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Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn Explain Why They “Jumped Ship” From ‘Project Runway’ to ‘Making the Cut’

The fashion reality competition show premieres March 27, with winning clothing designs sold on Amazon.

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn explained why they decided to “jump ship” from Project Runway and create their Amazon show Making the Cut, which debuts March 27.

“Our imagination was bigger than what we were allowed to do,” Klum told television press Tuesday in Pasadena. “Everything kind of fell apart.” She said the move from Lifetime back to Bravo was either going to mean returning to the “same old same old” or it was an “opportunity to jump ship.” She asked Gunn, “Do you want to jump with me?” Klum said, “It was scary…. We shopped it around and thought that Amazon was the best place, not only for the show but also for the designers.”

Gunn hinted that executives at Project Runway were afraid of changing the format of the fashion reality show, even at the urging of Klum and Gunn. “We couldn’t break out of it because there was a fear — not among us, we’re the ones who were thinking creatively and innovatively about what we wanted to do.”

The two return to the genre as executive producers and hosts of Making the Cut on Amazon, with two episodes airing weekly for five weeks. The unscripted show tracks 12 entrepreneurs and designers vying to become “the next big global phenomenon” for a $1 million prize to invest in their style business.

Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, Altuzarra creative director Joseph Altuzarra, Vogue Paris Editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld and influencer Chiara Ferragni will appear as judges on the program, which filmed in New York, Paris and Tokyo. Amazon noted that 50 percent of the main crew was women.

Fans will be able to buy winning fashion pieces from Making the Cut on Amazon immediately after each episode, though sales won’t affect how Amazon measures the show’s success. Pieces will sell for $100 or less in sizes XXXS to XXXL.

“For the first time, our audience can shop. So it’s great; it’s a win-win,” Klum said, calling Making the Cut “such a better show.” The team claimed that the sellability of the pieces on Amazon did not affect the designs or the winners. Klum explained that for each runway show, the designers created one look where they could “go for it” and one look that was “really wearable” for Amazon shoppers. Gunn added that the team didn’t “dumb these clothes down” but instead “translated” them in such a way that “they become affordable” for Amazon shoppers.

When asked about inclusive body representation on the show, Gunn said it’s seamless with plus-size models: “It’s the real world. It’s fully integrated into Making the Cut, as it’s fully integrated into a good deal of the fashion industry because it’s the way things should be.” Klum suggested body acceptance has already made a lot of progress in fashion, saying, “For us, it’s not really a thing anymore.”

They said Amazon’s large budget gave them greater creative freedom than on Project Runway, though they acknowledged the latter paved the way. “Project Runway is the undergraduate program and Making the Cut is the graduate and PhD program,” Gunn said.

Gunn and Klum announced in September 2018 that they were leaving Project Runway after 16 seasons together. Model Karlie Kloss, designer Christian Siriano, designer Brandon Maxwell and editor Elaine Welteroth joined the retooled Bravo series, which premiered in 2019.

Making the Cut is produced by Amazon Studios and SKR Productions. In addition to Gunn and Klum, producers include Sara Rea, Page Feldman and Jennifer Love.

Amazon is launching a new competition show with ‘Project Runway’ cohosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, and it’s just the latest way the online mega-retailer is drawing customers to its fashion platform

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are set to executive produce and host Amazon’s new fashion competition series, “Making the Cut.” Amazon Studios

  • Amazon Prime Video’s new fashion competition series, “Making the Cut,” is set to premiere on March 27, according to an Amazon press release. It will be hosted and executive produced by former “Project Runway” hosts, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.
  • The show will bring together 12 designers, as they travel to New York, Paris, and Tokyo to face challenges that will test their abilities not only design, but also in entrepreneurship.
  • According to Amazon, “Making the Cut” will be the “first-ever global and instantly shoppable series,” which allows the winning looks of each episode to be available for purchase in the dedicated Amazon Fashion “Making the Cut” store.
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How does Amazon Fashion plan to lure in customers? By getting into the reality television game, of course.

Amazon has announced a new fashion competition series, set to debut on Prime Video on March 27. The new series, called “Making the Cut,” will be hosted and executive produced by former “Project Runway” alums Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.

