Sleepover things to do

Organizing the perfect slumber party for your kid, tween or teen? Or maybe you’re a teen yourself and you’re looking for some inspiration to really impress your friends! Well, there are some awesome ideas out there on how to throw a trendy and unforgettable slumber party!

Kids can have fun adding flavors to their popcorn and enjoy watching their favorite animated movie in matching pajamas! Tweens can enjoy making friendship bracelets in their individual bohemian sleeping tents. Meanwhile, teens can enjoy taking selfies while drinking mocktails and playing Truth or Dare.

Check out some of these ideas to inspire your next slumber party!

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Sleepover Ideas for Kids

1. Matching Pajamas

All best friends need matching pajamas! Supply your child and their friends with matching pajamas that you can either include with the invitation or have ready for when they arrive!

2. Movie Night

Organize the coolest movie night around! Pillows everywhere for ultimate comfort, premade popcorn in sweet or salty flavors, teddy bears to snuggle up with and fruity punch! Your kids will have so much fun sitting on their bed of pillows and watching their favorite animated movie!

3. Popcorn Bar

Every amazing slumber party includes a movie night and what’s movie night without popcorn!? This rustic popcorn bar is going to be the hit of the party with delicious toppings and lots of options. Let’s just hope your little ones can get to sleep after this special treat!

4. Toothbrushes

Put out toothbrush party favours to make sure that all the kiddos brush their teeth before falling asleep. The kids might not find it that great but the parents will love you for it!

5. Indoor Camping

Throw an indoor camping slumber party for your kids with the ultimate planning. S’mores in a cup, a fake fire pit, sleeping tents, wildlife stuffs for them to snuggle up with and a fun activity like painting birdhouses!

6. Princess Paradise

Create a comfortable Princess Castle Fort for your little girls to snuggle up in, play make-believe and tell stories. A princess fort is a wonderful idea for a girly slumber party. You can put out pretty nail polishes, decorate with pink frilly materials and set up a crown making activity!

7. Housecoats

Provide cute fuzzy housecoats for your kids and their guests to really make them feel relaxed and comfortable. They will love running around in these puffy and warm coats as they do crafts and watch movies.

8. Star Wars

Got any Star Wars fans in the house? You can put together a totally cool Star Wars themed slumber party at your house! Look for decorations, bring out the Darth Vader puzzles, and print out some fun coloring sheets!

9. Tea Party

A princess tea party for your little sleeping beauties. Delicate cookies, elegant teacups and of course some golden crowns to wear with their matching dresses! After all the tea party chit-chat, kiss your sleepy beauties to sleep.

Sleepover Ideas for Tweens

10. Pancakes and Pajamas

Is there anybody that doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? I know that I do, and the kids will definitely love it too! This is a fabulous sleepover theme that lets your kids be a little spoiled for the night with delicious pancakes as they play in their pajamas and make friendship bracelets!

11. Unicorn Slime

This is SO cool and sure to be the hit of your sleepover! Try this fun DIY out for the craft of the night and get your kiddos having fun squishing slime between their little fingers.

12. Sleepover Tents

Little bohemian tents for all the tweens to sleep in for the night. Everyone gets their own individual tent with sleepmasks, headbands, and party favors. Maybe this way they will actually want to go to sleep? We can only hope!

13. Friendship Bracelets

Seal the friendship with a colorful, crazy, and cute friendship bracelet! This is a wonderful way to keep the tweens busy for the night having fun until it’s time to shut their eyes.

14. Unicorn Eye Masks

Your teens will love making their own sleepover eye masks and these unicorn ones are the coolest! Give them a hand by making the first one and then let them take it from there! Careful using hot glue guns!

15. Fuzzy Slipper Cookies

Oh my! Your tweens will absolutely adore these fabulous fuzzy slipper cookies! Or even better yet, for an evening activity, you can make the cookies with everybody lending a hand and decorating their own slippers!

16. Pillow Fight

Every tween sleepover needs a good old fashioned pillow fight! So get your contestants ready with their soft and cushiony customized pillow fight pillows!

17. Unicorn Popcorn

Unicorn popcorn is the new must-have at any sleepover party! Kids, tweens or teens will adore this special addition to their late night movie fun!

18. Build Your Own Pizza

This is an amazing slumber party activity! It’s a great way to get all the tweens fed while still having fun! Each tween gets to personalize their own pizza to their own taste and you get to make sure everyone eats!

19. Game Night

Every amazing party needs games! Game night at your house will be a night they won’t forget; complete with snacks, drinks and all the board games you can imagine! Check out your local thrift store to find cheap board games but make sure you check that they have all the pieces.

