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Cusps and Signs

“I am totally stymied by cusps and interceptions,” confided a reader in a recent email. Let’s see if we can sort out this out for you, shall we?

Part of the problem is the term cusp. Specifically, misuse of the term by people who greedily lay claim to two Sun signs. You may not realize this, but when you talk about “your sign,” you’re actually saying, “The sign of the zodiac through which the Sun appeared to be moving at the time of my birth.” (Didn’t know you were so smart, did you?)

Problem is, because the earth’s annual journey around the Sun doesn’t take precisely one calendar year, the date the Sun moves from one sign to another changes (within one day) from year to year. So if you were born on March 20, then yeah, you might be a Pisces or you might be an Aries.

But let’s be clear: When you were born, the Sun was in one sign, or it was in the next. The only way to know for sure which one is to find out what time you were born and calculate your birth chart. Now yes, if you were born within, say, an hour of the moment when the center of the Sun actually enters a sign, then okay – maybe you could make the case that you are “born on the cusp.” Otherwise, one Sun sign per customer!

And now for something completely different: Cusps and Houses

Since most astrologers wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near this “born on the cusp” business, when we use the term “cusps” you can be pretty sure that we’re not talking about signs at all. Rather, we’re referring to the lines that separate houses in the horoscope, much as fences separate properties from one another:

And so on, proceeding counter-clockwise, for a total of twelve. When astrologers refer to house systems, we’re talking about different methods of cutting up the sky, and where the cusps should go. And we can get pretty animated on the subject.

Four of the cusps have special names. Sometimes called the angles of the chart, they are:

  • First House cusp: Ascendant
  • Fourth House cusp: IC or Nadir
  • Seventh House cusp: Descendant
  • Tenth House cusp: MC or Midheaven

The houses of the horoscope symbolize areas of the sky. For instance, the cusp of the first house represents the eastern horizon, and the cusp of the seventh house represents the western horizon. The cusp of the tenth house represents the highest point in the horizon any planet can reach at a given location, and the cusp of the fourth house represents its opposite point.

So the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses actually have a basis in physical reality. As for the rest… look up in the sky, right now; do you see lines there? (I sincerely hope the answer is no.)

It’s true: House cusps are fictional. Convenient, but open to interpretation.

Signs, degrees, and house cusps

Think of the chart wheel as a big ribbon with all 360 degrees of the zodiac lining the inside like dots on wallpaper. The twelve house cusps are like hands on a clock attached to the middle of the circle, each pointing to a specific dot, or degree, on the wallpaper. If you were born with 15 degrees of Sagittarius rising, that means the first house “hand” was pointing at the middle of Sagittarius. If you were born near the equator, the 2nd house “hand” would be pointing at about the middle of Capricorn, the 3rd house at the middle of Aquarius, and so forth.

The catch: The farther north or south you were born of the equator, and depending on which house system you use, things can get wonky. Some houses can be very large, some very small. Perhaps Sagittarius is on the cusps of both your first and second houses, then Capricorn gets skipped altogether and the third house has Aquarius on the cusp. This is called an interception. Capricorn is still there – it’s just that all 30 degrees of the sign are hidden in the second house, with no clock hand pointing at them. Intercepted signs are like silent partners of the houses that they’re in; the sign on the house cusp does the PR work, while the intercepted sign works behind the scenes.

Next: Can planets be “on the cusp”?

Using house cusps

Some astrologers feel that when a planet falls within a certain number of degrees of a house cusp, it makes its presence felt in both the houses that flank that cusp. How many degrees? Depends on which astrologer you ask – some say as few as three degrees, others as many as ten.

Me, I’m torn about the whole idea. On the one hand, it takes us right back into dreaded “on the cusp” territory, with the same people who are inclined to claim ownership of two signs now claiming that “my Venus is in TWO houses.” Eyeroll.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, houses and their cusps are largely imaginary anyway, and other than the angles, it doesn’t make sense to get too rigid about where one ends and the other begins.

