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After its huge premiere, The Masked Singer is back! This week, we have performances from six all new singers. So it’s time we do some investigating and figure out who they could be! The Raven had a backstory about being a big talker and coming back after hardship. Plus she revealed a huge clue!

So here is that clue and every clue we’ve seen about the Raven so far:

Week 2 Clues

Strength: Empathetic

Pre-Show Clues: The only clue we got before the show was a pregnancy test.

Episode 2 Clues: The Raven states that “all my life I’ve listened to other people’s stories.” She claims to have always been a sunny person and that an audience is something she has no trouble attaining. “No one talks more than me.” She recently suffered a tragic loss though and is hoping to find beauty in the darkness. The Raven ends by saying, “Don’t cry, baby. This one’s for you.” Later, she went on to say she’s a lover, not a fighter and reveal that she has hosted a talk show.

Episode 2 Song: “Rainbow” by Kesha

Week 4 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: The video shows the Raven dancing with a shadow dancing behind her (but it’s not her shadow). The Masked Singer website also says the Raven “definitely has a strong point of view.”

Episode 4 Clues: The Raven confronted the loss of her beloved in her last performance. She says it was like a cloud started to part. She was once the loneliest bird and no one recognized her beauty. But years ago, a man came and took her away from her flock. The shot shows a TV with “1968” on it. The Raven says she cried “tears of love” into the Hudson River. Later, she reveals she has not been in anything with Dr. Ken.

Episode 4 Song: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

Who is the Raven? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Ricki Lake (Honorable Mentions: Meagan McCain, Sherri Shepherd, and Carnie Wilson)

This one seemed really difficult at first, but as you start to sift through everything, the story becomes clear. Ricki Lake was a talk show host in the 1990’s. She hosted another talk show for one season in 2012. Ricki’s ex-husband recently passed away in 2017, which would explain the loss the Raven discussed. Though their divorce was finalized in 2015, it is still hard to lose someone you were that close to. She also said the line, “Don’t cry, baby” which would be a nod to her role in the movie Cry-Baby. The final clue that lines up here is the pregnancy test. Ricki famously made a documentary in 2008 about home birth and midwifery called The Business of Being Born.

And (maybe most importantly) yes, she can sing! Ricki played Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray in its film debut. That movie was set in Baltimore and she even sings the track “Good Morning, Baltimore” in it. Do you see where I’m going here? The Ravens are Baltimore’s football team. Could that be the link to the costume choice? In her second appearance, the year 1968 is a clue, which is when Ricki was born. The Raven also says she cried tears into the Hudson River and Ricki is from Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. It all just lines up too perfectly!

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The weirdest reality show on television just got even weirder: The Masked Singer returned last night to pit its second group of contestants against each other once more. And just like Episode 1, there were a lot of surprising performances, more mysterious clues, and oh-too-many dumb guesses from the judges.

We’ve already covered who’s gone home from this second group of costumed celebs: Tommy Chong said his goodbyes in a incredibly fitting Pineapple outfit and Margaret Cho took off her mask to reveal that she was the Poodle. Now it’s time to dissect the rest. Who are The Raven, The Bee, The Rabbit, and The Alien? And does Twitter really have these stars’ numbers or are are viewers missing some huge clues?

Who Is The Raven on The Masked Singer? Is It Ricki Lake?

Here’s what we know about The Raven from her first appearance. Apparently no one talks more than them, they recently suffered a “tragic loss”, and they want to honor their beloved.

In her second appearance, the Raven got a bit more detailed. While saying that she was “once the loneliest bird among all others” and that “no one recognized my beauty,” her video the year 1968. The Raven also mentioned that she cried “tears of love” into the Hudson River.

Two weeks ago Jenny McCarthy guessed that The Raven was a talk show host, and though her guess of Sherri Shepard seems out of left field, we’re with her on the talk show bit. Most viewers on Twitter believe this bird is actress and former talk show host Ricki Lake. The more we know about this costumed bird, the more this guess checks out. Lake’s ex-husband recently took his life, a tragedy she discussed publicly in 2017. Also, she was born in 1968 in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. It’s Lake.

Who Is The Bee on The Masked Singer? Is It Gladys Knight?

