Pictures of kate middleton as a child

The Duchess of Cambridge’s hands-on approach to parenting has seen her take many gorgeous photos of her three children. And on special occasions such as birthdays and first days at school, Kate delights fans by sharing a few of her snaps with the public. She started the tradition back in 2015 when she took the first official portraits of her daughter Princess Charlotte, instead of hiring a photographer.

Kate, who studied history of art at university, had a passion for photography long before she joined the royal family. Her official profile on the British monarchy’s website notes her love of taking pictures.

“Other hobbies include more recreational sports such as hill walking, tennis, sailing, swimming, and the arts, including photography and painting,” the profile reads. “The Duchess’s enthusiasm for photography saw her taking photographs as part of her role during her time working within Party Pieces, a family company owned and run by her parents.”

Let’s take a look at some of Kate’s best work, starting with this gorgeous family shot…

The Duchess took this beautiful black and white image of the Duke of Cambridge with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis at their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall, in spring 2019. The black and white image was taken by the Duchess in Norfolk in spring. William, wearing a flat cap, crouches down to kiss Louis on the cheek, while his older sister Charlotte, wearing a puffer coat, stands with her hands on her baby brother’s shoulders. George, dressed in a fleece, sits in a wicker chair and smiles at his mum behind the camera.

Prince William and Kate Middleton got back to work yesterday amid all the drama surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to step down from their roles as senior members of the royal family. The couple traveled to Bradford in the U.K., where they made lassis at a Pakistani restaurant, greeted huge crowds, and visited the town’s city hall as well as a community center.

They also got to meet Siama Ali, the Cup Caker, who created an elaborate cake in honor of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. “This amazing lady Siama Ali from Bradford spent three days baking these amazing cupcakes & main 🎂 to depict Kate & William’s childhood, meet, engagement, wedding & children. Lovely explainer from her & she is Cup Caker Bradford if you want to check her out!” royal reporter Emily Andrews tweeted.

In a particularly adorable moment, Prince William pointed to one of the edible photos and said, “Is that me? Because that looks just like Charlotte. That is incredible.” Middleton agreed, adding, “It looks so much like Charlotte.” They also referred to the princess by her sweet nickname, “Lottie.”

The Windsor genes are very strong in Princess Charlotte. We can’t see the exact photo used on the cake, but just check out the resemblance between a young William and Charlotte, below. She is definitely a (very cute) spitting image of her dad.

Getty Images

But seriously, how cool would it be for someone to create a “This Is Your Life” cake marking all the significant times from your childhood to having your very own children?

Charlotte Graham/Getty Images

Even for a royal, that sounds incredible, and it’s making us nostalgic for moments like the Cambridges’ engagement announcement and the first time they introduced Prince George to the world.

Getty Images Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Those were definitely less complicated days, right? What a time to be alive!

Catherine, duchess of Cambridge

Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, original name in full Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, byname Kate, (born January 9, 1982, Reading, Berkshire, England), consort (2011– ) of Prince William, duke of Cambridge and second in line to the British throne.

Top Questions

What is Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, known for?

Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, is known for being the wife of Prince William, duke of Cambridge and second in line to the British throne, whom she married on April 29, 2011.

Who are the parents of Catherine, duchess of Cambridge?

The parents of Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, are Michael and Carole Middleton.

Who are the siblings of Catherine, duchess of Cambridge?

Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, has two younger siblings: Philippa (Pippa) and James Middleton.

Where did Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, go to college?

Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, attended and graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland (2001–05).

Catherine was the eldest of three children of Michael and Carole Middleton; her siblings were Philippa (Pippa) and James. Her parents met while working as flight attendants at British Airways, and in 1987 they founded a mail-order business selling supplies for children’s parties. The success of that venture, along with a family inheritance, allowed them to send Catherine to a prep school and then to the prestigious Marlborough College in Wiltshire, England. At Marlborough, Catherine (then called Kate) was known as a serious levelheaded student, excelling in both athletics—she captained the school field hockey team—and academics.