According to an Amazon press release, the show will feature 12 designers who will travel to New York, Paris, and Tokyo as they face challenges which will test their ability in not only design but also entrepreneurship. Two episodes are set to air weekly, leading up to the finale scheduled for April 24.

Klum and Gunn filming “Making the Cut.” Amazon Studios

The 12 designers will be judged by a rotating slew of fashion experts, including supermodel Naomi Campbell and former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld.

Nicole Richie and Naomi Campbell on the set of Amazon’s “Making the Cut” Amazon Studios

Immediately after each episode airs, the limited edition looks from the show will be available for purchase via Amazon Fashion in its dedicated “Making the Cut” store. Designers will be eliminated throughout the course of the show, with the winner receiving a $1 million prize.

“‘Project Runway’ is the undergraduate program and ‘Making the Cut’ is the graduate and PhD program,” Gunn said at a television press event, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Is Amazon the next big thing in fashion?

Already a dominant force in industries like tech, Amazon has been actively building up its presence in the fashion industry over the last few years. In 2017, the online mega-retailer brought on Christine Beauchamp — who previously worked at Ralph Lauren Corporation and L Brands — as the president of Amazon Fashion. Under her tenure, Amazon launched brands Goodthreads and The Fix, in addition to a collaboration with Calvin Klein and a line with actress Drew Barrymore.

Gunn and a contestant on Amazon’s upcoming “Making the Cut.” Amazon Studios

In May 2019, Amazon launched The Drop, which, according to the website, lets influencers design “limited edition fashion collections,” which are then sold exclusively on Amazon. The Drop collections are launched every few weeks, and, according to Glossy, are only available for 30 hours or until it sells out.

Amazon also launched Prime Wardrobe and Echo Look; both are features which connect consumers directly to fashion stylists. Prime Wardrobe allows customers to select items online, then try them on at home, only paying for the the items they want to keep. At the same time, Echo Look lets customers take photos of themselves in clothes, with a “Style Check” feature to give advice on the outfits which look best.

“The customer really needs information. They want to know that going to fit,” Beauchamp said in an Amazon blog. “They want to know the color’s accurate, they want to know the fabric moves well across their body.”

Amazon turning its focus to fashion is paying off

According to a Wells Fargo report cited by CNBC, in 2018, Amazon made $35 billion from its sales of apparel and footwear. This is less than 15% of Amazon’s total sales, which were $232.9 billion overall, CNBC reports. As reported by CNBC’s Lauren Thomas, Amazon earning $35 billion in apparel and footwear sales eclipses its competitors in this space, such as athletic retailer Lululemon, who brought in $3.3 billion in sales in 2018, and Gap Inc. whose net sales were $16.6 billion.

Refashioned ‘Project Runway’ Aims to Make It Work With A Host Of New Elements

PROJECT RUNWAY — Season:17 — Pictured: (l-r) Brandon Maxwell, Karlie Kloss, Christian Siriano,… Nina Garcia, Elaine Welteroth

(Photo by: Miller Mobley/Bravo)

Bravo is making it work – with an overhauled design of the popular series Project Runway.

This season not only features the series moving back to Bravo from Lifetime, but several other changes as well. There’s a redesigned workroom, a fresh runway space, and 24-hour flash sales where looks can be voted on by viewers and then are made available for purchase on

Project Runway aired on Bravo for its first five seasons and then moved to Lifetime. After a legal struggle that involved the Weinstein company, Bravo won the rights to the series back.

Now new host model Karlie Kloss is joined by judges designer Brandon Maxwell, who recently dressed Lady Gaga for the Academy Awards, Elaine Welteroth, the former editor of Teen Vogue, and Nina Garcia, the current editor of Elle. Garcia is the only remaining original cast member. Christian Siriano, the winner of season four, takes over for Tim Gunn as the contestant’s mentor.

Jane Lipsitz, an Executive Producer on the series, says that launching Project Runway back in 2004 was a big gamble. “We didn’t know if people would watch a show about sewing.”

One of the biggest changes fans are talking about is Kloss taking over hosting duties from Heidi Klum and Siriano replacing Tim Gunn as the contestant’s advisor.

