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Whatever you want to sell on eBay, customers are there. And with eBay’s average visit duration being 50% longer than on Amazon, eBay is the perfect place to cross sell to browsers and increase your average sale value.

Competition is fierce, trends change fast, and popular items can quickly fall out of fashion. Having the right stock to sell on eBay is vital to your success as a seller, so we want to give you some tips and processes that we find useful to help you decide on the right things for you to sell on eBay.

Useful tools:

  • eBay Trending!
  • eBay Category feature finder
  • Professional eBay templates
  • Budget eBay template

Decide who to sell to

Before you decide what to sell, it’s good to know who you are selling to. Having a clear vision in your mind of the people you are reaching out to will help you with choosing products, writing descriptions and building a brand that appeals to your customers.

Consider Postage

Fast and free postage is a big incentive for buyers. When you consider what to sell on eBay, how much it will cost to get to the buyer is a big consideration. If you are able to cover postage in your item price and offer free delivery, that is always best. Look at what other sellers are charging for delivery of similar items on eBay. If they are offering free delivery and you can’t, that item will not sell well for you on eBay.

Supply and Demand

You know who your buyer is, you know what they like and you know what they want. This is great, but you are not ready to go out and buy a truckload of stock just yet. Offering a popular item is not enough to ensure success. The key to successful selling on eBay is to select items that people really want, that mass sellers don’t already target.

Let’s say that you noticed unicorn items are a current trend and so you want to open the magical unicorn store, a store where unicorn lovers can discover and buy lots of things they like. Your next step should be to list lots of ideas of items that people who love unicorns want to buy, and search them on eBay in the same way a customer would.

Before you decide that a product is right for you to sell on eBay, you need to check how much it usually sells for on eBay and see what the competition is like.

Ideally, you are looking to sell items with high demand and low to medium competition. More niche items with less demand can also be good if the saturation is low.

Unicorn iPhone covers are a good example of a high demand, high saturation product. We help many sellers in the highly competitive phone cover niche, and although many are massively successful, they’ve built strong supplier relationships over years and increased order volumes to drive price per unit down to pennies and create margins a new seller just couldn’t compete with.

Unicorn hair brush and unicorn wine glasses are low saturation, and so if there is demand for these items and you can source them at a cost which allows for a healthy margin, they could be good items to sell.

But how can you gauge demand for items with low or zero listings on eBay?

Look what’s popular on Amazon

A sensible way to start gauging what will sell well on eBay is to look at what is selling well on Amazon. The Amazon best sellers page is updated hourly, and gives you a clear view of what is currently in demand.

You can select to look at just the category you want to sell in, and there’s a menu on the left-hand side where you can go even deeper into looking at sub categories.

Another section that may be of interest is the Amazon Movers and Shakers page. On each category page you’ll see a set of products. Each product has been given a ‘sales rank’, noting its previous ranking against its current position. It looks at which products have made the most gains in sales over the past 24 hours.

See What’s Trending on eBay

eBay have some very useful pages that can help you look at what is trending on their site. Explore eBay is a useful tool in the arsenal of an eBay seller. Just click the flag icon in the search box to change the country to your location and see what is currently trending on eBay where you are. This gives a good insight into the type of items people want to buy on eBay, and shows how the seasons, film releases, and even tv series can affect demand. When Game or Thrones of Great British Bake Off air, associated items always start trending.

See what’s trending in search

Google trends allows you to type in a word or phrase and see how many people have been searching for that same term. You can set your country, the time frame you want to see search volume over and even the category with the easy drop-down options.

Looking at the search volume for unicorn gifts in shopping over the past 5 years in the UK, you can see that this is a search which peaks every December and seems to have grown in popularity in the last year.

This graph clearly shows that if we wanted to sell unicorn gifts, we would need to have plenty of stock ready before the holiday season started, because that would be when we would expect most of our sales.

Some items generate massive demand, but for a short time. The trend graph below is for fidget spinners. Searches for fidget spinners skyrocketed in April 2017, but were dropping like a lead balloon by the end of May. Popularity that explodes out of nowhere is generally short lived. Just because a product is trending one year, it doesn’t mean you should be looking to sell it the following year.

Know your categories

Some categories will always be more popular on eBay than others. We have used Terapeak to look at both search volume and sell through rate to determine which categories were most popular on eBay in 2018.

  1. Cell Phones & Accessories
  2. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  3. Home & Garden
  4. Automotive
  5. Sporting goods
  6. Health & Beauty
  7. Consumer electronics
  8. Jewelry & Watches
  9. Computers Tablets & Networking
  10. Collectables
  11. Pet Supplies
  12. Baby

Selling in a more popular category and using these keywords in your eBay listing or classified title will boost your eBay exposure and click through. Be sure to only sell items in their relevant category though, and not to keyword spam because that is an eBay policy violation.

Creating bundles using these keywords & categories can attract increased attention to your listings.

When you are looking to sell on eBay it is helpful to stay up to date with developments and changes on the platform. A couple of very significant changes have recently been made which will have very positive effects for eBay sellers of in the motors category and also the jewelry and watches category going into 2019.

Changes for motors on eBay

eBay announced it would acquire, a leading UK-based classifieds site. Combining the inventory, customer relationships and traffic available on Gumtree UK, eBay Motors UK and is expected to help UK car dealers increase their leads and bring buyers more choice and better value.

In the U.S. alone, Amazon and eBay together account for over 70 percent – an estimated value of $7-7.5 billion – of all car parts sold online. Amazon only allow sales of new or manufacturer approved refurbished parts, so for used parts sellers especially, eBay will bring a significant portion of your traffic selling auto parts online.

Changes for Jewelry on eBay

Every day, 50,000 jewelry items sell on eBay. That’s more than 2,000 per hour – and it sells one diamond ring per minute. In December 2018, eBay announced that they will be expanding the capabilities of its eBay Authenticate service — its luxury goods verification program — to now include luxury jewellery. The eBay authenticate service was first launched just over a year ago, and has helped to increase sales of high end luxury goods such as designer handbags and watches.

eBay’s Most Popular Gemstones in 2018

  1. Diamond
  2. Sapphire
  3. Aquamarine
  4. Amethyst
  5. Onyx
  6. Tanzanite
  7. Citrine
  8. Ruby
  9. Topaz
  10. Emerald

When you sell on eBay, a competitive offering is essential. This means considering not just your product and pricing, but your listing quality, customer service and delivery too. On a marketplace where you will be often competing with many people selling the same items as you, fast delivery, descriptive listings and outstanding feedback can be the extra details that make a customer choose to buy from you. Whatever you decide to sell on eBay; experiment with how you market, stay open to change and be flexible with your selling. Trends on eBay may pass quickly, but sellers who learn to use their intuition and adapt will always make sales.

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July is here and with that, we are excited to share with you “45 Best-Selling eBay and Amazon products” for June 2019. Check out the list below and start selling smart with these popular products!

Here are the top-selling products on eBay & Amazon on Algopix for June 2019:

  1. Cards Against Humanity Party Game with a recommended market price of $25 on Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $777,041.
  2. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Twin Pack with an average recommended market price of $12 on Amazon US, eBay US and Walmart and monthly estimated sales revenue of $358,395.
  3. Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision and 2-Way Audio with an average recommended price of $42.26 on Amazon CA, eBay US, Amazon US, and Amazon UK and monthly estimates sales revenue of $526,398.
  4. Turtle Beach Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset with an average recommended price of $51.81 on eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $777,041.
  5. GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter with an average recommended price of $42 on Amazon US and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $890,245.
  6. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizerwith an average recommended price of $75.85 on Amazon CA and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $1M.
  7. Moroccan Oil Treatment, 3.4 fl oz with an average recommended price of $35.95 on Amazon CA and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $663,055.
  8. Bio-Oil 200ml: Multi-use Skin Oil (6.7oz) with an average recommended price of $23.99 on Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $481,057.
  9. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter with an average recommended price of $103.99 on Amazon US and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $1M.
  10. Bed Head Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Waverwith an average recommended price of $30.65 on Amazon CA, Amazon US, and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $496,037.
  11. John Frieda Hot Air Brush with an average recommended price of $68.22 on Amazon AU, Amazon CA, and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $640,558.
  12. Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightenerwith a recommended price of $19.96 on Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $402,878.
  13. Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirrorwith an average recommended price of $29.49 on Amazon US and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $602,075.
  14. Heartybay 10 Pieces Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Brush Set with an average recommended price of $5.55 on Amazon US and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $99,927.
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  15. Gillette Fusion Manual Men’s Razor Blade Refills, 12 Count with an average recommended price of $22.55 on Amazon US and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $474,274.
  16. Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder with a recommended price of $19.92 on Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $399,219.
  17. Men’s Rogaine Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Treatment Minoxidil Foamwith an average recommended price of $33.72 on Amazon US and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $749,800.
  18. with an average recommended price of $44.21 on Amazon US, Amazon CA and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $749,800.
  19. Brita Standard Replacement Water Filters for Pitchers (3 Count)with an average recommended price of $16.93 on Amazon US and eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $300,539.
  20. YIHONG Set of 8 Stainless Steel Drinking Strawswith an average recommended price of $16.47 on Amazon US, eBay AU, eBay US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $181,070.
  21. Keurig Programmable K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Servewith an average recommended price of $99.00 on Walmart and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $1M.
  22. ThermoPro TP03A Digital Food Cooking Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Kitchen and Barbeque with an average recommended price of $12.13 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $221,562.
  23. Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher with Filter with an average recommended price of $26.99 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $521,011.
  24. Magic Bullet Blender (Small, 11-Piece Set)with an average recommended price of $38.65 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $753,217.
  25. KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener with an average recommended price of $6.11 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $120,872.
  26. Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gunwith an average recommended price of $16.00 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $323,526.
  27. Zyliss Lock N Lift Can Openerwith an average recommended price of $19.13 on Amazon AU, Walmart, eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $253,045.
  28. Ninja Professional Blender 1000with an average recommended price of $81.82 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of over $1M.
  29. Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler, Portable Air Conditionerwith an average recommended price of $41.82 on eBay US, Amazon US, and Walmart and monthly estimated sales revenue of $983,992.
  30. Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Large Dogwith an average recommended price of $43.40 on eBay US and Walmart and monthly estimated sales revenue of $1890.00.
  31. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer with an average recommended price of $33.70 on eBay US and Amazon U.S and monthly estimated sales revenue of $645,758.
  32. Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk Larvae Idewith an average recommended price of $17.54 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $389,657.
  33. BUG-A-SALT 2.0 Pest Spray Gunwith an average recommended price of $36.26 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $919,303.
  34. WORX 6 pack Trimmer/Edger Linewith an average recommended price of $13.05 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $303,852.
  35. SelpHbalance Mosquito Repellent Braceletwith an average recommended price of $17.43 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $319,000.
  36. Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin with an average recommended price of $9.62 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $217,721.
  37. NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Standwith an average recommended price of $12.50 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $284,895.
  38. ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System with Microphone with an average recommended price of $109.99 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $1M.
  39. XIAOMI MI A1 4GB 64GB Smartphone with a recommended price of $240.00 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $983,839.
  40. HP 63 Black & Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges, 2 Cartridgeswith an average recommended price of $44.36 on eBay US, Amazon US, and Amazon CA and monthly estimated sales revenue of $912,292.
  41. Fit Simplify Resistance Bands Set and Carry Bagwith an average recommended price of $10.47 on eBay US, Amazon US, and Amazon CA and monthly estimated sales revenue of $224,440.
  42. Poolmaster 22211 Smart Test 4-Way Pool and Spa Test Strips with an average recommended price of $8.38 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $156,629.
  43. Homitt Waterproof Grill Cover with an average recommended price of $19.15 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $401,342.
  44. Kona Safe/Clean Barbeque Grill Brush with an average recommended price of $22.88 on eBay US and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $462,617.
  45. Samsung Genuine Refrigerator Water Filters with an average recommended price of $41.52 on Amazon CA and Amazon US and monthly estimated sales revenue of $840,714.

