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Confident, classic, and sexy, the perfect shade of red lipstick is a woman’s ultimate accessory, and red can be a great choice for women who have warm undertones. If it seems you’ve tried a zillion different color reds without finding one that looks quite right with your warm skin tone, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are a number of options that will look great on you.

Tried and True Reds for Warm Undertones

More than ever, celebrities are sporting gorgeous red hues on their lips. However, it can be difficult deciding which shade is right for you when you see a shade that looks good on a particular actress who has kind of the same coloring as you, but not quite. Trying to duplicate a shade that looks great on Nicole Kidman, for example, can often throw you off track from discovering which shade is truly best suited for your skin. To eliminate these pitfalls, choose red shades designed to flatter your warm undertones and complexion.

Warm, Fair Undertones

The undertones of warm, fair skin usually resonate a peachy-brown cast which melds beautifully with warm-brown reds, as well as red with subtle hints of orange. Be aware, though, that if your teeth have a hint of yellow, the red-orange lipstick may accentuate the yellow. If that’s the case, you should stay with the warm-brown reds. Avoid any color reds that are too dark for your fair skin.

Good choices include:

  • Laura Mercier Creme Lip Colour Red Amour – This crisp red has both warm and cool undertones. The warm tones will meld beautifully for people with peachy-brown undertones in their skin. It provides intensely rich color in a super-lightweight formula. A trio of moisturizers, as well as anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and plumping ingredients, provide a smooth, hydrated, flawless lip. It’s a must-have for lips that crave hydration.
  • Illamasqua Sangers – Make a statement and spoil yourself with this highly color-concentrated formula. It’s an elegant red with a slightly warm- brown finish that gives just enough pop without being too dark. A stay-put lip, this dramatic color is best for anyone who insists on absolute perfection.
  • L’Oréal Red Fatale – Gwen Stefani’s trademark red lips sport this shining, hydrating, and colorful lipstick. This classic color imparts a bright red hue with a hint of orange that looks spectacular with fair skin. With an innovative, highly-pigmented color that’s formulated with vitamin E for conditioning and moisture, this lipstick delivers a creamy feel that hydrates lips and lasts up to ten hours long.

Warm, Medium Undertones

The undertones of a warm, medium skin tone lean toward golden yellow, but there are usually hints of pink that resonate in the cheek area. Your natural lip color leans more to a mauve or pinkish cast. Consider choosing a warm red which has touches of pink. Options include:

  • Revlon Really Red – This lipstick has a suede-like, matte, vintage red-rose undertone, and it provides true old Hollywood glamor. It delivers a lot of drama without dryness, caking, or fading. The luxurious formula provides a cushiony feel for your lips.
  • Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood – A classic, silky matte lipstick, this selection is rich in color. It’s also formulated with vitamins E and C, as well as Beeswax, so it’s ultra-moisturizing. It provides spot-on color with a pinch of pink that comforts lips too!

Warm, Olive Undertones

The olive span of skin tones ranges from light beige or deep tan with greenish undertones. The rich deep tonalities and variances generally look best in a red, warm-toned lip color category known as red neutrals. Good choices for olive complected women include:

  • Nyx Electra – This creamy lipstick (third row, third shade from left) combines a velvet-like consistency with brilliant color and hydration. This ideal Geranium red, a neutral, has warm and cool tones to complement a variety of olive skin tones. It is non-smudging, long-lasting, and a fierce competitor in the ‘stay put’ domain.
  • Nars Cruella – This convenient lipstick-like crayon speeds up application and provides a non-drying, creamy matte finish. It is a rich, warm, brownish red with a hint of iridescence to flatter a variety of olive complexions. Formulated with vitamin E, rich emollients, and silicone, this lipstick is smooth and won’t budge. Congratulations Nars, this lip combo is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.
  • Illamasqua Maneater – Illamasqua, a British cosmetic company, makes a mark with their color-concentrated, creamy formula. A rich ketchup-red, this lipstick will meld beautifully with olive skin that has light beige undertones. This matte finish glides on perfectly and has amazing staying power.

Dark/Black, Warm Undertones

Dark skin tones with golden or peachy undertones look gorgeous in red shades that veer into tawny, orange, or brown territory. Brick reds are beautiful as well. Your natural lip color may be a pinkish-nude (almost mauve) or a peachy-tan. Good choices for women with dark skin tones and warm undertones are:

  • Revlon Moon Drops in Orange Flip – This is a tangerine shade that’s caught somewhere between bold red and orange. It’s gorgeous on any skin tone and will look especially striking on darker skin. It’s creamy, goes on smooth, and conditions your lips as you wear it.
  • Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Blackberry – This one is described as a chocolate berry, so it’s not too in-your-face and relies heavily on brown undertones to make it look natural. This shade would make a gorgeous everyday color for ladies with dark to very dark skin tones. These lipsticks are full coverage and creamy, so they’ll make an impact without feeling uncomfortably drying on the lips.
  • Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Colour Lip Balm in Chunkiest Chili: This is a highly moisturizing brick red shade that comes in a convenient pencil-like stick. Application is easy and it’s comfortable to wear. The coverage isn’t too sheer, but it isn’t fully opaque, either. Two other red shades within this line are flattering on darker, warm skin tones and deserve honorable mentions: Mightiest Maraschino and Heftiest Hibiscus.

Quick Tips for Choosing Your Reds

Whether you’re at Walmart, Macy’s, or anywhere else that carries cosmetics, you can find a variety of reds that look great on warm-toned skin. A simple technique to use when choosing reds – or any other color lipstick – is to hold the lipstick up to your lips to ensure it has the same tonality of your natural lip color and that it complements your skin tone. Better yet, if you’re at a department store, ask the salesperson to sanitize the tester for you so you can try it on. Performing this ritual will avoid adding another lipstick to your cosmetics drawer graveyard.

