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Cameran Eubanks’ Husband Jason Wimberly Will Finally Appear on Southern Charm

Southern Charm Season 6 is about to make history. This season will mark the first time we’ve ever seen Cameran Eubanks’ husband, Jason Wimberly, appear onscreen.

Jason will make a brief appearance later on this season of Southern Charm, Cameran confirmed during a recent interview with ET. “There’s a little surprise coming,” she teased. “Jason makes a cameo this season. I wore him down. Jason is a very private, very quiet person, and I convinced him to come to a group event, and I told him there would be a lot of people. You know, it’s not going to be focused on you. So, I think it actually calmed his nerves and he actually shows up to something. So the viewers will get to see my husband.”

Cameran and Jason, an anesthesiologist, tied the knot in 2014, in between Seasons 1 and 2 of Southern Charm. However, only his voice has made an appearance on the show via phone calls. “No, he has zero desire to be on TV. I always joke that he is just a normal person and most normal people don’t want to be in the spotlight,” Cameran explained to The Daily Dish in 2017. “Does this mean I am calling myself crazy? Absolutely. We all have a bit of an ego. Jason doesn’t have one, which is part of the reason I love him so much. He’s the yin to my yang.”

Cameran Eubanks Spills Some Secrets About Her Mystery Husband

But just because Jason hasn’t appeared on Southern Charm doesn’t mean he isn’t a fan of the show. “My husband is a super fan of Bravo, in general, and Southern Charm,” Cameran told ET. “He loves it, that’s a big misconception, ‘He doesn’t support the show, he must hate it.’ He loves it, so I think he was a little excited, now that it’s become successful, to be a part of it. He’s riding my coattails.”

Watch Cameran spill more secrets about her mysterious husband in the video, above.

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New Years resolution number 1: Embrace Elvis. ✔️

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Dec 31, 2018 at 3:19pm PST

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I agreed to go out last night and here is a pic to prove it. #GoodCause #StillInBedBy10 #AggressiveWallDecor

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Feb 9, 2019 at 12:01pm PST

Jason has long been a fixture on Cameran’s Instagram profile, however, probably most often posing with their neighbor’s dog, Elvis. “I think because he’s not on the show, it’s almost like people don’t think he exists,” Cameran said during an interview with The Daily Dish in 2018. “So I at least try to incorporate some pictures of him on social media so people do believe that I am married, I do have a husband, I am happy. It’s not just this front for the TV show.”

Of course, Southern Charm fans have been able to see a lot of Cameran and Jason’s daughter, Palmer, since her arrival in November 2017. We’ll see Cameran continue to open up about the challenges of balancing her work and home life as this season of Southern Charm continues Wednesdays at 8/7c. Watch Cameran get real about motherhood, below.

Preview Cameran Eubanks Admits That She Needs to Over Her Control Issues

The wealthy society of Charleston, South Carolina has been on the public eye ever since Bravo TV’s show Southern Charm premiered in 2014. Now 6 seasons later, fans are still enjoying the drama, enjoying the affluence, and enjoying the characters. Cameran Eubanks has been in the show as a main cast member since day one, and she’s actually one of the only three that’s last that long on the show. It’s a testament to just how well Eubanks fits into Southern Charm. If you’ve never seen the show or heard anything about Cameran Eubanks before, here are 10 things that you should know about her.

1. Background

Born on November 21, 1983, the 35-year old reality TV star was born in Andersen, South Carolina, which is over 200 miles northwest of Charleston. Cameran grew up with her parents, Robert and Bonnie, along with her sister, Cayce. Her life changed dramatically after her parents divorced when she was still in high school.

2. Reality TV

Eubanks is not new to television. In fact, she’s been seen on other reality shows such as MTV’s Real World: San Diego, The Challenge, and Watch What Happens Live.Over the years, she’s gathered a handful of fans that have followed her through her television appearances. Now that she’s been a staple on Southern Charms, she’s likely to get more projects in the future once the show has run its course. Eubanks definitely has the charisma for it, and whether she’ll pursue television in the future or not would be interesting to see.

3. Prankster

It’s difficult to imagine just by looking at her, but Cameran Eubanks has been described as a prankster multiple times by those who are closed to her. She may appear to be graceful and demure, and she may constantly have the best behavior on screen. But to her friends, she’s the girl to watch out for. Cameran likes to joke around and she likes to make her friends laugh.

