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You should treat your feet well. They support you, get you from here to there, and are with you your whole life. They deserve to be cared for and protected by your shoes.

Before you walk outside to enjoy and work in your garden, make sure you have a high-quality pair of gardening shoes to guide your steps. You do not want to damage your sneakers or another pair of shoes from water, dirt or mud that will inevitably be on the ground. You need shoes that will carry you through digging, weeding, hoeing, and walking.

Image Product Name Price Rating
Sloggers Women’s Premium Garden Clog with Premium Insole $$ A
Crocs Unisex Classic Clog $$$ B
The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe $$$$ A+
Bogs Women’s Classic Winter Blooms Tall Winter Snow Boot $$$$$ A+
Starbay Womens Garden Clog Shoes $$ B
Aleader Unisex Garden Sandal Clog Shoes $ A

Our Pick for the Best Gardening Shoes

The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe

They are so versatile, come in a variety of colors, and are extremely durable. Not only does it keep your feet comfortable and dry, but it is a shoe that was designed for outdoor work.

Check the price on Amazon ›

What to Look for in Gardening Shoes

There are a variety of gardening shoes to choose from, but not all of them will keep your feet comfortable and dry while mucking around in the dirt. When you are looking for the best gardening shoes for your feet, you will want to think specifically about each shoe and how its characteristics will serve you.

Consider the type of gardening you will be doing.

Are you a casual gardener with a small backyard plot or do you have a large garden where you will need to traipse through a lot of dirt? Some gardening shoes are very easy to slip on and off, while others are more like rain boots and keep your feet and legs dry.

Something else to think about is the type of weather conditions where you live and what it is like outside when you are taking care of your garden. A boot or lined shoe might work better if you are gardening in chilly weather.

Alternatively, a clog might be best if you enjoy gardening on warm and sunny days.

You should be able to slip the shoe on and off easily.

Keeping your gardening shoes by the door will remind you to put them on before you go outside and take them off before coming back inside. You won’t track in dirt, which will allow you more time in your garden instead of cleaning mud off of your floors.

Waterproof gardening shoes will permit you to easily clean off your shoes and keep your feet dry. Some shoes have drain holes or are made specifically so they can easily be hosed off after you have been working in the dirt. Consider the materials that the shoe is made from so you know if it can easily be cleaned.

Planting and maintaining flowers, shrubs, or trees will require you to be in the soil and using garden tools. Keep your feet protected from dirt and rocks by choosing the right gardening shoe. Something that covers your toes and heels could be safer than something that only covers the toes.

A non-slip sole and good support will make your feet happy after a long day of maintaining your garden. You will want to make sure that your gardening shoes are comfortable and fit you correctly so you don’t get blisters from a shoe that is too big.

Just like people, gardening shoes come in a variety of colors, shapes, and fashions.

You will want to consider your own style. Do you want a shoe that is neutral or unique and colorful? Will you be wearing your shoe solely in the garden or is it something that you will keep on when you run errands right after gardening?

A good pair of gardening shoes should be comfortable, durable, and water-proof.

Reviews: 6 Best Gardening Shoes

Here are a few pairs of gardening shoes that will help you put your best foot forward while working in your garden.

1. Sloggers Women’s Premium Garden Clog with Premium Insole

This shoe can be worn in your garden or out to run errands. The 100% waterproof shoe will keep your feet from getting wet when you are gardening.

If you appreciate companies that turn waste into reusable objects, then this might be the shoe for you. When your shoe needs to be replaced, you can send it back the company will recycle it into another shoe.

Lightweight shoes are the next best thing to being barefoot and that is one advantage of Sloggers Premium Garden Clog.

What we like:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Anti-microbial insole

What we don’t like:

  • Shoe might slip off of your foot

Check the price on Amazon ›

2. Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

A toddler could easily slide this shoe on and off. The back-strap is able to surround your heel or be rotated to the top of the shoe. Not to mention, there are over thirty colors to choose from.

This shoe is also great if you have a pool or pond because they have holes for easy water drainage. Since these Crocs are roomy in length and width, they are a comfortable shoe for a casual gardening shoe.

  • Slip-on and off easily
  • Heel strap
  • Lightweight and water-friendly
  • Could be uncomfortable if you have a high arch

Check the price on Amazon ›

3. The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe

If there are fire ants or mosquitoes that enjoy being in your garden as much as you do, you may want to consider these MuckBoots. These shoes completely enclose your foot and protect them from the sun or biting bugs.

The rubber uppers and easy-to-clean, dirt-resistant exterior will keep your feet dry and clean. They also feature moisture-control lining in the lined footbed to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Additionally, there are a few color choices and patterns to choose from, making this shoe adaptable for the garden or out-and-about.

  • Versatile and lightweight
  • 100% waterproof
  • Insulated shell keeps your feet dry
  • Might crack where the toes flex

Check the price on Amazon ›

4. Bogs Women’s Classic Winter Blooms Tall Winter Snow Boot

This might be the shoe for you if you will be outside where the weather is freezing cold. In fact, these boots are rated for -40 degrees Fahrenheit! The non-marking, non-slip rubber outsole will keep your feet insulated and comfortable.

Bogs were originally created for farmers in Oregon no matter what the weather conditions. The Tall Winter Snow Boot is waterproof and has removable insoles. A colorful floral design makes it a stylish and unique choice for a gardening shoe.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Inner bootie provides insulation and comfort with a four-way stretch
  • Pull on handles at the shaft of the boot
  • Stylish
  • May run a bit large
  • The uppers are made of neoprene and may get damp and hold in odors
  • Heavier than shoes

Check the price on Amazon ›

5. Starbay Womens Garden Clog Shoes

The Starbay shoes are very similar to Crocs, except of course the different brand names. They are rubber shoes, waterproof, and even have the drainage holes to help them dry quickly if they become full of water.

Another feature of this shoe is the textured insole, which massages your feet while you work. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from. There is a strap at the back of the shoe that can go around your heel to keep the shoe from slipping off too easily.

  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Textured sole
  • Heel strap to prevent shoes slipping off
  • May cause blisters where the strap connects to the front of the shoe

Check the price on Amazon ›

6. Aleader Unisex Garden Sandal Clog Shoes

If you are looking for a good deal, then this might be the shoe for you. The five bright color choices are great for the summer months and the shoe can easily be slipped on and off since it is a clog.

These shoes probably wouldn’t work for heavy duty gardening, but they might be a good choice if you are picking vegetables or watering plants. It is a good light-duty gardening shoe, but might not be the best shoe for heavy-duty work.

  • Bright colors to choose from
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Waterproof and quick to dry
  • May not be good if you need arch support
  • Might run small

Check the price on Amazon ›

There are pros and cons to every shoe and the same holds true for a pair of gardening shoes that you will be wearing while working on your land. But if we must choose one pair, The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe is the winner in this roundup.

They are so versatile, come in a variety of colors, and are extremely durable. Not only does it keep your feet comfortable and dry, but it is a shoe that was designed for outdoor work.

Check the price on Amazon ›

The avid gardener will appreciate that this shoe completely envelops your foot, keeping it safer than some of the other shoes that only cover the toe and leave part of the foot exposed.

