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We love a good ‘this is what they look like now’ here at Digital Spy and this might be the most extreme physical change we’ve covered so far.

Remember The Suite Life on Deck? It was the same thing as The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, except the twins were now living on a boat causing havoc, rather than in a hotel.

And if you don’t know what The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is, then you need to get your nieces and nephews on the phone right now.


This is Matthew Timmons, who played Woody in the Disney Channel. He used to look like a young Hurley from Lost, and now he looks like this…

Cor Blimey.

We’re not sure if Matthew Timmons is an actual hipster-y rock star who opens for The 1975 but he should be.

Having a stalk of his Instagram (where his bio states “I was on a boat & got sea sick” which is incredible) shows us more of Timmons in all his glory.

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OKAY LAST ONE I PROMISE ((also look how white my legs are lol))

A post shared by Matthew Timmons (@matttimmons) on Sep 4, 2016 at 1:53pm PDT

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Treat me like the trash I am and take me out.

A post shared by Matthew Timmons (@matttimmons) on Aug 7, 2016 at 7:19pm PDT

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A post shared by Matthew Timmons (@matttimmons) on May 15, 2016 at 2:03pm PDT

You could say that he’s living the sweet life.

While we’re on a nostalgia trip, let’s have a listen to The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’s theme tune, shall we?

And now let’s have a listen to The Suite Life on Deck’s theme tune too:

If you need us, we’re just going to spend the rest of the week trawling through Disney Channel videos on YouTube.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/On Deck has definitely left quite a huge impact on a lot of people’s childhoods, including ours! The show not only made us laugh out loud, but taught us some very valueable life lessons. Dare we say it, we miss the show and the cast and can only hope for a full cast reunion soon.

So what has everyone been up to since the crew called “cut”, the lights shut off, and the set closed? Read on to find out where the cast of The Suite Life are now.

Dylan Sprouse (Zack Martin) & Cole Sprouse (Cody Martin) – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/On Deck

Well it’s been a couple years since our favourite pair of twins made us laugh until we cried, so where exactly is the power-duo now?

After parting ways with Disney, the Sprouse brothers have been flying under the radar and living their regular lives (being recognized by the occasional fan wanting a picture, every once in a while). In May 2015, they graduated with honors from NYU which is where the pair are currently situated. What can they say? They just can’t stay away from the Tipton Hotel can they?

The two were recently spotted at Tyler, The Creator’s fashion show in LA last year in June, and of course they’re always carrying on with their witty banter on Twitter.

Ashley Tisdale (Maddie Fitzpatrick) – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Ashley has also been living her life both in and out of the spotlight after the show ended, attending Christmas parties, birthday bashes, countless events with her husband Christian French, and even releasing new music and a cosmetic line.

Ashley has recently linked up with her long time best friend and High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens, to not only catch up on their lives with dinner but also release an acoustic cover of Elle King’s Ex’s and Oh’s.

Brenda Song (London Tipton) – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/On Deck

So what’s the fashionista doing now after the Disney era? Well we can tell you she’s still acting, starring on a brand new show on CBS titled “Pure Genius”. She even linked up with fellow Suite Life co-star Brian Stepanek (Arwin) while filming an episode for the show.

And of course where would the fashionista be without fashion? Brenda lived out her dreams scoring a feature in Bello Magazine, looking all dolled up in an all red outfit.

Phill Lewis (Marion Mosby) – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/On Deck

Since departing from Disney, we haven’t seen much of this “hotel manager” around, since he’s also been flying under the radar.

Although Phill is still in acting business, as he’s been making guest appearances and starring on various shows from shows like “Angel from Hell” to “Undateable”.

Brian Stepanek (Arwin) – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Much like Phill, we haven’t seen much of Brian in the public either, but we did take note that he recently linked up with fellow Suite Life co-star Brenda Song while shooting her newest show on CBS. Brian also recently linked up with Phill and Debby Ryan earlier last year, for a mini reunion.

Adrian R’Mante (Esteban) – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Guest starring on many crime shows, Adrian is also living his life under the radar but that doesn’t stop him from sharing a few Suite Life memes on Twitter. Did we also mention he too recently caught up with co-stars Phill Lewis, Debby Ryan and Matthew Timmons?

Found this meme after posting the picture on Instagram. ? Great time reunited with my Suite Life family! @MattTimmons @DebbyRyan

— Adrian R’Mante (@adrianrmante) January 10, 2017

Debby Ryan (Bailey Pickett) – The Suite Life On Deck

Soon after the show ended Debby stayed with Disney for a bit, starring on her own show titled “Jessie”. But that show has also ended and so Debby is just out and about, scoring new acting roles, filming, and living life in the spotlight.