In summary…

  • “Cusps” refer to the division between signs of the zodiac or houses in the horoscope.
  • Don’t talk about being “born on the cusp.”
  • The cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses – also called “angles – have special names and a basis in physical reality.
  • The rest of the house cusps are a convenient fiction that give astrologers something to fight about over drinks.
  • Intercepted signs are those that are fully contained in one house and don’t appear on a house cusp. They express themselves in a more indirect and subtle way, using the sign on the cusp as a PR agent.
  • Planets close to a house cusp may be interpreted as being in either or both houses.

Questions about cusps or interceptions? Leave ’em in comments!

Happy birthday, all you February babies! You’re so lucky to be sharing the shortest month of the year with one of the sweetest holidays of all—Valentine’s Day! As either a witty, intelligent, and strong-willed Aquarius (Feb 1-18) or a compassionate, insightful, and creative Pisces (Feb 19-29), you’ve got some of the best qualities around.

Here are some February birthday fun facts you might find especially interesting:

  • Some would say your birth flower is the iris, which represents faith, hope, and wisdom. Others say it’s the violet, which represents faithfulness, modesty, and virtue. Which one’s your favorite?
  • According to tradition, the Roman emperor Augustus took one day off February and added it to August, the month named after him.
  • There are a few dozen national monthly observances during February, including Black History Month, Bird Feeding Month, Embroidery Month, Grapefruit Month, Haiku Writing Month, and Umbrella Month. There are just as many national weekly observances during February, including Friendship Week (week 1), Flirting Week (week 2), Secondhand Wardrobe Week (week 3), and Pancake Week (week 4).
  • A person born on February 29 during a leap year (which occurs only every four years) is called a “leapling” and will usually celebrate their birthday on either February 28 or March 1 in all non-leap years. The odds of being born on February 29 are 1 in 1,461 (or 0.068%) according to the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.
  • An impressive roster of famous people were born in February! These iconic household names include: Jennifer Aniston (2/11), Drew Barrymore (2/22), Sheryl Crow (2/11), James Dean (2/8), Charles Dickens (2/7), Michael Bolton (2/26), Thomas Edison (2/11), Michael Jordan (2/17), Norman Rockwell (2/3), Babe Ruth (2/6), John Steinbeck (2/27), and John Travolta (2/18).
  • If you’re a history buff, you probably also know that the following four presidents shared February birthdays: William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and George Washington.

We hope you have an extra wonderful birthday and enjoy all the joy it has to offer!

10 Reasons Valentine’s Babies Have The Worst Holiday Birthday

If your birthday is on February 14, you’re probably used to hearing “Aw! A Valentine’s Day baby!” every time you tell someone when your birthday is.

According to our birthday horoscope, individuals born on Valentine’s Day are known for their dry humor and wit.

We’re extroverts who love to be social, but we also value spending time alone.

We’re known for being independent and brutally honest. We are intelligent people with killer communication skills.

High five, February 14-ers!

However, all Valentine’s Day babies know a February 14 birthday isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

We roll our eyes at the people born in late December who complain people forget their birthdays because they’re “too close to Christmas.”

Cry us a river.

Valentine’s Day babies like us know we have the worst holiday birthday of the year.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Our birthday comes on the one day of the year “chicks before dicks” or “bros over hoes” doesn’t apply.

There are 366 possible days to have a birthday.

Yet somehow, we ended up with the only one our friends can understandably blow us off on.

The worst part is, our friends don’t even feel the need to make up an excuse.

We’re just expected to understand that their significant others are obviously more important than we are.

2. The majority of people we encounter on our birthday are really annoying.

If people are single, they’re complaining.

If they’re in relationships, they’re on mushy dates.

3. If we’re single, it’s a double whammy.

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day can be kind of a bummer when you’re a regular single person surrounded by lovebirds.

This is 10 times worse when it’s also your birthday.

4. If we aren’t single, we still have to buy someone else a present.


How is that even allowed?

5. The “What are we?” situation is significantly intensified.

You know when you’re “kind of” in a relationship, and you’re both sweating as the holiday approaches because you don’t know how to handle it?

Do you buy your new fling a birthday gift?

Are you two going to go out to dinner, or will he freak out like “The Office’s” Ryan did when he realized he hooked up with Kelly on February 13?

Not-so-serious relationships have a tendency to conveniently expire just before Valentine’s Day, so good luck holding on if he’s not sure he’s into you.

