Stan will and grace

Stanley Evelyn “Stan” Walker is Karen’s husband. He is an unseen character who is described as being extremely obese.


Stan’s hand is seen in New Will City.

Stanley has two children from his first wife Cathy, namely Olivia and Mason. He is a businessman who started a mattress store store with a friend named Norman, but wanted to branch out to other business eventually founding the multi-billion dollar company Walker, Inc.

During the 80s, he met Karen Delaney and quickly fell in love but they decided not to act on it since he was still married. Ten years later, the two officially started a relationship after Stanley got divorced, and he became Karen’s third husband. Through Karen, Will’s firm Doucette & Stein was hired by Walker, Inc. as legal representation.


Although Karen usually implies that he married Stanley for his money, she has confided in Will (as well as shown during a flashback episode) that she has also fallen in love with him and sincerely cherishes their relationship. She mentions that they have a standing lunch once a month so she can remember what he looks like in the daylight.

Arrest & Imprisonment

Stan’s feet are seen in Acting Out.

During the fourth season, Stanley gets arrested for tax evasion. While in jail, he uses his library time to engage in insider trading which eventually cost him his conjugal visits with Karen. He eventually allows Karen to have affairs with other men so she can be sexually satisfied while he is in prison. She however refuses to at first but on the day she decides to sleep with rich bachelor Lionel Banks, Stanley gets out of prison and comes home.

Just as Karen is about to confess almost having an affair, she ironically catches Stanley cheating with his mistress Lorraine Finster, a worker at the prison cafeteria whom he became involved with months prior to being released. Karen moves out of their mansion shortly and files for divorce, during which Will represents Stanley in court.

Divorce and “Death”

While their divorce is being settled, Rosario breaks the news to Karen that Stanley died of a heart attack while having sex with Lorraine. On his will, Stanley gives Will and Jack $20,000 for them to get married; Grace, a life-sized oil painting of Karen; Rosario, $10 million to be paid after 20 more years of service to Karen (i.e. in 2023); and the rest of his fortune solely to Karen. His cremation took four days which Karen says used so much power that all of Bergen County lost their air conditioning. Stanley’s remains were put in two 5-gallon popcorn tin cans and scattered at the Caribbean.

During the eighth season two years after his funeral, Stanley’s friends and family find out that he is alive and has been living in seclusion under the witness protection program. Rosario admits knowing about it and that she has been sending him updates on Karen ever since he staged his death to protect him from the mob with the help of CIA agent Malcolm Widmark. Karen feels betrayed by Stan and could not forgive him, eventually starting a relationship with Malcolm instead.


Stan’s silhouette is briefly seen in Moveable Feast.

Being an unseen character, Stanley’s physical appearance is based solely on the other characters’ description of him. He is described as extremely overweight (300lb to 700lb) that Karen often mentions them doing bizarre things to accommodate the massive space he occupies. It is also mentioned that Stanley has become a profitable client of fast food joints Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. She also describes him as “a doughy thing with squat little legs and a bad case of recurring psoriasis”. It is also mentioned that he wears a toupee which he never washes.

Stanley’s arms are briefly seen in season premiere of season three when he tries to touch Karen’s breasts in front of Will. His silhouette is also seen when Karen visited him in jail on Thanksgiving during the fourth season.


  • The cast has stated in interviews they envisioned Marlon Brando to portray Stan. Brando however died in 2004.
  • Stanley’s favorite perfume is roast beef and lamb chops. Rosario mentions that he eats a hoagie sandwich before going to bed.
  • Karen mentions that Stanley’s usual breakfast is “two poached deer and a half a grapefruit”.
  • During Stanley’s funeral, Will mentions that Stanley loves knock-knock jokes and Jack says Stanley is a surprisingly good dancer. He plays the harmonica.
  1. Secrets and Lays
  2. Went to a Garden Potty
  3. Tea and a Total Lack of Sympathy
  4. William, Tell
  5. Cheaters
  6. Crouching Father, Hidden Husband
  7. A Buncha White Chicks Sittin’ Around Talkin’
  8. …And the Horse He Rode in On
  9. It’s the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  10. 10.0 10.1 23
  11. 24
  12. I Never Cheered for my Father
  13. Christmas Break
  14. Lows in the Mid-Eighties
  15. Moveable Feast
  16. Will on Will & Grace
  17. Homojo
  18. Grace in the Hole
  19. Partners ‘n Crime
  20. Steams Like Old Times