No matter if you are looking to sell cookware or mobile accessories, Algopix is the perfect place for you to source the right products and increase your profits. Just enter a product identifier on ‘Algopix Search’ and you will be provided with the demand and competition level, expenses, and profits for a certain product on 15 marketplaces.

Sell smart this July and use ‘Algopix Search’ to help you source products based on meaningful data on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Good luck!

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Are you interested in turning your household clutter into cold hard cash or make money thrift flipping, but not sure what items sell well on eBay? Got you covered! Check out this list with 75 unbelievable items that you can sell on eBay for high prices — some are worth hundreds!

Start treasure hunting in your very own home today with this list of the best things to sell on eBay as a guide.

(Stick around for a helpful freebie at the end to get you started listing and selling on eBay!)

75 Best things to Sell on eBay – you won’t believe some of them!

This list of the best things to sell on eBay has been built from personal experience selling on eBay and observing thousands of listings on that selling platform.

Some of these items can be found for free and sold for pure profit; others are worth hundreds or even THOUSANDS on eBay.

All for stuff you just have lying around your house or at your local thrift store.

Mind. Blown.

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. That means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read more here.

How to get the most money for your stuff on eBay

If you want to make money on eBay, the Advanced Search feature is the most valuable tool you have in your eBay arsenal.

It allows you to check Sold Prices for similar items so that you can see what other people (read, competitors) are charging for the exact same things.

Don’t try and sell something without first checking to see the value of the item on eBay (especially if you are thrift flipping for profit).

Knowing the approximate value of the item you are selling will help in pricing it to sell fast for a tidy profit.

Remember, always check items for their SOLD PRICE and not by current list prices.

People could charge any price for anything on eBay if they want; that doesn’t mean it will sell!

If something is not selling either the price is too high or that is not a desirable item.

Whenever you are digging around your home searching for treasures or browsing secondhand items, have the eBay app open so you can quickly check recent sale prices for items you find!

Want more helpful tips on how to find the best stuff to sell on eBay and make $200, $700, or even $2,000 by selling a single item?

Read Rob and Melissa’s story and how they earned $133,000 their first year flipping full-time after Rob’s health insurance was cut at work!

They even took something they purchased for $100 and sold it for over$5,000 last year!!!

How to use the eBay app advanced search function on your mobile phone:

  1. Open the eBay app
  2. Click the magnifying glass at the bottom to open the search bar
  3. Type your keyword in the search bar – it will automatically open the results for that keyword
  4. Hit the “Filter” button at the top right of the app
  5. Scroll down to toggle the button for Sold Items until it turns green
  6. Click done and see recently sold items (green)
  7. Look for prices in green and check the cha-ching!

Now, on to the list!

Here are 75 surprising items you can sell on eBay

This list is SURPRISING things that sell well on eBay — I’m not going to go over things like iPhones, MacBooks, and Yeezy shoes because — duh — obviously, those things are going to sell well.

Here are some of the best selling items on eBay that you can find laying around your home or easily at the thrift store!

Items have been separated into categories for your convenience.

Toys and collectibles to sell on eBay

#1: Swarovski crystals and crystal figurines

These are worth more if you have the original box, but can also be sold without — I have even successfully sold crystal figurines that were broken!

#2: Disney Items

Almost anything Disney sells well on eBay. If you have multiple items within a category (like a bunch of DVDs) it’s great to bundle them together.

Here are some Disney items to watch out for:

  • Vintage mugs
  • Funko pop Disney characters
  • Figurines
  • Snowglobes
  • Dolls
  • DVD lots

#3: Barbies

Barbies can be sold individually or in related lots, such as “Christmas Barbies” or “Gone with the Wind Barbies”.

Even if you have Barbies with missing parts or in poor condition you can sell those as a lot — some people use them for arts and craft projects.

#4: Barbie accessories

Barbie clothing and accessories can be sold on eBay separately. Barbie shoes, purses, houses, cars, pets, hair care items, etc, it’s all sellable.

#5: Almost anything Star Wars

Vintage Star Wars toys can be worth a lot, especially if they are still mint condition in the box. However, anything with a Star Wars theme can do well, like Star Wars lunch boxes.

#6: LEGOs

LEGO lots and collectible LEGOs (especially vintage LEGO sets that are still in the box) are great items to sell. If you can find unopened vintage LEGO sets you could be sitting on a gold mine. However, even assorted LEGOs can be sold, even in small lots.

#7: On-trend toys

Pay attention to trending items and you can really make big money! At one point Hatchimals were being snapped up by resellers for Christmas for $79.99 at stores like Walmart and then being resold for $200-$500 on eBay!

Trends come and go, so try to keep your eyes peeled for any opportunities to get on board.

#8: Vintage toys

With the advent of shows like Stranger Things, vintage nostalgia is at an all-time high! Cash in by looking for retro and vintage items from the ’80s, ’90s, or even earlier!

Here just a few types of vintage toys that I have seen sell well on eBay:

  • My Little Pony
  • Vintage He-Man and She-Ra dolls
  • Kenner Shimmers
  • Teddy Ruxbin
  • Cabbage Patch
  • Furbies
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

#9: Vinyl records

Especially for in-demand idols like The Beatles or Bruce Springsteen, vinyl records are a great item to watch out for and sell on eBay. (It’s best to make sure it is in working condition before selling.)

#10: Board games

Board games can be pretty expensive. If you can find a vintage board game in good condition with all it’s pieces or new board games that are unopened those can be sold for good prices. Unopened vintage board games are probably worth the most.

#11: Head vases

Popularized in the 1950s, ceramic head vases can go for HUNDREDS on eBay, especially if you have a beloved person or character (like Jackie O or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz) or an ultra-rare head vase.

One of my prized possessions is a head vase given to me by my grandmother.

When I started selling on eBay, I decided to look her up, just to see what she is worth. Mine looks just like this one below.

My grandma’s old head vase is worth $440!!! Can you believe it?

Household items to sell on eBay

#12: High-End or Vintage Tableware

High-end brands like West Elm and Better Homes and Gardens can sell for up to $50/plate, even in pre-owned condition with some wear. Also, pay attention to current trends because these items can often be snapped up and resold for higher prices (I am seeing this with brands like Rae Dunn, currently).

(Check for the brand or maker’s mark stamped at the bottom of any plates or bowls to get an idea of the price.)

#13: Teacups

Teacups seem to be worth either nothing or a lot. Check the makers stamp on the bottom of your teacups and compare to the ones online. I saw one teacup go for over $800! *Sips tea*.

(Check for the brand or maker’s mark stamped at the bottom of any plates or bowls to get an idea of the price.)

#14: Fenton and carnival glass

Not all Fenton or carnival glasses command high prices. Certain colors, collections, and sizes are worth more. Any damage will also reduce the price — watch out for chips or hairline fractures on these items, which can be hard to miss.

#15: Cookware

People LOVE to look for deals on high-end cookware available for resale on eBay! For example, wannabe chefs can score this 5-Quart Le Creuset braiser for 1/3 to 1/2 price on eBay!

Other kitchen brands to watch for:

  • All-Clad
  • Nordic Ware
  • Pampered Chef
  • Emile Henry

#16: Jadite

Jadite is a highly desirable a radiation-green looking type glass and you can often find plates, bowls, saucers, and vases at thrift stores.

While always popular with niche buyers, Jadite seems to be making a mainstream comeback recently thanks to Chip and Jo from Fixer Upper. I recently saw that they had some Jadite-style cups and other items for sale at Target for their Hearth and Hand line!

#17: Pyrex

If you have some old Pyrex sets in good condition (especially certain colors like turquoise and pink or patterns like the atomic eye) you can sell them for a tidy profit.

If you find them while thrifting, refer to competitor listings and make sure you aren’t missing any pieces, like a lid to a dish or bowl, which may reduce the expected price.

Shoes, Apparel, and Accessories

#18: Name brand and lots of clothing

Brand name clothing can sell well on eBay, depending on the time of the year and the brand. While new with tags items usually perform better, your item doesn’t necessarily need to be in perfect condition if it is highly desirable!

Here are some brand names that sell well:

  • J. Crew
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Burberry
  • Johnny Was
  • Rag and Bone
  • Anthropologie
  • Free People

If you don’t have highly desirable brands, even regular brands can be sold in bulk, like lots of Old Navy summer clothes in the same size.

(Always be open and honest about the condition of the item, which will reduce the chances of having returned items or negative reviews.)

#19: Athletic clothing

Both new and vintage name brand sportswear sell well on eBay. The condition is important; less visible wear is preferred.

Here are some great brands to sell:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Under Armour
  • Lululemon
  • Alo yoga wear

#20: Lilly Pulitzer stuff

Lilly Pulitzer is a popular brand with women which produces colorful clothing and other wares, such as bedding and even picnic baskets!

#21. Women’s handbags

Name brand handbags in good condition, such as Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Kate Spade to name a few, can go for hundreds or even thousands!

#22: Suits and blazers

Women’s and men’s suits do well, depending on the brand. I am more familiar with women’s suits and see a lot of Kay Unger, Talbots, Tahari, etc.

#23: Wedding and formal dress wear

New, used, and vintage dresses for prom, quinceañera, or weddings sell great!

One of my best friends bought a Monique Lhuillier lace dress for her wedding from eBay for $1,500 — and she sold it after her wedding for the same price! Now that’s thrifty.

#24: Levi’s jeans

Levi’s jeans are one of those niche things certain people seem to love. They are very popular in Europe — my husband said people in Germany went crazy for them when he was living there. Vintage Levi’s can go for over $100!

#25: Watches

Watches are a good thing to watch out for (see what I did there?) Watches can go anywhere from a couple of bucks up to tens of thousands of dollars!

(Read about the guy who bought a watch from Goodwill for $6 and sold it for $35,000.)

#26: Engagement rings

Broken engagement? Unloved gift? Ring doesn’t fit anymore? Sell it!

#27. Jewelry

Since necklaces are very light in weight and can be shipped with minimal cost, nice necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry can be sold for a nice profit.

Estate sales are especially great places to grab sweet deals on jewelry. You can also sell jewelry lots with random pieces as a “junk jewelry’ sale.

#28: Men’s leather shoes

If you have unwanted leather shoes, those can sell really quickly. Look for desirable brands with minimal wear — larger men’s sizes can sell particularly well because men with larger feet often have a hard time finding shoes that fit (look for wide sizes like EEE)!