Finding Your Perfect Red Lipstick

Moving forward, keep a positive outlook on your pursuit for a sublime red lipstick that looks great on your warm-toned skin. Enjoy experimenting and relish the lipstick adventure!


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MAC lipsticks can be found in nearly every makeup bag everywhere. There are shades for every skin tone and a formula for every lip. For decades, MAC has shown a comprehensive understanding of ideal color deposits that make them both an easy and difficult brand to shop in. The number of options and the beauty of the MAC lipstick colors can make it difficult to not just grab each shade that catches your eye.

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To help you out, we’ve picked the best MAC lipsticks based on the skin tones they work best for. There are a few exceptions that will work on multiple skin tones like the famous, trendsetting Ruby Woo, but in this article, we’ll be specific to skin tone. You can shop for yourself or a friend and always manage to pick a fabulous shade.


Remember, choose MAC lipstick shades that will look best against your skin tone and undertones, not just one that looks pretty in the tube. It won’t make you feel any better to own it if you cannot wear it. On the contrary, people usually end up giving it to a friend and seeing it look amazing on them.

Work with your skin tones or undertones and pay attention to the tones of the lipstick as well. Choose the best MAC lipstick for yourself and let the color do what it is supposed to do, which is enhance your natural beauty. A great MAC lipstick that works with your skin tone will make you feel invincible, can go with any look and make you feel more confident immediately after application.

30 Best MAC Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone: Contents


  • 6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Pale Skin
  • 6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Fair Skin
  • 6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Medium Skin
  • 6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Dark Skin
  • 6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Olive Skin
  • 6 Best Selling MAC Lipstick Collections You Need To Know

6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Pale Skin

Many of the best selling MAC lipsticks look good on most skin tones but have one or two problems – either they are too bright or they are too pale, making them either harsh or unflattering. Pale skin tones require a good color and a great finish. Sheer, buildable MAC lipstick colors are best, as you can create the color and look that you really want. Check out six different MAC lipsticks that are perfect for pale skin, below!

1. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo

Of all the colors sold by MAC, Ruby Woo may very well be the most famous. As one of the best selling MAC lipsticks of all time, Ruby Woo is the matte, vivid blue-ish red lipstick of everyone’s dreams. On pale skin, the color is rich, soft, matte and moisturizing and provides an astounding boost of color that really makes the lips pop. It’s one of the best MAC lipsticks that flatter almost everyone, not only the ones with pale skin tones, so pick your Ruby Woo from or Nordstrom now!


2. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Capricious

A deep rosy tinted plum works wonders against pale skin. The color is soft but won’t wash even the palest face out. The color is visible, builds up from a sheer hint of promising color to a nice medium coverage providing MAC lipstick that is ideally pigmented for a stunning color. The formula is moisturizing and ideally suited for long wear. One of the best MAC lipsticks, this soft color can be picked up from MAC Cosmetics’ online store or Nordstrom as well!

3. MAC Satin Lipstick in Amorous

Satin finished lipstick is ideal for a day or night look depending on how you want to wear it. One of the best MAC lipsticks for pale skin tones, the color can be built up from medium sheer coverage to full coverage in a stunning shade described as lovestruck cranberry. It’s soft, but bold and cleverly formulated to be moisturizing and satiny in both look and feel. Get yours from Nordstrom or MAC Cosmetics!

4. MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva

Diva is THAT shade of MAC lipsticks for the paler skinned lovers of lipstick. Everyone wants a dramatic, stand out shade, and Diva is the dramatic, ultra-pigmented, intense shade of red-blended burgundy lipstick designed to catch eyes and flatter paler skin tones. This is the wow factor color and is easy to apply and stays well all day. This best selling MAC lipstick is also available online on and Nordstrom.


5. MAC Frost Lipstick in Fresh Moroccan

Medium coverage in brick red with highlights of gold pearl looks amazing on pale skin tones. Fresh Moroccan is one of the best MAC lipsticks for pale skin because it stands out refreshingly against pale skin without bleeding or smudging during all-day wear. Colors bleeding on pale skin can be a huge annoyance that won’t happen with this buildable-coverage, highly pearlized shade of MAC lipstick. Get yours from MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom now!


6. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Syrup

Syrup is a weightless, lip-nourishing MAC lipstick that looks beautiful on pale skin. The color pops without being too red or pink and has just the right touch of pearlized shine for pale skin. This MAC lipstick shade looks warm against the palest of complexions. It’s available online at Nordstrom and MAC Cosmetics.

6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Most of the best MAC lipsticks for fair skin are chosen through two means – stunning contrast and impeccable color payoff that does not wash the wearer out. Like the greatest gift, your lipstick can make an indescribable difference in more than just your aesthetic.

Fair-skinned people still have to deal with undertones that run neutral, cool or warm even if they are obviously pinkish, the lightest of light coppery or pale. Find your undertones and work with them, and most of all, do not be afraid to swatch! Here are 6 great options for the best MAC lipsticks for fair toned skin.

1. MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red

Russian Red is the ideal red lipstick for fair skin tones thanks to its bluish red tonality. The richness of the shade makes it one of the best MAC lipsticks for fair skin, especially for those with blue eyes. The red manages to be both full of depth, smooth and beautiful and evenly opaque for a great long-lasting look with the perfect amount of shine for a refreshing, moisturized look. You can find it online on Nordstrom and MAC Cosmetics’ website.


2. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Giddy

Giddy is one of the best selling MAC lipsticks for fair skin because it is a rich yet light shade of pink accented with shimmering flecks of gold. The consistency is perfect for a smooth application that lasts all day without fading, moisturizes your lips and highlights all the tones of your fair skin. Get yours from Nordstrom or!

3. MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel

Angel is the perfect combination of shimmer and a soft pink lipstick color to work on fair skin. This is the frosted lipstick that won’t overpower but will sparkle and create a perfectly accentuated pout. The coverage is light to medium, thankfully soft and smooth and can be used with another complementary shade to add a bit of depth and sparkle to your lipstick style. This MAC lipstick is available online on the brand’s website and on Nordstrom, too.

4. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Hug Me

Hug Me is the perfect nude lipstick for a fair skinned person for a natural look pout with the perfect amount of shine. The formula nourishes lips and feels weightless, which means wearing this MAC nude lipstick will feel as natural as the color looks. This is the perfect lipstick to look and feel like an enhanced version of your naturally beautiful self. Pick up your nude MAC lipstick from Nordstrom or!

5. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in All Fired Up

Some of the best MAC lipsticks are the bright and bold, heavily pigmented shades, like the bright fuchsia matte named All Fired Up. This is one of the better bold MAC lipstick shades for fair skin that will pull at the undertones to make certain the look is optimally balanced for your skin. All Fired Up is focus-stealing and eye-catching on fair skin without being overpowering. Available on Nordstrom and on MAC Cosmetics’ website, this is the shade for a standout lip and simple cat eye.

6. MAC Matte Lipstick in Honeylove

Honeylove is the perfect beige MAC lipstick for fair skin: it is light with a shine matte finish that looks a bit more like a tanned beige on fair skin than any other color. The touch of rose works with the beige to prevent washout and helps to boost the luster in the finish for a great everyday look. This one of the many MAC lipsticks with just enough color to visibly show that you’ve “put on a lip” and can be found online at Nordstrom and at

6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Medium Skin

Medium skin tones have a similar issue to those with olive skin. A lot of MAC lipstick colors look good on medium toned skin, but that one amazing color can be a bit more difficult to get a hold of. Essentially, most of the options look good, but the most stunning and the best MAC lipsticks for medium skin are much harder to find. You have a few great choices below, each with a perfect combination of flattering shade and a stunning finish.

1. MAC Amplified Lipstick in Vegas Volt

Vegas Volt is the perfect coral colored MAC lipstick for medium toned skin. The pigments used to create this bold coral color pick up on and enhance the undertones of your skin to create a stunning look that is eye-catching and flattering. The semi-lustrous finish, full coverage, and ultra-creamy formula mean that this MAC lipstick will not look chalky or dry out while you’re wearing it. Pick your coral bullet from MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom!

2. MAC Frost Lipstick in Fabby

Frost lipstick is not for the faint of heart or for those lacking in style. The formula provides a semi-lustrous finish on a buildable color. A quick swipe is enough for a visible difference but if you want a significantly frosted look, keep layering until you have medium coverage and can really appreciate the pearlized color. Find the right balance of coverage for the MAC lipstick and watch the pearlized, shimmery finish work wonders next to your skin. One of the best MAC lipsticks for medium skin tones, this one is also available on Nordstrom and on MAC’s website.

3. MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Ginger Rose

Ginger Rose is a bright, heavily pigmented pink from the MAC lipsticks’ liptensity line. The color will pop and dazzle solely because of the heavily pigmented nature of the enhanced shade. The gel-based formula will give you 8 hours of comfortable, non-sticky wear that does not fade. Go bolder with this pink MAC lipstick available online at Nordstrom and!

4. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Back in Vogue

The peachy nude color Back in Vogue is a retro matte liquid lip color that is perfect for medium skin tones. The pink is just enough to stand out, and the peach of the color is what makes this MAC lipstick so flattering on the medium skin. The finish for retro matte MAC lipsticks is a liquid suede texture that feels great, thanks to the moisturizing formula that will not dry out your lips. You can buy your peach liquid lip color from MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom.

5. MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick

Red always provides a bit of va-va-voom when applied correctly and in the ideal shade. Viva Glam I is the ideal shade of rich, bright red MAC lipstick for medium-toned skin. Every penny from this popular MAC lipstick shade is given to charity so you can look good and feel good on the inside and out. Hurry up to pick one of the best MAC lipsticks online at or Nordstrom!

6. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Fresh Brew

Fresh Brew has a lightweight, pearlized finish that perfectly personifies a stunning nude MAC lipstick. The color is just enough to be noticed but not so bright as to seem horrifically unnatural. Smooth application and buildable color are key to building a lustrous light to medium coverage look. This is also one of the best selling MAC lipsticks that you can find online on Nordstrom and on MAC’s website now.

6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Dark Skin

Darker skinned consumers used to have a difficult time picking MAC lipstick shades, but the true key is depth. Lipsticks with a deep and visible color payoff will make a big difference against dark skin tones. Personal glamour and style will always include utilizing the right touches and the right shade of MAC lipstick can make all the difference in your day-to-day looks.

Once you find that perfect shade that can carry you through the day and any outfit changes you have to make, you have essentially got it made. Here are 6 great contenders for the perfect shade of MAC lipsticks for dark skin tones.

1. MAC Matte Lipstick in Chili

Orange undertones in MAC lipsticks look exceptionally good on dark skin. The orange undertones work beautifully with the warmth of darker skin through the mix using the right amounts of brown and red for a deep and rich color payoff. The matte finish provides no shine but the color is deep and smooth enough to allow for a quick gloss overlay if you want a shine finish. Get this gorgeous color from or Nordstrom!

2. MAC Matte Lipstick in Beatrix

For darker skin, Beatrix offers the deepest red with a hint of copper as a beautiful, full-coverage matte MAC lipstick. The color has depth and beauty that other reds just cannot pull off. The shade is rich and distinguishable on darker skin with a tint to it that accentuates the reddish tones. One of the best MAC lipsticks for dark skin tones, this deep shade also sells through MAC’s website.

