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Katie is the daughter of David Cassidy and model Sherry Williams. (Reuters)

Actress Katie Cassidy opened up about her complicated relationship with her late father, David Cassidy, and said he “had some demons.”

Cassidy, 31, told Us Weekly she didn’t meet her father — who died of organ failure in November at age 67 — until she was in fourth grade. Katie is the daughter of David Cassidy and model Sherry Williams.

“The world doesn’t know that. Not because I’m hiding it, it just hasn’t been discussed,” Cassidy said. “My biological father and I had a really good relationship at one point. He was one of my close friends and gave me wonderful advice.”

Cassidy said “The Partridge Family” actor was a “wonderful, wonderful person” but struggled with “some demons.” David Cassidy had a history of alcohol abuse. He was charged with driving under the influence on three separate occasions between November 2010 and January 2014, the last one landing him in rehab. He admitted in 2014 he was “most definitely an alcoholic.”

“My dad was a wonderful, wonderful person. Sadly, he had some demons,” Katie Cassidy said Tuesday. “There is a silver lining in all of that. You live and learn and it has brought my family closer together so I’m grateful for that.”

She said shortly after her father’s death that the actor’s last words were “So much wasted time.”

“This will be a daily reminder for me to share my gratitude with those I love as to never waste another minute….thank you,” she wrote on Twitter in November.

The father-daughter duo reportedly had a complicated relationship and had a falling out before reuniting shortly before his death. David Cassidy admitted in February 2017 that he “never had a relationship with” Katie.

“I wasn’t her father. I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her,” he told People. “She has a completely different life.”

Katie Cassidy said she’s now focused on the “positivity” and looking forward to getting married to fiancé Matthew Rodgers.

Katie Cassidy

Highest Rated: 58% Taken (2009)

Lowest Rated: 0% Wolves at the Door (2016)

Birthday: Nov 25, 1986

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Katie Cassidy — the daughter of onetime Partridge Family sensation and teen idol David Cassidy and fashion model Sherry Williams — jump-started her fame not as an actress but as a teen pop star, à la Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson. A trained vocalist from the age of 12, Katie teamed up with music mega-producer Joel Diamond in 2004, and released her first single that summer, banking off of her father’s fame with a remake of “I Think I Love You.” In 2005, Cassidy appeared in a recurring role on the popular family drama 7th Heaven as Zoe. She slid into the feature arena inauspiciously, as Kelli, one of the slasher victims in the grotesque, critically panned gorefest Black Christmas, then traveled the comedic route with supporting roles in the Adam Sandler vehicle Click (2006), the ensemble picture You Are Here (2007, as an aspiring Hollywood climber), and the Cary Elwes comedy Walk the Talk (2007). Cassidy is perhaps best known, however, for her recurring role as Ruby on Supernatural, a program about a couple of young men journeying across the country in their black Impala and fighting off evil supernatural forces. In 2008 she appeared in the box office smash Taken, and followed that up with one of the main parts in the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Katie Cassidy has nothing but love for her little brother, Beau. The Arrow star, who tied the knot with longtime love Matthew Rodgers over the weekend, posted a sweet photo with her half-brother ahead of her nuptials in Sunset Key.

Katie and her younger brother, Beau Cassidy, are all smiles in the snap, which appears to be taken on a boat. The 32-year-old actress captioned the post with, “Brotherly love.” The sweet wedding photo shows that Katie and her brother are now close, despite their very different relationships with their late father.

Beau Cassidy is the 27-year-old son of Katie’s father, late Partridge Family star David Cassidy, and his third wife Sue Shifrin. Katie, whose mother is former model Sherry Williams, was not raised by her father, but became closer with his family after the ’70s teen idol’s death last year. David Cassidy died in November, 2017, of organ failure. The former teen heartthrob was 67-years-old at the time of his death.

In May, Katie told People that while it had been a tough year since her father’s passing, there was a bit of a silver lining to the tragedy.

“Even though the loss of my father was hard, it really brought my uncles, myself and my brother back together. I think that’s the silver lining.”

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#BrotherlyLove @beaudevincassidy

A post shared by Katie Cassidy (@katiecassidy) on Dec 7, 2018 at 2:36pm PST

There also seems to be no hard feelings regarding David Cassidy’s will. The “I Think I Love You” singer reportedly left everything to Beau when he died. In documents obtained by The Blast last year, David Cassidy left all of his financial assets to Beau, while his three half-brothers, Sean, Patrick, and Ryan, were granted his music memorabilia.

