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Steve Harvey’s show is coming to an end.

ET has learned that NBCU will no longer distribute the daytime talk show Steve after this season. The syndicated program will end its run in June, according to Variety.

Steve employees tearfully celebrated the final taping on Friday, sharing posts from their last day on social media, with Harvey retweeting a couple of them.

In January, Harvey implied that his talk show would be coming to an end. Speaking at the Variety Entertainment Summit, he said he didn’t know if he was going to stay at the network with the arrival of Kelly Clarkson’s new show.

“I thought I was, until they made an announcement a couple weeks ago that they wanted to give Kelly Clarkson the owned-and-operated NBC networks — that’s my slot,” Harvey said. “I don’t know if it sold, it’s not selling like they thought, but I thought it would have been nice of them to come to me — as the only dude who’s survived for seven years — about it.”

“So when you do that, I gotta make announcements too,” he continued. ” … I’m working. It will be something real cute.”

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Steve Harvey Implies Exit From NBC Daytime Talk Show After Kelly Clarkson’s New Deal

Steve Harvey Promises ‘Bigger and Better’ New Year’s Eve in Exclusive Clip

Steve Harvey Says He Doesn’t Want to Host the Oscars Because They’ll ‘Dig Up My Past’ (Exclusive)

Steve Harvey reveals what it’s really like to host New Year’s Eve: ‘It’s a rough gig’

Times Square is not only jammed with party people on New Year’s Eve, but also crowded with hosts of network shows. Ryan Seacrest, Carson Daly, Anderson Cooper and others stand in the brutal cold and kill time with variety acts until the ball drops.

Steve Harvey is back again this year on Fox, with his co-host Maria Menounos, to ring in the year with some help from The Lumineers, The Chainsmokers, Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys.

Harvey, 62, spoke to The Post from Africa, where he was preparing to host the first version of “Family Feud” with all African families, set to air in April 2020.

“I thought the cultural differences would lead to pretty funny stuff,” Harvey says of the new show. “Not being on NBC freed me up to think of something . Not being on the talk show, I came up with the idea when I heard they were giving my time slot away .

Why do you like to work on New Year’s Eve?

I had stopped working as a stand-up on New Year’s Eve. It was such an iconic brand I had never owned. I took advantage of the offer from Fox. I thought it would be good for my brand. The first time was absolutely horrible. It was 11 below zero. Last year it rained all night. There’s nowhere to sit. It’s a rough gig. There are stretching rooms. You’re not allowed to bring trailers. I have a hotel room right there. The entire time you need some blankets and heaters.

How far in advance do you plan the show? How early do the requests for guests go out?

I begin planning for the show a few months out but the production team and producers begin planning immediately after the prior year’s taping ends.

Do you give Fox a wish list of possible guests? Do entertainers contact you during the calendar year and ask for a spot in the lineup?

I do not usually give Fox a wish list of guests, as they have been an amazing partner and do a wonderful job on bookings. I have started thinking about some good recommendations this year though and have been reaching out to them with my ideas.

What is it like to be in the middle of that horde of people? Are you intimidated?

It’s not intimidating. I am in awe at the energy of the people. Once you check into Times Square, you can’t leave. There are no restrooms. These people are wearing diapers and they go through the whole thing. They sit there and they deal with it. And you feel an obligation to be entertaining.

“Fox New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey: Live From Times Square” airs at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Steve Harvey Toupee: Why He Didn’t Wear It On Little Big Shots?

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Many Americans and TV viewers have got familiar with Steve Harvey as the host of the Little Big Shots. It is an American variety television series featuring talented little kids. In his early 60s, he still appears on the TV and attracts audiences by his humor. He appears with a shaved head and makes humorous talk shows. So many people wonder: “Did Steve Harvey really wear a toupee when he was young?” “Was Steve Harvey haircut a toupee?” Follow our article to find out Steve Harvey toupee.

Table of Contents

What Do You Know About Steve Harvey?

The first thing you may concern is the famous celeb’s age. He was born in 1957, so he is 63 years old now (2020). He is well-known as the role of MC. But do you know that he also works as a comedian, broadcaster, and writer? He was the host of many famous TV shows, such as Showtime at the Apollo, The Steve Harvey Show, The Original Kings of Comedy, Miss Universe, and more.

