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At Tree-Top 100 Baby Names, we understand that choosing your baby’s name is an important privilege. It is the primary identifier your child will carry for the rest of her or his life. A surname is usually inherited and, while it may be changed, some form of it is usually retained. Given names are more important in a way because they represent a voluntary choice by the parents or, sometimes, by an individual. A name is usually not given lightly. It usually represents thought and feelings of great significance. Take the time to choose your baby’s name wisely and it will serve them well for their entire life.

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Black baby names for boys, popular among many people of African heritage, come from many influences. Some have family, Biblical, African or Muslim naming traditions that carry cultural or symbolic meanings. Many names also derive from British and other cultures, some creatively refashioned to sound African.

50 Black Baby Boy Names and Meanings

Following is a list of 50 beautiful baby names and their meanings, followed by alphabetical lists featuring many other great name ideas for African American boys. Variations in spelling or pronunciation of a name can provide many other unique and interesting names to add to the selection.

  • Aiyden – Little fire
  • Andres – Manly, brave, warrior
  • Antonne – Priceless
  • Booker – Scribe
  • Brayton- Broad, brave
  • Briceson – Nobleman’s son
  • Chaquille – Handsome
  • Cornell – Horn, college and town name
  • Damien – To tame
  • Darius – To possess good
  • Efrem – Doubly fruitful

  • Ericson – Son of Eric; ever kingly
  • Ghalen – Tranquil, calm
  • Grady – Noble
  • Hakeem – Wise
  • Izaak – Laughter
  • Jadyn – God has heard
  • Jamal – Beautiful, handsome
  • Joseph – God will increase
  • Justus – Fairness, justice
  • Kahlil – Friend
  • Kelvin – River man
  • Khalan – Strong warrior
  • Kordell – Cord maker
  • Lamonte – Man of law
  • Lemarcus – From the God Mars
  • Malachiah – Messenger of God
  • Marcel – Young warrior
  • Murphy – Sea warrior
  • Nolan – Noble, renowned
  • Neville – New village
  • Niles – Champion
  • Orion – Hunter
  • Oscar – God’s spear
  • Owen – Well-born
  • Payne – Rustic, countryman
  • Peter – A stone or rock
  • Phineas – Serpent’s mouth
  • Quinn – Wise, counsel
  • Raffiel – God has healed
  • Rashaad – Wisdom, good guidance
  • Rhyland – Where rye grows
  • Roscoe – Heartland of the roe deer
  • Sammy – His name is God
  • Sebastian – Revered; looked up to
  • Stefon – A crown or garland
  • Terrence – Roman family name of unknown meaning
  • Treyvon – Combination of Trey (three) and Devin (divine)
  • Urick – unknown meaning
  • Zahair – Shining bright

Additional Black Baby Names for Boys

Searching for additional name ideas for your son? Review these alphabetical lists of black baby names for ideas and inspiration! Popular boy names and lesser-known baby name ideas for male African American babies include:


Acqwon A’dré Ahamad Akia
A’lamar Amanté Anderius Antez
Armel Arris Asaad Aston
Audell Austin David Avondré Ayren
Bankston Bayden Bentram Berton
Brackston Bravon Brexton Bronte
Burley Cévon Cain Carlos
Carston Cavonté Cecil Cee Cee
Cevonté Chachi Charquez Chaylen
Chervez Chez Christian Clévon
Clayton Cliff Clyde


Dace Dailyn Da’jonte Da’kuan
Damarco Damarko Dameon Damitri
Dandre Danez Dannell Da’quintin
Daran Da’riosm Darkeem Darriel
Darryon Darterrius Darvin Dasante
Dashaud Dashawn Dashonte Datreon
Da’vante Davarius Da’vion Davontae
Demarious De Shea Dekion Del Vonte
Demarcus Da’wan Denaris Denton
Denzel Dequinn Dereece Derreck
Desmond Destin Deterrian Devajee
Deveron Devoreaux Dimetrice D’Mario
Dmitry Dominique Dontrall Doran
D’Quan Dremonte Dushane Dyonte


