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Nobody wants to admit that their child isn’t as gorgeous as every other child.

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And, for many parents, their child is more gorgeous than all the others, in their own minds, anyway.

But there are a select few parents who are more than aware that they haven’t given birth to the most adorable child in class – and they’re talking about it in a Reddit thread.

Here’s what they said.

The one who always knew…

‘I’ve kind of always known I guess.

‘My son had a very odd-shaped head due to birth complications, and he never really grew into it. I guess the moment that made me realize it was when he started balding at 16.

‘I felt kind of bad for the kid, but tried to give him tips on how to make what he had work.’

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This mother only found her child unattractive temporarily

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‘My daughter was born with this ridiculous nose and I gasped in the delivery room. It was so bad.

‘I noticed it immediately. It looked like a beak. Luckily it turned out that it was really swollen from pushing against my insides during my 26 hour labor. It’s much much better now.’

She had her doubts at first

‘My oldest was 22″ long, weighed 7lbs, 2oz when he was born.

‘Long and skinny. Jet black hair, about 3″ long. And a cone head. When I first saw him, I cried.

‘I was so upset. I told my mom he looked like I had f***ed a monkey. Luckily he’s much better looking now. But I definitely had my doubts at first.’

The fact this dad is a dad tells us he can’t be that bad…

‘Six-year-old has always been the splitting image of me, and I am not a physically attractive man.

‘He’s already very bright though, so I know he’ll find ways to work around that problem, like I did.’

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But Benjamin Button was gorgeous during his thirties

‘My friend has one beautiful child and one ugly child and she told me at birth she thought her kid looked like Benjamin Button and she kept waiting for him to grow out of it.

‘He never did, she’s always known.’

This parent is happy their son doesn’t need looks to get by

‘My son isn’t great looking, but is fantastic fun, and I’m so proud of him. His girlfriends freely admit he laughs them into bed.’

While most of these confessions are light-hearted and positive, there are some parents who take things too far and comment on a child’s appearance to them personally.

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‘Though you may not realise it, this can have an extremely negative effect on a child – an effect than can last a life-time.

‘As the saying goes: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’

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One girl tells it how it is:

‘My parents always told me.

‘I was overweight, they said I should stop eating junk food (at 8 years old). When I was 10, my mom said I was fat, my older sister (who is model-like might I add) got angry at her. As I got older, my nose got bigger, my eyes got smaller, my lips got bigger.

‘Now, my parents say I’m “beautiful and skinny” but I still see an ugly, fat person.’

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Beautiful babies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it seems like, when it comes to babies, people tend to fall in love with full, round faces and big, beautiful eyes.

We actually set huge expectations for babies when it comes to our own. We want them to be “beautiful” in the eyes of others, just as much as they are to us. We dream of having a beautiful baby, as much as we want a healthy one. So much so that we “Pin” beautiful baby photos across Pinterest boards titled “My future baby goals”.

What is the obsession with beautiful babies? There doesn’t seem to be any scientific reasoning behind it. But, if we take into consideration our obsession with looks, in general, it makes sense. We simply want beautiful babies that grow into, hopefully, attractive adults.

There is even an old wives’ tale that suggests what a pregnant mom does, hears, speaks, feels, etc. will rub off onto her baby. So, some pregnant women take this to the extreme, believing that if they look at beautiful babies, their baby will become beautiful.

But, it’s likely a baby won’t look anything like what pregnant mommy expected. And that’s okay. Because every mommy knows her baby is the most gorgeous thing she’s ever laid eyes on.

Still, it’s fun to look at other cherubic baby faces with beautiful skin and bright eyes, like these babies, who are considered some of the most beautiful in the world.

20 Kristina Pimenova

Born in Moscow in 2005, Kristina Pimenova rose to fame as a supermodel before she even hit the age of 10. She has since moved to Los Angeles to further pursue modeling with LA Models and New York Models agencies, and has been dubbed “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”.

Although she’ll be 12 this year, it’s clear that she even had beauty going for her as a baby. Her parents, obviously aware of her striking beauty, got her into modeling as a toddler, and she’s been making waves in the industry ever since.

In fact, the pre-teen has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, has starred in campaigns for Armani Kids, Roberto Cavalli Junior, and DSquared2, and she’s one of the most-searched models in Google search results, even hanging in there with the adult supermodels we know and love.

19 Aira Marie Brown

Born in the United States in 2009, Aira Maria Brown is now nearing 8 years old. But, she rose to stardom quickly before her 2nd birthday, catching the attention of hundreds upon thousands of internet users who fell in love with her ridiculously blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. But, her mom has been criticized over doing Aira’s makeup and rumors of dying her hair the platinum blond that it is.

Regardless, she’s just as beautiful now as she was then. And, Aira’s modeling career was, and still is, in full swing, modeling for several kidswear companies and editorials in magazines. In 2015, she appeared in the film, The Longest Ride, and has since worked in two other films slated to come out in 2017. She continues to model and appear in ad campaigns, and it doesn’t look like this little beauty’s career is going to slow down anytime soon.

18 Riley Shines

Meet little Riley Shines, the newest Gerber Baby, who is making headlines for his adorable face at only 7 months old! Riley was chosen out of over 110,000 entries to become the company’s spokesbaby for 2017. The company said it couldn’t help but choose Riley for his vivid expressions and “visual appeal”, noting that he’d be a perfect representative for the brand.

Riley’s parents, who live with the handsome boy in Columbus, Ohio, decided at the last minute to enter Riley, just for fun. When they found out he’d been chosen, they couldn’t believe it. It’s no surprise to us, though. Riley’s big brown eyes capture us from the moment we look at him, and his smile is absolutely contagious.

Riley’s dad said he’s worried about the flirt his little son may become after he realizes the news!

