Sweating after spray tan

It’s summer, and sweat is inevitable! As we have discussed, you know that sweat and deodorant can turn into a problem when your tan is developing. If you just got a fresh spray tan, sweat can turn it into a greenish tone, so let’s talk alternatives.

The secret to not sweating off your tan is applying calming baby powder—yes, the Johnson and Johnson kind we are all very familiar with. The best thing about it is that you can find this product at any local drugstore or supermarket. After your tanning session is over, take some time to air-dry, then use a large, fluffy makeup brush to dust the white powder from your face to your toes, or any specific area you’ve had tanned. This will prevent it from streaking, smearing, or changing color. It will also absorb oil and odor, so you don’t feel sticky or get self-tanner marks all over your clothes and/or sheets. This is a very effective method, especially if you have booked your appointment before a commitment or work, or if it’s a hot day.

Once your tan has developed for eight hours, aftercare is important to ensure a long-lasting tan and even fade. For the first shower after your tan, it’s always best to use lukewarm water. Avoid shower gels that leave residue behind on the skin—your first clue is that the product brands itself as “deeply moisturizing.” The residue from the moisturizer can degrade the life of your tan, so stick to basic, natural products. Proper hydration is what will make your glow last, but an oil-rich formula will make it slip right off. Use a very basic lotion that isn’t oil-based, and moisturize in the shower or right after.

Heavy exercise, sweating, sunscreen, and chlorine can deplete the life of your tan, so avoid hitting the gym, beach, or pool if you wish to maintain your glow for longer.

Don’t lose your self tan to your workout

After applying a fresh tan and while it is still developing, the tan is far more susceptible to sweat and moisture, so working out and sweating all over it will make it streaky, patchy or uneven. Ensuring you rinse your tan correctly by having a lukewarm, 45 second shower, you’ll make sure your tan comes out perfectly developing and as dark as you’d like it be. This rinse will help to wash off any excess self-tanner while also helping to ensure it is fully set and ready for you to hit the gym without effecting it!

Moisture Before You Exercise

In addition to not showering during those first few hours, it is also essential that you avoid moisturizing or using lotion as this will help to strip away the spray tan and cause the color to fade. However, once you have had that initial shower, you can then resume moisturizing as normal. To avoid causing your tan to fade or streak, it is recommended that you moisturize your skin just prior to working out to help lock in the color and prevent your skin from drying out and going flakey.

Using a gradual tan moisturising product is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and color in place.

Use Baby Powder to Catch Sweat

Baby powder works wonder for absorbing sweat. Not only is it commonly used to prevent rashes caused by excessive sweating, but it can also work to help prevent your spray tan from rubbing off. It is recommended to apply the baby powder to your armpits, the back of your knees, ankles and anywhere else that you start sweating first. The baby powder should be able to help catch some of this sweat and thus prevent the color of your tan from fading or becoming streaked.

Change Immediately After Working Out

Changing out of your sweaty clothes as soon as you’ve finished your workout should also help to prevent the sweat from causing your tan to fade or discolor. The tightness and moisture from your workout clothes can lead to weird streaks and strange patterns. Therefore, it is essential that you strip off those sweaty clothes and shower immediately.

Photo: Diego Alvarez de Toledo/Diego Alvarez de Toledo

Let’s say you’re not a pop star or a Victoria’s Secret Angel but you want to look like one, at least in the fake-tan department — there’s hope, if you follow the advice of their spray-tanner, Kristyn Pradas. Though Pradas doesn’t want me to reveal which pop star she travels with and sprays — sometimes every day — here are some hints: She was a child star … who had a small scandal … and redeemed herself with her talent. That narrows it down to about 60 people. I’m not saying any more; I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.
Pradas’s technique can extend the life of a spray tan to nearly two weeks. Because mine starts looking like a skin disease by day six, I’ve started following her advice. I’m on day eight, and it’s not terrible.