To be clear, both Klum and Gunn chose to leave the series. Executive Producer Dan Cutforth says that both Klum and Gunn have been supportive of the new direction of the series. “It’s interesting that when Heidi was asked who should be the new Tim, she said Christian Siriano,” says Cutforth.

About his new role, Siriano remarked, “I’m very close with Tim, but I think what’s really great about this new season is that for the first time the mentor for the designers gets to be a real designer. Tim was never a designer. He never worked in the business. He was a teacher.”

Siriano says his real-world experience will definitely benefit the designers in a unique fashion. “When have a red-carpet challenge, I can actually give them real feedback, because I just dressed people at the Golden Globes before. That can really only help them. “

When it comes to his mentoring style, Siriano says that’s found that he handles the Project Runway designers the same way he does his co-workers. “I treat every designer exactly like I treat my design team in my office every day.”

He’ll be guiding his charges through all of the unique tasks that are thrown at the designers this season. Lipsitz says that there will be all new challenges this go-around.

“We literally created this huge document of every challenge that’s been done before so we wouldn’t be repeating anything,” she explained. “Then we had a brainstorming session and came up with so many new ideas it was amazing. We looked at what’s happening in fashion, and what’s happening in the world. It’s all coming from an organic place.”

As in past seasons, Lipsitz teases that there will be one challenge that incorporates unconventional materials. “Let me just say….it has something to do with mushrooms in the wild,” she says with a sly smile.

An updated work space is also part of the revamped series. “A lot of the fashion industry is moving to Brooklyn and we found this amazing space in Greenpoint so we’ve moved there as well,” says Lipsitz.

She says that initially there wasn’t much thought put into the look of the series. “When we first started Project Runway a lot of decisions were made because we had to do it in Parsons . The workroom was in one of their real classrooms and those were their real sewing rooms. The runway was in their auditorium.”

The changes were made to make everything feel ‘aesthetically big, beautiful and stylish.’

“We took a lot of inspiration from the warehouse feel of the new workroom and from the brick walls in that space. We’re really pound of the improved overall look of the show,” she says.

One element that hasn’t changed is that the designers will still shop at the expansive fabric store in Manhattan, Mood, for everything needed to create their garments. (Except for during the unconventional challenge of course.)

Garcia assures that the models wearing these carefully crafted outfits will consist of a very diverse group. “We have full figured models. We have African-American models. We have our first transgender model in Project Runway this season. So, really, it feels inclusive from start to finish,” she says.

Bringing the show back to Bravo was emotional for Lipsitz. “I cried when I walked back in,’ she admitted. “This is a really important show for Dan and I. We keep saying, ‘It’s like getting your baby back.’ There was trepidation because we knew it had changed, but it’s really a career highlight coming back to do this show again.”

The significance of the longevity of the series is notable, explains Garcia. “If we look back was really the first show that opened the curtains to look into what was happening in the fashion industry. Besides that, this show was giving designers, who at that time probably had no access to the fashion industry, a platform. Fast forward fifteen years , to have Jane and Dan back, it’s come full circle. It’s a win-win.”

Although he’s been involved for years, Siriano is still in awe of the power of the series. “What’s so great about this show is it really is so amazing to see these young, talented people create something from nothing. I mean, a flat piece of fabric turning into a three-dimensional form – that’s very beautiful to watch. This show really does showcase something that is pretty unbelievable.”

‘Project Runway’ airs Thursdays at 8e/7c on Bravo and is available for streaming at

‘Project Runway’ Is Back: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

After a two-year hiatus, “Project Runway” is back with a few major changes.

As the show’s former host and mentor, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, respectively, exited the show to pursue a shoppable reality TV show on Amazon, it was announced that “Project Runway” would be returning for a 17th season with a new host, mentor and team of judges, as well as a focus on diversity and the evolution of the fashion industry in the digital age.

From the team of judges to the largest prize in the show’s 15-year history, here is everything to expect from the “Project Runway” reboot.

When and where?

The “Project Runway” reboot will be returning to its original network, Bravo, from Lifetime and will air on Thursdays at 8 p.m. starting March 14.

Who is the host, mentor and team of judges?