Here are some brands that sell well:

  • Allen Edmonds
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Cole Haan
  • Prada
  • Dolce Gabbana
  • Timberland
  • Salvatore Ferragamo

Outdoor Clothing and Gear

#28: Outdoor clothing

Start listing and selling clothing at least one season before — if you want to sell winter items on eBay, begin to list them towards the end of summer and early fall.

Here are a few brands and items that sell well:

  • The North Face
  • Patagonia
  • Kathmandu
  • Pendleton

#29: Snowboarding gear

Anything from snowboarding pants to anti-glare goggles to actual snowboards can be sold on eBay. Don’t forget to start a prior to snowboarding season!

#30: Bicycle parts

Frames, seats, handlebars, and wheels, almost all parts of a bicycle can be sold for a great price on eBay, if you have a high-quality bike.

#31: Picnic baskets

Almost every time I go to Goodwill I see vintage picnic baskets, which are quickly snapped up! If you can find a wicker picnic basket with all the tableware and accessories still inside that can fetch a great price on eBay!

Infant and child care

#32: Pack ‘n Play parts

If you had kids, chances are you probably have a Pack ‘n Play laying around somewhere (one of the most useful baby shower gifts I EVER received).

A PNP can be broken down into parts and sold piece by piece for the same price as a brand new model!

#33: Infant sleepwear

Infant sleep (or lack thereof) is a big deal for parents. If you have any Halo sleepsacks or Zipadee-zips laying around, sell them for a quick profit.

#34: Fertility monitors

Fertility monitors and accessories to track fertility are very, very expensive. You can recoup some of that cost by reselling your fertility monitor, unused fertility monitor sticks, fertility bracelets, ovulation testers, and more on eBay!

#35: Infant car seats and accessories

Even if you only have the base, you can make good money. Make sure that you know the manufacture date (should be somewhere on the car seat) because they have a limited shelf life (mine was a Chicco Keyfit 30, good for 8 years).

#36: Baby carriers

Again, pretty much all moms have owned at least one (and sometimes many) types of wearable baby carriers (I had an organic Ergo). When you don’t need it anymore, sell it on eBay!

#37: Niche baby items

Niche baby care items can also sell well. I had this pillow to help remediate my son’s plagiocephaly (flat head) and after he was finished using it, that used pillow went for $90 on eBay!

I also sold some wedge-shaped pillows that were meant to be placed under mattresses to help children with reflux issues.

If you have any specialty items that your children used and have outgrown they can be passed on to a new family for a good price.

#38: Trains and train sets

Not only more recent train sets like Thomas and Chuggington but also vintage toy trains can be sold on eBay. You don’t have to have the entire set either; people often buy replacement tracks and parts for items that get broken or lost.

#39: Diaper bags and accessories

I converted my Ju-Ju-Be BFF diaper bag into a camera bag (you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands), but I could have just as easily sold it on eBay.

Brands like JuJuBe and Petunia Picklebottom sell very well on eBay, even if they are in used condition.

(Find out how to clean your JuJuBe diaper bag or when you are done lugging diapers around turn it into a camera bag with this sweet hack!)

Sporting gear

#40: Baseball mitts

Start selling your old mitts before or during baseball season and you can make a pretty penny. Vintage mitts can go for hundreds, depending on the brand and specific model.

Take a look at the palm, the stitching, inside the mitt, etc to assess the quality and note the specific mitt type and use the eBay Advanced Search feature to try and look up the specific mitt on eBay.

You can also check the maker’s website or run an online search. There are websites that specifically list different baseball mitts by serial number to help people identify their value.

#41: Golf shoes

Both new, used, and vintage golf shoes can be sold quickly for the right price. Try and clean any dirt, grass, or other debris off before photographing and selling.

#42: Team sports apparel and collectibles

Jerseys, shot glasses, bobbleheads, all sorts of team collectibles can be resold on eBay.

Tech and electronics

#43: Broken phones

If you got a new phone because your old one broke you can sell your broken phone! Some people buy broken phones specifically to flip.

Just BE SAFE and wipe your phone of all data before selling!

#44: Phone accessories

Because phones are so expensive nowadays there is a big market for replacement phone parts and accessories, like cords.

Protective phone and iPad cases, like Otterbox, can sell well, even in used condition.

#45: Video game consoles

If you are a lucky soul that has an original, working Atari or Nintendo, there is a great market out there for that.

#46: Video Games

From vintage to brand new, video games are in hot demand. Check individual games on the eBay app to see what they are worth — make sure they are in working order before you sell (unless they are new in the box, in which case don’t open them!)

#47: Video Game controllers

Video game controllers can get expensive so if you have any extras lying around they can be sold on eBay for a decent amount.

#48: Cameras and accessories

Cameras and camera accessories are very expensive; a lens alone can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. People like to watch out for deals on costly camera equipment like Nikon and Canon DSLRs so they don’t have to pay full price.

#49: Polaroid cameras and accessories

While you can buy new Polaroid camera models now online, vintage Polaroids and Polaroid film can also be sold on eBay. Check out how much someone paid for that that Polaroid film below!

Beauty products

#50: Perfume and cologne

As long as you have more than 90% of a desirable type of perfume or cologne, you can sell it!

Highly valued and discontinued perfumes can go for even more, and people might even still be will to buy if it’s 50% full or less.

#51: Unused makeup

If you have some MAC eyeshadows or Estee Lauder lipsticks you have never used, turn those into cash in a heartbeat.

#52: Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes can also be sold on eBay. MAC is one brand that seems to be consistently in high demand on eBay.

#53: Empty perfume bottles and makeup containers

Colorful, vintage, or high-ticket items like MAC, Christian Dior, Guerlain, and more can sell even if the containers are empty!

#54: Special Edition makeup collectibles

Makeup or makeup accessories that are sold as part of a “special edition” series can be sold for high prices! I once sold an empty Estee Lauder compact that was covered in Swarovski crystals for over $60!

Cars and Motorcycles

Yes, you can sell entire cars and motorcycles on eBay. Buyers may even be willing to drive long distances to acquire specialty vehicles or antiques.

#56: Car and motorcycle parts and accessories

Anything from replacement seats to engine parts can be sold on eBay. People who buy cars as donors for cars they are trying to update can break down the entire car into parts to resell on eBay.

#57: Bike wheels

I don’t get it, but bike wheels go for tons. Make sure you know the specific brand, size, etc.

Weird stuff to sell on eBay

#58: Empty Boxes

It may seem unbelievable but people will actually pay for empty boxes on eBay. Here are some empty boxes that you can sell for high prices on eBay:

  • Shoe boxes (like Converse, Nike, Adidas, etc)
  • American Girl boxes
  • Apple iPhone or computer boxes
  • Cigar boxes
  • Swarovski crystal boxes

#59: Empty bottles

Just like empty boxes, empty bottles can also sell well. Desirable bottles include:

  • Hennessey bottles
  • Tequila bottles
  • Dom Perignon bottles

#60: Vacuum cleaner parts

Same idea as the PNP, if you have a defunct vacuum or upgraded to a new vacuum recently, that old vacuum is worth more in parts than it would be to sell as a whole.

#61: Vintage Playboy magazines

Not my thing, but these seem to do well on eBay. I know a guy whose dad had boxes and boxes of these!

#62: Used Crayons

Crafters love to buy crayons in bulk to melt down and make all sorts of different projects.

#63: Toilet Paper Rolls

Also used for various crafts.

#64: Power tools and accessories

Vroom vroom! Power tools and power tool accessories, like drill bits, can all be sold on eBay.

#65: Gold or silver by weight

If you have a lot of gold or silver items, you can also sell them by the oz on eBay.

#66: Discontinued items

If you have discontinued items you might be sitting on a goldmine. Even food items that have been discontinued can sell for a pretty penny. The McDonald’s Szechuan sauce was trending a while back because of a Rick and Moriarty episode!

#67: Pinecones

Large pine cones sell great on eBay, especially during the holidays. Crafters and home decor pros love pinecones for DIY projects and home decor, the bigger the better!

Since you can find pinecones for free this item is pure profit.

#68: Wine Corks

Like pinecones, wine corks are popular for all kinds of crafts, like cork boards or kitchen chargers.

#69: Ugly or Funky Christmas sweaters

Keep your eyes peeled all year round for ugly or funky Christmas sweaters because these babies sell like hotcakes for the holidays. Tons of people specifically buy ugly sweaters to get a laugh out of their pals at Christmas bashes.

Look for tons of sequins, crazy knits, and lots of personality. List for sale well before Christmas, even as early as Halloween.

#70: Foreign Language items

People who want to learn another language (or give their children toys to help them their native language) will appreciate the opportunity to buy cool products in a different language, like foreign language books, newspapers, toys, music, and more.

#71: Airplane amenity kits

No joke, these items that you get for free when traveling by plane can be sold on eBay! The biggest profit will be for First and Business Class kits, especially names like United Polaris or Delta Tumi, but you can also sell lots of amenity kits for a decent price.

Books and papers

#72: Book lots

It can be hard to make decent money with individual books on eBay, as the market is saturated — unless you have high-demand, antique, rare, or signed books.

However, if you have a group of many similar books, like Stephen King horror novels, the Harry Potter complete series, or even vegan cookbooks, your listing could do very well. I have also sold manga lots (Japanese comics), books related to Montessori-style teaching, etc.

With books, take care to note any wear or damage. Common book wear includes wear marks on the spines, bleaching of the cover due to sun exposure, or missing pages.

#73: Textbooks

Old textbooks often fetch a high price; if you are a student, it’s better to sell them right after waiting many years (like I did), as the price tends to lower as new editions are published. However, if you can find vintage textbooks from decades past those might also command high prices!

#74: Instruction manuals

Instruction manuals are easy to lose or misplace. If you have instruction manuals for cars or appliances that you don’t need anymore you can sell them on eBay.

#75: Box Tops and coupons

If you are someone who goes through a lot of packaging, newspapers, mail, and catalogs you can collect Box Tops for Education and coupons and sell those online!

There you have it! A list of 75 items you can sell on eBay.

But don’t stop there…there are many, many more things that people want to pay you good money for! Take a look around your house and see what unwanted items you have that could be turned to cash.

Where to go next:

Sign up at so you can start making money on eBay today!

Want to start selling but you feel like you need more information? Check out this post with all my best tips and hacks for selling on eBay that got me to $1,000+/month in my spare time!

Our guides below will help you get started selling and provide more details on pricing your items, choosing your shipping options, setting up how you’ll get paid after a sale, and more.

Looking to buy an item? Read our article about getting started on eBay.

Once you’ve signed up for an eBay account, here’s how to start selling:

  1. Select Sell at the top of any eBay page or go to Sell your item.
  2. Create a listing for the item you’d like to sell.
  3. Confirm your details and add an automatic payment method for any eBay fees.

You may be asked to verify your identity through a credit card or telephon number to keep your account secure.

Visit our Seller Center for more help with selling for the first time.

To get a listing up in minutes and upload photos straight from your device, use our mobile app.

Helpful selling articles

Get off to a good start by reading our guides on creating effective listings, setting up your shipping options, and choosing how to get paid after you sell your item.

Signing up for an eBay account

Find out how you can set up an eBay account in just a few minutes.

