Selling sunset season 2

Netflix series hypes the Sunset Strip’s luxury real estate sizzle

Netflix has joined Bravo in probing the cheesy conventions of L.A.’s celebritized real estate world. Its offering, the guilty pleasure docu-soap “Selling Sunset,” launched with eight episodes on March 22.

New recruit and people pleaser Chrishell Hartley (a soap opera regular) wades into the shark tank to meet four mostly trash-talking female agents at Sunset Strip’s Oppenheim Group.

The firm’s principals –– identical twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim –– largely keep to their laptops, while the women tour properties for clients but also spend much of their on-screen time gossiping: hunky men; client poaching; and if moissanite, a faux diamond, counts as an engagement ring (of course it doesn’t).

Oh, and the show includes some Westside real estate, hovering around the $5-million mark with a few standouts. Included is a $40-million under-construction Hollywood Hills manse that the agency will list this summer.


Founder Jason Oppenheim took a break from showing Orlando Bloom’s freshly remodeled $9-million Beverly Hills home to speak with us.

On the show, you and your brother are faded wallpaper fronted by the women’s splashy lives. Tell us about Jason.

I’m a very alpha, kind of controlling and aggressive real estate agent. I think the women counterbalance my tendencies. I’m very, very honest and very direct. I push back a lot with clients. I bring in a zealous advocacy that I learned as an attorney. I think my clients really appreciate that.

How have you pushed back with Orlando Bloom as you’ve repped his house?


I convinced him to move forward with this pool even though it’s very expensive, over a half-million dollars, and would take over a year. Even halfway down the road he still called and said, “Are you sure?” And I said, “Absolutely. It’s imperative for a house of this magnitude and quality that you spend the money for a zero-edge pool.”

The show is framed by lavish parties, copious drone shots, dry-ice martinis …

More and more, the real estate professional has become celebritized. Clients really expect a lot. Marketing a property is not what it used to be, whether it’s social media or entertainment. I think it’s actually starting to separate a lot of the new agents from agents that have been around a long time.

Christine Quinn is the show’s brassy provocateur, playing cat to Chrishell Hartley’s mouse. Are such machinations an advantage in high-end real estate?

I’m always amazed at how different skill sets can work in real estate, with the common denominator of intelligence and hard work. There are enough people out there that you will find a niche of clients who will work with you.

Nice that two relationships on the show invert the norm of wealthy older men who couple with young women.

To see women –– successful, beautiful, strong, confident, intelligent –– attracting impressive young beautiful men that are significantly younger than themselves, I think it’s refreshing. They’ve chosen well for themselves.

In your rarified orbit of chauffeurs and rose-gold Audemars Piguet watches, how do you keep it real?


One of the reasons that I encourage my team to volunteer at Food on Foot (a nonprofit that helps the poor and homeless) is because it’s so easy to lose perspective –– we’re driving around in Rolls-Royces showing $10-million homes to tech billionaires.

Given that L.A.’s fevered real estate market has contributed to the city’s affordable-housing crisis, do elite agents have an obligation to give back?

Absolutely. We represent the upper 1/10th of 1% of our community, and I think it’s naive and disrespectful not to recognize and fulfill our obligation, most importantly, to the opposite, bottom 1%. I contribute a significant amount of money to Food on Foot for that very reason. The bottom 1% is just as important as the top 1%.

Binge-Worthy Real Estate Shows on Netflix

Selling Sunset

Are you a “Real Housewives” or “Million Dollar Listing” fan? “Selling Sunset” is for you! Being a boutique brokerage of mostly women, this is one of our biggest guiltiest pleasures. (And yes, we all took the “Which Selling Sunset character are you?” Buzzfeed quiz and got different results!) Viewers get to experience the elite side of real estate with an inside look into how Oppenheim Group works, a top LA brokerage known for their celebrity clientele and success. Selling Sunset surrounds a dynamic cast of characters including Chrishell Hartley, known for being married to “This is Us” actor Justin Hartley and Christine Quinn, the group’s Queen B. We guarantee you’ll finish within a week and fall in love with the cast along the way. NETFLIX GIVE US A SEASON 2! I need to know what happens with the $40 million house.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Whether you’ve been in your home for one year or 10, the tips hiding within this gem of a Netflix show will change your life. Taking a new spin on organizing and living a mindful, minimalist lifestyle, Marie Kondo inspires you to make all your Pinterest dreams come true. I will never fold my shirts any other way after watching this! Start your spring cleaning! (Can we still call it “spring cleaning” when we just hit 70 degrees in Buffalo?)

