Purse in a purse

One of the purse organizer insert that has the privilege to be featured on Oprah TV show is none other than Purseket.

Purseket is not your normal bucket looking purse organizer insert, it looks more like a belt with pockets around it.

With this unique design, it can fit into almost any handbags as it is able to expand based on the size of your handbag. To ensure a perfect fit, Purseket is available in 3 sizes and they are Small, Medium and Large. The size selection is based on the internal circumference of your handbag. Of course the bigger the circumference, the bigger the size. Purseket is priced between USD$31.95 to $22.50. Now lets talk about what we like and don’t like about Purseket.

What we like about Purseket
Purseket is able to fit into handbags of all sizes easily even though it is available in 3 sizes. A larger Purseket can fit into a smaller bag if you don’t mind some overlap. This is one of strong point for this bottomless purse organizer. It is also light-weight if you don’t wish to carry that extra pounds in your handbag.

What we don’t like about Purseket
Purseket has very weak overall structure as it is bottomless. It is not able to keep itself in shape and sometimes it can be all over the places inside your handbag. It does get a little flimsy making it hard to get things organize especially heavy stuff.

Purse Organizer

Keeping a tidy purse is all about compartmentalizing; find a spot for everything and put everything in its place with a purse organizer tool.

Organize money with the proper wallet and change purse. Choose a wallet with enough slots for all your plastic—credit cards, photo ideas and other essentials. Extra pockets are always a plus, for keeping unexpected purse additions neat and tidy. Opt for more than one bill compartment to even separate out big bills from small. A wallet can be the best purse organizer imaginable.

When dollars turn into cents, make sure there is a designated spot—to avoid a sea of change floating around the bottom of your handbag. Choose a coin case for an adorable, and functional, purse organizer. Have more room to organize with an internal pocket or external zippered spot, for housing quarters or exotic foreign currency that made its way into your possession.

For a similar pouch shape, but much more space, pick up a wristlet (or two) to throw in a big bag. Use a wristlet as a means of creating more pocket room when a handbag is lacking in that department. Designate a role for each pouch, or pick up cases that are best suited for a particular purpose. Carry along a pillbox. Throw a small makeup organizer in your bag—and be prepared for anything the day may bring with touch up cosmetics. A cosmetic case is a compact way to store the mascara, eye shadow, concealer and lip-gloss of the day in one orderly spot. Fit it all with a zip pouch—or pick a few in varying sizes for housing everything from gum to electronics, like MP3 players, cell phones and digital cameras.

Pick a purse with an organizer built in and there is no need for extra cases. Keep an eye out for handbags with multiple external zippers and flaps, plus several internal slip and zippered pockets. Macy’s makes toting daily essentials simple, with all the accessories needed for complete organization of purses.


Felt Bag & Purse Organizer

Ladies, If you own a handbag, a purse, backpack at small leather goods item such as pouch, cosmetic bag, Toiletry bag, a Pochette …and would want to protect them from inside, a Bag Organizer ( Handbag Insert / Purse Organizer ), Small Leather Goods Organizer will help you protect your bag from the inside .

Our company KD Australia ( www.kdaustralia.com) specify to supply the Best Purse Organizer in Australia. We produce all kinds of Handbag Organizer in many sizes and many colors to suit your needs.

KD Store proudly to be an Australian company supply Handbag Organizer Australia. We ship within Australia and worldwide: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Asian Countries.

Main Products Include:

Handbag Organizer
Apart from the standard look organizer, we also have Bag Organizer for LV Bucket PM Organizer, LV Bucket GM organizer, LV Ellipse PM Organizer, LV Ellipse MM organizer which requires a special shape organizer for these bags. You can even choose Customs Made (Customs Made Bag Organizer) .It will have at least 3 – 4 pockets in a KD Handbag Insert, 1 or 2 water bottle holder, pen holder, I pad holder, zipper, grommets, etc…

Durable Felt Bag Organizer

Our offered bag organizer will allow you to keep things neatly arranged in its separate compartments. It becomes easy for you to keep your regular needed essentials organized with our quality-centric felt bag organizer, made with a high-quality felt that’s durable and resistant to water as well as scratch. We have maintained an array of felt organizers with a variety of color and size options to complement the requirement your designer handbags.

By carrying an organizer inside your handbag, you won’t need to feel embarrassed anymore when someone wants to look inside your bag because it keeps everything organized. A felt bag organizer is a must-have commodity during travel, work or running errands. De-cluttering your handbag with the help of a durable organizer will keep your life much scheduled. So, what keeps you waiting longer? No matter where you reside, you will get the delivery in the USA, Australia, and other countries. Let’s organized your messy lifestyle with a durable and classy-look felt bag organizer!