In 2001 Kate went on to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she met Prince William, a fellow first-year art history student who was second in line (after his father, Charles) to the British throne. The two began dating, though their relationship was not made public until they were photographed together vacationing in Switzerland in 2004. Despite the frequent intrusions of the paparazzi, Kate attempted to maintain a private life. After graduating from St. Andrews in 2005, she briefly worked as an accessories buyer for a clothing retailer, and she later assumed various roles at her parents’ company while also performing a host of charity work.

William of Wales, Prince; Middleton, CatherinePrince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton, St. James’s Palace, London, 2010.John Stillwell—PA/AP

Following several years of intense speculation from the British media about the couple’s marriage plans—during which time Kate was dubbed “Waity Katie”—it was announced in November 2010 that the two had become engaged. In preparation for entry into the royal family, Kate reverted to the more-formal name Catherine. The royal wedding took place on April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey in London. She was given the title duchess of Cambridge. The couple’s first son, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, was born on July 22, 2013, and their daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, was born on May 2, 2015. Catherine gave birth to a second son, Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge, on April 23, 2018.

  • Prince William and Catherine, duke and duchess of CambridgePrince William and his bride, Catherine, leaving Westminster Abbey after their wedding, April 29, 2011.Tom Hevezi/AP Images
  • Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, at Clarence House, London, after her wedding, April 29, 2011.John Stillwell/AP
  • Elizabeth II: Diamond JubileeElizabeth II (left) celebrating her Diamond Jubilee with Prince William and his wife, Catherine, 2012.Toby Melville—Reuters/Landov
  • George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, Prince: christeningPrince William, duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, arriving with their son, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, at Chapel Royal in St. James’s Palace, London, for the baby’s christening, 2013. Michael Dunlea—Barcroft Media/Landov
  • Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, PrincessCatherine, duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, duke of Cambridge, with their newborn daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, St. Mary’s Hospital, London, May 2, 2015.Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Images

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is opening up about feeling “isolated” after the birth of her oldest child, Prince George.

The former Kate Middleton shared the candid remarks Wednesday during a visit to the Ely & Caerau Children’s Centre in Cardiff, Wales. She recalled being a new mom and living in Anglesey, Wales, with her husband, Prince William, who was then serving in the Royal Air Force.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is seen chatting with other moms during her visit to the Ely & Caerau Children’s Centre in Cardiff, Wales.GEOFF CADDICK / AFP – Getty Images Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.

“I’d just had George — William was still working with search and rescue — and we came up here and George was a tiny, tiny, little baby, and in the middle of Anglesey. It was so isolated, so cut off. I didn’t have family around, and he was doing night shifts. So, if only I had had a center like this,” the 38-year-old royal shared.

The duchess visited the center to promote her new survey focused on early childhood development. The survey asks parents in the U.K. to answer five questions about children under age 5 in order to start a national conversation about how best to serve little ones.

The duchess visited the center to promote her new survey focused on early childhood development. GEOFF CADDICK / AFP – Getty Images

She launched the survey after several years of studying “how experiences in early childhood often lie at the root of the hardest social challenges the country faces today,” according to Kensington Palace.

Kate and William have three children: George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1.

In launching her survey on Tuesday, the duchess said, “Parents, carers and families are at the heart of caring for children in the formative years, so that is why I want to listen to them.”

She added, “As a parent I know how much we cherish the future health and happiness of our children. … My ambition is to provide a lasting change for generations to come.”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte take center stage at royals’ Christmas

Dec. 26, 201901:19

Social media reacts to Harry, Meghan stepping back as senior royals

Fox & Trends with Carley Shimkus.

Kate Middleton turns the big 3-8 on Jan. 9, but these days the Duchess of Cambridge may be more focused on what the future holds for her.

The British royal is married to Prince William, who is second in line to the throne, under his father, Prince Charles. The couple share three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. When William, 37, eventually takes over the throne, Middleton will earn the official title of Queen Consort because she wasn’t born into the family, but rather married into it.