“It is my specific intent not to provide any benefits hereunder to Katherine Evelyn Cassidy,” David Cassidy declared in his will, which was drafted in 2004 when he was estranged from his daughter. The two later reconciled.

Last year, Katie Cassidy rushed to her father’s hospital bedside in his final hours and even shared his final words — “So much wasted time” — with fans.

Beau Cassidy’s mom, Sue Shifrin, later blasted merchandisers who took the private phrase and plastered it on T-shirts to cash in on the Partridge Family star’s death. Shifrin told CNBC that she was appalled that the phrase was used by bootleggers after Katie Cassidy posted her dad’s final words in a social media tribute to him. According to Shifrin, the words were meant for the ears of her and her son, Beau, only.

David Cassidy’s Son to Receive Upwards of $1.68 Million — More Than 10 Times Initial Estimate

David Cassidy‘s son stands to inherit much more than he may have originally expected.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the late actor and musician left his son, Beau Cassidy, the bulk of his estate, which was originally valued at around $150,000, minus some substantial debts. It is now estimated to total some $230,000 after debt expenses are paid.

On top of that, Cassidy also had a retirement plan which has already paid out $450,000 to his son, as well as a $1 million life insurance policy, the sole beneficiary of which is also Beau.

In all, Cassidy’s son looks to inherit upwards of $1.68 million, which is more than 10 times the sum that was initially reported to be heading his way after the former Partridge Family star passed away at the age of 67 from organ failure in late 2017.

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Katie Cassidy, his daughter, was omitted from his will, as he claimed he was little more than a biological father to the Arrow actress. As he told PEOPLE several months before his death, “I’ve never had a relationship with her. I wasn’t her father. I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her.”

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Even so, she was among the family members who got together to mourn his loss, after he succumbed to his struggles with liver and kidney failure, and she credits him with giving her valuable advice about spending a life in the limelight.

“He left me with really great advice. He was like: ‘Don’t ever stop going to class. That’s where you should put your money,’ ” she told PEOPLE. “And that’s what I do, and I’ve been able to go from nothing to where I am today and it’s built confidence and self-esteem.”

The actress also admitted to being highly affected by her father’s final words, writing on Twitter, “My father’s last words were ‘So much wasted time.’ This will be a daily reminder for me to share my gratitude with those I love as to never waste another minute.”

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The Partridge Family star David Cassidy’s 26-year-old son Beau posted on Instagram an emotional response to his father’s death. Alongside a throwback father-son photo, Beau wrote: “I’ll always, always love you.”

The actor is survived by two children: Beau and Katie Cassidy. Beau is David’s son with songwriter Sue Shifrin, his wife of 24 years, according to her biography on IMDB. Beau has followed in his parents’ footsteps — according to his IMDB bio, he is a singer, songwriter and actor based in New York and Los Angeles. After attending Boston University School of Theatre, he starred as Freddy in the Netflix Original horror movie Mama Claus: Deck the Halls with Guts.

David Cassidy in 1998 with son Beau Cassidy and his wife of 24 years Sue Shifrin. Getty Images

“He’s just one of the best people you’ll ever meet in your life and it’s that that I’m proud of,” Cassidy told People magazine about his son in February.

Cassidy’s daughter, Katie, hasn’t yet responded publicly to the news of her father’s death. In the February People magazine article, Cassidy, who was public with his struggles with alcohol abuse, described a strained relationship with his daughter with former model Sherry Williams.

“I wasn’t her father. I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her. She has a completely different life,” Cassidy told People of his relationship with the Arrow and Gossip Girl actress. “I’m proud of her. She’s very talented. It’s hard for me to even accept how old she is now, like 30.”

Getty Images

Cassidy died in a Fort Lauderdale hospital Tuesday night after announcing earlier this year that he was diagnosed with dementia.

“David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long,” read a family statement released by publicist JoAnn Geffen. “Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown him these many years.”

Kate Storey Senior Staff Writer Kate is a writer for Esquire covering culture, politics, style, and lifestyle.

David Cassidy’s son, Beau Cassidy, stands to receive nearly $2 million in the wake of his father’s November death — a far cry from what was originally estimated as $150,000.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, David Cassidy’s estate was originally estimated around $150,000 with fears that the money could be dwindled down after paying off his debts which totaled around $180,000.