Last time we saw her we learned the Bee, with her amazing performance of Sia’s “Chandelier”, is an old school star. We know she sang in the 1950s. Also, she claimed she’s “flown to soaring heights” and that even though she’s a Bee the title of “Empress” also suits them.

In her second appearance the Bee delivered another incredible performance, cementing her status as a trained singer. But her biggest clue was when the Bee said the judges should “take me to court.”

This one is probably going to be the Empress of Soul herself, Gladys Knight. Even Golderby thinks so. The singer and songwriter has won seven Grammys and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so yeah. Those are some pretty impressive heights. Plus the lawsuit she filed against her son may explain the court comment.

Who Is The Rabbit on The Masked Singer? Is It JC Chasez?

According to The Rabbit’s introduction he spent most of his life on the stage as part of a group, are well-versed in synchronized singing, have experience performing in a mask, and that they may be a chef. But we think the judges hit the nail on the head with this one. This contestant was clearly part of a boy band.

But which boy band and which member? Most people are thinking *NSYNC but it’s a toss up between Joey Fatone and JC Chasez. Robin Thicke is firmly is camp Fatone, but most of Twitter is torn. One clue? The Rabbit wears a straitjacket, and so did Chasez on the cover of his solo album “Schizophrenic.” We’re going to have to keep an eye on this bunny.

Who Is The Poodle on The Masked Singer? Is It Margaret Cho?

We finally know who’s behind this complicated pooch. The Poodle is none other than comedian Margaret Cho.

When she first appeared The Poodle said she’s comfortable on the stage, has played characters since she was a little girl, and that she’s had to fight to be heard. Comedian Ali Wong was a popular guess, but several fans thought The poodle was Cho given the performer was dancing in front of a rainbow and Cho is a frequent supporter of LGBT rights.

Who Is The Alien on The Masked Singer?

The Alien is someone we’ve known for a while. Based on her clues from last week, she’s grown up in the public eye with many sisters, but it seems like this performer is trying to maneuver a comeback on her own terms. One clue from this otherworldly visitor was: “No one will ever control me again.”

This week she revealed she’s a quadruple threat even though we may think she’s “out of fashion.” Also, her clue video involved several children’s toys including a snake stuffed animal as she levitated.

The judges have guessed everyone from one of the Kardashians to Bella Hadid and Paris Hilton. A lot of people are hoping for a Kardashian or Kendall Jenner, but one of the Braxton sisters is also a popular guess. However, let’s scale down our guesses for this one. Keep an eye out for a La Toya Jackson reveal.

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“The Masked Singer” saw its fourth contestant unmasked Wednesday night, but not before giving out lots of new clues about the remaining contestants singing in episode 4.

Keep reading to see all of the new clues shared, our guesses and theories of which celebrities are underneath each mask, as well as who was revealed in this week’s new “Masked Singer.”

Rabbit (performed: “Wake Me Up” by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc)

  • He bounced to new heights is his last performance and knocked it out of the amusement park.
  • He welcomes people to where he worked as a child while Coney Island images were displayed on the screen.
  • As a child, he wanted fame and everyone wanted a piece of him.
  • He found safety in a group.
  • He wasn’t able to be himself, and he felt boxed in.
  • Now, he gets to cook up something new for fans every week.
  • He’s going to wake everyone up and show he can be the main attraction.

Celebrity Guess: Joey Fatone

Last time around, our guess was either NSYNC members Joey Fatone or JC Chasez, but the clues this time helped narrow it down to the former. That’s because Fatone is from Brooklyn, where Coney Island is, and he’s been on quite a few cooking shows, like “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off,” “My Family Recipe Rocks!” and “Rewrapped.”

Rabbit is still in the running to win the competition. Photo: Michael Becker / Fox

Alien (performed: “Lovefool” by The Cardigans)

  • Experiencing anonymity on this show reminds her of being a child, when no one knew her or her family’s name.
  • In her bedroom, we see stuffed animals, bowling pins, a kid keyboard and a snake.
  • You might think she’s out of fashion.
  • But she’s going to rise above that, she says, while levitating.
  • She’s going to push herself to the limit and show everyone what she can do.
  • She’s a quadruple threat and has recorded many things.

