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Sainsbury’s Christmas advert 2015: Mog the cat is instant hit online, but is it better than John Lewis?

The battle of the Christmas adverts rages on as Sainsbury’s unveiled its seasonal offering last night.

Narrated by Emma Thompson, the three minute advert revives one of the country’s most beloved children’s book characters: Mog the clumsy cat.

This year’s Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is the first story in the much-loved series since 2002, when the feline died of old age in the 16th title, “Goodbye, Mog”.

The calamity-prone cat finds herself in trouble once again in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, setting fire to the Christmas tree and smashing the family’s Christmas crockery

Luckily, she accidentally dials 999 after stepping onto the telephone and ends up saving the day.

Christmas ads 2015

7 show all

2/7 Harvey Nichols wants you to avoid #GiftFace scenarios

5/7 John Lewis Christmas Ad featuring Londoner Lily

The advert proved an instant hit online with social media users, with many claiming it beats this year’s John Lewis advert, The Man on the Moon.

Sainsbury’s Mog The Cat advert is brilliant. It makes John Lewis’ Man On The Moon look more like the Apollo 13 mission! #mogthecat

— Ben Talmage (@Zobdy) November 12, 2015

Just seen the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert with Mog the cat. Sorry to be controversial but John Lewis who?

— Petra hales (@PetraHales) November 12, 2015

Writer Judith Kerr, who also created children’s classics “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” and “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit”, has written and illustrated a book to accompany the advert which will be sold in Sainsburies stores, with all profits going to Save the Children.

Mark Given, Director of Planning and Propositions, Sainsbury’s, commented: “This year, we’re proud to be working with renowned children’s author Judith Kerr to create a magical new Mog story to be enjoyed by parents and children and to support the important cause of helping Save the Children to improve child literacy in the UK.”

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Christmas TV adverts 2015: Sainsbury’s ‘Mog the cat’ beats John Lewis’ ‘Man on The Moon’

Sainsbury’s Mog the cat won the battle of the Christmas TV adverts this year.

Based on Youtube views as of Monday December 21 at 12 pm the supermarket’s Christmas campaign was seen nearly 26 million times ahead of John Lewis’ “Man on the Moon” which got nearly 23 million views.

Narrated by Emma Thompson, the three minute advert was released on Thursday November 12 with social media users immediately expressing their delight over the beloved clumsy cat’s reappearance.

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Aldi’s initial campaign failed to convince but its cheeky take on John Lewis’s ‘Man on the Moon’ released on November 25th proved more popular, with more than 2 million views

Tesco’s series of four Christmas-themed TV ads fell flat with an average of less than 600,000 views.

Discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl finished last on the ranking despite both launching their campaign on November 1, 54 days before the big day.

Here is the list of the most viewed Christmas TV ads 2015 (as of Monday December 21st at 12pm):

9. Asda #becauseitschristmas – 341,276 views

Asda fired the starting gun on retailers’ Christmas adverts in 2015.

The supermarket premiered it 2015 Christmas advert on November 1, 54 days before the big day, but finished last on the ranking with less than 350,000 views.

Ice-skating snowmen, dads drinking in the kitchen, snogging at the Christmas party and snoozing on the sofa are all shown in the advert, which is soundtracked with a song by Fleur East called ‘Sax’.

8. Lidl – Lidl school of Christmas – 520,310 views

Lidl also launched its Christmas advert on November 1 and finished second to last with slightly more than 500,000 views.

Called the “Lidl school of Christmas”, the advert shows people taking classes in how to make the perfect left-over sandwich, light a Christmas pudding on fire and appear grateful when receiving sub-optimal Christmas gifts.

7. Aldi – #AldiYourFavouriteThings – 581,997 views

Aldi Christmas advert

Aldi’s Christmas advert takes its cue from The Sound of Music offering a more traditional look at the supermarket chain’s festive fair.

With a bid to reflect its customers’ favourite Christmas treats, Aldi’s campaign only scored 581,997 views.

6. Tesco – 662,230 views (average for four adverts)

Tesco Christmas Advert | The Final Shop – 134,145 views

Tesco Party Food Christmas Advert | Party – 737,925 views

Tesco finest* Range Christmas Advert Flirt – 921,307 views

Tesco Gluten Free Christmas Advert | Emergency – 855,544 views

Tesco broke the tradition this year with a series of four Christmas-themed TV adverts showing how the retailer is helping its customers during the festive period.