Karen Walker Sings the Blues: Megan Mullally on Her Most Dramatic ‘Will & Grace’ Episode Yet

Sean Hayes and I are sitting in a green room on the soundstage in Los Angeles where the Will & Grace revival is being filmed. We’re talking about… I don’t know what. Everything: Liam Payne’s new song, Ben Platt’s career, my dating life, his producing career, getting back into Jack McFarland’s shoes, and the episode he’s shooting at the moment, in which he and Eric McCormack as Will accidentally drug themselves and hash out their feelings about Jack’s impending marriage while hallucinating butterflies.

But somewhere in the middle of our conversation while I was on set this August, I start hearing the tinkle of piano keys. Very loudly, someone is singing the torch song, “The Man Got That Away.” It’s fabulous, but obtrusive. Do they always play the radio that loud, I ask him? “Kevin, that’s Megan,” Hayes says.

Unbeknownst to me, my reporting day on the Will & Grace set coincided with one of the most emotional episodes Megan Mullally has filmed as Karen Walker. In the episode that aired Thursday night, “Family Trip,” Mullally’s Karen comes to terms with the fact that she is about to be divorced from her husband and delivers what’s ruled her “last performance” as Mrs. Stanley Walker.

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In a riff on Will and Jack’s parallel hallucinatory storyline, Karen daydreams herself at a cabaret bar, saying goodbye to Stanley and her past identity attached to him by crooning the ballad at the piano. NBC is keenly aware of what a big moment having Mullally as Karen sing “The Man That Got Away,” a song made famous by Judy Garland in her version of A Star Is Born, will be for Will & Grace fans. It teased the episode this week on Twitter touting, “Megan Mullally will have your jaw on the floor.”

I was there during rehearsals. They’re not wrong.

Mullally has a Broadway background, having starred in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Grease, and Young Frankenstein, and she is a member of the band Nancy and Beth. She sang on Will & Grace once before, a duet of Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” with Sean Hayes that makes me cry every time I pull it up on YouTube. But this was different. Because it was a fantasy sequence, Mullally didn’t have to sing in character as Karen. She could belt, perform, and feel the song the way she would if she were performing it at a cabaret herself.

The rafters were shaking on the soundstage as she rehearsed. Every crew member on set gathered around to listen to her sing, including the entire cast and guest stars Chelsea Handler and Mary McCormack. At the end of each belt, everyone would look at each other and mime chills.

“I taught her how to sing,” Jim Burrows, the TV legend who has directed every episode of Will & Grace, quips when I ask him about it. He loves it when the show dabbles in gravitas, shading the neuroses of these characters. “You have to bend a lot of stuff to get Megan to sing that way,” he says. “Karen would never sing the way she sings there. By making it a fantasy Meg-y can sing her chops off.”

About an hour later, Mullally is satisfied with her rehearsals and we meet to talk about the episode. She shares Burrows’ excitement about delving into more emotional parts of Karen’s otherwise boozy-kooky psyche.

“There wasn’t a ton of it in the first eight seasons,” she says. “I remember specifically an episode where Karen wanted to have a child but then realized it wasn’t going to happen. Then I remember another episode where Stan was in the hospital and she was acting really tough but underneath she was scared and vulnerable. But I don’t remember a lot of other times.”

It’s a reminder that Karen, as fun as she is to laugh with, is a real person—and because the revival has taken such care to chronicle the ways in which these characters have matured, Mullally gets to play that. “It’s good to have that storyline where there’s a divorce,” she says. “In as much as there’s been so many jokes made about Stan over the years, she really does love him.”

Speaking with everyone involved in Will & Grace, there’s a sense of enjoyment in the fact that the show has earned the right, after creating so much history with these characters and their relationship with the audience, to delve deeper in the revival. An earlier episode this season showcased Debra Messing’s dramatic talents in an episode that had Grace sharing her own #MeToo story, earning her Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award nominations. The nuance with which the series has portrayed Jack and Will’s evolving friendship as gay men and best friends getting older has also earned praise.

