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Has it got to the point where you NEED better clothes storage? Have you taken the term floordrobe to the next level and now you can’t even remember what your bedroom floor looks like? You aren’t even sure how one person can own so many clothes? Well don’t worry, we are here to help with these handy clothes storage ideas…

1. Store your clothes above the door

(Image credit: Cue & Co of London)

If you are working with a small bedroom and you’re tight on storage space, make use of every spare nook and cranny. The gap above your bedroom door is ideal for squeezing in a few more shelves for hats, handbags, or even bathroom linens.

Handmade in Cue & Co of London’s workshop, this clever fitted storage combination would work in any home with a reasonably high ceiling.

2. Mix pegs and racks for shoes and small items

Your walls are valuable storage space. Pegs and clothes storage racks are perfect for storing grabbable items like scarves, hats and bags.

The sleek Scandi Garment Rail from John Lewis is both practical and stylish.

(Image credit: John Lewis)

3. Use multi-tasking storage for kids’ bedrooms

(Image credit: Olli Ella)

Children’s rooms are especially mess-prone, so any furniture item that serves two or three purposes is a winner. A stool that doubles as a side table with room inside to stash clutter is a must – and the design is adorable. The Storie stool from Olli Ella works equally well as kids’ clothing storage or kids’ book storage. It doubles up as a seat, too.

4. Don’t neglect the potential of ceiling storage

(Image credit: Rack Buddy)

We’ve covered walls and doorframes, but what about your ceilings? Hanging rails are ideal for storing clothes when wall space is limited. Meet all your clothes storage hanger needs at Rack Buddy.

5. Put your clothes away in storage baskets

(Image credit: The White Company)

The old basket at the end of the bed: a classic. And for good reason – a traditional wicker basket is just the thing for storing pyjamas, bedsheets and towels. Find more clothes’ storage containers in our buyer’s guide.

A range of good-looking storage baskets is available from The White Company.

6. Choose a bed with storage compartments

(Image credit: Willow & Hall)

Plenty of beds come with storage now, so why would you have one without? In bedrooms lacking storage space, those storage beds or storage headboards with those extra drawers are very handy for keeping socks, tights, pjs and that spare dressing gown out of sight. It also means you can avoid the need for clothes storage plastic drawers or under-bed clothes storage boxes.

7. Keep your clothes storage tidy with curtains

(Image credit: Ikea)

While open wardrobes are convenient, they can look messy. A nifty and affordable fix is a curtain. Easier to open than a sliding wardrobe door, a curtain conceals unsightly mismatched clothes hangers, gym bags and any other items you don’t want on display. Find more walk-in wardrobe and dressing room ideas in our guide.

Find more clothes-storing inspiration at Ikea.

8. Invest in a modular storage system

(Image credit: Skandium)

Opt for a flexible clothes storage system that you can adapt according to your needs, by adding hooks and rails as required. Metal is considerably more flexible than wood.

The String Shelving System is perfect for contemporary bedrooms and is available at Skandium.

9. Keep easily lost items in a suitcase

(Image credit: Habitat)

Sunglasses, jewellery and other accessories often get jumbled up and forgotten about – keep all these items together in a brightly-coloured suitcase that you can keep on top of your wardrobe. Find more dedicated jewellery storage ideas that will do for all sorts of small accessories.

10. Get creative with DIY clothing storage

(Image credit: Etsy)

An imaginative and super-attractive storage aid: the humble branch. A beautiful rail made from birch is a lovely way to display your prettiest tops. Make your own or get a ready-made birch rail at Etsy.

11. Pick a bed with hidden storage

(Image credit: Hyder Living)

To take the storage potential of a bed further than the bed-and-drawer combo, why not invest in a bed with sneakily disguised storage. Not only is side storage great for spare bed linen, but it could also be the ideals space for storing valuables.

The Vienna Side Ottoman Bed from Hyder Living is luxurious as well as practical.

12. Save floor space with a freestanding clothes rail

(Image credit: West Elm)

A simple garment rail is hard to beat. Light, portable, and easy to fit into the corner of a room, it’s also perfect for carting out when guests need to hang their coats somewhere. This Garment Rack from West Elm is convenient and stylish, and will add a touch of Scandi chic to your bedroom.