Creating a listing

Creating a listing is the first step in getting your item in front of buyers. We have a range of features to help make sure your listing stands out.

Pricing your items

Listing your items at the right price will help them sell. Learn how best to price your item in auction-style or Buy It Now listings.

Setting up and changing your payment method

When you create a seller account, you’ll need to add a payment method to pay for any eBay selling fees, eBay Money Back Guarantee reimbursements, subscriptions, and other supplemental service fees. You can choose PayPal, direct debit, or credit card as your payment method.

Setting up your shipping options

Learn about the range of delivery options that you can offer your buyers.

Getting paid for items you sell

Find out how you get paid for items you sell on eBay.

Manage returns, missing items, and refunds

Learn how to handle any issues that a buyer may have with a purchase.

eBay’s rules and policies

We’re committed to providing a secure and fair marketplace, so we’ve developed rules and policies that govern our expectations of buyers and sellers. You’ll also find information on the actions we’ll take to keep you safe and how we’ll protect you if something goes wrong.

Seller news and updates

We’re making some changes to the selling experience to help maximize your profits and give your buyers more reasons to shop on eBay.

For the latest updates, read our Seller Center news.

51 Secrets to eBay Success

40. Open a premier or business PayPal account. Many buyers limit their eBay shopping to those sellers who offer PayPal. Using PayPal makes tracking sales, invoicing and bookkeeping much easier. -J.G.

41. Pennies count. Keep track of expenses. The difference in listing fees between starting an item at $9.99 and at $10.00 is 25 cents. That adds up to $25 if you’re listing 100 items per week. Also pay attention to hidden costs like shipping supplies and postage. -S.L.

Competitive Edge

43. Watch your competition. Search them out on eBay. Follow their sales. Determine their best business practices, and adopt them. For example, if your competition is offering goods similar to yours at about the same price, consider driving customers to your items by offering free shipping on some or all of them. -J.G.

44. Don’t be afraid to put some items away and wait for your competition to sell out. Profits definitely rise when you’re the only source of a popular item. -S.L.

45. Cultivate your customer database–it’s a gold mine. You can use it to market any of your new items directly to qualified customers. For example, you could send a monthly newsletter to your database to describe your new products or to give these customers discounts. But before you proceed with any marketing campaign using your buyers’ e-mail addresses, be sure you understand and comply with the national spam laws. -D.E.

46. Cross-promote with your e-mail signature. It should read something like “If you need additional products or services, please visit my Storefront at” -D.E.

Growing Your Business

47. Don’t open an eBay store until you’ve had a number of transactions on the site and you’re comfortable with the way eBay works. -M.C.

48. When you do open an eBay store, be sure you take advantage of eBay’s cross-promotion tools. These tools allow you to choose which merchandise is featured in your store, so you can choose items that might be of interest to somebody already buying one of your listed items. -M.C.

49. Once you become a PowerSeller, consider using a service like, which allows you to print your own postage and delivery confirmations on one label and gives you a separate expense line for your postage. -M.C.

50. Don’t limit yourself to buyers in the United States. Many brands that are popular and easy to come by in the United States are practically impossible to get elsewhere. For example, a friend of mine bought some OshKosh B’Gosh baby clothes at a local garage sale and sold them on eBay to an eager mother in Australia for a nice profit. And I bought model airplane engines that are made in Germany at a local swap meet and was surprised to find my biggest demand for these engines came from buyers in Germany. -D.E.

51. Remember this simple rule for non-U.S. buyers: Don’t accept foreign currency; specify that you’ll accept U.S. dollars only. If a buyer sends you $20 Canadian and you were expecting $20 American, you just lost about $8, depending on the current rate of exchange. Always specify “U.S. funds only.” And consider the additional shipping charges that may apply before you agree to ship the product outside of the country. -D.E.

With the rapid growth of the e-Commerce industry, selling online has become one of the most trending businesses of today. We can see several online stores that have grown from a mere buying/selling platform into full-fledged online stores with their own warehouses. Although the industry is dominated by some giant stores such as Aliexpress, Amazon, etc., yet, thanks to simple, smart and intuitive shop building tools such as Shopify, we see now new stores emerging online every day. This growing trend of online shopping compels everyone to start making money while sitting at home. So, here are the top 25 most trending products to sell online this year.

1. Phone Accessories

As the smartphone industry is growing exponentially with each passing day, so does the phone accessories industry grow too! Phone covers, phone grips, screen protectors, chargers, earphones, and a variety of different products head into the market every now and then. In the previous years, we have seen this industry bringing in several innovative items that have now become a necessity for cellphone users. According to an estimate, this industry will reach around $107.3 billion in the market cap.

So, if you want to establish a long-term and profitable business, try starting your e-store with these small items. You will be astonished to see how these little things give you significant profit margins.

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2. Smartwatches

Along with several ‘smart’ products, we can now see an array of smartwatches that make our lives easier. A few years back, no one could have thought of a watch telling us about our heart rate or blood pressure, or to guide us about our destination while traveling. But, today, the tech advancements have improvised this niche too.

Smartwatches are indeed a trending product niche for the year . So why not include this product in your e-store to give it a boost?

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3. Shapewear

Today, our lifestyle has become so static that keeping one’s body in good shape is hard to achieve. Consequently, people, and mostly women, are ready to go for any procedures that could help them feel more confident. In an attempt to satiate this crave, shapewear were designed. These inner wear apparels painlessly shape the body based on the wearer’s definition of an ideal appearance.

The popularity of shapewear particularly among women makes this product to be rightly listed among the top 25 most trending products to sell online this year.

4. Facial Masks

As said above, women are always ready to try new beauty related techniques and products. In fact, today, we even see the men becoming conscious about their skin and looks. Thus, facial masks constitute a perfect selling product niche for higher profit margins. You can include a variety of face masks, from the deep cleansing ones to the moisturizing ones, blackhead removers, or the whitening masks. Mainly, the trend of using organic face masks with minimal side effects had made this product to be listed among the best sellers.

Setting up your e-store and including face masks will neither require you to invest more money nor will it acquire space. These little products are definitely going to bring tremendous benefits to you.

5. Video Doorbells

What a fun it will be if we can see our video while we ring someone’s doorbell. At least we won’t be conscious of how we will appear to the other person upon meeting. Of course, the idea has dramatically attracted the people in general. Accordingly, video doorbells are among the best selling products of this year. Indeed, focusing on this niche along with other products will indeed give a noteworthy boost to your earnings.

6. Athleisure

As we see the growing turnaround of people towards health and fitness regime, one can truly understand the rise in sales of athletic products. Athleisure hence constitute another top-selling niche product. You can offer these products as a sole product of your e-store. Or, you can include it as one of the product categories of your fashion, gym, or fitness accessories store.

7. Indoor Herb Planting Accessories

As there’s a bulk of modified and adulterated food around us, people are becoming more inclined towards growing their own veggies. At least, they won’t be worried about the low quality of food or use of artificial products for the plant growth. The trend of growing indoor herbs has given rise to increased sales of indoor herb growing devices.

These are smart devices that monitor the need for watering the plant, or soil fertilization. They can even water the plants on their own when you are not around. Some devices come with a small aquarium with a couple of small fishes that tend to fertilize the soil. In turn, they survive gladly in this ecosystem as the soil cleans up the water. This unique setup also adds to your home décor.

With so many benefits, these small accessories deserve to be listed among the top 25 most trending products to sell online this year

8. Flame Lamps

Though not a major selling product at most stores, flame lamps can prove to be a great addition if you establish your store in the niche of home décor. Flame lamps are attractive and unique; Therefore they tend to attract a wider audience. So, if you decide to put up this product at your e-store, get ready to receive an overwhelming response from your customers.

9. Instant Foods and Drinks

People are now so busy to spare time for having proper meals. Hence, they always look around for health products that could replace a meal. What else can be a better option for them than to have ready-made meals? Try keeping a few in your store to have a boosted business.

10. Maternity Dresses

Maternity dresses undoubtedly constitute a product niche that is always in. Regardless of the age, race, or ethnicity, every woman can wear these dresses during her special days to prettify herself. Of course, roaming around with a notable baby bump at times looks awkward. So, these graceful outfits turn out to be the choice for every expecting Mom.

In fact, some of these maternity dresses are so comfortable and well fabricated, that they are also becoming popular among the other women who are not expecting. Consequently, having this product as your one of the main selling items in your e-store is definitely going to benefit you a lot.

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11. Avocado Oil

Continuing with our list of top 25 most trending products to sell online this year, we will now talk about the gift from Mother Nature – the avocado oil. Avocado oil has proven medicinal properties for skin problems. It is a must-have ingredient for most face masks. It also confers detox properties that keep your skin radiantly fresh. Besides, it also accelerates hair growth, helps reduce weight, assists you in getting rid of excess body fats, and contributes towards wound healing.

12. Backpacks

Gone are those days when wearing a bag looked nerdy. Today, backpacks are one of the leading products in the market, having a worth of around $151 billion. Whether it is about a man, a woman, or a school kid, the need for a having a trendy backpack pinches them all. Indeed, it’s a wonderful niche product for your e-store.

13. Subscription Boxes

Now, this is a huge niche attracting a wide range of customers. You can offer different boxes of varying sizes targeting different product lines. You will end up with a substantial demand for these boxes from other retailers.

14. VR Accessories

We have witnessed a lot of buzz in the tech-market due to AR and VR advancements. Mainly, due to the rise of VR games, the sale of these accessories is rising exponentially. Why not add these to your e-store to attract customers?

15. Themed/Fandom Clothes

T-shirts with a unicorn theme or Superman logo have always been an all-time favorite. Today, shirts bearing catchy and funky slogans and texts are adding up to this trend. You can set up your store on these funky items, and enjoy getting big profits from small things.

16. Fidget Spinners

Though fidget spinners were initially invented to help autism patients, they gained tremendous popularity in the previous year, and are still among the top-selling products of this year. Such a trendy product deserves to be in your new store without a second thought.

17. Simple Watches

Among all the funky wristwatches for the teens, those simple watches still outshine globally owing to their trendiness. These watches are never outdated and get along well with every outfit. Hence, there remains a continued, in fact, an ever-rising demand for minimalist watches.

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18. Highlighters

Though a little thing, highlighters have always remained a point of attention among the one. They now have created a lot of hype on Instagram too. They might not generate an instant profit, they will surely be an excellent addition if you base your store towards beauty and cosmetics.

19. Portable Projectors

Moving on with the wireless drift, the portable LED projectors are now trending in the market with an expected worth to be $3.44 by the year 2022. These projectors swiftly get connected to your smartphones. Hence, they empower you to deliver any presentation then and there. It is particularly supportive for the sales professionals.

20. Pet Care Accessories

Almost 90% of your customers would be roaming around other stores looking for something interesting for their pets. Why not grab them to your shop by keeping pet products? Start by offering pet foods. Once the sales begin, you can include other accessories too.

21. Beard Oil

As men are becoming crazier to have thick beards, the need for the beard-care products is also trending. Try keeping beard oil as a side product in your store. You will witness the boosted rise in your sales yourself.