17 Nahla Aubry

Nahla Aubry was one of the most-anticipated Hollywood babies ever, with parents Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. Born in 2008, she even exceeded everyone’s already-high expectations of how beautiful she would be because of her gorgeous parents. Halle Berry fans, especially, have been in awe of the little beauty ever since, tracking her moves in tabloids, magazines, and social media.

Perhaps, fans’ most favorite feature is Nahla’s gorgeous, curly, light brown hair. In fact, it won’t take you long in a Google search to find galleries of fans’ favorite Nahla hairstyles, like adorable double pigtail buns, or left down to showcase her ringlets. No matter what hairstyle she had as a baby or growing girl, she remains just as cute as ever.

Nahla is now nearing 9, and she has a little brother, Maceo, who is kept a bit more private than Nahla was as a baby. But, with Halle Berry as a mom, we are sure he’s just as adorable.

16 Aiden J. Garcia

Aiden J. Garcia is one of the most sought-after young boy models after the world fell in love with him as a preschooler. You may remember his video on YouTube when he was 4 years old, asking the world, “Do you think I’m cute? Yes or no?”. His curly red hair took center stage, followed by big eyes and catching smile. He’s definitely a face to remember.

Now 6 years old, he is a model, actor, and dancer, and has been signed to two modeling agencies: Teri B Talent and Model Management. He’s been featured in ad campaigns for Gap, Babiekins, and even does runway shows for kidswear.

Currently, Aiden has over 133,000 followers on Instagram, and over 6,400 on Facebook. We say this little cutie has a huge career ahead of him with his unforgettable face and zest for life.

15 Kalani & Jarani

These two gorgeous twin babies made headlines in January 2017 for their very different appearances, despite being twins. Kalani has lighter skin with blue eyes, and Jarani has darker skin and dark brown eyes. Both are beyond beautiful, and incredibly unique.

The fraternal twins’ significant difference in skin tone is rare, but absolutely possible. However, the likelihood only occurs in about 1 in 500 twin births, which are much more rare than single births to start with. Since Jarani and Kalani’s mom is white and dad is black, it made the possibility a little more likely, but it still took them by surprise when the babies were born.

There is no denying the girls are sisters, with their expressing eyes and adorable smiles. Beware, Mom and Dad: there may be a lot of broken hearts in their future!

14 Camden Lachey

Camden Lachey is the adorably handsome first son of Nick and Vanessa Lachey, born in 2012. He is now a big brother to a sister and a baby brother, who are every bit as beautiful as their older brother. But, Camden was the first Lachey baby to completely captivate the world, totally taking after his two gorgeous parents.

Born with a whole lot of dark hair, Camden has the tanned skin of his mom, but is a perfect mix between his mom and dad. One of the first clear photos we saw of his face as a baby was that on Nick Lachey’s lullaby album he released for his first-born, titled “A Father’s Lullaby”. Camden’s big blue eyes, matching those of his daddy’s, were unforgettable.

As he grows older, he seems to just keep getting cuter, as if that was possible.

13 Isla Welch

Isla Welch took center stage in 2016 as that year’s pick for the newest Gerber Baby. The 7 month old beauty from Michigan seemed to steal the hearts of Gerber – and everyone else! – with her contagious smile and full head of beautiful, dark hair.

Isla won the 6th annual Gerber Baby contest, beating out over 170,000 entries. Perhaps it was her expressive eyes, or maybe her adorable dimples, that stole everyone’s hearts. But, we can’t help but smile when we look at her face!

Isla’s mom, Rachael, insists that her winning photo isn’t just a one-time deal. She says she’s the happiest baby she’s ever known, always smiling at anyone she meets.

Even more awesome for Isla is the fact that she was the first Asian-American to ever represent the company in their campaigns. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s paving the way for more beauties like her.

12 Laren Galloway

It’s not quite clear how little Laren Galloway became an internet sensation practically overnight. But somehow, someone caught wind of this little boy’s strikingly gorgeous blue eyes, and his photo spread like wildfire. It’s now one of the most-pinned images featuring blue eyes and mixed or dark-skinned babies, and the internet has fallen in love with him.

This all happened back in 2011, and, although his name has somehow been leaked, there isn’t any concrete information about him on the internet now, aside from a few of his more recent photos.

Some critics claim his photos are Photoshopped, saying that a baby of Laren’s skin color couldn’t possibly have blue eyes like his. But, scientifically and genetically, it’s possible, even if very rare.

Some people have a genetic mutation that causes Waardenburg syndrome, which affects eye color and other traits. But, even without a genetic mutation, it’s possible for recessive traits to sneak up through generations.

11 Gap-Disney Baby Model

In late 2016, Gap-Disney Baby revealed some of their newest models for the Winter 2017 collection, including this beautiful girl with strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes. And, she just happens to wear hearing aids (huge kudos to the brand for featuring gorgeous babies of all abilities!).

More brands and modeling agencies seem to be becoming more aware of the importance of featuring people of different cultures, shapes, and abilities. Children, especially, are extremely impressionable in relation to what they hear and see in the media. Seeing a child who looks like them being a featured part of a campaign can make a world of difference.

This baby beauty is truly a sight for sore eyes, but she is sure to make some waves in the industry for more than just her intriguing looks.

10 Grace

There could not have been a more perfect pick for Gerber’s pick for the 2015 Gerber Baby than little Grace. How could they not fall in love with her perfect pose and smiling eyes? She’s breathtakingly adorable.

Grace beat out over 180,000 competitors to win the coveted spot. At 7 months old, Gerber fans went completely head over heels for her entry photo, which is almost too perfect to be true. When we think of the perfect baby photo, this is it.

Gerber says that Grace’s charm is what captivated the judges. Grace’s mom insists that the photo was actually a fluke, and that Grace had just taken her hands out of her mouth and placed them like that for a split second. Lucky mom was able to snap the photo at just the right time. We are sure, though, that Grace’s beauty will lead to tons of gorgeous photos in her lifetime!