He just wants to avoid having to buy you two gifts.

6. Our newsfeeds are full of photos of V-Day stuff instead of B-Day stuff.

Listen, girl from my high school English class, I don’t want to see that your boyfriend sent flowers to your office until I’ve received a notification that you’ve written, “Happy birthday!” on my wall first.

7. We have the fear of being proposed to on a holiday.

We don’t care if you’re Prince Charming himself.

If you try to turn one more special occasion into a holiday hybrid, we’re out.

8. People think we love stuff with hearts on it.

If your birthday happened to fall on Arbor Day, would you want us to buy you things with leaves all over them?


Then please spare us the horror of having to look thrilled when we open a jewelry box and find a cubic zirconia heart necklace.

9. If we’re hungover on February 15, people assume it’s because we’re emotional messes, not birthday party animals.

The sunglasses we’re rocking indoors on February 15 make people assume the night before was spent crying into a bottle of wine, over a Katherine Heigl movie.

Nobody’s going to give you the benefit of the doubt and think you tore up the town for your birthday.

10. We spend the entire month leading up to our birthday complaining, which really annoys our friends and family.

Blame it on astrology.

Valentine’s Day babies naturally have a dry sense of humor, so most of the complaining we do are poorly received jokes.

Our friends and families love to remind us we usually have a pretty good birthday, and we should probably stop complaining.

However, we probably never will.

How the Month You Were Born Affects Your Personality, According to Science

Let’s agree on one thing first: Astrology is gibberish — gibberish with a nice line of charm bracelets, maybe, but gibberish all the same. Its fundamental premise — that the combined gravity of all of the planets at the moment you’re born determines your personality — is all by itself its undoing.

As Newton knew, the gravity of any massive object is inversely proportional to the square of its distance. Even for a giant planet like Neptune, which is 2.7 billion miles (4.4 billion km) away, the amount of gravitational pull it exerted on you at birth was…let’s see…times 2.7…divided by 1.1…carry the 2…got it! Zip. So whether you’re a Saggiquarius or Tauricorn or whatever they’re called, forget it.

But just because the day of your birth makes no difference doesn’t mean the same thing is true for your season of birth. Here, scientists are building up a small but increasingly persuasive body of evidence that there may indeed be some cause and effect at work.

There are countless things that affect a baby’s development in the womb. Maternal nutrition certainly plays a role, with babies born during famines tending to be frailer than babies born in boom times. Even in the developed world, where food is plentiful, maternal diets that are poor in protein or vitamin C or vitamin D can affect brain or heart or bone development. Seasonal viruses — particularly the flu — can affect maternal health and fetal development too. Gestation during wintertime, with its short days and long nights, can cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in mothers, with low serotonin levels in the maternal brain potentially leading to similar shortfalls in the baby.

Even after birth, babies continue to be shaped powerfully by the world around them. One 2010 study conducted in mice found that mouse pups born and weaned in simulated winter light adjusted less well to a change to summer light, exhibiting poorer feeding habits and activity levels. Mice born and weaned in summer light had no such problems adjusting to winter conditions. Subsequent study of the brains of the mice found that a gene that regulates circadian rhythms was overall less active in the winter-born mice.

A flurry of recent studies in the last half-dozen years have sought to extend these findings to humans, with researchers profiling the temperaments of college students and adults and then tracing back to their birth seasons, looking for broad seasonal patterns. Consistently — if preliminarily — they’ve found them. (Caution: Your results may vary.)

Spring: Congratulations, March, April and May babies, you score high on the hyperthymia scale — which is actually good. Hyperthymia is general optimism — the ability to see every down as a prelude to an up, every market crash as a run-up to a boom. But that comes at a price: spring babies are also more susceptible to the precise opposite of hyperthymia: clinical depression. Ground zero for the condition — according to a massive study of 58,000 subjects in the U.K. in 2012 — is among people born in May. November babies have the lowest depression rates.

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Summer: It’s mostly glad tidings for June, July and August babies. No SAD for you — at least nothing caused by the light levels after your birth, though there may be some impact from mom having carried you in December, January and February. Summer babies have some of the same hyperthymic characteristics as spring babies, but that can be offset by cyclothymia — rapid cycling between high and low moods. Still, that’s probably not a warning sign of bipolar disorder; bipolar diagnoses are lowest among babies born in August.