Base Shaper
Base Shaper is a piece of light weight board; it helps to prevent your bag from sagging or dirty.

Backpack Organizer
We design the Backpack Organizer high at the back and low at the front, so that it could also hold the backpack up. Backpack Organizer will have at least 4 pockets inside and outside pocket have zipper, water bottle holders in side.

Small Leather Goods Organizer ( such as Toiletry Pouch, Cosmetic Pouch , Pochette, Lipstick Pouch , Crossbody bag, mini bag etc..)
This product is KD Australia store new develop products, it helps you keep clean your small leather goods product, especially for the toiletries pouch; make up bag which you will use daily.

KD Handbag Organizer is made of felt material which also called Felt Bag Organizer, depending on the design we will choose the right material for each bag

We produce all sizes of Bag Organizer to difference designers bag such as Louis Vuitton bag, Gucci bag, Chanel Bag, Hermes Bag, Longchamp Bag, Givenchy Bag, Dior Bag, Goyard Bag, Everlane Bag, Mulberry Bag, YSL Bag, Valentino Bag, Balenciaga Bag etc…,further information, kindly send us an email and we will reply you shortly : [email protected]

It might seem silly, but one of my biggest pet peeves is having to carry a purse. But since I have to have the things I need with me during the day, carrying a purse is unavoidable. So I try to make carrying a purse as painless as possible by finding cute bags with practical features. While I do have a few bags at home that I use regularly, I wouldn’t say that I’m crazy about any of them.

A few months ago I took to my Facebook page to ask my followers about their favorite pair of comfortable shoes, and I wrote a whole blog post featuring their answers. (You can read that post at the link below!) I decided that it might be helpful to get similar feedback about purses, to help me in my search for a great bag that I don’t hate carrying around. So I asked my Facebook followers to tell me about their favorite bags and purses, and today I’m sharing their incredibly useful insights!

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I’ve included the few brands that were mentioned by name, but some commenters didn’t mention a specific purse brand or model. Many comments listed features that they liked in a bag or purse, so I found some bags on Amazon that had similar features. My hope is that the following list gives a good indication of the range of styles, prices, and features that were mentioned. There’s a little something for everyone here, and it has definitely been helpful for me in my search for the perfect bag! 🙂

11 Of The Best Types Of Purses, According To OGT Readers

1. The Practical Bag – eBags Piazza Daybag

Price: $49.99

If you’re looking for a bag that’s practical, functional, and durable, this daybag is a great option! It has a wide strap that won’t dig into your shoulder after a few hours of wearing it. This bag is a favorite of travelers, because it has spaces for water bottles, wallets, an umbrella, a phone, and pretty much anything else you could need while exploring! Here’s what one reader had to say about it:

  • “This is my favorite… and over the last 15 years I have had 3 . I am not a person to change my bag unless it wears out and this thing wears like steel. machine washable, and converts in seconds from a shoulder bag to a crossbody. It has more room in it than my first 3 apartments combined and I LOVE a well organized bag.” – Joan

2. The Little Bag – HAIDEXI Small Crossbody Bag

Price: $14.99

This small bag is perfect for times when you only need your phone, a couple of credit cards, and a lipgloss. It keeps things simple, while still keeping your hands free!

3. The Clutch – Aitbags Clutch With Crossbody Chain

Price: $14.49

This simple clutch would be great to carry on a night out. It has a cute chain strap you can use to turn it into a crossbody bag too!

4. The Bag Set – LOVEVOOK 3-Piece Purse Set

Price: $42.99

Why have just one purse when you can have three? 😉 This set includes a large tote, a medium-size crossbody bag, and a smaller clutch. Use one at a time, or mix-and-match depending on what you need!

5. The Pockets Bag – Alyssa Triple Zip Crossbody Bag

Price: $23.50

This bag is perfect for anyone who prioritizes pockets. It has three zip compartments so you’ll have a place for everything! It also comes in 21 different colors, so you can have a bag to match every outfit. 🙂

6. The Backpack – WINK KANGAROO Faux Leather Backpack

Price: $23.99

Some people prefer a backpack-style bag like this cute, faux leather option. It’s not as large or capacious as a school backpack, so it’s much more convenient to carry around. It will keep your hands free without getting in the way.

7. The Versatile Option – Jack&Chris Top Handle Handbag

Price: $69.00

This bag is really versatile because you can use is it as a handbag, a shoulder bag, or a crossbody bag. It has a structured design and is made of soft faux leather.