4. Net worth

Cameran’s current net worth is at $1.5 million. Apart from being on the Bravo show, Cameran is also working as a real estate agent in Charleston. Her current wealth is an accumulation of her TV appearances and her income from real estate. It’s definitely not a bad way to earn that kind of money. Given her good sense of self, it’s likely that her net worth will only increase the more time she spends in front of the camera.

5. Social media

Eubanks is pretty active on social media and she’s amassed quite a following on that as well. After so many years of watching her on television, her fans began following her on social media as well. While she keeps an active profile on Twitter and Instagram, Cameran does not have a Facebook page. She does, however, have 1.1 million followers on Instagram, and she’s also got 186,000 followers on Twitter. This number continues to grow everyday, as more people discover who she is on and off her show. Even though she’s active on social media, she still prefers to keep her life as private as she can.

6. Hyperhidrosis

When Cameran was only eight years old, she was diagnosed with a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This is a condition that is characterized by excessive sweating. Cameran’s mom noticed that her eight-year old girl was sweating more than the average young child. There are many treatment options to alleviate the symptoms of hyperhidrosis—from a simple use of antiperspirant to surgery—depending on the severity of the case. Cameran’s never had to do surgery, but she’s definitely had the condition under control since she was diagnosed.

7. Husband

Cameran married anesthesiologist Dr. Jason Wimberly on April 12, 2014. Cameran gave birth to her daughter, Palmer Corinne Wimberly, on November 11, 2017. While Jason is constantly a feature on Cameran’s social media pages, he’s not part of Southern Charms at all. He has absolutely no interest in being on TV, and Cameran can’t blame him at all. After all, we’ve all seen reality TV get interesting and crazy quickly.

8. Work history

Before she was a reality TV star and real estate broker, Cameran had a couple other jobs. There was a time when Cameran worked for Mellow Mushroom, a pizza and sandwich restaurant chain. She worked at the location in Anderson, South Carolina. Cameran also had over 10 years of experience in the cosmetics industry before she broke into a career in television. In 2006, Cameran also appeared as a host on Girls Gone Wild: Wild World video.

9. Family woes

As picture perfect as it may seem, Cameran’s family life is far from being perfect. In 2012, Cameran’s husband Jason was arrested for DUI. Supposedly, the doctor was out on a fast food run and was pulled over for reckless driving. Jason was clearly inebriated, and he refused to do a breathalyzer test. We’re not sure how much trouble the DUI got the doctor into, but we do know that Cameran and Jason handled their problems privately and carefully.

10. Life as mom

Cameran echoes the voices of so many working moms out there—being a mother is no cakewalk. Cameran had to find balance between being a mom, her real estate business, and her TV show. Eventually, she realized that something had to give. She ended up putting her real estate business on the back burner, and she’s also had to give up a lot of her personal time. One thing she’s learned through her experience is that becoming a parent means giving up any selfish bones in your body. Cameran has been grateful for the blessing of becoming a mom, and she’s looking forward to maybe expanding her family in the future.

Cameran Eubanks Says Husband Jason Wimberly Would Love Another Child — But She’s a 1 and Done Mom

Cameran Eubanks is happy being a mother of one, but her husband Jason Wimberly would like to grow their family by one.

“I think he would have more. I think he would love to have a boy,” the 35-year-old Southern Charm star says, speaking with PEOPLE at BravoCon on Friday. “But I know if I got pregnant I would have another girl.”

Eubanks says that taking care of two-year-old daughter Palmer Corinne is enough for her.

“I think one is all I can handle. I have the self-awareness to know that I can be a really good mother to one, not sure if I could be a really good mother to more than one,” she says.

“Everyone says like, ‘Oh well don’t you want to give her a sibling?’ And I’m like, ‘I want to give her a sane mother,’” Eubanks continued, adding that Wimberly “supports” her stance on more kids.

Image zoom Cameran Eubanks, Jason Wimberly, daughter Palmer Cameran Eubanks/Instagram

“He supports it,” she says. “He’s the love of my life.”