Scrub like crazy. No, harder!
The day before the tanning session, give yourself a near-Silkwood shower with a sea-salt or sugar scrub and an exfoliating mitt. Coarse salt or sugar mixed with a body wash works well because most commercial scrubs contain oil, and oil prevents the tanning solution (dihydroxyacetone, or DHA) from latching onto your skin cells. The result is an uneven mess. Pradas likes St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Polish, which is made for this purpose, and a flat, oval loofah. I prefer the Supracor Stimulite Bath Mitt because it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial.
If you have sensitive or pale skin and it turns red after scrubbing, then congratulations. You’ve passed the test and can now go on to the next step, which is hair removal. Wax or shave now so your skin has time to recover.
Embrace nature.
On spray-tan day, don’t even look at lotions, oils, perfumes, or deodorant. If that’s simply unacceptable, then apply what you must and take a vigorous shower with bar soap a few hours before spray tanning.
Don’t sweat.
Immediately after the spray session, load on baby powder anywhere you might sweat. Pradas takes a fat body brush and coats powder on the underarms, under boobs, under butt, inner thighs, inner knees, and feet. There will be a cloud of powder hovering around you, and you might choke. Deal with it, because there’s no such thing as too much powder.
Loosen up your buttons, etc.
Baggy sweatpants, the XL KALE sweatshirt you wear only when you’re alone and watching The Bachelor? Put them on. Skip the bra and anything that’s tight enough to leave a mark on your skin, because that can also remove the self-tanner. Pradas has seen clients with inseam stripes down their legs from tight pants. Even crossing your legs can create a white spot, so stick with baggy pants.
Leave it on.
The longer the spray tan sets, the longer it will last. Pradas suggests a minimum of six hours, but eight is better, and ten is better than that. When it’s time to shower, use a pH-balanced body wash. I’m sorry to say that Pradas likes Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash, and yes, that’s actually a feminine hygiene product. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is also good — and less douchey (literally).
Avoid everything.
From now on, you will single-mindedly devote your life to protecting your spray tan. Do not apply oils, fragrance, exfoliators, anti-aging lotions (AHAs, BHAs, salicylic acid, and retinoids are Kryptonite). “If you must shave, don’t press hard on the skin,” says Pradas. Keep the showers short and not too hot. Pat your skin daintily rather than rubbing it dry, and apply moisturizer when it’s still damp. An unadorned lotion — free of fragrance and anti-aging ingredients — is best; Pradas likes coconut oil or a spray lotion, like Vaseline Spray & Go (I’m partial to the Aloe Fresh one), because it doesn’t involve any tan-destroying friction.
You’re not finished yet.
If you notice the tan fading in certain areas — usually the feet, underarms, hands, and face — apply a gradual self-tanner around day three or four. St. Tropez Gradual In-Shower is virtually foolproof. Perfectionists may want to take a makeup sponge and dab the self-tanner on the tops of the feet and hands, blending well between the toes and fingers.
Don’t be a Bachelorette.
Now that your skin is all gorgeous and bronze, don’t get any wild ideas about drinking Champagne in a hot tub. “I have a client who got a spray tan for her wedding,” says Pradas. “On the honeymoon, she jumped in a hot tub and came out white. She was not happy.” The combination of heat and chlorine leaches the tan right off the skin. Instead, frolic sexily in the ocean. Or just pose like a pop star at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Self-tanning is considered a better alternative to sunbathing, which has been established to contain more cons than pros. More interesting is that in the medieval period, people with tanned skin were considered to be of a lower social status.

However, since achieving a natural tan has proved hazardous, there have been invented artificial means towards the same objective. There are a number of fake tan’s, most of which are not sweatproof, and will leave you with streaks and some will even leave you with an orange neon skin color.

ImageProduct St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse MineTan Workout Ready Self Tan Foam Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse ImageProduct St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse Price ImageProduct MineTan Workout Ready Self Tan Foam Price ImageProduct Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse Price

1) st. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse

SaleSt. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, 8 Fl Oz

  • Velvety smooth and dry in an instant for an ultra even, long-lasting tan
  • Innovative Aromaguard fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%
  • Beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance

The St. Tropez Self-Tan has garnered quite a reputation for itself and when used on the body, the tanner dry’s fast and will hold onto your skin for a good time. What’s more, is that the 100% naturally derived DHA comes in different darker shades for different types of skin colors. You also don’t have to worry about allergic reactions because they are paraben and phthalate-free. By using ST. Tropez, you can forget about streaks.