Earnell Eddison Elcee Eliyah Elvan
Emiel Ethridge Everson Ezrah Farrell
Fedarius Ferando Finton Foster Freddie
Garence Garrell Geffery Georgy Giovante
Harmen Harry Hazell Herold Holman
Howell Hunter


Ian Marcus Irvin Ishaq Isiah
Itrez Jévon Ja Khel Ja Taveon
Jaboris Jacques Jahmiah Jaimeson
Jaivon Jakobe Jalal Jamarico
Jamerrell Jamichael Jaquann Jaquon
Jarmal Jarmarious Jaronte Jarrius
Jarrod Javarious Javion Javius
Jaydee Jaymore Jazeel Jekeil
Jeoffrey Jeremias Jerquis Jervonte
Jevonne Jimar Jirani Jocquise
Johmarcus Johntey Jonell Jontray
Jori Jowuan Jumon J’waun


Késhaun Kadaris Kadrick Kaenan Kaiman
Ka’jai Kaleem Kamar Kamoni Kaprice
Ka’ron Karver Kavion Kaydron Keantay
Keenan Keifon Kejuan Kemal Keon
Kendrich Kennin Kenvante K’eon Kesean
Keylon Keywon Khalise Khyree Kiante
Killion Kincade Kione Kivon Kreighton
Kunal K’yeon Ladorian Labron Laelim
Lamarcus Laquez Latrelle Lemond Leonell
Leroyce Leshaun Levell Liddell Linzell
Lonnie Louvell Lyman


Mahlik Marcus Markael Markeys Marqués
Marquise Marteese Marvin Mathias Mendez
Mondarius Micquel Monterius Meyer Mordell
Naheim Najeem Narquise Navier Neari
Nemiah Nieko Niram Norton Novian
O’Brian Omarious Oman Olin Ontrel
Omonteez Orien Ornell Ortez Otis
Patrion Peirce Perez Pierre Pompey
Prenell Purcell


Quadell Qualeek Quan Quandell Quantell
Qua’sean Quentez Quillin Quinell Quintano
Quintrell Qu’wan Qwantez Raden Rahil
Rahsaan Raheem Rakeem Rakkan Ramello
Ramon Randarious Rannier Rasaun Raylon
Readale Rederick Regaine Ree Reginal
Renell Reno Reshard Reuban Reymond
Rhad Riguel Rion Rockie Rodnell
Roger Rontay Rowell Ruben Ruiz
Ryerson Ry’mone


Sabian Sakeem Sanquez Santrell Saunders
Sawyer Sequan Shadrias Shakur Sha’quan
Shawnee Sherman Shiloh Shobi Shovon
Sigmond Sirmarcus Somondre Stanford


Taevion Takeo Talik Tamonte Tario
Tarmarious Tashard Tatum Tavarius Tavell
Tavis Taylen Tazwell Teddy Teion
Terek Terryl Tevari Tevoris Thaddeus
Thaireee Thayne Therman Threston Tiontay
Tivonte Tomas Tonell Townley Travaris
Travone Tre Kell Tremon Trever Trivelle
Troylen Tycen Tykeim Tyndall Tyrice
Tyzee Ujunwa Usher Uterius


Vance Varnan Varrien Vennie Vequain
Verne Vincent Vondell Voshon Vytal
Waylen Webber Wendall Wilber Willett
Wilmer Winford Wyees Xavier Xavion
Xeric Yaheem Yamen Yardley Yasper
Yazen Yiannis Yorell Zackaree Zaderian
Zamari Zaniel Zaquan Zareen Zaverie
Zawnté Zebulee Zeeshan Zephan Zhaire
Zharvis Zishan Zohn Zuberi

A Joyful Task

Choosing a meaningful or unique name for your baby boy is one of the joys of preparing for his birth. Whether you choose a family name or something from this list, you are sure to instill a sense of pride as you give your child a name that’s meaningful and reflective of your family’s history or cultural heritage.

And the web, it seems, has exacerbated that trend. As Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard, told The Seattle Times, “The Internet encourages people to think of baby names like user names. Once a name is taken, they think, ‘That’s it—I have to find a new one.’”