13. Use storage bins in kids’ rooms

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

If there’s any part of your home in which to embrace playful storage, it’s the kid’s bedroom. Have fun with alternatives to baskets, such as storage jars and clothes storage bins. This kind of container can make great clothes storage for babies – use it to put away small miscellaneous items like bibs, booties, hats and scratch mitts.

The Round Metal Storage Bin from Cuckooland can multi-task: use it as clothes storage or toy storage.

14. Maximise door storage space

(Image credit: Ikea)

Pegboard is a useful material in any room. Fixed to your wardrobe door, it’s handy for jewellery, shoes, glasses and bags.

Wall clothes storage options are available at Ikea.

15. Use storage bags in children’s bedrooms

(Image credit: H&M Home)

Accessible clothes storage containers make clearing up your kid’s room (relatively) fast and easy. These coordinating clothes storage bags and laundry bins from H&M will come in useful for anything from toys to dirty laundry.

16. Display your clothes and shoes in a glass cabinet

(Image credit: Smallbone of Devizes)

Give your clothes and accessories special treatment by showing them off in beautifully-lit glass cabinets. Smallbone of Devizes have some beautiful examples of bespoke cabinetry from real homes, such as this stunning dressing room.

17. Pair an ottoman with a storage bed

(Image credit: Angel & Boho)

Throw those bedspreads, cushions and non-seasonal bedding into an ottoman, which will fit snugly at the foot of the bed. While an obvious place for linens, ottomans are equally useful for stashing away belts, weekend bags and shoes.

The Blanket Box from Angel & Boho is roomy and gorgeous.

18. Don’t forget the good old wardrobe

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Sometimes you can’t beat a good old-fashioned wardrobe. Opt for one with a drawer at the bottom and shelf at the top for foldable items or added storage baskets. Find classic wardrobes ideal for all bedrooms, including kids’ bedrooms, at Cuckooland.

19. Combine your bed with clothes storage unit

(Image credit: Ikea)

Save yourself precious space by sleeping bunk-style, with the lower half of your bed cleverly utilised as a wardrobe, complete with rail and hanging drawers. Find the best kids’ bunk beds and the best kids’ beds (including one that looks like a treehouse) in our buyer’s guides.

Shop Ikea for clever bed-storage-combos.

20. Choose a classic chest for foldable clothes

Keep it simple with a 50s-style streamlined chest, which will happily accommodate your folded sweaters, shirts, trousers and pjs. The Mid-century 5 Drawer Chest of Drawers from West Elm is perfect for squeezing into a tight corner.

(Image credit: West Elm)

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The Best Clothes Storage For Small Spaces

I don’t think anybody’s ever had the thought, “What will I do with all this storage space?” More often than not, you go a little overboard during a shopping spree and wonder if your house will just become a mountain of clothes. Thankfully, thebest clothes storage for small spaces can turn your oversized wardrobe into a more manageable space.

Even if your closet is super tiny (I know I’ve had some crazy small closets in my life), there are always ways to make that space even more useful — think adding an extra hanging bar to instantly double your storage capacity, or investing in hangers that consolidates a dozen garments down to a sweaters worth of space.

Or, maybe you don’t even have a closet (again, I’ve been there). Between affordable shelves and under the bed storage, you can still keep all your clothes in order. And pro tip: if you really want to save space, bust out some vacuum bags. They suck all the air out of your garments, so an entire winter wardrobe of clothes winds up being less than half its original size. Then, pop it under your bed or in your dresser for simple space-saving storage.

You may not have a lot of space now, but that doesn’t mean your clothes have to suffer. These genius storage solutions will make your small space feel like you can fit all your clothes and then some — you know, for the next time you go shopping.

These Creative Clothes Storage Ideas Will Make You Think Outside the Closet

Merethe Svarstad Eeg / EyeEm/Getty Images

Some of us have to work to find a good clothes storage solution—we’re not all blessed with perfectly organized walk-in closets. In fact, we’d venture to guess that most of us are less than pleased with our storage space. Maybe it’s oddly shaped, dimly lit, or just downright tiny, but the end result is always the same. When you can’t find things in your closet, you only wear a small sampling of the pieces you own. These display options get your best duds out of the closet and into your outfit rotation.
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Clothes Storage Idea #1: Use a Few Well-Placed Hooks.