Stay Here

Star Designer Genevieve Gorder kicked off her HGTV boots to join the Netflix family in this intriguing Airbnb renovation show. Alongside business and marketing expert, Peter Lorimer, the duo travels across the country giving facelifts to short-term rental properties. Don’t have your own Airbnb? There’s still a ton to learn. From this, you can take away inspiration to revamp your favorite extra room or plan experiences for your friends and family who come to visit.

Instant Hotel

Another short-term rental-focused show, but set in Australia! Instant Hotel is a super cool concept. Couples, friends, and family members who own rental properties stay in each other’s homes and rate their stay, giving the owners feedback. The hosts also rate their guests on cleanliness and various categories. The drama begins when some players think others aren’t being fair with their grading system. Take a tour of down under in this exciting twist on reality tv.

The Great Interior Design Challenge

Netflix transports you across the pond once again, but this time to the UK! The Great Interior Design Challenge gives novice designers a chance to shine and find their niche. It proves the theory that there is nothing better than a competition to get creative juices flowing.

Do you have favorite binge-worthy real estate shows? Share with us on Twitter @seeing_you_home!

Will ‘Tour Group’ Return For Season 2? Bravo’s Adventurous Reality Series Has A Rocky History

Bravo doesn’t usually go international, but Tour Group provided a chance to see the network’s signature drama looked all around the world. But will Tour Group return for Season 2 next summer? While the series still has a lot of potential, the prognosis on this travel series returning is… mixed at best. Unfortunately, the show has had issues from the beginning. After just two weeks, the show was pulled in order to be re-edited, according to Starcasm. It wasn’t cancelled, which is a good sign, and the entirety of Season 1 eventually aired, with the finale planned for June 29. But, in the meantime, Tour Group has yet to make a big splash with its first season, and only managed to net average ratings of .08 million per episode, according to a Bravo show watch site.

However, don’t let those stats get you down, because Tour Group has not been renewed or cancelled just yet. And with two Below Deck series on the network, Bravo has formed a little tradition of airing vacation/adventure themed shows during the summer, and Tour Group fits perfectly into that category. If Tour Group returns, I’d expect it sometime in the late spring-early summer for that exact reason. But that’s almost a full year away, which gives Bravo plenty of time to think about whether the series will fit into “Summer by Bravo” 2017. In the meantime, here’s a few other Bravo series that you might love if you’re a fan of Tour Group.

Below Deck Mediterranean

I don’t know how you could have missed this series, as it premiered opposite Tour Group back in late April. But on the chance that you did, it’s a great tour of the gorgeous coastline of Greece and the sights on the Mediterranean Sea and of this group’s disfunction. Love, hate, and showing up late to work.

Below Deck

And the original Below Deck is also worth catching up on, if you happened to miss any of the three previous seasons. Unlike their Med counterparts, the original Below Deck cast manages to be experts in both drama and excellent yacht service.

Ladies Of London

Reportedly, the third season is filming right now, so this is a great time to catch up on the first two seasons of the show on Hulu. The show, with its mix of American and British cast, is a testament to the cultural differences and quirks of the two countries.

Shahs Of Sunset

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Shahs have also been on the move a lot this season. Probably their biggest trip was when the cast went to Turkey a few seasons ago, but this year, there was something I never thought I’d see: Shahs of Sunset camping! In the actual woods! With tents! Honestly, that’s as thrilling as seeing the tourists on Tour Group hang off the side of a mountain.

Real Housewives Of Orange County

If you want to see a group of people who have an interesting travel style, check out the current season of RHOC. I could never get tired of seeing Vicki and Shannon attempt to paddle a boat or watching Heather attempt to keep her composure while monkeys run around.

Million Dollar Listing: New York

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And as counter programming to all of the traveling, why not watch some people find their homes? The recently concluded season of Million Dollar Listing: New York had dozens of apartments and houses so luxurious and gorgeous that would make even the most dedicated world traveler long for a home base. During the wait to find out whether or not Tour Group is going to return next year for another season, there’s plenty of Bravo series to catch up on.

Image: Tommy Garcia, Flemming Schiller/Bravo (3); Giphy (3)

If you are a huge Bravo fan, then you might have noticed that the show Tour Group isn’t on anymore. This has the fans of Tour Group curious about the show and whether it has been canceled or if it will be coming back again. Real Mr. Housewife was able to get the scoop on what is going on right now with Tour Group. This show premiered on March 1, fans loved it, but it only aired two shows and disappeared.