Celebrity Guess: La Toya Jackson

We guessed Jackson in our last “Masked Singer” theory roundup, and that’s the case this time around, as well, because the new clues still fit. As a singer, model, actress and author, she’s a quadruple threat and “out of fashion.” Also, all of the toys shown in her bedroom could be in reference to her nicknames Toy or Toy-Toy.

Raven (performed: “Bad Romance” by Ricki Lake)

  • This journey is taking her to places she never thought she’d revisit.
  • She was once the loneliest bird among all others, and no one recognized her beauty.
  • Years ago, a man came to town, saw her in a new light and took her away from her flock.
  • The year 1968 is shown on a TV screen.
  • She cried tears of love into the Hudson River.

Celebrity Guess: Ricki Lake

We were already pretty sure it was lake from the first set of clues, but this new batch all but confirmed it. Not only was she born in 1968, but she also grew up in Hudson, New York.

Poodle (performed: “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper)

  • She likes being anonymous because she could be someone you’ve known for years, and you’d have no idea.
  • She has to be flawless to do the role of the poodle justice, she says, while blowdrying her hair.
  • Whenever she wants to practice new material she turns to her best friends, she says, while her friends laugh and she tells a joke.
  • “So, what’s the verdict,” she asks.
  • She’ll soar to new heights in her performance, despite it being her biggest fear.
  • She has been fired multiple times.

Celebrity Guess: Margaret Cho

She’s still our guess for Poodle because this week’s clues add that she’s a comedian, which Cho is, and she uses two more legal terms, which likely refer to Cho’s show, “Drop Dead Diva.”

Bee (performed: “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars)

  • She’s singing the music of today, she says, while a peach falls in the background.
  • She doesn’t always know what’s going on in the world today, musically.
  • “It doesn’t matter how many awards you have, you have to be willing to flip the script,” she says.
  • “Take me to court,” she says.

Celebrity Guess: Gladys Knight

The longtime singer is still the best pick for Bee because the peach falling behind in the clue package is probably meant to be a Georgia peach, and Knight is from Atlanta. Plus, she’s won multiple Grammy awards and only started singing on her own when Gladys Knight & the Pips had legal issues.

And the contestant that went home? That would be Poodle!

And who was the celebrity revealed to be under the mask? That would be actress and comedian Margaret Cho!

Continue watching “The Masked Singer” on Wednesdays on Fox at 9 p.m. EST to find out the next unmasked celebrity.

Who is the Raven? The Masked Singer reveals the disguised celebrity contestant

Michael Becker / FOX type

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The latest identity unveiled on The Masked Singer is one that many viewers had already sussed out: Ricki Lake is the Raven.

Robin Thicke was the only judge who guessed correctly that the woman inside the elaborate bird costume was the Emmy-winning former talk show host and actress-singer (Hairspray, China Beach) after she performed “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. (Jenny McCarthy thought it was Sheryl Underwood from The Talk and Nicole Scherzinger threw out Meghan McCain’s name from The View.)

In a chat with reporters at the winter edition of the Television Critics Association press tour, the judges, producers, and Lake discussed her unveiling and the popularity of the Fox singing competition.

Lake admitted that one of her first thoughts after hearing Thicke say things like “she’s definitely not a professional singer” was “Ouch.” She said, “I am technically a trained singer, I just haven’t trained for a long time.” (In addition to singing on the soundtrack for the second Hairspray film, some may remember when Lake performed on the Oscars. See around 7:15.)

“It was really fun to sing again and to have this production value,” she said of the show, and being anonymous, “was a thrill.” But, she was touched Thicke had clearly been a fan of her talk show and that recognizing gestures she made, like placing her hand on her heart, helped him with his guess.

A true song bird! 🐦

Tweet us your guesses by using #RavenMask + #TheMaskedSinger. pic.twitter.com/Ic8ysfdXq7

— The Masked Singer (@MaskedSingerFOX) February 7, 2019

“It’s just surreal,” she said of Thicke’s fandom. “I’ve been in this business a long time, 30-plus years since Hairspray now, and it’s nice to just still be here and be welcomed back with open arms.”

Lake, who worked with a vocal coach during the show, noted that she was suffering from sciatica during the taping — “I could not walk”– and was actually in quite a bit of pain while performing but that the experience was a joyful one for her, after the death of her ex-husband Christian Evans in 2017. “I loved my costume… I got to share my story about my husband… it was a real cathartic experience.”