Model Karlie Kloss will be filling Klum’s hosting gig for the reboot and is also executive producer. For its new mentor, the show tapped the franchise’s most well-known winner, designer Christian Siriano, to fill Gunn’s shoes. Elle editor in chief Nina Garcia will be returning as a judge and be joined by newcomers designer Brandon Maxwell and former Teen Vogue editor in chief Elaine Welteroth.

Who are the guest judges?

Each week, the team of judges will be joined by a famous guest judge, including Cardi B, actress Danielle Brooks, designer Dapper Dan and stylist Marni Senofonte, among others.

Who is the cast of designers?

This season, the show is focusing on diversity with a cast of 17 designers hailing from various backgrounds. The group of designers includes a Syrian refugee and others from countries like India, Samoa and Colombia.

Who are their models?

The reboot’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is extending to its cast of models. The show will feature models of all races and sizes, including its first transgender model.

How will the challenges be different?

The show’s challenges are meant to reflect the evolution of the fashion industry in the digital age. The challenges will face these changes in the industry, including distribution, flash sales, fast fashion and social media. For example, one challenge will focus on how designers communicate through Instagram. There will also be an interactive element, where viewers can vote on their favorite looks and purchase them online.

What’s the prize?

The “Project Runway” reboot is boasting the biggest prize in the show’s history. For the first time, the show is teaming up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which will provide mentorship to the winner. In addition, the winner will receive $250,000 and a feature in Elle Magazine.

Where can I watch the show?

For those without cable, the show can be watched through the Bravo App or through DirecTV Now, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV.

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‘Project Runway’: Karlie Kloss, Christian Siriano take over for Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn


No matter how tiny the purse, this supermodel isn’t going to sacrifice this one must-have


“Project Runway” has found a new way to make it work, with a new look and a new supermodel host.

Bravo announced Wednesday that Karlie Kloss will take over the reins of the fashion design competition series, a month after Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn said “Auf Wiedersehen” after 16 seasons.

“As someone who grew up watching ‘Project Runway,’ I could not be more excited to host and produce a series that provides a platform to aspiring American designers as they pursue their creative and entrepreneurial dreams,” Kloss said.

Nina Garcia, the editor-in-chief of ELLE, will return as a judge, where she has served since the show launched in 2004. She will be joined by fashion designer Brandon Maxwell and former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth.

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The boldest runway collection yet.
Brand new host @KarlieKloss & mentor @CSiriano are teaming up with @NinaGarcia, @BrandonMaxwell, and @ElaineWelteroth, to bring #ProjectRunway back to Bravo!

— Bravotv (@Bravotv) October 10, 2018

Christian Siriano will take over Gunn’s role as a mentor to the designers, offering fierce tips and feedback on their creations during each episode.

Siriano knows a thing or two about “Project Runway.” He won Season 4 and has gone on to become a successful designer, dressing the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey and former first lady Michelle Obama.

The reality series, which has aired on Lifetime since 2009, will return to its original network, Bravo next year.

“I am incredibly proud of the show, and it will always have a special place in my heart,” Klum said in a statement.

She continued: “I’m most excited that my journey with my dear friend and colleague, Tim Gunn, is far from over.” The pair are developing a new fashion series for Amazon, with plans to sell clothes featured on the new reality project.