You also don’t have to worry about heavy clogging with the St Tropez Mousse because it is very light in weight and easy to apply giving your skin an ultra even tan on your whole body. Use the Mitt Applicator to achieve a beautiful even tan.


  • Quick-drying
  • Available in different shades
  • Resistant to allergies
  • Streak-free


  • Requires mitt applicator
  • Requires washing off and not rinsing

2) Mine Tan Workout Ready Self-Tanning Foam

MineTan Workout Ready Self Tan Foam – The Tan That Won’t Sweat Off, 1 Hour Express Self Tanner,…

  • THE TAN THAT WON’T SWEAT OFF: Made to complement the hard work you put into your body and built for the active person, Workout Ready boasts a unique formulation…
  • 1 HOUR EXPRESS TAN FORMULA: The 1 Hour Express Tan formula contains Fast Tanning Actives with Quad Bronzing Technology to speed up the tanning process. 100%…
  • VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE & 100% NATURAL DHA: At MineTan we care just as much about what goes into our products as the results that come out. All our formulas contain…

The mine tan speaks for itself and was specially created to counter sweat. Gym addicts need to adopt this tan because it offers great resistance. The tan rarely runs off after workout and you only need one hour for it to be fully developed in your skin.

It might surprise you but the Mine tan is perspiration resistant, the reason being its formulation does not soak in sweat but rather allows it to pass through the tanning product.

When using Mine Tan it is advisable to rinse it off with lukewarm water, do not exceed 45seconds and keep off from scrubs and soaps, as they might weaken its structures making it come off quickly. The one reason that makes this Tan stand out is its ability to darken after just the first shower.

You do not have to worry about taking regular showers and you are free to take one after about 8hours of application. The method of application contributes very much to its ability to stick on your skin, therefore, you can use the Bronze On applicator Mitt, but be sure to use 1.35 fl. Oz for a full-body application and 4-6 tans within one bottle.

Some people like fair colors and may be tempted to apply two coats, if that is the case you are then allowed to use only 2 fl. Oz.


  • Sweatproof
  • Takes one hour to develop
  • Continues to darken after the first shower
  • Takes more than one coat


  • Requires lukewarm water to rinse off
  • Use of scrubs while showering will take if off

3) Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse

Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse LaPlaya Glow Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Mousse to Tan Skin…

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Infused with Argan Oil and Coconut Oil this is the best self tanner on the market. Provides you with an instant natural bronze color that…
  • ORGANIC DHA – Miami Gorgeous LaPlaya Glow Self Tanning Mousse is a breakthrough in self tanner. Made of good for you ingredients perfectly blended will provide…
  • VERSATILE SELF-TANNER – Perfect bronze color is never streaky or orange. Simply apply Miami Gorgeous LaPlaya Self Tanning Mousse. This fast absorbing mousse…

Every tan producing company strives to be different, and the Miami Gorgeous has a very nice scent because of the Argan and coconut oil used during manufacture. The combination of the above products gives the skin a smooth feel. The product is also made with an organic DHA that is responsible for a deep rich looking tan that also lasts long.

Miami Gorgeous is one among the Tan family that works best when applied overnight, therefore, if you plan on hitting the gym, don’t worry about sweat affecting the texture and look of your tan. The product also works well in both men and woman is Paraben free and will improve the texture and elasticity of your skin.


  • Nice scent
  • Can be used by both sexes
  • Paraben-free
  • Coconut oil protects the skin


  • Has to be used overnight
  • Not good for people with allergies and age spots

Miami Gorgeous has a very nice scent because of the Argan and coconut oil used during manufacture. The combination of the above products gives the skin a smooth feel. The product is also made with an organic DHA that is responsible for a deep rich looking tan that also lasts long.

Miami Gorgeous is one among the Tan family that works best when applied overnight, therefore, if you plan on hitting the gym, don’t worry about sweat affecting the texture and look of your tan. The product is versatile as it works extremely well on both women and men and is suited for pretty much all skin types

Lastly, its safe as you know that its paraben free and will improve the texture and elasticity of your skin.


