Preseasoned cast iron pans

and 10.25” Lid 10.25” Dutch Oven 10.25” Skillet 10.5” Griddle 8” Skillet Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle

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and 10,25″ Lid: Cast Iron Skillet: Kitchen & Dining,Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle, 10,5″ Griddle, 8″ Skillet,25″ Skillet,25″ Dutch Oven. and 10.25” Lid 10.25” Dutch Oven 10.25” Skillet 10.5” Griddle 8” Skillet Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle 8” Skillet Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle 10.25” Dutch Oven and 10.25” Lid 10.25” Skillet 10.5” Griddle and 10.25” Lid 8” Skillet Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle 10.5” Griddle 10.25” Skillet 10.25” Dutch Oven and 10.25” Lid 10.25” Dutch Oven 10.25” Skillet 10.5” Griddle 8” Skillet Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle

ALL INCLUSIVE SET, 5″ Griddle, you may see a blister or bubble of oil at the southern-most point or at the end of the handle of the cookware piece, without the possible harmful fumes generated by preheating chemically treated nonstick cookware, The American-based company, The cookware is hanging as it rides through the electrostatic sprayer and commercial conveyer ovens at very high temperatures, This set includes: 10, 25′ Dutch Oven, simmering, While the skillet comes pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking, and can slow-cook foods without scorching, Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle, frying, their heads and hearts are rooted in America, 10.25” Dutch Oven 10.5” Griddle Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle 8” Skillet and 10.25” Lid 10.25” Skillet, Lodge is more than just a business; it’s a family, A good seasoning makes all the difference, 5 Quart (10, The Cast Iron 5-piece set features the most needed pieces for your kitchen, and 10, This allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the pores of the iron which creates an easy release finish, It retains heat well so you can sear meat at higher temperatures and will keep your delicious meals warm for a long time, Lodge has been making cast iron cookware in South Pittsburg, 25-inch skillet, their cast iron is known for its high quality design, As a result of this process

This coating of oil is a functional application and not a cosmetic application, or an oven, 10.5” Griddle Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle 8” Skillet 10.25” Dutch Oven 10.25” Skillet and 10.25” Lid, Cast iron is a multi-functional cookware that works wonders with slow-cooking recipes and all your favorite foods, 25 Inch) Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cover that fits 10, theses virtually indestructible cookware should last for generations, lifetime durability, 5′ Griddle, this cookware evenly distributes heat from the bottom through the sidewalls, The black patina given to the cookware by the factory seasoning process is, Made of cast iron, 8″ Skillet, it works best when sprayed or lightly coated with vegetable oil before use, baking, and 10, roasting, The Lodge 5 piece set combines the most needed cast iron cookware for a complete kitchen, has been fine-tuning its construction of rugged, 5 Inch Griddle, Using soap or the dishwasher is not recommended, The Lodge family founded the company in 1896, 25″ Lid: Cast Iron Skillet: Kitchen & Dining, leaving a brown spot, still ranks as one of the best cooking utensils ever made, Lodge seasons its cookware with 100% vegetable oil; no synthetic coatings or chemicals, and harsh detergents should never be used, like your grandmother used, Iron cover fits both the 10, Tennessee (pop

It gives you a nearly non-stick surface, Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle and 10.25” Lid 10.25” Dutch Oven 8” Skillet 10.25” Skillet 10.5” Griddle, and 10.25” Lid 10.25” Dutch Oven 10.25” Skillet 10.5” Griddle 8” Skillet Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle, 300) since 1896, 25″ Skillet, Sporting a stylish black color, and grilling, 8′ Skillet, 8 Inch Skillet, and cooking versatility, 25 Inch Skillet and 5 Quart Dutch Oven, and they still own it today, a stovetop, indicative of the varnish stage of seasoning, the cast iron Skillet looks good in most kitchens and it doubles up as an excellent source of nutritional iron, 25′ Lid: Cast Iron Skillet: Kitchen & Dining, LODGE 5 PIECE COOKWARE SET, Towel dry immediately cleaning and apply a light coating of oil to utensil while it is still warm, The brown spot will turn black with use, It offers unparalleled heat retention as you perfect your searing, broiling, we recommend cleaning with a stiff nylon brush and hot water, 5-inch round griddle, it will rub or flake off with your finger, The more you use your iron, Cast Iron