“I sometimes think that if this was a show that was starting out and Karen was doing these things you wouldn’t accept it,” series co-creator David Kohan says. “It had to be built over time. There are so many things, punchlines that are just a look that require a real familiarity with who the character is and where the character is coming from in order to appreciate the joke. It makes me glad that this is a returning show, that you don’t have to build up all that equity with the audience to deliver something.”

Including delivering something as gorgeous as Mullally’s performance, which I still can’t believe I got to see her rehearse several times. Co-creator Max Mutchnick winks at me as I leave. “You lucked out.”

This post contains spoilers for the Will & Grace revival premiere.

Going into the premiere of Will & Grace, most fans probably knew at least one thing: the revival would scuttle a good bit of what happened in the original series finale 11 years go. Why? Because of something Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) said in the premiere, in her characteristic blunt way: “Nobody wants to see you two raise kids.”

So, how, exactly, did the writers sidestep acknowledging the finale—which found Will and Grace (Eric McCormack and Debra Messing) drifting apart as they each began to raise children with their respective spouses? Simple: they employed one of the oldest tricks in the sitcom book.

The premiere opens on Will and Grace playing a game in the living room as Jack (Sean Hayes) watches and Karen stares into space. Eventually, the three decide to revive their friend. Jack takes the lead by shaking a bottle of pills from her purse in Karen’s ear. She shoots up instantly, asking, “What’s going on? What’s happening? Who won the election?”

Everyone in the room sullenly informs Karen that her guy—Donald Trump, obviously—won, at which point she tells the group, “I had the craziest dream.”

“Will was living with a swarthy man in uniform,” Karen says, describing where we left him in the original series finale—“and Grace was married to a Jew doctor.” Will then informs her that while both he and Grace did have long-term partners, they’re single again now. When Karen asks what happened to the kids both Will and Grace had—who grew up to marry one another in the original finale—that’s where reality starts to diverge.

“That never happened,” Will says, to which Karen replies, “Oh, what a relief! Nobody wants to see you two raise kids.”

Once it’s established that Will and Grace are actually living together again while Grace recovers from her divorce from Leo, Karen has just two more questions: is she still rich, and is her husband Stan still alive?

“You’re rich,” Will tells her. “Stan’s alive.” He gestures toward himself and Grace as he recaps, “Both single, no kids.”

Then Jack chimes in with the kicker: a fourth wall-breaking wink, and a stern “got it?”

From there, the show goes on as though nothing has changed since the old series. Psst, Roseanne—maybe you should take notes.

TV’s Most Memorable Couches

1 / 13Chevron Chevron Courtesy of Nickelodeon. The Big Orange Couch, Nickelodeon For a generation of viewers, nothing said “stay up past your bedtime” like the inviting orange sofa that served as SNICK’s official mascot.

Malcolm Widmark is a government agent who helped Stanley Walker fake his death. He later starts dating Stanley’s wife Karen.

Being a CIA agent, not much is known about Malcolm’s personal life. He occasionally mentions having traveled in different countries for highly-classified and often sadistic types of work, claiming he is skilled in “many forms of interrogation, including physical torture, sleep deprivation, and Jewish guilt.” While dating Karen, he was living with two waitresses and a law student.

Stanley Walker

When Stanley Walker was put under the witness protection program, Malcolm was assigned to spy on Stanley’s family and friends who believe he died of a heart attack. He first meets Will on Central Park, under the pretense of being a recruiter for a non-profit organization.

Malcolm then meets and is immediately smitten by Stanley’s wife Karen who has become indifferent towards Stanley for lying to him. Even as Karen and Malcolm start a passionate relationship, her friends remain conflicted as they believe she still loves Stanley.

  • The Baldwin brothers (including Alec, who plays Malcolm) have been mentioned during the first season as guys whom Will fantasizes about.
  • Karen mentions Malcolm speaks seven languages and has enormous genitalia and Jack says he smells like baby powder and Greek salad.
  • His favorite writer may be either war novelist John Steinbeck or suburban life humorist Erma Bombeck.


  • Kiss and Tell
  • Alive and Schticking
  • The Old Man and the Sea
  • Steams Like Old Times
  • One Job


You kill me… And one day I’m going to have to return the favor. — Alive and Schticking

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Steams Like Old Times
  2. Kiss and Tell
  3. Alive and Schticking
  4. Where There’s a Will, There’s No Way

On the season finale of the Will & Grace reboot, a whole lot happened: Will’s mom and Grace’s dad got engaged, Jack got engaged to a flight attendant named Estefan, and Karen decided to break things off with Malcolm and stay with her husband, Stan. And all of the characters made those decisions so they wouldn’t be like Will and Grace, who agreed, “We gotta make some changes.” (Also, they might be step-siblings next season!)