  • Nice scent
  • Can be used by both sexes
  • Paraben-free
  • Coconut oil protects the skin


  • Has to be used overnight
  • Not good for people with allergies and age spots

Why you need to use the best sweat-proof self-tanners

Okay, so you don’t want to leave the gym looking like a clown with streaks all over your body because your fake tan gave in to sweat after a heavy work out. Sweat works the same way as water and when in contact with your skin there bound to be some biological reactions and changes.

Your fake skin tan will probably wear off after a few days, but if in constant contact with sweat or sweaty clothes and water, it will wear out the next morning if not immediately. Now tan takes a lot of time to develop and that is why it is applied overnight. The catch, however, is that your skin requires to breathe at night and not be clogged with some Dihydroxyacetone tan component.

That brings us to the ingredients used in the manufacture of tans and their effects, many chemicals are used in the cosmetic industry and unscrupulous businessmen have taken advantage of the desperation of ladies and gentlemen, to manufacture poor quality harmful products that are eventually used by unsuspecting consumers.

Some of the chemicals used in the manufacture of fake tans will make you age faster, with wrinkles and sagging skin presenting themselves at an early age. If you are to invest in a suntan, then you might as well invest in a quality and long-lasting sweatproof tan.

Tans are available in different forms, we have the tanning pills that contain canthaxanthin, and you might want to keep away from this one because prolonged usage will probably have your liver damaged and you can also develop an impaired vision because of the crystals that develop in the eyes. What is worse is that you risk having your skin tanned orange or brown.

Other tanning products are packaged as lotions, sprays or creams, and all have the same character of slowly coming off with sweat. The tanning pill, on the other hand, is still controversial and is believed to trick the skin to producing the brown pigment melanin. However, its effectiveness has not been ascertained as there has not been enough evidence to support its use.

A good sweat-proof self-tanner will not change the color of your clothes and will not have you walking around with two skin tones, what’s more, is that you will need to invest in some old rugged clothes to put on after applying the tan, as you wait for it to develop.

What are Sweatproof self-tanners?

Sweatproof self-tanners are tanning sprays, lotions or creams that when used on the body will give a perfect tan. A “Tan” is as a result of the increased production of melanin, which makes the skin color to change. Tanning works by exposing your skin to high levels of Ultra Violet radiation, so that it can fight back by increasing the production of melanin, as an attempt to protect itself.

Sweatproof tanners, on the other hand, do not come out even when exposed to sweat. They are mostly convenient for people who are used to working out and the good thing about them is that they exhibit great resistance even if a person goes for swimming, compared to other non-sweatproof tanners. There are a few practices that can however be adopted to keep the tan on despite it being sweat proof.

For example, don’t fail to moisturize your skin, the dead skin cells that play host to your tan need to be kept supple, so that your tan can also last longer and give you the sheen look. Moisturizing the skin before going for exercises, will help protect your skin from unnecessary sweating thus keeping your color intact?

Avoid last-minute tanning, sunbathing and artificial self-tanning work in two distinct ways. The natural method creates a pigment on the lower layer of a person’s skin, which enables it to last longer, whereas, the other method is highly dependent on chemical reactions, and has to be given enough time for the outer skin of a person to darken.

By leaving the tan overnight, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) interacts with the dead skin cells and completes the tanning process. Your tan will slough off quickly if you don’t give it enough time to develop, especially if you engage in different activities immediately after application. Therefore, care should be taken to keep off from rubbing, sweating and exposing yourself to high temperatures or dry heat.

The best sweat-proof self-tanners do not work by themselves, so after you have left the gymnasium be sure to take off your wet clothes, more so if they don’t give your skin some breathing space. It goes without saying that the friction between your sweaty self and cloth will cause your tan to fade unevenly.

Tan users should, therefore, carry an extra change of clothes to the gym or hit the shower before heading home. There are a number of companies that have developed sweatproof tanning products that are both long-lasting and healthy to use, let us sample a few.

