Pool floats for pregnancy

Anyone with breasts, no matter the size, knows the woe of getting comfortable when laying on your stomach. Whether it’s in bed or lounging by the pool, sometimes your chest can just get in the way. That’s why we welcome items designed with your boobs in mind (like this lounge chair!), and, more recently, this pool float with an opening.

Bravissimo Lilo Pool Float with Chest Opening bravissimo.com $45.00

The Lilo pink float comes from Bravissimo, a lingerie, swimwear, and clothing company that caters to women with a D to L cup size. It is made of polyvinyl chloride and provides plenty of room to stretch out, being around 6 feet long. The chest opening says “Cup holders, Bravissimo style!” Ha, get it?

The thing is, this pool float started out at a joke. “When we posted on our social networks an April Fools’ joke about developing a pool float with room for your boobs, we were not expecting hundreds of you to tell us that you really, really wanted one … but your reaction made it clear that we had to do it!” the float’s description says.

Luckily, although Bravissimo is a United Kingdom-based shop, it ships to the United States. You can order the float for $45 (plus $5 standard delivery or $10 express delivery) off of its website. There are also limited quantities on Amazon.

The next time you’re ready to drift in the pool, lake, river, or ocean, prepare to come out looking like a raisin, because this float will keep you comfortable for hours.

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This Pregnancy Pool Float Has a Hole for Your Baby Bump

Summer can be a serious challenge when you’re pregnant. You’re hot and sweaty, your favorite bathing suit doesn’t fit the way it used to and you can’t lie on your stomach at the beach. The good news? A genius pool float is making summer fun a little easier for moms-to-be.

Meet the Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow, an inflatable “mattress” that you can also use on the beach or in the pool. This float has a nice big hole in the middle where you can put your belly, so you can actually rest on your stomach while blissfully floating on the water.

Even better? The hole is a slightly different size depending on which side of the float you use, so you can flip between the two sides to get the best fit for your bump.

Apparently, this is a redesigned version of the original Cozy Bump. One Amazon user, who has tested both, gave the new version a five-star rating. “Everything that people said was wrong with the original design was addressed with this one!” she raves. “There is space for your chest, so the girls aren’t squished up top. You can lie with your face down, which feels great on the neck. It helps with the sciatica pain I’m already feeling. This is just an overall great purchase!”

The well-placed breast hole was a big hit with another pregnant customer. “I am 5’4, around 175 pounds and 6.5 months pregnant,” she writes. “I love this thing! I had to deflate the hole part quite a bit for my bump to fit comfortably, but once I got it adjusted right it became perfect.”

Another commenter calls the float “legit.” “I was worried my belly wouldn’t fit, but it does!” she says. “I’m 32 weeks, very round. Feels good to let your belly hang, takes pressure off your back. If your partner massages you, it’s heaven.”

Pregnant women have been sharing photos and videos of themselves using the Cozy Bump on Instagram.

For a pool float, the Cozy Bump isn’t cheap: It currently retails on Amazon.com for $75, but it is on sale from $100. Plus, the fact that you can use it at the beach or pool and at home definitely extends the life a little.

Cozy Bump isn’t the only maternity pool float out there. For a slightly cheaper option, Amazon sells the Holo Raft, which also has a hole for your tummy and is currently $60, marked down from $80.

This Pool Float Lets Women Sunbathe Comfortably On Their Stomachs

Lounging poolside or on the beach is supposed to be comfortable and relaxing. But with unforgiving plastic pool chairs or the hard ground as options to spread yourself out on this summer, you may find the experience a little less than stress-relieving. That’s where these pool floats come in!

If any of you ladies out there have ever tried to sunbathe on a pool float while laying on your stomach, then you know just how uncomfortable it can be — especially in the chest region. But the Lilo float by the brand Bravissimo is here to solve all of your sunbathing woes! You see, it has a cut-out designed to cradle your breasts rather than crush them.

So basically, these “cup holders” are the best thing to happen to your front side.

Meet your new favorite summer accessory:


Here’s the Lilo in action:


It’s pretty genius, huh?


The float started out as an April Fool’s joke, but when the brand saw that women actually wanted such a product, they made it a reality.

“ made us giggle in the office, and made the bigger-boobed among us sigh … if only! And that’s as far as it would go… or so we thought,” the Bravissimo website reads. “Your reaction was overwhelming! Hundreds of you got in touch to tell us that you really loved the idea and you wished it wasn’t a joke. You even had visions of bringing it to your next massage appointment, or using it as an airbed to get the best night’s sleep ever, as well as using it while rocking a bikini!”