But the estate is now claiming that after the undisputed debts are paid, it would be left with assets and cash at a value of approximately $230,000. What’s more is that Cassidy was incorporated as DBC Inc., and that the company will continue to receive residuals from Sony and other sources — likely from The Partridge Family.

Furthermore, Beau Cassidy was reportedly the beneficiary of two more of David Cassidy’s plans: his retirement plan, which exceeded $450,000, and his life insurance policy, worth an estimated $1 million.

Beau Cassidy stands to inherit $1.86 million.

As previously reported, Cassidy cut his daughter, actress Katie Cassidy, from his will but left Beau in. David and Katie Cassidy had a complicated relationship, stemming from Katie spending most of her time with her mother, model Sherry Williams. Cassidy reportedly said on multiple occasions that he “didn’t raise” Katie.

“Because I didn’t raise her, I didn’t have to parent her,” Cassidy told PEOPLE in a 2009 interview. “I’m always here and totally nonjudgmental.”

In the year that he died, Cassidy distanced himself even further from his daughter in a different interview with the magazine. “I’ve never had a relationship with her,” he said of the Arrow star in February 2017. “I wasn’t her father. I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her. She has a completely different life.”

David Cassidy died in November 2017 from organ failure after being rushed to the hospital nearly a week before. He was 67. He had been open about his battle with alcoholism throughout his life and in 2015 was diagnosed with dementia. In a 2017 interview with Dr. Phil, Cassidy spoke about the love he had for Beau.


“I was the ideal father. I would do anything for him. He’s the love of my life and probably the reason that I didn’t kill myself because of him,” Cassidy told Dr. Phil.

“On behalf of the entire Cassidy family, it is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father, our uncle, and our dear brother, David Cassidy,” his family told PEOPLE at the time of his death. “David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long. Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown him these many years.”

Instagram Beau Cassidy is the only son of David Cassidy.

David Cassidy, best known for his role as Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical-sitcom The Partridge Family, will be remembered as one of the most adored actors of his generation.

As of Monday, Cassidy, who has been battling dementia since 2015, was in critical condition with organ failure at a Fort Lauderdale hospital. His publicist, Jo-Ann Geffen, told CNN, “He is conscious and surrounded by family and friends, nothing is imminent and we are taking it day by day.” On Tuesday evening, ABC reported his death. The legendary singer-actor was 67.

Married three times, Cassidy is survived by his two children: Beau Cassidy and actress Katie Cassidy. Katie has held roles on Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, among others.

On Sunday, Beau took to his father’s Facebook page to post a health update that read, “Unfortunately David is very sick. However he is getting the support he needs, surrounded by the people he loves most. Thank you very much for your love and concern that you have expressed in your messages to him. Beau Cassidy.”

Friends, family, and fans have all responded with heartfelt messages. One woman wrote, “Praying for your dad! I would give him a piece of my liver. Serious. He made me such a happy preteen!!” Another fan commented, “A fan back in 1972, lots of memories from my secondary school years, my classmates were either fans of David, Donny or Michael. Looked forward to watching ‘The Partridge Family’ after school and remember asking for the ‘Cherish’ LP for Christmas, my very first album.”

Here’s what you should know about Beau Cassidy.

1. David Cassidy Said Beau Is “One of the Best People You’ll Ever Meet”

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Back when sweater vests were SO cool #babyface #oldschool #dork #post90s #besttimes #elementary

A post shared by Beau Cassidy (@beaudevincassidy) on Jun 24, 2013 at 6:33pm PDT

In a February interview with People, Cassidy opened up about his relationship with his children. Praising his son Beau, he said, “He’s just one of the best people you’ll ever meet in your life and it’s that that I’m proud of.”

“He just turned 26,” the proud father continued. “He’s such a beautiful person.”

Cassidy admitted he didn’t have a relationship with his daughter Katie. “I wasn’t her father,” he explained. “I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her. She has a completely different life.”

My uncle David Cassidy has sadly passed away tonight… & in the process of mourning I can’t help but thank God for the joy that he brought to countless millions of people! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that we will all miss him. God Speed!