The challenge for parents who want to unique-name their kids, though, is that they’re doing their name-seeking at the same time as all the other parents who are seeking to unique-name their kids. And names being what they are—pretty much permanent—naming becomes both a gamble and a kind of leap of faith. You don’t know what other parents have settled on in their own quest for individuality until the Social Security Administration, after all the naming has been done, comes out with its annual data about the popularity of kids’ names. There’s an actuarial element to all this. You’re trying to predict naming trends in order to fight against them—but you’re doing it as the trends are being created.

I mention that because the SSA just came out with 2014’s list of names. And the most popular are names that, up until fairly recently, were the unusual choices: Emma, Noah, Olivia, Liam.

Social Security Administration

Let’s look at Emma. Emma didn’t enter the top 100 names in the United States until 1993. It rose to the top 10 in less than ten years—2002. And in 2008, it became the most popular name for all girls. Emma went from “distinctive” to “common” to “incredibly common,” all in the relatively short span of two decades. It remains a beautiful name; it does not remain, however, an unusual one. The opposite.

Noah took a similar path. So did Olivia. So did Liam. (So did, I am reminded every time someone mistakenly takes my Starbucks coffee, Megan.) The names parents selected, presumably, at least in part for their uniqueness became, in short order, the opposite of unique. Quirk became standardized—and trendy. As a result, as the premium of unusual names grows, parents have to try even harder to choose names that will distinguish their kids. They look to lists like the SSA’s not for ideas for names, but for ideas for names to avoid. As Laura Wattenberg noted, “I often have people saying to me, ‘I’m ruling out any name in the top thousand.’”

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Top 10 most popular Indiana baby names in 2015


If you have kids named “Emma” or “Liam,” they’re probably going to have to use their last initial when they get to school.

Recently released data from the Social Security Administration revealed the most popular baby names in Indiana in 2015.

Here are the top 10 by gender:


  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Harper
  5. Sophia
  6. Charlotte
  7. Amelia
  8. Abigail
  9. Isabella
  10. Mia


  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Oliver
  4. Elijah
  5. Mason
  6. William
  7. Jackson
  8. Carter
  9. Lucas
  10. Owen

There were relatively few changes versus 2014. Liam and Emma were still the most popular names. In 2014 Benjamin and Jacob made the male name list, while in 2015 Lucas and Oliver took their place. The female names were the same in 2014, albeit in a different order.

On a national level, there were a few differences. On the male list, Ethan, James, Alexander, Michael and Benjamin shouldered out Hoosier favorites. On the girl side, Emily was favored nationally over the local favorite Amelia.

See the full list of the 100 top names here.

Allison Carter is an engagement producer at IndyStar. Follow her on Twitter @AllisonLCarter.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, already parents of a little girl named North, went the unexpected route once again and named their newborn son Saint. But they’re hardly the only parents to give their kid an out-of-the-box name in 2015. The website Babycenter crunched the numbers from 340,000 users who had kids this year, and picked out some of the most surprising names of the year’s newborns.

The most popular names of the year were no surprise, with Sophia and Jackson ruling the charts for several years in a row. (They’re also popular names for pets.) But more and more parents are looking to unusual sources for inspiration. Some are even naming their kids after Instagram filters, like Lux, Ludwig, Amaro, and Reyes, and planets like Venus and Jupiter.

But that was just the beginning. In a survey conducted by the site, 43% of parents said they like unusual names, and they went all out in 2015. Many of them looked to pop culture for names like Swayze, Orson, and Inigo (as in Montoya, from The Princess Bride.) Others, like the Kardashian-West family, went for the concept of holiness, using names like Messiah, Apollo, and Oden.

Here are some standouts from BabyCenter’s list of unusual baby names, and you can check out their website for the full list.

