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Looking to spruce up your dining area? The dining table is where you will share food, conversations and laughter, particularly during holidays. While decorating your home, a dining table set is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will buy. It is where you’ll sip your morning coffee with newspaper in hand, or where the kiddos will spend hours knocking out homework. At Target, we have a wide range of dining tables to choose from, whether you’re looking for a round dining table or a square dining table, we have all that you need for a warm and versatile dining space. Our collection of white dining tables and black dining tables make for an artful arrangement. We have a unique collection of tables in a variety of styles that you can choose from, whether it’s a mid-century modern dining table, farmhouse dining table, rustic dining table, glass dining table, metal dining table and drop leaf dining table. Whether it’s a casual weeknight meal with your family or a sophisticated soiree with friends, these tables are sure to be a part of many memorable moments. Our Threshold dining tables and Project 62 dining tables are sure to blend effortlessly into your dining space, so creating a stylish ensemble for a cozy, comforting meal is a breeze. Browse our collection of dining tables to find just the right pick for your space.

The best dining table for you will be the one that works for your budget, offers solid construction, fits your space, and has a style you’ll love for years. Even if you’re not thinking forever at this point, you can expect to have a table for at least five to 10 years. “Five years is not a long time,” said Pourny. “If it’s your first table, you may use it somewhere else after a few years, so you want it to be simple and sturdy and a style you’ll like for a while.” So a small, well-made table might find a place in your home for years to come.

Here are the factors you should consider before buying a table for your home.


The number-one rule: Your dining table has to fit in your dining area. But a dining table is a deceptively large piece of furniture, and you need to account for space around it, too.

“In addition to the footprint of the table, you’ll want 3 feet of breathing room on all sides—and more is better!—to comfortably sit in a chair and move around the space,” said Harris. So whether your dining area is part of a multiuse space (such as a great room that you’re dividing into living and dining areas) or you have a separate dining room, start by measuring the length and width of the space you can dedicate to the dining table. Then subtract about 6 feet from those two measurements to get a target dining table length and width.

Next, think about how you’re going to use the table and how many people will typically sit at the table. “Figure that each place at the table needs 22 to 24 inches of table space and that larger scale chairs will require more,” said Dyer. These are the general dimensions you can expect:

To seat … Try …
1 or 2 people 30- to 36-inch round or square table
30- to 36-inch oval or rectangular table
4 people 36- to 48-inch round or square table
36- to 48-inch oval or rectangular table
6 people 60-inch round or square table
72-inch oval or rectangular table
8 people 72-inch round or square table
96-inch oval or rectangular table
10 people Round or square tables not advised
120-inch oval or rectangular table

As a longtime apartment dweller, guide co-author Ayn-Monique Klahre has found that the “visual weight” of a piece of furniture can really influence how big it feels in a room. It may technically fit, but it’ll seem huge if it’s a dark or bulky piece or if it’s too close to other furniture. To visualize how a bigger piece of furniture will look in your room, take the time to block out the length and width on the floor (such as with painter’s tape), as well as the height of the table. Try standing on the tape corners with a tape measure and filling in that space with similar-size furniture (such as a couple of chairs), and then taking a step back to see how it might feel. It also helps to ask a friend to stand there with the tape measure while you take a look. If the table you have in mind wouldn’t have a lot of room to breathe because of other furniture nearby, consider a different table with a thinner frame or lighter-colored materials.

If you’re tight on space, consider options such as leaves that allow the table to expand. “These let you customize the table for different entertainment needs and party sizes,” said Mahoney. The one thing Pourny warned against in this regard was too many mechanisms or leaves that were attached or hidden within the table (versus standalone leaves). “If you buy things that are too complicated, it’s just more opportunity for something to fail,” he told us. The sturdiest expansion tables are those where the leaves are solid, separate units that you place on the base once you’ve opened the table (versus a flip-up or butterfly style). If you plan to use your table very differently on weeknights versus weekends, expansion tables can be a great option.

And don’t forget about considerations for moving your dining table into your home in the first place. Scope out any area the table will have to travel through, including doorways, hallways, and hard turns into a room that will limit your maneuverability. “Measure everything first, and treat the delivery team who brings your furniture well!” said Dyer.