Final thoughts

The use of body tanners is not a recent discovery as they have been in the market for quite a while, a thing that has allowed the influx of fake tanning creams, lotions, sprays and even pills. As you go about shopping for a sweat proof tan, check on its composition to prevent allergic reactions. Some of the tanners have not been approved by the FDA and it will be worth your while to keep a keen eye.

Further reading

How to stop your fake tan from sweating away with your workout – Dailymail.co.uk

A self-tan that looks picture perfect on some areas of the skin and stippled on others is a familiar sight. “We have all had our tan wear off in that diamond shape around the inner-elbows, at the tops of the inner arms and between the breasts,” says tanning authority James Harknett, “and that dreaded scaly look that sets in”.

A patchy tan is not only caused by the skin becoming dehydrated, or by spending too much time in the swimming pool, but from day-to-day friction and sweat. “For many of us who exercise, a tan can slough off the skin in days,” Harknett says, whereas with proper moisturising self-tan can usually last for a week.

It’s with cruel irony that our efforts in the gym (or yoga studio) can hinder the investments in our skin – after all, the intended outcome for both training and tanning includes boosted body confidence. So, can we workout and maintain an even-looking tan at the same time? Here, the celebrity spray tanner shares his tips to keep the classic patchy tan at bay this summer.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article ELEMIS Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion 200ml elemis feelunique.com £39.00

1. Apply a lighter self-tan that can be topped up

“If you know you exercise and sweat a lot, the first tip is to keep the tan a little lighter, as a gentle tanning application is easier to top up and fill in if patches do occur. I recommend the Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion for a beautiful faux glow that can be gradually built-up for a customised tan.”

2. Be careful what you wear

“Choose your gym gear carefully. Look for seamless leggings made of thin, breathable materials so they act like a second skin (try Sweaty Betty Laila Contour Gym Leggings). Or choose loose leggings which allow the air to flow to your skin (such as the Sweaty Betty Garudasana Yoga Pants). The Nike Indy Cooling Sports Bra is also ideal because the Dri-FIT Technology helps keep you dry and comfortable.”

3. Apply talc or body powder to sweaty areas

Dr. Hauschka Silk Body Powder (50g) Dr. Hauschka lookfantastic.com £22.50

“Before slipping into your sports bra, sprinkle some talc or body powder (try the Dr. Hauschka Silk Body Powder) on the chest and under the arms. Work it in with a bronzer brush and do the same to the inner arms and backs of knees. Think of where your skin rubs together; the talc will create slip and prevent friction which breaks down your tan.”

4. Have cool showers and moisturise afterwards

“After you exercise, shower in cool water, gently press-dry the skin and moisturise generously all over. DHA, the tanning agent used in self-tan formulas, is a naturally drying ingredient so regular moisturising is essential to help lock in the colour. The Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Summer Lotion is ideal for both self-tanned and naturally tanned skin. It’s also a good idea to use the hairdryer at the gym on the cold setting to cool down the body to avoid any excess sweating.”

Fake Bake Tanning Survival Kit Fake Bake feelunique.com £3.00

5. Keep a tanning survival kit handy

“If your tan does start to wear off and fade in places keep the new Fake Bake Flawless Travel Survival Kit in your gym bag. The kit contains all you need to correct mistakes. First there’s an exfoliating and tan removal wipe which can remove areas of break-up; this is perfect for between the breasts, the inner arms and armpit area when your colour starts to crumble. Then there’s the tanning towelette, which has a golden guide colour allowing you to see where you are tanning when topping up patchy areas. The third sachet is an oil-free moisturiser that you can use to barrier the hands, elbows and wrists before application.”

For a bespoke glow you can visit James Harknett at the Away Spa WHotel London.

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“Need an excuse to have sex this week?” my cringe-worthy subject line to POPSUGAR’s 300+ staffers last week read. I was desperate; I needed more limbs — at least, more than the four I’ve got — to try the latest and greatest instant self-tanners and body bronzers. My only rule: volunteers must put the formulas to the elusive Sex Test.

You know, the X-rated version of an infomercial demo, where — instead of proving that apples, almonds, and chicken don’t stand a chance against your Slap Chop — you discover a landmine of one-day-only formulas that won’t smudge onto your partner’s leg at the first sign of sweat during horizontal tango. (Obviously, no on-screen show necessary.)