Matthew Timmons (Woody Fink) – The Suite Life On Deck

And like many many of the actors in this article, Matthew has also chosen to live life after Disney Channel, under the radar and away from the blinding lights of the spotlight.

Who was your favourite cast member from The Suite Life? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us over @CelebMix.

A CD’s 6 Tips for Getting Cast on the Disney Channel

Photo Source: Disney Channel/Tony Rivetti

This is a question that I’ve been asked hundreds of times. It’s the dream of many young actors to be a star on a Disney Channel show. Selena Gomez, Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera—many of today’s stars got their start on the Disney Channel.

My experience with Disney ranges from casting the series, “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and a number of pilots including the hugely successful “Hannah Montana.”

As a young performer, it’s great to have this goal, but the last thing you want to do is sit idly by waiting for your “big break” with Disney. You need to be constantly working hard at your acting craft, and expanding your skills and talent to be at the top of your game when the opportunity to audition for Disney arises.

When casting for the Disney Channel or any other kids network, we’re looking for young talent who can act, sing, and dance. But of all these talents, acting is the most important.

You need to understand comedy and know how to make the moments in a scene. We loved finding kids who knew how to hit the “comedic beats” and could make us laugh, but then also knew how to make those moments that were real and honest.

Here is what I recommend you do to prepare when the opportunity arises:

1. Take acting classes, improvisation classes, musical theater classes, etc., and continue to work on your craft.
When you’re starting out as an actor, you don’t usually have a lot of credits. Being in a class teaches you different techniques and skills. Classes also give you the opportunity to perform and practice those skills.

2. If you’re a singer, have 30–60 seconds of a song prepared that really showcases your voice.
It should also be a song that a person your age would sing. If you sing a song that is not age-appropriate, it usually doesn’t showcase your voice well and the audience can feel uncomfortable. Same with dancing, have 30–60 seconds of a routine prepared that you’re ready to perform if asked.

What It’s Like to Audition for Disney Channel, According to ‘Andi Mack’ Creator Terri Minsky

3. We are also looking at your personality.
When I ask questions in an audition, I want to hear the person respond like they’re talking to their friends. Do not give one-word answers! This is an opportunity to let the casting directors see your personality.

When I was casting the pilot of “Hannah Montana,” over 1,200 girls from all over the country auditioned for the title role. The ones that stood out the most were the girls who were not only talented, but they also showed us their charisma! This is exactly what Miley Cyrus did.

4. Most of the kids who get cast on the Disney Channel have been working diligently on their craft.
Many have been in local theater, commercials, or played small parts in films or on television shows. For example, Adam Irigoyen had been working hard on his craft for years and was ready when he got his opportunity. He got cast in a guest-starring role on “Wizards of Waverly Place,” which eventually led to an audition and him being cast as Deuce on Disney’s “Shake It Up!”

Adam told me that he had the dream of being on the Disney Channel. He wrote his goal down on a piece of paper and pasted it around his house. Every day he would see it and remind himself of his dream. He said this helped him stay focused and continue to work diligently on his craft.

5. Occasionally, the Disney Channel will do an open call in different cities around the country.
Watch your local newspaper or monitor the to see when these might occur. Sometimes, casting directors will search across the country for new talent. When I was casting “Hannah Montana,” we looked across the U.S. and the UK for the role of Hannah.

6. To be proactive, research the current casting directors for the current Disney Channel shows.
Send them a short note with your picture and résumé. Tell them that you would love to audition for them. Just be sure to be prepared if this opportunity arises!

Making your dream of being on the Disney Channel into a reality takes hard work and persistence. Be ready to show your personality, talent, charisma, and your confidence when you step into the audition room!

Best of luck!

*This post was originally published on April 26, 2016. It has since been updated.

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The views expressed in this article are solely that of the individual(s) providing them,
and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Backstage or its staff.

Lisa London Lisa London has been a casting director for more than 60 films and television shows. Over the last 25 years, she has cast projects for Sony, Disney Channel, HBO, Nickelodeon, Screen Gems, Universal, Columbia Pictures, and ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Amazon. See full bio and articles here!

Meet the Cast of Disney Channel’s New ‘High School Musical’ Series

Disney Gays who grew up in the 2000s know how legendary the original High School Musical movie franchise is, and now, a new generation of viewers will be introduced to the magic of HSM with Disney+’s upcoming High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (a mouthful, I know). The show “picks up nearly 13 years after the original movie premiered, and is set at the real-life location where it all began: East High,” reads the show’s description.