“The shape of the room gets first say, since some tables simply do not work in certain rooms,” Dyer told us. Tabletops come in two main shape families, square/rectangular or round/oval. Ideally, you want your table to fill your space proportionately, so if you have a rectangular room, try a rectangular or oval table; if your available space is more square, a square or round table will look better.

  • A rectangular or oval-shaped table might look out of proportion in a square room. Illustration: Michael Hession

  • For a square room, look for a square or round table. Illustration: Michael Hession

  • For a rectangular room, look for a rectangular or oval-shaped table. Illustration: Michael Hession

  • A round or square table can seem to float awkwardly in a rectangular room. Illustration: Michael Hession

  • A rectangular or oval-shaped table might look out of proportion in a square room. Illustration: Michael Hession

  • For a square room, look for a square or round table. Illustration: Michael Hession

1 of 4

Square or rectangular tables are the most common, so you’ll find the most options in that category in terms of styles, sizes, and extensions. But a round or oval table can give you a little more space to move around because it cuts off the corners but still offers a good surface area. “For tighter rectangular spaces, the oval might be the best option,” said Dyer. Harris added, “Round or oval tables can be great for parties and conversation because there’s no head of the table, too.” As for squeezing people in, you’re limited only by the perimeter of the table—but you can lose a little space for serving pieces once you have all your place settings at a round or oval table.


The base—usually legs, a pedestal, or a trestle—can have an effect on how many people you can fit at the table. “You just want to be sure the leg space isn’t being invaded by the supports,” said Hirschhaut. When you see a table in person, sit at it to see if your legs hit the table’s legs; also verify if you have enough space for your knees when you scoot in all the way, and if you can cross your legs underneath the table. The apron—the frame that holds the tabletop up—can cut down on your room to maneuver.

Illustration: Michael Hession

If you want to be more flexible in adding dinner guests, pay attention to the leg width and where the legs are placed. “In general, a table with thinner legs, or where the legs are at the corners, will make it easier to squeeze an extra chair in,” said Harris. And as Dyer noted, be aware: “A leg table is generally limited to how long it can be extended without bowing in the middle.” A very large-scale table might have two pedestals or a trestle base to support it, but a four-leg table that extends really far out could get unstable.

With a pedestal or trestle table, you have more flexibility to add more people to the table. “A center base is the best option to squeeze people in,” said Harris. Pourny told us he was wary of larger round pedestal-style tables because they could be a little less sturdy than a four-leg table. “You have to be able to lean on it and dine on it every day without it tipping over,” he said.

Trestle tables can give you flexibility along the sides of the table but can limit the space at the ends of the table. Dyer said, “The challenge with the trestle table is that there can be spots along the table where a chair is straddling the base.” This situation can be less comfortable and make pushing in chairs impossible. But Pourny told us he liked this style because it’s sturdy and rooted in antique furniture. To make sure you have space for your knees, look closely at how much space a trestle design has between the edge of the table and where the trestle supports are attached.


This is the fun part! You can find thousands of options, so first you should narrow your selections. “Do you want formal elegance or casual comfort? Do you envision a cozy room or a grand one?” said Hirschhaut. If you’re starting from scratch, browse through sites and make a Pinterest board to see what you’re attracted to.

That said, because a dining table is a big investment, your best bet is to find something you’re going to like for a while. Pourny advised against choosing anything too trendy. “If you get something too funky, with too many weird details, one day you may wake up and wonder what you were thinking,” he said. “Keep it simple and sturdy.”

He also said that in general he found that lighter woods (such as white oak or bleached woods), raw or natural finishes, and weathered materials done in cleaner lines tended to stand the test of time. Mid-century-style furniture has become more popular in the past 10 to 15 years, and that popularity continues to grow.



Solid wood is a classic material because it is durable and easy to repair. Pine, acacia, mango, and teak are less expensive woods that are becoming more popular now. Different woods have different hardnesses—pine is much softer than acacia, for example, which in turn is softer than walnut. “Solid wood is the most popular, though it’s often the most expensive,” said Hirschhaut. Manufacturers have been working to get the price of solid wood down—IKEA, for one, has an unfinished solid-pine table for around $80—but a larger-scale table from a different retailer can cost $1,000 or more.