In any case, the response could have made crickets blush. (Shout-out to Chris from the copy-editing team for taking the bait; I appreciate you.) So I’ll say this loud, and I’ll say it proud: Ahead are the self-tanners that I can personally attest will leave your skin with a kiss of color, while ensuring that the actual kissing going on will not also ruin your white 300-thread count bed sheets — satisfaction, guaranteed.

The Horrifying Time I Got A Spray Tan And Sweat It Off

I am very, very, very white. You know that foundation you use in winter when you’re pale and have been sun-deprived for four months? Yeah, that’s my bronzer. So as you can probably imagine, I am incapable of tanning in any capacity. Naturally, I’ve tried every single self-tanning lotion, spray, and moose to mask my blinding whiteness. After several failures and hours spent scrubbing my body with lemons and loofahs, I finally decided it was time to let the professionals go to work.

So I called the place that had been recommended to me by an equally pale person and made an appointment for the next day. I exfoliated the night before and didn’t wear makeup that entire day — I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I was finally going to go to a pool party and not have my blinding glow be the topic of discussion. Also, everyone knows that fat looks better tan so I was hyped about that.

I got to my appointment and the woman was super nice. She could tell I was a little skeptical about how this was going to turn out given my lack of pigment, but she told me not to worry. So I didn’t, and I let her work her magic. When she got to the side and told me to put my arm up she chuckled to herself and said, “Oh honey, don’t be nervous.” I gave her a puzzled look as if to say “WTF I’m not nervous,” and she said the worst thing I could ever imagine: “you’re sweating.” She then points to a curvy white line peaking through my tan, making its way from my armpit to my hip. This is when I realized that I have a problem that will most definitely conflict with a spray tan.

The problem is that I have a wonderful little gift bestowed on me by God knows as hyperhidrosis, AKA I sweat A LOT. Like, constantly sweating. You will never see my in a t-shirt of any kind, I only wear tanks and big sweaters. Recruitment is my worst nightmare, not because of all the normal reasons but because wearing the same t-shirt for an entire day is not possible for me. I could be sitting still, butt naked, in an air conditioned room and still be dripping. Like tanning, I’ve tried many things to get it under control but with no luck. I tried not to stress about it and figured if I dry well enough I should be able to make it home intact. It was only 60 degrees out and wasn’t very humid that day so I’ll be fine.

She finishes doing her thing and then gets me to stand in front of the fan to dry. As I was drying and admiring my new, less blinding, glow I noticed a similar squiggly line down my arm, I rubbed it a little and it blended right in, no big deal! I was (falsely) confident that I should any issues arise on my commute home I could fix them easily.

Not more than 2 steps out the door of the tanning room (not even at the cash register yet!) I become uncomfortably aware of how much my slippery thighs rub together… FUCK! So I pay the lady and then pray for the best as I head out.

Somehow in the hour that I spent there, 60 degrees turned into 104 and I basically knew in that exact moment that I was fucked. I waddled my way to the subway trying my best not to let my thighs touch but also trying to not look like I just shit myself. I stood on the subway for the longest 10 minutes of my life and walked the block to my house ever so slowly, knowing what was awaiting me.

When I got into my house I immediately stripped off my dress and bee-lined it to the bathroom, only to see my body in the most horrific state I’d ever seen it in. I had sweat stains all over my skin, from my pits to my waist and even in my under boobs (I don’t even have boobs but alas). My inner thighs lacked any evidence of a tan, and there was a distinct line across the back of my neck, shoulders and my chest that marked the precise cut of my racerback dress.

I was devastated. I called the place to see if there was anything I could do to fix it and they said no just get in the shower and wash it off. That’s when I felt it. A single tear, that I’d been holding back since I stepped out of the tanning salon, rolled down my cheek and land on the counter right in front of my face. I looked up at the mirror, and there it was. It’s path so clearly marked down my cheek. I couldn’t help but laugh at how absurd I looked in all my patchy glory.