8. The Hobo Bag – Realer Hobo Bag

Price: $37.99

This is a cute option for those who like roomy, slouchy hobo bags. You can pack all your stuff into it with room to spare! And thanks to the removable strap, you can use it as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

9. The Tote Bag – BEKILOLE Tote Bag

$9.90 – $18.25

I’ve definitely become more of a fan of totes in the past few years. (As long as they’re not TOO big, because that just leads to me carrying around more stuff than I actually need.) This one is inexpensive, comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and you can pick from a wide variety of colors!

10. The Honorable Mention – COKOO Handbag Organizer

Price: $17.99

This doesn’t necessarily qualify as a purse, but I felt it was worth including! Purse organizers are really helpful, especially if you like to switch between bags often. This one comes in two different sizes and six different colors, and they have plenty of pockets to keep your stuff organized.

11. The High-End Favorite – Dooney & Bourke Bags

Price: $99.99 – $498.00

If you’re looking to splurge on an expensive, well-crafted purse, you can’t go wrong with Dooney & Bourke! Dooney & Bourke bags come in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices. This was by far the most frequently mentioned brand in response to my question on Facebook! Here’s what a few people had to say…

  • “My big old Dooney bag. I’ve carried it for the better part of five years and will until the strap falls off. Then I’m getting the strap fixed and carrying it until the bottom falls out. Then I’m giving it a good Christian burial in the yard because it is the best bag ever!!!” – Erin
  • “Dooney & Bourke. Cost me $400 but lasted 10 years without even so much as a scuff.” – Lacey
  • “Definitely Dooney & Bourke!!! I love all of mine!!!” – Mary

I may include affiliate links to products sold by others, but only when they are relevant and helpful. I always offer my own genuine recommendation. Learn more.

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Every woman who carries a purse knows that—no matter how hard you try—keeping it immaculate is, well, a feat. Obviously, we never purposely intend to make it a disaster area, but the scrum of old receipts, notes, loose change, lipstick, tags and pretty much anything else you carry always tends to make their way onto the bottom of your bag, making it impossible to actually find what you need.

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It’s obviously pretty irritating to carry around a gigantic bag filled with nonsense but it also can take a toll on your body, too: Lugging around too-heavy purses can cause muscle imbalances and a slew of alignment issues, not to mention a some serious neck and shoulder pain.

Plus, a messy bag can completely stretch out supple leather and suede, but it also can—as crazy as it sounds—create high levels unnecessary anxiety for you on a regular basis.

Overstuffed bag hinder you from finding what you need quickly, such as Metrocards (which can cause missed-train stress), key cards to get into your office or your car keys (resulting in being late), or that $5 bill to buy that latte (which holds up lines, inherently creating stress.) The good news: Organizing your bag is way easier than you think. Read on for a 8 foolproof ways to cut unnecessary clutter right now.

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1. Separate your non-essential belongings by category.
Separating all the junk you carry around might sound like a waste of time, but it really works. Take non-essential things things like makeup and hair ties, chargers, and whatever else you carry into separate small pouches or compartments. The essentials go in your wallet, which we’ll get to later.

Photo: Missy Sue

2. Put your coupons, receipts and gift cards in a tabbed envelope.
The best way to keep all the paper goods (i.e. coupons, rewards cards, receipts, gift cards, etc) in order is to have them organized in a specific place. Whether you choose to organize them in alphabetical order, by category (clothing, grocery, beauty) or by what they are (coupon, receipt, gift card), it’ll be easier to find what exactly you’re looking for when the time comes. This also works well for cards you don’t carry in your bag, but keep at home, too.

Photo: Cute and Company

3. Find the items you use most frequently and don’t pack those away.
Sunglasses, your cell phone, and your keys are all items you’re obviously taking in and out of your purse frequently. Instead of stressing trying to find your cell phone while it’s ringing or digging for your sunglasses when the sun is blinding you, leave these pieces out. If everything else is separated, these will always be in plain sight.

4. Put your headphones and chargers in a sunglasses case.
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to untangle headphones and charging cords in the middle of your already disastrous purse. Keeping them in a sunglasses case will make your life so much easier.

Photo: Deliciously Organized

5. Take advantage of technology.
Yes, there’s nothing like the feeling of an actual book in your hands, but when it comes to reading on your commute to work or on your break, download the book on your iPhone or tablet so you won’t have the extra weight and clutter in your purse. This also goes for planners and notebooks!

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6. Put cards in a mint tin.
Instead of overstuffing your wallet, try keeping necessary business cards, rewards cards, or gift cards in mint (pun intended) condition by storing them in a mint tin like an Altoids case.