22. Nootropics

Nootropics are energy boosters that instantly revitalize your cognition when you feel dizzy. These products usually attract the working individuals since they need an instant boost to their lowering energy levels while working. So, why not grab a considerable clientele by keeping such products in your e-store.

Note: this niche is not recommended for beginners.

23. Night Masks

Whether you are targeting travel products, or are basing your store on skin care niche, night masks can fit your e-store well. The growing sales of these masks, owing to their various benefits, make this product a profitable one.

24. Detox Products

Another trendy product with lots of benefits, detox tea and related items are a must-have for your e-store. These products bring with them a huge sales margin, no matter whether you focus on health products in your store, beauty products, skin care, or nutraceuticals. Detox products fit well in all categories.

25. Planners and Notebooks

The last product in our list of the top 25 most trending products to sell online this year is the all-time favorite notebooks and planners. This is something of a trend since ancient times. And will continue to be for life. Investing your resources on this product for your e-store will definitely pay you off.

The Important Take Away

How to Begin?

You can set up your own e-commerce store via Shopify – a trending e-commerce platform aiding the growing entrepreneurs to run their own businesses. To begin with, structure your site’s layout according to the numbers of products and pages you want. Configure your online store for other features.

Once done, download the Oberlo extension to your Shopify store. Oberlo is a popular dropshipping app through which you can get connected to the big Chinese stores such as Aliexpress or Alibaba.

Oberlo helps you import your desired products directly from the stores to your e-store. Then you can update the availability and other details of these products on your store.

Once you receive the orders, Oberlo will handle the entire shipping of orders from your e-store to your customers. Doesn’t it sound easy?

How Can You Sell Your Products Easily?

Today, when everything is going virtual, how can one expect that the buying/selling techniques will require physical presence necessarily? Now you don’t need to roam around to sell your products. You can create your own stores while sitting at home.

In fact, you don’t even need to have a space to store your products, instead they will also be handled online. Confused? Here’s how it works : If you want to sell your products, you can do so by any one of the two most common methods. First is uploading ads about your products on popular online stores. Secondly, you can go for Dropshipping, a method where you do not physically communicate with the buyers or the product manufacturers. Instead, you just receive orders from your customers on a retail price and forward those orders to the manufacturing stores.

From these stores, you buy the products yourself on a wholesale price. Then you let the store ship the ordered product directly to the customer. Accordingly, you gain profit as the difference of retail and wholesale rates.

We hope you will now have a good idea about the top 25 most trending products to sell online this year. Try setting up your business on any one or more of these products and enjoy running your own business from the comfort of your home. Good luck!

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This post contains affiliate links. Feel free to view my disclosure here.

Good morning everyone. By now, you probably know that eBay is one of my favorite side hustles. I enjoy flipping items a lot. It’s fun and easy to do. I’ve had a decent amount of success selling on eBay, and I only do it part-time Recently, I’ve begun to get some questions concerning different things that you can sell. In today’s post, I want to share with you 100 things to sell on eBay. After you read this epic list of items to sell on eBay, there should be no reason for you not to be making money.

1. Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are one of my favorite things to sell. I’ve done well selling Old Jordan’s. Other types of Nike’s will make you some money as well. Before you just start listing shoes, make sure that you do your research.

2. Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are another one of my favorite items. A lot of people collect them all over the world. Sports bobbleheads, for the most part, are can’t miss things.

3. Blank CDs

People will purchase your blank CDs if you list them.

4. Books

Some people make a killing off of books. Finding the right ones will take a little time. You have to research and see what titles are popular and how much they are going for on the market.

5. Sports Jerseys

This is another can’t miss item. Jerseys are another good selling item. I’ve made money from selling basketball, baseball, football, and soccer jerseys. One of my earliest eBay sales was that of a Dwyane Wade Miami Heat jersey. I found it at a thrift store for $3. I was able to sell it for $45. The $42 profit was nice.

6. Sports Tags

Sports fans are everywhere. They will buy multiple items that represent their team. Sports tags are n exceptions.

7. Blank Cassettes

Some people love nostalgia. Blank tapes sell well in lots (groups).

8. Working Cell Phones

Cell phones can be expensive if you purchase them from the provider’s store. People sell them on eBay for a little cheaper and still make a lot of money.

9. Coffee Mugs

There are thousands of coffee mug collectors out there. Many mugs sell very well. If you manage to find some Starbucks coffee mugs, you could have potentially hit the lottery. Many of those mugs sell for more than $30 a pop.

10. Team Flags

This is another sports-related item that you can sell.

11. VHS Tapes

VHS tapes are another item that sells well in lots. The more that you package together, the more that you will make from your sale.

12. Old Cell Phones

You can still make money off old cell phones. Some people enjoy using older phones because they may be easier to navigate to them. Others purchase them for the parts.

13. T-shirts

Some t-shirts sell pretty well. Before you list the shirt, check eBay to see if there is a market for it.

14. Jackets

Jackets sell pretty well depending on the brand.

15. Records

Records are another item that people collect. The better the artist is, the better your chance of having that album sell will be. A couple of years ago, I made $20 off The Eagles “Hotel California” album.

16. Gift Cards

People get gift cards that they don’t use all the time. If you’re in that situation, you can list it on eBay. I’ve listed $25 gift cards for $23.99. They are quick sellers.

17. Polo Shirts

Polo is a very popular brand. All types of people wear the shirts.

18. Fitted Hats

Fitted hats can be pretty expensive at stores like Lids. You will find a lot of buyers looking for them on eBay.

19. DVD’s

DVD’s are another item that sells in lots. If your DVD’s haven’t been opened yet, you will get a little more cash for them.

Get your eBay shirt today!

20. Sports Cards

Many people all over the world collect sports cards. If you have some that you don’t want, you can list them on eBay.

21. Dress Shoes

People love dress shoes. They may not be able to find a certain brand in their area, so they look for it on eBay.

22. Sports Posters

Posters are another item that sports fans love to collect.

23. Star Wars Memorabilia

People love Star Wars. There are hundreds of Star Wars related items that you can sell such as toys.

24. Remote Controls

People break or misplace remote controls all the time. You’d be surprised, but there is a real market for reselling remote controls.

25. Koozies

There are millions of beer drinkers out there. Some of them keep their beer cool with koozies.

26. Halloween Costumes

People can’t always find their Halloween costumes at their local costume store. They may look online for suggestions.

27. Coupons

eBay coupons sell pretty good. People are all for saving money. Coupons will help you do that. Coupons sell better when it’s more than one of them.

28. Watches

This item can sell for good money depending on the brand of the watch. I’ve sold a couple of watches before for a pretty good amount.

29. Board Games

Selling board games can be hit or miss. I’ve sold some for about $10-$12, but I’ve also sold a couple for over $40 as well.

30. Cologne

Cologne makes great gifts. There is a good market for it on eBay.

31. Socks

You can list regular socks or sports-related socks.

32. Dress Shirts

I’ve sold a few dress shirts before. Some brands can go for a good amount.

33. Playing Cards

Playing cards are the next item on the list. I’ve sold some regular cards as well as some Uno cards.

34. Suits

Everyone dresses up from time to time. I sold a suit that I never wore on the site. It sold for nearly $50.

35. TV’s

All types of TV’s are listed for sale on eBay. If you have one that you don’t want, you should list it.

36. DVD player

Even though they are not as popular as they used to be, DVD players are still sold for a decent amount. I sold one for $35 a few months ago.

37. VCR

Some people like nostalgia. That is the case for many people that use VCR’s. Some brands like Sony can sell for a couple of hundred bucks.

38. iPad

People love their Apple products. There is a lot of money to be made from them including IPads.

39. iPod

This is another Apple product. It doesn’t matter the generation; they will generally still sell.

40. Broken electronics

There are some crafty people out there. They can fix broken electronics, or they can use them for parts.

41. CD Players

Another retro item that people love is CD players. Surprisingly some of them are selling for hundreds.

42. Walkman

Walkman’s were clutch back in the day. People still love them. Depending on the condition of it, you could make nearly one hundred dollars.

43. Empty Tissue Rolls

These sell well in lots. Teachers buy and use them for art projects.

44. Vases

Vases are another item that can be considered as a collectible.

45. Pottery

Pottery can be a collectible item as well.

46. Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are the next item on the list. Many folks love to collect them.

47. Shades

This is another item that people love. Finding some good shades isn’t always the easiest. There are thousands listed on eBay.

48. Picture Frames

People collect picture frames. The one that you list can be the next one that sells.

49. Jeans

Jeans are another clothing item that people are always looking for. Heck, I need a couple of pair of jeans myself.

50. Blazers

Blazers are the next item on the list. Men and women both wear blazers for work and for going out.

51. Necklaces

Necklaces are another hot item that can be sold pretty quickly.

52. Old Camera’s

Old cameras are sold on eBay by the masses. People purchase them for their parts.

53. Discontinued items

If you have something that was discontinued, there is a good chance that the item is already listed on eBay. If the item is selling for a good price, you should list yours. I’ve seen discontinued clothes, shoes and even food sold on eBay.

54. Dresses

This is another item of clothing that you can flip if you know what you are doing. I’ve never attempted to sell a dress.

55. Earrings

This another piece of jewelry that you can sale

56. Women’s Hygiene Products

Believe it or not; there is a market for women’s hygiene products.

57. Greek Wear

If you are in a fraternity or sorority, you can sell your items on the site.

58. Laptops

Whether they are working or not, laptops are a popular item that is sold on eBay. A couple of years ago, I was able to flip a broken laptop for nearly $60.

59. Chargers

Chargers get misplaced, or they break all the time. If you have some extras, you should list them.

60. Hard drives

People love to install or fix hard drives. If you have one that you’re not using, try listing it.

61. Empty Boxes

I don’t know why, but sometimes empty boxes sell.

62. Airline Lounge Passes

When traveling, some people want to get a break from the crowds. They may want to go to the airline’s sky lounge to get away. You can get in those clubs if you have a certain credit card., a certain amount of airline points or you can buy a day pass. If you have some passes to the lounge that you are not using, post them on eBay.

63. Belts

Everyone needs a good belt from time to time.

64. Custom Shirts

If you make custom shirts, then this is another place for you to sell them.

65. Headphones

Headphones are another thing that people need.

66. Sweaters

In the winter, sweaters are a favorite article of clothing.

67. Tools

Fellas always need good drill or hammer just in case they need to fix something.

68. Antiques

If you do your research, you can sell antiques for hundreds of dollars. Make sure you pack them well when you are getting them ready to ship. You don’t want any to break.

69. Ink Cartridges

This is another item that sells well in lots. People will buy your ink cartridges even if they are expired.

70. Wallet

Wallets can be good gift items. They are always in high demand.

71. Purses

Women love their purses. If you have one that you’re not using list it today!

72. Helmets

Several types of helmets are sold on eBay. Football and motorcycle helmets are just a few that you can flip.

73. Souvenirs

List any souvenir that you have and don’t want.

74. Tennis Racquet

Tennis is a popular sport. Serena Williams recently won another Grand Slam. Your tennis racquet can go for a decent amount depending on the brand.

75. Bracelets

Bracelets are another traditional jewelry item.

76. Cuff Links

This item can be a nice compliment to a man’s suit.

77. Comforters

A good comforter can make the sleeping experience so much better.