Fall: For people who believe in astrology (we’ve mentioned that it’s hooey, right?) the general equanimity of fall babies seems to provide evidence that at least the sign of Libra — the well-balanced scales — has something going for it. It doesn’t of course, but whether the cause is the bountiful nutrients available at harvest time, or the fact that the long nights and seasonal illness of winter have not yet descended, people born in fall not only enjoy low levels of depression, but are similarly less likely to develop bipolar disorder. The one glitch in the autumn-born: they do have a tendency to irritability.

Winter: Buckle up, babies, things could get rough. Among the challenges facing people with winter birthdates are higher levels of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, SAD and depression. That’s a nasty handful, but there are a few compensations: winter babies are less irritable than those born in fall. What’s more, according to an admittedly small 2015 study of 300 celebrities, January and February are the right months to be born if you want to be famous since those months correlate with creativity and imaginative problem-solving.

None of this means that parents should try to time births for particular seasons. And none of it means that birth month is a remotely conclusive thing. There are plenty of cranky pessimists born in March and plenty of October babies whose scales are always out of balance. Ultimately, your personality is much less about the season you’re born than the things you experience in all of the many seasons of life that follow.

Write to Jeffrey Kluger at [email protected]

February 16 Zodiac: Aquarius

February 16 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the alchemist

Your greatest challenge is: to resist being a know-all

The way forward is: to understand that just as you have learned from your mistakes, sometimes other people need to learn from theirs.

February 16 Love Horoscope:

February 20 to March 20

This relationship is powerful and passionate because you both have an intuitive understanding of what the other needs.

February 16 Zodiac Luck maker:

Send your inner critic on holiday

Every time you hear your inner critic, visualize it resting in a deckchair on a sunny beach. The more you send your inner critic on holiday, the more you start to love and value yourself.

People born on February 16 Zodiac have the ability to transform even the most difficult of experiences into something positive. There is a touch of the alchemist about them in their ability to see the bigger picture, bring together all the relevant information and cut right to the essence or truth of a situation.

It is likely that people born on this day have at some point in their lives experienced some form of upheaval, trauma or setback. Whatever the nature of this was, they have taken it in their stride, learned from it and grown stronger. The positive side is that it has given them great confidence; even if they sometimes appear quiet on the outside, underneath one can sense an inner strength and brightness. They also have an astute understanding of others and how the world works; rarely, if ever, do they miss a trick. The downside is that they can sometimes appear cold and detached, and their bluntness or impatience with the weaknesses of others may come across as arrogance. Others may at times resent the imperious manner that these people possess, but more often than not people end up admiring their cleverness and ability to know exactly what to say, what to do and how to do it.

If they can learn to control their bossiness, their tremendous capacity to be realistic and intuitive, both in their assessment of others and their own abilities, makes them potentially great leaders. Around the age of thirty-four there is a turning point when their ambition and focus take center stage. It is particularly important at this point in their life that they become more conscious of their emotions, rather than masking them with a bossy or imperious manner or, in some cases, with emotional reserve and detachment.

When people born on this day are able to strike a balance between their inner and outer life, they really are capable of striking gold both personally and professionally, which is after all every true alchemist’s dream.

On The Dark Size

Arrogance, blunt, detached

At your best

Realistic, intuitive, confidence

February 16 Zodiac Love: Let past hurts go

People born on February 16 Zodiac need to move on from past hurts, disappointments or experiences that may have made them wary of falling in love. They need to learn to trust their hearts more, because in their hearts they still do believe in the possibility of love even if their heads don’t. They also need to start believing that they deserve to be loved, because they certainly do.

February 16 Zodiac Health: One tough cookie

People born on this day are mentally and physically tough but they can sometimes push themselves too hard and this can lead to stress-related conditions such as headaches and insomnia. It is important for them to make sure they have regular health reviews. It is also important for them to eat an energy-boosting diet with plenty of nutritious meals and snacks, and make sure they keep fairly active during the day as they thrive best when they are on the go. Lazing about doesn’t suit them, although they do need to make sure they get plenty of rest and relaxation. They would benefit considerably from meditation and breathing exercises to help them strike that important balance between their inner and outer life.