Eubanks is throwing Palmer a birthday party Saturday and also revealed to PEOPLE details about the Minnie Mouse-themed fete.

“I hoped that she would not become obsessed with princesses, because I hate the princess mentality, I hate it,” Eubanks says. “I think it’s so stupid.”

But luckily, Palmer’s “first character obsession was Minnie Mouse,” and for the party, the toddler is “going to wear the ears and everything.”

Image zoom Cameran Eubanks at BravoCon Dia Dipasupil/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

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As for what Eubanks is gifting her daughter?

“The Barbie Jeep I never had,” Eubanks reveals.

“I wanted a Barbie Jeep, but my parents lied and said that Santa didn’t make them, because they were just cheap and didn’t want to buy it,” she says, adding that she’s “going to make up for it” by getting Palmer one.

Image zoom Cameran Eubanks, husband Jason Wimberly Cameran Eubanks/Instagram

Back in May, the reality star opened up to PEOPLE about motherhood, admitting that “you have to shatter the myth that you can have it all.”

“I have gone back to work. I’m working probably 30 percent of what I was … as a mother, you have to shatter the myth that you can have it all. You really can’t,” the real estate broker said. “Unless you are extremely privileged and have the means to — which, I mean, could I afford a live-in nanny? I could. I don’t want to.”

“But you are always gonna have to sacrifice something,” she said. “For me, it’s having to learn to sacrifice a lot of my independence and what I want to do. Ideally, I’d like to work and make money all day and then be with my child, but you can’t. You literally can’t have both.”

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“When I’m with Palmer she has all my attention,” Eubanks continued. “With real estate, there’s no real set schedules, so a lot of times you might have paperwork that may be due and you just have to find time to do it. It’s very hard to do that when you have a toddler in your house.”

“It’ll be easier when she’s in school full time, but she’s not at the moment,” she explained.

But despite the trickiness of balancing work and mothering schedules, Eubanks knows that she’s lucky.

“People will say you’re ungrateful. I have run into that. I’ve gotten some kickback,” she said. “I totally get it from women who have struggled to have children and would give anything to have a child, and they can’t. So that makes me kind of rein myself back in and say, ‘Shut the f— up, Cameran. You’ve got it good.’“

Who Is Cameran Eubanks’ Husband On ‘Southern Charm’? Jason Wimberly Keeps His Wife Grounded

Cameran Eubanks is married, but you won’t see her husband on her hit Bravo show, Southern Charm. But, even if he’s not destined for reality stardom, who is Jason Wimberly, Cameran’s husband? Any guy Cameran loves must be pretty fantastic — and it was his total lack of interest in becoming TV famous that sealed the deal for me to like him. One of my favorite things about Cameran is that she seems totally down to Earth, even though she takes a few months out of her year to hang out with Thomas, Shep, Whitney, Kathryn, Landon, Craig, and the rest of the supporting cast. Cameran told Entertainment Tonight that it’s important to her that her husband doesn’t appear on Southern Charm . “My husband, he has sense — common sense — therefore, he chooses to stay off reality television. My relationship is very precious to me, so, I try to keep that private,” she told the outlet.

Even though Cameran credits her husband as the one with the common sense, I think both members of the couple are pretty practical. But, Jason is a lot more than just his decision to decline appearing on Southern Charm. In fact, I think this season of Southern Charm will show why exactly this marriage works so well, even if you’ll only see it from Cameran’s POV.

He Works As A Doctor

During her dinner party planning, Cameran even mentioned that Jason was “on call,” implying that he’s a doctor. Well, I think that implication is exactly right, since, according to Trident Health, there’s a Dr. Jason Wimberly in the Charleston area, and some of Cameran’s social media comments also suggest he’s a doctor.

He’s Sympathetic To Cameran’s Issues

Cameran told ET that her internal conflict over why she wants to wait to have kids is going to continue into Season 3, beyond just her dinner party. Jason’s clearly patient with Cameran’s conflicting feelings about expanding their family, as he should be.

You Really Won’t See Him On Southern Charm

According to Cameran, Jason really won’t be making an appearance on the show, even going as far as to hide while the cameras are around.

But You Might See Him On Cameran’s Feed

Even though Jason doesn’t want to be on TV, he does occasionally show up in a Twitter/Instagram photo — and, looks like this pic is proof that Cameran really does hang out with her Southern Charm costars while the cameras aren’t rolling.