78. Plates

As long as they are not paper or styrofoam, feel free to list your plates.

79. Bowls

Bowls are another dish that can bring you a quick dollar. I sold a collectible set of Kellogg’s bows for $30 last year.

80. Saucers

Small saucers are another good item.

81. Microphones

There are several kinds of microphones that you can sell.

82. Guitars

There are thousands of musicians out there. Many of them need a place to purchase their instruments. eBay can be a place where they can get their instruments for a good price.

83. 8 Track Tapes

8 track tapes are slowly becoming collector’s items. If you have some lying around the house, you should list them.

84. Calendars

Yes, calendars do sell on eBay.

85. Autographed Pictures

Collecting autographs is pretty big for some people. There is a huge market for them, especially for sports stars.

86. Ties

Ties are a good seller, and they are very easy to ship.

87. Old Magazines

I recently sold some magazines that I purchased from a yard for $20. I only paid $1 for the group of 10.

88. Magnets

Magnets are another item that people collect.

89. Tote Bags

Tote bags are another item that people like.

90. Sports Banners

Besides jersey’s and hats, team banners are another item that sports fans love.

91. Puzzles

Make sure your puzzle has all of its pieces before you list it.

92. Action Figures

A lot of action figures from back in the day are becoming collector’s items. If you have some rare ones, list them today.

93. Legos

You can’t go wrong selling Legos. They sell in complete sets, mini-figures, mixed lots and more.

94. Video Games

Newer video games sell well by themselves. If you have a lot of older games, your best bet would be to sell them in lots.

95. Video Game Consoles

People need something to play those video games that I mentioned above on. Whether it’s a PlayStation or an X-Box, you will be able to sell it on eBay.

96. Stuffed Animals

Kids love stuffed animals.

97. Beanie Babies

This is another item that many folks collect.

98. Sports programs

Sports programs can be worth a lot of money. If you have any programs from championship games, you might make a pretty penny.

99. Vehicles

You can sell cars, trucks, and motorcycles on eBay.

100. Fit Bit

Fit bits are very popular right now. Everyone is trying to maintain their health. Fit Bits help people track things such as the number of steps that someone takes.

Wow! Are you still with me? You’ve just read 100 things to sell on eBay. As you can see, you have a lot of things to choose from. If you’ve been on the brink of selling, but you weren’t sure about what to sell, use this list as a guide. This really is an epic list of items to sell on eBay.

Take a look at my Amazon page. There are a few tools (boxes, bubble wrap, etc) that you can use to help you become successful with your sales.

Related Reading: Here’s a post that features 45 Items That You Sell This Week on eBay

What are a couple of things that you have sold on eBay? How many of the 100 things to sell on eBay have you sold?

I created a course for people that are interested in selling on eBay. It’s called “How to Make Money in Your Spare Time With eBay.” Go here for details.

To succeed in ecommerce you need three things: in-demand products to sell, the skills to market them, and the drive to succeed.

You already have the winner’s mindset—you’re constantly learning, researching, and preparing for success. But finding products to sell can be a challenge. That’s why we update this list every year to help you uncover new trending product ideas.

In this list, you’ll find 10 trending products in 2020 that will activate new business ideas and tips to market each one.

All of the trending products on this list can be found on Oberlo, which is available for free to all Shopify store owners. So when you find a product that piques your interest, you can add it to your Shopify store in only a few clicks.

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Note: You may need to be logged in to your Shopify account to view some of the product listings available through Oberlo.

Trending products to sell in 2020

1. Shapewear

Shapewear is shaping up to be one of the best evergreen niches to start a business in. For the second year in a row, this product category has made the list. By 2022, the shapewear market is expected to skyrocket to about $5.6 billion in sales. What started as an undergarment has evolved into a piece of everyday wear.

Fashion retailers are also stocking their stores with bodysuits that help create a slimming silhouette. Though shapewear is still popular within the lingerie industry where it first emerged, the shapewear niche offers women a variety of different styles that can either be worn under clothing with different cuts or as a top.

What makes this product worth considering is that it offers retailers a lot of versatility: whether you sell lingerie, women’s fashion, or want to add this category to an existing general apparel store, you’ll be able to find shapewear in different colors, styles, and sizes to meet the needs of your diverse customer base.

You can sell trending products like this high-waist shapewear, which has generated over 2,000 sales in July of 2019. It has a seamless design and creates a visibly slimmer figure for your customers.

2. Pet grooming

Lately, we’ve discovered that the pet grooming industry is booming. Google Trends shows a climbing trend for the niche. Sales for this nail grooming product have been receiving hundreds of orders in July of 2019. Using this product, you can groom your pets. And since the pet grooming industry is expected to be worth $3.58 billion by 2025, it’s a growing market that you’ll want to jump on now.

When it comes to promoting this trending product to pet owners, you might choose to market on Instagram. Many retailers have found success by promoting their products on Instagram Stories as it allows customers to land on the product page through swipe-up links or product stickers. Focusing your Instagram account on a specific niche, such as cats, dogs, or even specific breeds can help you better tailor your inventory and your store to a specific audience.

3. Athleisure

In fashion, trends are constantly changing. However, athleisure is one fashion trend that’s here to stay. That’s why it’s made this list two years in a row. Athleisure is activewear worn as an everyday look rather than for athletic purposes like going to the gym. Within this category, you can sell everything from sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, tank tops, headbands, capris, and shoes—all in countless colors and styles.

Plus, you can take this niche in several directions: with a dedicated store, a product collection within a broader fashion store, or you can market your products to one of the many fitness sub-niches. Depending on how you position your brand, there could be an opportunity to expand into other product verticals, such as fashion accessories and jewelry or fitness accessories like yoga mats.

Since millennial women are often the target market for athleisure, visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are ideal channels to grow your brand, whether you pursue organic growth or use their advertising options. I’d also recommend you look into driving growth with influencer marketing.

You can find fitness influencers within your niche using Instagram search tools. Influencers can model your apparel and give your brand a shout out for a fee or a commission of sales. You can start your athleisure store by selling these yoga leggings which have been converting well for Shopify store owners using Oberlo. These leggings are so new, the sales data hasn’t appeared yet.

4. Bathroom stool

If you’re looking for a trending product that’s a bit different, you might want to try selling something more unconventional—maybe this bathroom stool. This anti-constipation stool helps children relieve themselves. But before you make a stink about this trending item, note that some stools allow you to add an air freshener.

Promoting this trending product can be a little awkward and uncomfortable, so have fun with it. Many brands in the toiletry space often use humor to promote their product. Whether you’re running ads or creating social media posts, you can highlight the key benefit in a fun way. You can research puns to come up with ideas for your ad copy. When it comes to targeting, you could try targeting “Parents” of different age groups to help you determine the best audience for your product.

5. Pet bed

Looking for the purrfect trending product to sell to pet owners? This pet bed has been clawing its way to the top of the sales charts. According to Google Trends, “dog bed” has seen some strong growth in search volume. And Keywords Everywhere indicates that the term “dog bed” gets 246,000 monthly searches. “Cat bed” also has a sizeable amount of traffic with 60,500 monthly searches for the keyword.

If you own a pet store, you can promote this pet bed on visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. On Pinterest, you can join pet group boards, which allow you to promote your products to a bigger audience. On Instagram, you can partner with pet-related fan pages to get a shoutout in a post or in an Instagram Story. By partnering with a big fan page, your product can be seen by a much larger audience, especially if you’re just starting out.

Free Guide: How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell Online

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6. Smartwatches

Around 1.2 billion watches are sold globally each year. And the number keeps rising. Last year we saw the rise of minimalist watches. In 2020, smartwatches will likely continue trending upward. December tends to be the peak month for watch sales, but it would be wise to include a relevant summer accessory to ensure higher profits year-round.

Facebook and Instagram tend to be the most popular channels for growing a watch store. Many watch retailers have influencers take lifestyle shots set wherever they travel, for outdoorsy and luxurious images that are perfect for social media. Entrepreneur Tim Kock launched a watch store and was able to make $6,667 in roughly eight weeks by leveraging this approach.

You can start your first watch store by selling this bluetooth smartwatch which includes a built-in camera, sound recorder, step counter, sleep monitor, calendar, and more.

7. Minimalist jewelry

Some people prefer the finer things in life. Fortunately, minimalist jewelry has seen strong sales growth for online retailers in the jewelry space. Even Google Trends shows there have been more frequent, high volume searches from consumers for this type of jewelry. Despite an expected annual growth rate of 2% until 2021, there has actually been an overall decline in the number of jewelry businesses available.

When it comes to marketing trending products like these necklaces, the ideal place to find customers will likely be on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. A simple way to elevate your jewelry store’s presence is to create videos featuring your products. Videos tend to get bigger slots in Instagram’s Search and Explore pages, which will likely create more visibility for your posts. Also, most jewelry retailers tend to post pictures, giving you a competitive advantage if you’re willing to put in a bit more work.

8. Dish racks

This popular dish rack has seen sales from all over the world. Google Trends has shown two upticks in search volume for “dish rack” these past few months—the first in March and the second in July. This keyword generates an estimated 49,500 monthly searches, proving its popularity. This product tends to sell well in South America, though it’s popular in other regions as well.

You can promote this trending product via paid ads. You can create Google Ads for relevant search terms. You can also promote this product on Facebook, targeting those who are “Newly engaged” as they likely may be in the market for new household items. Pinterest may be another popular channel that you can run ads on as it’s a visual and search based platform.

9. Safety shoes

The footwear niche is expected to have an annual growth rate of about 8.1% until 2023. While safety shoes are currently stepping up in terms of searches and sales, there are plenty of other footwear products you can promote on your store as well.

Plus, you don’t need to limit your store to only footwear. You might decide to expand your fashion store to include a shoe category, or you might decide to expand with other seasonal accessories to complement your shoe store.

We’ve been seeing an uptick in safety shoe sales for store owners. In particular, safety shoes with steel toes like this one.

Trending products like these safety shoes are best promoted on Facebook. You can target people based on their profession. For example, people who work in factories might be a good demographic to target on social media. You can also create Google Shopping ads for keywords like “safety shoes” or “steel toe shoes”.

10. Posture corrector

A study led by Columbia University found that, on average, people spent about 77% of their waking life in a sitting or sedentary position. On the same note, most people working at their desks use laptops, which results in them looking down instead of directly in front. Kenneth Hansraj, a spinal surgeon, has been studying the spinal changes caused by looking down at your phone. And our postures only seem to be getting worse.

So, there’s no better time than now to start selling trending products like this posture corrector.

Perhaps the easiest way to market this type of product is to advertise to people based on their job title. You can create a list of the most common desk jobs such as administrative assistant, writer, or programmer. Then, you can create ads detailing the benefits of the posture corrector.

Your ad might include something like ‘Hunched over your laptop writing content all day? Try this posture corrector. $29.99. Free worldwide shipping.’ And in this case, you’d include job titles in your targeting options such as writer, content marketer, content writer, and author.

Fortunately, Google Trends also shows searches for this keyword are surging so you can even start working on your SEO strategy.

Time to get selling

These are some of the best products to sell in 2020 but there are so many more to choose from. Finding the right products to sell is only one part of the equation. The real secret is figuring out how to market them.