“The series follows high school juniors Ricky and Nini, who just returned from summer camp with a new-found voice, confidence and ambitious boyfriend, E.J. With the help of his best friend, Ricky launches a bold plan to prove himself to Nini by auditioning to star opposite her in the school’s first-ever theatrical production of High School Musical. Show-mances blossom; friendships are tested while new ones are made; rivalries flare; and lives are changed forever as these you people discover the transformative power that only high school theater can provide.”

Scroll down to see the entire cast of the new High School Musical: The Musical: The Series! And follow High School Musical on Instagram to stay up-to-date! The show premieres November 12 only on Disney+!

Demi Lovato (Sonny Munroe)

When Sonny premiered in 2009, Demi was already famous from her starring role in Camp Rock and the successful release of her debut album, Don’t Forget. She remained insanely busy throughout her Sonny reign, starring in two Disney Channel movies — Princess Protection Program with then-bestie Selena Gomez, followed by Camp Rock 2 in 2010. She also released a second album, Here We Go Again, and joined the Jonas Brothers’ national tour. In the fall of 2010, Demi left both the tour and Sonny to focus on overcoming personal struggles. Since then, she’s released two more albums, headlined a sold-out world tour, appeared on The X-Factor, and guest-starred on Glee. She can’t be stopped! She also continues to inspire us with her message about loving yourself and staying strong.

Getty Images

Sterling Knight (Chad Dylan Cooper)

Sterling made his Disney Channel debut on on episode of Hannah Montana as Lily’s boyfriend Lucas. Two years later, Sterling returned to Disney as Sonny’s Chad Dylan Cooper, the teen heartthrob who was the star of So Random’s rival show Mackenzie Falls. Chad and Sonny had a love/hate relationship until they briefly dated, but even after they broke up it was clear Chad still had feelings for her. (Can you blame him?!) After Sonny With A Chance, Sterling starred in the shows spinoff So Random!. Most recently, he has a recurring role as Zander Carlson on the ABC Family show Joey & Melissa, which is in its final season.

Getty Images

Tiffany Thorton (Tawni Hart)

After a series of bit roles on Disney staples like That’s So Raven, Hannah Montana, and Wizards Of Waverly Place, Tiffany joined the cast of Sonny as Tawni Hart, Sonny’s diva-frenemy-turned-bestie. She reprised her role as Tawny in the spinoff So Random!. She had a stint voicing the cartoon character Lupita on the show Muertoons and said recently on Instagram that she’s knee-deep in auditions.

Getty Images

Allisyn Ashley Arm (Zora Lancaster)

Allisyn made her Disney Channel debut on the 2008 New Year’s special, which lead to her being cast as Zora on Sonny. Zora was the quiet one who always shocked her friends when she actually spoke. Although Allisyn only appeared in a few episodes of Sonny’s final season, she was a regular cast member in the spinoff. Allisyn now has a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s AwesomenessTV sketch comedy show.

Getty Images

Brandon Mychal Smith (Nico Harris)Brandon was a regular on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, starring on Zoey 101, Phil Of The Future, and That’s So Raven before he was cast on Sonny. His character Nico was head over heels for Mackenzie Falls star Penelope, but he’d get brutally turned down every time he asked her out. After Sonny, Brandon starred on the spinoff So Random! and most recently appeared on the FX show You’re The Worst.

Getty Images

Doug Brochu (Grady Mitchell)

As Grady, Doug played Nico’s best friend and partner in crime, a role he continued on So Random!. Most recently, Doug appeared in the short film Obituaries alongside James Franco.

Getty Images

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Jelani Addams Rosa Freelance Writer I’m Jelani, a freelance writer.

Chad Dylan Cooper

Chad for So Random! Season 3




16 (Season 1)
17 (Season 2)


Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Family & Friends

Significant other

Sonny Munroe (girlfriend)


Dylan Cooper (Dad)

Chad ( mom)


Sonny Munroe
Portlyn Maddison
Selena Gomez (character)
Chaz Milton Looper
Tawni Hart
Grady Mitchell
Nico Harris
Zora Lancaster
Marshall Pike


Tawni Hart
Grady Mitchell
Nico Harris
Zora Lancaster
James Conroy


Dakota Condor
Marta Balatico
Santiago Heraldo
Ryan Loughlin
Vicki Sickowitz
Trey Brothers
Zac Efron
Gilroy Smith
Amber Algoode
Wesley Williger
Grant Mitchell


Cupcake (rental)

Production Information

First appearance

“West Coast Story”

Portrayed by

Sterling Knight

Chad Dylan Cooper is the greatest actor of our generation.
——- Chad Dylan Cooper “Guess Who’s Coming to Guest Star”