February 16 Zodiac Career: Born reviewers

These people have a fantastic eye for detail and an ability to see the bigger picture; this makes them fantastic editors, journalists, reviewers, film critics, lecturers, or teachers. Alternatively, they may be drawn toward a career in business, Banking and the stock market or careers in which they can express their intuitive creativity such as art, entertainment, charity work, and social reform.

February 16 Zodiac Destiny: To help others see the positive in life

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to accept that they deserve all the love and goodness the world can give them. Once they have worked on their self-esteem, their destiny is to help others focus on the positives in a situation or experience.

February 16 Zodiac Power Thought:

“Today I will seek to praise rather than criticize”

February 16 Zodiac

February 16 Zodiac Signs & symbols:

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Ruling planet: Uranus, the visionary

Symbol: The Water Carrier

Birth date ruler: Neptune, the speculator

Tarot card: The Tower (breakthrough)

Favorable numbers: 7, 8

Lucky days: Saturday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 7 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: All shades of blue, lavender

Birthstone: Amethyst

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on February 1?

If you are born on February 1st your Zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Aquarius natives born on February 1 are lovers of things that are unconventional and of centered. You tend to gravitate towards the path that it less travelled.

It’s not because you have a natural attraction to the opposing side, but it’s more of a conscious statement. You don’t like to be labeled conventional.

You don’t like to believe that the world is made up of neat little boxes that you have to safely stay within.

You are the type of person who likes to push your boundaries. You often have a guiding principle” the weirder, the better.

Pair this with your natural spontaneity and it’s no surprise that you are often the life of the party.

Love Horoscope for February 1 Zodiac

Lovers born on February 1st are very tolerant of other people. In fact, you are probably the most tolerant of all the other signs of the zodiac.

While you do have a clear idea as to your principles and the things that you fight for, you are very open minded as far as other people’s beliefs go.

This makes you an ideal romantic partner, because, let’s face it, we are all different people. Romance, of course, is when two different people get together and try to create a life with each other.

You have an open mind. You don’t try to change people. You don’t try to beat people up with your principles or how you view the world to be.

Since you are quite an idealistic person, you tend to be very honest.

People can see that you are a straight shooter. What people see is what people get when it comes to what you are really thinking.

Career Horoscope for February 1 Zodiac

Those with a birthday on February 1 make for great life coaches, sales people, inventors, and scientists.

This interesting combination of career fields highlight two different aspects of your personality. On the one hand, you are the typical Aquarius person who is very big on ideas and innovation.

On the other hand you are also a very compassionate person. You like stepping into other people’s shoes and see how you can help them.

You also act based on principle. It’s very hard for you to lie and be a hypocrite. It burns you up when you feel that you are not living your life according to your highest values.

People born on February 1 Personality Traits

Aquarius natives born on this day are very comfortable in their own skin. They know their limits. They know their personal boundaries and as a result, they tend to exude a quiet charm.

People feel confident around them because they feel that you are not going to judge them.

You are not going to reject people out of hand simply because they look at the world from a different perspective than you. You are very tolerant and you have quite an open mind.

Positive traits of the February 1 Zodiac:

People born of February 1 try to look for the middle ground. They are always looking for a common area where most people could agree.

To say that you are a peacemaker is quite an understatement. You really try to go out of your way to try to resolve conflicts among different people.

In most cases you succeed. Why? People can see your sincerity.

They can see from a mile away that you don’t have a hidden agenda or some sort of need to be acknowledged or somehow rewarded for your efforts.

Negative traits of the February 1 Zodiac:

While you can be quite open minded. You sometimes take things to the extreme. While being open minded and open to new experiences and people are great things, there are limits to life.

Just like with any other virtue that can be good and positive in most context, we can’t take things to such an extreme that they actually work against us instead of for us.

This is precisely the kind of situation you find yourself from time to time.

Your mind is so open that you sometimes let just about anything to get in and that can harm you in the long run.

February 1 Element

Air is the paired element of Aquarius people born on February 1. Air’s aspect of permeating everything and flowing quickly and swiftly is what is most relevant to your personality.