25′ Skillet, From environmental responsibility to community development, It’s time to cover all your bases, in fact, MADE IN THE USA, Whether used in a kitchen or camp, 8-inch skillet, 25″ Dutch Oven, FAMILY-OWNED, 25-inch iron cover, After cooking, With over 120 years of experience, Cast iron loves a campfire, 5-Qt Dutch oven and 10, vegetable oil that has been baked into a piece of cookware that has emerged from an individual sand mold, the better the seasoning will get, it’s not rust but a seasoned spot that is brown, As a matter of fact, Set includes 10, If visible, Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle, Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle. 10.5” Griddle, 8” Skillet, 10.25” Skillet, 10.25” Dutch Oven, and 10.25” Lid, cast-iron cookware for more than a century, this is the color of home seasoned iron until it has been used several times, 25 Inch Skillet, SEASONED CAST IRON COOKWARE, sauteing, braising, 25-inch skillet and the Dutch oven, 10.5” Griddle 10.25” Dutch Oven 8” Skillet and 10.25” Lid Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle 10.25” Skillet, Don’t worry

Whether you frequently whip up multi-course dinners or your idea of cooking is heating up last night’s leftovers, you should have at least one cast-iron pan in your kitchen cabinets.

12” Seasoned Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan Lodge $19.84

At first glance, a cast-iron pan may seem like a heavier, more unwieldy version of all the other pots and pans on the market. But the truth is, cast iron is the most durable cookware you can get with a nonstick surface that will retain heat and add some extra flavor to your dishes. However, cast-iron cookware can be a little pricey. That’s where Walmart comes in.

Walmart is known for offering great deals every day, but today we’re impressed with this sale on a Lodge cast-iron pan for just under $20.

The American-based brand has been known for creating top-tier cast-iron cookware for years—and this pan is no exception. Compatible with multiple cooking surfaces, this 12-inch option is ideal for cooking a rotisserie chicken, throwing together an ooey, gooey cheese casserole, or pan-searing salmon on the stovetop. Plus, the two handles make it easier to transport your dish from the stove to your table, since cast iron tends to be heavy and retains heat for so long.

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Normally, this single pan costs $39.50, but you can currently snag it for $19.84. There’s a good chance you’ve spent more on a single takeout order, so this deal is money well spent.

Shop more Walmart sales with Slick Deals.

Cast iron is preferable for use in making of stoves, grills, and skillets because it is durable and does not poison food. Moreover, it is resistant to high temperatures, and it is rare for thermal shock to crack it as it does aluminum. Even when it rusts, you can easily reclaim it by sanding to remove the rust and re-seasoning to stop it from giving food an aftertaste.

That makes cookware made from cast iron the best for passing down from one generation to the next. However, as you would expect from any good product, it does have a few downsides. One of which is its weight. You need a strong arm to flip your foods when using most cast iron skillets. With that in mind, let us look at the 5 Best Cast Iron Skillets to Buy in 2018.

T-fal 12” Cast Iron Skillet

This is one of the best skillets that is not only pre-seasoned, but also come with step-by-step instructions on how to season it at home. You will also learn that it can handle extremely high heat, which means you can expertly prepare any dish at home. As a bonus, it comes with a thumb grip handle, which comes in handy when you start to experiment with different dishes, indoors and outdoors. It weighs 9 pounds and the round skillet measures 12 inches, and the cast iron used is Cadmium and PFOA free. It definitely feels heavier but overall, it is well balanced. You can use it to cook in oven temperatures that go as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit, but ofcourse you need to have some wrist strength to have maximum fun when using it.