Chad Dylan Cooper is an actor who plays Mackenzie on the show MacKenzie Falls and is now the newest star of So Random!. Chad Dylan Cooper also goes by, “CDC”, “Chaddy”, or simply “Chad”, and his last name used to be Goldfarb. He believes that comedy only involves being “funny”, something that he thinks is stupid. He is also an enemy of So Random!, which he often refers to as “Chuckle City”. Despite his constant antagonism with the So Random! cast, Chad is capable of working with them in some cases, occasionally treating them civilly and even engages in casual conversations with them on multiple occasions. Sonny Munroe recently broke up with him in the episode “Sonny With a Choice.” He also took over Sonny’s role on “So Random!” due to Demi Lovato’s decision to leave Sonny With a Chance.


He usually wears the MacKenzie Falls cast uniform, but outside of the studio he dresses casually. Despite his egotistical and selfish behavior, Chad can be very caring and compassionate, mostly towards Sonny. While dating Sonny, he had a changed personality, but he would rather choose himself over Sonny.He can also be stubborn, vain and self centred .When he dated Sonny he became warm-hearted ,generous and caring.

Chad receiving his award and insulting the cast of So Random!

Chad has a wall of pictures of people banned from visiting the set, including Grady, Nico, Tawni, Zora, and Zac Efron. When Zora asks why Zac Efron is on his wall, Chad states: “Cause it’s my wall, and I like saying I banned Zac Efron. There will come a day when Zac Efron comes knocking on that door and he’s like, ‘Hey, can I come in?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Oh no, you’re banned!'” (Which is ironic because Sterling Knight’s first movie was with Zac Efron). Sonny never was on the wall, though.

Chad in “You’ve Got Fan Mail”

In “Three’s Not Company” when Sonny refused Chad’s party invitation, he said that he would really expect being turned down by a Tisdale or a Montana. In “Fast Friends” Chad rents a dog (named Cupcake) (which cost him $60 bucks an hour) which he lets Sonny see, to make up for making himself look bad on television (In his YouTube account, he claims that after his hour with the dog, he buys his own company and calls it ‘Rent-A-Dog.’). In “You’ve Got Fan Mail”, Chad dresses up as “Eric”, Sonny’s fake number-one fan, in order to protect Sonny from embarrassment. Chad said that the only reason that he dressed up as Eric was because “I just wanted to try on the weird beard.” When Sonny noted that this showed he really did care, he repeatedly denied it until she tricked him into confirming it. In “Sonny and the Studio Brat”, Sonny revealed that Chad thinks Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are actually two different people.

Peace out Sucka!!

To make James Conroy jealous, Sonny went on a fake date with Chad in “Sonny With a Chance of Dating”. Sonny fake-kissed him by putting her hand over his mouth before the “kiss,” but in actual Chad really wanted sonny to kiss him.he also said that he was going to post on his blog that they really did kiss. In “Promises, Prom-misses”, Sonny un-invited Chad to her secret prom, so he felt a bit hurt and came to the prom anyway. There, they shared a moment after everyone left.

In episode 13, “Battle of the Network’s Stars”, Selena Gomez guest starred and tried to draw Sonny and Chad together, but they persistently denied their feelings for each other. Selena even kissed (or pretended to kiss) Chad because that was what she thought Sonny would do. She also said “You two are… PERFECT for each other!” Which later on in the series, was proven true, as Sonny and Chad began dating in “Falling for the Falls”, but broke up in Sonny With a Choice.





Other notes


The Goody Gang

Woody Goody

TV Series, Main Role


MacKenzie Falls


TV Series, Main Role

So Random!


Comedy Series, Main Role

Law School Musical

Mail Delivery Guy

Film, Small (but important) Role

Chad Dylan Cooper: The Chad Dylan Cooper Story


TV Movie, Main Role



TV Show, 1st Pranked Celebrity

So Random!

HottiE.M.T. and in a later episode, The Host/Mackenzie

Comedy Show, HottiE.M.T. Sketch Special Guest Star

Bangs and Fangs


Film, Main Role


Music Videos


Other notes


Stop S.P.S. (feat. the Cast of MacKenzie Falls and Sonny Munroe, Nico Harris, and Grady Mitchell)

Featured Guest, Singer

Music Video by Tawni Hart




Other notes

Ludnick’s Horn Whitener


Shown in Glendovian TV

Grandma Minka’s Old Time Potato Juice

Sheep Shearer/Endoeser

Shown in Glendovian TV

99 Züzim Store


Shown in Glendovian TV


Sonny Munroe

Girlfriend/In Love With

Sonny and Chad on their second first date.