Unusual Baby Names for Girls:

  • Bentlee
  • Chichi
  • Frooti
  • Katana
  • Larkyn
  • Messiah
  • Novalie
  • Psalm
  • Swayze
  • Zowie

Unusual Baby Names for Boys:

  • Blade
  • Brix
  • Cedar
  • Chap
  • Jedi
  • Paxon
  • Pi
  • Quest
  • Tergel
  • Xzander
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  • There are some British baby names that have just never really come back into fashion. Here’s a list of unpopular baby names that aren’t making a comeback…

    Baby name trends can be a fickle thing. One minute you’re in. The next, you’re out. And you know you’re old when you see some of the most popular baby names you remember from your childhood coming back into fashion… But unfortunately for this list of unpopular baby names, far from seeing a resurgence – like some of the retro baby names we’ve seen making a comeback of late – these poor, forgotten monikers are in fact heading for extinction!

    Maybe less used baby names are your thing, in which case you’re going to love this round up. For 2018 baby names seem to be getting quirkier, inspired perhaps by celebrity families that are getting creative with the naming process.

    Check out these girl names and boy names that have been dropping off the birth registers and name charts of late, making them some of the most unpopular baby names of this year so far…

    The most unpopular baby names of 2018

    Bounty have released the list of baby names set to disappear in 2018, and it’s not looking good for Jagos and Cecelias out there.

    Speaking about their list, a spokesperson for Bounty said: ‘Classically traditional “old lady” names Cecelia and Cecily are on their way to becoming extinct this year if not revived, along with Sandra, which admittedly not be an obvious one to revive without their being a strong and meaningful family connection to the name.

    ‘Even with popularity of the Kardashians today, the name Kourtney is heading for extinction alongside Mimi and Bonny.’

    The most unpopular boys’ names according to Bounty
    1. Jago
    2. Macauley
    3. Leroy
    4. Guy
    5. Fabio
    6. Soren
    7. Arnold
    8. Carl
    9. Ivor
    10. Marcos

    The most unpopular girls’ names according to Bounty
    1. Cecelia
    2. Bridie
    3. Bonny
    4. Cecily
    5. Mimi
    6. Aubrie
    7. Mika
    8. Roxanne
    9. Alora
    10. Kourtney

    The most unpopular baby names of 2017

    Mumsnet have released a list of the top ten most unpopular baby names for boys and girls for 2017, using data from the Office for National Statistics.

    These twenty (very original) names were registered only three times in 2016, so we doubt your little one would have many friends with the same name at school.

    BabyCentre also released a list of most unpopular names, with some not being used by a single person yet this year – with a warning that the name Karen, amongst others, could soon go extinct completely!

    Sarah Redshaw, managing editor at BabyCentre, said: ‘We see names rise and fall in popularity over the years but some names do fall out of favour completely.

    ‘So if you are looking for a unique name for your baby that won’t be shared with lots of other children then maybe Karen should be on your list.’

    The most unpopular baby names of 2016

    In 2016, it was bad news for traditional names like Wendy and Doris for the girls, while Scottish baby names seemed to fade out of popularity for the boys, with Malcolm and Duncan being left by the way-side.

    For a broader look at the patterns of baby-naming a previous infographic by Statista revealed the names that have dropped the most from the top 100 in England and Wales since 1996 to 2015.

    For girls, the names Kirsty, Stacey and Leanne had trouble surviving in 2015, with Kirsty dropping from 53 to 1324 in just 19 years.

    However for boys, names Calum and Shaun are falling into disuse, with Craig suffering the biggest drop – it was 81 in 1996 but 771 last year.

    Most affected names can be ones taken from popular TV shows and films. Ross and Rachel, for instance, have had a huge drop in popularity since the nineties. Rachel was number 77 in 1996 to 982, while Ross
    was 68 and dropped to 720 in 2015.

    Still, despite trends influenced by films, celebrities and TV shows, there are names that resist the passing of time. Sophie, Jessica and Emily are girls’ names that remain a classic, never having dropped from the top 10 in 19 years. The equivalent for boys are Jack, Thomas and James.

    Names which have dropped the most from the top 100 in England and Wales since 1996

    Falling out of favour: Not a single baby born in 2014 was named Carol

    This comes after previous news that Carol and Annette – both popular names in the 1960s – didn’t grace a single birth certificate in 2014. And it’s bad news for the Barrys and Nigels of the world too, because their popularity has plummeted to just 2079th place on the popularity charts. After all, just imagine a world with NO Barrys.