3. MAC Satin Lipstick in Spirit

The softer nudes with the right amount of brown look great on darker skin. For light, soft looks that have a sparkling sheen to them, Spirit is the ideal shade of MAC’s best selling lipsticks with a satin finish. The color looks lighter on dark skin than on other skin tones, giving Spirit a bit of levity on darker skin. Get this perfect nude MAC lipstick for dark skin tones from MAC’s online store or Nordstrom!

4. MAC Amplified Lipstick in Neon Orange

The brightest, clear orange color in MAC lipsticks’ amplified formula provides a serious boost of color to your lips. The balance between the bright amplified orange, with its semi-lustrous finish and beautiful full, creamy coverage looks incredible against darker skin. The formula for the amplified MAC lipsticks is super creamy and smooth and will not dry out and flake during long wear. This one is also available on MAC’s website and on Nordstrom.

5. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Dangerous

Retro matte finish and a bright orange tinted red are the key features of the MAC lipstick dubbed Dangerous. The red has an ideal level of orange pigment in the color base for a bright pop that looks brilliant against darker skin. A brighter red with a great color payoff will stand out, while the warmth of the color corresponds well with the undertones of dark skin. One of the best selling MAC lipsticks, this red can be picked up online from MAC’s website or from Nordstrom, too.

6. MAC Matte Lipstick in Antique Velvet

Antique Velvet is one of the best selling MAC lipsticks for the rich, deep brown color and the smooth matte finish. The texture is as smooth, soft and rich as any velvety matte lipstick should be with long, moisturizing wear and incredible color deposit. The color is unmistakably flattering on dark skin and a beautiful addition that can work in any instance. So pick up your velvet bullet from MAC’s online store or Nordstrom here!

6 Best MAC Lipsticks for Olive Skin

Olive skin is the glorious neutral of skin tones that can make it easy to find a shade that looks nice, but a glamorously transformative shade can be a bit more difficult to find. Pinks and mauves look good on olive skin, but reds can really add the wow factor that everyone wants from a good lipstick. These are six of the best MAC lipsticks for olive skin tones, some of which work nice on other skin tones, too.

1. MAC Matte Lipsticks in Velvet Teddy

The best of the nude MAC lipsticks for olive skin is without a doubt, Velvet Teddy, available online on Nordstrom and The color is pale but still slightly darker than the general natural color of lips. The final effect is a more defined pout that is not overwhelming or underwhelming – this is the visual definition of ‘just right.’

2. MAC Glaze Lipstick in Hot Tahiti

Finish is important, and Hot Tahiti provides a decent color payoff in a sheer formula that sits comfortably on the lips with a light hint of pearl in it. The pearl in the finish provides a different type of shine that works beautifully well the reds and browns in the Hot Tahiti shade. Hot Tahiti is one of the best MAC lipsticks for anyone with olive toned skin, and can be picked up online from Nordstrom or MAC’s website.

3. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Brave Red

Brave Red is one of the ubiquitous MAC lipstick shades that look amazing on several skin tones making it one of the best selling MAC lipsticks, but the effect on olive skin tones is the astounding in its own right and more than worthy of mention.

Depending on how you choose to do the rest of your makeup, this shade can work for everything from a casual day out to a stunning evening look. The cremesheen lipstick formula provides a semi-glossy finish on this yellow-toned and rich red color, and the coverage starts at medium and can easily build up. This color is available at Nordstrom and MAC’s online store here.

4. MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig

Pinkish nude MAC lipsticks with just the right balance of brown and pink tones are incredibly flattering on olive skin with the satiny finish and buildable coverage. The application, thanks to the formula, is very smooth and does not get that unfortunate caked-on appearance when building up the color. If you want the color payoff, but a moderately opaque pinkish nude, a single swipe of MAC’s Twig lipstick is all you need. Get yours from or Nordstrom!

5. MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel

Rebel provides buildable coverage that starts at medium opacity and builds up to a rich, full-on opaque mid-toned plum. The finish is satiny rather than full gloss or matte, so it is perfectly between the two popular finishes. Because the color is bright yet deep, it has a lot of contrast on olive skin but is still bright enough not to be considered “too much.” Rightly considered as one of the best MAC lipsticks for olive skin tones, this one is available online at Nordstrom and

6. MAC Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger

Lady Danger is the perfect opaque bright coral red MAC lipstick for golden toned olive skin. The shade is matte, so the red is bright and eye-catching, perfectly juxtaposed against olive skin for a ‘pow’ that you want. The texture is creamy, smooth and moisturizing so application is a breeze, and the color stays without fading throughout the day. This bright MAC lipstick can be picked up from MAC’s online store or from Nordstrom here.

6 Best Selling MAC Lipstick Collections You Need To Know

The best selling MAC lipstick collections are the following six that you will find below. There are several very popular shades in each one, which certainly helps the popularity of each collection.

MAC has reached its level of domination throughout the makeup community by providing the MAC lipstick shades in the opacity, finishes, color payoff and formulas that they provide. The most popular of these collections have outlasted a lot of competition simply because they provide the options people want to buy and keep around.

1. Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour – $21 Each

With 15 different MAC lipstick colors that include nudes, deep plums and eye-catching, vibrant reds, the Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color collection is fantastic. If you want to try a lightweight formula that is really creamy and smooth on application, check out the long-lasting MAC lipstick colors in this collection.

It takes very little lipstick for full coverage, and the wear lasts all day. It has a tendency to be a bit drying, but it does not transfer off your lips and a bit of dryness is expected from a matte lipstick.

2. MAC Matte Lipsticks – $17.50 Each

MAC Matte Lipsticks are famous for lasting solid 7 hours without fading, even in the brightest colors. When new shades are added, they are usually added to this collection. Everything from subtle nudes to high fashion, runway MAC lipstick shades are in this constantly updated collection.

The shades are flawless and use the same formula for the Retro Matte line. As long as you exfoliate and moisturize your lips first, you are good to go for all-day wear of highly pigmented color throughout your day.