You can flaunt your personality by choosing a shoe in your favorite color and design. Also, this shoe is unisex and can be worn comfortably in the summer or winter.

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Sure, you could do your gardening in an old pair of sneakers, but they’re definitely not the most functional option around. (Prepare yourself for seriously soggy and dirty feet!) Your best bet: footwear that’s rugged, waterproof, and easy to wash off with a quick spray of the hose.

Here, we’ve rounded up 14 gardening boots, clogs, and shoes for all of your digging, hoeing, and weeding needs. Bonus: Most can double as cute rain boots!

Sperry Walker Steam Boot


Function meet fashion! While these boots work great in the garden, you’ll want to wear them with just about everything you own.

BUY NOW Sperry Walker Steam Boot, $40,

Xtratuf Salmon Sister Boots


In addition to its waterproof materials, these boots have a built-in insole for added comfort, and the shaft is made of a thin, flexible rubber so you can bend and twist all you need.

BUY NOW Xtratuf Salmon Sister Boots, $91,

Evercreatures Dahlia Wellies


What garden is really complete without dahlias garden gnomes?

BUY NOW Evercreatures Dahlia Wellies, $70,

Evercreatures Green Ankle Boots


These boots manage to be functional and chic simultaneously.

BUY NOW Evercreatures Green Ankle Boots, $30,

Cooga Slip-On Garden Shoes


These may look like a pair of stylish Keds, but they’re designed to be waterproof and rugged enough to hold up to any gardening task.

BUY NOW Cooga Slip-On Garden Shoes, $17,

Joules Wellibob Dog Rain Boot


These cute booties are just as good for gardening as they are for long walks in the rain with your pup.

BUY NOW Joules Wellibob Dog Rain Boot, $35,

Evercreatures Rainbow Mid-Calf Boot


Need a mood boost? Even rainy days are bright in these boots.

BUY NOW Evercreatures Rainbow Mid-Calf Boot, $30,

Joules Wellibob Bee Rain Boot


You’ve already planted a bee-friendly garden and made sure your yard isn’t killing bees, so why not even further embrace your love for these fuzzy pollinators?

BUY NOW Joules Wellibob Bee Rain Boot, $35,

Tommy Hilfiger Renegade Rainboot


Sure, they may take a tad longer to lace up, but the tie closure offers a snug fit.

BUY NOW Tommy Hilfiger Renegade Rainboot, $60,

Joules Molly Welly Dragonfly Rain Shoe


Dragonflies are one of the insects you actually want in your garden — so it’s no wonder you’d want them on your boots!

BUY NOW Joules Molly Welly Dragonfly Rain Shoe, $33,

MuckBoots Edgewater Hi Boots


These boots are workhorses that can handle some seriously mucky garden conditions—hence the name. Got farm animals? They’re great for cleaning stalls, too.

BUY NOW Muckboots Edgewater Hi Boots, $113,

Bogs Quinn Slip On Rain Boot


These ankle boots are high enough to keep dirt out and sleek enough to wear plenty of places outside the garden.

BUY NOW Bogs Quinn Slip On Rain Boot, $100,

MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe


If you want to avoid those tall boot tan lines, consider these incredibly comfy gardening shoes. They’re versatile enough to wear from the garden to running errands.

BUY NOW MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe, $20,

Bogs Classic Boot with Handles


They may not be the prettiest of the bunch, but they sure do the job. Bonus points for the awesome handles that help you pull them on and off with ease.

BUY NOW Bogs Classic Boot with Handles, $72,

When you’re working in the garden this spring, you’re going to want the highest quality gardening shoes you can find. After all, you’ll be spending long hours out there preparing for spring planting, dividing your perennials, and more. You’ll want comfortable shoes that can be easily cleaned off!

Here’s my checklist of some of the best garden shoes on the market right now. While a lot of these are unisex in style, they vary in colors available or sizing. Of course, you’ll want to stick with your size, and that varies, but these should give you a great start in terms of what to look for!

Top Gardening Shoe Recommendations

Product Features
Best OverallCrocs Unisex Classic ClogsBest Overall
  • Clog
  • Ventilated Upper
  • Synthetic Sole
Check Current Price
Best ValueSloggers Premium Garden ClogsBest Value
  • Clog
  • All-Day Comfort Insole
  • 100% Recycled Material
Check Current Price
Best PremiumMuckBoots Daily Garden ShoesBest Premium
  • Clog
  • Self-Cleaning Outsole
  • Rubber Sole
Check Current Price
Sloggers Waterproof Rain & Garden Shoes
  • Clog
  • All-Day Comfort Insole
  • Heavy Duty Lug Tread
Check Current Price
Sloggers Waterproof Rain & Garden Ankle Boots
  • Boot
  • All-Day Comfort Insole
  • Deep Lug Tread
Check Current Price
MuckBoots Scrub Boots
  • Boot
  • 8″ Shaft Measurement
  • Rubber Sole
Check Current Price
Tingley Kneed Agriculture Boots
  • Boot
  • 15″ Plain Toe
  • 30% Recycled Material
Check Current Price
MuckBoot Muckster II Ankle Work Shoes
  • Boot
  • 6″ Shaft Measurement
  • Rubber Sole
Check Current Price
Backdoor Shoes Premium Garden Clogs
  • Clog
  • Replaceable Insoles
  • Sizes Run True
Check Current Price
Sperry Women’s Saltwater Rain Boot
  • Boot
  • 1″ Heel
  • Size Zipper Closure
Check Current Price

Gardening Shoe Reviews

1. Crocs Unisex Garden Clogs

Crocs Women’s Classic Clog|Comfortable Slip On Casual Water Shoe, Black, 8 Women/6 Men

Crocs get a lot of flack, but let’s be honest: for light-duty gardening shoes, these Crocs garden clogs are great, and they come in a million colors for everyone’s preferences.

Made out of rubber, these are lightweight and comfortable. They’re extremely waterproof because of the rubber as well, and won’t get saturated and squishy. Mud and gunk is easily hosed off. They have a heel strap that keeps them from sliding off, and they will work just as well around the pool or while washing the car as they will out in the grass and dirt.

The ventilation in these shoes does mean your feet might get wet or dirty, but in the summertime, that’s a feature, not a drawback! And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve worn my Crocs to the supermarket on one of those lazy, hot days, just because they’re comfortable and quick to slide on.

Check Current Price

2. Sloggers Premium Garden Clogs

Sloggers Premium Garden Clogs

Sloggers 260BK09 Womens Premium Clog, Black, Size 9

  • Women’S Premium Clog
  • Available In Black Color
  • Available In Size 9 For Women’S

While I’m showing the women’s Sloggers garden clogs in the link, Sloggers makes a men’s garden clog as well.

What I like about these is that they’re lined with a moisture-wicking, fast-drying fabric that will keep your feet dry and comfy. The top is edged in a soft water-resistant edging that’s padded for comfort, too.

Closed-toe, non-ventilated shoes make for warmer feet during the cooler months of the year, and keep all water and mud out. These can be rinsed off under the hose, making them just as easy to clean off as the Crocs.

