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Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Review

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The Sexy Mother Pucker range has been just a delight to me since I was a teen. The ever so slightly risque name sold me as a wee babe but the simple colors and easy price tag keep me coming back. This is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker review of the new and improved formula. The shade I have is Plumsup. It is part of the permanent line and retails for $10.

Texture (15/15)

The texture of this Soap and Glory lip gloss is pretty great. It’s not too thick or thin, it’s not sticky or tacky, and it spreads easily. There is super microfine glitter in this gloss that you can’t feel at all which is a blessing because gritty glitter gloss is the worst.

Application (12/15)

I took off points for application because the doe foot doesn’t pick up enough product to get a one swipe application. For a gloss I feel like you shouldn’t have to keep grabbing more product to apply it, you know what I mean? Otherwise from that, it is easy to apply! The doe foot (besides not being as saturated as I’d like) is a nice size and it’s easy to apply without going outside the lip line.

Pigmentation (11/15)

This gloss is not particularly pigmented, but you don’t expect it to be either. It does look quite a bit darker in the tube than it ends up on your lips which is why I took off points here. It looks plummy in the tube and turns almost bubblegum pink on my lips. It’s not a bad color, just not the color I expected. The shade sort of reminds me of the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb but a little more pink than peach.

Wear Time (15/15)

The wear time is damn good for a gloss. It wore for a full three and a half hours while still noticeably shiny and I could still feel it on my lips up to the five and a half hour mark. Take a looksie through my video Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Review to see the before and after videos.

As promised in the video I took a look through their ingredients to find out what gives it the tingle and the described plumping ability. It could very well be “Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract” which is apparently used as a pain reliever. Or it could be “Sodium Hyaluronate” which is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid is highly moisturizing and could potentially give that plumping effect). Another possibility is the “Hexyl Cinnamal” which can cause allergic reactions. And, my last guess from their ingredients list is “Eugenol” which is found in cinnamon oil and can also cause allergic reactions. Or it’s all of them working together (obviously I can’t be certain because I’m not a cosmetic chemist but take a little google).

Removal (15/15)

Removal is easy peasy. It’s not sticky so it wipes off cleanly and doesn’t leave a residue.

Packaging (10/10)

The packaging is simple but effective. I guess I could take off a point that the stopper guy on the inside (that keeps the wand from getting gummed up and from spilling all your gloss out) is a little too tight which is why you have to double dip for the application. But, it’s not such a big deal. I don’t know why the Soap and Glory ’50s theme always gets me! I love it.

Claims (7/15)

Fasten your seatbelts! Soap & Glory’s original Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss just got sexier. Amazing, addictive and definitely something to shout a-pout, it features the same ingenious lip-plumping technology as the original. With Superfull Lip Plumping Spheres and Lipswell Natural Plant Oil Infusion, your lips will feel instantly fuller.

The major claims are:

  • Plumps lips/lips feel fuller – I just don’t know if I can give this to them. Sure my lips look way better with this on versus nothing at all on my lips. But, compared to any non-plumping gloss, do they look bigger? I don’t think so. I think the best you could say is that it helped to reduce the look of the lines on my lips but I don’t believe they look any larger than any other gloss.

Overall score (85/100) B

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Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick ($12) are a new lipstick line that Soap & Glory launched in the UK a few month ago which arrived in the US recently. These lipsticks come in three lightweight that include mattes and satins plus you can get them in a choice of 12 shades that range in color from nudes, to reds, to pinks.

Soap & Glory’s makeup line can be pretty hit and miss for me but I’ve always been a fan of Mother Pucker Lipgloss which was one reason I wanted to try the lipstick. Also, the lipstick looks pretty darn slick which made it even more tempting. So, I picked up Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Rougenie recently at and now I feel like I need ALL the shades.