But it was Karen’s storyline that left many fans of Will & Grace devastated. Many people said she deserved happiness, and was finding that happiness in her long-term affair with Malcolm.

Twitter users slammed the show’s decision to make Karen make the safe choice rather than the right choice for her.

The only thing that broke me in the season finale was Karen not getting what she deserves 💔

— Emma 😊🏳️‍🌈 (@seanhayesfandom) April 6, 2018

why is karen walker not getting the happiness that she deserves

— meg (@cafejjacques) April 6, 2018

i just wanna leave a message here: KAREN WALKER DESERVES TO BE HAPPY!!!!

— mundinho sitcoms br (@sitcomsgirI) April 6, 2018

If I were Karen I definitely would have chosen Alec Baldwin – I mean Malcolm! LOL #WillAndGrace

— Jeremy Zajas (@JeremywithaZ) April 6, 2018

Not happy Karen and Malcolm aren’t together. Not even one kiss 😭😭😭

— Evil Regal Micheline (@michhines13) April 6, 2018

honestly I can’t believe they’d do that to karen, take away the one thing that made her happy, she obviously loves stan in her own way but I just feel like the reason why she chose him instead of malcolm is because she feels safe with stan (I’m not talking just financially-

— ً (@idinamcnzel) April 6, 2018

Others thought the breakup played out nicely, and combined moving emotion with classic Karen Walker humor when they had a farewell kiss through Smitty. And some people thought Stan was the right choice for Karen all along.

I’m so happy Karen stuck with Stan they belong together @WillAndGrace #willandgrace

— Madison Storck (@StorckMadison) April 6, 2018

Either way, get ready for some major changes when the show comes back for a second new season, especially as the characters grapple with the big moments from the finale. “Jack getting proposed to and Karen realizing that this thing she looked forward to every year doesn’t exist and did she make the right choice? — the characters will have to react to that,” co-creator David Kohan told Variety. “Any of those bigger, kind of watershed-y episodes will have an impact on the kinds of ideas we pitch subsequent to that.”

Malcolm Widmark Is Back! Alec Baldwin Reprises Role as Karen’s Lover in Will & Grace Sneak Peek

Don’t tell Stan!

Alec Baldwin returns to Will & Grace on Thursday as Malcolm Widmark, the government agent who once had an affair with Megan Mullally’s Karen Walker.

PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peek of the 59-year-old actor’s first of a two-episode arc on the hit NBC reboot. And it looks like their romance has not fizzled!

During their rendezvous in a New York City hotel room, Malcolm and Karen reignite their spark as he lounges in bed and tells the married multi-millionaire: “God, I’ve never had a woman make me feel that way before.”

But not before Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) pounds on their hotel room door and interrupts.

Image zoom Alec Baldwin and Megan Mullally Chris Haston/NBC

“Honey, it’s Jack! Quick, hide in the bathroom,” Karen demands.

“Not to worry, I always match my pajamas to the hotel drapes for situations like this. It’s a little trick I picked up for my homie Comey,” says Malcolm, referencing James Comey, the former FBI Director currently being investigated by Robert Mueller for the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

And the disguise appears to work.

“Malcolm do you really think you can camouflage yourself with … Malcolm?” says Karen.

Baldwin, who first appeared on the series in 2005 during season 7, also makes a cameo in the April 5 finale.