Best of all, these are 100% recyclable. The company even encourages people to return their Sloggers once they wear out, and they’ll melt down and reuse the material to produce more. So these are eco-conscious as well as incredibly functional gardening shoes. Win-win!

Check Current Price

3. MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoes

Muck Boot The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe,Garden Green,10 D(M) US/11 B(M) US

  • Lightweight garden shoe with waterproof…
  • Pull tab at heel

The MuckBoots garden shoes have a slightly-flexible rubber sole that tends to be quite grippy on slicker surfaces. These are great for working both indoors and outdoors as a result. In the garden, these are truly waterproof, and the top tends to sit snugly around the ankle to keep stray water from going inside.

Neutral colors make the MuckBoots shoes much less kitschy than some models of gardening shoes out there. There’s no crazy patterns printed on these, and they’re available in two colors – a medium sage-like green and a black-brown combination. They’re actually neutral enough in the black-brown combination that they can be worn in public and won’t stand out.

What I like about these, though, is those semi-flexible soles. Those allow for purchase even while working on inclines. For anyone who might find themselves needing to climb up on something to reach the plant they’re pruning, the soles give great stability and security while not sacrificing the bottoms of your feet.

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4. Sloggers Waterproof Rain & Garden Shoes

Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe with Comfort Insole, Midsummer Black, Size 9…

I have to give it to Sloggers garden shoes – they’re incredibly comfortable. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, these shoes offer slide-on convenience while still completely covering the heel. The women’s designs are bright and colorful, a little playful and appealing. Men’s styles are a bit less wild but no less comfortable.

These shoes are designed with a removable insole. Before washing them off, you’ll want to slide the insole out. The insoles themselves can be soaked and then air-dried, while you can just hose muck off of the shoes, and there are replacement insoles available. The soles are semi-rigid and have a heavy lug tread to handle both muddy and dry conditions with ease.

While Sloggers are only available in whole sizes, they offer a half-size insole (sold separately) which can be placed underneath your regular insole to reduce the shoe size by a half. So if you’re a 9.5, you can either squeeze into a 9, or you can get 10’s and add a half-sizer insole beneath the regular to make it true to size.

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5. Sloggers Waterproof Rain & Garden Ankle Boots

Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Ankle Boots with Comfort Insole, Midsummer Black, Size…

  • Patterned ankle-high rain boot with elastic gored…
  • All Day Comfort insole
  • Deep-lug tread for durable traction

Before I get too deeply into these: these ankle boots can be worn by both men or women. However, men may want to opt for the MuckBoot Muckster II ankle boots instead for something a bit more masculine in style.

However, the Sloggers garden boots tick all the boxes in terms of sturdiness and quality. They have a heavy sole which is designed to handle slick conditions with ease. They’re fully waterproof, and have the same insole that the garden shoes have. Higher sides ensure that both mud and water stay out of your garden boots.

Where most ankle-height garden boots are more designed for stylish rain footwear, and may or may not have non-skid soles, these absolutely do prevent sliding around even in adverse conditions. All things considered, I really like these… but I also like the Muckster II garden boots I mentioned above.

It’s pretty much a tie, and solely dependent on whether you want a men’s style or a women’s style.

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6. MuckBoots Scrub Boots

The Original MuckBoots Adult Scrub Boot,Garden Green,6 M US Mens/7 M US Womens

  • Waterproof scrub boot in low-calf height featuring…
  • Breathable AirMesh lining

While I generally don’t need more than garden shoes, on rare occasion I wish I had something a little taller that would keep the gunk off the lower part of my legs. These MuckBoots garden boots fit the bill perfectly. With a breathable lining to wick moisture away from your feet, and a rubber sole that has a little flexibility and give, these are perfect for working outdoors.

Fully waterproofed, these MuckBoots do exactly what’s required of them, even in snowy conditions. They’re great for people cleaning out chicken coops or handling livestock messes, and they’re super-easy to clean.

As these are rubber, it’s advised not to leave them in hot cars for long periods of time so they don’t lose any of their shaping in 100+ degree conditions, but they’re extremely long-lasting in most normal conditions.

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7. Tingley Kneed Agriculture Boots

TINGLEY 31151 Economy SZ10 Kneed Boot for Agriculture, 15-Inch, Black

  • 15″ – Plain Toe
  • cleated outsole spits out debris for great…
  • Injection molded construction for 100% waterproof…

If you’re going straight from mucking out the stable to the garden, transporting manure to the compost pile, or just generally need a heavy-duty pair of work boots, these PVC boots are your best bet. Tingley agriculture boots will hold up to nearly any hard working task you put them to.

Semi-rigid soles offer sturdy support, and these are thick — it’s not likely you’re going to sink into the muck in these. Fully waterproof and comfortable, these are designed to not get stiff in cold conditions. Need to walk the snow blower around? These boots can handle it.

While most of us will never really require something this solid, it’s good to have the option for those who are constantly on their feet, going from dirty task to dirty task. And if you’re in an area where the springtime mud flows freely, these boots are going to be your best friend.

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8. MuckBoot Muckster II Ankle Work Shoes

Muckster ll Ankle-Height Men’s Rubber Garden Boots,Black/Otter,12 M US

  • 4 mm neoprene provides comfort and flexibility,…
  • Stretch-fit Comfort Topline is curved to improve…
  • Breathable Airmesh lining wicks away humidity and…

I mentioned these above when I was talking about the Sloggers ankle boots — and for men, these are the comparable option. These ankle-height garden boots offer a flex-fit sole for good comfort, and the shallow cleats don’t fill up with mud or gunk. They’re tall enough to handle tasks in wet grass or loose, soggy soil comfortably.

Like the Sloggers garden shoes, these are extremely easy to clean. Just run a hose over them and it’s done, no muss, no fuss. All things considered, it really was a tie between these and the Sloggers. I would happily select either company’s garden boots.

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9. Backdoor Shoes Premium Garden Clogs

Backdoorshoes Waterproof Premium Garden Clogs with Arch Support-Meadow Design

Do you need a little more arch support than other garden shoes may offer? While many varieties have sole material which will shape itself to your foot pattern, the Backdoorshoes garden clogs offer built-in arch support from the start. This is all thanks to their insole design, which helps support higher-arched people easily.

Insoles like the Backdoorshoes variety are also great because they can be removed and tossed in the washing machine to clean. No more stinky insoles! The rest of the shoe can simply be hosed off for cleaning purposes.

While these don’t last quite as long as some of the other makes of garden shoe on the market, these are definitely something to consider. Comfortable and more breathable than some other varieties, these garden clogs are a good option for warmer climates. All things considered, while they may not be my top pick, they might be yours!

Check Current Price

10. Sperry Women’s Saltwater Rain Boot

Sale Sperry Womens Saltwater Boots, Tan/Dark Brown, 8

  • Combat cold, wet weather with the waterproof…
  • Duck-inspired waterproof boot
  • Leather upper with a waterproof rubber foot

If you’re looking for a garden boot that can also double as a stylish, daily-wear rain boot, look no further than the Sperry Women’s Saltwater Rain Boot. Sperry has made a name for themselves due to their quality construction and iconic duck-boot style.