9 Asher Nash

When internet mobs got a hold of the ridiculously handsome Asher Nash on social media, they created a firestorm that allowed Asher to become one of baby and kid clothing brand, OshKosh’s, newest models.

Apparently, Asher had been denied by a modeling agency, due to his having Down Syndrome. Of course, the world saw through his genetic disorder and absolutely fell in love with Asher and his contagious love for smiling. Their support helped, landing Asher his very own campaign with the company.

And, the world fell in love, yet again, once the photos were released. It’s clear that Asher is one of the most beautiful babies in the world, and we just can’t get enough of him. Hopefully this is just the start for this handsome guy. We wouldn’t know what to do without his smiling face looking back at us!

8 Jax Slegers

In 2012, Jax Slegers of Sunnyside, Washington made his hometown proud by winning the Live! With Kelly and Michael “Cutest Baby in America” search, winning out of over 100,000 other contestants from all over the country.

Jax’s parents decided to enter him into the contest when they first heard about it, not expecting a lot, since there were so many others entering their babies and children. But, it’s clear to us why he won – he is just too much handsome in one little baby!

When the 11 month old was announced as a finalist for the competition, his hometown of Sunnyside rallied around him, keeping the public updated in its local newspaper along the way. Not only did he get crazy amounts of support from his hometown fans, but the country agreed that Jax was completely deserving of the coveted title.

7 Milan

Shakira’s son, Milan, has been admired by her fans through social media since he was born in 2013. Shakira and her husband, Gerard Pique, have avidly shared the boy’s photos on their social media accounts, and people just can’t seem to get enough of little Milan.

It’s no wonder, with such eye-catching parents, that the boy is following in their footsteps. His very first photo shared with the world was one that Shakira shared with UNICEF, a charity she’s passionate about working with and raising funds for. In fact, in lieu of a baby shower for her own baby, she had a “World Baby Shower” to celebrate babies all over the world.

Since then, Shakira and Gerard continued to show off their beautiful boy with bright brown eyes, and rightfully so. He’s quite the looker!

6 Adorable Dimples

This baby boy with the ridiculously cute dimples is almost too cute to be true. His dimples have taken over Pinterest, continuously being pinned to boards filled with adorable babies. A to-die-for smile and dimples for days, it’s easy to see why pinners love him so much. Yet, even though he’s an internet sensation, his identity remains a mystery.

So how DO people get such cute dimples like this little boy? Most scientists can agree that dimples are caused by genetic factors. But, exactly how they’re caused in genetics isn’t yet 100% clear. Some believe they are formed when both parents have the dominant gene. Others believe they are an irregular dominant gene that babies still may not inherit, even if both parents have the dominant gene.

Either way, we think we can all agree that they are simply adorable, especially on this handsome boy.

5 Flynn Bloom

With a dad like Orlando Bloom and a mom like Miranda Kerr, do you stand a chance to not be beautiful? Highly unlikely. And little Flynn Bloom proves it. Born in 2011, Flynn continues to remain on most of the “Cutest Celebrity Baby” lists plastered all over the internet.

Flynn came into the world stunning his parents with a difficult, natural labor, and weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds and 12 ounces. Since then, he’s been amazing the world with his stunning looks that seem to reflect his handsome dad more and more as he gets older.

Although Flynn’s superstar parents have divorced, they continue to co-parent the little man, and remain on good terms for his sake. We will continue to watch the handsome guy grow up with both of his amazingly beautiful – and awesome! – parents.

4 Beautiful Blues

Another gorgeous baby who has taken the internet by storm since Pinterest came along is this curly-haired, big-eyed wonder. This baby’s identity has also never been revealed, but somewhere, we are sure his parents are in awe of how popular he’s become by people who don’t even know him, simply because of his looks.

What seems to make blue eyes so fascinating and Pinterest-worthy, especially with beautiful babies? Although we don’t know the exact science behind it, bright, blue eyes are generally perceived as the most attractive kind to have. Some believe that it’s because they look more expressive and are thought to be windows into the soul.

Or, perhaps because they’re less common than brown eyes makes them a little more eye-catching, so to speak. Regardless, this baby would be beautiful with any eye color!

3 Kevin Woo

Kevin Woo, born Woo Sunghyun in 1991, is a Korean-American singer of the group U-Kiss. He also hosts a Korean talk show about the latest music. Born and raised in California, he moved to South Korea as a teen to pursue his music career and has developed quite the fan base in both America and Korea.

And, apparently, he makes girls totally swoon. Not just as an adult, but also a baby. That’s right – this gorgeous baby with crazy beautiful hair is none other than Kevin Woo. When his fans caught wind of the photo, they shared it rampantly, praising Woo as being one of the cutest babies to ever grace the planet.

The funny part is that his hairstyle has remained similar through the year. Little did he know it, but Kevin Woo started a trend with all that hair!

2 Barron Trump

You’ve likely seen all kinds of photos in the media recently of a more grown-up Barron Trump, since his father is the new President of the United States of America and all. And, he’s growing into quite the poised and dashing young man!

But, as a baby, he was a total baby stunner. Barron is a perfect mix between his parents, Donald and Melania Trump, with dad’s lighter skin tone, pouty smile, and face shape, but mom’s beautiful eyes and telling expressions. Combine all that with his whispy strawberry-blond hair, and Barron was sure to become a future heartbreaker.

Of course, his hair is a bit darker now, but at 10 years old, he still has his boyish good looks. We can’t wait to continue to watch this sweet boy grow and mature, as we’ve enjoyed doing throughout the years.

1 Bodhi Ransom Green

It seems that beautiful celebrities breed beautiful babies, and Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are no exception. These gorgeous actors had a baby boy named Bodhi in 2014, and the baby has graced the internet with his presence ever since.

Bodhi seems to be a pretty good mix of both parents, especially as a baby, but he seems to be taking a little more after mom, who is often hailed as one of the most beautiful actresses in the world.