“There’s been a move away from dark stains and back toward very natural materials and wood species that people recognize,” said Dyer. Pre-distressed pieces with rustic finishes can wear a bit better under abuse from little kids.

Wood expands and contracts with heat and humidity and can show scratches and wear, but it’s fairly easy to repair. “If it’s good wood, in 10 years you can strip it and you’ll still have something to work with,” said Pourny. Heat and moisture can damage the finish, so “be prepared to protect tabletop with pads, cloths, mats or trivets,” added Hirschhaut.

Veneer or wood-look

Wood veneer is often a more economical alternative to solid wood. To create wood veneer, a manufacturer glues a very thin layer of solid wood (or material printed to look like wood) to a plywood or other wood core. Depending on the maker and the materials, wood-veneer pieces can be just as sturdy as solid wood—or quite flimsy. “Generally, veneer is used to achieve one of two objectives: a decorative patterned top (for better goods) or to appear as solid wood (to reduce costs by using a cheaper substrate beneath it),” said Dyer. “A well-made veneer will be a little thicker (1/36″ or greater) and will use multilayer, cross-banded plywood as the core that it is glued to.”

Harris told us that she found good wood veneer to be just as stable as solid wood. To identify good veneer, look for tables with clearly labeled core interiors, such as kiln-dried hardwood. “A lower quality veneer, however, will be very thin, poorly printed, and will be applied to multi-density fiberboard (MDF) or particle board,” said Dyer. Harris agreed that a veneer added to composite wood, which is made from fiberboard or other reconstituted wood-pulp-based materials, is less durable and susceptible to delaminating (in which the veneer detaches from the base). “To avoid these lower-quality products, avoid cores made from MDF or particleboard and look out for phrases like ‘all wood,’ which can refer to anything derived from wood—like newspaper—or ‘engineered wood,’ which can mean everything from wood composites to synthetic resins,” said Dyer. You can expect to pay under $500 for a less expensive veneer piece, but the higher-end ones go into the thousands.

Another way to spot cheaper veneers is to look underneath the table at the store. “If just the outside is finished, but the underneath looks like a different material, the manufacturer is cutting costs,” said Dyer. Also look along the table’s outside edges. “On a solid-wood table, or one with a good veneer, the wood grain will run all the same direction, instead of changing direction,” Dyer noted. Russell mentioned another concern: “Beware of products that seem too cheap, and make sure particleboard says it’s CARB compliant, which means it’s passed emissions tests.” And you can always ask the salesperson exactly what the table is made of—if they’re not sure, that’s a red flag, said Dyer. You can usually touch up a good wood veneer with a bit of stain or paint, but as with solid wood, try to avoid direct contact with heat and moisture.

Stone and stone-look
Stone tabletops can include marble, quartz composite, or cast stone (like cement). “There are both natural and man-made options in the stone category, but it is not a big category in dining tables,” Dyer told us. Although stone is durable, it can be porous and can absorb stains easily. “Depending on how it’s made, it can chip or crack,” said Hirschhaut—and once that happens, it can be tough or impossible to repair. Such tabletops can also be quite heavy. The price of stone can really vary, too: Cement-topped pieces can be under $500, but marble-topped ones often run into the thousands.

Glass tabletops can be clear, frosted, or tinted. They’re relatively inexpensive and “can create a feeling of space and openness,” said Hirschhaut. Though glass isn’t susceptible to moisture, it can chip, scratch, or crack from heat. It also shows every fingerprint, making it a higher-maintenance material. A good glass tabletop can last decades if you’re not too clumsy, but it will start to look bad in a few years if you’re prone to chipping the edges or dragging plates across the table. You can find larger-scale glass-topped tables under $750.