She credits producer Deena Katz, who also convinced her to do Dancing With the Stars, with enticing her to don the mask. “They sent me the links from Korea, and I got to see what the show was and I just trust Deena.”

Compared to her time on DWTS, Lake said The Masked Singer was “a million times easier, more than a million. That, I worked three and a half months, seven days a week..”

Image zoom Michael Becker/FOX

The hardest part of the doing the show, said Lake, was keeping the secret since, “I have the biggest mouth of anyone, I’m an open book.” Everywhere she went, people were guessing she was the Raven and she couldn’t say a word. “I have to lie and I am the worst liar.” Ultimately, she was fine that so many people guessed her identity. “I feel like I made the audience feel smart by making it so easy to guess me,” she said with a smile.

If the producers decided to shake up the judge’s table for future iterations of the show, Lake says she’s already volunteered. “I think I would be a really good judge,” she said. ‘Right now, the climate that we’re in, we need shows like this, as innocuous as it may be, it’s silly fun that everyone can get. It was a thrill to be a part of it.”

Just this week, Lake released a new documentary to digital platforms, Weed the People, about pediatric cancer and cannabis oil.

Given her exit from the show Lake joked, “I’m not getting an album anytime soon, but I’ll be at the local karaoke for sure.”

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‘The Masked Singer’ Week 6 Eliminated Celebrity Speaks

The sixth celebrity unmasked on Fox’s reality hit The Masked Singer was in “a lot of pain during this process,” she told reporters at a Television Critics Association’s winter press tour panel for the series ahead of its airing on Wednesday night.

That pain was both mental and physical for the Raven, who was revealed to be actress, singer and ex-talk show host Ricki Lake — not only was she healing from the death of her husband in 2017, she was also experiencing painful sciatica that left her barely able to walk. She decided to do the show, though, in an attempt to get on the road to recovery.

“It was for the fun of it. I went through a really rough couple of years and this was about joy,” she explained to reporters.

Lake revealed a few granular details that many fans had wondered about: First, though each week’s reveal makes the actual unmasking process seem like an incredible physical feat, her mask wasn’t actually that hard to get off. Host Nick Cannon has had to help a few contestants, but not her. Second, the celebrities aren’t necessarily competing in full glam.

“I did get to have hair and makeup ,” she said. And while it’s hard to believe the singers’ identities have remained a secret for the months since the show filmed, it turns out that the audience members who were present at each reveal really are adhering to their NDAs.

The disguise process wasn’t exactly fun — “It was hot, it was the summer, and I had to wear this giant hoodie with the visor,” she said (not to mention the fact that she was alone and couldn’t talk to anyone on set) — but she had a blast.

The judges didn’t have access to Google to aid their guessing like viewers at home do, but Lake was still amused that so many people were able to guess.

“I kind of knew the clues seemed like a dead giveaway,” she said, and “the hardest part of this job has been keeping my mouth shut.” But hopefully those who were able to guess — including judge Robin Thicke, who knew from her gestures that it was her — feel happy they solved the riddle.

Joked Lake, “I think I did the audience a favor by making them feel so smart because they knew it was me. I took one for the team.”

Now that six of the celebrity contestants have been revealed — NFL star Antonio Brown, Tommy Chong, Terry Bradshaw, Margaret Cho, Tori Spelling and Lake — it wouldn’t be surprising if the axed singers got together to commiserate. But Lake revealed that there is no ex-Masked Singer group chat.

“I haven’t been in touch with anybody,” she said. And furthermore, “I have not guessed anyone right!”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.


(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of “The Masked Singer.”)

Fox’s oddball, already-smash-hit celebrity singing game show “The Masked Singer” returned Wednesday, revealing at the end of its sixth episode that the identity of one of its famous contestants — who performed Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” disguised from head to toe in an elaborate Raven costume — was none other than actress Ricki Lake.

This episode — which aired a week after Fox renewed the series for a second season — saw the returns of Raven, Peacock, Monster and Bee.

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After the contestants’ first group performance and individual performances, it was time for panelists Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke, along with the studio audience, to choose which member of the group was the “weakest performer,” who would then be eliminated and unmasked. And that ended up being poor Raven.

After the Raven was voted out, it was time for her to take off her mask and reveal herself to be the Emmy-winning talk-show host.