In 1996, the male famous got his own sitcom – The Steve Harvey Show. It stayed on the air until 2002 and gained a following from a mostly African-American audience. While his comedy tour, called The Original Kings of Comedy, made him and his three sidekicks become a surprise nationwide hit. In 1999, the tour was the highest-grossing comedy tour ever to date in the US, raking in more than 19 million dollars. During his career, Steve has won 6 times the Daytime Emmy Award and 11 times won the NAACP Image Award.

Steve Harvey worked as an MC of Little Big Shots during 3 seasons. Melissa McCarthy is the new host of the famous NBC’s unscripted show. In the previous 3 seasons, with his talent and humor, Steve Harvey is an important factor to create the show’s success. Little Big Shots is a favorite program for both children and adults. The conversations between Jimmy and talented kids always attract viewers.

Do you know that Steve also works as a humanitarian? From 2010, he raised a fund that was named after his name and his wife’s name – Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. It is a philanthropic venture, providing mentoring to fatherless young people.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey net worth and salary

As of 2019, Steve Harvey’s net worth was estimated at 180 million dollars. The 63-year-old comedian has worked hard over the years. In two years 2018 and 2019, the 63-year-old celeb earned 90 million dollars from his various endeavors. However, to get success, Steve experienced a difficult life in the past. He wound up homeless, slept in an old car for a few years.

Apart from his talent, people also care a lot about Steve’s hair. He now appears with a shiny and shaved head. So did Steve Harvey ever wear a toupee in his young days? Or how is Steve Harvey hair, bald vs hair?

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Steve Harvey With Hair In His Younger Days

Steve Harvey hair loss has become the talk of the town recently. Still, he was known as his afro-textured blob of hair when he was young. In the 1980s, he rocked a high top fade haircut that appeared with a well-shaped hairline and tight corners.

Steve Harvey hair in his young age

When Steve was young, he always wore hairstyles that covered hair scalp like a rug. His hairstyle and Horseshoe mustache made his signature. Many people even mentioned that his afro haircut was fake. He was going to bald and wore a toupee with S curls to hide the hair problem. The hair was used to conceal the balding patch on Steve’s head. Take a look at the pictures of Steve Harvey with hair, the natural-looking fibers offered a good look. Steve Harvey hair style merged with the skin tone of the black man. But most of these pics are old.

Steve Harvey haircuts

High Top Fade haircut

As we stated, he rocked this hairstyle in the 1980s. It is among the most beautiful when the hair on the top is long. Hair strands were curly and suited to the black man. And it was the best haircuts for Steve with receding hairline since it was quite versatile.

Steve Harvey afro wig

Steve Harvey afro wig

The famous MC wore black hair afro wig and looked like a judge. The haircut was suitable for him. We think that he spent a lot of time taking care of and styling his hair. It was trimmed neatly and styled in good shape. Often, black hair wigs suit best with black men. It may be the reason why Steve chose this hair wig. The hairpiece was so special and fashionable. With this wig, he could quickly make drastic changes to his mane and hide the blemish of the hair (baldness) effectively.

Is Steve Harvey Natural Hair Real?

Back to our main topic today. This is a big question that exposed him out as a balding male celeb. In one of the NBA All-Star Game, it was revealed that the famous MC was fixing his toupee in the restroom. Steve was supposed to wear a hair weave. But that did not last long and he decides to shave all his hair and still keeps the Horseshoe mustache.

Hence, Steve Harvey no hair is real. He does not try to hide his baldness but it does not let his fans down. He gives his hair a natural look, he opts to shave all his hair and looks like a boss.

When did Steve Harvey go bald?

Steve Harvey bald

When he was 49, about to turn 50 years old, he experienced severe baldness. A receding hairline is a natural symptom happening in women and men when they are age. We think that it is a major hit, stimulating Steve to change his appearance. Also, he is a male famous, his appearance is very crucial. At the peak of his career, he faced to balding naturally, he tried to apply many methods to improve hair condition. Then, he decided to shave his hair and maintain his iconic style for years.

Before, he also had a mustache, but it was not prominent cause he still had hair. Then he decided to shave his hair and got his signature look. This MC used to feel not confident enough to had shaved hair, fortunately, things were looking better.

Steve Harvey without toupee and the bald look

Steve Harvey without hair is his icon look. He accepted that he was bald and it does not shock his fans. We think that the shaved head and mustache work best for him, offering an exact appearance he wants. His signature look makes many said that the host wore his wigs when he was young. Nevertheless, he does not concern these rumors. He also doesn’t mind showing his shaved head in front of cameras now.