At first, Chad has a love/hate relationship with Sonny Munroe. Chad and Sonny have feelings for each other which are denied until, in “Battle of the Network’s Stars”, they realize that they do. He even says that Sonny and everything she does is cute while jealous about James and Sonny dating in “Sonny With a Chance of Dating”. He is not as mean and heartless as he seems (He tries to pretend to not care about Sonny, but Tawni and James can see through him). Chad tries to hide the fact that he likes Sonny by acting like they are rivals. Chad even takes the long way to MacKenzie Falls set pass the So Random! set and always bumps into Sonny in odd locations. In “The Heartbreak Kid”, Chad and Sonny go on a second “fake date” at Lookout Mountain. In “Guess Who’s Coming to Guest Star”, just before the “Hot E.M.T” sketch starts Chad said that he and Sonny will be in love, accidentally letting it slip that he loves Sonny, then correcting hi

Chad and Sonny holding hands

mself unconvincingly.

In “Falling for the Falls”, a misunderstanding prompts Chad to ask Sonny out. She says yes, but the attitudes of the other cast members of So Random! upset her and she cancels on Chad, sparking an argument. Later, he comes to her house with gifts and an apology. They go on a date the following day, but Chad gets so nervous he throws up, ruining the date. Humiliated by the bad publicity this brought him, he tells Sonny he doesn’t want to see her in public. Hurt, she breaks off the relationship. Realizing his mistake, he makes his feelings for her publicly known, winning her back, and Sonny stops lying to her fellow cast members, deciding her relationship with Chad is more important than their opinions. They are currently dating.

It comes to mind though, that Sonny seemed to occassionally break up with Chad, but never Chad breaking up with Sonny. Must mean that Chad truly has strong feelings for Sonny and always will. Chad is a changed man ever since he started dating Sonny. In That’s So Sonny, Chad kept choosing Sonny over Amber and said that She’s the only fan who he really cares about. Chad would do anything to make Sonny happy, until the point where she broke up with him each time. They broke up in Sonny With a Choice.

Chad also took over Sonny’s role on “So Random!” meaning he really thinks Randoms aren’t so bad after all!

He and Sonny dated, although their respective shows are rivals and they didn’t care that their shows were enemies.

Big Macs’ got your back!

See also: Channy

Chad and Portlyn in “Sonny at the Falls”

Portlyn Maddison

Portlyn co-stars with Chad in the hit tween drama MacKenzie Falls. They are just friends and they are also seen to hang-out with each other behind the camera. Chad said to Sonny that perhaps there would be a spot for her on MacKenzie Falls, after Portlyn disappears in a mysterious “ballooning accident”. Portlyn then comically sobs and walks out of the room. (West Coast Story)

Zora Lancaster

Zora and Chad don’t get along at all. In Prank’d, Zora successfully pulled a prank on Chad. In Sonny in the Middle, it is seen that Zora tricked Chad for ice cream instead she took him to see “Giraffes on Ice” an animal morgue and in the near ending it is seen that both Chad and Tawni are with Zora watching Monkey Cars 3D. In My Two Chads Chad was seen crawling around in vents, something Zora often does to spy on people.

Wesley Williger

Wesley plays young Mackenzie on MacKenzie Falls. Wesley has a huge crush on Sonny, and Chad tells him to back off. He gets fired at the end of the episode Zora Blossoms. He has only appeared in that episode. (so far)

Tawni Hart

Tawni and Chad had a conversation about Sonny and James and bibs in “Sonny With A Chance Of Dating”. . In “Chad Without a Chance”, Tawni asked Chad to break up with her boyfriends for her. Chad confused the “Absolutelys” without the “Absolutely Nots” and was fired at the end of the episode.

Nico Harris and Grady Mitchell

Chad, Nico and Grady always occassionally have the “Guy” bond most of the

The Guys of Sonny with a Chance

time in Season 2. Not so much in Season 1. In Gummy With a Chance, Chad offers Grady and Nico to use his private gym to work out. Even though for his own evil scheme at the time, it gave Nico and Grady the fitness advantage. In The Problem with Pauly, Chad was waiting along time for Sonny to come for their 7 weekaversary. But Nico and Grady had convinced Chad that he was stood up. They even continuously said “Join us Chad… You could be player 3”. When Chad walks in the Prop house with roses, Nico mistakingly says “Awww, Dude you shouldn’t have”.

In “That’s So Sonny”, Nico and Grady admit to Amber’s disguise “Smooth” that they didn’t mind that much associating with Chad now since Chad had started dating Sonny.

Amber Algoode

Amber Algoode was the Chad Dylan Cooper Fan Club president. They had a good relationship until she says Sonny is the cause of him not getting his million fan on “Flitter.” She then kidnaps Chad along with Tawni, Nico and Grady. Sonny then, comes to the rescue.