According to Fox, between all of the 12 celebrities competing on the first season of “The Masked Singer,” they’ve amassed 65 Grammy nominations, 16 multi-platinum albums, 16 Emmy nominations, nine Broadway shows, four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and four Super Bowl titles.

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Now, we still don’t know the identities of Alien, Bee, Rabbit, Lion, Peacock and Monster — though we have learned Tori Spelling was Unicorn, Margaret Cho was Poodle, Terry Bradshaw was Deer, Tommy Chong was Pineapple and Antonio Brown was Hippo.

Watch the reveal above and Lake’s performance below.

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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  • There is currently no upcoming live TV musical set at any of the broadcast networks, after rock opera “Hair” was scrapped by NBC last February.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

1 of 12

Turns out ABC’s Tuesday event didn’t flounder among adults 18-49

ABC’s “The Little Mermaid Live!” didn’t flounder in Tuesday’s primetime Nielsen ratings in comparison to the other live (and semi-live) TV musicals that came before it. And yes, that includes the most-recent and lowest-rated event, Fox’s “Rent.”

Last night’s broadcast — which cut between the 1989 animated film and live performances by the cast, including “Moana” star Auli’i Cravalho as Ariel and Queen Latifah as Ursula — came in at No. 4 on the list of modern-day, live TV musicals ranked by their ratings among the key adults 18-49 demo. What makes that impressive slot even more impressive for “Little Mermaid” is that it was ABC’s first foray into the genre since its rebirth, with all the other specials having aired on Fox or NBC.

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Also Read: ‘The Little Mermaid Live’ Ratings Blows Fox’s ‘Rent’ Numbers Out of the Sea

WARNING: Spoiler Alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Wednesday’s episode of The Masked Singer!

Robin Thicke was the only panelist to accurately guess who was behind the raven’s mask on Wednesday’s episode of The Masked Singer: Ricki Lake!

While we thought it might be the 50-year-old actress, she successfully stumped the other judges — despite thinking her clues were a “dead giveaway.”

“The clues seemed like a dead giveaway, and I’m like, ‘They’re going to know it’s me,'” Lake told reporters at Fox’s Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday. “

Among those clues were Lake revealing that she spent most of her career listening to other people (she hosted the Emmy-winning talk show, Ricki Lake), her sharing that she recently lost a loved one (her ex-husband died in 2017) as well as hints about her past in Hairspray and Cry Baby.

“The hardest part of this job has been keeping my mouth shut,” Lake said of her time on the show. “I pride myself on my authenticity and being truthful, so it’s been really hard to keep it quiet. But I guess it’s been, Robin, one of my gestures you knew, in the end, it was me, because my old show, I’d .”


Thicke did indeed guess it was Lake based on her habit of putting her hand over her heart. He admitted on Wednesday’s episode that he was a big fan of Ricki Lake.

“When I was a teenage boy, I would watch about five hours of television every day,” he explained at TCA, when asked why he was such a fan of a talk show primarily aimed at women in the ’90s and early 2000s. “I was a TV junkie. There was Oprah, there was Jerry Springer and there wasn’t much in between… Ricki Lake was one of the only shows .”

Guessing Lake’s identity based on her gestures alone might have been hard, but many fans thought they were able to recognize her based on just hearing her voice.

As Lake explained, she and the other cast members were sequestered for most of the filming. She’d be picked up by a car when it was time for her performance, but the driver was unaware of who she was or where she was going. When Lake approached the studio, she had to zip up her hoodie and put on a visor, and would stay in her dressing room until it was showtime.

“I didn’t have anyone accompanying me. I was alone, And there was really very little interaction. Only on the show day where I’d maybe see The Bee from far away, but I never came close,” she shared. “But I’ve not been in touch with anybody. I’d love to get in touch with Margaret Cho… I have not guessed anyone right!”

Lake continued, praising The Masked Singer for bringing some light to her life, despite the heartbreaking nature of most of her clues.

“A lot of the clues were about my beloved, my husband, who had passed away, so I think… I was in a lot of pain during the process,” she said of her ex, Christian Evans, who took his own life in 2017, three years after he and Lake divorced. “I still managed to have a great time.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.


‘The Masked Singer’: ET Will Be Live Blogging Week 6!