Steve Harvey without his toupee

In December 2018, Steve appeared with a new beard. His facial hair turned to salt and pepper, not black. He revealed that he dyeing his mustache. He wanted to change his signature look after wearing it for years. Talked about his mustache in the past, Steve said that his thick and iconic beard had been his stalwart companion for many years, and it was more prominent when he shaved his head. However, he wanted something creative now, he explained. He also posted his new look on Instagram but some “haters” told him to keep the old look. They said that he looks old with the new look and did not like it. Still, Steve’s wife loved this look. In a previous interview, Steve said “I am old. Old is the goal.” He joked that he was embracing his real age and he feels 82% smarter with the new appearance.

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The Last Words

We hope that after reading the post, you will know more about Steve Harvey toupee. But we think that even the comedian is bald or not, whether Steve Harvey wear toupee is true, you still love him. As a whole, Steve Harvey with his toupee or why did Steve Harvey cut his hair, all he wants is to have the best images and to satisfy audiences and viewers more.

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TV host Steve Harvey presents the outstanding morning program award during the 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Beverly Hills, California June 16, 2013. Harvey hosts “Family Feud.” (Reuters)

He has sold life insurance, worked factory jobs and even flunked out of college but Steve Harvey is now one of the biggest names in the TV hosting world.

It took him 39 years to get onto the small screen, but now at 60-years-old he is arguably at the height of his stardom.

In 2015, he hosted the Miss Universe pageant and he mistakenly announced the first runner-up as the winner. Still, all publicity is good publicity and he was asked back to host again the next year. Throughout his career he has won five daytime Emmy awards, and is busy now hosting five primetime shows across three networks, including “Celebrity Family Feud” and “Little Big Shots.”

But here are some other facts you may not know about the TV personality.

1. Steve was homeless


“I didn’t get into comedy until I was 27. I was homeless from 30 to 33. I lived in a car for three years,” he said on “Sway in the Morning.” People see me today, they don’t know where I come from. I tell young cats all the time, the key is you can’t ever give up… I’m telling you, you have a great life in front of you, you just have to go see what it is but you got to understand the real deal: God ‘s plan for you is always better than your plan. Your plan is off—is always slightly off—and until I realized that He started giving me everything he wanted me to have… That’s what flipped it for me; that’s how I finally met the right woman and got on the right track, and I quit doing a lot of stuff I was doing.”

2. He made a big change

Steve credits his wife changing up his style… for the better.

Television personality Steve Harvey poses with the BET humanitarian award he received at the 2011 BET Awards in Los Angeles June 26, 2011. REUTERS/Jason Redmond (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) – RTR2O599 (Reuters)

“My suits went through a miraculous change. My wife changed my suits. She said, ‘I love you Steve but I’m actually tired of being married to a Pimp. Your life is going to change drastically, God is going to take you somewhere; you gotta be prepared to look like you belong where he is taking you. I want you to cut your pants down, cut your legs down, shorten your jacket and wear two buttons… and don’t make no more suits with loud colors on them.’ She has been behind my whole ride.”

3. Steve diets but he sure doesn’t like it

The TV host admitted to Jimmy Fallon that he has to detox to keep his body in shape, but he absolutely hates certain diets.

December 20, 2015. Host Steve Harvey speaks to the audience after Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was crowned Miss Universe during the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Reuters)

“I’m detoxing man. I try to clean the system out at least once a year. I’m doing the green drinks and I’m on a raw diet right now. All the food is raw…I feel like I’m dying. I drink a green drink today and I’ve never had it before, but I think that I drank some gorilla piss today. I don’t know who made it but this dude has some serious green diet. I try to stay in shape.”

4. Steve’s took away his kids cars

As a father of seven children, Steve spoke with Oprah about the importance teaching his kids to work hard.

Host Steve Harvey speaks to reporters after the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 20, 2015. Harvey said he misread the card when he made the announcement that Miss Colombia was the winner. Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was the actual winner. REUTERS/Steve Marcus ATTENTION EDITORS – FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – RTX1ZJGM (Reuters)

“We had two used cars. freshman in college… I said ‘They don’t get cars.’ They begged their mama… she said ‘All right I’m going to try it.’ They went out there and they messed it up. I came home and got the grades and said ‘Give me both the cars.’ They ain’t got a car now… You graduate and get a degree, you get a car for a graduation gift.”