Bodhi is actually the middle son of the pair, with an older and younger brother, all equally as handsome. But, as far as the internet is concerned, Bodhi continues to be the one who seems to stick out in the group as a fan favorite. One thing is for sure: these two have some striking children!

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Does everybody think their baby is the cutest or do some parents admit their child is ugly?

I don’t think my little girl is pretty. She’s 2.5 years old and her eyes are too small. Her nose is not straight and her hair is too thin. In some poses, she looks like a boy.

Here she is getting her photo taken yesterday:

In all honesty, she looks like a typical Chinese kid.

However, I do not think I am cruel for not calling her pretty.

For one, there are way more prettier kids than her. There are kids with larger eyes, sharper noses, sweeter smiles and bushy hair. My daughter is cute but being beautiful is not a word to best describe her.


I don’t think every child needs to be pretty. I don’t think mine should aim to be the most beautiful. However, I do think that every child should be raised to be pretty on the inside, if not the outside.

I don’t need her to be pretty. But I would prefer that she is smart.

I don’t need her to be pretty. But I would want her to be kind and have a heart for others.

I don’t need her to be pretty. But I would want her to have an engaging personality.

I don’t need her to be pretty. But I do want her to be respectful of others.

I don’t need her to be pretty. But I would want her to be a good person who can contribute to society.

I do not tell her she is pretty. She isn’t the prettiest in her class, or in our neighborhood. But I do think she is cute, and sweet, and kind. She’s kinda smart too!

And that’s more than enough for me. 🙂

Just to add on why I don’t want to call her pretty to boost her confidence:

My daughter’s cousin is half white, half Asian which makes for a prettier baby.

Her parents tell her all the time, “You’re so pretty!” “You’re so beautiful!”

Who can blame them? She really is pretty.

However, the daughter repeats the same slogan over and over, especially with her classmates in school. She has no issues declaring, “I am pretty! I am beautiful!” Out loud.

She is now made fun of by her classmates.

Maybe because her classmates disagree or her arrogance puts them off.

She is only 4.

Kids can be very cruel sometimes.

My daughter will not be making any bold statements like her cousin. She will not make any declarations of prettiness.

It doesn’t mean she’s ugly. But I don’t need to tell her she is pretty to boost her self esteem.

Instead, we will let her beauty shine from within, without any declarations from her.

We will develop her wholly, to be pretty first in the inside… so her outside looks can be enhanced.

A person who really embody true beauty need not declare it to the world. She should not be insecure. If she’s pretty, she will be. Not because she declares it, but rather because of her intelligence, personality and yes, some looks, she becomes.

So I will not tell her she is beautiful. I will tell her the harsh truth: that looks are superficial and what she looks like shouldn’t define her.

That she should be strong and confident from within. And that looks aren’t the end all and be all. And most importantly, a woman is defined by many different levels: her character, her intelligence, her personality, her kindness, her achievements.

Looks should only be secondary.

And if she becomes the best person she can be, she will be beautiful. Not because she declares it to be, but because she already is.

This is how I will boost her confidence. And I think she’ll be okay. In a way, I was too after my own father told me the same harsh truth about me.

Just my two cents regarding my own daughter.

Parents have an inherent predisposition to believe their children are absolutely beautiful. Even when their children aren’t much more than tiny blobs that eat, sleep and cry (read: newborns), parents will swear that their children are the most good-looking babies they’ve ever seen. That’s just what you do.

But what happens when a parent starts to think that maybe, just maybe, their child isn’t all that cute, after all? It sounds sad, but that’s the issue that parents took to Reddit to address last week. In fact, in an AskReddit thread titled “Parents of unattractive children, when did you realize your child was ugly? How did you feel about it?”, a number of commenters shared the moment they first realized that their child was unattractive. (Ouch.)

Read on for some of the most hilarious (and downright sad) moments these parents shared. And don’t worry — most all of them went on to say that their children grew up to become much more attractive in their eyes. Now here’s to hoping none of the older kiddos mentioned have their own Reddit accounts …

1. When they spotted their daughter’s nose.

Reddit user MotterFodder says she literally gasped when she first saw her daughter in the delivery room. Her nose was “ridiculous” and looked like a “beak,” she wrote. “Luckily it turned out that it was really swollen from pushing against my insides during my 26-hour labor,” MotterFodder explained. “It’s much much better now.” Phew!

2. When they realized their son looked just like his dad.

This one might make you extra sad: Commenter Lancey says that his 6-year-old son has always looked just like him, but that’s not a good thing because he is “not a physically attractive man.” Thankfully, though, the little guy inherited another thing from dad: “He’s already very bright, though, so I know he’ll find ways to work around that problem, like I did,” Lancey wrote.

3. When they noticed the second daughter looked nothing like the first.

Reddit user TreeOfLight says that her first daughter “was the single most beautiful child that had ever blessed the planet” … but when her second daughter was born, she looked absolutely nothing like her. The mom also wrote about how she could relate: When she was growing up, her older sister was also more attractive — and her mom’s nicknames for the siblings (“beauty queen” versus “butter bean”) made it painfully clear. Ouch.

4. When their son hit puberty.

Apparently, puberty hit commenter sammy_nobrains’s son hard. (But really, is this painfully awkward part of childhood kind to anyone?) “Puberty made him gangly and scrawny, which, coupled with his wavy red hair and poor eyesight, made for a rather geeky-looking kid,” the Reddit user wrote. Now almost 17, the boy is reportedly growing into a handsome young man, giving us hope that truly every child can overcome this much-dreaded stage.

5. When grandma insulted their second daughter’s looks.

This one really had to hurt: Reddit user Susan_Werner wrote that when her second daughter was born, her own mother (a.k.a. the daughter’s grandmother) looked at her and said, “Now there is a face only a mother could love.” The mother, who thought her newborn daughter was beautiful, was absolutely heartbroken.