‘The Masked Singer’: Spoilers, Clues and Our Best Predictions

Tori Spelling Explains the Special Story Behind Unicorn Disguise on ‘The Masked Singer’ (Exclusive)

Who is the Raven? The Clues

Who is the Raven on “The Masked Singer”? Check out all the clues and our best guesses for the Raven’s identity, here. FOX

Episode 2 Clues:

  • Strength: Empathetic
  • All my life I’ve listed to other people’s stories. Now it’s my opportunity to share mine
  • In the video, the Raven is behind a chain link fence door that is opening. There is a large cage around the raven’s head
  • I’ve always been a sunny kind of person
  • An audience is something I’ve never had trouble obtaining
  • No one talks more than me
  • Recently I suffered a tragic loss and so doing this show allows me to honor my beloved
  • Becoming the Raven makes me feel like I’ve found beauty in the darkness
  • Like a phoenix from the ashes, I will rise up and find the light
  • So don’t cry baby, this one’s for you

Website Clues:

  • Week 2:
    • Photo Caption: “The higher the hair, the closer to God.”
    • Video Clue: The video clue shows a blank pregnancy test.Video Clue
  • Week 4:
    • Photo Caption: “Definitely has a strong point of view.”
    • Video Clue: The video clue shows the raven with a strange kind of cage over her head.

Week 4 Clues:

  • This journey has taken me to places I never thought I’d have the courage to revisit.
  • I confronted the loss of my beloved with my last performance.
  • It was like the clouds started to part and a long-awaited transformation began.
  • I was once the loneliest bird among all others.
  • Small town downtown pictured with highway 2 sign
  • A picture of seven caged birds
  • Until years ago when a man came to town
  • He saw me in a new light and took me away from my flock.
  • The video shows an old television screen with the date 1968.
  • I cried tears of love into the Hudson River.
  • I couldn’t believe someone finally saw my gifts
  • Now my wings are unclipped and tonight my performance is all about my new found freedom in just being me.

Who is the Raven? The Internet’s Best Guesses

Is Ricky Lake the Raven on The Masked Singer? Getty Images

Ricki Lake

Ricki seems to neatly tick the boxes for the clues as she has been a talk show host and was in the musical Hairspray. She was born in 1968 in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. Lake suffered the loss of her husband in 2017 which may be the tragedy she has referred to on several occasions. She was also in a film called Cry-Baby.


This is a theory that surfaced pretty early on Reddit. The reality TV series actress is currently pregnant and is known for the sizable Pouf in her hair. The reality star is no stranger to competition shows as she’s been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in the Past

Marissa Jaret Winokur

Redditors were also on top of this guess early as the actress was part of the show “Hairspray.” In response to the blank pregnancy test, she could potentially fit the bill as she was spoke publicly about having a hysterectomy at 27 and a son via a surrogate.

As more clues and guesses come into the light we’ll continue to update this post.

Who do you think the Raven is? Do you have a killer theory? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Two years ago, Ricki Lake suffered a devastating loss when her ex-husband, Christian Evans, the man she’s long referred to as the love of her life, died by suicide.

Since then, in addition to becoming an outspoken advocate for mental health care, Lake has opened up on social media about her grief and the pain of living in the wake of such a loss.

But now she has some good news to share with fans who’ve followed her throughout that process.

“I found love again,” she revealed Wednesday at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California, according to People.

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The actress and former talk show host is now dating the founder of clothing company One Golden Thread, Jeff Scult.

She recently shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram with the simple caption, “This is what happy looks like.”

Lake told the crowd gathered at the TCA event that Scult is her “brilliant new love,” and that “he’s making me really happy,” adding, “We’ve been together for three and a half months. We met through a mutual friend.”

And that wasn’t the only big reveal from Lake Wednesday. Hours later, on the mystery competition “The Masked Singer,” she was unmasked as the latest costumed celebrity to get the boot — the Raven.

One of the hints Lake offered viewers about her identity during the competition was that she’d suffered a tragic loss and saw the show as a “chance to honor my beloved,” which fans now know was a reference to Evans.

Although she and Evans divorced nearly two years before his death, they continued to live together and support each other until the end.

In December, long before anyone knew about her then-budding romance with Scult, Lake shared a photo of Evans and gave her followers a clue that while he’ll never leave her heart, another happiness was on the horizon for her.