Sleepover Ideas for Teens

20. Invitations

Design the most perfect invitation to your teens totally cool slumber party! Charm your guests with funky eye mask invitations with all the details of what to bring, how to get there and what time to show up.

21. Spa Night

Relax your young teenagers with a pampering spa night before they tuck into bed with a romantic chick flick! Soaking their feet while drinking virgin Mimosas and painting their nails… What a hard life they have!

22. Blanket Fort

Building a blanket fort is one of those things that is fun to do at any age! Even as an adult! It’s a great place to get away with friends and drink mocktails. So set up your teens at their next slumber party and help them build the ultimate blanket fort!

23. Hot Cocoa Bar

Keep their fingers warm with a hot cup of cocoa. The best part? They get to make their hot cocoa exactly how they’d like it! Don’t forget to put out the marshmallows!

24. Décor

Decorations at your tweens slumber bash is super important! That’s because everybody will be snapping selfies and the background has got to be spot on!

25. Photo Booth

Every slumber party needs a photo booth and every photo booth needs props! Get silly with your teens and take hilarious pictures with big moustaches and funny glasses.

26. Glamping

Give your teenagers a glamping experience right in your backyard. A place where they can gossip, talk about their favorite new movie, and play fun games!

27. No Boys Allowed

This is an all girls slumber bash! A place where you can get together with your besties, paint your nails, talk about that cute boy, and take selfies! Fun and bright neon colors, big signs and of course a lot of balloons!

28. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare will always be fun! It’s just one of those games that make you laugh, scream and be surprised! It’s a great way for everybody to get to know each other better and to have a good time.

29. Chick Flicks

Print out a list of your favorite chick flicks and then get all the party guests to vote on a number! It’s an easy way to make up your mind on which Netflix film you’re going to watch.

30. Midnight Snack

When you’re staying up late with your besties gossiping about the cute new guy in school there’s gonna need to be a midnight snack!

So grab your scissors and glue guns and start making up those slumber party invitations! Having all the kids over to your house will be such a blast when you’ve got the whole thing planned out!

Start with some fun crafts and activities to get the party going. DIY eye masks, friendship bracelets and unicorn slime are fun ones! Afterward, play some board games or make your own pizza dinner. When it gets a bit later, get comfy in the living room and laugh out loud while watching that new animated movie for kids or that hilarious chick flick for the teens! Of course, when it’s time to go to sleep and all the kids crawl into their own sleeping tents you can finally relax.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to host a totally awesome slumber party no matter how old your kids are! Fun and colorful, trendy and stylish or themed to their current interest. Get creative and have a wonderful night with everyone.

So your child is perhaps too old for a traditional party entertainer but you’re looking for something fun you can host at home… A ‘sleepover’ or ‘slumber’ party is a great way to entertain slightly older children from around 8 to 13.

Whilst boys often enjoy a slumber party too, this has become an increasingly popular activity for girls.

Host the perfect Sleepover party

1. Sleeping arrangement.

The first consideration is, of course, where your guests will sleep. For those with a limited number of beds, this often comes down to improvisation with a mix of sleeping ‘top and tail’ and mattresses on the floor.

If this sounds like too much of a feat of engineering, there are several companies that hire out attractive Teepees, and will come and set them up for you at your home.

The first to provide these in Ireland was Eimear McCann of Little Laughs.

We asked Eimear about the appeal of her Teepees. Here is what she said:

“We wanted to make it really easy for people to host slumber parties at home and at the same time we wanted to make it a wonderful experience for the kids. So we handmade a number of beautifully designed Teepees with mattresses, and we come and set them up for you before the party. We provide everything you need including lanterns and fairy lights to really create that magical experience. They’ve been incredibly popular. This is the next level sleepover party!”

2. Entertainment at a slumber party

In this connected age, one thing we recommend is making sure the children turn off their mobile phones and tablets. This will ensure that the party is actually interactive and that the guests stay in the moment.

Some ideas for entertainment are as follows:

Photo props

You can assemble a number of props and accessories for the guests to dress up in before taking photos of them to email out later. Accessories could include feather boas, tiaras, hats, and hair accessories.

Spin the nail polish

A great idea courtesy of Eimear of Little Laughs… Everyone sits in a circle and each person takes it in turn to spin the nail polish. The person spinning then gets to paint a nail of the person it lands on, in the colour of their choice. The game continues until everyone has a selection of colourfully painted nails.


Why not set up a mini spa at home? Manicures, face masks, hair-styling, lip gloss, glitter tattoos… All can make great pampering ideas depending on what you feel is appropriate for the age group.

If you want to make the whole party stress-free, how about hiring a professional pamper party provider to come and run it for you. You can check out options here on PartyWizz.