Author Leslie Carroll, who wrote the book “Royal Romances,” told Fox News Middleton has won the approval of the people over the years, proving herself to be a “polished and poised” duchess.

“She grew into the role of the royal bride, having been William’s girlfriend for nearly a decade,” she explained. “Now that she has been a duchess for nearly the same amount of time, we’ve gotten a good look at who she is as a royal and what’s important.”


Kate Middleton at a state banquet in honor of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands in October 2018 (Getty)


“Being a wife and mother… is clearly front and center, and one day as the Queen Consort she will play that maternal role… to Great Britain,” she continued. “Catherine did everything expected of the perfect royal spouse by bearing an heir (and two ‘spares’) in quick succession, gamely (and publicly) coping with hyperemesis gravidarum throughout her pregnancies; and comes across as the model mother. But for all those who feel pressed to keep up with her images of perfection, Kate has also been extremely candid (which is very modern for a royal) about the emotional and mental stigmas that mothers often cope with.”

London-based royal commentator Neil Sean also believes Middleton has become one of the most beloved royals of the family and continues to be an inspiration for her no-nonsense approach to motherhood, despite her high-profile status.

“As Kate, or rather the Duchess of Cambridge, hits the ripe age of 38 this year, there is a lot to be proud of and what she has truly achieved within the royal family,” he explained. “Not only has she created a loving home for future King William and has three adorable children, but the last two years have seen Kate really place her firm fashionable stiletto heel within the royal family known as The Firm.”

Sean suspected Middleton may have been encouraged to further make her mark as a royal after the family welcomed their newest duchess: Meghan Markle. The former American actress became the Duchess of Sussex when she married Prince Harry, Prince William’s younger brother, in May 2018. A year later, the couple welcomed a son named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


Meghan Markle (left) with Kate Middleton during happier times. (Getty)


“What I have seen is a more confident person while meeting the public and at public speaking events,” Sean pointed out. “She has just got more together and in a way, Meghan has a lot to do with that because while both ladies are not natural friends, they can assist in the evolution of both their separate roles.”

“A… notable feature within the last year is closeness to… the queen,” he pointed out. “We all know the queen has welcomed Meghan warmly into the royal family, but unlike Meghan, Kate has brought nothing but serenity to her majesty. No huge tabloid busts up with the in-laws and fathers. What has really evolved is how gently and quietly the queen is sublimely guiding, advising and helping in a very discreet manner the future queen that will be Kate. A courtier told me that ‘Kate is the queen’s number one priority as she knows it will be her who the real monarchy will fall onto in the future.'”

But Middleton’s work in proving herself as a duchess is far from over. Royal historian and blogger Marlene Koenig stressed there’s more to royal life than just being a doting wife and mother.

“I think slow and steady can be applied to Catherine as she takes on more engagements as two of the three kids are in school,” she explained. “The queen certainly has confidence in her as Catherine now has the Royal Family Order and the Royal Victorian Order. Both are personal gifts from the Sovereign.”


Kate Middleton and Prince William pose for a photo with their three children, George (right), Charlotte (middle) and Louis. (AP)


“I think Catherine is becoming more comfortable in her role, but she has not done anything major in her role as Duchess of Cambridge,” Koenig shared. “There is talk about early education programs, but so far nothing substantial. In order for Catherine to effect change, she needs to be out and about, doing royal engagements, several times a week, rather than a few engagements here and there, and then nothing. Yes, of course, there are private meetings, the behind-the-scenes conversations, but in order to have a real voice to effect change, the Duchess of Cambridge needs to be doing more.”

According to Sean, Middleton has been especially influential behind palace walls. When rumors of a reported rift occurred between William and Harry, he said it was Middleton who came forward as a peacemaker in hopes the families can thrive together.

“Kate also has been a great help in building bridges between Harry and William, allowing them to have brother feuds, but then stepping in and playing peacemaker when it’s needed, again, something she would not have dared done a few years back, which shows just how far and how much she is now trusted within the royal inner circle.

