Ren anti redness serum

Anti-Redness Serum

It works! However, this is not a moisturizer. It is a lightweight lotion designed to stop redness. The caffeine in the product is what the sales associates credit for reducing redness, and this makes sense. Caffeine, among other things, constricts blood vessels. It also contains sulfur, which some people don’t like, but it can be effective and useful. I only use it when I’ve tried other things that don’t work and my skin is still problematic. For example, when I was having a bout of acne, I used Dermadoctor’s Aint’ Misbehavin’ Mask (which contained sulfur) once a week and it helped. This was after I had experimented with other acne products that had failed. Sulfur is referred to in the Bible as "brimstone." Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used sulfur to treat skin ailments. It did and does work for many people because it is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and kills parasites. Some people find it harsh, however; it is still in use. Today there are prescription sulfa antibiotics that are prescribed for acne, and a handful of over-the-counter treatments. Sulfur naturally has a strong scent, however; compared to other sulfur lotions, the smell in this product is not offensive. I recommend buying the travel-sized ampoules of Anti-Redness Serum for $6.50 to see if the product works for you, and use it sparingly. Once opened, I keep the ampoule in a small zip-lock plastic bag and it takes several days to use it up.The full bottle is $36 if you have success with the sample size. I will be buying both again. I am giving this a high rating because recently I had a rosacea flare-up and my dermatologist was missing-in-action. Her office wouldn’t call me back, so I couldn’t get my topical antibiotic Cleocin T. I was mad and desperate, and the only thing I could use was Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy, which is a great cream but not helpful in fighting acne. My usual benzoyl peroxide product turned my face red, and the zits were still there. Maybe it’s the caffeine, maybe it’s the sulfur, but Anti-Redness Serum worked. Rosacea-affected skin is fussy and sometimes illogical in its threshold of tolerance. Sometimes it seems there is no rhyme or reason to what works and what doesn’t. All of a sudden your usual skin care products don’t work. There is a lot of trial and error. You just see results or not. I used Anti-Redness Serum on a red, inflamed area near my eyes that was very sensitive, that had failed to tolerate even the gentle product Cetaphil. Anti-Redness Serum did not burn my eyes or my skin, I saw immediate improvement, and the serum was lightly moisturizing. I personally did not have problems from the small amount of ginger in the product, but I agree that it might be better to leave out ginger if the product is ever reformulated. I had already tried First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream, which burned on contact due to the eucalyptus oil in that product. (I wish First Aid Beauty would exclude known irritants from their line.) I can use Ultra Repair Cream on my hands, feet, arms, but not on my face. They were so close to getting that product right. I prefer Kate Somerville’s Eczema Therapy to Ultra Repair Cream, but of course it is more expensive. I think Anti-Redness Serum is good, and if you are looking for an over-the-counter treatment, it is effective and has a nice texture that is not too heavy or greasy. It can be used for zits or for rosacea. If you don’t have either of these concerns and are just looking for a moisturizer, you may want a creamier formula. It is best for combination or oily skin. For me it was extremely calming and soothing and the inflammation cleared up after using it sparingly for a few days, once a day. If I needed more moisture, I used a small amount of Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy over it. Anti-Redness Serum was also effective at tacking a pimple that had not responded to benzoyl peroxide. I know it may not work for everyone, but in a time of crisis, it was one of the few things that helped my skin. On this particular day, even La Roche Posay’s Toleriane had felt intolerable. I also recommend FIrst Aid Beauty’s Cleanser, available in 2 oz. and 5 oz. sizes. The cleanser contains collodial oatmeal which is effective in treating eczema, rosacea, and other skin disorders. One more note: I could NOT layer Anti-Redness Serum with First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery. There is something about the two in conjunction that is sensitizing. If you require another lotion over Anti-Redness Serum try Kate Somerville’s Eczema Therapy or Aveeno’s. (Again, my advice is to try the ampoules first. That way, if you don’t fall in love with the product, you’re only out $6.50.)