Photo: I Heart Organizing

7. Go crazy with compartmentalized wallets.
Instead of having to weed through your purse to find out where the heck you left your license and debit card, organize them in a wallet with a clear, simple and easy-to-view organizing system. This is save you time and energy because when you’re searching for a specific card, you can just look for the color or logo since the wallet will show you previews of all your cards as soon as you open it.

Photo: Cute and Company

8. Clean out the junk at the end of every day.
The hardest part of having an organized purse is keeping it that way. Commit to tossing any stray receipts, trash or wrappers that may have made it’s way into your bag throughout the day, and remove loose change. Do this every night, and your bag will always be organized.

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Ever wonder how to make your own DIY Purse Organizer? If you’re like me, maybe you have a purse or two of the slouchy variety? You know, that bag that seemed so casual, and fun in the store — and then you get it home, start using it, and realize that it is a deep dark abyss of a pit, that seems to enjoy consuming keys and cell phones?

Do you ever hear your phone ringing while you’re out and about, and say to yourself, “Ah, what’s the point, I’ll never find it in time anyway.” … Me too. I think this little DIY Purse Organizer experiment might be made for you.

**The key, is finding yourself some, LAMINATED FABRIC! It keeps your DIY Purse Organizer, durable and easily wipeable!**

So here are the contents of my bag regularly tossed around, and difficult to locate:

A cereal box will come to the rescue as the support for my new organizer. The short side of the box will be the base of the organizer, and the front and back of the box will fold upwards to create the sides of the organizer, and will hold the pockets. I’ve cut the box to size, and planned how the contents might fit here.

Next, 2 equal square pieces of fabric are needed for the interior and exterior of the organizer. I used laminated fabric to keep things wipeable!

I’ve determined the height for the pockets from averaging out the size needed to contain the most common items I carry around in my bag daily. I’ve chosen to make my pockets from the same fabric as above, but you might want to use a complimentary fabric instead. I first cut strips of the fabric in my desired height, and then hemmed the top and bottom.

I then took the strips of fabric for the pockets and sized the pockets by actually wrapping the fabric around the item, and pinning it in place. These pockets are pinned atop the first square fabric piece I cut earlier.

Here are the first row of pockets sewn. Next, repeat the steps above on the second side of the organizer.

Now for that second square piece we prepared earlier. Take that piece of fabric, and join it right-side to right-side with the piece that has the pockets attached. Sew 3 of the 4 sides closed, as shown here:

Next turn the organizer right-side-out, and through the one open side, insert the cereal box cardboard, and sew closed.

Done! Time to load up with all your much needed, and not-so-needed stuff! The interior side will keep a wide open space, in my case, for my wallet…

And, the exterior edges of the organizer contains the oh-so-needed pockets!!

And, inside the purse?? Organization at its best!! Just look at everything in its place. Love. It.

I think this project could be easily modified to hang off the arm of your couch for your remote-controls, or perhaps slid between your mattress and box spring for magazines, books, lip balm or anything else that’s getting in your way.

The best part is, this project cost next to nothing to complete, as the fabric was scraps of fabric I already had, and the cereal was long gone, and the box needed recycling anyway. Give yourself an afternoon to get your own purse, bag, briefcase, or tote in order! You won’t be disappointed!

Have your own go-to organizational tools? Share with the rest of the class in the comments, or on our facebook page!

(For those of you who like my choice of fabric, it is Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane in Blue).

If you’ve ever stuck a hand in your purse and shuffled through a sea of gum wrappers and lipsticks before finding exactly what it was that you were looking for, you’re not alone. The struggle to keep a handbag in order is all too real — which is why we dug up a few of the best handbag organizers we could find and asked Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and star of Netflix’s hit show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, to help us finally master the mess.

To get started, Marie recommends taking everything out of your purse so you can see all the stuff you’ve been carrying around on your shoulder. The goal, per her KonMari Method, is to keep only the things that “spark joy” for you — a.k.a. the items that make you happy and add a little something positive to your life.

Once you’ve decided what you definitely want to keep, you should sort those things by category. (Think: makeup and lotions in one pile, books and papers in another, electronics in a third, and so on.) Then place the smaller items in little pouches or purse organizers so they won’t be left floating around the bottom of your handbag. As you place items inside, though, make sure to avoid stacking your things on top of each other; try to file them all in vertically instead — this will make it easier to quickly locate anything you might need inside.

Last but not least comes the most important part: actually packing up your purse. Place the largest items (pouches, books, etc.) in first and then slot smaller items (such as sunglasses) in around them. You’ll know you’ve done a good job if, when you take a look inside, you can see everything.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge you need to master your handbag mess, all you need are the right tools: Check out the affordable organizers below, and then get tidying.