    Unpopular baby names for girls – from 1996 to 2014

    Carol fell from 802nd most popular name to 0, after no babies were named Carol in 2014
    Annette fell from 944th most popular name to 0, after no babies were named Annette in 2014
    Kathleen fell from 227th most popular name to 715th
    Susan fell from 397th most popular name to 1882nd
    Julie fell from 436th most popular name to 1272nd
    Donna fell from 441st most popular name to 3514th
    Elaine fell from 441st most popular name to 3514th
    Ann fell from 539th most popular name to 1299th
    Debbie fell from 571st most popular name to 2464th
    Sandra fell from 686th most popular name to 1016th
    Tracy fell from from 686th most popular name to 3160th

    Unpopular baby names for boys – from 1996 to 2014

    Gary fell from 147th most popular name to 889th in 2014.
    Neil fell from 232rd most popular name to 754th
    Graham fell from 341st most popular name to 1819th
    Barry fell from 441st most popular name to 2079th
    Ronald fell from 427th most popular name to 1935th
    Nigel fell from 552nd most popular name to 2079th
    Gerald fell from 680th most popular name to 2248th
    Bernard fell from 680th most popular name to 1012th
    Maurice fell from 818th most popular name to 1327th
    Clive fell from 898th most popular name to 2964th
    Norman fell from 1337th most popular name to 2964th

    Do you know anyone who’s recently chosen one of the above names for their newborn? Head over to our Facebook page to join the discussion and let us know what names you think should be added…

    — — Nameberry just released its list of the top baby names of 2015.

    According to Nameberry creator Pamela Satran, some of the hottest baby names in 2015 were based on literary characters. Esme and Kai are examples of this trend.

    “Esme and Kai are both names we’ve seen quietly gathering steam over the past few years,” said Satran. “Esme has the classic literary credibility of other girls’ names that are newly stylish…this is from the J.D. Salinger story, ‘For Esme, With Love and Squalor.’ It’s also got a ‘Twilight’ connection, via the vampire matriarch in the Twilight books.”

    “Kai is multi-ethnic,” Satran continued. “It means sea in Hawaiian and also exists as a name in Japanese, Maori, and Navajo, and also has a connection to children’s literature as the name of the little boy who is enchanted in ‘The Snow Queen.'”

    Nameberry works with Google Analytics to determine the most popular baby names.

    Here are the top 10 hottest baby names on Nameberry:


    1. Esme

    2. Evelyn

    3. Mia

    4. Abigail

    5. Luna

    6. Chloe

    7. Emily

    8. Arabella

    9. Ava

    10. Anna


    1. Kai

    2. Austin

    3. Lachlan

    4. Graham

    5. Everett

    6. Theo

    7. Elliot

    8. Matthew

    9. Lincoln

    10. Axel

    The top 10 most popular boy and girl baby names of 2015 were relatively the same as 2014, with only one new name entering the top 10 baby names for boys, and only three new names entering the top 10 baby names for girls.

    “The birth of Britain’s Princess Charlotte lifted that classic name back to No. 1, though the names of her big brother George and grandfather Charles sank this year in our poll,” Satran said.

    Satran also revealed that many baby names derived from pop culture had fallen in interest this year.

    “Atticus, the name inspired by ‘To Kill A Mockingbird,’ which led our mid-year popularity list, sank to No.1 3 following the publication of a new Harper Lee novel in which the Atticus Finch character is portrayed as a racist,” Satran said.

    Here are the most popular baby names on Nameberry for 2015:


    1. Charlotte

    2. Amelia

    3. Ava

    4. Olivia

    5. Cora

    6. Eleanor

    7. Isla

    8. Lucy

    9. Evelyn

    10. Penelope


    1. Ezra

    2. Asher

    3. Atticus

    4. Declan

    5. Oliver

    6. Silas

    7. Milo

    8. Jude

    9. Henry

    10. Jasper

    Charlotte and Ezra are the Number 1 names on Nameberry’s list of Most Popular Names of 2015.