If you’re gardening in a wetter climate, these durable, waterproof, and rugged rain boots may be the best option for you in the garden as compared to some of our lighter-weight or more exposed garden boot options.

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Why Do You Need Garden Shoes?

If you’re like me, you’ve resisted getting gardening shoes for quite a while. Why would you ever need a pair of shoes for just gardening?

Well, let me tell you why: you will turn nearly any other pair of shoes into a dirty, muddy mess. I’ve used old running shoes out in the garden and have completely destroyed them. You can’t easily rinse them off, because it’ll take a few days for them to dry out fully.

Stuffing your shoes full of newspaper and putting them next to the heater will dry them quicker, but some fabrics will dry rigid where others will end up becoming weakened with repeated washings. And let’s not forget, most standard shoes have insoles that will suck up water and squelch when you walk. Nobody likes squelchy feet.

By comparison, a good pair of gardening shoes will hold up to getting soggy. You can easily rinse mud and muck off of them, and they dry very fast. Even the ones with ventilation holes won’t end up with the insoles getting soggy (unless you’re using the wrong insoles!), and they’re generally quite comfortable.

If you’re going to be in the garden all the time, why not have a pair of shoes that’s made for specifically that purpose? Get yourself a quality pair of gardening shoes. You’ll be glad you did.

Features of Garden Boots, Shoes, and Clogs

We’re talking about shoes, so we all know the basics. But in terms of garden usage, there are some distinct aspects of garden footwear that need to be taken into consideration before you buy.

What’s The Difference Between Shoes, Boots, and Clogs?

The major difference between these different types of footwear is simply in the coverage.

Garden clogs have the least amount of coverage. Typically, these have a low heel, enabling them to be slipped on quickly for a little jaunt out into the garden. Some offer a strap that helps to hold the clog in place so it won’t slide off the foot.

Next, we have garden shoes. These typically are designed like a more typical shoe in that they have a heel cup, but they’re still easy to slide on and off the foot.

Finally, there’s garden boots. Made for muddier conditions, the boot height can either be ankle or mid-calf. Often, these have a more rigid sole and are good for working in larger farm settings or muddier conditions during the winter and spring months.

The Quest For Waterproof Footwear

One of the first things you need to establish when looking for the best garden shoes is whether or not you need waterproof shoes.

If you’re going out to water your plants by hand regularly, waterproof shoes are a necessity. Nobody wants to put on soggy, half-dried shoes that got soaked the day before! However, with complete waterproofing comes warmth. In the heat of the summer, those shoes might actually be a little hotter than you’d like.

There are options which are constructed of waterproof materials but also have ventilation. Holes dotting through the shoes might get your toes wet, but they’ll also give your feet room to breathe.

However, holes also allow mud and other stuff to get inside. These can be great if you’re working in the yard in the summer, but won’t protect your feet from the colder months.

Finding The Right Sole

Your soles depend on what you’ll be doing with your shoes. And there’s a wide variety of options available.

If you’re just looking for something to slip on when you step into the yard to do some weeding, you’re likely not going to need heavy soles. Something light and flexible will work out well in these conditions. These shoes can be incredibly comfortable and lightweight on the feet. You might even forget you’re wearing them.

Yards which have mulch that’s regularly walked over or which might get slippery in rainier conditions will require something a little firmer. At this point, a standard-weight semi-rigid sole is ideal. Most gardening shoes come with a semi-rigid sole, so this is by and large the widest selection.

Semi-rigid soles also come with varying levels of texturing on the bottom of the shoes. This texturing helps provide traction in slicker conditions. People who have heavy leaf cover in the fall or who have mud in the winter and spring may require more traction.

And finally, there’s the heavy-duty work boot soles. These can be almost an inch thick and can handle everything from digging holes to mucking out stables. Typically, these have heavy textured soles that will prevent skidding around in inclement weather, but these also tend to be extremely warm once the heat starts.

Gardening shoes don’t have to be difficult — they just have to do the job. And my list has provided you with some of the top choices available right now to select from. Do you have a favorite type of gardening shoe? Is your preference clogs, shoes, or boots? Tell me in the comments!

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The feet are one part of the body that should be treated well as they help to support you and helps in getting you from one place to the other so they also need to be cared for.

Before going outside to work in your garden, it is very important that you get yourself a good pair of garden shoes that would help in guiding your steps and I am sure you wouldn’t want to destroy your sneakers or any other shoe while walking in a muddy, wet or dirt area.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Garden Shoes

These factors are listed below:

  • Quality and type of sole
  • Durability based on the quality of materials used in its construction
  • Length of the shoe so as to find the one that best suits or matches the feet
  • Waterproof design which ensures that the feet stay dry and clean and protected from unwanted water entry or attacks

A Step By Step Guide On Selecting The Best Garden Shoe

You obviously need shoes that would help you move carefully when weeding, digging, walking and hoeing and to help you identify them today, take a walk with us as we show you the best five garden shoes which we have rounded up just to make the search easier for you.

5. Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe with Comfort Insole

Comfort is all everyone desires when they are out working in the garden, out on a rainy day or just out about town and that is one thing this high-quality shoe from Sloggers helps one achieve, comfort.

This is one shoe that you would find easy to slip your legs into, would be blessed with secure traction and can also clean up easily after the days use as well as earning you compliments from your neighbors and friends.

One notable feature of this high-quality shoe is it boasts of a signature deep sole lug which provides every user with the best traction ever especially in muddy and wet conditions while its 100 percent medical grade and recyclable materials used in construction ensure that this shoe lasts for a very long while.


  1. Cute looking shoe
  2. Comfortable and waterproof
  3. A high-quality shoe which ensures long-lasting use


  1. Has an issue with sizing
  2. Its heels feel quite close

4. Sloggers Men’s Waterproof Shoe with Comfort Insole

Coming in various sizes so you can easily find the one that best suits you, the Sloggers men waterproof shoe is one that every gardener can rely on for ultimate comfort during use as it boasts of an original insole which helps the feet feel relaxed.

One interesting and notable feature of this men sloggers shoe is its solid front design which helps in preventing the entry of water, pebbles and mud during use.

Made using 100 percent rubber material, you rest assured that this shoe would last for a while and it also comes with a step in strap design which also provides additional comfort during use.

Using this shoe also ensures that your feet would stay dry thanks to its four vents design found on each side which promotes the ideal circulation of air and it is also lightweight which makes it suitable to wear for long.

  1. Well made shoes
  2. Recommended for use when cleaning up the barn
  3. Extremely comfortable
  1. Very heavy
  2. Has an issue with sizing

3. Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Ankle Boots with Comfort Insole

Delivering all-day comfort is one feature that makes this shoe widely sought after by every gardener or homeowner as it boasts of insoles that ensure the feet feel extremely comfortable during use.

One notable feature of this highly rated garden shoe is it also comes with a heavy-duty lug sole that would provide the feet with the right amount of traction it needs whether for muck or mud conditions.

Durability was taken into consideration when designing this shoe as it boasts of a hundred percent recyclable materials used in production which guarantees that one uses this shoe for a long time without worrying about getting a replacement.