Lodge Cast-Iron 13.25” Skillet

The Lodge Cast-Iron 13.25” Skillet is designed for use in all types of cooking, and comes with a red silicone hot handle holder, which makes its handle safe to touch. However, you should not put it in the oven and leave the silicone handle on. It huge size makes it ideal for cooking for a large group, such as when you take your family or friends for a campfire. Moreover, it comes pre-seasoned, which means you can start using it out of the box. It weighs just 12.1 pounds and has a flat bottom-cooking surface. While you can choose a small size, which can go as low as 8 inches, you only get one color for the silicone handle, which is red.

Utopia Kitchen 12.5 inch Cast Iron Skillet

The Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet has a 10½-inch skillet and weighs only 8 pounds. You can use it cook on all kinds of cooking surfaces, although you should season it again before you start using it to prepare your favorite dishes. It handle is long enough to allow you hold it firmly, and when combined with the side bud, it allows you to hold the skillet with both hands. This skillet gives you value for you money, which is why most buyers easily fall in love with it.

Le Creuset Signature 11.75” Skillet

This skillet comes pre-seasoned and the manual says it is dishwasher safe, but we recommend that you read the manual first. It has a large loop helping-handle that allows you to lift it with ease, and it is an ideal skillet for frying, searing, and other similar cooking methods. Its round shaped skillet measures 113/4 inches and weighs 6.8 pounds. It may feel a little heavy in your hands, but it is not the heaviest of skillets you can buy. Overall, you can use it on any cooking surface and it is easy to clean, which makes it a favorite for many users getting it for the first time.

Lodge 10.25” Cast Iron Skillet

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet comes pre-seasoned but not enameled, and it has a short but study. Moreover, both the helper handle and the long handle have holes that you can use to hang this skillet if desired. While this brand has several of these, the most optimum for use at home is the 101/4 skillet, thanks to its great and easy to handle size and optimum weight of only 5 pounds. Being skillet from an old company, it means you get value for money, thanks to years of innovation incorporated in its manufacture. Lodge has been around since 1896, making it one of the oldest American companies around. Overall, you will get more value that you expect from this skillet.

When it comes to cast iron skillets, the three main factors to consider are weight, preseasoning, and size. Those three factors help you to choose a skillet that will serve you best. We hope that you found our review to be informative and you will enjoy using one of the above skillets.

The Best Cast Iron Skillet Brands (2018 Buying Guide)

Benefits of Cast Iron Pans

1. Naturally Nonstick

Many non-stick skillets these days are made from Teflon. While this is effective at preventing sticking, it’s not so great for our health – especially when heated.

Not only can this harmful chemical wind up in your food, but it also pollutes waterways. The chemicals end up in rivers and streams when you’re done cleaning out the pan.

Cast iron skillets, when seasoned the right way with a little oil, are naturally non-stick. You can get that perfect sear without having to compromise the health of your family or the environment.

That means no more Teflon, as well as other consumables. You’ll eat fewer calories because your food doesn’t need oil to keep from sticking to the pan. You’ll also be able to stop buying expensive fat-free spray that uses propellants.

2. Versatility

Cast iron can withstand temperatures far more extreme than you can reach with a home oven. This means it can move seamlessly from stove top to oven to campfire.

Many people take advantage of this flexibility. Dishes like frittata and cornbread can start off on the stove and move to the oven to finish cooking. This opens you up to a wide variety of dishes, with fewer dishes to clean!

My cast iron pan is always the first thing I pack on camping trips. It can withstand the heat of the flames and creates a delicious, hot meal after a day of hiking.

Remember that while the pan itself can withstand extreme temperatures, temperatures higher than ~500F may burn the finish.

3. Durability

In addition to versatility, cast iron is also extremely forgiving. Some people say cast iron is too finicky, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cast iron is the only cookware that gets better with age. With each use, the cooking surface becomes smoother. This allows oil to settle into the surface and improve the seasoning as time goes on.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t say the same for my traditional non-stick pans. One burnt dish or wrong turn of a metal spatula? Your Teflon pan is toast.