3. MAC Retro Matte Lipsticks – $17.50 Each

MAC lipstick collections do not get better loved than the MAC Retro Matte collection. The line is constantly updated, but there are four staple classic shades within this collection that have all found a happy customer base. Each color defines the lips, finishes with an ideal, perfect matte and legitimately can be worn all day without reapplying, reasonable 8 hours even while eating.

These MAC lipsticks have serious staying power. Wearing them requires the same treatment of any really good matter – exfoliate and moisturize your lips first and then rock your classic shade until the end of the day.

4. MAC Amplified Lipsticks – $17.50 Each

MAC Amplified Lipsticks are the colorful, impressively vibrant lipsticks that come in 21 impressive shades that are still wearable in a capacity that is not runway related. The MAC lipstick colors in this range are designed to be creamy and non-drying without being too glossy.

The pigment deposit is bright and unmistakable and will continue to be so throughout the day. The color is completely opaque so the one you purchase is the color you get, but the vibrancy means that the lipstick is not transfer proof. The non-drying factor of the formula keeps the final finish just between slightly glossy and perfectly matte.

5. MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks – $17.50 Each

The MAC Cremesheen Lipstick line features a huge array of colors in a buttery soft, smooth texture that lasts all day. Within 5 hours of wear, it doesn’t begin to flake or be uncomfortable, the formula is still smooth and hydrating.

The unfortunate feature of a moisturizing lipstick is that when you do need to reapply, you will have to build your color up to the level of vivacity you originally applied it at. The color will eventually fade out earlier than MAC lipsticks would, but rebuilding the color is easy, comfortable and even good for your lips thanks to the formula.

6. MAC Frost Lipsticks – $17.50 Each

Frost lipstick is identified by a pervasive shimmer. No matter which shade you choose, and this collection has many, the shimmer of a MAC Frost Lipstick can be seen from every angle and with every tilt of the corn of your lips. The formula is buildable, so you can go from a single swipe to get the perfect amount of glitz to complement another lipstick beneath it, or you can wear it alone as a complement to your natural lip.

The lasting power of this MAC lipstick collection is amazing because the formula does not allow for the shimmer to rub off on anything. Unfortunately, even after the color does eventually wear out by the end of the day, the shimmer of the frost finish is still there. On average, each application will last about 4 hours without reapplication.

Photos via MAC Cosmetics, @elizfindik


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Red lipstick is a classic color that every woman should have in her collection, no matter how small it may be. And while there are tons of options out there, the stigma of loud lipstick on brown skin being unflattering can often sway brown beauties from embracing the perfect rouge for her pout. Now, I don’t know WHO started this lie, but contrary to popular belief, melanated women can wear any color they want!

Red lipstick comes in so many shades, why limit yourself. There’s a color for every undertone, mood, season, YOU NAME IT! Take a look at some of my favs:

Lisa a la mode in Fenty’s “Stunna” Buy HERE

Vikeejeah in Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in American Doll

Maisha, That It Girl, In Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick In Fiery. See full review HERE.

Lisa A La Mode in Wet n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in How Fleek is your Love (Missy & Fierce is a great Dupe). See full reviews HERE and HERE.

Shanna Moore of The Painted Lips Project in Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bawse

JennieJenkins in MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo

It’s My Rae Rae in Colourpop Lippie Stix in Trust Me

Lovely Anneka: Lipland Liquid Lipstick in Brooklyn

Jackie Aina in Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Fireball

Nyma Tang in SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain in Always Red 01

Destiny Godley in L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in Forbidden Kiss

Jay Thomas Beauty in @whoisshecosmetics Ariel lip composite lined with @colourpopcosmetics Ellarie liner

Ty Alexander, Gorgeous in Grey in a Lippie From Magnolia Makeup (a black-owned brand)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, ladies. Below, I have a video featuring my favorite red lipsticks. Let me know what your faves are! Which lip liners do you pair with your perfect red? Let’s talk about it!

Disclaimer: I no longer support Marc Jacobs Beauty, but far be it for me to tell you what to buy, boo boos…

I’m a 30-something, fun loving blogger who enjoys makeup, plus size fashion, and all things girly, glam, and fabulous! I am a naturalista as well as an advocate for paleo eating (AIP). While much of my focus is on beauty, I will be chronicling my weight loss and diet, as well as my natural hair journey. I hope that I can inspire women to give themselves some TLC. Life is so fleeting. We have to remember to take time to enjoy it.

Ruby Woo and Russian Red are well known MAC lipsticks, but which one should you get if you can’t decide between the two hyped up lipsticks? This is MAC’s Ruby Woo vs Russian Red, a comparison between the two.

Ruby Woo versus Russian Red

Ruby Woo

  • Retro matte finish
  • Electric/almost neon red
  • Blue toned red
  • Dry formula
  • Doesn’t apply as smoothly

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t heard of/ thinks this color is gorgeous; there’s a reason it is so hyped and has reached ‘cult classic’ status. Ruby Woo looks gorgeous on literally every skin tone whether you are super fair skinned, dark skinned and everything in between. If you’re looking for a matte red color that really stands out and looks like an almost electric/ neon red, this color is for you.

However, there is one major downside to this shade that tends to turn people off: the formula.

Ruby Woo is a retro matte shade, which is one step drier than matte, so of course you would expect it to be drying on the lips, but this lipstick takes the word dry to a whole new level. Since this is so dry, applying it can be a little difficult; it tugs at the lips and doesn’t glide on smoothly.

I find that you really have to weigh the pros and cons of this lipstick.

Pros |

  • Stunningly gorgeous shade that really amps up any look; even if you just wear this with lots of mascara you will look glam.