    The names of Britain’s new princess and a Biblical hero attracted the most page views of a total 300 million on the site. But taking steep slides down the list are the names of the infant princess’s brother George along with those of pop culture royalty Khaleesi, Daenerys and Elsa.

    Charlotte reclaims the crown she held on Nameberry from 2009 until 2013, when she was unseated by Imogen. Charlotte, which also entered the U.S. Top 10 this year, is the French feminine form of Charles, which means “free man.”

    Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is a real trendsetter: Her name tops the most popular list.Getty Images

    Ezra is a newcomer in the top spot, taking over from another boys’ name from the Bible, Asher. Hebrew for “help,” the Biblical Ezra led 1,500 Israelites out of slavery; the name also has creative credibility via poet Ezra Pound and indie band Better Than Ezra.

    Asher fell to second place for boys, while the Number 2 girls’ name was Amelia, the most popular name for girls in England and Wales.

    The only new name in our boys’ Top 10 is Jude, while the girls’ side welcomes three new names: Olivia, Lucy and Evelyn, taking over for Violet, Hazel and Khaleesi.

    Khaleesi, a name minted for “Game of Thrones,” is one of our furthest-falling names this year. Other girls’ names popularized by movies and television shows — Daenerys, Elsa and Katniss — fell off the Top 100. Atticus, the name inspired by “To Kill A Mockingbird” which led our mid-year popularity list, sank to Number 3 following the publication of a new Harper Lee novel in which the Atticus Finch character is portrayed as a racist.

    Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY. Gregory Peck plays Atticus Finch and Brock Peters plays the wrongfully accused Tom Robinson in the 1962 film adaptation of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”TODAY file

    RELATED: ‘My stomach just dropped!’ Parents of boys named Atticus flinch, then stand firm

    Real life events influenced name popularity too. The birth of Britain’s Princess Charlotte lifted that classic name back to Number 1, though the names of her big brother George and grandfather Charles sank this year in our poll.

    The Nameberry Most Popular Baby Names list measures the relative interest level of the 45 million unique visitors to the site this year in different names. Our popularity list can predict which names parents will choose for their babies in the next year and also gauges the influence of pop culture and news events on name trends.

    Other baby name trends in evidence on the 2015 list:

    • Names that start with vowels continue to predominate. Six of the Top 10 girls’ names start with vowels, along with seven of the ten furthest-rising girls’ names. On the boys’ side, the Top 3 names all start with vowels.
    • The trendy double-L sound for girls’ names seems to be losing its appeal: Delilah, Lily and Lola all vanished from our Top 100, though Lila remains strong at Number 24.
    • On the boys’ side, the trend we see waning is for names that with the n sound. Eight of the 13 names that fell off the Top 100 began or ended — or both — with n: Nathan, Nolan, Nicholas, Nash, Holden, Simon, Tristan … and Knox.

    The Top 10 hottest girls’ names on Nameberry, based on those that have risen the furthest through our ranks in 2015 compared with 2014, are:

    1. Esme, +55
    2. Evelyn, +51
    3. Mia, +35
    4. Abigail, +32
    5. Luna, +30
    6. Chloe, +27
    7. Emily, +26
    8. Arabella, +24
    9. Ava, +23
    10. Anna, +22

    For boys, the hottest names are:

    1. Kai, +55
    2. Austin, +53
    3. Lachlan, +50
    4. Graham, +47
    5. Everett, +34
    6. Theo, +33
    7. Elliot, +29
    8. Matthew, +23
    9. Lincoln, +22
    10. Axel, +21

    The 2015 Most Popular Names are:


    1. Charlotte
    2. Amelia
    3. Ava
    4. Olivia
    5. Cora
    6. Eleanor
    7. Isla
    8. Lucy
    9. Evelyn
    10. Penelope


    1. Ezra
    2. Asher
    3. Atticus
    4. Declan
    5. Oliver
    6. Silas
    7. Milo
    8. Jude
    9. Henry
    10. Jasper

    For the full Top 100 for each gender, visit Nameberry.

    No more Noahs? Gender-neutral baby names on the rise

    June 23, 201500:45