6. When their son’s awful temper only added to his unattractiveness.

Angry isn’t often a good look on anyone, but commenter pm-me-a-stray-cat says that it looked especially bad on her youngest son, who was “not overly cute” to begin with. “He was angry as hell, jaundiced and had splotchy skin, and we barely saw his eyes for nearly a month,” the Reddit user wrote. “It was very challenging having loving feelings for a screaming ball of rage that was so disappointing-looking.” (An update: Now, at 6 months, the baby is much cuter … but still angry.)

7. When their son started losing his newborn hair.

Reddit user steerpike88 swears that her 3-month-old son is actually very cute, but he is starting to lose his newborn hair — and unfortunately, he’s losing it from the top of his head first. “The new hair underneath is blond, so he looks like he’s going bald,” the mom explained.

8. When their baby looked like a cross between a monkey and a frog …

The people of Reddit sure have some imaginative ways to describe their babies’ appearances. Take commenter huiki, for example: “I think my son is a good looking boy now — he certainly gets a lot of compliments — but my God, he was an ugly baby. He sort of looked like a cross between a monkey and a frog,” the user wrote. “No lie, he had a hairy forehead until he was about 6 months old. Then bam! Suddenly he became cute.”

9. … and their baby looked like a “tiny grumpy Churchill” …

Just try imagining what this creative description looked like in real life: ” looked like a tiny grumpy Churchill, which was, in fact, her nickname until she was about 9 months old,” one Reddit user wrote. The commenter remembers thinking the new baby was adorable just after she was born and posting tons of pictures of her to social media. “I still cringe when I see three years later. What an odd creature,” the Reddit user said of her now-“insanely adorable” daughter.

10. … and their baby looked like Sloth from “The Goonies.”

Possibly the most inventive description comes from commenter FancyAdult: “My daughter looked like Sloth from The Goonies when she was an infant,” the Reddit user wrote. (Side note: Yikes.) “But now after a corrective helmet, she has a perfect head and both eyes are the same size. Wasn’t the case when she was a baby. She started getting super cute at about 1-1/2 years old.”

11. When they couldn’t believe the baby was actually theirs.

After Reddit user IAmThe0neWhoKn0cks’s C-section, the nurses revealed her newborn son. Admittedly still on pain meds, the commenter said, “Are you sure that’s my baby?” The new mom couldn’t even believe that the baby, who she wrote “looked like a little rat” but is “very cute now,” could possibly be her own. Oops.

[h/t Reddit

Heather Finn Content Strategy Editor Heather Finn is the content strategy editor at Good Housekeeping, where she heads up the brand’s social media strategy and covers entertainment news on everything from ABC’s ‘The Good Doctor’ to Netflix’s latest true crime documentaries.

What Age Children are the Cutest, According to Science

Newborns are ugly. Surveys suggest we don’t find babies particularly cute until 3, or even 6 months of age, when the awkward old man features give way to chubby cheeks and big eyes. They then remain at peak cuteness from 6 months until around age 4-and-a-half.

But this raises a fascinating question. Why did we evolve to find infants and toddlers cuter than newborns? Logic would dictate that, since cuteness aids in survival, our most vulnerable offspring would have it in spades. Shouldn’t biology have driven us to find the smallest babies the cutest? This is one of the main questions addressed by a recent study in Evolution and Human Behavior.


“We noticed adults rated the newborns as the least attractive, and the 6-month-olds had the highest ratings across all of the facial cues,” said study coauthor Prarthana Franklin of Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, in a statement. “That was interesting because usually we think that the younger children are, the cuter they are, and so more people prefer younger children.”

For the study, Franklin and her team showed pictures of 18 different babies — newborns, 3-month-olds, and 6-month-olds — to 142 adults. They then asked how willing each adult would be to adopt the kids based on perceptions of their happiness, health, and cuteness. They found that 6-month-olds won the day, followed by 3-month-olds. Newborns were just not cute enough.

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The researchers suspect that, since babies become more capable of surviving diseases at the 6-month mark, there’s a delay in parent-child bonding just in case newborns do not survive. Meanwhile, we are hardwired to find older babies and toddlers the most cute so that parents will divert resources toward offspring most likely to survive. “Hunter-gatherers who already had a child they were nursing, couldn’t nurse two children at once,” said coauthor Tony Volk, also of Brock University, in the statement. “If you’re a peasant mother in Medieval England and you only have enough food for one child, and if having two means they’re both likely to die, it’s best just to have one child. These are difficult decisions that humans have made for thousands of years.”

Of course, authors cannot say for sure how or why our perceptions of cuteness developed. And even if we do resist becoming attached to newborns, it’s not personal. Newborns are just as worthy of love as anyone else. But the findings do provide one potential evolutionary explanation for why we find newborns ugly — and why kids do not hit peak cuteness until 6 months of age.

“A delay in attachment makes those early losses easier to cope with,” Volk says.

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When I was pregnant, one of my favorite things to wonder about was how my baby would look. Not what he would look like, specifically, but how — good or bad. And if he did look bad, if he were actually ugly, would I be capable of knowing?

My son just turned 15 months, and I’m not really sure. I think he might be objectively cute. Legend has it that my best friend’s mom — who has four grandchildren — deemed him an “exceptionally cute baby” in the presence of my best friend, who has a son born just months before mine. This kind of social evidence leads me to believe that my assessment is accurate, but I accept that I might never actually know. Recently, though, a group of mean-ish moms made me wonder if a little bit of conniving could have given me more of an idea.

Here’s what happened: My neighbor Liz is on a text chain with a group of moms who live in her native Australia. A friend of theirs gave birth earlier this month and was being indecisive about choosing a name. After nine days of nameless baby, Liz received an update: The newborn now had a name, and it was Charlene. Liz did what most people would do when faced with a seemingly unchangeable fact about a new friend’s baby. She lied: Beautiful! she responded. She can be Charlie.