Chad did not appear in the first episode, “Sketchy Beginnings”, as he wasn’t introduced until the second episode, “West Coast Story”, which aired immediately after the first one. Chad also did not appear in “Cheater Girls” or “Marshall with a Chance”.


  • Chad is 5′ 7½” tall, according to his measurement during “Tales From the Prop House”.
  • In the tv series The Teenage Witch Sabrina The Teenage Witch , in an episode Brian Austin Green came as Corey Dylan Chad Corey Dylan , so Chad Dylan Cooper’s name might come from there.
  • Chad Dylan Cooper did not exist in the original storyline of Sonny With A Chance. Sterling Knight auditioned for the role of Stuart, another member of So Random!, who happens to be Tawni Hart’s boyfriend. Eventually, the character of Stuart was switched to Chad Dylan Cooper and Sterling was cast for the role of Chad Dylan Cooper.
  • Chad has an intense dislike for rubber chickens, as mentioned in “Tales From the Prop House” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Guest Star.”
  • Chad is seemingly fond of balloon animals, as demonstrated in “Poll’d Apart” and “Gassie Passes”.
  • Chad is afraid of spiders (not little ones) and heights (not low ones).
  • He loves chocolate, as seen in “West Coast Story”, “Sonny at the Falls”, and “Three’s Not Company”.
  • He loves drinking smoothies as seen in “Sonny at the Falls”, “The Heartbreak Kids”, and “The Legend of Candy Face”.
  • Chad reads only three things: scripts, reviews and checks.
  • He owns his own private jet, AirChad.
  • He uses Fortune Cookies to make decisions, as shown in “Sonny With a Secret”.
  • Chad drinks a lot of water when he is nervous.
  • Chad refers to his father as “Dad Dylan Cooper”, as heard in The Problem with Pauly and his grandma as Nanna Dylan Cooper as seen in A So Random Holiday Special
  • His personality seems to have change after Sonny became his girlfriend.
  • He also had a Chad-ometer, He uses it to see how many people are following him at Flitter.
  • Chad cannot ride a bike as seen in “My Two Chads”.
  • Chad has an identical stunt double, Chaz Milton Looper. Chad often uses Chaz for dangerous scenes/dates.
  • Chad hates people messing up his hair.
  • Chad has an outie belly button (Sonny with a Secret,That’s So Sonny)
  • Chad guest starred at So Random! twice.
  • Chad’s catchphrase is “Peace out, Suckas!!”
  • Chad believes Miley and Hannah are two different people.
  • He is on two shows at Condor Studios: “MacKenzie Falls” and “So Random!” which means that he doesn’t think the shows stupid anymore.
  • Chad likes to think he’s the greatest actor of his generation.
  • Chad is a regular on “So Random!”.Cause after all he thinks that the Randoms aren’t so bad.
  • He has a sandwich named after him.
  • He once got fired as Mackenzie but got rehired again. (Sonny With A Grant).


Main article: Chad Dylan Cooper/Quotes


Season 1 promo. Season 1 promo. Season 1 promo. Season 1 promo. Season 2 promo. Season 2 promo. Season 2 promo. Chad giving a speech at the local public high school. Chad in “Promises, Prom-misses.” Chad singing his song for Dakota Chad Dylan Cooper’s autograph Chad Dylan Cooper – Problem with pauly
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Netflix may have heard and answered the cries of fans to create a To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel, but Demi Lovato shared her idea for what should hit the streaming platform next.

As we continue to cross our fingers for an eventual arrival of every cinematic classic in the Olsen twins’ movie catalog, the singer pledged that one of her past works is also deserving of a place in our Netflix lists.

During a recent Instagram post shared by Pubity, Demi responded to a wishlist of shows that the streaming platform would be better with. Per a screenshot from Pop Crave, the former Disney Channel star replied to the epic list of dream Netflix additions — which included Wizards of Waverly Place and Zoey 101 — with her Disney Channel original series Sonny With a Chance.

As fans of the series know, it’s been more than seven years since Demi bid farewell to her role as Sonny Monroe on the hit Disney Channel series. And apparently, she’s ready for a whole new batch of fans to discover the show.

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t yet responded to Demi’s great idea, but fans are already speaking out, asking for the service to “do as” the singer says. “If Demi said Sonny With A Chance then Sonny With A Chance is what we want,” a user on Twitter responded.

Demi, of course, has moved on from her Disney days, but as she’s demonstrated in the past, her roles in Camp Rock and Sonny hold a special place in her heart. She previously reunited with some of her Camp Rock costars in 2018, and later shared in an interview that she does hope to return to acting. Here’s hoping that we’ll see Demi onscreen again very soon.

