St tropez instant tanning

Wash Off Instant Glow Body Lotion

I got a deluxe sample of this bronzer. I first tried it as a liquid bronzer for my face, but it didn’t go so well. You have to apply this stuff pretty quickly or it sort of gets sucked in by your skin and leaves what I would call a "stain". I would have to say this body bronzer is the equivalent of a lip stain. If you can think of this stuff like that then I think you can begin to work with it and appreciate it for the wonderfulness it is. After my experiment with this product as a face bronzer failed this product just sat unused for months. Then I started my summer application of self(sunless) tanners and gave this bronzer another try on my legs. I figured my sunless tanner application was a safe guard in case this stuff looked bad. To my surprise and astonishment it was wonderful. I did have a spot that sucked up too much bronzer and I looked like I had a bruise. My recommendation would be to only apply this stuff at one spot at a time and quickly rub it in. I had put a glob on my upper leg and a glob on my lower leg. The one of my upper leg sat and that is where the spot was. That problem is easily fixed by just putting product in one spot at a time. Takes a few extra seconds, but the end result is worth it. I don’t think this makes my self tanner look significantly darker, but it does as a little extra deepness and I like it enough that I am going to buy a full sized bottle when I am done with the sample bottle. Wear gloves when you apply this as it stains and will stain the heck out of your hands!!!! I recommend you try it if you already have a tan (real or fake) established. I do think with the staining properties this is not a good product for people who are pale or have no established tan. Best of luck! 🙂