress protector over the topper, such that it covers both the topper and the mattress.

Types of mattress protectors

There are a few types of mattress protectors. The best protectors will have some sort of performance fabric on the top to wick away heat and moisture from the body. These tend to be the most expensive, but are great for people who sweat a lot at night. These are both waterproof and breathable. An example of this is the Bedgear Dri-Tec protector. This is the one I use.

If you’re concerned about your bedding being all organic, Naturepedic sells organic mattress protectors here.

Another type of protector will also be waterproof and breathable, but won’t have the performance fabric on the top. This tends to be more moderately priced, but has most of the function of the most expensive ones. An example of this is the Protect-A-Bed Premium.

The cheapest type of protector are the ones that feel more like plastic. These tends to be less breathable, and some are less durable but these are less expensive. At the bare minimum, everybody needs at least something like the SafeRest protector, which gets very high reviews on Amazon.


Everybody needs some type of mattress protector on their mattress. Having a mattress without a protector is like having an expensive smartphone without a case. If you don’t have one, get one, even if it’s the cheap one for $30. It’s more sanitary and it could protect your investment, which may have been $1000 or more.

Mattress protectors, pads and encasements prolong the life of your mattress while protecting the mattress from dust, dirt, stains and more. Such covers for your mattress and box spring can be flame resistant, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and allergen resistant to deter dust mites, pet dander and the like. Encasements are even impermeable to help stop the penetration of bedbugs through fabric.

Much like mattresses, mattress protectors, pads and encasements are available in sizes ranging from twin and twin XL to full, queen, king and California king. They also are available for cribs: A waterproof mattress protector for the crib is a practical investment that will pay for itself. Most mattress protectors, pads and encasements are machine washable so you can keep them clean and fresh. For students heading off to college, a mattress protector is an important part of any bedding ensemble but more so when the mattress is previously owned.

So, what’s the difference between a mattress encasement and a mattress pad or protector?

Generally, an encasement has six sides and fully encloses either the mattress or box spring, usually with a zipper. Pads and protectors typically have five sides and fit over the mattress like a fitted sheet. Mattress pads tend to be thicker than protectors and can provide an extra comfort layer to the mattress.

You can also purchase toppers, which are typically a few inches thick and rest atop the mattress. Toppers can be made of memory foam, latex, quilted down or cotton, or other materials and provide additional comfort.

Many types of mattress protectors, pads, encasements and toppers are available.

Types of mattress encasements:

Mattress encasements for allergy protection

For chronic allergy sufferers, there is no better solution than a full mattress encasement and box spring encasement. There are many options that offer protection from allergens such as dust, dust mites, dead skin, pet dander and pollen. A typical mattress cover cannot prevent allergens from your mattress from coming in contact with you.

Mattress encasements for bed-bug protection

People all over the world are concerned over the growing outbreak of bedbugs. While a mattress encasement will not protect your home from a bedbug infestation, it will effectively lock bedbugs out of your sleep system. Only total encasement mattress protectors with a locking zipper provide protection against bed-bugs.

Types of mattress pads and toppers

  • Fitted: A fitted pad/toppers is like a thick, fitted sheet, with a bit of quilting on the top and fitted, elastic sides to make sure that the pad does not move around.
  • Anchor: Anchor pads/topper are a cheaper version, covering the top of the mattress and anchored by elastic bands in the corners. One type is called Guaranteed-to-Fit that has sidewalls that expand to accommodate variations in mattress size.
  • Memory foam: One type of mattress pad/topper that provides extra cushioning is the memory foam pad; this looks like a thin mattress.
  • Egg crate: A foam egg-crate style of mattress pad/topper is a less expensive option for more cushioning.
  • Down: Extra softness can be achieved with a down or feather type of mattress pad/topper.
  • Materials: Mattress pads/toppers are available in many types of material, such as cotton, wool, polyester, organic fabric, silk, foam, down, feathers and synthetic down.

Mattress Protector Vs. Encasement

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, the challenge we all face is finding the right mattress that fits our comfort. Once that comfort has been found, we often think that is all we need to worry about when it comes to our new mattress. In reality, the two main things to consider when buying a mattress is 1) finding the right comfort of mattress and 2) how to protect that new mattress. Many times, we neglect to protect our new investment and forget how the life span of our new mattress can be prolonged.