Contributing: Sara Moniuszko

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Karlie Kloss looked posh in polka dot tights and a matching black ensemble at the Liberty Science Center Genius Gala 8 on May 13, 2019 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images She went for gold in this golden Gucci dress with black sleeves at the 2019 Met Gala in New York. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images She heated things up in this red cut-out gown with a high slit at the Night Of Food And Fashion FYC red carpet event on April 16, 2019 in Los Angeles. Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic Kloss shines in this shimmering Louis Vuitton number at the premiere of ‘Julieta’ during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2016. James Devaney, WireImage Kloss shines in this shimmering Louis Vuitton number at the premiere of ‘Julieta’ during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2016. Andreas Rentz, Getty Images The long-time member of Taylor Swift’s elite squad wears Marchesa to amfAR’s 23rd Cinema Against AIDS Gala on May 19, 2016. ALBERTO PIZZOLI, AFP/Getty Images Kloss plays with color in this Prabal Gurung look at the premiere of ‘Serena’ in New York City on June 13, 2016. Jim Spellman, WireImage Kloss goes casual chic at this year’s Neon Carnival on April 16, in a striped cardigan from Balmain, leather top by Raquel Allegra, denim shorts, a Tomasini Paris bag, and Red Wing boots. Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Batiste Dry Shampoo The birthday girl’s Brandon Maxwell gown was tailored to perfection at the Met Gala in NYC on May 2, 2016. Later, Maxwell cut his creation into a mini-dress for an after-party. Charles Sykes, Invision/AP Kloss paired flats with her Diane von Furstenberg gown at the CFDA Fashion Awards in the Big Apple on June 1, 2015. The model told us, ‘I think flats are the most chic thing you can wear on the red carpet because it takes extra confidence.’ Kevin Mazur, WireImage Jay Z might be hyped to know that Kloss wore Tom Ford to the BRIT Awards in London on Feb. 25, 2015. LEON NEAL, AFP/Getty Images Before she appeared in the ‘Bad Blood’ music video, Kloss wore a blue Michael Kors dress to the 2013 Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

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  • Project Runway recently returned to Bravo for its 17th season.
  • Longtime host and judge Heidi Klum did not return to the show, however.
  • Instead, Heidi is launching a new fashion competition show on Amazon Prime Video with her Project Runway co-host, Tim Gunn.

Project Runway made a much-anticipated return to TV this month after a year and a half off the air and a (second) network change. But the 17th season of the beloved competition show is missing a major player: Heidi Klum.

A true fashion icon, Heidi helped to create Project Runway and served as a judge, host, and executive producer for all 16 of its original seasons. So understandably, her seemingly sudden departure has fans wondering: Why did Heidi Klum leave Project Runway at all?!

As it turns out, Heidi isn’t leaving fashion TV entirely. In fact, she and her Project Runway costar Tim Gunn are both launching a brand-new project with Amazon Prime Video.

“After 16 incredible seasons, I am saying ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to Project Runway, a show that I was honored to host and help create,” Heidi announced back in September 2018. “I’m most excited that my journey with my dear friend and colleague, Tim Gunn, is far from over. We will be partnering with Amazon for a new show, and we’re excited for everyone to see what we’re designing next!”

GothamGetty Images

Although details on Heidi and Tim’s upcoming Amazon show are pretty limited, People reports that the series will be a “fresh take” on competition-based reality TV and, of course, will center around fashion. The show will also involve a “shoppable experience” for Amazon viewers.

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In Heidi and Tim’s absence, Project Runway (now back on Bravo) is continuing on with renowned model Karlie Kloss as host and former contestant/fashion designer Christian Siriano as mentor. Judges Elaine Welteroth, Brandon Maxwell, and Nina Garcia also remain with the cast.

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Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are leaving ‘Project Runway’ for new Amazon reality fashion series


Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are saying “auf wiedersehen” to “Project Runway” after 16 seasons.

They’re developing a new fashion series for Amazon, which plans to sell clothes featured on the new reality project.

Amazon provided few details except to say the series will be available globally, in 200 countries and territories, and promises a “fresh take” that will “continue the stars’ commitment to making fashion accessible to a wide audience.”

“Runway,” which has aired on Lifetime since 2009, is returning to its original network, NBC-owned Bravo next year – without two key stars – after its owner, The Weinstein Co., was sold.

In a statement, Klum described “Runway” as a show she was “honored to host and help create. I am incredibly proud of the show, and it will always have a special place in my heart. I am so appreciative of the dedicated fans, and most of all, I am grateful that we could shine a light on creativity and help launch so many talented designers’ careers,” she said. “I’m most excited that my journey with my dear friend and colleague, Tim Gunn, is far from over.”

Gunn also said he was “grateful” for the show’s influence in his career.

“I am so proud to have been a part of the groundbreaking process that showcased talented young designers as never before. Most importantly, I am indebted to our incredible fans, they are the heart and soul of what we do, and continue to inspire us to raise the bar in this arena,” he said. “I’m excited for them to see what’s next as I partner with Amazon and Heidi Klum on our next great ‘fashion’ adventure.”