The third episode of Tour Group was supposed to air last week after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but fans noticed that Tour Group didn’t air at all. Instead, the show will be back but not until May. They decided to take Tour Group off the air until after the next season of Below Deck airs. Tour Group will be back on May 10 on Bravo. The news about the break was shared on social networks, but didn’t explain the details at all.

tweetstorm @BravoTV be responsible & pull episode promoting ele rides in Thailand TWEET SHEET: #RT via @Linkis_com

— MJ Mastro (@floweringwithin) March 21, 2016

Now, an insider from Tour Group is sharing behind-the-scenes details about why the powers that be chose to take it off the air for a bit.

“Production feels that the love triangle between Jared and the twins is artificial and boring. They want to relaunch the show with some real drama, specifically the feud of long-time BFF’s Heather and Amy, which will be the main storyline when the show returns. This reboot will give the show the boost that it needs.”

It sounds like Bravo really wants Tour Group to succeed, but the drama just wasn’t at the level they wanted it to be. They will now have a couple months to get some better stuff out of Tour Group filming. Real Mr. Housewife got the chance to talk to the CEO of Beauty Kitchen and cast member on the show Heather Marianna to get her thoughts on the upcoming for Tour Group.

“I am very excited for this! Trust me, this is a great move for the show. I have done TV many times for Beauty Kitchen and other reality show appearances, so I know how to trust the process. Bravo TV knows what they are doing… network’s know what is best for the cast and the show. The first two episodes were a little boring… I’m excited for the real stories to be told. I really think episode three is going to jump start it! It’s where the drama begins in Kenya so stay tuned. The audience and Bravo junkies are going to love it.”

It does sound like things are going to work out for Tour Group and viewers can’t wait to see how it all goes down. Tour Group will be back in May. Until then, viewers will just have to enjoy all of the other shows full of drama on Bravo.

Why Bravo’s Tour Group Is Going MIA Exclusive

— Real Mr. Housewife (@realmrhousewife) March 16, 2016

Link Is shared that some people were really upset about a recent episode ofTour Group. They go on a lot of trips on the show, and one recent trip featured elephant rides in Thailand. Some viewers feel like the rides are animal cruelty and should not be promoted. These fans are trying to do everything they can to get that episode removed, even when it comes to showing reruns of it on Bravo. The activist fans are also trying to get Andy Cohen to notice their tweets and talk about the issue on his show, Watch What Happens Live.

One thing that Tour Group will have to worry about is losing their fans during the break and due to the controversy. They do not want people to give up on the show or to think it is gone and done. Will you still watch Tour Group when it returns? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

Where to Stream:

Selling Sunset

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Selling Sunset is the latest surprise hit for Netflix. It’s an instantly bingeable reality show about the true lives of glamorous realtors in Los Angeles, and it’s new territory for Netflix as it’s the streaming service’s first English-language docu-soap. But as with all reality shows, viewers want to know the answer to one question: Is Selling Sunset real? Or is Selling Sunset fake, a kind of meta reality show like the mockumentary American Vandal? If you find yourself wondering if Mary and Romain’s love is real or if Christine and Chrishell really are frenemies (emphasis on “enemies”), here’s the tea!

Is Selling Sunset real?

Yes–or at least it’s as real as any docu-soap. All reality shows, from competition shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race to makeover shows like Queer Eye to international hits like Terrace House, all involve some level of pre-production and nudging from behind-the-scenes. Maybe that’s through producers feeding a host questions that they know will get confessions out of contestants, or its through casting directors finding real people that will make for the best TV. Reality TV is real in that there’s not exactly a pre-written script that the cast follows, but there’s still plenty of planning and storytelling done by the producers and editors and even the stars. That’s the genre!

Selling Sunset is no different. In fact, Selling Sunset comes from one of the pioneers of this specific reality TV subgenre, the docu-soap. Selling Sunset comes from Adam DiVello, of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame. So it’s easy to assume that Selling Sunset is just as real as those shows were.

Photo: Netflix

DiVello actually talked about the process he goes through when putting together a show in an interview with Variety. He says that all the cast members on all his shows are urged to be themselves, and that they shy away from people who seem fake. “I think when you’re trying to play a part it always reads as fake and people don’t sense that person as well,” DiVello told Variety. “We try to stay away from those types of people. And the ones we gravitate toward are the ones being themselves. If I feel like someone is being artificial we steer clear of them.”