Will & Grace airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

Will and Grace s08e01 Episode Script

µ¿¿µ”ó Á¤º¸ DVDRip.
XviD-SAiNTS / 175MB Will & Grace ½ÌÅ© Á¦ÀÛ ÇÑ±Û ¹ø¿ª ½ÌÅ© ÆíÁý ÃÖÁ¾ Å×½ºÆ® Look, I can’t see you again, Tom You’re married I know we kissed, but that’s all that happened Okay, that happened And that happened, too But only because it fell out Look, we really shouldn’t be talking about this, I mean it Please, don’t call me again Call me later Where were you last night? I have huge news! I was here I didn’t go anywhere, I have morals Look, you can’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you now Karen’s dead husband is not dead What? Stan’s alive? But there was a funeral We scattered a trash bag full of his ashes Apparently, that was just dirt and Rice Krispies Oh, my god, that’s unbelievable! What happened? Remember Malcolm? The guy who recruited me for his foundation? It turns out he works for “big brother.
” – The TV show? – No, the government! He staged Stan’s death because Stan was in some kind of trouble with the mob So, for the last two years, he and Stan have been living under seclusion under protection of “big brother.
” – The government? – No, the TV show Malcolm’s sister-in-law is an associate producer or something Ok.
Wait a minute, Your new boss actually works for the government and has been protecting Stan all this time? Yeah.
He’s not my boss anymore, I quit The whole thing is just complicated and convoluted It doesn’t even make any sense It’s like the contract they make you sign when you marry Tom Cruise Oh, God.
Man God, Stan is back from the dead What did Karen say? I mean, she freaked when her stepdaughter came back from camp She doesn’t know No one can know until they’re certain it’s safe for Stan to come out of hiding So, Grace we can keep secrets, right? Oh, yeah I mean, other people’s secrets I don’t have any secrets I’m a good person Hey, Will Where’s Grace? How ’bout that Right in the blind spot Anyway, I’m sure you all heard about the horrible F-I-Asco at the premiere of “Jack Talk” last night Uh, no And in case you’ve forgotten we try not to give people reasons to call us “butt pirates.
” I tripped making my entrance knocked over the lights and caught the set on fire – And that’s when you hurt your eye? – No When we were celebrating putting out the fire I got a piece of glitter in my cornea Grace, I called you last night Where were you? Did you get together with that Tom guy? Because it seems like you two were really hitting it off– Stan’s alive! Will saw him! It’s true, Jack Last night I sat across from Stan and he talked to me same as I’m talking to you right now If I were eating 14 chalupas Wow I need some time to process that It may take a while because I only have one eye All I know is that I was here last night.
That’s all I know – Malcolm? – Hi.
Hi, gang I’m sorry to barge in here unannounced uninvited and reeking of hummus, but Will Can I speak with you privately, please? It’s urgent Sure.
Just let me get some pita to dip into your breath Why did you quit your job? Is it because I said you couldn’t wear open-toed shoes to work? Uh, no, it’s because I was working for a bogus charity which was a cover for a shady government operation to protect a back-from-the-dead former client And by the way some sandals can be very dressy I just hope you haven’t been blabbing about Stan because anyone that knows anything can be a target for assassination What?! You never mentioned that! Well, que sera, sera What does that mean?! Whatever will be will be It’s the very next line of the song I know what it means I was obsessed with Doris Day the same as any other normal teenaged boy Look, the important thing right now is to get these ice cream sandwiches into your freezer as soon as possible What are you doing with ice cream sandwiches? I’m gonna drop by without a gift? I think I was raised better than that No one can see us talking Quick, I’m your boyfriend! Hey, hey, hey Come on! Come on! Will, Will! Will, that is just disgusting and unnatural Oh, you’re not Grace Never mind.
Sorry Karen, what happened to you? you know how my big toe and the one next to it have always been webbed together? No.
Although I always assumed you had a tail Yeah.
Well, I finally had it surgically corrected I can’t swim in really fast circles anymore, but I can wear flip-flops She removed the one thing that made her human Uh, excuse me, miss Malcolm Widmark I hope this isn’t too forward but I find you quite beautiful I look forward to the day that I see you ride this thing toward me on a very bumpy road In a town where everyone’s naked Karen Walker, and it is pleasure to meet a true gentleman Now, if you’ll excuse me the gap between my toes is throbbing like a son of a bitch Sheer elegance What can I say, she is everything Stan said she would be much more – Your package is dripping – What can I say? I like her The ice cream sandwiches! Give me that So the doctor said he could separate my toes with a laser But I said, “Nope.
” Hey, if it was good enough for my mother AnywhoThanks for not making me feel self-conscious Hey.
Cyclops! What’s with the idiot patch? (¿µÈ­ ‘X-¸Ç’ÀÇ Ä³¸¯ÅÍ) I had the largest glitter-related tragedy since Mariah Carey’s film debut Hello? Tom, I don’t think I can go ahead with it Because it’s wrong I said no, please just stop calling The American Heart Association They’re relentless The boys are back Ms.
Walker I have dated many women with physical and mental disabilities in my time but of the ones in chairs might I say you are the loveliest Speaking of chairs you look like a fun place to sit How would you like to go out on a date with me? Right now I can’t see any reason why not You can’t? Wanna to give it a minute? Well, let me just freshen up Come on, Rosie, Vamoose, moose I’m going on lunch, lady Mmm, Subway chicken parm Mmm,It could only taste better if I were eating this on your grave Sassy gals get the hose! You know, since my de-webbing I have so much more compassion for people in pain Ow! Look out, sissy! Malcolm – can speak to you privately? – Ow! You can’t date Karen! You’re still protecting her husband – It’s a clear conflict of interest – Ooh, “conflict of interest.