— Jack Cassidy (@jackgcassidy) November 22, 2017

Earlier this year, Cassidy appeared on Dr. Phil, where he opened up about his battle with dementia. “When friends of yours or family members begin to tell you and say to you—’Remember? I just told you this two days ago?’—and there’s no memory of it, that’s when I began to be very concerned,” he told McGraw.

Cassidy’s mother was lost to the same disease, and at one point during the segment, Cassidy turned to Beau and said, “I want you to promise me you’ll find a way to let me go. Don’t let me live like that.”

2. His Mother Is David Cassidy’s Ex-Wife Sue Shifrin

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Thanks for always pushing me to be unique mama

A post shared by Beau Cassidy (@beaudevincassidy) on May 14, 2017 at 2:21pm PDT

David Cassidy married Sue Shifrin in 1991 and the pair filed for divorce in 2014. The divorce was finalized in May 2016. Shifrin was Cassidy’s third wife. He was previously married to Kay Lenz from 1997 to 1983 and Meryl Tanz from 1984 to 1986.

Katie Cassidy’s mother is former model Sherry Williams Benedon.

Shifrin, an executive National VP for Arbonne, Health & Wellness Brand, has been involved in many business ventures over the course of her life, including The Lifeboard, a program whose goal is to help people realize their dreams.


— Sue Shifrin Cassidy (@sookloozy) November 20, 2017

3. Beau Is a Singer-Songwriter

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Life In Wig #mdq

A post shared by Beau Cassidy (@beaudevincassidy) on Oct 17, 2016 at 12:05pm PDT

Beau is a singer-songwriter. His Facebook page reads, “Beau Cassidy is proof positive that genetics is a major factor in generational talent. He gets his talent from a long lineage of unbelievably talented and successful musicians, performers, songwriters and actors. His father is David Cassidy, the #1 Pop Icon of the 70’s (The Partridge Family); his uncle is Shaun Cassidy, Teen Star of the 70’s(and TV star of “The Hardy Boys”); His grandfather, Jack Cassidy was a world renowned Actor and performer; his step grandmother, Shirley Jones is a singer/actress; and his mother, Sue Shifrin Cassidy, is a former songwriter and recording artist. In addition, his sister is Katy Cassidy, actress and star of the new TV series, Arrow.” He describes his music as being edgier than his father and uncle’s.

He is currently working on co-writing and performing music with Mark Spiro. On Beau’s webpage, Spiro is quoted as saying, “Beau my Beau… One of the most wonderful talents I’ve work with years. Strong and direct, yet emotionally connected. A sensitive boy on the warpath of dreams…..a young hurricane.”

Terry Britten is another legendary songwriter and producer who has worked with Beau. Britten, who received a Grammy award for ‘Song of the Year’ for Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, says of Beau, “I don’t think I’ve worked with a young man with more passion about his music than Beau Cassidy. In the studio his vocal technique is outstanding an obvious natural. His desire to go the extra mile and deliver his best is exceptional, a true professional!”

4. He Studied Theater Arts at Boston University

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A post shared by Beau Cassidy (@beaudevincassidy) on Mar 29, 2017 at 6:59pm PDT

Beau’s hometown is Ft. Lauderdale, and he studied theater arts at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts.

Beau’s IMDB page reads, “Growing up, it was immediately clear that Beau had caught the performance bug himself. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, he attended high school at the University School of NSU, starring in both musicals and plays including “The Wedding Singer”, “The Music Man”, “Copacabana”, and “Pride and Prejudice”. At the young age of 16, he was cast as Mickey Johnston in Stagedoor Manor’s summer production of Blood Brothers, starring as the same role his father did on Broadway 15 years before.”

Outside of stage work, Beau has held a number of jobs in the entertainment industry. According to his LinkedIn page, he worked as a PR Assistant at The Weinstein Company from March 2014 to June 2014. He is also listed as a Production Manager for A Way Around Films since January 2013.

5. He Auditioned for ‘The Voice’ in 2014

Beau on The VoiceBeau Cassidy on The Voice 2014-03-13T20:49:49.000Z

In 2014, Beau auditioned for The Voice. Unfortunately, none of the judges turned around. Adam Levine told Beau, “Clearly there were some major, major, major nerves. And you just gotta keep trying and refining your craft and what you do.”

Beau pleasantly smiled and thanked Levine for his advice.

As a musician, Beau cites his influences as Robin Thicke, Coldplay, The Cab, Stevie Wonder, and Elvis Presley.