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Thanks to the start of New York Fashion Week, Wednesday’s 19th annual amfAR gala for AIDS research attracted one of the biggest gathering of supermodels since the November’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Here, Naomi Campbell, left, snaps a selfie with fellow supermodels Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosio at Cipriani Wall Street. Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images Supermodel Iman and designer Zac Posen joined forces on the amfAR red carpet. Michael Stewart, WireImage Models Leticia Wala-Ntumba, left, Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum and Lynn Petertonkoker huddle inside the amfAR gala. Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images Honoree Scarlett Johannson skipped the slinky dresses in favor of a tailored Versace tux. Michael Stewart, WireImage Model Adriana Lima ALBA VIGARAY, EPA Model Hilary Rhoda ALBA VIGARAY, EPA Designer Donatella Versace, left, and model Naomi Campbell Michael Stewart, WireImage Alessandra Ambrosio ALBA VIGARAY, EPA Model Andreja Pejic ANGELA WEISS, AFP/Getty Images Heidi Klum arrived with beau Vito Schnabel. Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images Amber Valletta ALBA VIGARAY, EPA ‘Girls’ star Zosia Mamet and Evan Jonigkeit Michael Loccisano, Getty Images Actress Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman Michael Stewart, WireImage Actress Diane Kruger Craig Barritt, Getty Images for FIJI Water Paris Hilton Craig Barritt, Getty Images for FIJI Water Actress Victoria Justice ANGELA WEISS, AFP/Getty Images Actor Jeremy Piven ANGELA WEISS, AFP/Getty Images Scarlett Johannson was introduced by her ‘Avengers’ castmate, Mark Ruffalo. Jamie McCarthy, WireImage Johansson spoke of a close family friend who died from AIDS. Bryan Bedder, Getty Images for Moet & Chandon Actor Alan Cumming Bryan Bedder, Getty Images for Moet & Chandon Singer Ellie Goulding provided the entertainment. Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

What’s Hannah Jeter’s Job? The ‘Project Runway: Junior’ Host Has An Impressive Portfolio

Are you already feeling a little glum now that Project Runway has officially crowned a winner and won’t return until 2017? Me too — but, luckily, a spinoff is here to step in. In Lifetime’s latest edition of showcasing tweens and teens who have talents that put ours (or maybe just mine) to shame, Season 2 of Project Runway: Junior premieres on Lifetime on Dec. 22. We’ll be introduced to a new group of talented young designers, but the hosts and judges will remain the same — the beloved Tim Gunn will co-host with Hannah Jeter, and the panel consists of fashion designers Kelly Osbourne and Christian Siriano and Seventeen Magazine and Cosmopolitan Executive Fashion Editor, Aya Kanai. Tim Gunn is basically a legend in the fashion world, but what’s Project Runway: Junior host Hannah Jeter’s job?

Like Project Runway host Heidi Klum, Jeter is a fashion model with a lengthy and impressive portfolio. You may remember her as Hannah Davis, which is the name she went by last season. She married athlete Derek Jeter earlier this year and officially changed her professional billing name over the summer. Jeter is most recognizable for being a staple in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but her resume shows that she’s modeled for a diverse range of designers including Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, and Levi’s.

MIAMI, FL – FEBRUARY 17: Model Hannah Davis attends the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Swim BBQ VIP at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach on February 17, 2016 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated)Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jeter is represented by IMG Models and, according to her official biography, she dreamed of becoming a professional tennis player when she was growing up in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A local scout spotted Jeter while she was playing on the Caribbean Tennis Circuit and she was thrilled about the new opportunity. Her big break came when she was photographed by Terry Richardson for an editorial feature in New York City — and, well, the rest is history. IMG notes that her most significant achievement is landing the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue just two years after making her “rookie” debut.

Although Jeter is best known for her work with Sports Illustrated, she’s also dabbled in acting — in 2015, she made a cameo in the comedy movie Vacation, a reboot of the classic National Lampoon’s Vacation. She’s also appeared in a series of televised advertisements for DirecTV, in which she plays the “DirectTV Genie.” Jeter has shown an interest in acting, so perhaps we’ll see more of her on the big and small screen in the future.