Thus, the greatest poolside invention for women was born! And now you can purchase this pool float for just $45 on the Bravissimo website.

Part of the reason women were so excited about this product is because nothing quite like it exists already. Sure, there are pool floats that make tanning on your front side a little easier. This is practically a blow-up mattress made for the water, for example:

In The Swim

But getting some sun on your back side would prove tricky (and pretty uncomfortable) even in something as luxurious as this.

While Bravissimo is known for making lingerie, sportswear, activewar and swimwear, clearly, they’ve got a knack for this pool float business, too.

So, what do you think? Will you get a Lilo for yourself and all of your girl friends? These could be perfect for a bachelorette party on the beach or a trip to the local pool.

Here’s to the best summer yet for you (and your gals) — if you know what we mean!

There comes a point in every woman’s pregnancy where it’s no longer comfortable (or possible) to sleep on her stomach.

Enter the Cozy Bump — an inflatable body pillow with a hole in the center for a pregnant belly — that aims to make sleepless nights a thing of the past.

The Cozy Bump website claims that the product can relieve lower back pain and enable stomach-sleeping. It’s also available on Amazon and has over 200 reviews.

The Cozy Bump claims to make stomach-sleeping possible. Cozy Bump

Invented by husband-and-wife duo Logan and Kathleen Zanki, it was born out of a moment when, desperate for some lower-back pain relief, Kathleen laid down flat on an inner tube.

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That made things worse. “The open center of the inner tube pulled her belly in and caused her back to arch inward,” said Logan, who lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter, Londyn. So they tinkered with some designs and came up with the Cozy Bump, which has an air chamber to combat back-arching and a raised headrest.

So, is the product — which looks like a swimming pool raft or an air mattress — safe for moms-to-be and their babies?

Donnica Moore, a New Jersey-based OB-GYN and women’s health expert, says while there’s nothing unsafe about the pillow, interested women should seek to try one out in person — and be aware of the return policy before ordering.

“Like most consumer products being marketed to pregnant women, it has not been studied in any kind of clinical trials, so any endorsement they claim to have is just anecdotal,” said Moore. “While there doesn’t seem to be anything unsafe about it, what various pregnant women find comfortable is highly individual.”

Moore says although there is no general guideline about when pregnant women should stop sleeping on their stomachs, most women find that around 24 weeks, sleeping on their bellies is no longer comfortable.

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And, the obstetrician cautions, sleeping on the back during the third trimester is not recommended. Otherwise, it’s all about finding what works best for the individual mother, whether it’s an inflatable body pillow or other coping mechanism.

“Many women prefer putting a pillow between their knees when sleeping on their sides as well as using body pillows or other standard pillows to prop themselves into the most comfortable sleeping position,” said Moore. “As with everything in pregnancy and motherhood — it all depends on everything.”

Cozy Bump is available on Amazon for $75.

TODAY has affiliate relationships with some of the merchants linked to in this story, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not by TODAY. All prices are subject to change and items could sell out based on the merchant’s inventory.

This article was originally published in September 2017 on TODAY.com.

Best Pregnancy Pillows

It’s not fair. When you’re pregnant and exhausted, getting the sleep you so desperately need can feel impossible (thanks: baby bump and bladder). One thing that helps many moms-to-be find a comfy, new sleep position is a pregnancy pillow. The right one can help you log some solid Zs in between bathroom runs.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows fall into two categories: wedge and full-length. Wedge pillows are wedge-shaped cushions that reduce back strain by sliding under your belly to support your growing bump while you’resleeping on your side. (This is the recommended sleep position for moms-to-be because it provides the best blood flow to the uterus.) In this position, the wedge reduces back strain.

You can also place a wedge pillow behind you to prevent rolling onto your back, or use it between your knees to ease lower back pain. If you have heartburn, try adding a wedge pillow under your head to slightly elevate the upper body and reduce symptoms.

A full-length pregnancy pillow is another option. It runs the length of your body and comes in different shapes you can wrap around yourself.

Do you need a pregnancy pillow?

Most moms appreciate extra support—and will do anything to get a better night’s rest! You can certainly use regular pillows to bolster your belly, back or in-between your knees. But it’s often easier to purchase a pregnancy pillow. Loose pillows can shift out of place during the night or pile up on your partner.

Learn the pros and cons of the most raved-about pillows here to find one that finally lets you get more sleep.

Top-Rated Wraparound

Designed by a registered nurse and mom, the Snoogle is a C-shaped pillow that supports and aligns your hips, back, neck and belly. Depending on the direction you place the C-shape in, the entire length of your back or torso can be cushioned and the pillow can be tucked between your knees, too. Remove the sham-style cover and throw it in the wash to keep it clean.