David Cassidy, known for his role in the 1970s musical sitcom The Partridge Family, has died Tuesday evening after being hospitalized for massive organ failure. He was 67.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father, our uncle, and our dear brother, David Cassidy,” his representative released a statement to Variety. “David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long.”

Cassidy, once a teen sensation four decades ago, grappled with several health conditions. According to TMZ, he was in need of a liver transplant and was rushed to a Florida hospital last week. In February, Cassidy announced he was suffering from dementia, a disease that worsens organ dysfunction.

Who is Cassidy’s family and where are they now? Here’s a glimpse at his personal life.

Kay Lenz

In 1977, Lenz became Cassidy’s first wife and their marriage lasted six years, according to IMDB. She was a guest star in shows such as The Monroes, The Andy Griffith Show and Ironside during the 1960s. It was rumored that Cassidy had problems with drugs, but Lenz denied it was the main reason for their breakup, according to a 1989 interview with People. In the last couple of years, she’s been working with Sea Save Foundation.

Meryl Tanz

A year after Cassidy divorced Lenz, he met South African-born Meryl Tanz, who at the time was his partner in a horse-breeding and racing business, People reported in 1983. The pair married in 1984 but they broke up in 1986. According to Los Angeles Times, Tanz owns a lavender farm called Clairmont Farms in Los Olivos, 30 miles away from Santa Barbara, California.

Sue Shifrin-Cassidy

David Cassidy and then-wife Sue Shifrin-Cassidy during David Cassidy Visits Mother Shirley Jones and Brother Patrick Cassidy Backstage at ’42nd Street’ on Broadway – May 15, 2004 Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Cassidy and Shifrin tied the knot in 1991. She gave birth to Beau Devin Cassidy on February 8, 1991, at age 41, according to her bio on IMDB. After 24 years of marriage, Shifrin filed for divorce in Broward County, Florida, in 2014 and was finalized in 2016.

In 2015, Cassidy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. “I am going through bankruptcy proceedings at the moment. This is necessary for practical reasons to reorganize my life as I go through divorce and to restructure my finances,” he said in an email statement.

She’s currently the executive national vice president and independent consultant for Arbonne, a company that sells personal care products.

Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy at Entertainment Weekly’s annual Comic-Con party in celebration of Comic-Con 2017 Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

She’s the daughter of former model Sherry Williams and Cassidy. She was born on November 25, 1986, in Los Angeles, California. Katie has played the role of Laurel Lance/Black Canary in the Arrowverse shows and has appeared on The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. She had a complicated relationship with her father, according to People.

Beau Cassidy

According to his Facebook page, Beau is a singer and songwriter. He studied theatre arts at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts. The son of Cassidy and Shifrin-Cassidy, he’s currently working and performing music with producer Mark Spiro.

In the past weekend, we wrote the sad news of the death of David Cassidy who played Keith Partridge. Susan Dey burst on to the scene in the 1970s for her role as Laurie Partridge in the hit family series, The Partridge Family, and continued acting up until 2004 (according to IMDB) with a notable role in LA Law and a head-turning role in the 1981 film, Looker

David Cassidy’s heartbreaking death has fans looking back on his life—and his many romances. Cassidy, who shot to superstardom on the 1970s sitcom The Partridge Family, David who passed away from multiple organ failure.

In happier times, David Cassidy was married to actress Kay Lenz from 1977 to 1982, then had a brief marriage to Meryl Tanz in 1984. His marriage to Tanz was followed by a long marriage to Sue Shifrin from 1991 to 2016, which resulted in the birth of their son, Beau. Cassidy also had a daughter, future Arrow star Katie Cassidy, with girlfriend Sherry Williams in 1986.

In addition to his marriages, David Cassidy was a groupie magnet who also had high-profile dalliances with everyone from Gina Lollobrigida to Meredith Baxter during his heydey as a teen idol. But one romantic relationship that never came to fruition was a romance between David Cassidy and his Partridge Family co-star Susan Dey. According to Entertainment Weekly, in his 1994 memoir C’mon Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus, David Cassidy admitted that he rejected a smitten Susan Dey because she “lacked the slutty aspect of a female” that he desired.