Check out 50 Ways to Get Sales with Dropshipping to learn how I personally grew one of my online business ideas using the marketing tactics that the best performing stores use. If you’re struggling to get your first sale or want to take your ecommerce store to the next level, this free ebook will give you the exact tactics you should be using.

Let us know what products you plan on selling on your store in the comments!

Ready to sell your first profitable product? Start your free 14-day trial of Shopify—no credit card required.

Chapter 1 How to Craft The Perfect Product and Brand For The Online Market

No matter how long you’ve been an entrepreneur, launching an online business has never been more difficult. Here’s a quick look at the 2020 online landscape:

  • Competition is fierce,
  • Product markets are saturated, and
  • Consumers are demanding convenience more than ever before.

Before you begin to brainstorm the design and experience of an online store, or even your company’s name, you’ll need to choose what products to sell.

This decision is a strategy within itself, as what you sell will impact every other business decision you make, such as:

  • Brand name,
  • Website design,
  • Marketing,
  • Loyalty programs, and
  • Shipping and fulfillment.

While each of these components is essential to a successful online strategy, they are worthless without a great product to support them.

Let’s dive into how to find the perfect product to sell online.

What Type of Products Can I Sell Online?

Regardless of which industry you are in, there are two types of products you can sell:

  1. Commoditized products and
  2. Niche products.

Commoditized products are essential, high demand, or popular goods or services that can be physical or digital products. These are products that everybody needs.

Commoditized products are what make up the majority of online sales. Think of anything you buy at Walmart or Amazon that has a big brand behind it — food, golf clubs, clothes, kids toys, etc.

Niche products are goods or services that serve a specific customer base and product category.

In many instances, these are unique, one-of-a-kind, or handmade products, making them some of the most popular items bought online.

Niche products are often made in small batch runs or on demand. Think of a unique beaded necklace, handmade frozen yogurt, or leather iPad case.

However, many store owners sell a combination of commoditized products and niche products to increase their profit margin.

Offering only commoditized items, especially if they are popular products sold on major online marketplaces like Amazon, will make it extremely difficult to become successful.

Larger online retailers and marketplaces can buy items in large quantities, which makes for more profitable products. But, chances are your startup won’t be able to compete right off the bat.

Instead, offer commoditized and niche products to your customers while delivering an on-brand experience to set your online shop up for success.

Take a look at Tyler’s, for example.

Tyler’s dives into the best of both worlds by selling niche clothing and accessories in addition to commodity apparel products from popular brands like Billabong, Simply Southern, and Yeti.

By offering both niche and commodity products, they are able to better serve their customers by making their online store a convenient choice for consumers looking for a single store to buy both types of products.

How To Choose What Products To Sell

We’re all looking to become the next big company — similar to some of the most popular D2C brands today. But, truth is, in today’s saturated product market, it’s difficult to generate product ideas.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a product brainstorm checklist to help you unlock your entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

1. Identify or create products that solve a problem.

“If we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn’t have been able to think of a good idea. You just have to find a solution for a problem in your own life.” — Brian Chesky, Co-founder of Airbnb

When you’re brainstorming ideas for a product or service, it’s essential you reflect on problems in your own life.

For Kyle Kirkpatricki, an Olympic gymnastics coach, it was wanting to listen to music while training athletes. The caveat? Being able to use headphones that would stay in place, regardless of whether he was running or jumping on the trampoline performing flips.

Spoiler alert: Kirkpatricki successfully took what used to be a small annoyance and transformed it into a brilliant business idea — the invention of Decibullz.

The reason behind his success? Pinpointing a problem and conveniently solving it.

Your product or service doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge, complicated endeavor — it can be quite simple, yet exceptionally effective.

Product opportunities can also exist in a few other areas:

  • Improved product features,
  • A new market unrealized by your competitors, or
  • Unique product positioning and marketing.

Beauty and skincare brand Bliss took a trending product, improved its features while tapping into an unrealized market opportunity, and introduced it to the market with unique positioning.

Bliss, founded in 1996, began its business as a modern spa in NYC. They sought out to revolutionize skincare by introducing ingenious products to the market and cultivating a sense of community with their customers.

Fast forward to 2020, with the help of new technologies and global ingredients, Bliss continues to introduce new PETA-certified, cruelty-free, clean beauty and skincare products that work for every budget.

“We want everyone to put their best face forward.” — Bliss

By founding your brainstorm in the eyes of a consumer, you will be able to identify ways a product or service can bring value to someone’s life. x

Tip: Reflect on your own life and outline what experiences put a hitch in your giddyup.

2. Find products you and other people are passionate about.

‘Passionate’ might be a buzzword, but it carries a lot of value.

Starting your own business is not the glitz and glam that’s shown in the movies. The reality looks a lot more like long hours, likely some rocky terrain, and the occasional, if not frequent, sacrifice.

Being passionate about what you do will not only help carry you through hard times, but it will also aid in crafting a brand message that speaks to people in a way that is meaningful, authentic, and engaging.

Let’s be real — without passion, what’s the driver behind your online business?

By emotionally investing in your product, you can better deliver its value and mission into the market. Plus, an emotional story will help you stand out to competitors.

3. Find products with branding potential.

You’ve identified a potential product that solves consumers’ problems and comes from a place of passion. So, what’s next? Creating a resounding brand message and can make a splash in the competitive ecommerce space.

Crafting a recognizable and memorable brand means you’ll need to put in the time to research and truly understand your target audience.

Your brand should speak to your potential customers in a way that both resonates and compels them to come back.

In other words, you want to build loyalty based on audience identity.

Some great questions to start with here are:

  • How does your target audience like to be addressed?
  • How will you position your product?
  • How will you design your website to communicate your brand and appeal to your potential customers through layout, color scheme, and calls to action?

When it comes to crafting a brand and experience that resonates, Jeff and Spencer Jan of Solo Stove are experts.

Solo Stove has found success from focusing on the benefit their product brings to the market — the opportunity for consumers to make memories with their loved ones. By centralizing on this theme, the company was able to exponentially grow an organic following of loyal customers. Solo Stove has been able to leverage its community of loyal customers to improve their brand, product, and online experience with authentic product reviews, community engagement, and honest feedback.

Solo Stove is focused on helping people reconnect to what matters most, and BigCommerce has helped us take that to the next level. — John Merris, CEO at Solo Stove

Leveraging your product to create community and purpose is a crucial component to growing your online store. Without a product and brand your customers can relate to, you’re essentially running your business on an empty tank.

4. Hop on trends early.

Take advantage of an emerging market and carve out a spot for your brand.

To be successful in doing so, it’s pivotal that you stay up-to-date on recent, trending products and services –– and then launch an ecommerce site to capitalize on them before they hit peak popularity.

As a small business owner, hopping on trends early can give your business a huge upside. You’ll have the opportunity to own SEO keywords and establish yourself as a leader within the market you serve early on.

Start thinking of products or services that have been trending up in recent years.

5. Find products that fulfill guilty pleasures.

It always comes back to what we’re passionate about. Another proven successful product is one that caters to customers’ passions, or even their vices.

Shoppers often spend more on their guilty pleasures, developing deep loyalty to brands that understand their obsessions.

From its early beginnings, Jeni’s Ice Cream sought to capture this emotion with their customer base.

Jeni’s knows ice cream is a real treat, which is why they make their products with fresh ingredients. This way, customers can feel good about indulging every now and then (and their extensive flavor options keep customers coming back for more).

6. Identify and serve niche segments.

Niche segments often spell out success for ecommerce businesses.

The reason for niche segments comes down to resonating with a highly-engaged, and highly-converting, audience. Serving a niche segment is a great business proposition because you create a product that solves an issue for a very passionate audience segment.

Serving a passionate niche audience will help build brand awareness, online traffic and, ultimately, new and returning converting customers.

Let’s take a look at LARQ.

LARQ is a water bottle unlike anything else on the market.

What started as a simple vision of bridging the gap between innovative technology and better access to pristine drinking water resulted in the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle.

The product serves as an easier, healthier, and more sustainable choice thanks to UV-C LED technology that eradicates up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and protozoa, eliminating harmful and odor-causing sources. And if that wasn’t already great, it also comes in a chic and sleek modern design, in various colors.

The brand continues to cater to its niche segment by supporting other environmental causes. For example, LARQ is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, which means 1% of all of their sales goes to protecting the future of our planet.

Here are 10 ideas for niche products to sell online in 2020:

  1. On-the-go, health-conscious foods.
  2. Craft beverages (mocktails included).
  3. Subscription boxes.
  4. CBD products.
  5. Men’s engagement rings and wedding bands.
  6. Journal notebooks and personal planners.
  7. Pet food.
  8. Cruelty-free beauty products.
  9. Camera and photo accessories (e.g. drones and tripods).
  10. Shapewear.

7. Spot business opportunities absolutely everywhere.

Part of being an entrepreneur is always pushing your imagination.

As you do your part as a world citizen, pay attention to how society behaves. Are there norms to be broken? Is there an opportunity to improve the lives of your neighbors?

What products gain quick customer acquisition? What industries are gaining traction?

Keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world will help you identify new online business opportunities.

In addition, sit down and evaluate your strengths and interests.

Are you a naturally gifted marketer? Does the idea of fundraising make you cringe?

Gather the resources, both human and technical, to bring your online business to life. Having an organized approach to a product and business launch will only bode well in the future.

How Do I Begin Selling Online?

You’ve got a product and now you’re ready to go to market — online.

Before you begin setting up an online store, be sure to have these steps completed:

  1. Do market research.
  2. Finalize products to sell.
  3. Identify your customer base — and segment your audiences.
  4. Begin research on what ecommerce platform you’d like to sell on (like your own online store, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and other sites customers commonly buy from).
  5. Create high-quality product content (including product descriptions and imagery).
  6. Create a strategy to market to your potential customers (so you can drive traffic to store).

Truth is, launching an ecommerce store is not a walk in the park. But, with the right tools and an organized pre- and post-launch plan, you’ll be on the right track toward success.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to build an online business set up for success.

Resources To Help You Start Selling Online

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” — Benjamin Franklin

Before we dive into each detailed chapter, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you prepare for your new online business venture.

Each of the articles in these sections will walk you through how to set yourself up for long-term online selling success.

Resources for the planning phase.

Below are resources to help you plan out your ecommerce store. These are great for understanding your options when choosing an ecommerce website builder, website design inspiration, and ideas for products to sell.

  • Do Ecommerce Niches Really Lead To Riches? How To Identify Overlooked Product Opportunities To Increase Revenue
  • BigCommerce vs Shopify: The Clash of The E-Commerce Titans. Who Will Win? (
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  • Need Ecommerce Business Ideas? 27 Experts Give You Their Best Online Store Opportunities For 2019
  • 26 Top Trending Products to Sell Online At Your Ecommerce & Dropshipping Store in 2019 (Cloudways)
  • Top Ecommerce Niches of 2019 (Ecomdash)

Successful Ecommerce Business Basics.

Sometimes, you just have to bring it back to the basics. Explore these resources to learn more on how to successfully manage and run your online business.