Thankfully at Surplus Furniture not only can you save hundreds of dollars on a premium mattress set, you can protect that investment for as little as $39. We offer a Health Protector or a Mattress Encasement both at factory direct prices to assist in protecting your investment.

Now one question you may have is, what’s the difference between a mattress protector and a mattress encasement. Good question. Let’s take a look:

In terms of a health protector, these are the following beneficial advantages to having one for your new mattress:

  1. Health Canada approved and recommended

  2. Keeps your new mattress clean, fresh, and stain free. If you ever need to return your mattress, a stain the size of a dime will void the warranty. By having a health protector for your mattress, these prevent your new mattress from being soiled or stained.

  3. Eliminates dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus & bacteria. An unprotected mattress after only a couple years of use will be heavier than when your first got it. This is because of the dust mites (dead or alive) and its droppings, mold, mildew and many other harmful allergens. By having a mattress protector it keeps moisture and dander from making its way down into the mattress while at the same time keeping harmful dust mites and other allergens from making its way up to you.

  4. Fitted sheet that can be easily removed and washed to ensure cleanliness.
  5. Due to the open bottom, the mattress protector does not protect against bed bugs.

In terms of a mattress encasement these are the following beneficial advantages for having one for your new mattress:

  1. Prevents the spread of bed bugs as it keeps your mattress fully encased. This is amazing as with the latest bed bug epidemic the last you need are the costly ways to get rid of bed bugs. Not worth your time and effort whatsoever

  2. Machine washable and very easy to slip mattress in and out when it comes to washing the encasement.

In conclusion, after overcoming the hard decision of finding a mattress that fits your comfort, be sure to either get yourself a brand new Health Protector or take advantage of the full protection by getting both the Health Protector and Mattress Encasement. No new mattress should ever be slept on unprotected! Protect your investment and your health!

Mattress safeguards–To comfort and protect

Mattress protectors and encasements allow users to sleep easy, knowing their bed is free from allergens, pests and potential spills

(NOTE: Scroll down for product slideshow. All prices are suggested retail for queen size unless otherwise noted.)

Once a product intended primarily to shield a mattress from stains and spills and help maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, today’s mattress protectors—and their cousin the encasement—also help create a healthy, comfortable sleeping environment through performance fabrics and by eliminating allergens and pests.

“One of the things I’m focused on is making sure a person gets as much good sleep—as measured by quantity and quality—as possible,” says Gary Goldberg, founder and chief executive officer of CleanBrands, a protection supplier based in Warwick, Rhode Island. “Our emphasis is on clean, comfortable sleep and getting rid of airborne toxins and other irritants that disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling not rested.”

CleanBrands started with mattress and box spring encasements in 2006, later adding mattress and pillow protectors under its CleanRest brand. The company’s MicronOne fabric technology blocks toxins and pests—including dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and bedbugs—larger than 1 micron. Its Zip-N-Click closure system for encasements and pillow protectors offers added security. CleanBrands unveiled an expanded line of products at the Las Vegas Market in January.


Mattress protector versus mattress encasement

Protector: Typically five-sided with elastic around the opening like a fitted bottom sheet. The top panel (and, in some cases, all five sides) contains waterproofing material. Generally protects against stains, spills, moisture, mold and mildew. Typically unfilled and unquilted so that it does not alter the feel of the mattress.

Encasement: A six-sided protector that encases the entire mattress or box spring. Often includes a fortified zipper to contain allergens, dust mites and other irritants inside the mattress or box spring, while keeping new pests and particulates from entering. Generally protects against stains, spills, moisture, mold, mildew, dust mites, bedbugs, bacteria and other allergens.

When creating marketing materials and displays for retailers, PureCare talks about allergens and uses phrases like “health and wellness center.”

“People don’t really know about ‘protectors,’ but 60 million Americans suffer from allergies and want to create a healthy sleeping environment,” says Sean Bergman, chief marketing officer for the Fairfield, New Jersey-based company, which entered the category in 2004. “All our protectors are dust mite-proof, allergen-proof and treated with silver. Our consumer research shows that performance is a want, but wellness is a need. In the end, the consumer purchasing these items is a woman seeking a healthy sleep environment for her and her family.”