You have a breezy quality to you. Ideas coming through fairly quickly, you are not insistent on imposing your views on others.

You are also a very sustaining person who try to cultivate people’s differences and let their light shine out.

February 1 Planetary Influence

Uranus is the ruling planet of people born on the 1st of February. This planet’s influence on it’s natives is most visible in their skills of intuition.

You seem to know a particular angle that other people seem to overlook.

You also tend to work for the betterment of most of the people in your group. Not surprisingly, people are often impressed by your unselfish and genuinely caring nature.

Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

My top tips for those with a February 1st Birthday –

You should avoid: harmful ideas. While it’s good to have an open mind, there are ideas out there that can corrode you. These are mentally toxic ideas.

You might feel that you are open minded but what you’re really doing is just opening up yourself unnecessarily to things that can harm you down the road.

Lucky Color for the February 1st Zodiac

The lucky color for those born under February 1 is represented by the color orange.

This color is associated with success, encouragement, cultivation, cooperation, enthusiasm and warmth.

Lucky Numbers for February 1 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on 1st February are – 10, 23, 24,46, 20, and 27.

Always Think Twice About Dating a Cancer

People who were born as an Aquarius on 1st February have a strong intellect, but they’re also far more romantic than people give them credit for.

This can make plenty of sparks fly when they meet other star signs more known for their emotional intensity – such as the Cancer.

Yet Cancer people have many insecurities to go along with their emotional excess, and this can quickly prove quite draining and debilitating to the 1st February soul – a spirit that’s more about freedom, looking on the bright side and rolling with the punches.

There’s an undercurrent or despair and negativity to how Cancer people view life, through no fault of their own, but it meshes very poorly with how Aquarius people prefer to move ever forwards in life.

Cancer people also have a bit of a possessive side, and this can really feel cloying to an individual born on 1st February, who is all about personal freedom and exploring oneself.

Final Thought for the February 1 Zodiac –

Aquarius natives born on February 1 need to focus on boundaries as far as their ideas and ideals are concerned. It’s one thing to be open minded, it’s another to be just open minded for being open minded sic.

This aspect of your personality must serve some sort of greater personal good. Otherwise, it might lead to serious problems, miscommunications, and other issues down the road.

While it’s good that you can entertain many different perspectives, ultimately, you would have to make a decision. Ideas, after all, lead to certain places. Ideas are not equal.

They are often not neutral. Avoid your tendency to remain on defense and affect a non-committal pose.

In certain situations, you need to stand based on your principle. However, this presupposes that you know what your principles are.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are born on February 1st, who are so open minded that they start questioning their previously deeply held views and this can lead to all sorts of confusion and problems down the road.

February 3 Birthday Astrology

Aquarians born on February 3 are talented, modest and charming. They see the big picture and life’s small details. They can be eccentric yet may shelter themselves beneath a personality that reflects conventional views. They put faith in planning, knowing that hard work pays off.

Friends and Lovers

Because of their tendency to cultivate impressive friendships, February 3 men and women are sometimes seen as opportunists. But this in no way supposes they are only looking for well-connected friendships. They don’t play emotional games. When interested in someone, they make their intentions clear.


Children and Family

People born on February 3 are devoted to family life. They often have a close relationship with family members. They make good if somewhat demanding parents. They have a strict code of conduct and expect their youngsters to follow it.


People born on February 3 have an exacting nature that is revealed in the way they handle health matters. They’re dedicated to keeping fit and looking good, no matter how much time and effort it takes. They usually eat moderately and enjoy preparing food, since this assures them of its high-quality, low-fat content.

Career and Finances

February 3 individuals are determined and enjoy careers that allow them to exercise power positively. They have a strong sense of humanitarianism and are happy to use their power to shift focus to those less fortunate. Commanding a good salary is a way for them to contribute to causes that matter to them.

Dreams and Goals

February 3 individuals are expert organizers and eager to use their talents for humanitarian aims. They have a strong conscience, which balances their seemingly narcissistic side. While involved with a particular enterprise, they may be completely distracted and unable or unwilling to give attention to other tasks.

For more information about astrology, see:

Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.