  • How to Master Product Photography on a Tight Budget (We Did it With Less Than $50)
  • How to Write a Returns and Exchanges Policy That Grows Sales
  • The Complete Guide to Writing Product Copy That Sells Itself
  • 27 Experts Give You Ideas For Ecommerce Businesses

Designing Your Store.

Ecommerce store designs goes much further than an eye-catching design. Learn what features and functionality you need to meet your customers’ expectations.

  • 22 Ecommerce Sites For Awesome Website Design Inspiration
  • Get Inspiration From Innovative Ecommerce Brands
  • Ecommerce Store Inspiration: Designs We Love + Sites With Awesome Functionality
  • Your Guide To Ecommerce Themes: How To Choose The Right Design For Your Online Store

Resources For Optimizing Your Store.

Once you have your design ready to go, it’s time to focus on product photography, website copy, CTAs, and more. Check out these articles to learn how you can best optimize your online store.

  • How to Master Product Photography on a Tight Budget (We Did it With Less Than $50)
  • The Complete Guide to Writing Product Copy That Sells Itself
  • How to Create Ecommerce Product Videos That Drive Traffic
  • 17 Best Ecommerce Product Video Examples

Accepting Payments.

Conversion is the goal, which means you need to master your checkout. Explore these resources to learn more about what payments you should accept and why.

  • How To Accept Credit Card Payments Online in 2019: What Are Your Best Options?
  • Payment Gateways: Keeping Your Ecommerce Transactions Safe + Customers Happy (2019)
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  • 8 Things to Know About Payment Security (PNC)

Protecting Customer Data.

  • Everything You Need to Know About PCI Compliance and How to Achieve It
  • What is ISO Certification? ISO Meaning and BigCommerce’s ISO 27001 Achievement

Returns + shipping and fulfillment resources.

Let’s talk post-conversion. How do you manage your returns, shipping, and fulfillment? It’s key to meet your customers expectations post-purchase so they’ll continue shopping with your brand in the future.

Whether it be small business shipping, dropshipping, or fulfillment centers, you can count on us to help you find what works best for your business.

  • How to Write a Returns and Exchanges Policy That Grows Sales
  • Next Steps After The Sale: Your Guide to Small Business Shipping
  • Calculating Ecommerce Shipping Costs: Rates & Fees
  • Shipping Sales Tax in 2019: Taxability Examples, Laws & More
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment: 3 Strategies To Fulfill Online Orders (2019)
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  • Ecommerce Warehousing 101: Best Practices + Checklist (2019)
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  • Startup Fulfillment Services by ShipBob

Make your first sale.

Once you have your site set up for success, it’s time to start driving traffic and converting visitors into customers. Here’s everything you need to increase your brand’s visibility and stay top of mind with customers.

Driving Traffic.

In order to generate sales, you’ll need to drive traffic – to all the channels you participate in. Use these resources to create a strategy around online traffic.

  • 30 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store
  • How to Create Ecommerce Product Videos That Drive Traffic
  • Ecommerce SEO Guide: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic in 2019

Converting Shoppers.

Your customers are now on your site. What type of experience do you give them? What makes them want to engage in business with you? Take note from these articles and think about how you can apply your learning to your business.

  • How to Use Psychology and Sales Triggers to Double Your Conversion Rate
  • The Science of Emotional Buying and What Marketers Can Do About It
  • How to Remove Friction From Your Buyer Journey
  • 3 Ways to Use Customer Data Right Now to Increase Conversions
  • 31 Email Marketing Tips to 5x Conversion
  • 6 Ideas for Landing Pages

Retaining Customers With Marketing.

Marketing is key to customer retention. This means you’ll need to spend time getting to know your customers and what they value.

  • How to Set Up an Ecommerce Loyalty Program
  • We Spent a Year Building an Ecommerce Email Automation Platform: Here’s What We Learned
  • The 3 Phases of Ecommerce Personalization

Measuring Success.

Success is nothing without the evidence to back it up. Think about how you will track your growth by exploring these articles.

  • 55 Ecommerce Metrics and KPIs You Need to Measure to Drive 10x Growth
  • Why Conversion Rate is the One Metric That Determines Your Success

Sell everywhere.

The fastest growing businesses on the BigCommerce platform view themselves similarly to a stock portfolio, and they have found that diversification is key to success.

Smart brands have multiple revenue streams to supplement their ecommerce website. Better yet, modern consumers are agnostic to their final purchase destination.

This means that a customer has no preference on whether they shop on Amazon or your ecommerce store.

A consumer’s only preference is convenience.

Simply put — if you aren’t selling across channels, you could lose the sale to a competitor who has better diversified.

Here’s all the information you need to know to expand your revenue portfolio and grow your sales by 10x.

Selling on Amazon.

Yes, the ‘A’ word. Discover how you can use the online marketplace powerhouse to grow your business.

  • The Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon
  • Sell on Amazon from BigCommerce’s Central Control Panel

Selling on eBay.

Another great online marketplace, but with different tactics. Discover how you can take your brand to the next level with eBay.

  • The Complete Guide to Selling on eBay & Scaling to $1,200+ in Monthly Sales
  • How Selling on eBay Can Future-Proof Your Business
  • Sell to 165,000,000 Potential Customers on eBay

Selling on Google.

Most of us know Google for its search power, but have you ever thought about selling on the platform? Read the articles below for everything you need to know.

  • Create a Profitable Google Shopping Campaign

Selling on Facebook.

Facebook is essential to omnichannel strategy. Between the marketing and sales benefits, you’ll want to learn how you can leverage its power for the success of your brand.

  • The Complete Guide to Advertising on Facebook

Selling on Pinterest.

Do you have high quality product photography that’s eye-catching? Then Pinterest may be a great omnichannel solution for your business.

  • How to Grow an Engaged, Ready-to-Buy Community on Pinterest
  • Sell on Pinterest Across Devices

Selling on Twitter.

Learn how to master the art of selling on Twitter with a complete guide.

  • The Complete Ecommerce Guide to Twitter Advertising

Selling on Instagram.

With photo, video, and user-generated content opportunities, Instagram serves as a great platform to drive traffic and conversions. Dive into these resources to learn how to optimize your Instagram strategy.

  • How Your Business Can Make Money Selling on Instagram
  • Shopping on Instagram Results Are In: Brands Report +1,416% Traffic, +20% Revenue
  • Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Organic Superfood You Need To Fuel Your Ecommerce Store

What’s Next?

Ideas are great, but it’s the execution that makes all the difference.

The rest of the guide will unlock key strategies and tactics to bring your business online.

It is now time to finalize the products you are going to sell, launch your online store and start driving traffic to your website.

Want more insights like this?

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Best 15 Products to Sell Online

Thinking about selling online? Or perhaps you’re already selling online and are looking to expand your ecommerce offerings with a new product line? Either way, what do you sell to make the maximum amount of sales and optimum profits?

Popular Products to Sell Online

To give you a nudge in the right direction, take a look at the following 15 most popular products to sell online.

Maternity Wear

Being expected to grow by as much as 2.01%, maternity wear would be a good choice of products to sell on the internet. What’s great about becoming a maternity wear brand is that you can easily extend your product range to other related items, such as babywear and even pregnancy health and wellbeing products. If you’ve already had a baby, you might want to start your own maternity wear online store by selling your own second-hand maternity clothes.

Video Games

As video games tend to be pricey, consumers often turn to independent sellers to pick up a bargain. If you’ve got an eye for a good game, try your luck at buying and selling video games. Even the old retro Amiga and Amstrad games from the 80s and 90s are coming back in fashion, so virtually anything goes when selling video games.

Phone Accessories

In 2017, 79% of smartphone owners used a protective case on their phone. With mobile phones becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of our lives, it stands to reason phone accessories are great items to sell online. Not only are such products becoming progressively more popular but, as they are typically small and light, posting phone accessories doesn’t cost the earth, making them a viable product to sell on an online store.


Shapewear products are growing in popularity making them fabulous items to sell online. In fact, by 2022 the shapewear industry is expected to reach a staggering $5.6 billion in sales. Get a slice of the shapewear action and help women (and men) walk out with a body they are confident with, by selling the likes of firming torsettes, bodysuits and seamless high leg knickers online.


A whopping 1.2 billion watches are sold throughout the world each year. Tap into this incredibly popular market by selling watches online. From minimalist designs to traditional watches, there is so much choice and different tastes to appeal to when selling this popular fashion accessory. Not only are watches always going to be in demand but they’re small and light to post – perfect for online sales.


If the children’s infatuation with Lego has long subsided, now’s the time to clean out their rooms and put Lego collections up for sale online. This highly sought-after and timeless product is hailed as one of the most profitable products to sell on eBay and Amazon.

Videos and Courses

If you’ve got a talent you could teach why not make money from your skills by selling online videos and courses? With more than 8,000 courses being taught to 800,000 students, online course and video marketplaces like Udemy make buying and selling courses and videos online incredibly easy and popular.


Bags for school, bags for busy mums, bags for walking… It’s safe to say bags are a diverse and useful fashion product. And with the bag industry worth an eye-watering $151 billion, you could do a lot worse than selling this accessory we can’t live without online. To successfully sell bags online, it’s a good idea to create a relationship with a wholesaler so you can buy the bags cheaply and sell them for a profit. Alternatively, why not design your own bags?


Ever thought on writing a book? If you’ve got a fascinating story to tell or in-depth knowledge of something people would want to learn, but it into an eBook and start selling it to a global audience online. Thanks to the arrival of devices like the Kindle and Kobo, eBooks are the most popular item to download digitally. You can sell your eBooks with ease by making the most of self-publishing platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Portable Lights

Whether you attach them to your phone for a convenient light in the dark or to your cap when you go for a night-time run, portable lights are an extremely useful product and one that is rapidly gaining momentum in the popularity stakes. In fact, statistics show that the portable light industry is now worth around $3.44 billion. These compact lights are easy to post and can be drop-shipped from the the manufacturer and sold online for a tidy profit.

Custom-made Jewelry

Nobody can resist a beautiful and unique piece of custom-made jewellery. From custom-made engagement rings to a bespoke necklace for your loved one, purchasing custom-made jewellery is a popular way to purchase unique items for bargain prices. If you’re skilled in making jewellery, why not set up your own custom-made jewellery store online? Market your products on the likes of Pinterest and Instagram and build up a following of loyal fans and customers you can ship out your beautiful items to from anywhere in the world.


Did you know that with 70 million photos, vectors and illustrations being sold on , photographs and the top digital product to sell? Turn your love for photography into a profitable business by selling your stand-out images to the likes of , DigiLabs, iStock and more.


Despite the rise in eBooks, paper and hardback books still make profitable items to sell online. Amazon’s book sales figures remain healthy and what’s great about selling books is that you can have fun browsing second-hand shops and selling timeless second-hand books for a tidy profit.

Rock-n-Roll Apparel

There will always be a market for rock n roll apparel, such as old tickets from an iconic concert, album covers and t-shirts of legendary bands and artists. If you’ve got rock n roll items to sell or have the means of finding sought-after, music-related products, make an attractive profit selling these in-demand items online.

Restored Furniture

Shabby chic furniture is in hot demand, with many loving the vintage, rustic look that giving old junk a new lease of life provides. Capitalize on our obsession with vintage furniture by upcycling old items and creating your own shabby chic online store.

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