Suppliers increasingly offer protection products with fabrics and technologies that make cleaning easier, help with temperature regulation or provide other benefits.

Protect-A-Bed, a company that got its start in South Africa and now sells in 49 countries, offers an array of mattress, pillow and box-spring protectors, with opening price points at $39.99 for a basic queen-size protector. Some of its most successful products incorporate more luxurious fabrics and performance fibers, including its Luxury Mattress Protector, which includes Tencel, and its new line of REM-Fit performance protectors aimed toward younger consumers with active lifestyles.

“REM-Fit includes Series 100, 200, 300 and 400, which is a step-up system based on fabrics,” says James Bell, chief executive officer of the Wheeling, Illinois-based company. Related REM-Fit sleep accessories include pillows and an electronic sleep and activity-tracking device introduced in January in Las Vegas.

Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group entered the protector category after it acquired Southern Textiles in 2000 and started offering encasements under the Invisicase brand in 2008. Its protector line includes the MicroPlush with an extra-soft, micro-velour top and the Clean Shield, which has a disinfectable surface. At the Las Vegas Market in January, the company rolled out its Crystal Blue Fusion mattress protector.

“It meets the needs of consumers’ request for a cooler sleep environment,” says Rob O’Neill, vice president of product development and merchandising for textiles. “It has all the attributes of our other protectors—stain-proof, waterproof, etc.—but has cooling gel fibers and a textured surface that create a cooling effect and improve air flow.” It retails for $99.

Consumers sometimes confuse protectors and encasements with mattress pads, which typically include a fiber or foam fill and alter the feel of the mattress.

“One thing we’re focused on is high-end knit protectors made specifically for foam mattresses,” says Jeff Chilton, president of sales and marketing for Soft-Tex International, which has headquarters in Waterford, New York. “We use fabric without any fill. We market it for all beds, but it’s really well-suited for foam. You don’t want a protector to take away the reason you bought the mattress in the first place—the great feel.”

The popularity of higher-priced specialty bedding, in general, has helped boost sales of protection products, Chilton says. Consumers spending $2,000, $3,000 or more for a mattress set are keenly interested in protecting that investment. The 29-year-old company began offering protection products in 2010 and has a full array under its Sensorpedic brand.

(Note: Scroll down for mattress protection slideshow.)

Though often made of similar materials, protectors and encasements meet the needs of different customers, say suppliers of the products.

“With protectors, especially in opening price points, we really focus on the fact that they will help maintain your mattress warranty, as well as the health benefits of keeping the mattress clean,” says Mike Douglas, general manager of Malouf, based in Logan, Utah. “With encasements, we focus on the protection against bedbugs, and the encasement aspects that really protect a high-end mattress.”

Malouf offers an array of sleep accessories, with about 40% of its customers ordering protection products. At the Las Vegas Market in January, the company introduced Seal Tite—thick, sealable mattress bags for retailers to use in mattress pickup and delivery.

Suppliers of protectors and encasements have a wealth of channels available to them for selling. In addition to specialty sleep shops, furniture and department stores, big boxes and discounters, many companies also do a good business in the hospitality sector, which has a powerful interest in protecting its heavily used mattresses, and in partnerships with pest controllers. Private labeling, especially with mattress makers, is a big part of many companies’ revenue streams.

Cadence Keen Innovations entered the protection category about seven years ago and does a strong business in the hospitality sector, as well as with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, catalogs and online sellers, and sells in more than 70 countries.

“We’re the standard for Holland America, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, MGM, etc., and are in almost every major hotel brand,” says Steven Gordon, president of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based company. “We design everything for the rigorous standards of hospitality and the cruise industry—and then retail consumers get the benefit of that quality and durability. We are constantly innovating and adding new features.”

GBS Enterprises in Sutton, Nebraska, started offering mattress protectors and encasements in 2003 and now markets them under its Healthy Sleep brand. Opening the line is a premium protector called Healthy Sleep Supreme, which has a “unique interlock weave structure” and breathable polyurethane backing ($79 to $99). The opening line tops out with the Healthy Sleep Allergy Premium Plus six-sided encasement, which uses the same premium fabric and lab-tested breathable laminate barrier and adds Bug Guard patented closure protection ($129 to $149).