It takes a lot of effort to destroy a cast iron pan. Even a neglected, oxidized cast-iron skillet can be brought back to life with a wire brush and some elbow grease.

When you buy a cast iron pan, you’re making an investment! This reliable piece of cookware won’t let you down (even if you can’t say the same for the pan!)

4. Iron Boost

It sounds like an old wives’ tale, but cooking with cast iron actually boosts the iron content of your food!

Iron is important overall, but it’s especially important for women, athletes, and vegans. Iron is an essential nutrient that moves oxygen throughout the body via the blood.

To prevent deficiency or toxicity, you’ll need to meet an optimal amount based on your gender and age. You can read more about specific iron needs in our ultimate guide vegan iron sources.

Cooking in cast iron is great, because you’re amping up the iron content of your dishes with zero extra effort. By choosing a specific type of pan, and nothing else, you’re making you and your family healthier.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every healthy switch were that easy?

Cast Iron Safety

Though it has plenty of benefits, cast iron does come with a few safety notes.

Cast iron skillets are special because the entire pan is made of a single piece of metal. This makes for a durable piece of cookware that is literally made to conduct heat.

This means the entire pan conducts heat – including the handle!

I only had to learn it once. I use my cast iron pan to make tortillas and put myself in a bad spot the very first time. Once the tortillas were cooked and tucked into a towel, I went to move the pan to another burner. You guessed it – I grabbed that pan by the handle and gave myself a big red burn right across my palm.


The heat induction on cast iron skillets is amazing at searing food, but remember it’s good at searing your hands, too!

You could use an oven mitt to keep those palms safe, but I find that too easy to forget.

We’re used to grabbing pans by the handle.

Take the risk out of it and invest in a few handle covers. You can buy or make covers out of cloth, but I’m partial to silicone simply because they’re easy to clean.

Silicone is a synthetic rubber made from bonded silicon and oxygen. Though vegan-friendly, the “naturalness” of this material is the subject of hot debate.

Some eco-experts express concern about silicone, perhaps only because it sounds like a chemical.

However, there is little evidence to show that silicone is harmful. It is an inert material, so nothing used in the manufacturing process will leach into foods.

Of course, some of that is due simply to a lack of data – there aren’t many studies out there. Silicone as a kitchen accessory is a relatively new phenomenon, so there hasn’t been time for bad news, if any, to be published.

On paper, silicone is safe up to 428 degrees F, so be mindful of how hot you’re getting your oven. If you’re cooking at temperatures higher than that, consider slipping the cover on when you’re ready to remove the pan.

Personally, I have no problem using silicone covers for my cast iron pans. They function only as protection for the handle, and won’t come in contact with food. Even if it does, they are determined “food grade” by the FDA.

It all comes down to what you’re comfortable with. In the product section, I suggest a few silicone handle covers that will fit the pans. However, you can feel free to use a cloth cover or oven mitt. I happen to prefer the silicone because I can get an easier grip, and they’re convenient to clean.

Choosing a Cast Iron Skillet

You’ve seen the benefits of cast iron and are ready to make an investment.

With so many sizes and brands, how do you choose the perfect pan for your kitchen?

It’s easy to pick the best skillet for you when you consider just a few basic qualities. Read on to see what you should be thinking about when looking for a cast iron skillet.

Size & Weight

The size of your skillet will depend on a few things. Of those, the most influential will be the size of your household and the types of dishes you like to make.

A 10-12 inch skillet is a good “starter” size and will fit the needs of most families with 2-5 people. You may need to do some meals in batches, so you don’t overcrowd the pan, but it’ll get the job done nine times out of ten. If you’re not sure of your exact needs, or you cook a variety of dishes, this size should be perfect.

Of course, cast iron skillets come in a wide range of sizes, from teeny 3.5-inch personal skillets to jumbo sized 20-inchers.