Other impressive features include easy-on tab found at the back, elastic gored inset found at the front and a high ankle design.

  1. Good looking shoe
  2. Ensures that the feet stay dry
  3. Durable and comfortable
  4. Ideal for muddy and grassy conditions
  1. Quite painful when worn sometimes
  2. Comes with an extremely tight fit at the top which makes the feet numb sometimes

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2. Sloggers 5113BP09 Rain and Garden Shoe with All Day Comfort Insole

When it comes to obtaining sure-footed traction especially in muddy, water or muck conditions, the Sloggers rain and garden all-day comfort insole shoe is one that fits the bill as it blesses every user with traction and support that one expects from a quality work boot.

Not all work boots guarantee optimal comfort during use but this quality shoe from sloggers would bless the feet with comfort thanks to its original insoles combined with a skived material under the feet that provides added support.

One advantage that comes with using this shoe is it provides a perfect and ideal fit and it is also made using 100 percent recyclable materials that guarantee durability for long-lasting use.

  1. Extremely comfortable yard shoes
  2. Stays true to size
  3. Can also be used as rain shoes
  4. Fits very good
  1. Tends to hurt the feet sometimes
  2. Doesn’t provide the expected amount of support

1. Sloggers Women’s Premium Garden Clog, Kiwi Green

Specially designed for use by females, the Slogger women’s premium garden clog is one that every woman who cares about her garden would love and feel comfortable walking in as its interior is properly and well lined for extreme comfort and support during use.

Unlike other low-quality products that do not last, this high-quality garden shoe would last for a very long while as it is made using top quality and recyclable materials which promotes durability for long-lasting use.

Using this shoe guarantees that the leg would always feel dry as it comes with a moisture wicking design and the leg would also stay protected at all times thanks to its anti-microbial insole.

Convenience is assured when using this high-quality shoe from Sloggers and its waterproof design also makes it suitable for use in wet conditions.

  1. Can be used as a gift item for any of your gardening friends or relative
  2. Extremely comfortable
  3. Easy to wear
  4. Recommended for use in wet conditions
  1. Shoes feel clumsy, hard and heavy

Other Interesting Products Include

1. JOINFREE Women’s Rain Boots Men’s Garden Shoes Low Short Shoes Ankle Car Wash Footwear Outdoor

One of the key benefits that come with settling for the JOINFREE gardening shoes is it is designed to help boost thermal insulation as well as provide you with waterproof advantages as this high-quality shoe from JOINFREE is one that would ensure the foot stays clean and dry be it in the snow, rain or even in the mud and it also boasts of a durable and anti-skid rubber sole which provides the feet with superior grip which also makes this shoe suitable for any outdoor use.

With this shoe, users would find it extremely easy to wear thanks to its easy to wear design and it is also one that promises to bring unmatched comfort for as long as you wear while other benefits that come with settling for this shoe includes; providing support for the ankles and arches as well as fitting perfectly with chaffing or rubbing off on the skin.

  1. Recommended for daily use
  2. High value and top quality shoe
  3. Easy to wear design
  4. Recommended for outdoor use
  5. Guarantees comfort
  1. Seems larger than in the picture

2. Crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty Boot

This is one water shoe or boots which users would find quite suitable to either play in or walk conveniently in as it is designed to match or suite variety of purposes and it is one which boasts of a waterproof upper combined with a croslite material which doesn’t only guarantee durability for long-lasting use but also ensures that the feet would stay dry and clean from water attacks at all times.

One benefit is its croslite construction is it ensures adequate and better cushioning for the legs and thanks to its durable rubber outsole, the Crocs women’s jaunt shorty boots is one that is designed to have a firm grip on any surface outdoors and you are also guaranteed that you won’t slip whenever you slide your legs into this boots or walk any surface.

  1. Extremely comfortable
  2. Extremely lightweight
  3. Nicely made shoes
  4. Extremely roomy
  5. Recommended for use all through the day
  1. Seems smaller than expected
  2. A little bit tight on the inside

3. Western Chief Women’s Garden Clog

Made using high quality and premium rubber materials, the Western Chief Women’s Clog is one that would last for a very long while as the quality of material used in its construction aids in promoting durability for long-lasting use and it is also one which comes with a durable rubber sole which would provide the feet with the adequate traction required to walk any outdoor surface as well as fighting against slipping.

One impressive feature of this well-designed shoe is the fact that it boasts of a SMART DESIGN which involves using a material that ensures the feet would stay dry and comfortable as long as you wear and thanks to its pull loop found at its heel, users would definitely find this clog quite easy to slip their legs inside and out.

Its outsole is one that would not bring in more dirt to the house and it also leaves behind bright and fun prints which would help make gardening easier or fun for you.

  1. Can be used as a gift item
  2. Good looking
  3. Comfortable
  4. Ensures that the feet stay dry
  5. Fits perfectly
  6. Stays true to size
  1. Its shoe insert doesn’t stay firm in a place
  2. Seems way too big than expected

4. ALEADER Unisex Garden Sandal Comfort Walking Slippers Shoes

These are comfortable and waterproof garden shoes which users would find quite helpful when carrying out work in their gardens and it is one which promises to bring so much fun as it comes in various designs and colors so one can easily select that which he or she considers attractive or suites one’s personality or style.

Whether you want to take a walk quickly through the sprinklers or you want to take care of the garden during a hot sunny weather then you have absolutely nothing to worry about as this shoe is well designed to rise to the occasion anytime and any day and it is also considered to be the best and ideal garden footwear all through the summer as it is designed to provide the feet with maximum support and optimal comfort all through the day.

  1. Comfortable
  2. Lightweight
  3. Has a great fitting
  4. Prompt delivery service
  5. Recommended for use in pools
  6. Good looking
  1. A little bit stiff which tends to hinder comfort
  2. Has an issue with sizing

5. Joules Women’s Wellibob Rain Boot

Delivering all-day comfort is one feature that makes this shoe widely sought after by every gardener or homeowner as it boasts of insoles that ensure the feet feel extremely comfortable during use. One notable feature of this highly rated garden shoe is it also comes with a heavy-duty lug sole that would provide the feet with the right amount of traction it needs whether for muck or mud conditions.

Specially designed for use by females, the joules women’s wellibob garden boots is one that every woman who cares about her garden would love and feel comfortable walking in as its interior is properly and well lined for extreme comfort and support during use. Unlike other low-quality products that do not last, this high-quality garden shoe would last for a very long while as it is made using top quality and recyclable materials which promotes durability for long-lasting use.

  1. Has amazing furry on the inside
  2. High-quality boots
  3. Also recommended for taking long walks in wet conditions
  4. Fits perfectly
  1. Has an issue with sizing
  2. Not as durable as expected

Final Verdict – What You Should Know

The shoes listed in this review are versatile, durable and are not only designed to provide maximum comfort but also feature designs that would help the feet stay dry.

The shoes listed above are the best that you can find anywhere today so we urge you to go through each and every one of them and select the one that best suits your needs.