“It’s become a very competitive business,” says Dave Powers, president of the company, which also offers furniture-protection services under the Protect-All brand. “You’ve got to be cutting edge and have something new ongoing to be a leader. Mattresses are changing in terms of technologies and components every year, and protectors have to evolve, too. You’ve got to be creative and cost-efficient.”

Players in Mattress Protection

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Cadence Keen Innovations (CKI Solutions)

Headquarters Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Founded 1996 by Sam Montross. Originally called China Horse Inc.

Ownership Family owned

Other products Bed doublers (including the Twin Doubler, which converts two twin beds into a king), Bed MadeEZ (a mattress lifter), mattress toppers

Notable The company is certified by the National Women Business Owners Corp. as a woman-owned business.



Headquarters Warwick, Rhode Island

Founded 2006 by Gary Goldberg

Ownership Family owned

Other products Recently added pillows

Notable Gary Goldberg, a textile scientist, founded the company to create products that would help his son, who had breathing and sleeping difficulties.


GBS Enterprises

Headquarters Sutton, Nebraska

Founded 1988 as a producer of specialty sheets for the trucking industry. Originally called Genie B’s Specialties

Ownership Privately held

Other products Sheets, pillows, bed packs

Notable In 1991, the company began servicing conventional mattress retailers and furniture stores with sheet and bed packs as premium giveaways and “purchase with purchase” items for premium mattress sale promotions.


Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group (Home Textiles division)

Headquarters Carthage, Missouri

Founded Parent company founded in 1883

Ownership Part of publicly held Leggett & Platt Inc.

Other products Pillows, sheets, comforters (Home Textiles division)

Notable L&P’s total annual sales in 2013 were $3.48 billion.



Headquarters Logan, Utah

Founded 2003 by husband-and-wife team Sam and Kacie Malouf. Originally called Malouf Fine Linens

Ownership Family owned

Other products Sheets, pillows, bed frames, mattress toppers

Notable The company supports a number of charitable and social causes, participating in breast and lung cancer awareness events, Bike to Work Day and more.



Headquarters Wheeling, Illinois

Founded JAB Distributors was founded in 1980. Its Protect-A-Bed brand was launched in the United States in 2000.

Ownership Privately held

Other products Pillows, mattress/pillow disposal bags

Notable The company’s original product was a Snugfit mattress protector developed and introduced in South Africa. Protect-A-Bed credits itself with introducing the modern protector concept in the United States.



Headquarters Fairfield, New Jersey

Founded 2001 by Sam Chase. Originally called Fabrictech 2000

Ownership Privately held

Other products Pillows, sheets, aromatherapy

Notable The company rebranded itself as PureCare in early 2014, broadening its focus from mattress and pillow protection to health and wellness products for the bedroom.


Soft-Tex International

Headquarters Waterford, New York

Founded 1985 by Art and Kirby Perry as a “filling station,” filling pillows and other fiber products, mostly for the hospitality industry

Ownership Closely held with equity investment

Other products Mattresses, pillows, mattress toppers

Notable Soft-Tex opened a new showroom in Las Vegas in January.


Mattress protector and encasement slideshow

(Note: Click individual slides for larger photo view.)