However, it’s important to remember that the size of your cast iron skillet is going to affect the weight. That 20-inch skillet might sound like a great idea until you realize the thing weighs 23 pounds (By itself!)

Can you lift a 23-pound skillet filled with hot food out of the oven? If you’re even a little unsure, opt for a smaller size.

Seasoning Needs

When I first heard about seasoning on cast iron pans, I was so confused. Why would you need to put spices on the pan?

In the world of cast iron, seasoning refers to the exterior of the pan. To season a cast iron skillet means to apply a thin layer of fat to the outside of the pan. Over time, the fat cooks into the pan, creating a non-stick surface without the use of chemicals.

You can buy an unseasoned cast iron pan and create the non-stick layer yourself.

Or, you can save a step and buy your cast iron skillet pre-seasoned. The company applies a soy-based oil at the factory and heats it. This factory seasoning is equivalent to 10-15 rounds of at-home seasoning.

This saves you effort, and allows you to unpack your new skillet and get straight to cooking, without fear of sticking.


The cleaning is the biggest reason people don’t buy more cast iron. There is a lot of misinformation out there – everything from you can’t clean cast iron, to it takes too much effort to clean!

I don’t blame people for feeling intimidated. Cast iron cleaning tips usually involve lots of “don’ts.” Don’t use soap! Don’t put it in the dishwasher! Don’t use the scratchy side of the sponge!

While it’s true you can’t just toss your cast iron in the dishwasher; it’s not that difficult to maintain. You need a few guidelines to keep your cast iron pan healthy and happy.

The best way to keep your skillet shining is to clean it immediately after use.

  1. Wash the skillet by hand using a sponge or a stiff brush. If you have stuck-on food, use a paste of kosher salt and water to scrub off the bits.
  2. Towel dry the pan or allow it to dry over low-medium heat. Leaving the skillet wet, or soaking, may cause it to rust.
  3. Use a cloth to apply a thin layer of oil to the surface of the pan.
  4. Store your skillet in a dry place.

The best part? Don’t forget how forgiving these things are. If you do somehow strip the pan of its seasoning, you can always re-season it. Good as new!

Here’s a video on how to clean a cast iron pan using just kosher salt (minus the bacon of course!). I prefer adding a thin layer of oil after but as you can see from this video, it’s not necessary.​

Cast iron skillets rate highly with both novice chefs and professionals, but which pan is the right one for your particular needs? It can be difficult to navigate through the wide range of skillets available on the market, and even more difficult to differentiate between them.

Although cast iron cookware is popular as a whole, not all skillets are the same, with different seasonings, sizes and features to consider.

Our overall top pick is the 12″ cast iron skillet by Victoria. However, in this guide we review five of the best cast iron skillets on the market, outlining their benefits and downsides. Read on to find out what skillet is the best for your kitchen or campfire.

If you decide that you need more than just a skillet, check out our best cast iron cookware guide for more comparisons and buying options.

Page Contents

Top 5: Cast Iron Skillet Reviews

1. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Signature Iron Handle Skillet 11 3/4′

This enameled 11 ¾-inch skillet weighs a hefty 4.5 pounds and features a long handle for maneuvering the pot over the burner, and a short handle for hanging.

While the exterior is coated in colored enamel, which is available in a variety of hues, the interior is coated in black enamel and requires no extra seasoning.

The looped helper handle on this pan is super, it helps balance the heft of the cast iron, making it simple to move from stove top to oven, to kitchen counter. Pouring is also a breeze, with a pour spout on either side to facilitate drip-free pouring.

It’s important to heat this pan slowly to keep your foods from sticking. Per the Le Creuset instructions, you’ll want to heat the pan, add the oil, and then add your non-acidic and dry foods. Too much water can cause sticking and will compromise the temperature of your oil.

As noted in our Le Creuset reviews, although it is purported to be dishwasher safe, users have noticed that the seasoning is compromised with this method, so it’s best to stick to a gentle hand wash and swipe some vegetable oil around the base before storing your pan.