“Kate has also won over the British people with her ‘quiet dignity’ and not pushing her causes through self-promotion and media hype. She has many requests for media interviews, but turns them all down, preferring her quiet charity work to speak for itself.”


Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day. (Reuters)


As for what 2020 holds for Middleton? Sean insisted we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of her family to expand once more.

“… She has always quietly stated she would have loved two boys and two girls,” he claimed. “She has achieved so much already, could 2020 be the year we see yet another royal pregnancy announcement?”

According to Carroll, Middleton and William will continue to work together in modernizing the British royal family, while also respecting its centuries-old traditions that have survived time.

“Kate and William seem to seamlessly combine tradition with modernity and in an increasingly uncertain political climate when it’s hard to predict what Britain will look like a few decades,” she said. “It’s calming and comforting to know that a Queen Catherine (and King William) will, in the best way, represent the monarchy to those who would like to believe that ‘there will always be an England.’”

The family business:

Getty Images

According to Hello! magazine, The Middletons met when they were both working at British Airways—Carole was a flight attendant and Michael was a flight dispatcher. They married in 1980 at the Church of St. James in Dorney, Buckinghamshire. However, seven years after they wed, Carole and Michael decided to start their own children’s party supplies company called Party Pieces.

“In January 1987, when I was 6 months pregnant, I decided to take myself off to the Spring Fair in Birmingham where I found a good selection of suppliers,” Carole wrote on the company’s website. “From there the idea evolved. I produced a little flyer which I circulated in local playgroups and very soon I was using our garden shed as a picking/packing room and office.”

Hello! reports that Party Pieces is worth about $40 million and is the couple’s main source of income.

Real estate investments:

Getty Images

When the Middleton children were growing up, the family lived in a house in Vernham Dean that was worth approximately $540,000, The Telegraph reports.

In 2002, the Middleton family purchased an apartment in Chelsea, London that Kate, James, and Pippa, all lived in. Public records showed that the property’s worth increased to about $1.6 million by 2011, and there was no mortgage on it.

In 2005, Carole and Michael invested in even more real estate, including a string of properties in Bucklebury, Berkshire. One of the houses was worth about $1.3 million, which was reportedly bought in cash. They also own separate commercial buildings worth about $1.75 million.

According to, Carole and Michael currently live in an $8 million mansion in Bucklebury.

Racehorse prize money:

Getty Images

According to the personal finance website, the Middletons own stakes in racehorse shares, including those for horses Blue Java and Sohraab. The racehorses have reportedly earned the Middletons hundreds of thousands of pounds in prize money.


Getty Images

In 2011, The Daily Telegraph reported that Peter Middleton, Michael’s father, left his family an estate worth over $800,000. After his death in 2010, Peter split his wealth between his four sons, Richard, Michael, Simon, and Nicholas, giving them each a share of about $130,000 after debts were paid off.

Captain Peter Middleton earned his living as a pilot, and he reportedly flew alongside Prince Philip once in 1962. The Middletons may not have been in the position they’re in today without an inheritance from Michael’s side of the family.

Eileen Reslen I’m Eileen, the digital news reporter at Hearst Digital Media.

Inside the Beautiful Homes of Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are arguably the most talked-about royalty in the world. Their humanitarian efforts, parenting, and fashion are on full display with critics and fans alike reporting on each move they make.

Their homes are no exception. From their first countryside farm home to their newly renovated wing in Kensington Palace, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s homes are nothing short of a fairy tale.

Here’s a look inside the beautiful homes of the royal couple and where they’ll move next.

William and Kate met in St. Salvator’s Hall

It was a romantic school experience. | St. Andrew’s

Both the prince and Middleton attended the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. The undergraduate accommodations were no commonplace dorms but rather rooms fit for a king.

The residence hall had its own reading room, library, game room, and common room. The hall has an impressive oak-paneled dining room with a series of stained glass windows commemorating benefactors of the university. St. Andrews is home to beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and stunning coastline views, making it an ultimately romantic setting to mark the meeting place of our favorite royal couple.