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“Well… what are you waiting for?”

This article is about something that is upcoming. For an episode, this means it has not aired in the show’s country of origin, Canada. This article most likely contains spoilers.

Season 2 of Backstage will air on Family Channel with an unknown air date. It began filming on July 5, 2016 and ended on September 2, 2016. . Season 2 first debuted on Disney Channel UK with 6 episodes over the time of 6 weeks and then, after a break the season was released to Netflix USA.


“Faced with new challenges, friendships, and seven new students, the second season of Backstage opens on a new year at Keaton School of the Arts where the talented performers and artists will find themselves in fierce competition with other schools… and each other. With a huge multi-arts school competition on the horizon, will the pressure tear the students apart? Or bring them closer?”


This season is set to have 30 episodes that will air throughout the course of 2017 and 2018.

Season 2.0

Season 2.5

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  • Devyn Nekoda as Vanessa
  • Alyssa Trask as Carly
  • Josh Bogert as Miles
  • Aviva Mongillo as Alya
  • Matthew Isen as Jax
  • Julia Tomasone as Bianca
  • Colin Petierre as Sasha
  • Adrianna Di Liello as Jenna
  • Mckenzie Small as Scarlett
  • Romy Weltman as Kit
  • Kyal Legend as Julie
  • Madison MacGregor as Cassandra
  • Jane Moffat as Helsweel
  • Chris Hoffman as Mr. Park
  • Hannah Richardson as Amy
  • Pippa Leslie as Maria Schiller
  • Lucas De Marinis as a Prima
  • Stephanie Caldeira as Sloane
  • Ty Forhan as a Justin
  • Jessy Lipke as a Prima
  • Andrew Kyrzyk as a Prima
  • Brooklyn Lipke as a dancer


  • Thomas L. Colford as Beckett
  • Joshua Kilimnik as George
  • Stephanie La Rochelle as Frances
  • Sydney Kuhne as Azadeh
  • Robert Bazzocchi as Aidan
  • Corteon Moore as Matteo
  • Hailey Fauchere as Mindy
  • Jhaliel Swaby as a dancer
  • Josh St. John as a dancer
  • Shannon Rendall as a dancer
  • Aly McKenzie as a dancer
  • Kelis Robinson as a dancer


ABC TV to Air “Live” Broadcast Show of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”

On November 5th, 2019, ABC will officially join the pack of television networks airing live performances of Broadway musicals on their own TV network, with their own rendition of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The broadcast television network announced that Auli’i Cravalho, best known for voicing the titular character in Disney’s 2016 animated film Moana, will star as Ariel in their live presentation of the classic story. Other big names associated with the project include Grammy and Emmy award winning star Queen Latifah, who will play the story’s main antagonist Ursula, as well as Jamaican reggae artist Shaggy, who will star as Ariel’s crustaceous sidekick Sebastian. ABC’s live production of The Little Mermaid plans to stand out from the crowd of the other televised Broadway musicals by combining live performances of the show, with clips of the original film. The ABC television performance will also feature a unique musical score that combines songs from the 1989 film and its 2008 Broadway adaptation. The ABC live performance also serves as a precursor to Disney’s recently announced live-action The Little Mermaid film which is speculated to come out in late 2021.

2nd Try For ABC’s “Live” Little Mermaid Broadcast

ABC originally planned their live Little Mermaid production back in 2017, under the name The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid. The network planned to air the special on October 3rd of that year, however this never came to fruition. It was reported that ABC had to “quietly postpone” the live musical due to budgetary constraints, although it is unclear what these monetary issues stemmed from. Perhaps it could be due to the “cutting edge technology” the network claimed to be using to mesh the live performances with animated film footage, which does not come cheap. However, as ABC is now owned by Disney, many have become skeptical of these budgetary “constraints” as the network would not need to license the film from their own parent company. Regardless of the monetary controversy, ABC will be able to reuse much of the previously built materials, such as the amazing sets, for the upcoming rescheduled performance, which will likely help the network save some time and money this time around. ABC’s The Little Mermaid may be the only live Broadway television performance in development during 2019, but it is far from the first performance of its kind.

Other TV Networks Previous Attempts At Live Broadway Show Broadcasts

NBC TV Networks Live Broadway Productions

The Cast of NBC’s Live Production of the 2002 Broadway Musical Hairspray

The long-time rival network NBC, is well known for releasing similar content on a pseudo-regular basis. In 2016, NBC aired a live version of the 2002 Broadway musical Hairspray, which went on to win three Primetime Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Hairstyling” “Outstanding Production Design” and “Outstanding Technical Direction”. Two years later, NBC continued the trend by releasing a live reimagining of the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1970 rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, which was watched by nearly 10 million viewers the night it aired.