Metal, including stainless steel, brass, zinc, and lacquered or painted versions of those, sees use more frequently for table bases than for tabletops. “Metal is durable and not easily damaged,” Hirschhaut told us. But because it has a higher shine, it shows every fingerprint and can require special cleaning tools, making it a higher-maintenance option. And Harris has found that painted metals can be hard to repair: “If you nick a high-gloss or lacquered table, it’s hard to touch it up. I’ve had to try to match nail polish to finishes to try to repair them.” Tables using metal can be less expensive than wood tables, though finding an all-metal dining table beyond utility tables is rare.

Plastic and laminates
Man-made materials, either molded into a shape or glued onto plywood or another core, are an inexpensive option. “They can last a long time but aren’t considered the nicest-quality material,” noted Harris. These materials tend to resist staining and require little upkeep, but the pieces often appear cheap.


A good dining table is sturdy and well made, with a finish that withstands heavy use while suffering little obvious wear. “The material is a major part of good construction, but a table is only as good as the joinery,” said Dyer. Joinery is the industry term for the places where the base and tabletop fit together—the more solid this fit is, the longer the table will last. “Wood is a great material because it holds a screw, as well as old-fashion joints like tongue and groove, dovetailing, mortise and tenon or pegged tenons,” Dyer mentioned.

At a store, you can look underneath the floor sample: Wood joined directly with wood is very strong, whereas too many attachments and hooks can weaken the construction. In general, the simpler, the better. “Look at the connection points where the legs meet the tabletops and at the corners—if the pieces are starting to separate, you see gaps at the corners, or it’s wobbly when you move it, it’s not well constructed,” cautioned Harris. “A good table should have some heft to it; you don’t want the legs to be wobbly,” said Russell. And beware of really inexpensive tables: They could be held together with just staples and glue, which isn’t very sturdy.

On the surface, look for tables with a “smooth top,” suggested Mahoney, and avoid those with deep grooves or “crumb catchers” (Russell’s phrase) in between boards or in a distressed finish that might make them harder to clean. That includes spaces where you might separate the table to expand it. In general, the more moving parts—whether they’re intersections joined with screws or expansion mechanisms for leaves—the more opportunities for the table to malfunction. “The best leaves are the ones where you pull out the table and set the leaves right on it,” said Pourny. “Too many mechanisms—push this, spring that—can get tricky.”

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    • Homelegance Furniture
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    • J&M Furniture
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    • Luke Leather
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We’re rounding up can’t-miss Cyber Week deals on the best-selling sofas and top-rated mattresses from our favorite furniture sites. While most people are thinking about holiday gifts, Cyber Monday is actually great times to snag amazing deals on furniture. Take a pick at the sales at Ashley Furniture, Wayfair, Walmart, IKEA, and even Amazon.


Most popular furniture and home deals:

  • Take 78% off Ashanti Area Rug at Wayfair.
  • Get 84% off Wayfair Basics All Season Down Alternative Comforter.
  • Take 31% off Yves Pink Area Rug at Wayfair.
  • Take 56% off August Grove Hyacinthe Sheet Set at Wayfair.
  • Take $30 off Layla Weighted Blanket.
  • Take 40% off Linon Tavern Table Set at Amazon.
  • Take 25% off Bear mattress purchases, plus receive two free pillows.
  • Take 20% off Brooklinen sitewide.

79% OFF Ashanti Area Rug Mistana $42.99 86% OFF All Season Down Alternative Comforter Wayfair Basics $26.99 33% OFF Yves Area Rug Mistana $65.99 70% OFF Hyacinthe Floral Sheet Set August Grove $20.99

$30 OFF Weighted Blanket layla $129.00 40% OFF Tavern Table Set Linon $94.75 25% OFF Twin Mattress bear mattress $500.00 20% OFF Classic Starter Sheet Set brooklinen $109.00

Best Cyber Monday deals on mattresses & bedding


  • Take 49% off Baxton Studio Button-Tufted Headboard.
  • Take 40% off YnM Weighted Blanket.
  • Take up to 38% off Classic Brands mattresses.
  • Take up to 52% off Zinus mattresses.
  • Take up to 22% off Linenspa mattresses.
  • Take up to 20% off Casper mattresses.
  • Take up to 35% off Amazon Brand mattresses and furniture.