Shep Thinks He’s A Great Husband

Shep, probably the Southern Charm cast member least prepared for marriage, told ET in that same interview that Jason is “an awesome guy. He’s a good listener. He’s the exact opposite of me.” And, Shep is one of Cameran’s best buddies, so if he approves, than Jason must be a great guy.

He Loves Cracker Barrel As Much As She Does

If you’re married to Cameran, you need to be down with the CB (does anyone call Cracker Barrel that? They should). And these two are clearly meant for one another, since according to Cameran’s Twitter, they dined there on their second anniversary. Looks like this Southern Charm couple is going to last.

Image: Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal; Sidewindervx, Bricesander/Tumblr

Cameran Eubanks’ Daughter’s “Terrible Twos” Have Officially Begun with a Special Message for Jason Wimberly

It’s hard to believe that Cameran Eubanks’ daughter, Palmer Wimberly, is closing in on 2 years old. This November, the Southern Charm tyke will mark her second birthday, but according to her mama, she’s hit that stage ahead of schedule.

“The terrible twos have started a bit early. While this age can be a trying time it’s also been my favorite so far. One minute she’s screaming bloody murder because I won’t let her pick up dog poop and the next she’s hugging my neck saying ‘luh yew Mama,'” Cameran shared on Instagram. “I kinda act this way too when I have PMS….and while I’m here, is it me or is PMS SO much worse after you have a kid?”

She closed out her update on her daughter with an important message for the ladies out there as well as for her husband, Jason Wimberly: “God Bless Jason. God Bless Women.”

Can we get an Amen?

When The Daily Dish spoke to Cameran earlier this year, she opened up about how being Palmer’s mom has changed her life, which mirrored her sentiment about the power of women from her recent Instagram post. “We’re socially conditioned in this country that when a woman pops out a kid, she has to make the choice whether she’s going to stay home or go back to work. And the father, typically, not all the time, is the breadwinner in the house. It’s very hard ’cause I went from working and being able to work as much as I wanted to to now, well, I’ve got to stay home and take care of this baby,” she explained.

Cameran Eubanks on Where She and Jason Wimberly Currently Stand on Having More Kids

“And it’s hard,” she continued. “Women, we really are kind of screwed in a way in that we really can’t have it all. There’s no way to really have it all and it’s all about finding that balance that works for you.”

Digital Original Everything You Need to Know About Cameran Eubanks’ Husband Jason Wimberly(Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo)

Motherhood isn’t picture perfect, and Cameran Eubanks isn’t here to pretend it is. “I think motherhood is sometimes over-glamorized,” the Southern Charm star told at BravoCon in New York City. “It is the hardest and at the same time most wonderful thing you will ever do as a woman, in my opinion.”

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The Bravolebrity and mom to 2-year-old Palmer is known for being candid about motherhood on social media. “I want women to know they’re not alone if they have postpartum depression, or if they don’t want to breastfeed, or if they’re feeling overwhelmed, or they’re feeling tired,” she expressed. “I want women to know that’s all normal and it’s just part of the experience of being a mother.”

Back in 2018, Eubanks penned a post revealing her decision to stop breastfeeding her baby girl after three months. She shared this in the hopes of comforting other women who choose not to breastfeed. “A happy Mama is the best gift you can give your baby,” she wrote.

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I know I’m opening up the flood gates with this one.

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Jan 31, 2018 at 4:02pm PST

Eubanks and her husband Jason Wimberly welcomed their first child in 2017. Since becoming a mother, the TV star has become more conscientious about her behavior on and off-screen, saying that the way she presents herself is more important now that she has a child.

“I want to be a good example for her and women everywhere,” she shared. “I try not to drink too much or yell or say curse words. I try to be a good role model for my daughter.”

Eubanks has been on Southern Charm since the reality show first premiered in 2014. After six seasons of the Bravo series, Eubanks admitted that she’s learned to “be true” to herself.

The former Real World star makes an effort to live her life by one of her favorite quotes: “This above all to thine own self be true.” Eubanks added, “To do ultimately what you feel is best for yourself and not worry about the opinions of others.” Amen to that!