PureCare’s latest protection introduction is the Frio, which the company unveiled in July in Las Vegas. Available as a pillow or five-sided mattress protector, Frio includes Rapid Chill cooling fibers. The line is dust mite- and allergen-proof and protects against mold, mildew, stains and moisture. “It’s been a huge success for us,” says Sean Bergman, chief marketing officer for the Fairfield, New Jersey-based company. PureCare’s mattress protectors, which also include those with antibacterial silver, Celliant performance fibers and aromatherapy sachets, retail from $99 to $119.Cadence Keen Innovations does a good business in protectors and encasements designed for sofa sleepers and Murphy beds, says Steven Gordon, president of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based company. “It’s a big category for us—a very fast-growing category,” he says. “People are investing more in those beds and want to protect the kids, grandparents and other relatives who sleep in them.” The company’s sofa sleeper protectors retail for $50 to $60; encasements are $70 to $90.CleanBrands offers its CleanRest Signature line of protectors in four versions, including a quilted model, with price points ranging from $70 to $149. All feature the Warwick, Rhode Island-based company’s MicroLux fabric and its MicronOne technology, which can filter out particles down to one micron in size, including feline dander. “Our product keeps the microenvironment clean to keep you healthy,” says company founder Gary Goldberg.
Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group’s protector assortment includes the Clean Shield with “Crypton Super Fabric,” a disinfectable fabric that resists odors and causes any liquid to bead up and roll off. The integrated moisture-resistant barrier is breathable and quiet, says Rob O’Neill, vice president of product development and merchandising for textiles at the Carthage, Missouri-based company. Clean Shield protects against dust mites, mold, mildew and dander, while silver ion antimicrobial technology protects against odor-causing bacteria. In addition, the product has Greenguard Gold certification. It retails from $69 to $79.Protect-A-Bed launched REM-Fit protectors and other sleep accessories last year. “REM-Fit is focused on those who enjoy an active lifestyle and is targeted to a slightly younger demographic,” says James Bell, chief executive officer of the Wheeling, Illinois-based company. The “REM” in the product name is both a play on the important sleep stage and an acronym for “Rest, Energize, Motivate.” REM-Fit protectors, available in different fabrics, retail from $49 to $149.Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group’s protector assortment includes the Clean Shield with “Crypton Super Fabric,” a disinfectable fabric that resists odors and causes any liquid to bead up and roll off. The integrated moisture-resistant barrier is breathable and quiet, says Rob O’Neill, vice president of product development and merchandising for textiles at the Carthage, Missouri-based company. Clean Shield protects against dust mites, mold, mildew and dander, while silver ion antimicrobial technology protects against odor-causing bacteria. In addition, the product has Greenguard Gold certification. It retails from $69 to $79.
One of Soft-Tex International’s newest products is the Expel mattress protector, which contains permethrin, a bug repellent used widely in outdoor apparel and insect repelling sprays. The product is ideal for the pest control market, as well as retailers such as college bookstores, says Jeff Chilton, president of sales and marketing for the company, which has headquarters in Waterford, New York. The product is designed to kill bedbugs, dust mites and other nighttime pests. At the other end of Soft-Tex’s product offerings is its Sensorpedic brand of high-end knit protectors with laminated waterproof backings designed for foam mattresses.ort Lauderdale, Florida-based Cadence Keen Innovations’ Easy Care 360 six-sided mattress encasement features a zip-off top for easy removal and a 10-year/300 washings warranty against defects. It’s made of a soft polyester interlock knit coated with a polyurethane film. The product, which has a locking, bedbug-proof zipper and closure, offers protection against pests, as well as liquid stains, mold, mildew, viruses, odors, dust mites and allergens. GBS Enterprises’ Healthy Sleep Ultra Tech mattress protector series has a patent-pending, three-layered design that starts with a soft and supple “thermo-neutral” moisture-wicking jacquard knit fabric top. Underneath is a waterproof, breathable, polyurethane material layer adhered to a premium interlock fabric and sewn to the top unlaminated wicking layer to maintain the contouring and wicking properties of the top layer. An antimicrobial treatment prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Ultra Tech protectors retail from $129 to $149. The Ultra Tech construction also is available in a mattress encasement and pillow protector.
Malouf’s line of protection products starts with the Sleep Tite, which features a terrycloth, waterproof top and mesh sides ($39 to $99), and progresses to the Five 5ided, which features a plusher fabric on the top panel and is waterproof on all five sides ($69 to $129). The six-sided Encase uses the same fabrics as the Five 5ided protector but adds a bedbug-proof zippered closure that allows removal of the top for laundering ($99 to $149). The Logan, Utah-based company offers all the products in versions for pillows, too. Mattress protectors and pads are different products with different purposes, but Malouf’s offerings combine the best qualities of both. The five-sided Quilt Tite (shown here) has a waterproof layer to provide stain-proof protection along with a 600-thread-count cotton top and a down-alternative fill for comfort and cooler sleep. It retails from $129 to $149. Wool Tite adds a 100% wool layer for temperature regulation and comfort to the waterproof layer. It retails from $199 to $250.