They married and moved to Bordorgan Hall

The couple has nothing but kind things to say about their first island home. | Bryn Roberts/Wikimedia Commons

In the Welsh island of Anglesey sits Bordorgan Hall, a country house and estate near the Irish Sea. The estate is over 1,000 years old and was rented to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their first year of marriage by Lord and Lady Meyrick.

Along with access to a private beach, the estate boasts, “a pastel-coloured dining room with French doors, ornate light fixtures and a picturesque view of Newborough Forest and the beach below,” according to property reports. Prince William bid an emotional farewell to Bordorgan Hall, saying, “This island has been our first home together, and it will always be an immensely special place for us both.”

They moved into Bucklebury Manor following the birth of their son

Prince George looks happily at bubbles in the air | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

The Bucklebury Manor marked many firsts for the royal family. Prince William and Middleton raised their first-born, George, in Middleton’s family home in the company of her parents. It wasn’t the typical in-law situation, however; they were anything but crowded.

The manor, which sits on 18 acres of land, has seven bedrooms, a tennis court, and a swimming pool. It’s the first home of Prince George as well as where the royals took their first family portrait. The family reportedly bought the house for $7 million, but the memories made there were surely priceless.

Next up: Anmer Hall in Norfolk to raise Princess Charlotte

Anmer Hall was the home of Prince William and Kate Middleton. | Richard Humphrey/Wikimedia Commons

Anmer Hall may be considered the most prestigious of the past royal homes; the seaside estate was gifted to the royal couple by none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself. The home, located in Norfolk near the North Sea, provided the family with necessary privacy as they raised their elder child, Prince George, and newborn, Princess Charlotte.

The brick Georgian manor was built in 1802 and underwent various renovations — 1.5 million pounds worth — before it was deemed suitable for the couple to move in. It has 10 bedrooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and plenty of space for the children.

The couple recently moved back to Kensington Palace

It’s certainly not a bad place to stay. | Pat_Hastings/iStock/Getty Images

CNN reported this year that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge intended to move back to London to increase their official work on behalf of the Queen. Since 2014, the couple has used Apartment 1A in Kensington Palace as their residence while fulfilling their royal duties.

While “Apartment 1A” sounds like the small closet bedroom off of a studio apartment, the palace is obviously anything but. The apartment has over 20 main rooms and its own expansive garden. The 2014 remodels sparked controversy (more on that next).

The palace underwent a massive remodel

They renovated the apartments to fit their needs. | Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The royal family spent 4.5 million pounds ($7.6 million USD at the time) of taxpayer money in addition to their own funds to renovate Apartment 1A in 2014. Prince William and Kate Middleton, who married in 2012, scheduled the renovations prior to their initial move to the palace. The use of tax funding sparked mild controversy, as Kensington Palace isn’t open to the public.

Then, the couple planned another remodel in 2017 when they announced their move from Anmer Hall. A Vogue article reported that the Historic Royal Palaces applied to build a large basement on the grounds of the palace. It requested a two-floor addition to the property’s Orangery that would be partly used to accommodate the couple’s staff.

Meet the family dog

The duke and duchess like to include their pets in official family photos. | Michael Middleton WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Royal Family has always been keen on dogs. (How many corgis does the Queen have again?) So it probably wasn’t too much of a surprise when Prince William and Kate Middleton adopted one of their own. The black cocker spaniel, named Lupo, was actually bred from a dog owned by Duchess Catherine’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton.

What’s next for the couple?

Prince William always puts his family first. | Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess may not live in the palace forever. But they are likely there to stay for the near future, as they sent Prince George to Thomas’s Battersea School in September 2017.

However, Prince William has made it clear that his family comes first, even if it means moving back to the countryside. He recently told Architectural Digest, “Stability at home is so important to me. I want to bring up my children in a happy, stable, secure world, and that is so important to both of us as parents.”

Home is now more important than ever, as Prince William and Kate Middleton recently welcomed their third child, Prince Louis.