So I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, fine. I got in the shower and watched my JLo glow disappear down the drain. Then, as if it could get any worse, I was inspecting myself to make sure it all came off when I realized that there was one spot that had been severely stained. Where would be a good place for all the shit congregate and stain my skin? Well, my vagina of course! Yep. It was a fate worse than razor burn and basically defeated the purpose of the Brazilian I got since I can’t wear a bathing suit without seeing the huge dark brown stains along my bikini line. And speaking of that Brazilian, let’s just say it leaves much to be desired (read: removed).

So if I ever decide to once again throw money away on another potential failure (I lost 40 bucks out of this awful experience) then I will make sure that A) it’s not 104 degrees that day and B) I’ve gone for my hyperhidrosis botox treatment. Meanwhile, I’ll just be blinding pool/beach goers and laughing at my stained vagina. .

If you’ve ever experienced small rivers of tan running down your arms, you’ll know how annoying it is when your fake tan sweats off.

Whether you’re a tanning addict or only dabble occasionally, it’s an irritatingly common experience, particularly since we normally start wearing fake tan more during the hot Summer months.

So how can you stop your fake tan from sweating off?

A top tip is to use talcum powder to stop the skin from getting so sweaty, focusing mainly on the areas where you tend to get a little, ahem, moist.


‘Use talcum powder around areas like the armpits, backs of knees, under the bra or any tight pieces of clothing,’ recommends tanning guru James Read.

‘This will have the double benefit of soaking up sweat and ensuring the colour doesn’t transfer onto clothes.’

Use a big brush, such as The Body Shop Face and Body Brush, £16, to dust the powder gently onto the skin.

Another tip from James is to try a waterproof SPF to hold your colour on when the weather gets hot and sticky.

‘Use a waterproof SPF, as this will seal in the colour and it doesn’t come off as much when you sweat.’

We like Shiseido WetForce Expert Sun Protection Lotion, SPF50+, £32.


Still suffering from white patches? Clara Anderson, Vita Liberata VIP Tanning and Training Expert, says if you are often suffering from patchiness where the tan has sweated off, then you should consider moving to a lighter colour, so at least the colour difference isn’t so great.

She also advises avoiding products that contain perfume and alcohol so the tan doesn’t react badly with sweat, which is acidic.

(Images: Getty)

How to spray tan a sweaty client

We’re just not prepped for this gorgeous spate of Mediterranean weather are we? We long for it all year round but when it finally arrives, instead of looking cool and carefree like the Parisians, we’re sweating buckets and so are our poor, dear clients.

The problem is that sweat is the enemy of spray tanning. Perspiration, or indeed moisture of any kind, prevents tanning solution from drying properly and it can make it sort of ‘sweat off’ in patches, causing the final tan to look blotchy. Here’s what to do about it:

  1. Advise clients to avoid taking a hot shower right before a treatment. Water can change the pH level of the skin and if the body temperature is higher after a hot shower it can negatively affect the development of a tan.
  2. Cool down your treatment room before the session begins. This might mean opening up the windows, turning on the air conditioning or popping on an oscillating fan. The fan will encourage perspiration to evaporate and help hot clients to cool down in advance of their treatment. A cool room will also make the solution dry faster once applied.
  3. Prepping the skin is vital before picking up the spray gun. Prime the skin by removing any oils or excess perspiration because the cleaner and drier the skin, the smoother the application process will be.
  4. Don’t forget to cool your solution down too! Store it in a dark place away from direct sunlight so it feels fresh and revitalising as it hits your client’s skin.
  5. Loose dark clothing is the best thing to wear after a tan because it allows air to circulate around the body. It might sound counter intuitive, but a flowy maxi dress that covers everything up will keep a client cooler than a pair of tight shorts and a t-shirt.
  6. Tell clients to avoid the sunshine until it’s time to wash off the solution. Staying indoors, in shaded areas and in cool environments will reduce perspiration and result in an even finish.
  7. Finally, think about offering spray tans in the late afternoon or evening when possible to avoid this prep work altogether. Cooler evenings work much better than midday treatments simply because your clients won’t sweat as much afterwards. Move your schedule around, fill up the mornings and early afternoons with other treatments and book spray tans later in the day.