The first ad focused on Tesco’ finest range of quality food, while the second featured all the retailer’s ingredients to make a fully gluten-free festive dinner. Later adverts in the series showed Tesco’s new party food range.

But its Christmas campaign failed to convince as the idea of a young man desperatrely flirting with a slightly older woman puzzled viewers.

5. Waitrose – 664,655

Waitrose Christmas Advert 2015

Waitrose ranks fifth with a bit of help from Heston Blumenthal and an old jazz standard and the song ‘Everybody eats when they come to my house’, a jazz classic released in 1948 by Cab Calloway and his Orchestra.

4. Aldi – spoof JL ad 2,063,224

Aldi Christmas advert

Although Aldi’s original Christmas advert only ranks seventh, its spoof advert parodying this year’s John Lewis tearjerker has gather more than 2 million views on Youtube.

What the ‘Man on the Moon’ advert may have lacked in product placement, Aldi decides to make up for with a price comparison of telescopes.

In a happier twist to John Lewis’s tale, the lonely man is joined by an elderly woman to keep him company.

3. M&S – #TheArtOfChristmas – 2,542,241 views

Marks and Spencer Christmas 2015 advert

Marks and Spencer went live on November 6, the same day than John Lewis but proved less popular scoring around 2,5 million views.

2. John Lewis – Man on the Moon – 22,981,243 views

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015

John Lewis went live with its ‘Man on the Moon’ on November 6 and stuck with the usual formula of cute character trying to cheer up a lonely character with a present.

A cover of Oasis’s ‘Half the World Away’ by the relatively unknown Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes soundtracks the advert.

Around £7 million has been spent on the campaign this year, but the retailer still missed the top place of the ranking.

1. Sainsbury’s – Mog’s Christmas Calamity – 25,876,630 views

Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad 2015

Although the retailer has waited until after Remembrance Day to air its ad, it has proved to be the most popular with nearly 26 million views as of Monday December 21.

Mog the cat has been revived for this year’s Sainsbury’s Christmas advert.

Narrated by Emma Thompson, the three minute advert was released on Thursday November 12 with social media users immediately expressing their delight over the beloved clumsy cat’s reappearance.

The advert was an instant hit on social media, with hundreds tweeting they far preferred Mog’s adventure to John Lewis’s £7m Man on the Moon advert

The majority of tweets posted about Mog’s Christmas calamity were sent within the first hour of the ad being broadcast at 7.15pm on ITV: there were 2,214 tweets mentioning the ad, compared to 22,429 tweets about the John Lewis ad.

The Sainsbury’s ad broke on TV and online at the same time last night, whereas the John Lewis ad broke online on Friday morning last week, several hours before it broke on TV on Channel 4 during Gogglebox in the evening.

As of 11am today, there had been 14,300 tweets about the Sainsbury’s ad, a three-and-a-half minute film in which a cute cat inadvertently starts a fire at a family home, but manages to dial the Fire Brigade amid a series of panic-induced mishaps.

Sainsburys xmas ad. Wanted to be snarky, but the amount of love and craft that’s gone into this is incredible.

— Stu Royall (@stu_bot3000) November 13, 2015

Beautiful, emotive & timed perfectly… But it’s ultimately for a supermarket & I think that almost ruins it. Almost. #ChristmasIsForSharing

— Kate Bromage (@KateBromage) November 12, 2014

I think I enjoyed this as much as my 3 year old daughter did

— Paolo Nieddu (@paolonieddu) November 13, 2015

Research by Blurrt found that more females than males had mentioned the ad on Twitter. The words most used to describe the ad were “festive”, “magical” and “charming”.

Sentiment for the ad appeared to be solidly positive: out of 2,340 mentions analysed, 62 per cent of mentions said something positive, 27 per cent were neutral, and 11 per cent said something negative.

Which Christmas ad do you like better? #ChristmasIsForSharing #ManOnTheMoon

— Campaign (@Campaignmag) November 12, 2015

This article originally appeared on Campaign.

Judith Kerr’s resurrection of her beloved cat Mog, 13 years after she was killed off in Goodbye Mog, has shot to the top of the UK book charts, beating names including David Walliams, Bill Bryson and Ian Rankin to the No 1 slot.

Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Kerr’s new picture book, Mog’s Christmas Calamity, sees the beloved tabby cat cause chaos in the Thomas household on Christmas morning, inadvertently summoning the fire brigade to her smoke-filled home before eventually, as is traditional, being rewarded with an egg. It was written after Sainsbury’s approached Kerr and her publisher about the concept, and is being sold exclusively in the supermarket chain, which aired a full-length television advert based on the story and featuring Mog – and a cameo from Kerr herself – for the first time last Thursday.

The book has now topped the UK’s official book charts, selling 74,453 copies last week, according to Nielsen BookScan, 17,000 more than the second-placed Jeff Kinney’s new Wimpy Kid title. According to the Bookseller, this is the first overall No 1 spot for Kerr, who becomes, at 92, the oldest author to have topped the charts in the UK (Harper Lee, points out Kerr’s publisher, was a mere 89 when Go Set a Watchman hit the top spot this summer). It is also, the Bookseller reported, the first time a picture book that was not published for World Book Day achieved this result.

Give her an egg… Watch Mog star in the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert

Kerr, HarperCollins and Sainsbury’s are donating all of their profits from the sale of the £3 title, and of a £10 Mog soft toy, to Save the Children’s campaign to improve child literacy in the UK. Sainsbury’s pointed to research that says that “every year, one in five children in England is leaving primary school behind in reading, which can have huge consequences for their future”.

“Mog mania has gripped the nation,” said HarperCollins Children’s Books publisher Ann-Janine Murtagh. “It’s fantastic to see Mog’s Christmas Calamity … as the biggest selling book in the UK. It is a testament to the magic of Judith Kerr’s storytelling and the enchanting film that has been produced. Most significantly, each book purchased is raising funds to help more children in the UK delight in the pleasure that reading can bring. I think Mog would be proud.”

In 2002, Kerr published Goodbye Mog, breaking hearts around the world by killing off the much-loved moggy, the star of a series of picture books charting her misadventures, from Mog the Forgetful Cat to Mog in the Dark. The death of the accident-prone feline even prompted an obituary in the Guardian.

Kerr told the Guardian at the time: “I didn’t think of it so much in terms of ‘That’s an end to Mog’, though I think it is. I’ve done enough Mog books – you know, drawing all those stripes became very tedious. I wished sometimes I’d made her a plain-coloured cat. But it wasn’t so much that I wanted to kill her off, as that I wanted to say something about dying and being remembered.”

The author celebrated her 90th birthday in 2013. In September, she published her first illustrated novel in 37 years, Mister Cleghorn’s Seal. The story was inspired by one told to Kerr by her father Alfred Kerr, known to readers from her classic novel When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. Kerr’s bestselling title is The Tiger Who Came to Tea, which has sold 1.2m copies in the UK, according to the Bookseller.

Judith Kerr talks about the return of Mog

Mog’s Christmas Calamity tops book chart for third week

Image copyright Judith Kerr/Harper Collins Image caption Mog’s Christmas Calamity sees the accident prone cat causing havoc with the Thomas family’s Christmas

Mog’s Christmas Calamity has topped the UK book chart for a third week.

Judith Kerr’s children’s book sold 72,935 copies in the last week, according to Nielsen BookScan.

It makes it the 10th consecutive week a children’s book has taken the number one spot, while four out of the top five books are children’s titles.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School by Jeff Kinney is at number two, with David Walliam’s Grandpa’s Great Escape at three.

Kerr published 16 Mog books with Mog’s Goodbye released in 2002, in which Mog died.

She brought Mog back to life for Mog’s Christmas Calamity, which is also the subject of this year’s Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. It sees the accident prone cat causing havoc with the Thomas family’s Christmas.

First number one

The book is being sold by the supermarket chain and all the profits for the book are going to Save the Children. It has raised nearly £900,000 for their UK child literacy campaign so far.

Despite a highly successful career, Mog’s Christmas Calamity is Kerr’s first number one book. It also makes Kerr the oldest person to top the book chart.

Mog’s Christmas Calamity sold 74,453 copies in its first three day of sales and has outsold all previous Mog books.

Its first week sales were the highest for a children’s book since J K Rowling’s Harry Potter spin-off The Tales of Beedle the Bard in 2008.

It is the third book in the year to have sold more than 100,000 copies in one week, after EL James’s Grey and Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman.