” Somebody went to the University of Fancy Look, Will, don’t worry It’s all part of the plan We’ll talk it over at the office tomorrow No, we won’t We’re gonna do my plan You don’t date Karen You accept the fact that I quit And you never bring ice cream to a gay man’s house, That’s just hostile Jack you’ve had affairs with married men, right? I am insulted you would even ask Of course I have That’s like me asking you if you rely too much on your hair Guilty It even got me out of my math requirement at N.
So you don’t feel worried that cheating makes you a bad person? Why? What have I done? My only crime is being irresistible Besides, Grace, life is too short to waste time on over-thinking things When an opportunity comes I don’t question it I grab it, drop its ring on the nightstand, and swing on it ’til dawn! You make it — you make it sound so hot Necessary even Um, Yeah! And, um, it’s also kind of sexy to have a secret no one knows Like when you drink too much and get a little tattoo that says “I love Will” What? Did you hear that? Karen’s hurt – Karen, are you okay? – Ow! Did you hear that? Rosie’s hurt! Tom, hi Let’s do it Yeah.
Life is too short and I just want to grab at it and swing on it ’til dawn! Oh, no, no, no, no that’s just a little figure of speech I mean, we’re going to run out of stuff way before dawn Yeah, I don’t do that much – Okay – Okay It’s official I don’t trust Malcolm I don’t trust Malcolm either – There, I said it – No, I just said it But, you didn’t say “there, I said it.
” I agree with Jack Malcolm can’t be trusted I said it before he–Look the important thing is we have to tell Karen the truth – That her husband is alive – We have to tell Karen Stan’s alive – There, I said it – No, I said it – You’re right, Grace – I said it before– I’m the one making dramatic pronouncements here! About what, honey? Karen, you can’t go out with Malcolm – Why not? – Because– Because Stan’s alive Now that is one hot cackle – Are you ready? – Oh, Malcolm.
You will not believe what Will just said to keep us from dating He said that my dead husband Stan is alive! Oh, Will, you kill me And one day I’m going to have to repay the favor I did not see that coming Well, I saw half of it coming Will! Out in the hallway now! Hi, gang! Buddy, you made a big mistake telling Karen about Stan Thank God she thought you were joking If you pull that one more time, you are going to be majorly assassinated “Majorly assassinated”? Wicked assassinated? Oh, for God’s sake This isn’t about Stan anymore There’s no danger You just want to sleep with Karen! Gosh, I just wanted to hold hands but do you think she’ll go all the way? I know I’ve overstated the danger to you I want to keep Stan underground for a while longer to see if I have a future with his wife A future? You just met her! I’ve known her eight years and I just found out recently she has fish feet! Jack? Help me figure out what to bring Which one is sexier? Oh, Grace, I have no opinion on women’s undergarments I don’t know what pokes through where And where are you going? I’m going to meet Tom You know what? I’m not even going to think about it I’m going to close my eyes and do what I want Oh, hey, hello I’m George Bush, ha-ha Wait a minute Are you telling me you intend to know a married man in the biblical sense? And in the vagina? You can’t do that Jack, we talked about this You said it was, it was fun, and sexy Not for you! You are a woman of quality That is such– that’s such a double standard What, you get to do it, but I don’t? It’s different for me, because– because it– I said– All right.
Listen, I’m going to tell you something that does not leave this room, okay? – I’ve never cheated – No! Yes I, too, am– I, too, am a woman of quality Sure, I talk a big game, but deep down, I know it’s wrong, and so do you! Let’s face it, Grace You and I, we have always been the moral center of our group – We have? – Oh, come on You know how when Will and Karen get in their ridiculous shenanigans you and I always catch each other’s eyes and shrug – We shrug? – Yes Because we’re moral That is why we shrug And Grace, you were devastated when Leo cheated on you Do you really want to do that to someone else? The more you know And shooting star You know what, Jack? You’re right.
You’re right You’re right.
You’re right Tell me how you feel about this business then.
I, I thought that I could be cavalier about love and sex but that’s not who I am.
And I’m glad it’s not Thank you for being honest with me, Jack.
Really Well If I’m really going to be honest, um There’s something else I need to say to you I, um, do not have a G.
, glitter-related injury It’s something much more hideous What happened to your eyebrow? Funny you should ask During the fire, I sing’d it off You mean “singed” No, actually, I mean sing’d As the set burned around me I refused to stop singing my patriotic finale You’re a Grand Old Fag When I went to salute I didn’t realize my sleeve was on fire Okay, look, we’re done Will– I didn’t want to have to play this card, but if you keep it up I’m coming after your family That’s the Partridge Family Would you be upset if they died? – Do not try to kiss me! – I wasn’t going to Why? Was I bad? Wilma, Malcolm Inside, we need to talk! – We certainly do – Will, don’t make trouble for me I just want to have dinner with Karen and catch a flight to D.
by midnight I have to shred some documents for a client I can’t say who, but I can’t delay it Do you understand? Delay it It’s Tom DeLay It’s Tom DeLay’s documents! You’re an idiot! Well.
Will said something that has made me very curious Well, I see you’re curious too, Jack I just don’t understand why Will would lie to me about Stan being alive I mean, come on, let’s face it Will and I have always been the moral center of our group Stanley loved me He loved me too much to put me through the pain of the last two years for nothing So I know he’s dead and I don’t want anybody saying otherwise! – Miss Karen– – Rosie, you stay out of this Miss Karen, Mr.
Stan isn’t dead I’ve been sending him updates on you for over a year He was in trouble, Karen He had to disappear And now the love of your life is back Wow Stan’s alive Well Ain’t that a kick in the pants Rosie thank you for finally telling me the truth You’re fired I never want to see you again Malcolm, I’m ready for our date Stan may be alive but he’s still dead to me! Ciao! Wow I feel so sad Grace, will you change my eyebrow? ÀÚ¸·Á¦ÀÛ – ³×ÀÌÆ® µå ó¸ 24 ÀÚ¸·ÆÀ Á °ÇºÎ ¹èÆ÷ / ¼öÁ¤ ±ÝÁö ¹èÆ÷½Ã ÀÚ¸· Ãâó¸¦ ²À ¹àÇô ÁÖ¼¼¿ä