Movie night

Put on one of their favourite movies or a new release and leave them to enjoy it for an hour or two. Don’t forget the popcorn!

3. Food for a slumber party

Pizza is the obvious choice and many opt for a delivery, but a more interactive option is DIY pizzas. Bases can be made or bought and then each guest can choose from a variety of different toppings to make their own ideal pizza.

And what about a sweet treat? One fun idea that kids love is a chocolate fountain. Serve bowls of cut-up fruit and marshmallows and allow the indulgence to begin! You can buy very affordable chocolate fountains online including here:

Don’t forget breakfast the next morning! Individual sized boxes of cereal can give a nice choice for morning munchies (or even midnight feasts depending on how strict the lights out policy is!)

4. Party Bag & Party Favours

One cute idea is to purchase matching pyjamas for your guests to wear during the course of the party. Although this is a considerable additional expense, it also works as a lovely gift to take the place of a party bag. Perhaps a more cost-effective option would be matching furry slippers or those with animal designs.

Otherwise, fill a gift bag with things like lip gloss, hair accessories, eye masks, and glow in the dark bands. These can also be used during the party and double up as take-home gifts. For other party bag ideas, go to the PartyWizz shop.

4. Sleepover Decorations

Colourful blankets, fairy lights and lanterns can all help create that magical atmosphere. Bunting that spells ‘sleep well’ or ‘good night’ can look very inviting.


Sleepovers are what childhood memories are made from. Staying up way past bedtime, laughing until your belly hurts and eating junk food with your best friends. May 9 is National Sleepover Day and it is definitely a holiday your kids will want to celebrate.

For parents though, sleepovers can be daunting, dreadful and sleepless. Here are some ideas to make your next sleepover a success.

Set the mood with decor

Transform a room into a cozy sleeping space. Whether it’s your living room or basement, get out all the extra pillows, blankets and sheets. Dangle twinkling lights from the ceiling to make “stars” appear.

Let there be a pillow fort! Encourage the kids to build a giant fort with every pillow, cushion, blanket and sheet your house has. It’s a great way to get them excited about their sleeping space.

To get everyone comfortable, give every sleepover attendee a pair of warm, fuzzy socks. Or go all out and get matching pajama pants or shirts.

Everyone needs their own pillow, so make creating personalized pillowcases part of the night. Plus they get to bring it home as a memento from the sleepover.

Plan a few activities

The night will go smoothly if you have a plan! But make it a surprise to all the kids. Put an activity or game in a balloon and write the time of the event on the outside of the balloon. Then at that time, pop the balloon to find out what’s next on the agenda.

Create a photo booth. Whether the evening has a theme or not, a DIY photo booth with props, a cute background and a camera will be a total hit. The kids can even create their own props to use.

Plan some spa activities like a fizzing foot soak. In advance, mix 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup citric acid and 10-15 drop of your favorite essential oil in a plastic bag. Pour one scoop of prepared powder into a tub of warm water and let the kids soak their tootsies. Follow-up it up with colorful pedicures! Or break out the hair chalk to create original hair styles.

Create an obstacle course through your hallways and house. Use paper streamers and painter’s tape to create a maze from wall to wall the that kids have to go over, under and through.

Food fun

Every sleepover should involve watching a movie and every sleepover should have a popcorn bar to accompany thatmovie. Make a DIY popcorn bar with a variety of popcorn flavors, M&Ms, gummy bears, Skittles, chocolate and any other fun popcorn add-ins.

Stick with the make-your-own bar theme for breakfast the next morning. Create a waffle bar with sweet toppings or a hot cocoa bar for those chilly mornings. Or have individual mini cereal boxes for everyone to make their own favorite selections.

Late night snacks are a must. To mix it up, serve pancake poppers with mini chocolate chips that your guests can literally just pop in their mouths.

Give games a go

A few planned games will make the evening go faster (especially for parents). Look up a few “minute-to-win-it” games to create some excitement. One that never fails to entertain is called “Cookie Face,” where each player starts with an Oreo cookie on their forehead and they have one minute to get it into their mouth, without using their hands.

Mix it up with musical manicures! To play, each child selects a color and takes a place at the table. When the music begins, guests pass the nail polish bottles around the circle. When the music stops, each guest polishes one nail the color they are holding. Repeat until are ten nails are painted!

Get a cheap beach ball to play “toss and talk.” Blow up the beach ball and using a permanent marker, cover the outside of the ball with getting to know you or funny questions. Toss the ball to someone and tell them to answer the questions that is touching a specific finger, like your right pinky. Some fun questions could be: Name three things that make you happy; What job would you never do and why?; What would you do if you won $10,000?; What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

If the thought of sleepover games makes your daughter wince (“Really, Mom? We’re, like tweens, now. We’re waaay too old for games”), maybe she just needs some fresh ideas. Once your kids get over the fact they learned these sleepover games and activities from you, they’ll be just as obsessed as you were at their age.