Susan Dey’s crush on David Cassidy was painfully unrequited. In her 2013 self-titled memoir, David Cassidy’s stepmom and co-star Shirley Jones confirmed that the actress who played Laurie Partridge “had a great big crush on David, and he didn’t reciprocate her feelings.” According to Parade, Jones revealed that David saw Susan as “the sister he had never had.” But Dey’s crush on her TV brother was hardcore, despite the fact that he regularly hooked up with female fans and groupies as his Partridge Family fame skyrocketed him to superstar status.

“Throughout the series, Susan Dey continued to be crazy about David, but he didn’t handle her emotions for him particularly well or sensitively,” Jones wrote.

“She wouldn’t listen to my advice to stay away from David, and I found myself warning her over and over against getting involved with him.”

In his book, David Cassidy admitted that he was never attracted to Susan Dey but that she was so determined to get him in bed he finally gave in. Cassidy admitted he regretted it later.

“I find a certain sluttiness very attractive in a woman, and Susan just didn’t have it,” David wrote. “She was sweetness and innocence, a good girl, and I couldn’t think of her as anything but my sister.”

David Cassidy was last seen in public with Susan Dey in 1990, 16 years after The Partridge Family wrapped its four-season run. The former co-stars teamed up to present The Viewers’ Choice award at the MTV Video Music Awards, where they engaged in a playful back and forth banter. Dey was a major TV star on the NBC legal drama L.A. Law at the time, while David was continuing with his solo career.

Ten years later, David Cassidy revealed he had lost contact with Susan Dey, most likely due to his 1994 tell-all in which he spilled details about their ill-fated one night stand.

“I haven’t spoken to her since we did the MTV Awards together eight, nine years ago,” Cassidy said at the time, according to the Desert News.

While David said he tried to extend an olive branch by writing Susan a conciliatory letter after his book came out, he never heard back from her.

“I never heard a response, and I don’t know why,” David said. Cassidy also questioned why Susan refused to participate in any type of reunions or interviews regarding The Partridge Family.

“I really feel badly that Susan Dey, for whatever her own personal reasons, can’t embrace the fact that she was 16, 17 years old, and millions of people loved her for that,” David said. “You don’t have to prove that you’re so serious. We know you’re serious. In life, be thankful. I don’t know, just be gracious enough to acknowledge it to the rest of the world.”

Susan Dey has not spoken out on David Cassidy’s death. The former co-stars’ TV brother, Danny Bonaduce, has asked fans to pray for the Partridge Family superstar.

You can see David Cassidy and Susan Dey working together on The Partridge Family below.

David Cassidy Net Worth

How much was David Cassidy worth? $500 thousand

How did David Cassidy earn his money and wealth?

David Bruce Cassidy took birth in 1950 on April 12th. He was born and brought up in New Jersey. He is a famous Actor and Musician. David Cassidy’s father too was a singer and an actor. His parents divorced when he was young. His father later married the popular actress and singer Shirley Jones who later played David Cassidy’s mother on the Partridge Family show. The song I think I Love You, featuring David Cassidy in the leads became a big hit. He further went on to release other songs which too were successful.

David Cassidy began working with the EFX in 1996. He entertained his audience with his autobiography, Could It Be Forever? My Story, in 2007. In the book, he talks about his life and his experiences. From 2010, he began getting caught multiple times of DUI. He was jailed for the same and was released on bail, a couple of hours later. He then publicly admitted to having an issue with Alcohol.

The situation got so worse at a point that he filed for bankruptcy in 2015. His mansion was then sold for $3 million. In 2017, after David Cassidy died, it was revealed that he had left an estate to his son Beau. The worth of the estate turned out to be only $150 thousand. His most famous role is that of Keith Partridge in the 1970s, in the sitcom show, The Partridge Family. David Cassidy was the heartthrob of every household during the 70’s.

David Cassidy was both married and divorced three times. His three wives were: Kay Lenz, Meryl Tanz and Sue Shifrin. He was also known to have dated former fashionista model, Sherry Williams.

David Cassidy’s two children are Daughter Katie Cassidy and son Beau Cassidy. He also had a child with Sherry Williams: Evelyn Anita Cassidy. During his later days, he had to battle dementia. At the time of his death, his net worth was down to just $150 thousand.

What are the top movies and TV Shows of David Cassidy?

  • The Partridge Family (1970 to 1974)
  • Then and Now (2001)
  • Ruby and the Rockits (2009)
  • Pop Star (2016)

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