Karen Walker

Karen Walker

Will & Grace character

First appearance

(episode 1.01)

Created by

Max Mutchnick

Portrayed by

Megan Mullally



Cruella (by Will)
Kare, Miss Karen, Kare Bear, Kiki, Zany Delaney


Shu-Shu Fontana
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Sister Frances Beaverhausen





  • Businesswoman
  • Personal assistant to Grace Adler
  • Socialite


  • Personal assistant to Jack McFarland
    (at Out TV; fired)


Chairman, CEO, and Board Member
(Walker, Inc.)


Mr. Delaney
(father; deceased)
Lois Whitley
(mother; deceased)
Virginia “Ginny” Delaney – aka Gin


Mr. St. Croix
Dick Popeil
Stanley Walker
(husband; deceased then divorced)
Lyle Finster
(ex-husband; invalid)


Mason Walker
(stepson, via Stanley)
Olivia Walker
(stepdaughter, via Stanley)
Lorraine Finster
(former stepdaughter, via Lyle)


Lois Whitley
Sylvia Walker
(mother-in-law, via Stanley)
Kimmie Walker
(sister-in-law, via Stanley)
Jonny Walker
(brother-in-law, via Stanley)
Sumner Davis
Virginia “Ginny” Delaney – aka Gin

Karen Delaney St. Croix Popeil Finster Walker or Karen Delaney was a character on the NBC television series Will & Grace. She was played by Megan Mullally. Karen was a friend with gay actor and dancer, Jack McFarland. She was in a relationship with Stanley Walker but ended it and married Beverley.

Karen appears with Megan Mullally in The Megan Mullally Show.

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