February 3rd Zodiac

02/03 Birthday – Zodiac Information


Date: February 3rd
Color: Maya Blue
In One Word: Expression
Shape: Two Infinite Parallel Lines
Strength: Sharing
Weakness: Hiding
Most Compatabile With: Gemini

February 3rd speaks of one’s ability to connect the genuine truth with their heart, and instead of running away from problems at hand, face them head on. The search for balance between emotions and reason is a mission to embark on. The mirror of truth that others see in hearts of those born on this date, won’t ever settle for dishonesty and delusion.

Planetary Row

(Pluto) – JUPITER – (Pluto) – MOON

The story of those born on February 3rd revolves around their search for home and a place they belong in, and this inner need to feel at peace and in touch with their truth will often make them travelers and researchers of all sorts. When we combine this fact with the fact that they are enriched with powerful curiosity, we will see that they have a hard time finding the state of balance and staying in one place for too long. They will either hide from their feelings, or get carried away by them, and the only thing that can keep them on track and moving in one direction is a strong sense of purpose shining in their emotional world.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 3rd of a leap year and two years preceding it:

“A Train Entering a Tunnel”

The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 3rd of a year following a leap year:

“Two Lovebirds Sitting on a Fence and Singing Happily”

These symbols seemingly speak of entirely different things, but in fact, they are leading to one another. Only after a person has been through a dark tunnel and resurfaced where light is found, will they find someone to mirror them and show them why some romances and relationships never worked out. This is a loud date, for neither a train nor those singing birds are quiet and reserved, and you will see that expression pours out of those born at this time, either as a working puff or as a love song that the world needs to hear without any taboos or limitations.


A person born on February 3rd has incredible ideas and need to learn how to express them in the right way, soothing to their heart and in sync with their emotional preparedness. It is their purpose to show what they know, be practical and express how they feel, through any form of speech, writing, or drawing. They have something to say, and whether it is one piece of information that needs to be repeated to a mass of people, or a bunch of different facts that only one person has to learn, their messages will be delivered in this lifetime. Every inhibition standing in the way of positive self-expression can make them feel depressed and as if the world they live in is a hopeless place.

Love and Emotions

Love life of those born on the 3rd of February can be quite an adventure. Their emotions move with the tides and their relationships have purpose and meaning, for however long they might last. They aren’t the most stable of partners and might choose to be in parallel relationships, or live in a conviction that love should be free of prejudice and free of monogamy. Still, the idealist they carry within won’t let them rest until they find a rush of love for one person that will put all others to shade.

The story of Moon and Jupiter always speaks of grand emotions, healing and feelings of true love, and we will see that these individuals have a need to give all they own to others, sharing their compassion and love with those their heart chooses. They will mend their own wounds by helping partners in trouble, in need of their generosity, a kind word, or protection. The best way for them to heal their deeply emotional world is to help others heal theirs.

What They Excel In

They are teachers and speakers with the ability to bring any subject directly into the mind of their students, to be understood and stay there for as long as necessary. They will be excellent educators, and find joy in speech, problem solving, and helping those in need. We will find a person born on this date to be known for sharing what they own with the world, for their convictions lead them only in the direction – the direction of equality and basic humanitarianism.

Healing Crystal

A wonderful stone to aid the ability to communicate in a loving way, is chrysocolla. Not only does it help those born on the 3rd of February to share their emotions with the world, but it also gives them compassion and helps choose the right words for emotional healing of others. It is a crystal of teachers and truthful communication, that removes strict boundaries between the one holding the lecture and those who listen.

February 3rd Birthday Gift

To find the right present for a person born on the 3rd of February one must really know what direction they chose to follow. Although their hunger for knowledge and natural curiosity help to widen your choices, they still wish to learn only things that are set in their path of inspiration and purpose. Their gift should be something to use, touch, and get creative with, and depending on the level of closeness shared, they will enjoy an expensive pen or a set for clay sculpting or painting. Their inner child wishes to try something new at all times, spray paint or scratch their own map of the world. They wish to experiment with creative work of others just as much as they’d like to travel, to the nearest park if circumstances don’t allow them to move any further.

Positive Traits for February 3rd Born

Wide in perspective, adaptable, giving, and ready to help those in need. They are humanitarians with a powerful purpose and personal philosophy to support their deeds, always in search for answers on how to make this world a better place.