Are the Selling Sunset cast members actually realtors?

Yes, they all are. The Oppenheim Group is an actual real estate company that’s been selling and showing properties in Los Angeles for a very long time. You can even read all their company profiles on the Oppenheim Group website. And yes, actress Chrishell Hartley is really a realtor, too. DiVello told Variety, “She’s just a sweetheart to begin with, and she really is a realtor and has a real estate license selling homes when we met her.” DiVello also revealed that it was he who approached the Oppenheim Group about doing a show, not the other way around.

Also, Mary and Romain really are dating and Christine’s friend Jacob really is from Texas, just like her.

Is Selling Sunset scripted?

No–but also yes? Listen: it’s no secret that most, if not all, of a reality show’s outings and events are planned by producers to get people together and to make sparks fly. That’s how the genre works! But also in a very literal sense, while there’s no literal script, fans have gone through and written down every word said on the show. Selling Sunset is not scripted, but thanks to viewers, now there is a script.

Stream Selling Sunset on Netflix


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  • Selling Sunset

Who is in the cast of Selling Sunset?

Selling Sunset follows the all-female employees of The Oppenheim Group.

Not only is the drama documented between the employees, but their personal lives are also on display for viewers.

The series also records the ups and downs of working in real estate and with others.

Selling Sunset is Netflix’s first docu-soap, from Laguna Beach creator Adam DiVello.

Speaking to Variety, DiVello said: “I tend to try to find the people who don’t necessarily want to be on TV. It’s a good starting off point.

“I think if they’re a little more reluctant they’re going to enjoy the process more and it’s going to feel like we’re getting a glimpse into something new.

“We get a ton of pitches every day from people that want to do a TV show. But it’s like, ugh, do you really need a TV show about your life?

“It’s difficult to find that exciting world, so I think when you know you have it, you have it.”

He added: “Every new cast member is savvy now, they’ve seen the other shows, they know where other people’s careers have gone.

“I say to them all at the very beginning, you just need to be yourself. The more they’re just themselves the more likeable they’ll be and the audience will relate to them.

“I think when you’re trying to play a part it always reads as fake and people don’t sense that person as well. We try to stay away from those types of people.

“And the ones we gravitate toward are the ones being themselves. If I feel like someone is being artificial we steer clear of them.”

Here’s a look at the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix.


A reality real estate star’s living room hits new heights | My Favorite Room

Jason Oppenheim has made a career — and a Netflix show — out of selling houses; but when it came to creating the timeless home of his own dreams, he learned there’s a hefty price for perfection.

The “Selling Sunset” star said he wanted a home that would “stand the test of time and look good for decades.” In his industrial, barn-like living room, that included an 85-inch, 300-pound, $65,000 television and entertainment system that lifts from a subterranean bunker, and a $3,000, two-month project rewiring a 1942 rotary phone from a U.S. Navy ship.

Two years and three times his original budget later, the final cost for the Hollywood Hills home’s reno was $5 million, on top of the $3.5 million purchase price.

“As a real estate broker and a licensed contractor, I thought I would have been able to budget more accurately,” Oppenheim said. “I’m a pretty obsessive person, especially when it’s something for me, and I’m extremely meticulous — so if you combine all those, it creates a great property, but it drives a lot of people crazy, costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time.”


A fan of “loft spaces, concrete and a kind of brutalism in architecture,” Oppenheim tends to gravitate toward a darker industrial style with a lot of organic finishes, such as brick, wood and metal — “materials that are long-lasting and durable,” he said.

The 12-foot ceilings are sheathed in long planks with a massive center beam “to look like a log cabin,” with large, circular bronze and brass fixtures and specialty bulbs from Buster and Punch hanging from above.

A collection of vellum-bound vintage books, 300 to 400 years old, are dispersed throughout the space.

“Sometimes I really do judge a book by its cover. I can’t read Latin, which most of them are, but there’s just something about holding an old book and thinking about who touched it or made it,” he said.


Why is this your favorite room?

I built this specifically for myself, so it’s very much my style. I like a lot of industrial finishings, vaulted ceilings, brick, metal, a lot of wood and a very open space. I also like an area to entertain and it’s got the bar, television and the fireplace, so it’s a really nice place to socialize.

A fireplace has a window to the outside. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

I love this fireplace.

The fireplace is grandfathered in as a wood-burning fireplace, which is unique; I just opened it up to make it a 6-foot fireplace, which for me is the centerpiece of the room. That’s why I have the television coming up from under the ground. I saw a restaurant that has these wood stacks next to the fireplace, so that gave me that idea. All the herringbone brick I did piece by piece in the fireplace.