Ashley Furniture

Take up to 50% off and an extra 10% off with code “CYBERSAVE,” plus 12 months of special financing:

  • Take up to 50% off motion seating.
  • Take up to 60% off mattress-in-a-box.

Bear Mattress

Now through December 9, take 25% off sitewide using code “GIFT.” Plus, receive two free cloud pillows with every mattress purchase.

Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Take up to 60% off bedding.
  • Get $100 in My Funds Rewards when you spend $300 online.


Get 20% off sitewide.

Brooklyn Bedding

Take 25% off sitewide.


Take 20% off with code: “SOCOMFY20.”

Crane & Canopy

Take 20% off bedding and sheets.

Helix Sleep

  • Get $200 off $1,750 and two free Dream Pillows with code “CYBER200.”
  • Get $150 off $1,250 and two free Dream Pillows with code “CYBER150.”
  • Get $100 off any mattress and two free Dream Pillows with code “CYBER100.”

Layla Sleep

  • Take $150 off memory foam mattresses, and get two free premium pillows and mattress protector.
  • Take $50 off sheets.
  • Take $50 off foundations.
  • Take $30 off weighted blankets.


Get up to $350 off mattresses and two free pillows.

  • Take $150 off Original.
  • Take $250 off Hybrid.
  • Take $350 off Legend.


Take up to 55% off mattresses.

Mattress Firm

Get 10% off sitewide with code “EXTRA10.”


Get up to $300 off mattresses and sleep bundles now.


Take 10% off sitewide, now through December 12.

Serena & Lily

Take 25% off sitewide with code “THANKFUL” now through December 3.


Now, take up to 40% off bed & bath.


Take up to 33% off mattresses.


  • Take up to 80% off bedding and sheets.
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  • Take up to 80% off mattress toppers, bed pillows, and bed frames.
  • Take up to 40% off Sealy mattresses.
  • Shop bedroom furniture from just $79.

$30 off Weighted Blanket layla sleep $129.00 37% off Memory Foam Mattress Nora $300.65 20% off Luxe Starter Sheet Set brooklinen $98.00 76% off 8″ Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress Wayfair Sleep $119.99

Best Cyber Monday deals on furniture and decor

Save up to 30% off Amazon furniture.

76% off Bohemian Chic Area Rug Safavieh $46.20 20% off Artificial Christmas Tree Amazing Seasons $103.98 67% off Moroccan Blythe Area Rug, nuLOOM $56.32 52% off Computer Desk Sauder $49.00 43% off Metal Dining Set Giantex $79.99 39% off Black Sonoma 5 Drawer Chest Prepac $136.16 38% off Coffee Table Tangkula $129.99 40% off Metal and Wood Bed Zinus $168.00


Get 30% off sitewide, and an extra 50% off sale items.

Take up to 50% off and an extra 10% off with code “CYBERSAVE,” plus 12 months of special financing:

  • Take up to 50% off motion seating.
  • Shop dining room chairs under $100.
  • Shop bar stools at up to 60% off.
  • Shop sectional sofas from $479.99.
  • Shop TV stands up to up 50% off.
  • Shop nursery cribs from $119.

36% off Dining Room Chair moriville $69.99 43% off Metal Twin Bed Ashley Furniture $89.99 $195 off Convertible Futon Elvia $299.99 30% off TV Stand Derekson $259.99 $100 off 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib Delta $129.99 Save 50% Harput Rug Home Accents $224.99 Save 40% Console Table Titian $137.99 Save 62% Hybrid Twin Mattress in a Box ashley furniture $169.98

Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Take up to 50% off curtains and windows.
  • Take up to 40% off select lighting.
  • Take up to 40% off select rugs.
  • Take up to 50% off select bath towels.
  • Take up to 30% off select furniture.

Birch Lane

Take up to 80% off, plus an extra 25% off with code “SAVEBIG” on all categories now.


Get up to $1,000 off with code “CYBER.”


Take 20% off any purchase of black frames, no minimum amount necessary.