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Hooks are a great way to corral your favorite items to get them out of a pile on your floor or chair and they can be useful when outfit planning. Displaying your pieces on hangers then mixing or matching them on the hooks will help you create an office or date night look for the ages. Statement making single hooks could look great or get a few rows of hooks and work with those.

Clothes Storage Idea #2: Try a Minimal Metal Closet Rack in Gold.

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It will feel decidedly more fun when it’s finished with a warm metallic. With room to hang clothes and a mini shelf and bench for handbags and shoes, you’ll feel like you’re shopping your closet every morning. Limited space also means you’ll have to pare down your wardrobe to just your tried and true favorites.

Clothes Storage Idea #3: Invest in a Modular Storage System.

You’ll be amazed by what you can design if you decide to give up some wall space. Organizing companies have gotten really good with customizing modular storage to fit your specific space and needs. Slide out drawers and places for not only all of your clothes but accessories too make this totally worth spending on.

Clothes Storage Idea #4: Display Beautiful Objects on Floating Shelves.

Shoes, for example, should be considered mini works of art. And while you wear them on your feet, it doesn’t mean you can’t show them off. Instead of cluttering up the bottom of a closet where they’ll fall prey to dirt and dust bunnies, place your pairs on floating shelves instead. IKEA or Home Depot have affordable and easy to install options if you’re a little DIY shy.

Clothes Storage Idea #5: Make the Most of Vertical Storage.

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Make your walls work harder. Convert unused space into storage space with these versatile hanging storage baskets perfect for accessories, mail, or anything else you want on hand.

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A few well-placed rods, benches, and vertical storage devices can work together to form maybe the most creative organizing solution we’ve ever seen. The materials are inexpensive but still completely effective for organizing shoes, accessories, and clothes. To really make the look hang together, try to keep the color palette uniform; it makes it a real difference aesthetically.

Clothes Storage Idea #6: Stick with a Classic Clothing Rack.

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You can’t go wrong with an industrial-style clothing rack. They’ve been around so long for a reason and they’re perfect for getting bulkier items like jackets out of a tiny closet. If you do invest in one, make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t have wheels. Unfortunately the more adjustable they are, the less reliable they are too. And no one wants to come home to his or her clothes in a pile on the floor!

Bonus: Jewelry Storage Idea: Think Outside the Jewelry Box.

OK, so not technically clothes but as we all know that a great statement necklace or earrings can make an outfit. Clunky statement necklaces, dainty chains, and a bevy of earrings don’t play together so nicely in your average jewelry box. When there’s not enough space things get tangled up or lost completely in the visual clutter. Use straight pins and a stuffed mannequin to display all of your pieces instead. You can find everything easily and you won’t forget about some of your favorites because they’re buried.

Clothes organisers

How can you organise clothes?

Although clothes storage and wardrobe organisation are down to personal preference, our space-saving solutions will help tidy things up. If you’re looking to streamline your wardrobe storage, think about storing away seasonal items first.

Top clothes-organisers pack sweaters, scarves and thick coats away during the summer, when they’re unlikely to get an airing. Large storage cases like LACKISAR are a great place to start, and can be slipped under the bed until needed. And when winter arrives, you can exchange the floaty sun dresses and open-toe shoes for the cosy jumper you’d almost forgotten about.

Instead of tripping over your shoes every morning, consider keeping them in your wardrobe organiser with the rest of your clothes. STUK and SKUBB can both be hung on a rail, offering a quick and easy way to declutter your hallway.

What is the best way to store bedding and linens?

If you’re guilty of cramming all your spare bedding into a drawer, you wouldn’t be alone. To keep everything fresh, a great alternative can be found in our SKUBB range. The storage cases can go inside your wardrobe or under the bed and can be zipped shut to keep dust at bay.