But Charlene was not the baby’s name at all. To see if they could prompt a false fawning reaction, Liz’s friends had presented a fake name, one they found unfortunate and knew that, in her heart, Liz would too. From half a world away, they went about making merciless fun of her. When I heard this story, I felt joy first and foremost. Then I felt inspiration.

If you can gauge your friends’ honesty over a name, why not apply the same technique to a photo? While you might not ever know the true nature of your baby’s looks, tricking your friends will at least let you know if your Instagram likes are born out of obligation or merit. The scheme I’m about to outline works best if your baby is very new and underexposed online. All you need to do is find one random, not-cute baby photo from the internet, and do what Liz’s friends did: Send the lie to a friend and say he’s yours.

Now, I doubt even the meanest of your friends is likely to say your baby isn’t cute. But I do think you can do some decoding. What does the reaction say, exactly?

Wow, look at his expression! What a smart-looking baby. He looks like he’s really thinking and taking the world in. Congratulations: This means you can trust your friend, who cannot bring herself to lie about an ugly baby. She is searching and working, hard, to compliment him in departments other than looks. Your next step is to send her a text like this: Haha, weird. I sent the wrong pic. That’s actually a baby from my mom group. This one’s mine. And if she reacts the same way, refusing to rely on physical compliments? It’s possible you’ll never really know if your baby’s ugly. He might be. He might not be. Maybe you just don’t have superficial friends.

But say your friend reacts like this: OMG, what a gorgeous baby! That is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. AW, sooooo cute. Well. You have a little bit more of a hint that you could be parading around an ugly baby, unaware. You’ll have to retract this photo too — a clumsy friend might even confess at this point. But what you now know is that at least one of your friends is the kind who’d let you believe your ugly baby is cute.

You might be wondering if it’s possible for any baby to be ugly or just uncute. Get off your high horse and get down on the stable floors with me. We both know that once you cross into your 30s and more and more people start having families the tenor of mean-girl conversation turns to this. You’re probably drinking an IPA or a glass of white wine (gross) in a not-loud, well-lit place, but all the same, after two drinks, you’re going to lower your voice and insult the looks of a mutual acquaintance’s loved one. But you’re older now, the areas of social vulnerability have expanded, and instead of insulting someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend, you insult their baby. I don’t think she’s that cute, you say, giddy with the mean thrill.

Maybe your friend agrees with you, maybe she doesn’t. Perhaps the lesson to learn from this is that everyone’s baby is cute to someone or a few someones, who are hopefully their family. If that’s true, then everyone’s baby is probably ugly to at least a few people. If you trick them, you might be able to figure out if those someones are your friends.

Are newborn babies ugly? A Brock University study investigates

It’s OK if you don’t think your newborn is cute.

In fact, it’s rather common, says a new study by Brock University. And it likely impacts how we parent.

Tony Volk, an associate professor of child and youth studies, and his team of researchers conducted a study by showing 142 research participants 54 photographs of infants between the ages of newborn, three months and six months. The team also asked participants how willing they would be to adopt the babies based on their facial cues.

Infant facial cues such as cuteness, health, happiness and self-resemblance are associated with how adults care for and behave toward their newborns, said Volk.

Tony Volk, an associate professor of child and youth studies at Brock University, says our perceptions of a baby’s cuteness has real-life implications. (Brock University )

During the study, participants were asked to vote for the babies on a scale of one to nine (lowest to highest) based on a number of facial cues.

Volk wanted to know how adults perceive a newborn’s facial expressions by comparing the difference between the infant’s needs and how willing an adult is to meet those needs based on the baby’s cuteness.

The study found most believed babies were cutest at six months old as opposed to when they’re newborns.

Volk said he was astonished by the results, so he decided to investigate two theories.

“One theory is that babies’ faces are cute, so babies themselves can get more care. That means the babies are in the driver’s seat,” said Volk. ” if adults are perceiving this differently, it suggests it’s in the adult’s interest if they find newborns as attractive as older infants.”

The research has real life implications. An adult’s perception of their infant’s facial cues can play a large role in abandoning that infant in first few weeks of life, Volk said.

An organized table graphing out Brock Universities research team’s study. (Prarthana Franklin )

Ancient Rome historian Emerita Beryl Rawson found in a 2003 study that historical parents used to invest more time in infants that appeared “stronger.” That means the parents would neglect the baby if it appeared “weak.”

These results from Rawson’s study are shocking, Volk said. But they aren’t far off from his study. Six month olds are perceived as healthier too.

“Parents had to make difficult decisions at times, whether or not they could afford a newborn baby,” Volk said.

” have a newborn baby and the mother is still nursing baby, she can’t nurse two babies effectively at once,” said Volk. ” is going to invest in the older kid that she has because in the point of view of the parents, that kid has passed the danger zone.”

Newborn babies also have a greater risk of getting ill, says the study.

Brock University conducted a study of 142 people about how cute newborn babies are compared to three-month-old babies and six-month-old babies. (Pat Martel/CBC)

Another factor is the male perspective.

According to the study, men are more likely to invest more time and nourishment to their baby if it resembles them. Generally, older infants resemble their parents more. Newborn babies’ faces are still developing.

‘Preference for cuteness is arbitrary’

“They’re much more redder from the pressure of giving birth,” Volk said, “and sometimes there’s a little bruising.”

Women show higher preferences to cues such as health and happiness, he said. That’s because of a women’s natural nurturing instincts.

But Volk said the biggest thing to take away from the study is the evolution of preference.

“Preference for cuteness is arbitrary,” he said. “We could evolve a preference for things such as thinking centipedes are really cute while flowers are really ugly.”

Volk now plans to investigate the difference between younger and older parents and the nature of their nurturing, as well as first-time parents compared to parents who already have a few children.