Want to learn more about some of our favorite Bravo stars? Start with these five facts about Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks.

Cameran Eubanks Has Offered up Proof Jason Wimberly Really Is a Doctor

Jason Wimberly is many things: devoted husband to Cameran Eubanks, proud papa to Palmer, and loving surrogate dog dad to Elvis the Dog. He’s also an anesthesiologist. His Southern Charm wife posted proof his profession when she shared a photo of him napping in his scrubs and cuddling up with his beloved pooch.

The Charleston-area doctor may pop up often on Cameran’s social media, but has remained off camera when it comes to putting his life on the small screen. And Cameran previously explained to The Daily Dish just why that is: “No, he has zero desire to be on TV. I always joke that he is just a normal person and most normal people don’t want to be in the spotlight. Does this mean I am calling myself crazy? Absolutely. We all have a bit of an ego. Jason doesn’t have one, which is part of the reason I love him so much. He’s the yin to my yang.”

Shep Rose Has a Theory About Cameran Eubanks’ Husband and Southern Charm

It’s since been teased that Jason has warmed up to the idea of appearing in cameo form on Southern Charm during Season 6. “I wore him down. Jason is a very private, very quiet person, and I convinced him to come to a group event, and I told him there would be a lot of people. You know, it’s not going to be focused on you,” Cameran told ET in June. “So, I think it actually calmed his nerves and he actually shows up to something. So the viewers will get to see my husband.”

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The King Still Lives. 🕺#elvistheneighborsdog

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Aug 6, 2019 at 1:34pm PDT

Check out more from Cameran from the Southern Charm Season 6 After Show, below.

After Show Is Whitney Sudler-Smith a Bad Influence on Cameran Eubanks?

Cameran Eubanks may have close relationships with a number of her Southern Charm cast mates, including the males, but that hasn’t come as bad news to her husband, Jason Wimberly.

On November 20, after sharing a photo of herself spoon-feeding her co-star Whitney Sudler-Smith, whose arm was in a sling, Eubanks was forced to clap back at an Instagram critic. The social media user took aim at her for supposedly flirting with Sudler-Smith and suggested her husband should do the same with other women.

“Would love to see your husband flirt women like you do men,” the Instagram user wrote, according to a screenshot shared by Comments by Bravo.

Prior to the woman sharing the post, Sudler-Smith had labeled Eubanks his naughty nurse. Yet, despite their potential flirtation with one another, which was completely harmless, the Southern Charm co-stars weren’t doing anything inappropriate. In fact, Eubanks fed Sudler-Smith right in front of her husband, who confirmed he took the image himself.

“Um Jason took the picture,” Eubanks explained.

According to Eubanks, any innocent flirtation she may take part in is not offensive to her husband because they simply have a “secure relationship.”

Eubanks and Wimberly tied the knot in April 2014 and welcomed their daughter, Palmer Corrine Wimberly, in November 2017.

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Whitney is a bird with a broken wing. #ThatsWhatFriendsAreFor @wsudlersmith

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Nov 20, 2019 at 9:23am PST

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Wimberly appeared alongside his wife on Southern Charm for the first time over the summer. Previously, the anesthesiologist has avoided the cameras, even though he appears to be friends with the majority of Eubanks’ co-stars.

During his first appearance on the show, Wimberly was seen at a party thrown by Patricia Altschul, who also happened to comment on the controversial photo of Eubanks and her son, Sudler-Smith, earlier this week. As some criticized Eubanks for the photo, Altschul joked that her son was a “fussy eater” and suggested he may split out whatever it was that Eubanks was feeding him if it wasn’t vegan.

Ahead of Wimberly’s Southern Charm debut, Eubanks told Entertainment Tonight that while her husband hadn’t previously been featured on the series, he was actually a big fan of the reality program.

“He loves it, that’s a big misconception, ‘He doesn’t support the show, he must hate it.’ He loves it, so I think he was a little excited, now that it’s become successful, to be a part of it,” she explained. “He’s riding my coattails.”

No word yet on whether or not Wimberly will be seen on Southern Charm’s next season.

Southern Charm fans are about to see something they’ve never seen before: Cameran Eubanks’ husband!