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Backdoorshoes® stock a huge range of slip on gardening clogs that are perfect for those that love the outdoors. Lightweight, stylish and practical, our waterproof garden shoes are available in all popular sizes for men, women and even the kids. They may look strange at first, but you’ll be amazed at the comfort and practicality of our gardening footwear.
Easy to put on and take off, Backdoorshoes® waterproof outdoor clogs are specifically designed to keep your feet dry whilst removing the hassle of repeatedly tying and untying laces. Not only will these garden shoes stop your socks from getting soggy, their unique foam construction makes them washable and reusable for years at a time.
We know that people like something a bit different, which is why our outdoor clogs are decorated with unique patterns that include chillies, dogs, poppies, meadow, grass, chickens, roses and more. We genuinely believe these waterproof garden shoes will be the most comfortable outdoor clogs you’ll ever wear!

This style of slip on outdoor shoes is growing in popularity every day and we are striving to perfect our garden clog design to make it even more lightweight and durable. Our team are also constantly working on new patterns and styles to increase the gardening footwear range further. In recent times, the Backdoorshoes® garden clogs range has been extended to provide plain workwear and medical shoes once again.
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I love my garden, but don’t enjoy wet, soggy or muddy feet. And if you work in the garden, it’s bound to happen! I’m sure you feel the same way. That’s why I went all over the web and found the best gardening shoes for women.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks For Gardening Shoes For Women

Your feet deserve to be protected and kept safe, don’t you think? You can use your day to day shoes, but don’t be surprised if you need to buy new shoes after a rainy day in the garden.

As you plant and care for your beautiful flowers and delicious veggies, you’ll be spending hours in your beloved garden. These gardening shoes will help protect your feet and toes from rocks, sharp objects and water.

What should you look for in a women’s garden shoe?

There are few, but very important factors in choosing your gardening shoes. Here they are:

  • cover and protect your feet
  • be comfortable
  • have a good grip (it’s easy to slip and slide in the garden mud after a rain)
  • easy to clean
  • waterproof
  • easy to put on/take off
  • look pretty (as women, this is important too 😉

Best Gardening Shoes For Women

Our Top Pick Sloggers women’s waterproof garden shoes

  • Top gardening shoe for women
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
View On Amazon →
The original MuckBoots daily garden shoe

  • Designed especially with outdoor work in mind
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect in the garden
View On Amazon →
Crocs women’s jaunt shorty boot

  • A bit more heavy duty
  • Easy to slip on
  • Comfy and pretty
View On Amazon →
Bogs waterproof boots with handles

  • Easy to pull on
  • Easy to clean
  • Amazing in the garden
View On Amazon →
Sloggers women’s waterproof rain & garden boot with comfort insole

  • Waterproof
  • Garden boots
  • Comfortable
View On Amazon →
Hazel’s jewel women’s ankle high natural rubber rainboot & gardenboot

  • Perfect
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
View On Amazon →
Starbay Women’s Garden Clog Shoes

  • Protecting your feet from getting hurt
  • Suitable for many outdoor activities
  • Portable
View On Amazon →
Waterproof premium garden clogs with arch support

  • Beautiful design
  • Extra arch support
  • Very desirable
View On Amazon →
Stormwell unisex gardener clog/welly shoes

  • Easy to slip on
  • Light and stylish
  • Good grip for a muddy garden
View On Amazon →
Hunter women’s original garden stripe tall rain boots

  • Rubber
  • Imported
  • Hunter Size Chart
View On Amazon →

And now, let’s take a look at the best gardening shoes for women.

1. Sloggers women’s waterproof garden shoes

Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe with Comfort Insole, Midsummer Black, Size 8, Style 5102BK08

This is Amazon’s top gardening shoe for women, and for good reason. Reading the reviews, I’m convinced everyone needs a pair of these.

They are comfortable, waterproof, and pretty too. They come in 20 different designs: one for pretty much every taste. Use them with heavy socks for colder days in the fall, and your feet will stay cozy.

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2. The original MuckBoots daily garden shoe

The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe,Garden Green,3 D(M) US/4 B(M) US

Designed especially with outdoor work in mind, these shoes are lightweight and versatile, perfect in the garden or around town.

They slip on and off easily and are very conformable, keeping your feet dry with a moisture control lining. Appropriate for both summer and winter, you can use them in the garden, in the barn, on the beach and even on your daily walk. They fit like a glove and are very comfortable.

Lots of 5 star reviews here.

3. Crocs women’s jaunt shorty boot

crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty W Rain Boot, Raspberry, 4 B(M) US

If you have wider feet, these boots are for you. A bit more heavy duty, you’ll be happy to have them in rain and mud. Easy to slip on, comfy and pretty. They come in 6 colors: some darker and some brighter and more colorful 🙂

4. Bogs waterproof boots with handles

Bogs Women’s Classic Mid Waterproof Insulated Boot, Black,9 M US

While these boots are used by many as winter boots, they are amazing in the garden. They are easy to pull on, and you can kneel, squat and sit with no problems. Easy to clean too!

5. Sloggers women’s waterproof rain & garden boot with comfort insole

Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot with Comfort Insole, Paisley Red, Size 9, Style 5004RD09

A must have for the serious gardener, these waterproof rain and garden boots will cushion your feet for total comfort.

6. Hazel’s jewel women’s ankle high natural rubber rainboot & gardenboot

Hazel’s Jewel Women’s Ankle High Natural Rubber Rainboot & Gardenboot with Comfortable Insole, Leopard, 5 B(M) US

Here’s one garden boot that perfect for those of us who want to garden in style 😉

These garden and rain boots are not only pretty, but also comfortable. The tab at the back of the boot makes it easy to pull these on quickly.

7. Starbay Women’s Garden Clog Shoes

Amoji Garden Clogs Shoes House Slippers Indoor Room Sandals Outdoor Outside Shower Crocks Summer Breathable Ladies Adult Female Male Girl Boy AM1702 Red 8US Women/6.5US Men

Some of the shoes above might feel too hot in the summer, but these garden clogs will let your feet breath while doing their job of protecting your feet from getting hurt.

And if they get dirty, just hose them down and let them dry for the next time you need them.

Here are the best garden clogs for women.

8. Waterproof premium garden clogs with arch support

Waterproof Premium Garden Clogs With Arch Support-Meadow Design By Backdoorshoes, Meadow Design, Size 8

Beautiful design and the extra arch support makes these garden work shoes very desirable for every woman who loves to garden.

9. Stormwell unisex gardener clog/welly shoes

Stormwell Unisex Gardener Garden Clog/Welly Shoes (6 US) (Green)

Easy to slip on, light and stylish, you can wear these around the garden, or around town 😉

They have a good grip for a muddy garden too!

10. Hunter women’s original garden stripe tall rain boots

Hunter Women’s Original Garden Stripe Tall Rain Boots Forget Me Not/White 5 M US

Cheery garden rain boots will help lift your mood even when it rains. Some of us like to be stylish everywhere, so why not get a pair of beautiful rain boots for the garden?

One last thing to make a note of: if you buy shoes online (like some of the ones above from Amazon), make sure you read some of the reviews.