14 Brad Pitt

Via Pinterest

Yes, the first one we have to mention is the hottest man in the world. Dubbed as sexiest, most attractive, and an all-around total heartthrob, it’s hard to believe that he was once this gross and pudgy looking. He’s not even cute in the way pudgy babies are usually cute! And what the heck is up with that hair? It might be the lighting of this photo, but it looks like Brad’s parents gave him a comb over when he was a kid in order to compensate for some weird, fresh-out-of-the-womb bald spot he developed. We’re not sure what it is about the dopey look he’s got too, but it’s not helping with his cuteness levels. In fact, we think it’s totally hindering him. The cutest babies are the ones that have a curious look, a burbling smile, and big eyes. Brad’s got… None of those. He’s stuck with a dumbstruck stare, a tiny slit of a smile, and huge overwhelming cheeks on a long, oval head. That makes for a whole lot of baby to love, and we just don’t love this look. Thank goodness he made it past infancy!

13 Kate Hudson

Via Pinterest

Is this a troll or a human baby? We’re honestly not sure. Kate Hudson, the blonde bombshell that she is today, started out looking like a cross between Charlie Sheen and a gremlin. The eyes look a little wacky, shining with all the manic glee of a baby throwing food at their parents. The mouth is a cute little smile, but you’d be hard pressed to find a baby that doesn’t have that. One little smile doesn’t make for an adorable kid. There’s also the fact that the body position and photo angle makes her look reminiscent of a leprechaun, hunched over and gleefully, greedily conjuring her pot of gold. The velour onesie doesn’t help with the ugliness, though that can be excused; when you’ve only been in the world for a few months, you’re allowed to make some fashion mistakes. Overall she looks UGLY, even though she grew up to be the gorgeous beauty she is today.


12 Megan Fox

Via Pinterest

Front, side ponytails are only cute if you’re an adorable toddler. If you’re not adorable, you can’t get away with it… Even if you are only two and a half. Her wide-set face doesn’t do much to improve this hair style, and the hair doesn’t do much to help it. It’s all a lot of visually unpleasant things coming together to create one ugly kid. The kicker for this photo is also the fact that she doesn’t look happy. The most cute kids are the ones that smile, gleefully giggling when you steal their nose. Megan Fox doesn’t seem to be that type of child, nor that type of adult. While her go-get-em personality hasn’t changed, her looks certainly have. No longer is she a young cabbage patch doll. Instead, she’s one of the hottest celebrities around and makes a living getting cast as attractive females. What a change!

11 John Travolta

Via Pinterest

While he might not be the hottest of the hot celebrities now, back in his day he was one of the best. The chiseled jaw, the casual muscles, the tight pants, and the perfect hair all gave him the appearance of being the perfect, sexy man. Nowadays he’s a little more filled in, able to work on his comic timing rather than just strutting around and looking hot. While it’s unfortunate that he’s lost some of his looks due to old age and weight gain, he’s still looking better than he ever did as a baby. Just look at this alien face! His big eyes are disproportionate to the rest of his face, with a huge head tapering down to a tiny little jaw. His look is somewhere between alien and grumpy turtle… Minus the shell, of course. This baby is one of the ugliest ones we’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something for a man that grew up to make our underwear more damp than the kitchen dish rag.


10 Ryan Seacrest

Via Pinterest

Those crooked bottom teeth, that terrible blond hair, and a face that looks like lumpy playdough when it smiles. Yes, it’s none other than Ryan Seacrest, a man that frequently gets referred to as “Mr. Sexy” in our conversations. The man himself has lost most of this baby chub, and has turned into a ruggedly handsome individual. His hair is less blond than it is in this picture, and thank goodness he’s quit that mullet style. While we know babies don’t get a ton of say in what they want their hair to look like, no doubt this is not the style he would have picked if given half a chance. We don’t know why his parents picked it either. It’s not flattering, and it certainly doesn’t do much to make this baby stand out. What a surprise that he turned into such a photogenic adult… No doubt his folks are relieved he grew out of this phase!

9 Beyonce

Via Indian Expres

Babe-yonce has a secret past… And that secret past is being an ugly baby. While it’s maybe not the worst baby photo we’ve ever seen, it’s pretty hilarious. Her chubby cheeks and crooked eyebrows give her a silly, dopey expression. Especially when she’s excited! While we don’t know what she’s staring at, the manic glee that’s in her eyes reminds us of a happy, goofy puppy: impulsive, slobbery, and running around. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this outspoken lady was once a wild child, especially given that this was her default expression. The worst part about this photo? The collar. We can imagine the kind of dress that’s attached to that collar, and we can’t help but be a little grossed out by it. Frills, poofy sleeves, and probably a skirt that channels the verb “flounce”. We can’t imagine grown up Beyonce dressed in anything even remotely similar to this… And for good reason! Leave those ugly baby suits behind, Bey.


8 Demi Lovato

Via Pinterest

We could not believe our eyes when we saw this photo. Those chubby toddler cheeks have a mind of their own, making her smile stretch wide to show off her teeth gaps. Demi’s hair is also a mess, reminding us more of a balding middle-aged man instead of a 3-year-old. Her outfit is also concerning, as it looks to be a periwinkle striped onesie. Could anyone but a toddler get away with this? No. And thank goodness, because it’s nowhere close to being cute. Maybe it’s that silly smile, but we’re not convinced that this plump little plum of a person could ever be Demi Lovato. She’s too cute for words nowadays, with hair and eyebrows that are totally on point, and a smile that has brightened a magazine cover or two. Without a doubt, they are the same person though. Good luck wrapping your mind around that!

7 Idina Menzel

Via Pinterest

Who’s that kid with the big nose and slicked-back hair? This shot of childhood Idina Menzel has her looking like she means business, and it’s great to see. This lady has had tons of success and knows how to get what she wants. It’s no surprise we see this in baby Menzel too, who has a determined face and a cheeky grin. What could be going on behind that smile? We certainly don’t know. It looks like she’s in her sports gear here, which is no surprise to us. This kid looks like she prefers to run around on the playground than sit inside listening to people talk, and we respect that. Idina Menzel is still a firecracker, but we’re glad that she’s grown into her looks. She’s now a powerful, take-no-bull woman, who uses her art to comment on the state of the world. Thanks for keeping your spark alive, Idina!