Antique Latin books and whiskey decorate the walls by a bar. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

Tell me about your bar.

I created an extremely industrial bar that’s made of steel with copper finishings and brass accents. The bar wall is wrapped in leather behind it. I chose all the bottles because I think they’re beautiful, not necessarily because of the alcohol. The neon lights are of my favorite poem by Robert Frost. Super custom-made.


A minimalist leather and earthy toned look inspired the home. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

I love the expansive wood floors and ceiling.

I don’t like drywall so I tried to use other finishes, like a ceiling finished with wood. I took apart the pillars and put steel attached to these huge brackets so I could create such an open space. This room spans almost 100 feet, so in order to do that, I had to pour 13 footings under the house and have massive steel posts and beams all through the ceilings and behind the brick that you can’t see.

The coffee table is by Environment Furniture. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

You’ve got some great furniture.

The bar stools are Anna Karlin out of New York; she’s one of my favorite designers. The metal bag-shaped magazine holder is Bottega Veneta, the pillow is Hermes, the couch is Restoration Hardware, the rugs are all vintage rugs and the coffee table is by Environment Furniture, recently bought up by Cisco.

Large windows line the walls. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

What is your favorite memory in here?


The first time I was able to show off this finished house was when we filmed “Selling Sunset” here. I brought the cast, which are also my friends, and had a pool party. After spending all that time, energy, money and the stress to get it to where I wanted it, and to be able to have my friends over for the first time, felt great.

If the Netflix original series Selling Sunset is your favorite new guilty pleasure, you’re not alone. Just a few weeks ago, Netflix released the first eight episodes of the docu-soap series, which follows the employees of The Oppenheim Group, a prominent real estate brokerage in L.A. helmed by twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim. The addictive reality show is like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills meets The Hills meets Million Dollar Listing — and fans can’t get enough.

If the setup feels familiar, Selling Sunset is produced by Adam DiVello, the same person who brought us The Hills and Laguna Beach. Plus, in addition to celeb appearances from the likes of Taye Diggs, the cast includes someone else we’ve seen on the red carpet a lot lately: Chrishell Hartley, a Days of Our Lives actress-turned-real estate agent and the wife of This Is Us’s Justin Hartley.

While Justin is never seen on camera, Chrishell is front and center on the show as the new girl in the office. On season 1, most of her coworkers give her a warm welcome, but queen bee Christine Quinn offers up plenty of drama from the first episode to the last. But now that we’re FULLY obsessed with the show, we’re dying to know if Chrishell, Christine, and their fellow real estate agents Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae Young, Maya Vander, and Davina Portratz will be returning for season 2 (because we have a lot of questions).

So, will there be a Selling Sunset Season 2?

Netflix hasn’t officially announced whether or not the show will return. But the cast has been extremely vocal about their interest in returning for another season. Given that the reality series only premiered last month, it be awhile before a season 2 premiere date is confirmed.

But on April 10, when Justin Hartley appeared on The View, Meghan McCain took a moment to talk about her obsession with the Netflix show. She even asked Chrishell, who was sitting in the audience, about a potential season 2. “Everyone watch because we’re still waiting to hear from Netflix if we get the go on season two,” said Chrishell. “But it looks like it’s going really well.” That sounds promising!

Is everyone still working for the Oppenheim Group?

It definitely appears so. Chrishell confirmed that she’s still working there when she appeared on The View. Around the same time, the Oppenheim twins celebrated their birthday with Chrishell, Davina, and Mary. It appears that both and Christine were on vacation at the time, and Maya was in Miami for a very special reason (more on that later).

Do we know any season 2 spoilers?

Okay, so we don’t actually know if there will be a season two, but there were so many cliffhangers: Mary had just gotten engaged to her 25-year-old French boyfriend Romain, Maya had only recently discovered she was expecting, and Heather was about to (maybe?!) close on a $40 million dollar property. Here’s everything we know so far when it comes to cast updates:

Mary and Romain are still going strong.

There were some ups and downs between these two, mainly because of their 12-year age gap, but the couple has been all smiles on social media.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mary Fitzgerald (@themaryfitzgerald) on Apr 14, 2019 at 5:31pm PDT

Also, Mary is no longer sporting a moissanite ring! Romain proposed with a diamond look-alike on the show, but Mary recently shared on Instagram that she “finally got my diamond.”