  • Take $100 off select sleeper sofas.
  • Take 20% off daybeds.
  • Take 50% off MILLERYR table lamps.
  • Take 50% off STRANDMON wing chairs.
  • Take 20% off HEMNES daybeds.
  • Save up to 25% on select home decor.

save 50% MILLERYR table lamp IKEA CA$54.99 Save $60 HEMNES twin daybed frame IKEA CA$299.00 save $100 FRIHETEN sleeper sectional IKEA CA$599.00 Save $40 FYRESDAL twin daybed frame IKEA CA$199.00 $100 off with code BESTÅ TV unit IKEA CA$199.00 50% off with code Bluetooth Speaker IKEA CA$49.00 Save 20% VAREKIL Collage frame for 5 photos, black IKEA CA$19.99 Save 25% VÄGMÅLLA Throw IKEA CA$14.99

Lulu and Georgia

  • Use code “FRIEND” to save up to an additional 30% off now.
  • Take up to 77% off furniture.
  • Take up to 75% off rugs.


Take 20% off all orders over $150, 15% off all orders, plus score free priority shipping with code “BF2019.”


Shop Nordstrom’s Cyber sales:

  • Get up to 60% off bedding accessories.
  • Get up to 50% off bathroom accessories.
  • Get up to 50% off Bose speakers and headphones.
  • Get up to 50% off Treasure & Bond.
  • Get up to 50% off home decor.
  • Get up to 50% off home tech.
  • Get up to 60% off tabletop accessories.
  • Get up to 40% off Anthropologie.
  • Take 25% off Hydroflask.

50% off Space Dye Woven Throw Blanket TREASURE & BOND $34.49 25% off Jax Marble Soap Dispenser ANTHROPOLOGIE $17.98 40% off Jo Stoneware Mug ANTHROPOLOGIE $7.20 33% off Heart Accent Pillow NORDSTROM AT HOME $32.83

Pier 1

Take 25% off sitewide and free shipping now.

Pottery Barn

  • Take up to 70% off sale.
  • Take up to 25% off dining and entertaining.
  • Take 30% off all rugs.
  • Take 25% off Christmas stockings and tree skirts.


Take up to 25% off sitewide and get free shipping.

  • Take up to 30% off kids’ home bedding and decor.
  • Take up to 30% off home deals.
  • Take up to 40% off vacuums and floor care.
  • Take up to 30% off Christmas decor.
  • Shop holiday furniture and decor from $20.
  • Take up to 28% off bedroom furniture.
  • Take up to 18% off living room furniture.
  • Take up to 23% off gaming chairs.
  • Take up to 33% off office furniture.

Save $30 Storage Cabinet Mainstays $59.99 Save $160 Sliding Barn Door TV Stand Manor Park $149.00 Save $91 Backless Swivel Counter Stool Hillsdale Furniture $107.99 Save $139 Chelsea Fabric Sofa Serta $109.99

  • Take up to 80% off area rugs.
  • Shop curtains and drapes from $9.99.
  • Shop kitchen essentials from $9.99.
  • Take up to 75% off bathroom vanities.
  • Take up to 75% off wall art.
  • Take up to 70% off living room seating.
  • Take up to 70% off outdoor furniture.
  • Take up to 60% off nursery furniture.
  • Take up to 60% off kids’ furniture.
  • Take up to 65% off indoor and outdoor play.

72% off Room Darkening Curtain Panel Wayfair Basics $7.01 42% off Tweed Throw Three Posts $29.13 75% off Leaning Mirror Brayden Studio $178.03 79% off Beige Area Rug Mistana $16.44

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Shop These Deals on Furniture From Target This Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend

Hit restart on your living room this new year by adding in a few new pieces to switch up your look. Invest in pieces you will want to look at all year—and beyond!—without having to break the bank. Target‘s Home refresh sale is here with deals on your favorite decor styles up to 25 percent off. Shopping for the living room of your dreams should be relatively easy with these great prices on everything from sofas to rugs to coffee tables.

Don’t let this year pass you by! Act fast to lock in these savings on must-have living room furniture.

Cloth & Co. Alexis Corner Chair with Metal Y Legs

Alexis Corner Chair with Metal Y Legs – Cloth & Co.