You Should Know

Wraparound pillows take up a lot of space in bed, and this one is no exception. It’s five feet long and nearly 25 inches wide.

Additional Specs
Dimensions: 60” x 24.8” x 7.2”

Space Saver

Use this firm, foam cushion to help ease pressure wherever you hurt: your back, your belly or between your knees. You can even use it for extra lumbar support when sitting in the office, or later as a pillow to prop up your arm as you nurse or hold your baby. Because it’s small, you can travel with it too. The zippered, pima cotton cover is machine washable.

Wedge pillows have varying amounts of incline, depending on the brand. What works for some moms-to-be may not work for others.

Dimensions: 14.8” x 12.1” x 4.3”

Long-lasting Luxury

This boomerang-shaped pillow is pricy, but it can used during pregnancy for sleep support and later to prop up your baby while nursing. Unlike firmer options, this one has a micropearl filling that allows the pillow to mold around your body like a bean bag. The cover is French cotton and the pillow is made in Germany—both can be machine washed.

Since this pillow has a lot of give, it’s better for snuggling than it is for major back or belly support.

Dimensions: 25” x 18” x 6”

Side-Sleeping Assistance

A new shape on the pregnancy-pillow scene is this one by Boppy. It has two puffy, wedge cushions tethered together by a band of stretchy, jersey fabric. One cushion supports your belly while the other supports your back, preventing you from rolling onto your stomach or back in the middle of the night. Both the pillow and the cover are machine washable.

Unlike wraparounds or wedges, there’s only one way to sleep with this type of pillow.

Dimensions: 14.2” x 6.2” x 13”

For Stomach Sleepers

If you love sleeping on your stomach, the Cozy Bump Pregnancy Bed is the fix for a growing belly that’s getting in the way. It’s like a blow-up pool floaty, but covered in a soft, fuzzy material and angled just right to relieve hip and back pressure. The hole for your belly is adjustable so it fits at different stages (you can inflate the ring around the hole more or less).

If you’re not used to sleeping on your stomach and turning your head to the side, you might find the position uncomfortable for your neck.

Dimensions: 6 feet x 26 inches

A Proper Nest

The U-shape of this pillow provides bumper cushioning on either side of you. Just rest your head at the bottom of the u-shape and no matter which side you’re sleeping on you’ll have a pillow to squeeze (no more having to bring the pillow with you when you flip sides). Inner curves on the long “arms” give extra support to your lower back and your belly, and the machine-washable cover zips off.

Prepare to become a shameless bed hog. Though this pillow is a bit shorter than the Snoogle, its “arms” are wider.

Dimensions: 51” x 31.5” x 7.9

Choosing What’s Right For You

Still having trouble deciding? Choose a pillow based on where you feel achiest. Verify the return policy, and then take it for a test run (a good excuse for a nap!). If it doesn’t work for you, another shape might suit you better.

This Pool Float for Pregnant Women Is Pure Genius

As beautiful as pregnancy can be, when you’re in your second or third trimester and it’s a thousand degrees out, it’s safe to say you’ve felt better. The antidote—besides camping out in AC all summer—is taking a cool, refreshing dip in the pool. And luckily, indulging in that simple summer pleasure just got a whole lot easier thanks to this brilliant pool float designed specifically for pregnant women.

“Keep mama happy” is the motto behind the specialty inflatable from BellyFlopz—and they’ve lived up to their word. It’s a raft-like float that features a bump-friendly hole, cut at the exact right position for pregnant bellies. That means moms-to-be can float belly down and, thanks to the natural buoyancy of water, take a break from the pressure and aches and pains of pregnancy.

The creator really did think of everything here. The border around the hole is covered in soft fabric to prevent any irritation, and there’s a “boob groove” at the top of the opening to accommodate women’s expanding bust. Honestly, could it get any better?

Photo: Courtesy Belly Flopz

Gina Green, the inventor behind BellyFlopz, said she came up with the concept when she was pregnant with her third child. She found herself spending a lot of time around water, and she realized swimming and floating was a great way to take the pressure off her expanding body.

“Watching my family enjoy the water lounging on their belly with their pool floats made me think, there has to be a way to enjoy the weightlessness of the water and have the luxury of lying on my pregnant belly,” she explains on her site.

And we’ve got to admit, it’s a great idea. For $40, the float not only offers some much-needed relief from the sweltering heat, but it can also provide some added support for pool exercises. We all know staying healthy and active during pregnancy is important for childbirth, and swimming is the perfect workout—it’s low-impact, and you’re not going to overheat.