Cons |

  • Dry, “like a piece of toast”– My Big Fat Greek Wedding, anyone?
  • Emphasizes chapped lips and lip lines

If you suffer from severely chapped lips then I would probably skip Ruby Woo because it settles into the fine lines of your lips so if they are extremely chapped it won’t be a good look. Even if your lips are not naturally chapped, I would go ahead and exfoliate and heavily moisturize before applying this lipstick, let the moisture sink in and then apply this lipstick. Do not, I repeat, do not apply this right on top of your lip balm because the color will not be as vibrant as it usually is. Your lips need to be bare, but not chapped. Does that even make sense? I hope so.

Russian Red |

  • Matte
  • Creamier finish
  • Not as vibrant
  • Darker red with neutral tones
  • Comfortable on the lips
  • Doesn’t tug on the lips

Russian Red is a lot creamier in formulation, but it definitely isn’t as vibrant a shade as Ruby Woo. Russian Red is a little bit darker and more neutral. This has a matte finish, but it does not feel uncomfortable on the lips. When applying this lipstick from the bullet, it doesn’t tug on the lips because it has a creamier finish that is almost moisturizing when compared to Ruby Woo. Even though it might not be as electric or neon as Ruby Woo, the color is still very vibrant and opaque even with just one swipe.

Ruby Woo and Russian Red Swatches

  • Creamier
  • Not as drying
  • Doesn’t tug at lips
  • Not as vibrant as Ruby Woo
  • Darker than Ruby Woo

The Verdict |

If formula is very important to you and you despise dry lipsticks then I would definitely stay away from Ruby Woo and purchase Russian Red instead since it’s still a gorgeous red shade. However, if color is more important then I, personally, would purchase Ruby Woo because it is more on the neon side.

At first glance, both shades are extremely similar, but if you are a lipstick aficionado then you will definitely notice the subtle differences in color. Regardless of your level of lipstick-expertise, you will definitely notice the differences in formula and applicability, but both red shades are classics in their own right. Even though I have both shades I generally lean more towards Ruby Woo if I want to wear a red lip. Now, if you’re a complete lipstick hoarder like me, you should just go ahead and pick up both shades because they’re both so pretty!

See more MAC lipstick comparisons:

Diva vs Sin
Honeylove vs Yash
Mehr vs Twig
Soar vs Whirl Lip Pencil

Have you tried either of these? Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

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10 Best MAC Red Lipsticks – Our Top Picks Afsha Rangila Hyderabd040-395603080 December 5, 2019

The best thing about the party season is that you get to use the best shades of red lipsticks. What is it about red lipsticks that make them such a rage? A deep red lipstick can make a woman look sexy and sassy. Beautiful red lips show strength of character and look simply amazing! But not all red lipsticks provide the desired look. Some can fall flat or actually make the wearer look trashy. So how do you select the right shade of red? Below is a list of the best MAC red lipsticks that you must try to get luscious red lips!

Products Check Price
MAC Russian Red Check Price
MAC Viva Glam I Check Price
MAC Dubonnet Check Price
MAC Brave Red Check Price
MAC Ruby Woo Check Price
MAC Lady Bug Check Price
MAC Lady Danger Check Price
MAC Red Check Price
MAC Chilli Check Price
MAC Diva Check Price

Top 10 Best Mac Red Lipsticks

This Russian Red Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics comes in a matte finish and is highly pigmented. This is a standard retro red lip color that suits most of the women out there. It’s creamy, soft, and glides effortlessly on the lips.

Back To TOC

2. MAC Viva Glam I

The Viva Glam 1 lipstick provides a semi-matte finish. A color so deep and rich, it suits almost all skin tones. It is a part of the special Viva Glam Collection by MAC. Whenever you buy a Viva Glam Lipcolor, 100% of its proceeds are donated to people affected by HIV/AIDS. So, go and indulge in some guilt-free shopping.

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3. MAC Dubonnet

The Dubonnet by MAC comes in a deep red shade with burgundy undertones. It has a creamy texture and a glossy finish. This shade can also be worn as a stain during the day. It lasts up to three to four hours.

4. MAC Brave Red

This lipstick from MAC comes in a cremesheen texture. It leaves your lips soft and supple after every application. It’s slightly sheer in finish, so to get an intense color, swipe two to three coats of the lipstick.

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5. MAC Ruby Woo

This classic super bright red is one of the hottest selling shades by MAC. It is retro-matte in texture and one swipe of it goes a long way. Because of its ultra matte texture, your lips can get a little dry after a while, so ensure that you prep you lips with some lip balm/conditioner before applying the lipstick. It’ll surely woo you in a single application.

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6. MAC Lady Bug

The Lady Bug by MAC is a lustre finish tomato red lipstick. It moisturizes your lips while making them appear glossy. If you are not into reds, or not a fan of bright shades, then this one is for you. It is quite sheer on the lips and leaves a nice red stain. It lasts up to three to four hours.

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7. MAC Lady Danger

The Lady Danger by MAC is a classic orange-red shade that is loved by all. It provides a matte finish. The lipstick stays on for approximately five to six hours and is a perfect pick for any season!

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8. MAC Red

This MAC Red lipstick provides a semi-matte finish. Its pretty red color is perfect for every occasion. It has a satin texture and an opaque finish. Wear it by itself or pair it up with a red lip pencil for a bold look.

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9. MAC Chilli

The MAC Chilli is a burnt orange-red shade in matte finish. It’s weightless and glides smoothly onto the lips. It lasts for up to five to six hours. This is a color you can wear anywhere and everywhere.

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10. MAC Diva

The MAC Diva lip shade is a beautiful dark burgundy-red shade. It has a matte finish and is highly pigmented. A shade that will make you look no less than a diva!

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*Subject to Availability

Red lips have graced the glamor industry for a long time now and will never go out of trend. So, go out and paint the town red with these amazing shades from MAC!

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Afsha Rangila

What’s the perfect red lipstick shade for me?