Rob Lewine / Getty Imagines


For the uninitiated, MASH stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House. To play this predict-the-future sleepover game, write MASH at the top of a piece of paper, and then fill in categories underneath — think husband, car, number of children, jobs, colors—adding five options per category. One player draws tally marks until the other says stopêthat’s your number. The first player then counts through the list, starting with the letters MASH, crossing items off along the way. When one option is left per category, it gets circled. Read through the circled items for your future. (In 1985, it was usually something like “You will live in a pink shack with Rob Lowe, drive a DeLorean, work as an MTV VJ and have 17 children.”

Truth or Dare

An oldie, but goodie; Mom, stay within earshot so it all stays PG. The rules are simple: One player asks another “Truth or Dare?” If the person chooses “Truth,” she must, you guessed it, truthfully answer a question. If she opts for “Dare,” she’s obliged to complete a funny or slightly embarrassing task. Wanna get crazy? Change it to “Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise to Repeat.” For the Double part, the person must choose someone to help her complete the dare. Promise to repeat means you have to repeat a phrase, however humiliating, 10 times. Expect a lot of “I love Principal Jones” with that last one.

Cootie Catcher

These paper fortune tellers are as essential to a good slumber party as freezing someone’s training bra. Sort of like an origami version of the Magic 8 Ball, for this sleepover game you fold the corners of a piece of paper and then write numbers and colors on the different flaps to create the cootie catcher. You ask the player to pick a number, then move the catcher that many times. With colors, you move the catcher the number of letters in the word. Eventually, you open the flap, where a fortune has been written underneath. In the ’80s, yours may have been, “You will marry Kirk Cameron.” Or “You will make the Guiness Book of World Records for having the world’s largest cassingle collection.” Need a refresher? Here are instructions from The Daring Book for Girls.

Spin-the-Bottle Nail Polish-Style

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No, your girls are not ready for the kissy-kissy version of this party game (not ’til they’re at least 30, right?). But for a beauty theme, have the slumber party participants sit in a circle, taking turns spinning a nail polish bottle. Whoever the bottle points to gets a mani in that color. (Send the girls home with the bottles that “chose” them, too, as a fun favor.)

Treasure Hunt

They ran around screaming for the first half hour, snarfed their pizza in a matter of minutes, broke out the candy and made it through less than half of the Katy Perry movie before declaring there’s nothing to do. Treasure hunt time! Come up with a list of clues that lead the girls from one room to another—outside is fun if you and the neighbors can handle it—offering a prize at the end.

Pass the Orange

If you or your daughter prefers to mix a few organized sleepover games into the slumber party festivities, this is a fun one. Place the girls in two teams, each standing in a circle with their hands behind their backs. Mom or Dad (or little sis who has been begging to be included) places the orange under one girl’s chin and she then has to pass the fruit to the person next to her—without using her hands. Orange drops on the floor? It must be picked up sans hands. Hilarity ensues. First team to make it around the circle wins.

Blind Makeover Game

We don’t know about you, but when our daughters get together with their friends, makeup is always involved. If you have some budding beauty queens in your slumber party mix, they might get a kick out of this twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. One guest is blindfolded, and then must perform a “makeover” on a friend. Be sure to have a camera (and plenty of makeup removal wipes) on hand for this one.


If it’s been a while since you played this classic game “that ties you up in knots,” you really must run—no sprint—to the store to pick it up. You remember how to play: One person spins the board, declaring “right hand, blue,” or “left foot, green,” forcing the players into all sorts of funny positions. For a modern spin, try Twister Dance, where you follow the lights to learn dances to songs like “Whip My Hair.” Yes, you will get very sick of Willow Smith, but the kids will have a blast.

Decorating Pillow Cases

Give your slumber party a DIY touch by adding a craft to the evening’s agenda. Decorating pillow cases is fun, easy, inexpensive and sends the girls home with a memorable birthday party favor they may actually use. Find plain pillowcases at a big box retailer, buy some fabric paint or fabric markers from your favorite craft store, or use Sharpies, iron-on letters and stencils. Set up an area where they can get a little messy and, in the morning, they have a fun take-home for the next slumber party extravaganza!


It may seem cliché, but girls really do love to talk on the phone. Make a game of it by bringing back this classic communications game. Have the girls stand in a line. The girl at the start of the line whispers a saying or phrase to the girl next to her, who passes it on to the next girl in line. This continues until it gets to the last girl, who announces what she heard. See, who said you need an iPhone 5 to have fun playing telephone?

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