“Though his absence in the physical has left a gaping hole in my life and heart, I can honestly say I have come out of the darkness,” she wrote. “My heart is open again to life and love. I feel his spirit guiding me along the way.”

Ricki Lake Reveals She’s ‘Found Love Again’ Nearly 2 Years After Late Husband’s Death

Nearly two years after the tragic death of her second husband, Ricki Lake is in love.

“I found love again,” Lake, 50, said Wednesday at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California.

“My husband, who passed from mental illness and suicide, it’ll be two years on Feb. 11,” she said of her late husband Christian Evans‘ death in 2017, “and I just recently found a brilliant new love.”

Lake is now dating boyfriend Jeff Scult, who founded clothing brand One Golden Thread.

“He’s making me really happy,” she gushed of Scult. “We’ve been together for three-and-a-half months. We met through a mutual friend.”

Last week, she shared a smiling photo of the couple at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and captioned the Instagram post, “This is what happy looks like. ❤️.”

Image zoom Ricki Lake and Jeff Scult Ricki Lake/Instagram

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The new relationship comes at a bittersweet time for Lake, who will honor Evans’ life on Monday, Feb. 11 — the two-year anniversary of his death.

In 2017, Lake revealed on Instagram that Evans, whom she married in April 2012, had taken his life. Lake then disclosed that he had been battling bipolar disorder and that his manic episodes had led to the couple’s divorce in 2015 even though they continued their relationship until as recently as fall 2016.

“I have to spread the word about recognizing this disorder and getting treatment as soon as possible,” Lake told PEOPLE in 2017 after his death. “Christian didn’t want to be labeled as bipolar, but he admitted he was in the note he left. That was him finally owning it. That was him giving me permission to tell his story.”

Image zoom Christian Evans and Ricki Lake Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic

This month, Lake was able to share more of her own story with fans — including the pain she experienced from the “darkest, terrible loss” — on The Masked Singer. On Wednesday’s episode of the Fox celebrity singing competition series, Lake was revealed as the raven — a costume that “represented” herself.

“For me, the raven and what it represented the loss of my husband,” said Lake. “So much of the last year-and-a-half has been getting over my darkest, terrible loss. It really resonated with me.”

Image zoom Ricki Lake

“It was a lot fun. It was really fun to sing again and to have this production value. And being anonymous and getting to do something that was very public was a thrill. And I was also happy to be done,” Lake said of her elimination. “I was in so much pain in the end. I wasn’t the best singer, but I wasn’t the worst. But I loved my costume and I loved my story. I got to share my story about my husband who passed away. It was a real cathartic experience.”

During the episode, the “clues” provided in the raven’s video package for celebrity panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong included her saying, “Looking back on my life, I have a bird’s eye view. From death to love to birthing you, my greatest joy is being a mother to my flock.”

Image zoom Ricki Lake as the raven Fox

“I had sciatica during this period of making the show. I could barely walk. I had never had it before,” said mother of two Lake, who shares sons Milo, 21, and Owen, 17, with ex-husband Rob Sussman.

“A lot of the clues were about my beloved, my husband who passed away,” she added, referencing Evans.

While Lake admitted that she “was in a lot of pain during the process,” the overall experience was positive: “but I still managed to have a great time!“

WATCH: Ricki Lake Wants To Help Others Struggling With Depression After Her Ex-Husband’s Suicide

Although Lake is now happy and in love, before she met Scult, she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to find it again.

While appearing on an episode of PeopleTV’s Chatter at the end of October, the actress explained that the one thing she’d like to experience for the first time was something she has already felt.

“I found true love with my husband who passed so I’m hoping to find love again,” Lake said. “I don’t think I will. I’m open to it, but I think what I had — I was so lucky to have found that, it’s what everybody wants in life.”

Though Lake filed for divorce in 2014 after two years of marriage, she and Evans continued their relationship until September 2016 amid his struggle with the mental illness.

“I had true, unconditional love so I’d like to have something along those lines again,” she continued. “But I feel like lightning doesn’t strike twice.”

Added the Cry-Baby actress: “I had the real deal; I just didn’t have it as long as I wanted it.”

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text “home” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741 or go to suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

  • By Christina Dugan