Some garden shoes run large, and some run smaller that your usual size. You want to be comfortable, so do your due diligence 😉

Did you see a pair that you like? Glad I could help 😉

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Buy Garden Shoes Online (Australia)

Durable, Waterproof Garden Shoes Are Available To Buy At Wellies Online In Australia

There is always music in the garden, but our hearts must be quiet to hear it.

Mens Gardening Shoes

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.

Need a pair of durable shoes to work in the garden? It may help if the shoes are waterproof too as you will likely spend some time slopping around in some muddy areas while tending to the garden. You can find a wide selection of choices of garden shoes at Wellies Online, the leading online retailer in Australia of all sorts of wellies. The online store was established in 2008 and has become the country’s premier source for gumboots. There are numerous styles from which to choose for men, women, and children. Wellies Online carries the finest brands, including its own and gives customers much more than most retailers can offer.

Why Buy Garden Shoes Online At Wellies Online

All garden shoes found at Wellies Online are 100 per cent waterproof and made from durable rubber. The shoes are designed to give an orthopedic fit, be supportive, and have an excellent grip from the sole. There is a perfectly contoured arch support in these garden shoes and even a steel lug has been inserted into the midsole for more strength. When you buy garden shoes in Australia from Wellies Online, you get a comfortable shoe with a neoprene lining that is well-ventilated and has a tread that provides maximum grip and performance. While Wellies Online garden shoes are perfect for working in the garden or for wear on virtually any occasion. You can incorporate these shoes into your everyday wear.

The Widest Selection Of Gumboots In Australia

In addition to garden shoes, Wellies Online supplies the largest selection of waterproof footwear in Australia. Shoppers will find a variety of men’s, ladies, and children’s gumboots from a number of popular brands. Gumboots are no longer just a farm boot; they are an essential piece of footwear that everyone must add to their wardrobe.

Gumboots trace their history back to the Duke of Wellington, who commissioned a shoemaker to design and craft a pair of boots that would keep his feet warm and dry. The result was a pair of calfskin boots that were coated in wax to make them waterproof. The boots became popular among the British aristocracy in the 18th century. When World War I broke out, these Wellington boots were issued to soldiers by the millions. After both World Wars, these boots became popular among farmers and other outdoorsy types. This is where the association with farming came about. Nowadays, gumboots are a popular fashion trend and are becoming a must-have for wardrobes across the country.

Shop At Wellies Online

When you buy garden shoes online at Wellies Online, you can guarantee a couple of things. One, you will get the finest quality products that are built to last. The second guarantee is that you will find the absolute lowest prices in the nation on name brand gumboots, garden shoes, and other waterproof footwear.

Orders are processed quickly and items are dispatched the same day of the order and next day delivery is available if needed. To place your order or browse the product line, visit You can also order by calling (03) 9588 1968 weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

How to Choose Women’s Rain Boots

Rain boots have become a necessary item in the wardrobe, especially for those living in seasonal environments and along temperate coasts. With style often contending with comfort and traction, it can be rather difficult to settle on what’s best and what’s affordable. After having tested all kinds of rain boots side-by-side, we gathered the expertise to go over the fundamentals for what makes a pair of boots truly worthwhile. A good place to start is to differentiate rain-specific boots from alternative waterproof footwear and how each function in their realm.

Rain Boots vs. Winter Boots vs. Waterproof Hiking Boots

Personally, we don’t mind the shoe rack filling up when we know every pair has its purpose. Still, we’ll go over how to differentiate functionality and offer advice on how to avoid too much redundancy in the wardrobe. Rain boots are typically a very distinguishable category with their sleek look, rubber shafts, minimal outsoles, and are often bright or have patterned colors. Specific to rain, these types of boots are not made to compete with boots made for the snow or long-distance hiking. Rarely do they encompass all the preferred comforts.

In their most basic forms, they are made to keep your feet dry in wet conditions and often include features for you to slide them on and off easily. Materials can range from treated neoprene, such as the Xtratuf Legacy, to the most technical resin, such as the Crocs Jaunt Shorty. They are usually made from synthetic rubber and have simple, thin nylon or cotton lining, or no lining at all. The fancier you get, the more perks or accessories get thrown in. Sometimes you come across hybrids, where significant insulation is added for colder weather. The majority of the boots we tested were of the traditional, mild-weather construction, ideal for temperatures ranging from 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit, with basic shafts and little to no insulation.

Three award-winning boots from left to right: Xtratuf Legacy 15″, Hunter Original, and the Heidi. All have good traction overall.

Winter Boots

Boots made for trudging in the snow encompass a wide range of activity, from the at-home shoveling duty to a trip into the backcountry. Many winter boots carry over into the waterproof hiking boot category, except they have far more technical insulation. Generally rated down to below-freezing temperatures, the insulation is the most distinguishing feature of winter boots, with traction being of high priority as well. Basic winter boots are often laced and made of waterproofed nylon, Gore-tex (the two most breathable options), leather, or a combination of leather and nylon (leather being the least breathable option). The Bogs Amanda Plush is pretty warm, but doesn’t fit as a true winter boot due to its lackluster traction across rugged terrain and rubber build.

Faux-fur and added insulation qualities, this competitor is very warm.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

For the sake of being fully waterproof, these types of boots will not be as breathable as their non-waterproof hiking kin. They are laced and made with nylon, a waterproof liner, or leather, don’t have extra insulation and are typically no taller than the ankles. Traction is of priority here. Nonetheless, when it comes to long-distance hiking through rainy conditions, such as being caught in a summer thunderstorm, waterproof hiking boots can be lifesavers and keepers of foot sanity. Waterproof hiking boots are ideal for spring, summer, and fall romps through the mountains when the weather is unpredictable yet mild, when slush and mud don the trails, or when snowmelt yields swollen stream crossings.

Different Types of Rain Boots

Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, rain boots can most easily be categorized by shaft height: ankle-height, mid-calf, or tall. Ankle-height boots peak around the ankles or slightly above the ankles with a height, as measured from the floor, that is typically less than 9 inches. The height of mid-calf boots typically measure 10-14 inches from the ground; and lastly, tall boots can be anywhere from 14 to over 16 inches in height (or even more in extreme cases).

Rain boots come in a range of shaft heights, from the ankle-height, mid-calf, to tall.

Intuitively, the shorter the shaft height, the less overall weather protection (particularly from puddles and sideways rain). Something to keep in mind, tall boots are sometimes difficult to wear with pants, which make mid-calf or ankle-height boots more appealing and versatile for the wardrobe.

Some rain boots we tested, short and tall.

Warmth & Weather Protection

It’s important to keep in mind the type of environment you live in and the activities you foresee yourself needing such boots for. For humid locations or temperate coastlines, rain is likely all the inclement weather you’ll encounter. For these locales, it’s best to shop for boots that have little to no insulation, which typically provides more room for thicker socks if the temperatures occasionally require such. Without the added insulation, your feet are less likely to overheat and sweat. You wouldn’t want to end up with swampy feet throughout the day, negating the very reason to wear waterproof boots in the first place. In and of themselves, rain boots do not breathe very well, so being fully waterproof typically provides adequate warmth for the rain.