View this post on Instagram

Bling bling!!! Finally got my diamond, so @themayavander you can stop reading Wikipedia now to figure out what Moissanite is! 🤣💍💎 Lol • • • #theoppenheimgroup #sellingsunset #netflix #diamondsareagirlsbestfriend #engagementring

A post shared by Mary Fitzgerald (@themaryfitzgerald) on Apr 7, 2019 at 12:48pm PDT

It also looks like if the show comes back for season 2, we could get to see Mary and Romain walk down the aisle. After a fan asked if they’d film the wedding, Mary commented back saying, “If we get picked back up, we will let them film it on season 2 for sure!”

Maya is a mom!

On the show, Maya revealed that she had already suffered two miscarriages, so we’re thrilled to hear the news that she and her newborn are happy and healthy. In early April, Maya and her husband welcomed their first child, a boy named Aiden. Her costars (er, coworkers?) were overjoyed and commented with plenty of “congrats” and hearts on Instagram. From the looks of it, Maya is laying low in Miami for now.

View this post on Instagram

Welcome to the world Aiden!!! Honestly I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of being a mother, wow!!🙏❤

A post shared by Maya Vander (SELLING SUNSET) (@themayavander) on Apr 5, 2019 at 11:23am PDT

The $40 million property is still on the market.

We’re still picking our jaws up off the floor after seeing the bare bones of the custom-built mansion, but so far, no one has bought it. In early April, the team posted a full tour of the house on YouTube. The 20,000 square-foot home has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a 175-foot infinity pool, and a 360-degree view of L.A.

Maybe we’ll see the women battle it out on season 2 for that $1.2 million commission?

Blake Bakkila Associate Editor Blake is the Associate Editor for covering beauty, celebrity, holiday entertaining, and other lifestyle news.

Netflix’s newest reality show Selling Sunset brings a bit of Bravo style reality drama to the streaming service–and it just might fuel your next binge session. The series documents the wild workdays of realtors at The Oppenheim Group, a flashy real estate firm known for working with famous clients and luxurious properties. But as you’ll see in Selling Sunset, working with the most glamorous people in Los Angeles isn’t easy. The drama unfolds when a new real estate agent joins the tight knit firm as competition changes the Oppenheim Group’s dynamic forever. But who is the Oppenheim Group? And who are these real estate agents? Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s Selling Sunset!

What is The Oppenheim Group?

Run by twin real estate broker brothers Brett and Jason Oppenheim, this real estate empire works with high-profile clients looking to buy or sell luxury property in Los Angeles, specifically the Sunset Strip. The Oppenheim Group is actually a family business and was founded by Jason and Brett’s great-great-grandfather Jacob Stern in 1889. The Oppenheim Group’s past clientele includes Meryl Streep, Ellen DeGeneres, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Scherzinger, Rob Zombie, Workaholics‘ Blake Anderson, athletes Kris Humphries and Giancarlo Stanton, and Halo Top ice cream founder Justin Woolverton among many, many others. You can find all this info and more on the Oppenheim Group website.

Who is in the Selling Sunset Cast?

There’s Brett and Jason Oppenheim, obviously. Besides them, there are six real estate agents that get involved in the drama. Mary Fitzgerald, Davina Potratz, Christine Quinn, Maya Vander, Heather Young, and newcomer Chrishell Hartley make up the cast. If you’re looking for more info on them, all six realtor associates are listed on the website, complete with bios.

Photo: Netflix

Mary Fitzgerald graduated from Ball State University and has lived and worked in New York and London. Davina Potratz was born and raised in Germany and went to school in Malibu. She also works as the director of new development at Oppenheim. Christine Quinn hails from Texas and previously worked in the fashion and entertainment fields before getting into real estate. Maya Vander comes from a family of house flippers and moved to Los Angeles from her home in Israel back in 2002. Former model, Playboy Playmate, and SoCal native Heather Young handles many celebrity clients as a realtor associate at Oppenheim. Newcomer Chrishell Hartley will be familiar to soap opera fans thanks to stints on All My Children, Days of Our Lives, and The Young and the Restless.

Here’s where you can follow all of them on Instagram:

  • Mary Fitzgerald Instagram
  • Davina Potratz Instagram
  • Christine Quinn Instagram
  • Maya Vander Instagram
  • Heather Young Instagram
  • Chrishell Hartley Instagram

Selling Sunset Season 1 is now streamable on Netflix

Stream Selling Sunset on Netflix

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