6 Fergie

Via Pinterest

Okay, maybe she’s not quite a baby in this photo. And maaaybe she’s not quite the ugliest. But it’s certainly ridiculous. This gem of a kid’s pic could only exist in the Fergie memory banks. The mullet-style hair and full sequin outfit make for a dramatic, stomach turning look. While we know it was for a performance, it doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s really, really not good. Not to mention the fact that she looks almost nothing like who she is now. Adult Fergie certainly cleaned up well, dropping the full sequin, headband-topped garb and opting for sexy, tight, and subtly sparkly outfits when she’s onstage. Her face has filled in too, and she no longer looks like a dorky tween. Her eyebrows make a ton of difference, and it’s nice to see that she’s going for the confident, powerful woman aura instead of the “I’m a supposedly-adorable-kid” look. Thank goodness that’s over!

5 Katie Holmes

Via Zimbio

This dead-eyed kid kind of looks like she’s staring into your soul. It’s not like she is, but those big eyes and wide-set face give us the idea that she can see more than is humanly possible. Her flat, wide nose adds to that impression, and the large ears add to our confusion about the scale of her facial features. Is her mouth really tiny, or is her chin really big? Are her eyebrows sparse, or is her face just wide? It’s a confusing mass of human. She has, however, grown into a beautiful woman, with posture that’s much better than we see here. In this photo we wouldn’t be surprised if she was folded over, grabbing her feet. She looks caved in like you would be if you were reaching down. We haven’t seen that posture since this shot though, and thank goodness. Bad posture can do a lot of damage to a person, and we’re very thankful she grew out of that.


4 Drake Bell

Via Pinterest

And the award for ugliest baby goes to… Well, it could go to any of the ones on this list, as they’re all terrible in different ways. From aliens to bridge trolls, we keep seeing ugly baby after ugly baby, and no two are exactly alike. This photo, however, looks like it combines all the ugliest aspects of all the ugly babies here and turns it into one human. It’s not photoshop though! It’s actually Drake Bell. The teen heartthrob (who’s recently lost a fair bit of that chubby baby weight) used to be this remarkably gross wee babe. His smile is empty, and his eyes are cold and a little dead… Almost like Katie Holmes. His eyebrows are weirder than Megan Fox’s, and these cheeks could rival Demi Lovato easily. We’re surprised he’s grown up so well, considering this was his humble beginnings. Guess it just goes to show you can’t judge a person by their childhood self.

3 Justin Bieber

Via Pinterest

We’re getting alien redneck off of this kid, which you never in a million years would get off of Justin Bieber as an adult now. This child has weird hair, looking a little like Pippi Longstockings (but without the red tint). His eyes are much too big for his little face, and the mouth reminds us of a collapsed Yorkshire pudding. He’s a little reminiscent of John Travolta in this shot, but with more hair. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone told us that this was John Travolta a few months later than his ugly baby shot. We know that it’s not him though, as this is undeniably Bieber. The blonde hair is a giveaway, and the little caterpillar eyebrows also aid in our recognition. There’s nothing wrong with this photo other than the fact he’s just so ugly. And while he might have grown up now, there’s not much change in the hairstyle or look… Oh well! He’s still a bit of a baby nowadays. Another few years and we’ll see him change into a well-developed man… We hope.


2 Britney Spears

Via Pinterest

Yes, even the hottest, most famous woman of the early 2000s couldn’t avoid being put on our list. This photo is proof that anyone can grow up and look hot, including babies that have skinny arms and puffy red dresses. While her smile is gorgeous (and hasn’t changed a bit, outside of getting more teeth grown in), the rest of her face took a while to be grown into. It just seems a little too big for her body. Her eyes, mouth, and cheeks are really wide, and it’s not proportional to her tiny little nose. While she grew into all of the features, we’re glad she grew out of that haircut. While the short bangs are a trend now, they’re only popular amongst the alternative art school types… Not so much the pop stars and Britneys of the world. That outfit we’re not even going to talk about, as she looks like a strawberry shortcake crossed with a pumpkin. She’s much better off without it… Trust us.

1 George Clooney

Via Pinterest

Whether you think he’s a sexy machine or a gross old man, there’s no denying that many people in the world have the hots for him. Often considered one of the sexiest men alive, he features on everything from high-class watch advertisements to movie trailers. He also has a hilarious past as a little kid, waddling around in oversized pants and grinning like a maniac. This little elf man looks like he’s up to mischief, which we would totally believe. George Clooney here is more reminiscent of a stuffed animal than a boy and has the big, goofy grin to match. While he’s certainly not the most attractive child, he does have the energy and zeal of an adorable toddler. No doubt part of his awkward charm in this picture is that he’s totally happy. Oblivious to the fact that he’s not the most attractive kid, George Clooney raised his confidence up to the level of a god. And now he matches it! The fact he wears pants that fit now is also a plus.

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What makes a celebrity baby so irresistible? (Admit it, you want to see those first pictures as badly as anyone else.) Is it the knowledge that this child was born owning more shoes than the average 25-year-old woman? Or the chance to see how a famous actress looks on two hours of sleep? Maybe it’s the not-very-noble desire to know if the kid won the genetic lottery. It turns out that you can’t really tell. Sorry Harper, Haven, Shiloh, and Suri: Being a cute baby is no guarantee that you’ll be a gorgeous adult.

In a recent study by a group of psychologists , researchers showed pictures of graduating high school seniors to an impartial audience. They then passed those same students’ baby pictures around and asked the audience to rate the infants’ cuteness. Results showed that being an adorable baby was in no way correlated to how you rated as an adult. (By the time you’re about five, however, your future attractiveness can be predicated.)


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