This Le Creuset enameled skillet offers fans of cast iron the chance to enjoy the heft and heat of cast iron without worrying about rust. It’s the perfect choice for someone who likes their cookware to have a bit of style and want to color coordinate with their kitchen

2. 12′ Large Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet By Victoria

This skillet by Victoria is a 12-inch round pan which features a curved helper handle and specially designed pour spouts to reduce drips. It comes pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil and weighs only 6.7 pounds.

Versatility is synonymous with this pan, which can be used with induction or ceramic ovens, campfires, grills and more. The pour spouts are contoured to catch drips, making for easy clean-up and less mess from spillage.

Not only are these pans durable, they are also super stylish, with the curved handles providing a unique look and style. The flared sides make them ideal for steaks or chicken breasts, but may lead to spattering and spills if you plan to deep fry or cook something very greasy, such as bacon.

Victoria create traditional cast iron skillets with just the right mix of modern-thinking added, like the ergonomic curved handles for easy maneuverability and contoured pouring spouts.

If you’re looking for a versatile, lighter-weight and well-seasoned pan that can last a lifetime with proper care, the 12″ cast iron skillet by Victoria is a great pick.

3. Lodge L8SGP3 Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

This 6.5 pound, 10.5-inch square pan features a long handle for maneuvering and a short handle for balancing the extra weight and hanging on display. It has raised or “ribbed” grill bars and comes pre-seasoned, ready for use.

The raised grill bars hold heat well and give your food a great “char” no matter the season, while also allowing excess fat and oil to drip away from your cooking.

Although heavy, the handles help move it easily from stove top to oven, or even outdoors to a fire pit or your charcoal grill.

Although the ridges are great for reducing fat content in your food, they do make cleaning a little more tricky – invest in a specially designed grill brush to get in between those lines. You may also find it difficult to season your pan properly due to those bumps,

Great for cooks who love to create slow-cook recipes or sear meat, whether at home or over a campfire. As with most cast iron, it’s designed to last the distance, so well worth making the investment in this quality skillet that will last for generations.

People who love to grill will enjoy this pan, which can deliver premium grilled food right from your stovetop during winter, or over the campfire in summer.

4. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12.5 inch) by Utopia Kitchen

This 12.5-inch skillet by Utopia Kitchen comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, meaning you can take it out of the box and straight into the kitchen.

The diameter is wide enough to cook anything you can think of – it’s big enough to accommodate three grilled cheese sandwiches in one go. The size also allows it to fit onto any heat source, from gas tops to ceramic-glass stoves.

The extra grip handle provides a bit of security, giving you the confidence to safely move heavier meals around the kitchen.

All cast iron is susceptible to rust, but as this iron is more porous, it will be more susceptible to moisture. Make sure to dry this pan with heat, not cloth or paper towels, and pay extra attention to seasoning it often and well, as the pre-seasoning doesn’t hold up as well as promised.

Once you master the art of seasoning and maintenance, the Utopia Kitchen cast iron pan does a great job. Ideal for cooks who love the old-school style and quality of cooking with cast iron, this pan is well suited for crafting delicious corn bread over a campfire.

If you are a bit lazy when it comes to seasoning, you’re better off going with a different style of pan.

5. Lodge Cast Iron Covered Chicken Fryer, 3-Quart

Weighing nearly 11 pounds, this 3-quart capacity, 10 1/4 -inch piece is a solid kitchen beast. It comes with a snug fitting lid, stout helper handle and long handle. Your Lodge cast iron frying pan is sand cast, rather than die cast, and comes to you pre-seasoned.

What this means is that the pan has a slightly pebbled surface inside and outside. This reduces the risk of sticking and helps maintain the seasoned coating.

A nice added feature are the tiny divots on the bottom of the lid which capture moisture and drip it back into the pot, producing juicy and tender cuts of meat.