Throw guests off with a truly unique accent chair. The corner design of this is chair might seem very specific, but the options are endless for how you can style it. An obvious choice is placing this in an actual corner, but you didn’t buy a corner chair to decorate an ordinary room. Make an intentional placement away from a wall to draw attention to the interesting design, which is perfect for defining conversation areas in a large living room. If you purchase two, placing them side by side makes for the perfect nook and bringing them together can create a makeshift couch. While the chair comes with pillows to match the upholstery, go outside the box with contrasting throws to complete the look. Originally on sale for $660, now on sale for $528.

Shop Now

Project 62 71″ Calais Sofa with Channel Tufting

Project 62 71″ Calais Sofa with Channel Tufting


While most pieces of velvet furniture are automatically a sign of high design, this option is a a little more relaxed. The variation in the upholstery of this two-seater sofa makes it suitable for more casual spaces while still getting all the little luxuries of more glamorous versions. The channel tufting and the raised armrests are the perfect high-end contrast to the other simple elements of this sofa. This mix of design elements makes it perfect for contemporary design lovers. It is the perfect base for someone whose tastes are always changing. The clean lines and modern look could easily be dressed up by gold and marble accents or toned down with wood elements. Originally on sale for $500, now on sale for $400.

Shop Now

Aeon Darius Coffee Table

Aeon Darius Coffee Table


Let this free form coffee table spark conversation in your living room. The unique design makes it more than worthy of being the room’s centerpiece. Paired with furniture constructed of clean lines, this will add contrast and texture to an otherwise flat space. While this table certainly doesn’t need any adornments, it’s hard to resist at least a little bit of coffee table styling. To continue with the clean look, keep the narrow end of the table empty. On the wider end, find your perfect stack of coffee table books and top that with a small floral arrangement or succulent planted in a brass vase. Originally on sale for $207, now on sale for $176.

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Saracina Home 52″ TV Stand With Black Legs

Saracina Home 52 TV Stand With Black Legs


If your living room errs more on the casual side of the design spectrum, it might double as your entertainment center as well. This console table is perfect for a space that often fluctuates between a formal entertaining space and a sanctuary for relaxation. The concealed side of the cabinet is perfect for storing cable boxes, Apple TVs and gaming consoles. The open side, separated by a glass shelf, provides two places to display decor. The top can house your TV either directly on it or mounted on the wall above. Apart from functionality, the beauty of this storage cabinet is in the details. From the mid-century inspired tapered and angled legs to the variation in the wood grain, this cabinet will be a rich addition to any room. Originally on sale for $219, now on sale for $186.

Shop Now

Homepop Medium Ottoman with Pillowtop

Homepop Medium Ottoman with Pillowtop


An ottoman is the perfect way to boost your living room’s cozy level. This mid-century modern style features a pillow top for an extra plush finish. Weather you use it to put your feet up or for additional seating, the lucky user will definitely not be complaining about comfort. The tweed upholstery further complements the retro style while also making it a great option for modern spaces today. The simple and streamlined approach will fit seamlessly in with existing decor and furniture. Originally on sale for $130, now on sale for $104.

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Safavieh Corvus Round Side Table

Safavieh Corvus Round Side Table


Add a little bit of glam into your space with this accent table. The tray-top table is interesting to look at because it practically has its own pedestal. The circular top comes down into a thin stand, placed on top of a cube. The curves and rigid lines create contrast but the whole look is tied together by the seamless antique brass finish. While this can definitely be used as a traditional side table, holding a lamp and smaller decor items, its unique shape makes a great case for this being a stationary bar cart. The design is reminiscent of glass so why not store some here along with barware, wine and spirits. Originally on sale for $179, now on sale for $143.

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Momeni Gebze Rug

Momeni Gebze Rug


The best foundation for a living room is always an area rug. This option masters the perfect balance between being neutral without being boring. This high-pile rug features an interlocking diamond design in a contrasting black to the cream shag rug. The simple colors and design make it easy to pair this with whatever furniture you end up picking. In addition to style, the shag will keep your space looking and feeling cozy no matter the season. Originally on sale for $380, now on sale for $361.

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