When Project Runway: Junior premiered last year, Jeter had big shoes to fill because many Project Runway fans hoped that Heidi Klum would host the spinoff. Luckily, she proved herself in Season 1 by being an amazing host and I can’t wait to see what Season 2 has in store for Jeter and the talented young designers.

about Andy Dehnart

Christian Siriano will mentor and Nina Garcia will judge Project Runway season 17. Here, they’re judging the first challenge in season 11. (Photo by Barbara Nitke/Lifetime)

by Andy Dehnart 10 Oct. 2018 | 7:13 pm

Bravo’s “newly rebooted” version of Project Runway will be mentored by season four winner Christian Siriano, who replaces Tim Gunn, while Nina Garcia will return as a judge along with two new judges, fashion designer Brandon Maxwell and former Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth.

The show’s new host is supermodel Karlie Kloss, who said in a Bravo press release that she “grew up watching Project Runway.”

It’s a young cast overall, as all of the new additions to the franchise are in their 20s and early 30s—and the show seems to be searching for a younger audience. Bravo executive Shari Levine said in a press release, “These are the perfect faces for the new Project Runway, as we recalibrate for a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.”

She also called this new cast “the right fuel to reenergize the franchise.”

Christian Siriano was an excellent judge on Project Runway Junior, and he’s appeared on the show as a guest judge frequently. His name was floated frequently as a replacement for Tim Gunn after Tim and Heidi announced they were leaving, and for good reason: He gives excellent feedback and seems like he’ll be good at both supporting and challenging the contestants.

In the press release, he said, “I hope to guide and inspire the new talent on the rise.”

New judge Elaine Welteroth is best-known for editing Teen Vogue, where she was the youngest editor in Condé Nast history and only the second black person to ever edit a magazine in its 100-plus year history. She transformed the magazine during the 2016 election, and has appeared as herself on the sitcom Black-ish.

The other new judge, joining Nina Garcia, is Brandon Maxwell, a designer whose clients have included Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, Amy Schumer, Nicole Kidman, and Oprah. In a profile, The Dallas Morning News called him “a maestro of runways and red carpets.”

Overall, this is an intriguing panel, at least in terms of their backgrounds and experience. I’m thrilled Nina is returning, both to provide continuity and because she’s an excellent judge.

For the judges and host, what ultimately matters, of course, is how they gel as a panel and play off of each other—and how well they critique the work that’s in front of them.

Bios for the new Project Runway judges and host

Project Runway season 4 winner and new mentor Christian Siriano. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Here are Bravo’s bios for the three judges, mentor, and host:

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is an American supermodel and entrepreneur. Originally from St. Louis, Karlie has shot campaigns and walked for top designers including Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Brandon Maxwell and Versace. She is also the face of numerous international campaigns for brands that include Estee Lauder, adidas, Carolina Herrera and Express. Outside of modeling, Karlie is the founder of Kode With Klossy, a nonprofit that empowers girls to learn code and become leaders in tech. Now in its fourth year, the organization hosts free, two-week summer coding camps where girls aged 13 to 18 explore concepts in front-end and back-end software engineering. In 2018, Kode With Klossy hosted 50 free coding camps in 25 cities across the country, providing scholarships to 1,000 young women.An Oath board member and TIME 100 honoree, Karlie is the newest host of Bravo Media’s Emmy award winning series, “Project Runway.” Karlie shares her experiences hosting, filming, modeling, coding and traveling through her YouTube channel, Klossy.

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano, following his studies in London, Christian Siriano launched his namesake label and first Spring and Fall collection in 2008. The collections are shown each season at New York Fashion Week, and presented in New York and Paris to retailers. Dubbed “the new king of old-school glamour” by Elle and “the next billion-dollar designer” by Yahoo! Style, his designs have appeared on the world’s biggest stars and most prestigious red carpets. He has dressed the likes of Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey as well as the First Lady Michelle Obama. In April 2018, Siriano was named among Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World for being an advocate for body inclusivity and runway diversity in the fashion industry. He is the youngest person to ever appear on the Crain’s“40 Under 40” list, was included on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” and most recently appeared in Variety Magazine’s New Power of New York list. He was named “Designer of the Year” at the 2016 AAFA American Image Awards, won the Couture For A Cause “Designer of the Decade” award that same year, was awarded the Inspires Award by the National Eating Disorder Association in 2017 and most recently received the 2018 Bottomless Closet Fashion Award by the non-profit organization which helps guide disadvantaged NYC women enter the work force and achieve success. He just celebrated his ten year brand milestone with a photographic retrospective on his work with Rizzoli Books in late 2017, titled Dresses to Dream About, which has now gone into its second printing. He most recently opened a new store, The Curated NYC. A retail destination for the modern shopper, the eight story townhouse is steps from Fifth Avenue and also houses his office and atelier.

Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is the editor-in-chief of ELLE and has been a judge on “Project Runway” since it launched in 2004. Beyond her notable work in over twenty years within magazines, she also entertains an adoring global fan-base and an active following, making her an elite authority on fashion. As such, she serves as a style expert on programs including Today, Good Morning America, The View, CNN and more, and has been a celebrity red carpet correspondent for programs like ABC’s Oscar telecast. She’s written four New York Times bestselling books on style and has received numerous accolades including the Fashion Group International’s prestigious Oracle Award, the Hispanic Federation’s Individual Achievement Award, the Oliver Scholars’ Program Champion of Educational Excellence Award and The Daily’s Magazine of the Year Award.

Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell launched his eponymous luxury women’s ready-to-wear label in New York in 2015. The brand was born out of the desire to make women feel beautiful, sophisticated and powerful by creating timeless garments that are impeccably tailored. With a focus on craftsmanship, the entire collection is designed in New York City. As a child, Maxwell was captivated by the immaculately-dressed women who passed through the Longview, Texas boutique where his grandmother worked and where he spent a lot of time in his youth. He went on to study photography at St. Edward’s University in Austin and began assisting stylist Deborah Afshani in 2009, followed by Edward Enninful and then Nicola Formichetti in 2010. Brandon was awarded the 2018 Woolmark New York Semifinal Prize Award, 2016 Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for Womenswear, the 2016 CFDA Swarovski Award for Womenswear, and was named a finalist for the 2016 LVMH Prize. His brand is worn by iconic women such as Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga, Oprah and more.

Elaine Welteroth

Elaine Welteroth is an award-winning journalist, thought leader, and the former Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue. Throughout her meteoric ten year magazine career, she broke new ground as the youngest person and only the second African-American ever to hold the Editor-in-Chief title in Condé Nast’s 107-year history. In this role, she brought social consciousness to the pages of Teen Vogue and transformed the teen title into a credible news source. Previously, she held senior roles on the mastheads at Glamour and Ebony Magazine, and in 2012 she became Conde Nast’s first ever African-American Beauty Director. She’s now a leading expert, advocate and voice for the next generation of change makers, bringing her fresh perspective to scripted and unscripted projects in TV. From writing on hit shows like “Grown-ish” to appearing on-air from ABC News to Netflix and “The View” to E!, Elaine continues blazing a career path that breaks the mold, inspiring a new generation of creative entrepreneurs.

‘Project Runway’ Star Tim Gunn Hasn’t Had Sex For 29 Years After ‘Intense’ Relationship

The host of ABC’s new daytime health and lifestyle show, “The Revolution”, blames psychological damage from a previous critical partner for his long abstinence.

First Project Runway star Heidi Klum announces her divorce from Seal, her husband of 7 years. Now her co-star Tim Gunn admits that he hasn’t had sexual relations for 29 years.

“I haven’t had sex in 29 years. Do I feel like less of a person for it? No. Not even remotely,” Gunn, 58, revealed during ABC’s new health and lifestyle daytime talk show, The Revolution. Gunn, who is also a host on the new show, added that he feels like a “perfectly happy, fulfilled individual.”

His abstinence is rooted in psychological damage from a previous relationship. “I was in a very intense relationship for a long time. And my partner ended it, saying that, quite frankly, he was impatient with my sexual performance.”

At the time, the AIDS epidemic was just beginning. “I think a lot of people simply retreated because they were concerned about their health. I certainly was,” he says. “And I’m happy to be healthy and alive, quite frankly.”