How to find the perfect red lipstick for you…

The red lipstick has been an iconic beauty staple since Ancient Egyptians were using precious stones and bugs to Queen Elizabeth I to Marilyn Monroe. Women (and, on occasions, men) have worn the crimson lip shade since make-up began, so why is it so hard to find that perfect red?! It’s all down to finding the perfect red lipstick for YOU, not everyone can wear that dark, dreamy blood red or a bubbly bright, bold red but never fear, Illamasqua is here.

How to find the perfect red lipstick

Before we begin the flowchart, it’s important for you to discover your skin undertone, as this will help you find the perfect red lipstick for your complexion.

What is my skin undertone?

Now, don’t panic if you have never heard of the term undertone. If you think of your skin as two layers, your undertone is the layer underneath the top skin. You are either a cool (pink), neutral (pink and yellow) or warm (yellow) undertone. Luckily you don’t need to guess as there are ways of helping you discover your own individual undertone.

The Jewellery test – If you prefer the way silver looks against your skin, you’re more likely a cool undertone but if you’re better in gold, you could be a warm tone. If you’re inclined to wear both and they suit you – you might have a neutral undertone.

Clothes test – Which colours can you wear best? If you’re better in blues, greens and blue-reds then you are more likely a cool undertone. If you are better in yellow or orange-reds, then you have a warm undertone.

Veins test – If your veins look blue then you have a cool undertone and if you have more green veins then you have a warm undertone. If you cannot tell then you’re in the neutral group.

Tan test – If you tend to tan under the sun and not burn, then you may be a warm undertone. If you don’t tan and just burn then you have a cool undertone. Those who both tan and burn, you’re likely neutral.

This however is just a guide and sometimes your answers might clash. Eventually you will discover through trial and error what your undertone is. Alternatively, head to one of our counters and ask for assistance where our teams will help determine this with you.

NOW, on to the pressing matter of finding the perfect red lipstick for you! Take our test below and find your red…

Which red lipstick is right for me and my skin tone?

Orange reds lipstick

Hey there warm undertone group, you tend to lean towards the more orange and yellow toned reds as it sits better on you than reds that contain blue tones. Shop our satin finish Glamore Lipstick in Soaked or our Matte Lipstick in Liable. If you prefer a more pigmented look, opt for the Lipstick in Flare and line your lips with the Lip Colouring Pencil in Spell for the ultimate finish. We recommend opting for a flick of black liner for a simple eye against this bright lip. We love the Illustrator Pen as it has a thin nib for a super precise application.

Blue red lipstick

Cool as a cucumber – you fall into the cool undertone family. Opt for reds with blue a slight blue undertone as these will complement your complexion perfectly. Our semi-matte Antimatter Lipstick in Spectra or Matte Lipstick in Box will look amazing on you! You could even use the Lip Colouring Pencil in Feisty for your liner and Lipstick in Atomic for the ultimate perfect finish. Looking for an eyeshadow match made in heaven? Our Powder Eyeshadow in Daemon should be your new favourite.

Glossy reds

Create a gorgeously glossy red lip look using your favourite lip balm and one of our red lipsticks. Swipe our Antimatter Lipstick in Rocket over your lips and then dab a little balm over the top for a no-fuss shine. If you prefer a more satin finish instead, then opt for our Lipstick in Soaked (perfect for warm undertones) or the shade Asteroid, which is great for cool undertones. Pump up the red tones by using our Sealing Gel with a red eyeshadow as a bonus accessory to your look. Our favourite is the Iconic Chrome Eyeshadow in Passionate, which creates a gorgeous glitter lip.

Subtle reds

When we say subtle, we mean that you might not want a bold or bright red lip, but something with a slight hint of colour to make your lips pop. Not everyone suits a red so this is a great way to get involved without looking washed out or overdone. Try our Lipstick in Salacious or Shard for a more berry red. You could also opt for a pinky-red such as our Antimatter Lipstick in Physical.

Other reds you should check out; Lipstick in Maneater or Sangers (great for neutral tones) and the Lipstick in Howl (great for deep skin tones).

We hope we have either inspired, helped or at least entertained you with our guide to the perfect red.

Lots of Illamasqua love,



You know that one outfit that’s your go-to when you want to feel like Beyoncé? Or that one piece of jewelry that just seems to make every outfit complete? So no matter how many things you’ve tried on, if you don’t have that one outfit that hits all the right curves, or that one piece of jewelry that you love, you just feel incomplete—this is how I feel about lipstick. Lipstick gives me the confidence of Beyoncé while making me feel like I just stepped out of a magazine. There seriously is nothing more gratifying to me than going into Sephora and buying that perfect shade of lipstick, especially red lipstick.

Now, with Valentines Day just around the corner, we’re going to help you find that perfect shade of red lipstick that will not only compliment your skin tone, but will also give you the confidence to really impress your dinner date.

Gwen Stefani isn’t the only one that can rock a red lip, so follow these tips and go pick out your perfect shade!

Fair Complexions

Source: Vogue

Source: Pop Sugar

Fair complexions usually have a pink-based undertone. To really compliment your skin tone, use blue-based reds or pink-based reds—think raspberry. These red lipsticks will pick up the pink tones in your complexion and really make your smile pop.

Bold, NARS Audacious Lipstick in Annabella

Sheer, MAKE UP FOREVER Rouge Artist Natural in N45

Matte, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery

Light Complexions

Source: New York Times

Light complexions usually have a yellow-based undertone. To really compliment your skintone, use a slight orange based red. These lipsticks will pick up the golden undertones and really brighten your complexion.

Bold, Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE PUR COUTURE Lipstick Collection Color 56 Orange Indie

Sheer, Sephora Collection Rouge Shine lipstick Color No. 32 Serial Dater

Matte, Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Rogue Red

Medium Complexions

Source: Glamour

Medium complexions can lose and gain a suntan easily, so change your red lip based on the season. In the summertime when you are soaking up rays, wear an orange-based red. This will compliment your bronze skin and lend a brightening look to your complexion.