Fox TV Networks Live Broadway Productions Run Into Problems

Fox is another ABC competitor that has adopted the live Broadway show television performance event. In 2016, the network aired a production of Grease, titled Grease: Live, which received a positive critical response and five Primetime Emmy Awards. The live show nearly met with disaster after one of the trolley cars hit a kerb at high speed and nearly flipped over. Fox attempted to reignite the same live energy in early 2019 with a “live” rendition of the classic 1996 musical Rent, however things did not go as planned either. During the Saturday dress rehearsal, just one day before the show would broadcast live, Brennin Hunt, the actor who played Roger, broke his foot. This injury jeopardized the entire production leading Fox to make the difficult decision to air the taped dress rehearsal footage the next day, rather than a true live performance. While this was a difficult call and a rare set of circumstances, the act of airing pre-taped footage contradicted the entire purpose of putting on a live performance and caused the production to suffer critically and fans to feel duped, casting a pall across the whole genre.

CBS Have No Plans For Live Broadway Show Broadcasts

CBS may be the long-time home of the TONY Awards broadcast, but when it comes to actually doing a live Broadway show broadcast, the staid TV network is still stuck in its glory days in the 1990’s and has no plans to develop a live Broadway show TV broadcast.

ABC Looks Forward to Broadway’s “The Little Mermaid” being their Highest Rated Live TV Show For 2019

ABC’s live rendition of The Little Mermaid has a great deal of potential when it comes to its critical and commercial response, but a lot can happen in the months leading up to its television debut. The cast and crew behind this new production are clearly looking at the past mistakes of previous live Broadway show broadcasts, and are trying to avoid them.

Disney Channel is ready for some more laughs. The network just announced the premiere date for their new TV show, Just Roll With It.

The series “blends improvisational comedy with a family sitcom to seize an audacious opportunity that allows the studio audience to vote on the direction of key scenes, throughout the filming, while the actors are backstage.” The cast includes Tobie Windham, Suzi Barrett, Ramon Reed, and Kaylin Hayman.

Just Roll With It premieres on Disney Channel on June 19th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Take a sneak peek and read more info below:

Breaking through the pack, the ambitious new series “Just Roll With It” blends improvisational comedy with a family sitcom to seize an audacious opportunity that allows the studio audience to vote on the direction of key scenes, throughout the filming, while the actors are backstage. When the actors return to the stage, they have no idea what’s coming at them. A feat of planning and physical production each episode, the comedy series was created and is executive produced by Adam Small and Trevor Moore (Disney’s “Walk the Prank”) with a production crew led by Skot Bright (Disney’s “Walk the Prank”). “Just Roll With It” will be previewed FRIDAY, JUNE 14 (9:45-10:15 p.m. EDT/PDT), before its official premiere WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT/PDT), on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.

Two adult actors who intuitively know what’s funny to kids—Tobie Windham (Disney’s “Walk the Prank”) and Suzi Barrett (Upright Citizens Brigade comedy group, Disney’s “Kirby Buckets”)—play fun-loving newlyweds Byron and Rachel. Byron is an on-air radio personality on BEATZ 101 and Rachel is a decorated military veteran who now produces his daily show in their hometown of Akron, Ohio. Talented young actors Ramon Reed (Disney’s “The Lion King” on Broadway) and Kaylin Hayman (“One Day at a Time”) play preteen stepsiblings Owen Blatt and Blair Bennett, polar opposites who must now somehow learn to be harmonious siblings.

At unpredictable intervals unknown to the cast or audience, the scripted action is suddenly interrupted by the sound of a foghorn. The actors are sequestered backstage while the studio audience uses electronic voting devices at their seats to select which of the three comedic scenarios they would like to see take place next. After votes are cast, the crew quickly resets and the actors return to the stage to continue the unscripted scene, improvising throughout it.

Kory Lunsford, vice president, Original Programming, Disney Channel, said, “Our talented executive producers, Trevor and Adam, have once again delivered a not-to-be-missed comedy. With this series, they have elevated the convention of a traditional sitcom by adding the keep-you-on-your-toes element of improvisation. The cast and crew literally have to ‘just roll with it’ and it all makes for a uniquely entertaining experience for the live studio audience and viewers at home.”

The series is produced by Kenwood TV Productions, Inc., and is filmed in Los Angeles. It carries a TV-G parental guideline.”

What do you think? Do your kids watch Disney Channel? Will they check out Just Roll With It?