Although the weight of this pot is one of its assets, it may be too heavy to handle for those with less arm strength. Unless you are after the added bonus of a workout when cooking, you may need to seek out something a bit less hefty.

Although this pot is the perfect kitchen tool for lovers of crisp, golden fried chicken, it’s great with pretty much everything, and the added depth is ideal for creating one-pot meals. It’s heaviness may put some users off, but the weight does makes this a sturdy and durable addition to any kitchen.

FAQ – Top Questions & Answers

What Size Cast Iron Skillet Should I Buy?

The answer to this question is as varied as the amount of dishes you can create using your skillet! An important factor to consider is that cast iron is heavy. If you aren’t overly strong or want to be tossing the pan around, you should choose something close to a 10-inch pan, but bear in mind you’ll be sacrificing some depth and width.

If you’re cooking for one or two, you can safely choose an 8″ to 10-inch model, but for anything more than that, you’re better off with the larger 12-inch.

For reference, a 10-inch pan will probably struggle to fit two cuts of steak or two grilled cheese sandwiches, whereas a 12-inch skillet can handle a whole chicken.

Are Cast Iron Pans Non-Stick?

The short answer to this question is no, cast iron is not technically non-stick as you would find in modern, Teflon coated pans. See our best nonstick cookware buyer’s guide for more details.

However, it does have the ability to be seasoned. Seasoning is the process where baked on oils create a slick film, creating a protective non-stick layer.

Cast iron pans require a little more care than other pans, and you should always refer to manufacturer’s instructions to find the best technique for your purchase.

Generally, you should avoid cleaning your cast iron pan with soap, and refrain from using metal utensils with it.

Most of the pans reviewed above come pre-seasoned, but every brand varies in the oils used and method of seasoning, so they are not all created equal.

Can Cast Iron Skillets Go In The Oven?

The beauty of cast iron is its versatility. It can be used in so many different situations, from campfires and outdoor grills to stovetops and ovens.

Cast iron can withstand extremely high temperatures – in fact, its melting point is over 2200 degrees F, so it is virtually indestructible in your kitchen oven. However, at temperatures over 400F, you may do some damage to your carefully prepped seasoning.

The exception to this is if your skillet is coated with enamel, in which case you will want to keep the temperature under 400F. If your skillet has plastic handles or knobs, you can wrap them with tinfoil and still use it in the oven.

The one thing you need to be careful with is sudden temperature changes. Never toss your skillet straight from the heat into cold water, this can cause it to crack.

Will Cast Iron Work On Induction?

As opposed to glass or some stainless steel blends, cast iron is ideal for use on this type of stovetop. However, the best pan for use with induction is a magnetic aluminum version, which conducts heat quickly and evenly.

Cast iron does not conduct heat so well, so may take a little longer to heat up, but it will stay hotter for longer.

Induction ovens use magnetic induction, not thermal induction, to create heat, causing rapid temperature increases. See our induction cooktop reviews for more details.

Basically the stovetop uses the magnetic field travelling between your cookware and the copper coil in the stove to create heat. A quick way to know if your cookware is compatible with induction ovens is to see if a magnet will stick to the bottom. If it does stick strongly, you’re good to go (induction cooktop vs electric).

Will Cast Iron Scratch An Induction Cooktop?

Yes, there is the potential for your heavy iron cookware to scratch the glass surface of an induction stovetop. If you’re concerned about scratching you may be interested in our best induction cookware guide to help you find safer options.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use cast iron with induction ovens. It’s as simple as placing something thin between your skillet and cooking surface.

People commonly use paper towels or even newspaper. Using paper also helps keep your cooktop free of splatters, making cleaning fast and easy.

Because induction ovens use magnetic fields, the surface of the cooktop doesn’t actually heat up, so the paper shouldn’t burn. Do keep an eye on it though, as the pan itself will still heat.

Silicon baking sheets are also effective at preventing scratches.

Final Thoughts

People who use cast iron skillets swear by them, for good reason. The history of cast iron cookware has shown that these pans are durable, versatile, sturdy and attractive.