It is only the second picture book to go to number one in 2015 after McFly members Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter’s The Dinosaur That Pooped a Lot.

The supermarket has resurrected popular children’s book character Mog the cat for its Mog’s Christmas Calamity advert.

In the advert, which lasts a lengthy 3 minutes 30 seconds on the extended version, the Thomas family are all tucked up safely in their beds dreaming. Accident-prone Mog meanwhile wakes up to cause chaos in the house, knocking pans off the hob and a grandfather clock onto the floor which inadvertently blows up the Christmas tree lights, before you know it Champagne bottles are blowing up, the oven catches fire and Mog runs out of the house in a panic.


Fortunately during all the commotion Mog inadvertently manages to call the fire brigade, saving the family. Their home however is ruined from the fire but friends, family and neighbours rally round to ensure the Thomas’s still celebrate Christmas with all the trimmings.

Sainsbury’s tagline ‘Christmas is for sharing’ is perfectly embodied in the end scenes of the Christmas ad and it’s also partnering with charity Save the Children and the Read On. Get On. campaign’s children’s literacy initiatives.

Children can even create their own narrated versions of Mog’s Christmas Calamity and upload to Sainsbury’s Facebook and Twitter pages, for the chance to star in its online video.

The brand new illustrated book from HarperCollins Children’s books, is available to buy in stores and online (£3), with all profits going to the supported charities.

Although Kerr killed off the picture book series in 2002 with Goodbye Mog, where the cat dies of old age, she says resurrecting Mog was always an option as the books aren’t all in sequence.

‘I have enjoyed illustrating Mog again after so many years and am thrilled that this special Christmas story will help raise funds for Save the Children and the important work they do for children’s literacy,’ says Kerr.


Last year’s tear-jerker ad from Sainsbury’s, which recreated scenes from the Great War’s Christmas Day truce in 1914, beat John Lewis’s Monty the penguin to be the most viewed Christmas ad in the UK – no doubt the supermarket is quietly confident Mog can help it pull off a similar result this year. (And if you think the narrator sounds familiar, you’re right – it’s Emma Thompson!)

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

John Lewis almost always holds the crown for the best Christmas advert – but Sainsbury’s has swiped its festive crown this year – according to the initial Twitter reaction, anyway.

As Sainsbury’s advert aired in the break of Emmerdale and across many other channels, Twitter exploded with reaction, most of which was basically people loving Mog the cat.

The advert sees Mog the cat cause a bit of feline chaos before we then see the entire community pulling together to support the family.

Meanwhile, John Lewis say a kind little girl send a telescope up to the lonely man on the Moon so that he could be a part of Christmas.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

Here is what people are saying on Twitter – and so far the response is very pro Sainsbury’s. Soz JL!

(Picture: Sainsbury’s)

Really like the @sainsburys Christmas advert this year. It’s so funny and festive! ?❤️???? #ChristmasIsForSharing

— Dan Baynham (@Dan_Baynham95) November 12, 2015

Sainsbury’s xmas advert defo the best!!!!

— tamara wall (@tammiew) November 12, 2015

By far the best xmas advert of the year! #mogthecat

— Samuel Tucker (@samgwentucker) November 12, 2015

So far @sainsburys Xmas ad is the best I’ve seen this year.

— Awesome Jones (@adisenoj) November 12, 2015

BEST CHRISTMAS ADVERT EVER. The Mog books where my favourite when I was about 5!

— Kloe (@kloee_11) November 12, 2015

Well sainsburys Christmas advert beats John Lewis’ quite comfortably. It’s brill.

— Reece Davies (@ReeceDaviesSWFC) November 12, 2015

Sainsbury’s has really outdone John Lewis this year. #MogSavesTheDay ??

— Poppy (@pops_brunt) November 12, 2015

(Picture: Sainsburys)

Not everyone is loving it though…

Oh no I really don’t like @sainsburys #christmas advert with #mogthecat last years was a million times better ?

— Helen (@Helzbelz1982) November 12, 2015

The Sainsburys Christmas advert was so disappointing

— Lynda Perkins (@LyndaPerkins) November 12, 2015

Sainsburys advert was not as good as suggested

— emily richardson (@gxskarth_) November 12, 2015

How long was that advert @sainsburys thought it was a serious 999 advert about house fires! Not very retail! Oh well John Lewis wins 🙂

— jboy (@JG16580057) November 12, 2015

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