The majority of the boots we tested did not have added insulation, and they were either thinly lined with nylon, cotton, or had no liner at all. During testing, these minimally lined boots scored fairly average in warmth, which is only a measure of how well they keep heat under various circumstances (i.e., cold or warm weather).

Ask yourself about the rainy season where you live. When it rains, do temps remain in the mid-50’s and 70’s F? If yes, skip the insulation. Does rain mean chilly to frigid temps where you live? Then consider a more insulated pair or add quality, thick socks to non-insulated ones.

The elegant Shaye, made by UGG.

When taking the climate into consideration, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the average precipitation your region receives. What are the most likely conditions? If you live in a four-season mountain community, it might still be advantageous to purchase a mild-weather boot for summer thunderstorms and spring and fall slush — as winter will likely be taken care of via appropriate winter boots. This is an example of how you can prevent too much redundancy with your shoe collection. If it often pours as opposed to a mist and you are likely to encounter huge puddles, a taller shaft should be of priority for you. On the other hand, if the rare drizzle is all you’re concerned with, then ankle-height options tend to be more fashionable and easy to dress with.

Sometimes waterproof rubber boots are also highly appropriate if you work outdoors, such as on a commercial fishing rig, on a farm, or if your hobbies include gardening or walking the cold shoreline for shells. Easy to clean by simply wiping them down, rubber is a durable material. Rain or no rain, brainstorm your routines and the circumstances in which you’ll wear your boots.

The Legacy 15″ had decent traction and is pictured in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon, CO.


The hope is for a boot that provides adequate foot support and comfort throughout the day. This is especially critical for work environments where waterproof boots are an invaluable asset, such as the examples mentioned previously: from fishing to the farm, etcetera. All-day wear and proper fit is important, often outweighing style entirely. The Xtratuf Legacy, a Top Pick Award winner for those who work outdoors, stood out for its thick sole and incredible flexibility in the shaft. These marine-inspired boots are made for you to work hard in. If this is the type of performance you’re looking for, comfort should be of high priority for you.

Something to consider is how stiff the upper rubber is. Read individual product reviews should give you insight into a model’s specific stiffness and overall comfort.

You can easily remedy a lack of foot support with specialized insoles. Typical boots will have very basic and rather flimsy insoles, so if you do end up buying your own, consider how it might affect the fit of the footbed. In some cases, people order a size up to accommodate insoles, thicker socks, or foot swelling from activity. However, if the insoles you buy end up being much longer than the footbed, a neat trick is to trim the toes of the insoles.

The stylish Original Back Adjustable.


If you’re only in search of boots to wear occasionally, maybe more on the spectrum of very rarely, then comfort may not be a mega priority. Style is likely the next leading factor. However, it’s always nice when comfort and style are combined into a high-functioning boot, like many of our current award winners. Style is, of course, a difficult metric to score objectively, and people will simply like what they like.

With all rain boots, the softness of the rubber might influence the sag in the front of the shaft when walking. This can influence whether or not the boots look baggy or flattering. Taller models typically have a more streamlined, molded design and sometimes added accessories like buckles or laces. Shorter models might have pull tabs or very little added features at all. Still, from bold colors and patterns to the traditional black and unassuming, there really is a look for everyone out there.

One area of contention, however, is when fashion and function are not balanced, yielding trendy looks with inadequate waterproofing. If something looks great but doesn’t protect your feet from water as it should, we assume you won’t have happy feet. On the other hand, maybe you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily need a boot to be fully waterproof or tall. This is when ankle-height boots and duck boots might be favorable. Ankle-height boots tend to be easier to put on and take off, and you can wear them comfortably with pants, leggings, dresses, etc. If you’re living and working in an environment where there isn’t enough rain to concern yourself with wet jeans, then having a simple, waterproof footbox will likely be sufficient.

The Wellibob low-tops in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon, CO.


Traction over wet surfaces is critical for rain boots. Staying upright when walking through a rainstorm, we can surely agree, is a worthwhile goal. Looking at the bottom (the outsole) of a boot is useful here. A smoother, shallower set of lugs on the outsole generally results in more surface area contact. More contact means more friction. This is ideal for wet and smooth surfaces like pavement, concrete, and even tile, and therefore best for urban or marine settings. Deep lugs and pronounced heels are suited for walking on uneven and unstable surfaces, such as trails, mud, grass, and rocks.

Consider where you’ll be walking in your rain boots. Browse photos online and reviews for insight on the tread design and depth. Keep in mind that rain boots are not typically versatile across all terrain, particularly in rocky, outdoor environments. Mostly built for the casual, urban setting, reading reviewer comments on how a model’s rugged-appearing traction actually performs is best.

A look at the “calendered” outsoles of the Original Back Adjustable boots, which performed well across the board.


The bane of rain boot existence and a sub-category to overall comfort, fit is one of the most unfortunate drawbacks to any boot. With such basic principles and construction, they rarely come in half sizes and more often than not will run too small or too large, producing the all-too-common heel lift as you walk. Always read up on sizing charts provided by the manufacturers and compare them to user comments. Although, sometimes even sizing charts and recommendations can be misleading. Too, there is a difference in how people prefer to have their boots fit. Some like more room for the option of wearing thick socks or for adding insoles, while others prefer a more snug footbox and thin socks. For our lead tester, her long socks tend to be thin, so she prefers to have boots that fit tighter around the foot.

For the buyer whose feet are between whole number sizes, reading reviews is where you can ultimately gain the most insight about what size to choose. For example, the Hunter boots “run large” according to the internet, so we ordered down to a size 7 (for a 7.5 foot). This boot ended up being one of the best fitting and we were very happy to have sized down. For the majority of boots we ordered, we sized up to size 8 due to recommendations from sizing charts and reviews. There are a few cases where we wish we hadn’t sized up, which truly complicates the ability to provide a one-size-fits-all answer to fit. Do, however, take note of any consistent comfort and fit issues you read in various reviews. Bottom line, you will have to trust your intuition and try on pairs in person if you can before purchasing.

The cute and playful vibe of the Jaunt Shorty.
Boots that fit more closely to your foot will inevitably perform worse when it comes to maintaining warmth in near-freezing temperatures, as there isn’t much space for air to act as insulation. Keep this in mind when considering fit if warmth is of high priority, and your wish to utilize thick socks.


Pay attention to the materials used in the construction of the boot. If you are allergic to latex, we would express caution for the Xtratuf Legacy, as latex is used in the chemical resistance of the boot. Also, if you are opposed to animal products, you might steer clear from the UGG Shaye, which uses Australian sheepskin and lambswool in the footbed and for the insole. The Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot, too, uses a rawhide upper and shoelace. Most rain boots are made from synthetic rubber, and some are even recyclable, such any of the Kamik boots. The Sloggers Rain and Garden Boot have soles that are made with up to 50% recycled material.

The style features of the Saltwater Duck Boots, such as the side zipper, detached tongue, and barrel laces did not provide as much weather proofing as we hoped for.


In the end, the best boot for you is the one that will provide the most function and contentment in the environment where you live and work. Taking price tags into consideration is a must, but more often than not, the cost of quality is unavoidable. We hope this article and our gear reviews of women’s rain boots help guide you to understand what to choose for yourself.