Bold, NARS Audacious Lipstick in Lana

Sheer, Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème in Raven

Matte, Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Countess

Source: Glamour

In the winter when you’re cozying up by the fire, wear a blue-based red. This will complement your lighter skin tone while giving the appearance of brighter teeth.

Bold, NARS Audacious Lipstick in Rita

Sheer, Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb

Matte, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Rose Crazy 202

Olive Complexions

Source: ELLE

Source: Elle

Olive skin tones have a yellow-green undertone that tans very easily. To really compliment your bronze skin tone, use a brick or rust colored red. These earthy tones will warm up your complexion while blending with your skin effortlessly.

Bold, NARS lipstick in Fire Down Below

Sheer, Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy-Glossy Balm Crystal Color in Sweet Fig 07

Matte, Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Made It

Caramel Complexions

Source: Byrdie

Source: Style Bistro

Caramel complexions have a yellow-based undertone. To really compliment your skin tone, use a true cherry red. These red lipsticks will pick up the warmth in your skin tone and really brighten your smile.

Bold, Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick in Legendary

Sheer, Lancome Shine Lover Vibrant Shine Lipstick in Color 140 Corail Lover

Matte, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso

Golden Dark Complexions

Source: Just Jared

Golden dark skin tones have a yellow undertone. This type of skintone can really play with pigment when it comes to choosing a red lipstick. For a bolder look, try a true red. This will pick up the warmth in your skin and create a brighter complexion.

Bold, Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Color 42 Satin Vermolion Red

Sheer, Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in Icon

Matte, Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Classified Crimson

Source: Style Bistro

For a more natural looking red, try blue-based reds; think plum. This will compliment your darker skintone and create a unified look.

Bold, Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Color 226 Scandal

Sheer, Dior Rouge Baume in Color 988 Nuit Rose

Matte, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Potion

Deep Complexions

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Deep complexions can really play with pigment when it comes to red lipsticks. If you want a bolder look, use an orange-based red to really make your pout pop.

Bold, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

Sheer, Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Slowburn

Matte, Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Wildfire

Source: InStyle

To have a more natural looking red, use a blue based red—think Merlot. Both types of reds will compliment your skin tone and create a brighter smile.

Bold, NARS Lipstick in Scarlet Empress

Sheer, Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Shame

Matte, NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Valparaiso

This red lipstick promises to suit everyone but does it actually work?

Red lipstick is iconic. It’s one of the few beauty looks that’s as modern as it is timeless, that walks the line between sexy and classy. With one quick slick it says you’re a woman who’s confident, glamorous and ready for anything.

So why are we often too scared to wear it?

The big issue is finding a red that suits you. We’ve all heard the advice about matching red lipstick to the undertones in your skin, but who even knows what that means? Heck, even high-tech foundation matching scanners don’t always agree on whether your complexion is warm or cool, so what hope do we have?

It’s precisely this confusion that’s sent Maybelline off in search of beauty’s holy grail: the suit-all red lip. And after 2,500 make-up applications on 50 women of different skin tones, and analysing how different pigments look on a variety of complexions, that’s pretty much what they claim they’ve found.

An impressive 94% of testers liked the final Color Sensational Made For All lipstick in Red For Me, £7.99, which is one of six new ‘suits-all’ lipsticks in Maybelline’s Made For All collection.

An impressive stat in the beauty lab, but does it stand up real life? To find out, we took six very different ladies and got busy with the lippie…

Nathalie models Red For Me (Image: Catherine Harbour)

Nathalie: ‘Any red lipstick makes me feel a bit self-conscious, as it’s such “A Thing”. It’s the make-up equivalent of wearing a hat. Saying that, I can see this one suits me. I’m impressed by the way it defines my lip shape. Can I take it home please?’

Wei Lin models Red For Me (Image: Catherine Harbour)

Wei Lin: ‘Red is my go-to lip colour. I feel like I can put on a bright red and instantly look like I’ve got a full face of make-up. This one is such a great shade, it’s what I’d call a true red: not too orange, not too much of a blue undertone, just a really pure red. I love it!’

Isabel models Red For Me (Image: Catherine Harbour)

Isabel: ‘I like red anyway, and I normally wear one from a very expensive designer brand. That one’s a very flat matte, but I’d add the Maybelline lipstick to my make-up bag because it’s a beautiful colour and a real bargain.’

Camilla models Red For Me (Image: Catherine Harbour)

Camilla: ‘I wear a nude lipstick more often than I wear red, but I really like this one. It’s made me think I should wear red more. It gives a beautiful pop of colour and suits my skin tone.’

Kirsty models Red For Me (Image: Catherine Harbour)

Kirsty: ‘I don’t often wear bold, statement lipstick. However, for the rare times in my life I have occasion to make a statement, I’d probably go for this one. When I first saw it in the mirror I thought, “Wow, it’s bright”, but when I saw it on camera I was won over.’

Juliana models Red For Me (Image: Catherine Harbour)

Juliana: ‘I like the idea of red lipstick and I’ve bought several in the past – then I’ve got them home and never worn them. I’ve felt like they just make my lips look small. But I really love this one, it’s a great shade with a plumping effect. I need to buy it!’

Our verdict

We admit it, we were sceptical. ‘I don’t think this red is going to work on everyone,’ our make-up artist said as the models trooped in. And yet it did. The final effect varied a little depending on each girl’s natural lip colour, but it lifted everyone’s complexion and was wearable, glam and pretty.

We tried it on ourselves too and were impressed by the shade and the comfy, hydrating feel.

Of course, some women just feel red lipstick isn’t their thing, and if you’re one of them maybe nothing will change your mind. Fair enough. All the same, we reckon it’s worth giving this one a go before you write red off forever…