You really can’t go wrong with cast iron, it’s just a matter of choosing the right size skillet you need and considering the weight and extra features on offer.

The 12-inch pre-seasoned cast iron skillet by Victoria is an excellent choice for those looking for a traditional pan. Victoria strikes the right balance with their combination of old school cast-iron durability and some added modern features that make handling and cleanup a breeze.

Q&A: What is pre-seasoned cookware?

A. Pre-seasoned means a coating of wax or vegetable oil has been applied to prevent the cookware–usually cast iron–from rusting while it sits on store shelves or in the warehouse. This cookware is ready to use straight out of the box, according to Hugh Rushing, spokesman for the Cookware Manufacturers Association, a trade group. But once food starts to stick, you’ll need to season it again.

You might want a piece or two of cast iron, such as a Dutch oven or skillet, because it keeps food warm for a long time and can be used for recipes that you start on the stovetop and finish in the oven. If the cast iron isn’t pre-seasoned, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to do it. Whether it is or isn’t you’ll have to continue to season the pan over its lifetime. Here are the re-seasoning instructions that Lodge Logic includes with its pre-seasoned cast iron pans.

  • Preheat your oven to 350 to 400 degrees F.
  • Wash the cookware with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. (It is okay to use soap because you are preparing to re-season the cookware).
  • Rinse and dry completely.
  • Apply a thin, even coating of melted solid vegetable shortening (or cooking oil of your choice) to the cookware (inside and out).
  • Place aluminum foil on the bottom rack of the oven to catch any dripping.
  • Place cookware upside down on the top rack of the oven.
  • Bake the cookware for at least one hour. After the hour, turn the oven off and let the cookware cool in the oven.
  • Store the cookware uncovered, in a dry place when cooled.

For some cooks, taking care of cast iron is too much bother and in Consumer Reports’ past cookware tests, cast iron skillets cooked unevenly.That wasn’t a problem for most of the nonstick and uncoated sets in our latest cookware tests. And nonstick cookware offers low-fat cooking and fast cleanup (allowing more time for dessert), so it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular type. You’ll find 30 nonstick, “green,” uncoated, and mixed cookware sets in our cookware Ratings and more advice in our buying guide.

This New Line of Cast-Iron Pans Is Pre-Seasoned and Dishwasher Safe

Photo: Courtesy of Sabatier

Cast-iron pans go from stove to table in glorious fashion, but the iconic cookware is often a hassle to care for. Seasoning, cleaning, drying, storing, and protecting cast iron requires a lot of effort. What’s more, many of us treasure those pans because they once belonged to the matriarchs and patriarchs of our family’s culinary lineage. We’d never want to risk ruining them by doing something dramatic, like washing with soap (gasp!).

Thankfully, the folks at Sabatier heard the call for cast iron that didn’t require so much attention. Their new cookware line of pre-seasoned cast-iron pans features all the high-heat browning glory of traditional cast iron, but you don’t need to season anything before your first use, and you can wash with soap after you’re finished. You can even pop the pans into the dishwasher if you don’t feel like scrubbing. The new formula is rust-resistant, so a spin in the dishwasher won’t damage the finish.

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Think of this line of cast iron as your weeknight cast iron. Yes, you could bring out your trusty piece you’ve had since your first apartment, but you already know you’ll have to season it before you cook with it, and who has time for that on a busy Tuesday? Instead, add to your collection with a few of the new Sabatier pieces so you can keep your classic pieces and have some options for when you want the flavor of cast iron without the work of cast iron.

Image zoom Photo: Courtesy of Sabatier

Start with the most essential cast-iron piece: a 10-inch fry pan ($49, The long handle, plus a helping handle on top, makes transport to and from an oven much safer. The sides also feature pour spots.

A grill pan ($65, is an easy way to get outdoor flavor indoors. Plus, this one is a double reversible griddle with a flat side and a raised grill side for many cooking needs.