5. Steve has a street dedicated to him

Frank Johnson, the Mayor of Cleveland, surprised Steve on his show and left him in tears as he dedicated a street in Harvey’s hometown to the talk show host.

The big moment happened on January 17th, 2015.

Comedian and actor Steve Harvey poses with his newly unveiled star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood May 13, 2013. REUTERS/Fred Prouser (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) – RTXZL77 (Reuters)

6. He’s messy

Steve’s wife Marjorie went on his show and shared a few bad habits with Dr. Phil about her husband.

“If you are ever looking for Steve, you never have to wonder where he is because there is a trail. When he gets home, it’s his briefcase. If he’s eating its food, all over the house. Even when first met him I was like ‘Is he seriously going to leave this here?’ I would start cleaning up but he was like ‘Oh, I have a housekeeper’…”

Entertainer Steve Harvey addresses the crowd during the Apollo Theatre’s 75th anniversary gala in New York, June 8, 2009. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES ENTERTAINMENT) – RTR24GKJ (Reuters)

She said their kids have picked up their father’s habit.

“I’m like ‘Steve where do you think they’re getting it from?’ I’m not asking you to be extremely neat but just not quite so messy.”

7. Harvey made the decision to correct his Miss Universe mistake

Steve told the ladies on “The View” it was his decision to fix the mistake he made immediately after it happened.

“I did that whole show perfect, and then I get to the end and blew it. I’m not an idiot, I read the card in order and I got an in my ear. I got people telling me what to say and when. I said it… And then four minutes had gone by, we said the wrong name.

Host Steve Harvey smiles as he poses in the media room at the 44th NAACP Image Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, February 1, 2013. REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY) – RTR3D9BS (Reuters)

“I made the decision to go back out there. The TV people, you know what the guy said to me, ‘We will straighten it out tomorrow in the paper. So I made the decision to go back out there. My father was in my ear and my mother who has passed … ‘Do what you are supposed to do; stand up.’ And so I went on out there.”

There are many nights (not that many, but still) when I come home after a long, hard day working my day job as a magazine editor to relax by watching back-to-back episodes of Family Feud. And after witnessing many incarnations of this popular game show pass through my TV screens since I was a child, I have to say that Steve Harvey is perhaps its funniest and most entertaining host.

But let’s be honest. While Steve may be charismatic, amusing, and downright hilarious, the real star of this generation’s version of Family Feud is Steve’s teeth.

His glorious, immense, ultra bright teeth.

I mean, look at them:

@ Fremantle Media/Family Feud

Here they are again:

@ Fremantle Media/Family Feud

And yet again:

@ Fremantle Media/Family Feud

My God. They’re like vast, smooth porcelain works of art perfectly aligned to create a luminous holy union inside Steve’s mouth. (Related but unrelated: I am either really good or horribly bad at using metaphors.)

But who, or what, is responsible for Steve Harvey’s pearly whites? We at Another TV Blog decided to take matters into our (mine) own hands and investigate the situation.

Basically I just Googled things.

After five long and brutal minutes of scouring the top search results for “Steve Harvey’s dentist,” I came up with nothing—except that you can whiten your own teeth by rubbing the inside of a ripe banana peel on them after you brush.

Hold up. Is this all that Steve does so that his teeth can achieve that whiter-than-white level of whiteness? Probably not.

So I spent two more minutes combing the Web only to find out that he possibly has … wait for it … veneers.


Okay. I had actually figured out years ago that Steve probably has veneers, as many celebs undergo dental surgery to attain the perfect smile.

But whatever. Every time I watch Family Feud, I’m going to continue to believe that Steve Harvey’s massive white teeth are the real deal and that they were chiseled in heaven by Jesus himself.

Mystery solved.

  • On December 21, former NBC daytime host Steve Harvey shared an Instagram video showing how he grooms his signature mustache.
  • On Tuesday, the 62-year-old is hosting Fox’s New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey: Live From Times Square. This will be his third year on the program.

Steve Harvey is ready to welcome in the new decade. But before getting in front of the cameras to host Fox’s annual New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey: Live From Times Square special, the Family Feud host gave fans insight into how he keeps his iconic mustache looking so on point.

In an Instagram post from December 21, Steve is seen tending to his ‘stache with a beard pen and wireless electric shaver while jamming to Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets”. “Boy I’m forever tailored…. @eltonjohn One of the coldest to ever do it,” Steve captioned the video of himself getting ready.