Closet Organizers

Fix up your closet space piece by piece or start with a whole new closet organization system. You can do it yourself or get help from our closet experts. Imagine all your clothes lined up, uncluttered, with room for all your sweaters and shoes. The floor of your bedroom closet could be visible once again.­
Closet Makeover from Start to Finish­
Get a full in-home closet makeover. Make it happen quickly by scheduling an appointment with our closet design consultants. They can help you build the perfect closet storage solution no matter how cluttered your space is. You’ll get suggestions for the right combo of closet shelves and closet drawers specific to your needs. You can trust our closet and storage organization installers. They are licensed, insured and verified. Plus, you’ll get just one competitive price for the closet materials, including installation. We try to make it easy, so you can focus on what will go where.­
Get Just What You Need­
If you only need a slight improvement your closet situation, start with one or two clothing organizers. Stock up on plastic hangers or wood hangers and place your clothes in plain sight. Affordable and agile, a hanging closet organizer can create new nooks and drawers for your clothes. Add shoe shelves to keep your collection organized and on display. Try a hanging closet shelf to store your most used scarves or favorite t-shirts. Some closet storage drawers or closet shelves might be all you need to eliminate clutter.
If you’re not sure whether to go with wood or wire, check out the closet systems on display at The Home Depot store near you. You’ll get a better sense of the look and feel of the materials. Plus, our knowledgeable associates are standing by to help you decide.­
Get Your Shoes Off the Floor­
Get in the habit of kicking your shoes off and onto a shoe rack so you know where they are when you need them. A shoe rack in the garage or near the front door will help keep tracked-in dirt to a minimum. They come in so many styles, you’ll find one to match your decor – a white shoe cabinet will match any room and a wood shoe rack can add a touch of elegance. Black shoe racks can go anywhere, in the garage or on the front porch. Hanging shoe organizers save space in your closet. Try a storage cube with bins for your shoes for a quick place to toss them that’s not the floor.

Clothes Storage

What type of clothes storage can I purchase at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, you will find a variety of clothes storage options ranging from a simple clothes hanger to storage boxes and even a complete garment rack on castors, all of which will enable you to store your clothes both for daily use and when items have to be stored away out of season.

What is the best clothes storage solution if I have a lack of space?

Spotlight has several space saving clothes storage solutions including tiered clothes hangers that will let you hang three pairs of trousers on one hanger, pocket organisers which can be clipped onto a hanging rail in a wardrobe or can be modified to fit behind a bedroom door. A handy wire basket stacking system will take care of many smaller items that can clutter up drawers too. If you have unused spaces under your bed, or under the beds in guest bedrooms, our range of under bed storage bags are a perfect way to store bulky items such as duvets, woolly jumpers and other items when not in use.

Do you have anything to protect delicate garments?

Our flocked coat hangers will not harm delicate fabrics with their soft covering, and clear garment bags will protect your finery while still allowing you to easily see what is inside the bags. These bags are available in various sizes to fit longer and shorter clothing items. Accessories such as scarves and wraps can be kept safe in storage boxes when not in use. Gentlemens ties can be easily stored on the special tie and belt hanger which has room for up to 20 items.

Why do you stock so many different types of clothes hangers?

Different types of clothing require different hangers, and if you have ever found some of your clothes on the floor of your wardrobe you will agree. With special suit hangers, hangers for trousers, skirts and tops, and even non-slip hangers for silky items such as shirts or tops, you will be able to make sure everything stays where you want it to be. Hangers with clips are ideal for trousers if you dont want to get a crease from where they have been folded over the bar of the hanger, and they can double up for skirts that dont have any loops to hang on too.

What about storage for shoes?

You can stop shoes from cluttering up the bottom of your wardrobe with some of our great shelf organisers. These are made from canvas and simply attach by means of their Velcro handle around the hanging bar in your wardrobe. With six separate compartments they are an ideal way to store slippers, shoes, and many other smaller items such as belts, scarves and even underwear.

With so many different clothes storage options at Spotlight you will be able to find the perfect solution for tidying away your clothes when not in use, and keeping your bedroom looking neat and uncluttered.

Not everyone has enough space for a walk-in closet, most of us are desperately looking for some space to store a new pair of shoes or a coat. Here are some small space options for your clothes that will help you to keep the room uncluttered and get a comfy storage space. A lofted bed can conceal your closet beneath, and even a usual bed can hide some items. Wall hooks provide place for storing miscellaneous items and accessories – you can attach them in a wardrobe or a laundry room. A moveable closet rod opens up space and an automated dry-cleaning rack can sit in the narrow closet.