Pool? Check. Bump-friendly pool float? Check. All you need now is the SPF!

There’s a reason there are so many maternity pillows to choose from — being pregnant can just be straight-up uncomfortable. Cozy Bump is helping pregnant women enjoy their summer just a bit more with an inflatable mattress that doubles as a pool float.

Cozy Bump Inflatable Mattress/Pool Float amazon.com

It features a hole for your baby bump, and the updated design has spots for your chest and face. The Cozy Bump has a hip raiser and leg decline so you can be as comfortable as possible while resting at home or floating in the pool.

One side of the float has a bigger belly hole than the other, so you can use the one that fits best. It has a valve for quick inflation (although you’ll need your own pump), and it comes with a baby swaddle.

Many women have boasted that it helps relieve pain and pressure, which is reason enough to get it, right? Out of 57 customer reviews, the Cozy Bump has an average of 3.8 out of 5 stars. You can get one on Amazon for a sale price of $74.99 with free shipping.

“I was on the fence about ordering it due to the price, but I started having back pain early on in my pregnancy and decided to try it as summer was approaching, and it can also be used at the pool,” one buyer wrote. “It is so comfortable! Can’t say enough good things about it.”

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#Repost @sally__jayne ・・・ 8 months pregnant and can finally lay on my belly thanks to @cozybump 🤰it’s not only a floatie but you can also use it inside aswell💗 watch my story for a bit of a laugh 😂 I promise it’s worth it 🙈

A post shared by Cozy Bump (@cozybump) on Sep 26, 2018 at 1:15pm PDT

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The Best Pool Float For Pregnancy Has A Hole For Your Belly

Summer means popsicles and picnics, but for pregnant women in particular, it also means being constantly way too hot. There’s only so much time you can spend sticking your face in the freezer or shivering in an overly air-conditioned room (read: every office building) before you get the urge to go outside. Fortunately, Peanut Shop has just the thing you didn’t know you needed: a pool float for pregnant bellies. Now you too can get your float on with the rest of ‘em.

This belly-friendly pool float is brought to you by the creators of the motherhood app, Peanut. The app was created to bring “like-minded mamas” together IRL, kind of like Tinder but for moms, so I mean, not really like Tinder. The float comes with a bump-friendly hole in it to accommodate your expanding stomach. For $65 you can lay on your belly — a pregnancy-luxury in itself —while letting the water hold you up and make you feel weightless, or at least a bit lighter. I spoke to a new mom who said, “Summer is my favorite season. Unless I’m pregnant during it. Then it’s the absolute worst. Even in air conditioning I never felt cool, not to mention the bathing suits are a nightmare.” Others have echoed the idea that pregnancy in June through September just plain sucks, but keep in mind that these mamas did not have belly pool floats readily available.

Sure, you could stick your growing stomach in the middle of an inner tube, but then what do you do with your legs and face? It’s all very complicated. Other floats may be super ‘grammable (fried chicken floats, flamingo floats, the options this year are truly abundant) but they are of little use to humans with baby bumps. Peanut Shop’s pool float is chic, pink, and accommodates the height of most bodies which makes it easy for the rider to lay flat and requires zero effort to stay afloat. Plus it comes with a grooved surface to keep you stable. The side of the float even reads, “Put Your Feet Up Mama, We’ve Got You” and the heroines at Peanut do have us indeed.

Even if your belly hasn’t popped quite yet, it’s possible you’re experiencing morning sickness, and there’s a good chance it’s not confined to just the morning. Mom junction claims that cool water may help relieve nausea, so a dip in the pool, provided your doctor gives you the okay, may be your saving grace. At the very least, it will certainly help relieve you of the unwavering heat and humidity that comes with the dog days of summer.

If you decide to ditch the float and fully submerge, it’s not a bad idea. A 2010 study conducted by the National Institute of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark found that there are no reproductive risks associated with swimming in chlorinated water; the same study actually showed that when compared with pregnant women who had not exercised during pregnancy, women who “swam in early/mid-pregnancy had a slightly reduced risk of giving birth preterm.” Floating or swimming can also help reduce swelling and fluid retention, according to Baby Centre, so sign me up.

A second study conducted the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Campinas in Brazil found that 65 percent of pregnant women participating in a surveyed water aerobics class thought that having taken the class “would make childbirth easier for them.” So if you get the urge to sign up, then feel free to kick those legs and do whatever it is you do during water aerobics. But also feel free to bask in the glory that is lying on your stomach on a really cute, belly-friendly float.