“There’s a little surprise coming,” Cameran teases ET. “Jason makes a cameo this season. I wore him down. Jason is a very private, very quiet person, and I convinced him to come to a group event, and I told him there would be a lot of people. You know, it’s not going to be focused on you. So, I think it actually calmed his nerves and he actually shows up to something. So the viewers will get to see my husband.”

Cameran tied the knot with Dr. Jason Wimberly back in 2014, between seasons one and two of the Bravo hit. Jason has never appeared on screen on the series, only via phone call audio. Cameran has always said Jason avoided filming for the show because of his work as an anesthesiologist. As she put it, no one wants to see the guy who puts them to sleep for surgery out partying; it was purely a professional decision.

“My husband is a super fan of Bravo, in general, and Southern Charm,” she shares. “He loves it, that’s a big misconception, ‘He doesn’t support the show, he must hate it.’ He loves it, so I think he was a little excited, now that it’s become successful, to be a part of it. He’s riding my coattails.”

Cameran is just joking, of course. Jason will only make one appearance on the show this season, sometime in the last batch of episodes. The couple’s daughter, Palmer, however, has already made numerous appearances. The pair welcomed their little girl in November of 2017, but season six is the first season that fans are getting to see Cameran in full “mom mode.”

ET met up with the reality star inside Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant department store just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, to learn all about her life as a mom.

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New Years resolution number 1: Embrace Elvis. ✔️

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Dec 31, 2018 at 3:19pm PST

Cameran is balancing her marriage, motherhood, a social life and a career. She’s an award-winning real estate agent in Charleston, though she notes her career took a major hit once she became a mom.

“I think when you have a child, as a woman, it’s kind of screwed up,” she laments. “Society typically tells us it’s the man who works and provides for the family, and the woman is either gonna go back to work and you’re going to put your kid in daycare, or you’re going to stay home with her. With real estate, I had to put it on the back burner to take care of Palmer, because I was so crazy about leaving her in the care of anybody else and it’s very hard, it’s very hard to have to make a choice as to what is more important to you.”

Cameran maintains that she is “one and done” when it comes to kids, especially after realizing how much time parenting takes.

“Something always has to give, and for me, it was giving up a lot of my personal time, my alone time,” she says. “I lived a pretty cushy life before I had Palmer, not saying I still don’t. But I had a lot more ‘me time,’ I was much more of a selfish person. When you have a kid, you are forced to be unselfish.”

“You become extremely vulnerable as a parent,” she continues. “You, for the first time in your life, understand and know unconditional love. But at the same time, it can be debilitating because you worry non-stop, god forbid something happens to this child, I would completely lose it. It makes you very, very vulnerable.”

Cameran says she’s seen that vulnerability trickle into all aspects of her life, including into her interactions with her Southern Charm co-stars.

“I think being a mom and having a child, I’ve really learned what my priorities are, so I don’t have time for bulls**t,” she notes. “I don’t waste my time with friendships or situations that will be detrimental to my health.”

Watch as Cameran navigates those tricky situations every week on Southern Charm, airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more on the current season of the show, check out the video and links below.


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Who Is Eliza Limehouse? Get to Know ‘Southern Charm’s Newest Cast Member (Exclusive)

Fans of Bravo’s Southern Charm have grown to love Cameran, who has certainly never been shy when it comes to living her life in front of the cameras. But there is one aspect that’s never shown on Bravo: her marriage to Jason Wimberly.

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Happy 2 year anniversary years to my Rock. ❤️

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Apr 12, 2016 at 5:35am PDT

The couple has been married since April 2014, and recently welcomed a daughter, Palmer Corrine Wimberly.

While it’s clear they love each other, Cameran says she and Jason try to keep their relationship out of the spotlight. “I’ve purposefully chosen to keep (our marriage) out of the picture because I think people who put their personal life on TV are kind of nuts … Nine times out of 10 it doesn’t end up working out,” she told WetPaint.

“He has zero desire to be on TV. I always joke that he is just a normal person and most normal people don’t want to be in the spotlight … We all have a bit of an ego. Jason doesn’t have one, which is part of the reason I love him so much. He’s the yin to my yang,” she told The Daily Dish.

Here are a few other reasons Jason doesn’t appear on Southern Charm.

He is literally busy saving lives as a doctor.