The whole pouting, plumping action you get with Mother Pucker Lipgloss is not to be had with the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick formula. They might share the same names but the actual formulas and products are completely different.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick Swatches (Rougenie)

This little lipstick comes housed in a rather slick and sexy lightweight metallic red barrel that’s 0.12 oz in size. I haven’t tried all the finishes so, my review is based on the matte formula. As you may know, I’m not a matte lipstick lover but I make exceptions from time to time and this formula definitely gets a “pass go, collect $200”. This lipstick as a smooth, even, easy creamy glide on lips with a satiny matte finish that thin, lightweight on my lips. The pigmentation is excellent with full, opaque coverage on a single application. I’m prone to drier lips but I never felt the color dragged during application nor did it flake up or adhere to drier areas on my lips. It wore for a solid five hours without fading or migrating and left a slight stain behind after wearing away. It does have a vanilla flavor but I didn’t notice a heavy fragrance.

This a beautiful matte formula that never felt like it was drawing moisture from my lips. It never felt dry or uncomfortable and the color was bright, smooth, and even on a single application!

All in all, Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick hit it out of the park with this formula. Long wearing, fantastic pigment, and a comfortable to wear matte finish make for an inexpensive and great lipstick.

Loves it!

I will definitely purchase more!!

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Muse Approved.

Soap & Glory ‘Sexy Mother Pucker’ – satin lipstick review & swatches

Hey beauties! Today, I’m going to talk about one of my most recent discoveries – the Sexy Mother Pucker satin lipsticks by Soap & Glory (£9, Boots). You may have heard about the XL Extreme Plump lip glosses released in the same range, as they have been incredibly popular and reviewed by many beauty bloggers. I decided to try out the satin lipsticks from the Sexy Mother Pucker line-up instead, which haven’t been getting as much attention as the glosses. Soap & Glory promises a lot with this formula – enriched with shea butter, peptides and vitamin E, this lipstick is supposed to visibly smooth out and plump up your lips. It’s available in five vibrant shades, which admittedly, isn’t a huge selection. That being said, the existing shades are quite diverse and there should be something for everybody. I will be swatching two of those shades – Perfect Day – a casual red with pink undertones; and Mantrap – a vibrant-looking red.

The packaging is very modern and sleek, with a traditional, bullet-shaped lipstick. It definitely has that that fun, retro Soap & Glory vibe, which reminds me a little of The Balm and Benefit products. It looks a lot more expensive and high-end than it is, which is a huge plus!
The formula is very lightweight and comfortable to wear, but it didn’t make my lips look any fuller. The lipstick feels very creamy and soft on the lips, and has a pleasant, sweet scent to it (which might be a downside if you prefer your makeup to be fragrance-free). The main thing I love about this lipstick is how buildable it is. You can easily apply just one thin layer for a casual look; or several to get a truly rich, vibrant colour. The satin finish strikes a good balance between matte and shiny – it gives a good amount of natural sheen without being too glossy. My only reservation is that it does feel quite drying on the lips, especially after a few hours of wear. I’m not sure whether this is due to the current time of year, when my lips are constantly dry because of the low temperatures. Either way, I was hoping that this lipstick would be more hydrating, especially considering the quality ingredients, such as shea butter and vitamin E.

I was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented these lipsticks really are. Despite the limited shade range, the existing colours are very saturated and intense, and will compliment any skintone.
(left) Perfect Day – a very casual, soft red with pink undertones; it actually looks quite nude when applied.
(right) Mantrap – a very juicy, vibrant red.
Overall, I think that Sexy Mother Pucker is a decent, budget-friendly lipstick, which offers brilliant pigmentation and a smooth, satin finish. It’s lightweight and long-lasting (about four to five hours of wear), but don’t expect miracles in terms of making your lips look fuller. My only other reservation is that it does dry out the lips after a few hours of wear, so make sure you apply some lip balm first. Overall, I’d give this lipstick 6/10. It didn’t wow me, but it’s suitable for casual wear, and I’d be curious to try out more shades from the range.
Have you tried the Sexy Mother Pucker satin lipstick by Soap & Glory? What drugstore lipsticks would you recommend?