Open Closets And Storage Units

Open closets are a hot trend that is on right now, they are amazing for small spaces as they look airy and not bulky, they make your clothes and shoes part of décor. You can go for a wood or metal open closet unit on casters to move it wherever you need or even take a nook or attic corner in your bedroom and attach hanger holders right to the ceiling and walls. Open shelves and racks for organizing and storing your things are also a good idea, squeeze them where you want using every inch of space.

use an awkward nook to create an open clothes and shoe storage unit with shelves

an open storage unit for accessories and shoes – some holders with hooks and boxes – closed and open supsended ones

an open closet in the corner with a holder for hangers and an open shelf plus baskets is a cool way to use a small nook

a whole open closet with lots of shelves is integrated over the door and on both sides to save as much space as possible

a small wooden ladder used as a shelf for shoes and bags is a simple idea for a bedroom or entryway

a sleek attic clothes storage item with open shelves and drawers is a stylish and comfortable idea for a small bedroom

a simple metal clothes rack on casters with lots of hangers and compartments for storage in the lower part

a shoe storage unit with several baskets is an elegant and cool unit for an entryway or closet

a small and smartly organized open closet with a drawer for clothes, some clothes hangers and soem suspended open boxes for accessories

a wooden shelf on a clothes hanger and clothespins to hold your scarves and shawls

an open storage cabinet that doubles as a bench at the foot of the bed is a smart and easy idea to store some clothes

a suspended metal holder with clothes hangers is a good idea for storign clothes without cluttering the space with bulky funriture

a whole closet and shoe storage hidden in the staircase drawers is a very functional idea that saves lots of space

an open closet on casters features boxes, clothes hangers and can be moved anywhere you want it

a small fully organized closet with drawers, open and closed compartments, clothes hangers and boxes

a chain and wood stick closet with clothes hangers is a non-bulky and airy idea that makes clothes part of decor

an open closet with hangers, boxes and open shelves and a platform with a home office and a daybed on top

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage units make your spaces look larger as they declutter them. Be creative about such units – go for a storage ottoman, bench, cabinet, attach some organizers and storage units to closet doors and walls. You may also build in some drawers for storage into your staircase if you want – this is a great idea to get maximum of your space. Get more creative ideas below!

wire shelves attached to the door are a stylish idea to store your bags, shoes or some other stuff

small plastic drawers for shoes inserted under a closet, wardrobe or bed will help your oganize a bit

simple and comfortable wire shoe organizers that can be attached to closet doors or walls in an entryway

an upholstered ottoman with storage space inside to hide shoes, accessories, bags or other stuff

an oversized tufted ottoman with pockets for clothes and shoe storage plus a large central compartment

an attic space with a holder for clothes hangers attached right to the ceiling is a great way to save some space

a white wall with lot sof hooks to hang clothes and bags or even place shelves and store shoes on them

a smart organizer and storage unit attached to the closet door – wire baskets and a board for jewelry are a cool way to organize

a forged shoe shelf attached to a clsoet door is a smart way to store a lot of shoes without using any floor space

a fabric organizer on the closet door is great to store shoes or accessories, it’s modern, simple and saves floor and shelf space

a basket for storing shoes is a simpel way to roganize – you can place it anywhere you want

store shoes and clothes on the stairwells, under the stairs and over the stairwell – use each inch of space to allocate your things

a corner shoe cabinet with shoes and bag shelves that are rotating to give you evne more storage space

a small shelf for hanging pants – it features several holders that can accommodate several pants

a whole closet hidden in the wall and retracted when needed is a cool idea for small homes – you won’t need a separate room

use the space under the bed for storing things you don’t need very often, it will let you have a smaller closet

a small and well-organized closet with shoes and clothes, lots of clothes hangers, and rotating shelves to accommodate more

a folding shelf like this one can be placed in the upper part of your closet and it will give more space to you

a closet with hooks on the wall that let hanging clothes, bags and other stuff and not to take any shelf and floor space for that

a closet with lots of shelves and a holder for clothes hangers can be hidden with a curtain and it declutters your space and doesn’t make you make a separate closet room

Creative Clothes Storage Solutions Cover

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