Negative Traits for February 3rd Born

Running from emotions and negativity, they could find themselves distant from home, family, and their own heart, developing all sorts of psychosomatic physical conditions before admitting they were wrong.

Famous Birthdays on 3rd of February

  • In 1809 Felix Mendelssohn was born, a German composer, pianist, traveler, and even a fine artist in pencil and watercolor. Even as a child he was forced to leave home in disguise, running from problems that he couldn’t face. His intellectually stimulating environment led to incredible self-expression that left a mark in the world.
  • In 1821 Elizabeth Blackwell was born, a British-born physician, the first woman with a medical degree in the United States. Incredible contacts and communication made her an icon of modern women, not only because of her own accomplishments, but because she spent her life helping other women to get educated.
  • In 1962 Michele Green was born, an American actress and singer, best known for her role of Abby on the TV series L. A. Law. When she was still young, she had chosen to join a drama class to help her overcome her extreme shyness.

Important Historical Events on 3rd of February

  • 1690 – The first paper money in the Americas is issued by the colony of Massachusetts.
  • 1834 – The establishment of Wake Forest University.
  • 1897 – The beginning of the Greco-Turkish War.
  • 1913 – The Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified, and the Federal Government is authorized to impose and collect an income tax.
  • 1918 – The service of the Twin Peaks Tunnel in San Francisco begins, making it the longest functional streetcar tunnel in the world at the time.
  • 1984 – The first embryo transfer from woman to woman that resulted in a live birth is announced by John Buster and the research team at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Who was born on February 3 is
tunes to progress and dislikes
anything outdated.


February 3 Birthday Horoscope

They have only themselves to count on almost since their childhood. They can give great favors to others and give wise advice, but they need support and care themselves, especially in the first half of their life. They are widely talented and strive to develop their abilities, especially scientific or artistic ones. Thanks to their great intuition they can achieve a high level of spiritual development.

They are interested in latest discoveries, scientific searches, new medical methods etc. Their views are always progressive and dismissing everything that is outdated. It should be added they can also be very practical and develop significant financial capacity. But then, they can grow very attached to money and material income.

They show perfect understanding for any human weakness. They can be a faithful friend – but only to selected individuals whom they can usually greatly influence. The basis of their inner life is their striving for spiritual freedom for which, after many experiences, they gradually grow. For they will face various difficulties – especially in the first half of their life – and have to exert effort.

The nature of such a person can sometimes be very strange, for they enjoy solitude and doing good to others – which makes them kind of a philanthropic misanthrope. The flaws of this birthday – most of all the inability to focus and concentrate. Such a person is most of the time nice, good-natured, full of the best intentions, never doing harm to others – but they can also express a lack of life orientation and act tactlessly, which puts them at risk of unpleasant experiences. They sometimes forget about important detail, demonstrating hesitation in their work, and easily lose their head, which causes more talented and practical people annoyance. They should develop expectant care in case of unexpected dangers.


February 3th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on February 3 your zodiac sign is Aquarius

Birthday Personality – February 3

character : serene, attentive, disinterested, careless, touchy, double-dealing;
profession : programmer, farmer, obstetrician;
colors : silver, purple, silver;
stone : hematite;
animal : Zonkey;
plant : Japanese maple;
lucky numbers : 6,14,19,30,43,54
power lucky number : 6

Holidays and observances – February 3th

  • Setsubun (Japan)
  • Earliest day on which Shrove Tuesday can fall, while March 9 is the latest; celebrated on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (Christianity)
  • Communist Party of Vietnam Foundation Anniversary (Vietnam)
  • Day of the Virgin of Suyapa (Honduras)
  • Christian Feast Day: Aaron the Illustrious (Syriac Orthodox Church), Ansgar, Berlinda of Meerbeke, Blaise, Celsa and Nona, Dom Justo Takayama (Philippines and Japan), Hadelin, Margaret of England, Werburgh, February 3 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Four Chaplains Day (United States, also considered a Feast Day by the Episcopal Church)
  • Martyrs\’ Day (SĂŁo TomĂŠ and PrĂ­ncipe)
  • Veterans\’ Day (Thailand)
  • Heroes\’ Day (Mozambique)

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