Jason is an anesthesiologist working in Charleston, which probably doesn’t leave a ton of time for reality show appearances.

“He has a pretty serious career going , so I don’t blame him for wanting to stay out of the realm of reality television,” Cameran told Bravo.

He’s too preoccupied with the neighbor’s dog.

Southern Charm fans basically only know one pure thing about Jason, and it’s that he’s OBSESSED with the neighbor’s dog, Elvis.

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Just hanging out with my best buddy! #dontsendmehome #bromance

A post shared by Elvis (@elvistheneighborsdog) on Apr 18, 2018 at 8:36am PDT

Like, seriously, seriously obsessed.

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This is Jason’s second portrait of Elvis. You would think he would want one of his wife and not the neighbors dog. Thank you artist @megancarn. 💕(Yes the neighbors know Jason and Elvis have a bond that can not be broken and they are supportive of this strange relationship.)

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Feb 24, 2018 at 2:33pm PST

And now it looks like Elvis might be stealing not only Cameran’s husband’s heart, but also her newborn daughter’s:

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Not you too Palmer. 😒#MyHusbandHasAlreadyForsakenMe #ElvisTheNeighborsDog #YesHesOnMyCouch

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Feb 11, 2018 at 5:20pm PST

He’s spending time with Palmer.

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Celebrating 4 years of marriage today, 1 baby and….

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Apr 12, 2018 at 6:04pm PDT

Between being a surrogate father to Elvis and an actual father to his new daughter Palmer, Jason is pretty darn busy.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z. Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Kim and Kanye. Jason and Elvis.

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He might be hanging out with Shep.

Cameran is close with her fellow Southern Charm star Shep Rose. So it makes sense that Shep and Jason are also buds.

Cameran even confirmed on Twitter that the two are friends.

lol Jason and Shep are buddies and Shep is like my brother.

— Cameran Eubanks (@cameraneubanks) June 5, 2017

She also said in an interview on Bravo that “Jason hangs out with Patricia, Shep, and Whitney off camera the most.”

Even though Jason doesn’t appear on the show, Cameran says he’s still very supportive.

“He loves it! He’s totally supportive and loves the show, he thinks it’s great,” she said.

Congrats to the happy family: Cameran, Jason, Palmer, and Elvis!

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Ask and you shall receive. #ElvisTheNeigborsDog

A post shared by Cameran Eubanks (@camwimberly1) on Feb 5, 2018 at 12:23pm PST

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The first season of Southern Charm brought on romances, fights, hook ups and partying, but who knew that the headlines would keep coming after the finale? Cast member Cameran Eubanks secretly wed, and her husband wasn’t even on the show! Keep reading for details on Cameran’s big day!

Cameran Eubanks Of ‘Southern Charm’ Gets Hitched

We were surprised when Southern Charm‘s on-and-off-again couple Thomas and Kathryn came forward with the exciting news that not only were they happily together after the season wrapped, but they welcomed a baby girl! It looks like the new couple aren’t the only ones who are lucky in love — Cameran got married, days before the final episode!

Cameran, 30, who was formerly on The Real World, starred in the main cast of Bravo’s new series, but she never introduced her now-hubby, Dr. Jason Wimberly, to the Charleston crew.

Jason, an anesthesiologist in Charleston, South Carolina, is Cameran’s longtime boyfriend and best friend. Cameran’s exciting news is shocking to viewers because she was never spotted wearing a ring on camera, and there was never any mention of her beau during the series!

The blonde beauty posted a photo of the gorgeous wedding on her Twitter, tweeting “I married my best friend last weekend!” The TwitPic shows the happy couple walking down the aisle at their outdoor nuptials, which occurred on April 12. Their big day was absolutely beautiful with bright purple flowers and glass lights hanging from a large oak tree, adding a magical vibe to the event that was held on a plantation near Charleston, according to Reality Tea. The site also reports that guests feasted on fried chicken.

Cameran, who wore a simple ivory dress, also posted photos of her bridesmaids in periwinkle dresses.

On Watch What Happens Live, Cameran did tell Andy Cohen that she was engaged. Maybe the Bravo cameras were at her big day for a future wedding special!

Congrats to Cameran and Jason!

HollywoodLifers, are you surprised by Cameran’s wedding? Let us know!

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