View this post on Instagram

Boy I’m forever tailored…. @eltonjohn One of the coldest to ever do it

A post shared by Steve Harvey (@iamsteveharveytv) on Dec 21, 2019 at 9:15am PST

Reacting to the video, it’s clear that many of his fans loved watching the 62-year-old give his mustache attention. “D–n Steve for sure! Forever tailored. BOOM! 😊😊,” one fan wrote. Another, recognizing the electric shaver in the video as a Bevel trimmer said, “That Bevel though💎 💈 👏🏼.” A different fan admiring his routine noted that,”being a gentleman never goes out of style 👊🏽.”

Over the past few years, Steve has changed up his facial hair quite a bit. In 2018, he talked on Ellen about his decision to start experimenting with growing a full beard.

View this post on Instagram

Let the countdown begin! 2018 @missuniverse Competition airs LIVE Dec 16 at 7pm ET on FOX. Are you ready? 👑

A post shared by Steve Harvey (@iamsteveharveytv) on Dec 15, 2018 at 11:38am PST

Regardless of how Steve chooses to rock his facial hair in 2020, we’re sure he’ll look sharp no matter what.

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Steve Harvey had turned down multiple requests to host NBC’s newest kid show, Little Big Shots, but it was one call from executive producer Ellen DeGeneres that changed his mind.

“At first I said no, because I just didn’t have time to do another show,” Harvey told ET. “They kept telling me the idea and they just kept calling, and calling. I just kept saying no. Finally Ellen called and told me how much it paid, and so here I am,” he joked.

WATCH: Inside Steve Harvey’s Massive Multi-Year Deal to Host Miss Universe

Harvey was already the host of two other shows — his eponymous talk show and Family Feud — before adding Little Big Shots to his plate. While the new gig may seem like Harvey’s overloading his schedule, the strategy has been successful. Averaging 12.5 million viewers per week, Little Big Shots is NBC’s most-watched Sunday night entertainment show in a decade.

The 59-year-old comedian explained to ET why he was the perfect person to take on the gig.

“First of all, the show was so built for me, because I know how to talk to kids, because I’ve had kids in my life for 33 years,” said the father of four. “I don’t pay any attention to the cue cards. You know they prep the kids: ‘Mr. Harvey is going to ask you this and you say this.’ I keep trying to tell them you can’t prep an 8-year-old.”

WATCH: Steve Harvey Tears Up Talking About Daughter’s Upcoming Wedding

Harvey’s quick wit and sage advice has turned him into one of America’s favorite television personalities. He’s won an Emmy for Family Feud and two Emmys for his Steve Harvey show, and this year he has been honored with more nods. He’s been nominated for Steve Harvey and Family Feud again for the 2016 Daytime Emmy Awards!

The next project Harvey feels is for him is a business reality competition show for ABC. The West Virginia native, who cut his comedy chops in Cleveland, Ohio, has come a long way from his first big hosting job for It’s Showtime at the Apollo.

WATCH: Steve Harvey Stages Dating Game to Help ET’s Nischelle Turner Find a Man

“I finally got TV people to believe what I’ve been telling them all along: Stop putting me in the black box,” he said. “Just put me on TV! People are going to like you. They don’t care what color you are, if they can relate to you. Funny ain’t got no color on it, man! Everybody just wants to laugh!”

Little Big Shots airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Steve Harvey Talks That Viral Moustache Clip After His Son Exposes His Grooming Routine

Steve Harvey speaks about that viral moustache clip during an appearance on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

The 63-year-old insists it was his son who exposed his grooming routine, secretly filming him and sharing it online.

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The “Family Feud” host says, “I’m doing my moustache, it’s a private moment, my son was in the dressing room, I’m in Africa.

“I don’t know that he’s doing this because he’s my son so I don’t have to watch him.”

View this post on Instagram

Boy I’m forever tailored…. @eltonjohn One of the coldest to ever do it

A post shared by Steve Harvey (@iamsteveharveytv) on Dec 21, 2019 at 9:15am PST

Harvey adds as DeGeneres praises him for his efforts, “It’s the only hair I have. Ain’t like I’ve got to do a bunch of other stuff.”

RELATED: Steve Harvey Is Heading Back To Daytime TV With Facebook Watch Talk Show

The star also talks about getting older.

He jokes, “I’ve stopped trying to lose weight, I’ll just make more money.

“Fat people with money… you like ’em.”